No One Of The Experts noticed  !?>>

To summarize 

1- 3000 English words with correct Hebrew meaning, proving Hebrew meanings are universal.

2- "The Writing of God" the original Hebrew letters are Latin Letters.

Conclusion: No One Noticed The obvious. 

Latin letters are almost identical to ancient Hebrew

The Table (tavla) below:   Some letters are sideways or upside down,

19 are the same, 3 were changed by being split or combined. 

So...No One Noticed? what Else?

"Hamafteh" published in Israel in '97.


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    The origin of language is the origin of god                by Yoseph Lanyadoo

    ‘In the beginning’ 14 billion years ago, God, the head light entity, with body and shape among other light entities (gods) also with body and shape created matter from light and thought. This was followed by the creation of letters, proto language which was used to write complex programs that created life, that’s when the head light entity became our God. 

    The origin of language is the origin of god.          

    This is my Kabballah, a personal receivership from God or his angels. True Kabbalah is only about the meaning of the Hebrew letters, about the writing of god                    ’The writing was the writing of God’

    About 10 years ago I woke up ‘knowing’ that Latin is ancient Hebrew. I don’t remember dreaming it, I never thought about it, I never looked at ancient Heb. letters, nor considered any connection between the 2 is possible, but that morning ‘I knew for certain’ they are the same. It took 10 minutes to verify. As the chart shows ‘the writing of god’, the original letters god used to write the bible were changed and though god told the Jews not to change a word, they changed all the letters and no one debated the subject! Then, ancient Heb. letters written from left to right were introduced in Italy and called Latin. Why did god ‘made the Jews change all their letters to Aramaic letters which now due to massive amnesia all claim wrongly are ‘holy. This was necessary because all formulas had to be written in ‘the writing of god’ but it needed to be hidden. Because Hebrew meaning was ‘the code’ language, the meaning couldn’t change, so god decreed its not to be used except studying the Bible, this way we all know the meaning. It was left in ‘hibernation’ for 2000 years. 20 of the 22 letters are identical, though this is undeniable no one noticed! Latin has 26 letters, the numerical value of YHWH is 26.

    Code is from the Hebrew Acode meaning Knotted. Confound is from the Hebrew con-fu-ond meaning  Here-language-tied-up(knotted). God didn’t create many languages he knotted Hebrew! He used it to create all world languages.

    Latin letters with Hebrew meaning is God’s Proto Language. We are all speaking Hebrew with funny accents and strange expressions.  Saying such outlandish thing is unbelievably ludicrous proving it is divine.

    I still remember clearly saying: god if you are there prove it to me as if I were on a secluded island. I said it 35 years ago to the air in front of me. That’s when it all began. Everything you are about to read is based on teachings from an entity I never saw who communicated telepathically, pictorially and void of sound. It was earth shaking, scary and nothing like others describe. Losing control isn’t my strong suit, I lost control to a point where reality and imagination merged, I couldn’t tell which is which. I couldn’t tell if it was happening in my head or in reality. I thought my brain was spilling, I kept wondering if I am having a nervous breakdown. Before ending the session He identified himself as ‘the Light’ which at the time was very disappointing, I had hoped to hear a name I recognize. At the time the concept that god is an individual, a real light entity with shape never crossed my mind. At the time I didn’t even believe in the plausibility of god. The first 10 years of the teaching had nothing to do with language, I read everything I was ‘told to’ including the bible in English. The sessions where not daily and sometimes a year or more would go by without any sessions. My instructions had nothing to do with language. It took over 10 years before the language lesson began.

    I was instructed the following

    1-     To Look for answers ‘in the opposite’ from everyone.

    2-     To Look for sameness not differences between religions.

    3-     Not to read any interpretations because they are all wrong!

    4-     To separate ‘what is real from what is imagined’, facts from conclusions.

    Apparently our mind has a cabinet file where facts and conclusion are separated and one needs to file the information correctly. A fact doesn’t change opinions do. When one accepts a theory, which is an opinion as fact one is cheating himself. I practiced separating fact from imagination a lot. When I watched the news it was almost impossible to separate the two, it seems everyone has an opinion which is far more important than any fact. ‘The ocean is beautiful’, I still remember whispering to myself: the ocean a fact beautiful an opinion. It made me a lot smarter.

    Most of the ‘enlightened’ world is confused and confusing all believe that accidental evolution is almost a proven fact. Evolution is a proven fact accidental creation is not even a theory! I often wondered: considering what we know about programing: How could so many be wrong about accidental evolution, random mutations (major program rewrites) created everything which in turn more than suggests accidental creation of the cell? First of all those beliefs were suggested by Darwin before we understood programing. It sounded great when Darwin said ‘life began in a warm pond’ (like the womb?). We know now it aint so, Nothing happened in a ‘warm pond ’Darwin’s theories have been disproven but it seems most of the world doesn’t know that.

    Everything began with the cell that has 17 different parts.  Using the cell to program life. Millions of very sophisticated programs were written by design without mistakes (no accidents) to create the millions of organisms on earth. Some evolutionists are now saying that dinosaurs became birds. I guess one day all the dinosaurs met and decided to go through total changes as a group, then they chose someone to rewrite programs and install them into dinosaurs who became bird… by accident of course! Or maybe as Hebrew folklore suggests god ‘taught the angles Torah’, he taught angles to rewrite code, which explain why we have any of the many ‘missing links’ between dinosaurs and birds.  No mistake means no accident, many many skeletal mistakes weird unworkable creation, mutations that didn’t succeed would go a long way to prove the plausibility of accidental evolution, it might then merit the name Theory. Since we don’t have such evidence we don’t have a theory of accidental evolution. Think of the ecological disaster if the salmon decide not to swim upstream and lose 90% of its population?  I on the other hand present thousands of skeletal findings in the form of English words with Hebrew meanings.

    Key to understanding creation and evolution is understanding the cell, science doesn’t even have a theory as to how it was created and what’s it’s function and how it communicate with other cells. Everything is made up of cells. If we knew who created it, who programmed it we might understand how life was created and how it evolves. The cell is the most sophisticated NaNo computer in the world. As we see later Nano or Noon is the name of the god creator represented by the letter NOON in Hebrew and eN in English. He created the cell 4 billion years ago. The cell uses 4 DNA letters as a programing tool, made up mostly of Carbon, Hydrogen, nitrogen, Phosphorus (phosphates) and…oxygen. aDoNAi contains the letters DN-A means Judgement-god suggesting he did it. Please note that DNA was created when earth was void of Oxygen. ADoNiA, literally means my lord, our personal god name contains the letters DNA. DNA is just abbreviation of The long name for DNA which is Ribonucleic or ribbon-col in Hebrew, ruler-everything. This very powerful, invisibly small computer, containing blue prints for very complex creation and protein building programs, a rechargeable battery (TP ADP) that produces 1.4 volts of electricity, a ‘spell check’ that reviews and corrects mistakes and a hard drive supplied with almost unlimited memory, a very smart messenger called RNA that retrieves the correct plans for various parts from the ‘hard drive’, copies it and places it where needed. The cell can survive few days without the DNA, it dies when the RNA needs parts and unable to supply them. DNA files are just that, they are creation plans to be used when the body needs replacement parts. Finally it was encased in a semipermeable ‘smart’ skin with antennas on it to sense the outside world and respond. It suggests that the biggest organ, the skin manages the cell. This marvel of computer of technology was created once 4 billion years ago and never again. NATURE got lucky on its first attempt and never tried again. Our body is made up of 100 trillion cells that somehow cooperate and Each cell fully programmed to do any job the body requires. 

    The chances that a series of accident is responsible for creating the cell is 0 in my opinion, lets’ assume the chances are 1 trillion to 1. The chances it was by design and or by accident together is 100%, then the chances it was by design is 100%-1 trillionth to 1, or almost certainty that it happened by design, let’s be honest the idea that nature created many parts and wrote many programs prior to life, and then those parts ran into the center like a HoRah dance, and then…they covered themselves. All this happened before life was created. This is really stupid! but yet almost the entire world bought this extreme long shot of trillion to 1 shot as almost a fact, a stupid guess by ‘the smart ones’ who believe in 0% that there is god which makes a trillion to 1 adds greater than 0. How can we all be so wrong? Believe it or not it’s due to a programmed physical impediment. We literally see everything in a mirror. The truth is more often than not in the opposite of general beliefs. That idea that everything is ‘in the opposite’ is the hardest thing to accept.

    To prove accidental evolution and creation evolutionists need to develop a THEORY as to how the cell was created by accident!!! To-date contrary to what people believe we don’t have a theory of ‘Accidental evolution’ nor ‘Accidental creation’.  What we know is that for the past 4 billion years someone have been writing more and more complex life giving programs. What we know is that our programming is so complex that we don’t have any computers large enough to hold the information…written By Accident? Really?

    P.s  Theory is from the Hebrew Tioory meaning Description. Story would then be S-tory meaning This-description.

    Surprisingly I found out that I am in agreement with evolutionists NaTuRe created everything. NTR in consonantal Hebrew means Guardians. It is also the initials of the three creator gods Noon and his sons Tho and Rah who obviously wrote Thorah. I guess it’s not so obvious that the Egyptian gods of moon and sun wrote the Torah, took it from the Egyptian by force and gave it to the Hebrews. No? No one noticed the name ToRah is the name of the two most important Egyptian gods? Can’t be, Can it? All the studying of ancient Egypt and Torah and no one noticed? No one noticed that the Gods of thought and Light called their book ‘thought in light’ which is how matter was created.

    I say god programmed everything, evolutionists insist accidents programmed life and all the fauna on earth, you the reader need to come up with your conclusions!                    Accident or Design?


    It seems our ability to be wrong ‘en mass’ was done by design, before we were ‘kicked out of the garden’ our eyes were redesigned, all this designing etc is done remotely like updating programs in our computers. Each eye has millions of cones and rods (accident?). We actually see an object as light reflected from the object. Because the front part of the eye is curved it bends the light, creating an upside down image on the retina, the brain is PROGRAMMED to eventually turns the image the right way up…WE SEE IN A MIRROR, everyone knows that from school. But almost no one knows that this ‘in the mirror’ seeing is unique to humans. One would think animals also see upside down, but it seems No single animal sees upside down and most see far better than us. Actually our subconscious sees much better than us! So nature designed a terrible way for humans to see when it already designed far better eyes for all other animals? Far better eyes for monkeys! Why didn’t we get those? That makes no sense! It only makes sense if god designed our eyes differently so we are forced to judge not to feel for answers, to be as god (like Spock). Chap 3/24 of Genesis confirms it, when god kicked Adam from the garden god said he installed ‘inverted sword’ to keep man from the tree of life. It is clear our eye sight was ‘inverted’…it was designed that we see things ’in the opposite’. It gets worse, we see in 2 dimension and our brain extrapolate a 3 dimensional figure (pretty fancy computer wouldn’t you say?), a lot of things can go wrong with our perception and a lot does go wrong by design! We are actually programmed to do wrong! Otherwise according to god we would never know to do right. I believe a change will happen in the Chiasm where optic nerve cross… I don’t pretend to be a scientist, I have no interest in how things work…I think electricity is ‘magic’. But I do believe in ‘the living word’ the Hebrew meaning of Chia-Sm is The living word. As to the ‘tree of life’ I haven’t figured this out yet.    It seems this reprograming caused us to come up with wrong concepts. Most of the big Truths we all believe in are false, the answers are in the opposite of what we all believe. Accidental creation and evolution is one of those concepts and the criminal justice system is another.  

    We are proud of the criminal Justice system, ’the best in the world’, the simple truth it’s a terrible system that can’t ever achieve justice, punishing the criminal can’t and doesn’t achieve justice, one need to make the victim whole to indemnify the victim before justice is achieved. Our system should be ‘the victim justice system’ where the criminal indemnify the victim, instead of costing the state a fortune. God’s biblical law rests on it and spells it out…but the mirror created a criminal justice system, we put our self in the place of the criminal instead of the place of the victim and the state, the people aren’t being considered, we the people pay when a crime happens, the criminal gets free room and board and very good medical and we get the bill. We all know something is wrong but don’t know why and how to fix it…it’s the mirror! Changing the criminal justice system isn’t a hard fix. Change the Name!

    Weird programming? It’s interesting that our programmer decided to program us to see upside down forcing our brain to reverse the picture. He also programmed our eyes to see like a camera in 2 dimensions and the brain extrapolates a 3 dimensional figure (or did nature do that by accident?)…As if we were programmed to learn to think correctly…to know the difference between good and bad.

    We are all created with our own unique fingerprint and unique faces, and unique DNA, nature gave us a unique serial number…accidentally? Not 2 alike each one of us can be uniquely identified even by our spit?

    And how about the subconscious? It runs our body, heart, brain and zillion other chemical reactions, It records everything and forgets nothing, like having a camera running constantly. It is able to hear and see in far more detail than the conscious brain. We record everything diligently but have no access to the information, why? If not us then who is collecting the information diligently? Who is using the information?

    How did we evolve to block our subconscious which causes us to repeat our mistakes? So only the dummies, the ones who lost access to the subconscious survived? Did the others remember everything and realize life isn’t worth living and committed suicide? Or is evolution the survival of the dumbest?


    I took a religion class from Gandhi’s grandson, he wrote the word Brahma on the board and I suddenly after many years of looking as those two words, I saw the A at the end of the word move to the front which then read Abraham. I then stopped the class and asked prof. Gandhi: is there a connection between brahma and Abraham? Absolutely not came the too fast response. My answer surprised everyone especially me. ‘Believe is a choice and I choose to believe’ people in the class clapped hands. To be honest I don’t talk like that, I wanted to clap too. That night I received the language secret. Later I found out that Both Abraham and Brahma are married to Sara. Except brahma’s wife is called Sara sawoti or Zo ahoti meaning This My Sister. The biblical Sarah was Abraham half-sister. Both names mean Father-who-Created-them in Heb. The next word Kar-m-a means Happened-from-god. Those examples are mentioned in the Hindu scripter Maha bhara-ta which means what- created-Tho in Hebrew. This   convinced me God wrote the Hindu scriptures. Later I realized why all those Hindu gods have long names, they are short Hebrew sentences.

    I went home and decided to read Psalm in Hebrew. It happened, when I got to Yhwh my mouth open and I couldn’t finish the word, the images began, I received the language secret in sort of a ceremony where I thanked everyone for the honor… at the end of which I was shown on a silver screen (before computers) a series of examples of English words with Heb : positive-po si tive = here-this-good. Artillery Ar-till-ery meaning Light-Missile-Shoot, with light arrows between the words to show me this ‘crossword puzzle’.  All written in ornate Hebrew letters. I got it, Language was confounded in a crossword fashion.

    God knows the heart of man meaning his computer can read your computer. It also says we are his slaves meaning he is able to control us. No one believes that…it’s true that the ‘old guy with the white beard can’t do it, but god, a light entity that uses light computers can. if Facebook can do it why can’t god? But everyone knows Facebook is smarter than god…

    I call the encounters experiences because I wasn’t just told ‘it’s a sad thing’ a sad memory from my past was culled out and I re-experienced it. I wanted to know if god tells the truth in the Torah or is some of it tricky. The answer came on a screen with ornate Hebrew writing: ‘weain broho remiah’ (Psalm 34) ‘No lies in the spirit of the lord’ many of the answers came in the form of quotes from the bible. Before the end of the teaching baseball size cards still pictures of Adam Abraham etc came at me, those pictures shrank as they entered my forehead where the penial gland is as a single point. I was crying during the entire experience, I thought my brain was ‘spilling’. I was in shock for weeks, I questioned my sanity. I didn’t tell anyone about this and other experiences for at least 10 years, I only talked about it when I began to understand how language was confounded which to my mind proves scientifically the existence of god. I know it’s hard to follow. It took me a very long time to develop new way of thinking, I had to read a word and then try to understand it in Hebrew which is a language I stopped speaking. Our mind is trained to see differences between languages, now I needed to look for ‘Sameness’. I named the process “Hashem is the same’ ‘The Word is the same’. At one point I was so immersed in it I thought everyone can see, that it was clear to all that all languages are Hebrew, I rushed to get it published…in retrospect it was way too early, I only had less than half the story. 

    I called ‘Belmakloob’ meaning ‘upside down’ ,’inverted’ in Arabic’ (mother tongue) the process of trying to understand ‘in the opposite’ is very hard and requires lots of mind over feeling control. If one is sane, the idea that everyone is wrong isn’t easy to accept. I had to assume that EVERYONE IS WRONG, that god not a series of accidents created everything which began 14 billion years ago. In other words God, a light entity created the universe by designing the big bang where he separated light from darkness (light and Dark matter) and converted light to Matter. It was then followed by the creation of letters 92 different elements that created earth which are represented by pictures/symbols. Those elements are called ‘Yehowah Tzeva-ot’ translated as ‘the host of god’, it literally means ‘the letter army of god’ the word Tzav has the numerical value of 92 (every letter has a corresponding number).  Those letters were then combined into words, formulas, into bigger pictures, bigger creations. It follows that language was created by thought.

    What sets me apart from all linguists! I am assuming the smallest unit in language is a letter not a word. I aim to show that Each consonantal letter has the same meaning in all languages. That the Letter D means knowledge or information in all languages (iDea) and R means Light (ray) in every language and the Letter Bait (B) means a housing in every language(Byte in computerees). All others assume the smallest unit in language is a word…I assume god installed the Hebrew letters and language in our DNA, and therefore every word is in Hebrew in every language, more than that because we always add new words the process is on-going. (Pretty crazy notion) all other researchers assume language was somehow created by a series of inexplicable accidents of sound consequently their explanations are meaningless to our life and all their language divisions are wrong.

    I assume the Bible tells the truth when understood at its simplest meanings and needs no interpretation. Like god in the bible says it was written to ‘a wilting not smart people’. All other religious scholars assume to know what god was thinking when he wrote those words and insist they were given an explanation of ‘what god really meant to say’ if he could write clearer. According to them god needs remedial Hebrew. I believe such a position is sacrilegious and indicates that we humans think we are smarter than god. I endeavor to understand the word of god literally. I am certain that ‘in the beginning was the word’ (john 1/1) has nothing to do with Jesus, it describes creation literally, god created the concept of letter combination words as a creation method. God created DNA letters and combined them into words, as it turns out it is scientifically correct. DNA letters were created ‘in the beginning’, before life. We too created two letters and create through letter combinations, programs…god did a far better Job 4 billion years ago. To be fair there was no way for people 1000 years ago or even 100 years ago to understand this sentence but they couldn’t say they don’t know so they came up with some screwee explanation which all accepted from ‘god’s representative on earth’.

    Why would nature create 4 complex molecules, physical DNA letters? After all they are useless on their own! And where did nature get the Oxygen?  Letters are only useful to write programs. It is the same as our computers that are made up of two letters On and Off that are useless on their own but were created specifically to write programs, each letter is written by a series of on off. This alone ought to be proof of god. The word Fo.R.Mula is made up of 3 Heb. Words: Here.See.Word’ or Molecule which is Mila-Col meaning Word-everything which to my mind confirms that formulas were converted to words. I am certain John had no way of knowing what he wrote about ‘the word’ bringing one to the conclusion that his writing is the word of god. Unfortunately we had to wait 2000 years to find it is a scientific truth.

    Hebrew folklore claims: God taught the angels (other light entities) Torah before creation’. What does that mean? If it were written today it would read: God taught the angels to write code, programs. It seems god had helpers, many were in the school of god and learn to write different life giving programs, evolution was written into those programs: evolution Evo-Lo-Tion is made up of 3 Hebrew words Desired-God-Change. The Hebrew word Torah means a Que or her-turn…meaning everything was programmed. Using Hebrew letter meaning Tho-Rah means Thought in Light….creation of Matter is defined as conversion of light to matter using Thought. The Hebrew word for matter is the same as rain Gishmi. God rained matter. Another word for rain in Hebrew is Mattar. One word for rain describes Matter in Hebrew the other was used to describe Matter in English. It ought to be clear that Torah is the name of the Egyptian moon and sun gods, Tho and Rah, gods of wisdom and light. Torah is the lost book of Tho.

    What you are reading is my attempt to solve an enormous crossword puzzle left to us by god. It explains creation and our true history hidden in all world myths and languages, when decoded in Hebrew. This is the crossroad where science and theology finally meet. In order to ‘see’ god we need to decode and then combine all languages and myths and read them as one. Seems impossible but what do I know, it definitely seemed impossible that all languages are Hebrew, but here I am trying to convince you it is real and true.

    This journey was not about finding god, he found me and I didn’t feel as if I had ’free’ choice, I no longer believe in god. A belief is a choice when one doesn’t know the truth. I experienced his presence and teachings, I climbed the tree and brought some fruits (words and idea) down with me and thank god I managed to come down sane, god is part of my realty not part of my believe system. God has shown me the impossible, that all languages are truly Hebrew! I am convinced that if I weren’t very grounded and insisted on facts not philosophy I could have gone crazy. I would try to convince myself I am not crazy many times daily by reciting many decoded words. It was my ladder to sanity. It’s not enough I was worried about my sanity, everyone else told me I am crazy with vision of grandeur. My brother asked the right question the one that bothered me: do you mean you are right and everyone is wrong? My mother in law stopped me in midsentence and declared ‘in the first place there is no god, so in the second place you are wrong’ (she was a librarian). My mother told everyone not to talk to me about the subject.

    This journey was about the information. But to be honest I thought it would be a wow for everyone who read it and it would earn me the Noble price… I thought people will understand that thousands of decoded English words using Hebrew could NOT have happened by accident, that mc2=cmc spells the Hebrew Shemesh meaning Sun. the word MyM has 2 M meaning water and Hydrogen which corresponds to H2O.. Oxygen is Yod (yhwh) in the formula, its numerically 26, oxygen has two orbit of electrons 2:6 (formulas were converted to words). God ‘told’ Einstein to choose C for the speed of light instead of the more natural L. It suggests there is a light entity called god who left us information about creation in Language, in thought. 3000 words! And still no one believes me. I wrote all this because I was told to do so and because I believe the information is meant to unite us as one after all we all share the same gods. I don’t have a ‘mission statement’ I don’t know where this goes, what’s the next step? I think writing this is where my job, which is what it becomes after 35 years, is done.

    Mr. Pinker in his book ‘the language instinct’ says that many people claim to think in images.  Adding that many creative people insist that in their most inspired moments they do not think with words but in mental images.  The originator of our modern conception of electric and magnetic fields, Michael Faraday had no formal training in mathematics and arrived at his insights by visualising lines of force as narrow tubes curving through space.  James Clerck Maxwell, who formalised the concepts of electromagnetic fields, set down the equations only after mentally playing with elaborate imagery models of sheets and fluids.  Nikola Tesla’s idea of the electric motor and generator, Frederich Kekule’s discovery of the Benzene ring that kicked off modern chemistry Ernest Lawrence’s conception of cyclotron, James Watson’s and Francis Crick’s discovery of the DNA double helix, all came to them in images.  The cognitive psychologist, Roger Shepard had a sudden visual inspiration that he experienced just when he awoke, of a three-dimensional image majestically turning in space, which led him to his various experiments.  The most famous self-described visual thinker is Albert Einstein, who arrived at some of his insights by imagining himself riding a beam of light. Of course Mr. Pinker a university professor failed to understand the simple truth, those people like me received the information. Thinking in pictures is superior to words, a picture is truly worth a 1000 words. We can’t will it because it’s not in our program. It happens to us not by us.  But Mr. Pinker believe in “accidental evolution’ meaning ‘accidental creation’ as the only possibility and therefore couldn’t imagine the obvious, those people didn’t think, they simply received them and that’s what they were describing. At least Einstein knew he was receiving information prompting him to say ‘god doesn’t play dice with the universe’ he is saying nothing is left to chance ‘everything is programmed’.


    The Torah says god created earth after two days which to most or even all cause to dismiss the Torah as an actual scientific book.  Let’s remember that the two days aren’t earth days but god days, after all they happened before earth was created. The Hindu scriptures say a god day is 4.32 billion years (how did they come up with it?) When combining the two myths they say that earth was created 8.6 billion years after the big bang…actually, that’s what science confirmed recently. Was the timing of creation accidental or was it planned before the big bang? When the numerical value of the letters making up the word Elohim are added their value is 86. 86% of 7 days is 6 days, god worked 86% of the time and rested on the 7th . The subconscious is 86% of the brain, it’s were Mr. 86 rules. Of course there is the American expression ’86 it’ meaning burry it….we have 46 chromosomes, the two letters spelling the word Tho are 4-6. Mambo Jumbo? This simple explanation on its own could be coincidental but it is still more evidence than scientists have about accidental creation. I decoded thousands of English words using Hebrew. It is a circumstantial but ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ that life and language were planned.

    We need to understand that chemicals don’t have will power, they could not and did not combine ‘spontaneously’ to create life, complex programs created life. Programs that we have yet to understand written before creation by a computer that uses 4 letter (ours is 2 letters) created life.

    Actually when people say do you believe in evolution? they generally mean accidental creation which is taught as almost a fact when in actual fact it’s not even a theory, no evidence for it, it’s more like a religion. To prove accidental creation one needs to show two things: other attempts at creating letters, after all DNA was created 4 billion years ago. More importantly science needs to show trillions, Billions? Millions? Thousands? Of mistakes nature came up with before each successful creation…one creation in 4 billion years disproves accidental creation. There is no way to explain how the cell with 17 parts, unlimited memory, rechargeable battery and a ‘spell check’ was created when earth was void of oxygen, noxious and molten. How? Who? Scientists haven’t a clue, so they just skipped it. I am told the facts never confused anyone. ‘The theory of creation’ doesn’t exist. Evolution has replaced it. Now they say that since they proved life evolved it somehow proves it was due to series of accidents. Evolution is a fact, accident is a wild guess…’Without understanding how the cell was created everything else is b.s.  Scientists concluded based on 0 information that it was done by accident.

    In actual fact the only thing scientists created in a laboratory is some amino acids, not a letter was ever created by spontaneous union of chemicals not even none spontaneous (in laboratory) they failed to create a single letter. Proteins which the body is made of has the instructions to create protein only in the cell. I am willing to bet that if phosphates would be left in water they would still be phosphates floating in water a million years later. Without sophisticated programs they are just chemicals floating in water. But evolutionists claim that it was by accident, that those chemicals united spontaneously over and over again, billions of times to write programs. Without one letter in evidence the ‘smart ones’ decreed it to be accidental. Why?

    The simple truth is that the theory of ‘no god’ is due to disappointment in the ‘goodness’ of god and the wisdom of the bible,  it’s an attempt to create a religion that replaces god, they called their god Accidental Mutation. They are suggesting that letters were written randomly (like a blind man hitting key boards) wrote complex programs with millions of letters in specific sequence to create new organs new species by Mutation. But in actual fact in laboratory experiments mutants didn’t reproduce or reverted back to type. In real life, in Hiroshima where many mutations occurred, they too all reverted back to type or didn’t reproduce, today Hiroshima’s population[JL1]  is perfectly normal…the god of mutations doesn’t really exist’ all changes were preplanned.  Evolution was not due to accidental mutation, it was due to planned mutation, ‘reprogramming’.  I can’t truly blame the many who forsake god, I was one of them, the various religions screwed everything so badly that one can no longer see god only his ’representatives’ on earth who I was told have been wrong for thousands of years.

    Because of the strong belief that there is no god, at least not a just one can follow. Scientists refuse to conclude the obvious, their failure to create letters and explain how the cell was created goes a long way to proving the opposite. Think about it, someone created useless letters and programed life with them, exactly like us, who created two useless letters (on and off) and used them to program everything. Science concludes it was a series of accidents without any facts to back up such claims but we all believe them, they, ‘the smart ones’ effectively replaced god. No one wants to say ‘the king is naked’ ‘this is total b.s, with evidence of the enormous complexity of life, something that we don’t have the capacity to understand was programmed by accident…it happened 4 billion years ago and never again is in actual fact the only evidence for accidental evolution and creation. I understand that any university professor suggesting we were created, programmed, is shunned by other professors. It’s a religion pretending to be science.

    The Definition of Evolution by the University of Berkeley
    ‘Biological evolution, simply put, is descent with modification. This definition encompasses small-scale evolution (changes in gene frequency in a population from one generation to the next) and large-scale evolution (the descent of different species from a common ancestor over many generations).    Evolution helps us to understand the history of life. Evolution means that we're all distant cousins: humans and oak trees, hummingbirds and whales.’


    What happened to cell creation? What happened to DNA programs?  This definition sounds like it was written prior to the discovery of DNA and never changed. Accidental evolution is implied which then forces us to assume accidental creation. They aren’t claiming the cell was created by accident but there isn’t any other conclusion anyone can make.  They are in effect saying that the cell was created by accident and every subsequent change was just modification…but the fact that they don’t yet have a theory as to how it happened by accident only one that it happened doesn’t seem to bother them.


    They are implying it all evolved accidentally, that an ameba became a human due to a series of accidents. One ameba had billions genetic changes while the other ameba had none. One ameba won billions of lotteries while the other none, they are saying that we came from monkeys and began speaking due to series of accidents. God gave us the ability to create in our mind, to freeze a picture in time and space and name it and then combine it with other pictures to create new worlds in our mind. Monkeys can’t do that because it’s not a learnt skill, it’s a programmed skill. As Chomsky has already shown it’s an innate skill. Innate is from the Hebrew Nata (consonants only) meaning Planted, suggesting it was planted in the Genes. Genes means Garden suggesting that our genes are like a garden where one plants and weeds. Chomsky named this trait L.A.D (language acquisition device) He could have used many different names but chose this one. Lad means At birth in Hebrew. Chomsky is a well-known atheist and therefore not likely that he meant this (though he speaks Hebrew). It more than suggests someone ‘whispered’ the name to him.


    Descent and modification. How?...who cares, mutation…accidents don’t  need to be explained, scientists know it happened, and since most believe there is no god it had to happen by accident. It sounds to me like the authors of Berkeley’s definition SIMPLY PUT wrote a major b.s. Without knowing how the cell was created they decided it was a simple process of descent and modification (meaning what exactly? That rewriting complex programs are simple and happen all the time?, all changes were Simply Put accidental… but we have 0 evidence it was accidental…we have no skeletal evidence of mistakes, no evidence of nature trying to make more or different letters. One time in 4 billion years no other tries doesn’t prove an accident. Accidental evolution is based on feelings not facts! Based on Berkley’s definition the lack of theory of creation isn’t that important. It is actually the only thing that is important! Any conclusions made without knowing the answer as to how was the cell created is just a wild guess, better known as bull shit served with tomato juice for flavor (an Israeli saying).

    Ok so I am not a college professor…but I wonder why a monkey has 5-8 times the strength we do in his arms and legs! It’s not because we stopped using our arms, arm strength was crucial until very recently, even now one would make millions with such arms... They are stronger because their muscles are constructed differently than ours. Evolutionists suggest that Humans changed their muscles and programmed themselves to become weaker because they wanted to. So nature decided to rewrite a program so our new muscles will be weaker?  That the ones with stronger muscles shouldn’t survive? That the strong didn’t survive… I for one would have voted to keep the stronger muscles…Or maybe…It is all due to programming not chance. Whoever programmed thought decided that we needed to be weaker so we can think before we act. Too simple? We are after all a video game to god.

    A man was explaining to his kids about evolution and how we came from monkeys. The children went to their mother and asked; is it true? we came from monkeys? Yes it’s true, answered the mother, about your father’s side of the family.

    The difference between god and a university professor is that god doesn’t walk around pretending to be a university professor.


    What does the bible actually and literally say?      

    John 1/1 ‘In the beginning was the word’ (not Jesus but the idea of DNA letter combinations).  And the word was with god (he thought about it) and the word was god. (He left The Word, DNA programs, letter combinations to rule over us). John 1/14 and the Word became flesh or in modern English: The programs created flesh.

    The book of Genesis confirms life was planned. It begins with Beroshit which was translated as ‘in the beginning’. The first word in genesis is never repeated, meaning we can’t know for sure what it means. It was translated as ‘in the begining’ because the word Be Rosh means in Head…thus it was assumed to mean Beginning. It is known that the original Torah was written without spaces between the letters, therefore to understand the bible correctly, to try and understand its secrets we need to understand the bible literally using letters as words: if we were to read more literally we would get Be-rosh-y-t means ‘in-head. God.letter/cell/Thought (Thoth)’. (ot=Letters. Ta=Cell in Hebrew). The first sentence then literally says ‘in-head-god-of letters or Thought (dna) created the heaven and earth’. It says that the God who created letters first thought it, planned everything before he began creating it. Only then god goes to explains that he wrote those programs. This must have happened more than 4.6 billion years ago: ‘when the earth was without form’.  The second word in genesis that was translated as ‘created’ BaRa. B means House (byte) and Rah (ray) means Light. It says that god created a House for light, it says god created matter. by the way BaRa is the first three letters in Beroshit

    Of course the argument could be made that beroshit can be read as bara shit meaning Created fabric (sheet in English, sheet in Hebrew). No shit?...Shit means fabric in Hebrew which is what god created in the beginning.

    The Book of formation, Sepher Yetzira written by Abraham confirms the creation of physical letters which is described in chap 2/2, it is clearly a description of the manufacturing of 22 letters and the creation of man. Until 60 years ago when DNA which god created was discovered it was impossible to understand. Using Hebrew letter meaning reveals that D-N-A means judged by god. The Hebrew word Yetzira literally means Manufacture…DNA was manufactured!

    Sepher Yitzira 2/2 (The Hebrew word yetzira means Manufacture. The Torah says god Yatzar Adam. It was mistranslated to created but it means Manufacture)  ‘Twenty two foundation letters He ordained them (thought of them), He hewed them (shaped them). He combined them, wrote programs for complex molecules we call DNA. He weighed them (made sure they are in the correct proportions). He interchanged them (wrote programs with them). 'And He created with them the whole creation and everything to be created in the future’ It is actually saying that those letters (DNA) will create everything in the future. It even suggests that we might be able to create life but we too will use those letters!! …this was written thousands of years ago….what a lucky guess. Does god really means to name a complex molecule a word? Mole-cule means Word-everything… program read as prio garam means its fruit caused.

    Hebrew folklore confirms it. It says that when Moses broke the original tablets ‘written by the hand of god’ on a stone supplied by god, the sparks that flew out created all religions and all languages.

    I am the spark collector.  

    In other words…all world religions and languages were created from Hebrew letters and words. The Torah Moses brought down isn’t identical to the original tablets he broke. It’s missing all the sparks that flew out, it can’t be understood without combining other myths and languages. Finally if one reads it literally it seems clear that Moses and god planned just that. Moses knew about the golden Calf days before…why suddenly get mad? And why is god not livid about Moses breaking his tablets and wasting 40 days…’written by the hand of god on a stone supplied by god’. Everything that is happening to us was planned way in advance…the whole world is a stage for god. Moses, M.Sh.H in Hebrew brought the word…his name backward is H.Sh.M meaning The Word, and of course the Jews are from Shem the son of Noah. You might think it’s just accidental…MouHaMaD backward is DaMHaM meaning Blood-Ham Ham is the second son of Noah, the father of all Muslims. God knew it when they were named Abraham means father created them in Hebrew but nothing in English. Names were never translated.



    It is important that we humans understand a simple and based on our experiences self-evident truth; everything begins with a thought with words. That nothing, not a building, not a watch, not computers, nor a bridge and certainly not letters and language were created by accident. Everything ever created was created by thought. Every time we think we are acting as gods creating in our mind. We know that light existed before matter, before the universe. Matter was somehow created from Light and Thought and therefore matter must contain thought. Science confirms this indirectly by claiming all matter contains information that can be expressed in letters and numbers, in language and therefore in Thought. DNA letters and the programs for every living thing are millions of times more complex than a bridge or a watch but none of us would point at an old multi wheels mechanism of a watch found in earth and wonder how nature created it by accident. Think about it…we geniuses have a 2 letter computer that is really just on and off computer. DNA is made up from 4 complex molecules, physical letters where created 4 billion years ago, god has a much faster and far more sophisticated than any computer we can produce, a 4 letter computer! When we find few letters on a wall no one asks how nature created letters, few letters always means intelligence but it seems that we were convinced that billions of specifically sequenced letters means accident. Creating PHYSICAL DNA letters from complex molecules and using them to program billions of organisms, to actually write trillions of letters in very specific order required a lot of thought (ask Silicon Valley), so much thought that our computers are too small to hold the information, a lot more thought that we human possess to date. DNA letters are made up of phosphates and therefore are called phosphates. Did god know that we would call them phosphates? Pho-spha te means Here-Language Letters in Hebrew…

    Matter was created by thought, by the creation of the Higs boson field (named the god particle) that had to be created BEFORE the creation of a very special big bang, an imperfect mirroring big bang where anti matter didn’t destroy all matter which allowed the conversion of light to matter. What I am trying to say here might be summarized by ‘everything is ordained’. The words Or-Daine means Light-Judged or everything programmed’. DNA then would mean DaiN A or judged by god…it also in the word God, the Hebrew aDoNAi no doubt as indication that he created DNA.What a coincidence’ is what evolutionists would say. Some would say it is all my illusion or as Israeli say  Elousia , Iloo ze haya meaning As if this happened.            


    1-26 And God said: 'Let us make Adam in our image, after our likeness; it says there are many gods who created other light entities, souls, in their image.

    For the lord is a great god, the great king above all GODS. Psalm 95-3 many gods is re-confirmed many times in the Torah.

    Those gods, light entities, created the first Adam, a soul, in their image and likeness (lives forever and unseen). Male and female souls were created in chap 1. The physical Adam was created in chap 2…not in their image but from the dust to work the garden. A-DaM means God Blood in Hebrew – thought and language, letter combinations, words, god’s creation tool was installed in Adam. The Hebrew word DaM meaning blood decodes as D knowledge M water. Blood then is knowledge in water. Yeyatzar-re-manufactured (formed) is the word used to describe Adam’s formation. Madame is the me-adam meaning from Adam (the bone was taken from Adam to create eve). They needed a worker and therefore manufactured only males. Ya-Tzar also means Narrow, suggesting that the physical Adam was created inside the soul. Accident or design? That’s the question one needs to ask.

    Here is the magic: I use Heb. letter meaning to decode English. Speech S.Pee. Ch, using Hebrew letter meaning is word(shin)-mouth(peh)-man(ish), language made this new creation Adam a thinking and speaking human. The first two letters in Speech are SP corresponding to the Hebrew Sapha meaning Language. The gods decreed he needed a mate which they promptly manufactured. That Adam is actually Cro-Ma-Gn-oN means Called-From-Garden-of-God(on). The name actually refers to the place he was first found but ‘somehow’ is correct in Heb. One (oN) is represented by the Heb. letter N. It is naturally the name of the head creator god. There are actually 3 creator gods called NTR by the Egyptians, NTR means Guardians in Hebrew. They are the gods Noon and his two sons, Tho(two) represented by the letter THo and Three Ra (thora), represented by the letter Raish, the Sun god who is also the Son. The 3 creator gods      are responsible for the English word NaTuRE. Nature created earth and everything on it. Tho-Rah (torah) was written as collaboration of Tho and Rah it is the name of the book given to the Hebrews, it’s also the book of Thoth the Egyptian claim was lost. It contains No Magic, just formulas that were converted to words.

    What then happened to Yhwh the one and only god? Y-hwh means god-present/now, The Ruling God.  it’s a title held by more than one god when they rule earth, the gods Thoth and Rah who clearly wrote To-Rah held this title. The name yhwh only appears in the second chapter Why are Jews then not allowed to say it? It is strange that a name that is repeated hundreds of times in the Torah is prohibited. It is even stranger to pay homage to a god by calling him by another name. I know that if someone decided to call me John not Joe I would be insulted, I guess religious Jews feel differently about being called by a name other than theirs. The bible says not to use god’s name in vein. But it explains that if one makes a promise using god’s name one must keep it…not to use it in vein. If the early writers of the Talmud, the interpreters (changers)  of the Torah knew they were deviating from gods law by claiming god said not to eat meat and milk, use different plates etc and that whoever mother is Jewish is Jewish (bible says father). It might explain why they decreed that ‘it’s all in vein’, (not in his name) and therefore we were prohibited from saying his name. (my opinion). I believe those early scholars made these changes because they didn’t want Jews to intermarry. If you can’t socialize with none Jews you cant marry them. Since man were the ones to leave the house they were in effect told to marry a Jewish woman But accomplished the opposite. Many ‘Jews’ whose father is not Jewish only their mother were deemed Jewish when in actual fact their father, the seed, isn’t Jewish. Today we don’t know for sure who is or isn’t a Jew based on Torah’s definition but the rabies still insists it’s the mother who determines who is Jewish. Now a days we can figure it out, but no way those guys who have invested so much in the wrong laws allowing many ‘none Jews’ and disallowing many Jews into Israel will not agree to change the laws and admit they were wrong..

    Most of the Kashroot laws are based on the stupid and insulting idea that god said ‘do not seeth a lamb in its mother milk’ but actually meant ‘don’t eat meat and milk’. They are in effect claiming that god aint too bright and clearly needs remedial Hebrew, that god couldn’t say: don’t eat meat and milk which by the way would include not seething a lamb in it’s mother’s milk. 2500 years later no one figured out how wrong this law is…the point wasn’t about eating meat and milk it was about mixing blood of mother and offspring. If one catches a bird and its offspring one is allowed to eat one or the other but not both…same idea. The hand of god or stupidity?

    It is important that we humans understand a simple and based on our experiences self-evident truth; everything begins with a thought with words. That nothing, not a building, not a watch, not computers, nor a bridge and certainly not letters and language were created by accident. Everything ever created was created by thought. Every time we think we are acting as gods creating in our mind. We know that light existed before matter, before the universe. Matter was somehow created from Light and Thought and therefore matter must contain thought. Science confirms this indirectly by claiming all matter contains information that can be expressed in letters and numbers, in language and therefore in Thought. DNA letters and the programs for every living thing are millions of times more complex than a bridge or a watch but none of us would point at an old multi wheels mechanism of a watch found in earth and wonder how nature created it by accident. Think about it…we geniuses have a 2 letter computer that is really just on and off computer. DNA is made up from 4 complex molecules, physical letters where created 4 billion years ago, god has a much faster and far more sophisticated than any computer we can produce, a 4 letter computer! When we find few letters on a wall no one asks how nature created letters, few letters always means intelligence but it seems that we were convinced that billions of specifically sequenced letters means accident. Creating PHYSICAL DNA letters from complex molecules and using them to program billions of organisms, to actually write trillions of letters in very specific order required a lot of thought (ask Silicon Valley), so much thought that our computers are too small to hold the information, a lot more thought that we human possess to date. DNA letters are made up of phosphates and therefore are called phosphates. Did god know that we would call them phosphates? Pho-spha te means Here-Language Letters in Hebrew…

    Matter was created by thought, by the creation of the Higs boson field (named the god particle) that had to be created BEFORE the creation of a very special big bang, an imperfect mirroring big bang where anti matter didn’t destroy all matter which allowed the conversion of light to matter. What I am trying to say here might be summarized by ‘everything is ordained’. The words Or-Daine means Light-Judged or everything programmed’. DNA then would mean DaiN A or judged by god…it also in the word God, the Hebrew aDoNAi no doubt as indication that he created DNA.What a coincidence’ is what evolutionists would say. Some would say it is all my illusion or as Israeli say  Elousia , Iloo ze haya meaning As if this happened.           


    2-21 And the LORD God (yhwh Elohim, the ruling god) caused a deep sleep to fall upon the man, and he slept; and He took one of his ribs, and closed up the place with flesh instead thereof.

    The creation of Eve like the creation of Adam didn’t involve magic, it is described as a standard operation. God puts Adam under ‘deep sleep’ and then takes a rib out and ‘closed up the place’. Why a rib? Adam has a lot of them… why a bone? All cells are created in the bone, the bones are the builders of the body. The word Bone (boneh) means Builder in Hebrew. The word Etzem means Bone in Hebrew, it created the Latin ossima meaning bone. It is clear that they were able to manipulate DNA inside the cell to create a Female. Its clear the creators knew about the bone being the builder and therefore extracted a bone. Or is that just a lucky coincidence? Evolutionists claim all life is due to a series of coincidences. I claim there are no coincidences that everything was and is planned.

    Is the world just a stage? Are We but a computers who are able to learn? 


    I believe this is the most important explanation of the bible and language, a proof that god is controlling our subconscious which according to some sounds delusional. This isn’t a philosophical book, I present facts of English decoded using Hebrew, neither languages are ancient languages few understand, they are both languages spoken by millions, it’s easy to check if I am delusional…you be the judge. I encourage everyone to show it to the ‘experts’ I promised you none would argue that my decoding is ‘reaching’ or my claims are delusional.  

    You can change the world by changing your mind.  This was written on my refrigerator door for many years.

    I use to wonder why the words Word and World sound alike. The word WorLd is actually the word Word with the letter El meaning God (ala in Arabic). It suggests god created the world using letters combinations, Words. Of course the word Wor-Ld can be decoded as Light-birthed. This kind of decoding works because Language was created by first creating letters and then combining them into words. Each letter represents a picture/symbol making each word a bigger picture, a small sentence. By the letters: Wor-D see knowledge. The word Wor-L-D is see-god-Knowledge. (The letter R means light and see)

    Strange words

    End and.  Male mail. Vein vain. One has to agree that there isn’t a good explanation why words that seem to have different meaning sound alike. But using Hebrew decoder might clear this

    End and. Come from the Hebrew Anad meaning Ties up…when it’s over its ‘all tied up’. Two thing and are tied up – and

    Mail male…this really looks inexplicable. Mail is made up of two words Mi-El meaning From-to. Male also means m-el meaning from god.  the word El means To and God. since Tho is the god who gave us writing and Torah the word El was substituted with To.  

    Vain vein comes from the Hebrew Bo ain meaning in it none which applies to vain.

    But why name Vain - in it one? It has no oxygen. To understand this word one must decode Artery

    Meaning Fresh air. If one understood Hebrew one wouldn’t need to memorize which is which… a short cut to studying

    I believe those 6 words alone proves language was a planned affair. It was done in a way that none would notice.

    Our body is the most advanced chemical factory ever created. Thousands of chemical reactions are occurring at the same time. Nothing in the universe comes close to it!  Our body is actually made of trillions of Nano computers we call Cells that somehow cooperate with each other, each having our entire programming and ready to fill any required job. The cell (meaning basket in Hebrew) was created 4 billion years only 500 million years after earth was created when earth was noxious and devoid of oxygen. It is very small, invisibly small but contains almost unlimited memory and a rechargeable battery. Considering what we know about computers and programming I wonder How could a group of intelligent people conclude that it was due to a series of trillions accidents that wrote billions of organism programs with no mistakes, no accidents to show as evidence? Could this body of work be written by just me banging on a key board blindly? By a series of accidents? (Don’t answer that…) Our programming takes millions of pages all written with very specific order of letters…by accident? It doesn’t seem like an accident since all DNA programs like Hebrew are written in 3 letter combinations only. Hebrew is made up of 3 letter source words called Shoresh meaning Root. The word Shoresh created the English ‘Source’ ‘search’ and ‘Church’. The Latin ossima (ossification) is clearly from the Hebrew word for bone, Etzem. Bone means builder in Hebrew. This old word suggests that the bone is a builder. As it turns out, all body cells are manufactured in the Bone, The Builder. This fact was discovered only recently while the word bone has been there for thousands of year. I hope each additional word gets you closer to accepting that language is controlled from above, that god has access to our subconscious.

    2-20 And the man gave names to all cattle, and to the fowl of the air, and to every beast of the field.          Language was inserted in humans.

    The theories as to which came first language or thought abound. Language is Thought, one can’t think without language and one can’t create language without thought. With all the DNA research we still have no idea how language appeared in humans, this is because we didn’t invent it we were gifted it, we were programmed with ability to use language. After 4 billion years of evolution god decided on a totally different system, god allowed us ‘To become as gods’ to be able to speak, think, to create in our mind and then judge it as good or bad.

    Language or Lan hagig means Reside Thought In Hebrew.  If you believe…then god is telling us that Language is thought. If you don’t believe this is just another coincidence. The English Gig is from the Hebrew Hagig meaning Party.

    Chomsky received the Nobel Prize for proving that the ability to speak is innate (programmed). He called this ability L.A.D (language acquisition device) he could have chosen many other names but settled on LAD meaning At-Birth in Hebrew.  I wonder is Chomsky noticed since he speaks Hebrew. He might think he came up with the name on his own but the fact that it means At Birth in Hebrew suggests that he was ‘given’ the name from above, a name that describe what he discovered correctly in Hebrew. Even scientists claim that language in humans is incompatible with the evolutionary theory. That a series of accidents couldn’t have created 4 different mutations in 4 organs simultaneously. If not by accident then how? P.s Innate is from the Hebrew Nata (same consonants) meaning Planted.

    Few Words with the consonant LD

    Yield = yie-ld  = birthed

    World = wor-ld = light birthed

    Build bui-ld = with-it-birthed

    Yeled means boy in Heb. as in Lad.

    Lady is then –the one who birthed me

    Or carrying a LODE referring to pregnancy

    Child is also from the word Lad Chi-ld (consonants only) this-lad

    With all due respect to Chomsky there is but a small chance that this was just a coincidence.

    Boy? Not related? It means Bo-Y (in-him-y) referring to the Y chromosome! Someone knew thousands of years ago that we would call the chromosome Y!

    How about Orphan? Hor po ain – parent here none….

    Accident or design? God or just accidents?


    Chomsky changed his mind

    When asked in a N.Y times interview in 1999,“Imagine,” Mr. Chomsky says, “that some divine super engineer, in a single efficient strike, endowed humans with the power of language where formerly they had none.” This simple idea is the cornerstone of Mr. Chomsky’s newest – and most unconventional – approach to the discipline he founded in 1957'. Explained Ms. Margalit Fox. It seems that Chomsky, an atheist became religious, he is quoting scriptures. I wonder if both Ms Fox or Chomsky realized he was repeating the bible’s story. That his unconventional theory was told in the bible at least 3600 years ago. I sent him my theory in 1997 two years before he changed his theory. He responded by telling me he isn’t allowed by his publisher to comment on my work…

    This clearly indicates that Chomsky a self-proclaimed atheist realized that there is no way to explain how a series of accidents created language in humans. No way to explain how 4 simultaneous mutations occurred in 4 different organs in order to accommodate language. No way to explain how humans created a symbolic system of transferring a picture through sound and then recorded those pictures in our DNA. That is why linguists and evolutionists agree that language in humans is incompatible with the evolutionary theory (they meant accidental creation)….what does it mean? If not by accident then how?

    Accident or design?

    Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Which came first language or thought? If you believe in accidental creation it is impossible to come up with the answer, but if you believe in intelligent creation, in a god programmer the answer is obvious. The chicken and the egg came together as one, a chicken with a program of an egg in it…language and thought also came together as one. Language/thought was created by first programming the ability to use language, we were programmed with the ability to rearrange pictures in our mind into different creations. Those pictures were then programmed with their corresponding sounds. This is the same as all other organism whose method of communication is genetically encoded. The ability to combine pictures to create in our mind is unique to humans. We already had a communication method programmed in the limbic system, language was added in the front of the brain and it isn’t connected to the limbic system meaning it didn’t develop form communication. Aphasics who lose their ability to speak revert to sounds from the limbic system. Language is a creation tool used by the gods was gifted to us! Much later ‘let us go down and confound their language’ language was confounded because it contained information that was dangerous. 11…6And the LORD said, “If they have begun to do this as one people speaking the same language, then nothing they devise will be beyond them. 7Come,let Us go down and confuse their language, so that they will not understand one another’s speech.” 8So the LORD scattered them from there over the face of the whole earth, and they stopped building the city.…This might also explain how humans managed to get to everywhere on earth…all speaking broke down Hebrew.

    God wirelessly reprogrammed us so we no longer able to use the original Hebrew programmed in us because it contained scientific information that can ham us. We had to ‘learn’ a new language which is but Hebrew with strange accents and cumbersome expressions. This had to be done in order not to confuse the subconscious that understands only Hebrew. That is the reason god is still controlling language, every new word has to be correct in Hebrew.  The idea that we are all speaking one language was floated by Chomsky who said that from aliens the point of view we are all speaking one language. He cites the fact that the sounds for language goes through a very narrow bottleneck and that all languages have the same structure (noun, pronoun, verb etc) but…everyone assumes life and language were created by accident and therefore no one is able to answer a simple question about a chicken and an egg. There is no way to explain a chicken that created a program for an egg by accident. There is also no way to explain what came first language or thought. The only answer is that they came together as one!! Thought had to create a chicken with a program of an egg in it. Finally Chomsky conclusion that syntax is innate is very wrong! One can’t program syntax without command of a fairly large vocabulary, no way to define noun or pronoun without understanding many words. Chomsky came to the wrong conclusion because it was evident by sound and meaning that all languages are different. Also he observed 3-4 years old who already possessed a large vocabulary and were learning Syntax. I believe Chomsky realized this and changed his theory, In truth semantic are prerecorded and syntax is learnt. Sem-an Tic…meaning Name File in Hebrew. syn-tex means Word arrangement.


    Actually god’s true name is THOUGHT (in) LIGHT we know them as To-Rah which mean Thought-Light in Hebrew.  To(thoth) (thought) Rah (ray). It is also the names of the Egyptian gods of Moon and Sun, the gods of Thought and Light. Torah A.K.A the Lost book of Tho that no one has ever seen is said to contain the secret of the universe. It was hidden in plain sight and has been read by more people than any other book ever written. Torah (the Old Testament) created the English word True. Tho is the first letter in Torah and the last in the Hebrew Alpha (I am the first and the last). I am the Alpha and the Omega. God is saying he wrote the Hebrew alpha (al pha means god speech). God transmit information using The Gama rays, the God rays, thus the word GoD. G (gamma) D (4) band. The 4th band in the Gama rays is invisible purple rays. After god communicated with the people of Israel telepathically he called them Am Segula translated as ‘special people’ but it literally means Purple people in Hebrew, ‘special people’, able to receive The Word. Psalm chap. 19 tells us just that saying that god pit ‘a tent of light’ over us. (there is no way I could come up with this on my own).

    Jericho is 11500 years old, far older than any other city, way before language was confounded. Yericho means Moon. Y-Rech also means god-spirituality. Thoth the moon god is in charge of spirituality, the city was named after him.   

    DeaTh means Know TH, Die means Enough in Hebrew. It confirms that after life there is an existence in light form. This is affirmed by god who said ‘no one sees me and lives’. It more than suggests that one sees him when one dies, that we exist as lights (souls) in another less dense world.

    And how about Macabre which the dictionary credits to a dance presented in Paris in the 16th century…maybe this was so popular that boatloads of English people went to see it and brought back this word.  But Me-keber means from-grave in Hebrew. Finally taboo is credited to some African tribe…the Hebrew toaba means Abomination and used dozens of times in the Torah. No one noticed because no one looked! Because even religious educated Jews think evolution which to most people mind means accidental creation explains everything.

    Actually all three religions Jews Christians and Muslims claim to believe in the same god, but NONE follow it. This is because none understood it and were therefore forced to make up mostly wrong explanations. The problem is the question: what did god mean? It requires guessing what god ‘really meant’ what god thought, it is in effect sacrilegious to assume to know what god was thinking. In truth the only way to understand the bible is to understand it literally which is impossible! Because much of the information has yet to be discovered and many of the answers are hidden in other myths. And… no one says: I don’t know’. In effect it is written in a nonlinear system and therefore impossible to understand and totally misunderstood and misinterpreted by design. The Israelite leave Egypt and get Torah and the Egyptians say the book of Thoth disappeared, Torah is the names of the 2 most important Egyptian gods and no one noticed! Without god’s ability to control our thinking it’s impossible to imagine that 3000 years later no one suggested the obvious! It is impossible to explain how 20 out of 22 Latin letters are identical to ancient Hebrew letters, the letters the original bible was written with and…no one Noticed? What have they noticed? Not much is the answer.

    Mistakes are the only way to learn, god wanted us to try every wrong idea before we finally understand that ‘eye for eye’ is the only law that can ‘balance the energies’. This is where I lose most readers because we all think eye for eye is too harsh. In the past eye for eye was considered too lenient, people were executed for stealing a loaf of bread. The pendulum slowly swung to a point where we think eye for eye is a cruel law. Once we understand DNA programs better we will realize that killing a murderer and a rapist is a loving law, not to the criminal but to the trillions of yet born...if we want a society without murders and rapist we need to eliminate their genes from the human gene pool. Today we believe in justice to the criminal at the expense of the victims which we ignore to the point of eliminating them out of the system. Today any time there is a crime the victim gets nothing the criminal gets free room and board a bunch of lawyers make money and the government gets the bill. What happened to justice for the victim what happened to justice for society…is it simply in the name? ‘The criminal justice system’ suggests justice to criminal. How about changing the name to ‘the victim justice system? In point of fact a criminal justice system can never achieve justice. Justice can only be achieved by making the victim whole, by a ‘victim justice system’ which the Torah advocates.  A thief pays double or work for it is Torah law. This way the thief feels like the victim and the victim no longer upset since he makes money…that’s how the energies are balanced.

    We now believe that affirmative action is a good thing while god’s laws require ‘one law for everyone’. Today businessman have ‘affirmative action’, ‘special treatment’. For example: they are allowed to deduct many expenses salaried employees are not allowed. In other words they eat for business…while employees eat for sustenance. Real estate Depreciation is a ‘pretend’ expense because real estate appreciates 90% of the times resulting in a lot of untaxed income. A home or a building that is rented out has different laws than one owned by the resident. If you live in a home you can’t depreciate it but if you rent your house out you can depreciate it - Same property different laws. Also, if you buy a property for a 1 million and sale it for 100 million, you pay no taxes! If you bought another property for a 100 million…those laws allow for much faster wealth accumulation. Allowing a specified group to go ‘ahead of the line’, discriminate against another group. Judges became gods who can ‘interpret (change) the law, which we think is ok! God says specifically: ‘don’t be judgmental because I already judged’, in other words god is telling us not to change his laws.  Lawyers who are officers of the court get affirmative action, they are not required to tell the truth because we allow them under the stupid excuse that they supposed to do the best for their clients while the rest of us don’t have the same rights. They are officers of the court who elevated doing ‘the best for your clients’ at the expense of the truth, at the expense of the victim and at the expense of the state. Criminal rights became more important than THE TRUTH and certainly more important than victim rights. According to the bible Attorneys should have no more rights than a witness who speaks on behalf of the criminal, they must tell the truth and can’t withhold any information like the rest of us. The argument that the criminal will not tell his lawyer the truth protects the criminal and his crimes at the expense of the truth and the victim.

    Letting blacks ahead in the line to universities is racist, it says black are inferior and need a leg up. That’s why whites haven’t asked for affirmative action in sports which is clearly ‘sorely needed’…affirmative action in sports would not allow more than 2 blacks (20%, u.s blacks are 13% of the population) on the basketball  court at one time…that’s affirmative action! That’s wrong and racist but that’s how all are laws are designed. In point of fact when one says ‘a black man, or a white man’ one is being racist, anytime anyone mentions race except to describe physical appearance of a person (black 5:11 160lb) one in actual fact is being a racist. The actor Morgan freeman was asked in ‘black month’ how to deal with racism he responded ‘stop talking about it’. He then asked the interviewer if there is a Jewish month, no replied the interviewer, then why is there a Black month? Asked Mr. Freeman. I believe he is the only man who truly understood racism. If one watches the news it’s clear that we are all racists. The blacks are being used like a football thrown by everyone INCLUDING blacks. Jimmy the Greek was the biggest odd maker for football games. He mentioned in a dinner casually a self-evident truth that blacks are naturally better in sports than whites and he was promptly fired by blacks. I understood it then, blacks were worried that someone else would claim they aren’t as good at education. Blacks need to insist on equal quality of education to 2-8 years old, it’s too late by the time they get to high school or college. Jimmy the Greek stated a statistical and observable fact, you have to be blind to look at a football and basketball games and not notice that it is consists of at least 70% blacks. Was jimmy the Greek a racist? Can stating the truth be racist? In our society it is actually racist to state the truth! Gods opinion of race equality is best demonstrated by his actions. Moses married a black woman (in the Hebrew bible ‘kooshit’ from Koosh meaning Africa), Aaron his brother complained about his choice, god then punished Aaron for even questioning Moses choice and Moses had to intercede.

    Our various affirmative action laws actually trample on the rights of someone else.  The laws become so convoluted that only a Lawyer can sort it out. Law-yer or Lo Yaer means Will-not-Shed –Light, the word Law is from the Hebrew Lo meaning No…the laws are really the rules of what NOT to do. The various Affirmative actions reminds me of the story of the loving mother who had 1 banana and 2 children. She decided she will go hungry but give each child half. When she broke it the halves were not even so she decided to bite one side to even it out, then she bit the other side…you guessed it, she ate the entire banana. Affirmative action is a pretense to ‘even the playing field’ but in fact it tilts and re-tilts it until no one can figure right from wrong.

    I was a democrat most of my life, I believed that if the government controls business we would all benefit because the gov. will end up with the profits and share among its people… we should all benefit from that. But god doesn’t recommend it in the bible, why? (my opinion). It seems gov. is very inefficient in running businesses. Why? First of all no one works real hard so we lose a lot of efficacy, secondly its easier to steal from the gov…contracts are sold etc. but that’s not the worst of it. In business the point is to make profits, the point is to spend less than you make. People who manage to save money for the business or make money get rewarded with higher income, respect. Businesses are ‘profit centers.  We don’t have the same system in gov. if one manages to save money or make more money for the government by doing things more efficiently one’s budget is reduced the following year. Gov. is run as a cost centers, this means the more money one manages the more important one is…the objective is to get bigger not smaller budgets…I spend the winter in brazil, I noticed that only half a terminal was built. When I inquired I was told that if the politicians cant steal half it doesn’t get approved. Claudia’s aunt has a very nice house but next door is far bigger, when I inquired who lives there, she whispered: Politician. 

    Is the bible law right? Is eye for eye and one law the best most humane laws? We don’t know because we never tied it. One can’t possibly truly believe in god if one doesn’t follow his laws. It is clear to me that not one religion follows his laws, what they are truly saying is that gods laws aren’t too smart and man knows better.   We are really saying we don’t believe in god but don’t want to admit it and that seems to make sense to all religions. All religions are wrong…what’s my chances of proving that to established religions? And what are the chances that evolutionists change their mind? God knows…Muslims believe that life is preplanned…Maktoob, is the Arabic word which means ‘Written’ in Hebrew and Arabic. It simply means ‘Programmed’. I totally agree, ‘Koolou bid alah’ ‘Koolou maktoob’ meaning everything in the hand of god, ‘everything is written (programmed)’ It seems Muslims haven’t read the bible, at least not the part where THEIR god gifted Israel and Jerusalem to the Israelites. Nor have they read the Koran, at least the part where Mouhamad encourages the Jews to return to Israel which god gifted them… simply stated: no one especially zealot Muslims believes in his word, his laws, his history…they are trying to exterminate Israel by changing laws, by allowing suicide in order to kill Jews. Today most if not all who are killed by suicide bombing are Muslims. Killing Jews and displacing them is clearly against the wishes of God and Muhamad but No one, Christians or Muslims noticed. We see the results in actual time. Though the Arabs are counted in billions though they are richer, they keep losing because both god, jesus and Muhamad are actually fighting on Israel’s side.

    The truth about creation is revealed in the Hindu Mah-abharata which literally means what god created in Hebrew. Light entities, something like souls but on far grander scale existed for 310 billion years. 14 billion years ago (3 brahma days) they decided to convert light to matter, a date the Torah confirms in code. As best as I can understand those light entities are visible intense light with shape similar to a body that one can see but be able to put ones hands through (like Casper the ghost) . Their light is so intense that we humans who have low vibrations would die upon seeing them which the bible confirms ‘no one sees me and lives’ says the Torah God. But our forefathers those who lived for hundreds of years were of higher vibration and were able to see god and ‘walk with god’.  Those ‘demi gods’, the sons of god who eventually took the daughters of man’ and lost their higher vibration and their ability to live to almost 1000 years. God then changed their DNA (remotely) allowing them/us humans only 120 years.

    The ‘magic’ this book offers as a proof that god created us. It is a game changer! God is no longer a theory, the proof of the existence of god is in language which god programmed to contain the secrets of creation, in formulas that were converted to words. I use Hebrew letters and words to decode English…I REPEAT I use Hebrew letters and words to decode English…I show that all of English was created using Hebrew! This could not happen by accident especially since Hebrew was not spoken except when studying the Torah for over 2000 years! This is more than just a little controversial, it says that everyone is wrong. That accidental evolution is false and that all the interpretations of the Torah and other writing about creation and god is totally wrong! I thought I would be bombard with emails…not one in 3 years. I guess the bottom line is that no one can accept this since this is as if from nowhere by a guy with no credential…I am not a scholar and nor religious.  A religious person probably couldn’t accept that his entire set of beliefs is wrong. It seems that evolution is so ingrained in most schools that they too couldn’t accept that what they are sure was a series of accident was programmed, that we are all programmed. God moves in mysterious ways. Even I can’t really explain why me, I am not holy nor pretend to be holy. The bible is holy but the paper and the ink aren’t holy. I am the paper and the ink, I feel I am a messenger not the message. But I don’t rely on my experiences nor point to them as a proof because on their own they prove nothing. The idea that I can come up with this on my own is ludicrous because no one especially not me is that smart. It’s the facts that I rely on…the facts, just the facts!

    The Pineal gland was called so because it looked like a pine to the Greeks that named it.  Later science discovered that this gland is in effect the ‘third eye’. It is positioned where the Hindus put the red dot on their foreheads. The Hebrew words pine-al means Face god’. I concluded that Someone suggested telepathically the name pineal thousands of years ago waiting for us to discover it’s the third eye. One might conclude it is accident a chance connection, which is possible if all I had few examples only. I have hundreds of such examples and thousands of English words with Hebrew meaning. At one point the evidence become ‘beyond reasonable doubt’. It is a proof positive that someone is able to suggest what we name something based on function not based on looks which is useless.  Someone is making sure it continues to be correct in Hebrew. It also suggests that we are programmed to use it sometimes in the future. It’s magic because no one noticed.

    If one is wondering how a 10 grade Hebrew learnt 55 years ago (left Israel at 16) can give me such expertize, stop wondering, my Hebrew is terrible, the Hebrew version was translated from English by a translator and is different from what is written here because I didn’t change it for 4 years now.

    Mc2 measures the energy released by an atom. It’s how the sun makes energy. Einstein didn’t measure it nor researched the speed of light he simply observed that everyone seems to measure the speed of light at 300,000 per second and CONCLUDED its constant. This was against the belief that if one pushes something with greater force it would travel faster. His conclusion made C a constant and the formula solvable. He says he chose the letter C because speed is constant instead of the more natural L for the speed of Light. Sound almost reasonable explanation. Mc2 written in Hebrew letters would be CMC Shin.mem.shin it happens to spell the word SheMeSh meaning Sun in Hebrew… the speed of light is Constant at 300,000 kilometers per second represented by Shin that has the numerical value of 300(every Hebrew letter is represented by a number).  The letter M stands for mass. M means Water (mym) or hydrogen (mayman) in Hebrew. MC2 spells the Hebrew word SUN and is represented by MC2 in Hebrew. that’s what Einstein had to write…thank god he suddenly ‘thought’ of using the letter C instead of L…accident or design?

    H2O = MYM meaning Water has two M (hydrogen) replacing the M with H we get HOH (h2o). O stand of oxygen but the Hebrew letter Y in MYM stands for YHWH whose numerical value is 26…oxygen has 8 electrons in 2 orbits of 2-6. Oxygen is the god of life. Israeli scientists look at those formulas daily but were not able to see the obvious connections. (Sorry I know it’s all numbers and letters…I know it’s hard to follow, it took me years to be able to read one language and think in another. I think most proofs are hard to follow and boring.

     It all began when a 15 years old Einstein imagine himself riding a ray of light and understood that if something travel faster than light one would see himself arriving…it seems many  discoverers see the answers to complex problems in vivid pictures. I know I saw the words on a light screen and arrows connecting Hebrew and English. Those vivid communications come out of the subconscious for no apparent reason…who is then formulating complete thoughts and sending them to the conscious brain? Or is the brain just decide to release complex random ideas and solutions in the same way we release gas? Like a thought mutation…Who is controlling the subconscious? Who is running most of our body functions? Who is recording everything we ever thought or did without giving us access to the information?  The subconscious is god’s computer, it is our hard drive which we have no access to by design…free choice is choosing to accept or reject good and bad ideas the subconscious sends us…we the human race are in a giant school to become good gods, knowing the difference between good and bad creations which all without exception start with a thought…starts with god.

    Did Einstein know it? Did he know everything is controlled by god’s computers? Did he understand he received the information? God doesn’t play dice with the universe says just that! It says everything was planned.

    Creation of matter was first planned by the head god whose name is One, Un or N represented by the Hebrew letter Noon. He first created a 5 particle Higs boson field that somehow converted energy to Matter. The 14th (5) letter Noon value is 50 which explains why Noon chose to create the Higs boson field using 5 particles. He then ordered his sons Two/Tho, T represented by the Hebrew letter 22d(4) letter  Tho(tav), and Rah represented by the twentieth Hebrew letter R Raish. Thorah is a collaborative effort which Tho who did the bidding of Rah wrote, represented by the number the Three (thorah). Two was tasked with the creation of physical programming letters followed by the creation of light computers. Two created the 22 physical letters which the Hebrew teaching which couldn’t relate to physical letters correctly claims are the 22 physical letters of creation (all made up from complex molecules). Why 22? Tho secret number is 4 and the Hebrew Letter Tho has the value of 400. Noon the head god programmed DNA that was created by Tho that uses 4 (tho) letters but 5(Noon) elements. Together his sons Tho-Ra wrote Thorah formerly the lost book of Tho, a book that reveals the secrets of creation in code. They left their name in the title but no one of the experts noticed! Torah is the name of the Egyptian gods Tho and Rah, the gods of moon and sun. The Hebrews left Egypt and god (tho) gives them his book which he calls ToRah. Tho the moon god fixed all Jewish holiday based on moon cycles and decree the Sabbath as a holiday day.  The word Sab-ath means Sat-Tho in Hebrew. And there is the 40 days, 40 years, 400 years etc. Rah the sun god fixed all Christian holidays based on Sun cycles. The word SUNDAY suggests just that. Tor means a Que in Hebrew, Torah means its turn, those meaning suggests the Torah is a computer program. It is confirmed by the fact that the original Torah was written without spaces between words. It is said that the best way to predict the future is to create it…Finally if natural accidents created programming letters one would think that like us humans nature would have started with two letters not 4 made up of complex molecules…but we know that the creator gods or NaTuRe is very smart…

    Let me be clear, I am claiming that the solar system, the sun, the moon and earth were placed into orbit by design not by a series of accidents. That the amount of water on earth was planned, oxygen and other items were also planned by the nature gods. What we can do on very small and limited scale, in a laboratory they can do on bigger scale. But no one noticed because everyone adopted the God of accidents…

    What do the numbers mean in Hebrew?

    One- An. Two- Tho. Three – Torah. Four – here light. Five – speech in me. six – sex. Seven –this son. Eight – Everything or Tho. Nine – Noon. Ten – Tho, Noon.

    Christians are known as ‘the people of The Cross’. The Hebrews are known as The Crossers. The word Evri means Crosser…is there a connection?

    3000 years later no one noticed? No Jewish scholars nor Egyptologists nor linguists or scientists noticed?  Are they really ‘experts’? Too obvious?  If you don’t know the role of Na.Tu.Re in creation you can’t understand Hebrew language nor the Torah or other myths. For example: if you don’t know Tho created DNA letters you wouldn’t be able to understand why the Hebrew word OT  meaning Letter or Ta meaning Cell is written with the letter T and a vowel.  N (Noon)T(Tho)R(Rah) , NTR is the collective name of the Egyptian creator gods and it means Guardians in Hebrew. NTR claim they created nature thus the word NaTuRe.  This name isn’t accidental they are trying to tell us something…they created nature and they are our guardians which is what the Torah says! Literally. Those gods moved from Sumer to Egypt. The meaning of Sumer in Hebrew is Guardian. The Sumerian called Noun Anu and Tho was called Enki. Since Noun –N created the original pre-humans the Hebrew Ani means I. His son Enki changed our programming changing 4 different organs in order to gift us with language which is thought – a creation tool that caused us to develop an Ego. Enoki means I AM in Hebrew. Please note t doesn’t sound like Ani. It seems the truth, our history and the secret of creations are hidden in all myths and languages which are revealed when understood literally and decoded in Hebrew. The idea that Tho and Rah are brothers is embodied in the word Using Hebrew letter meaning: With-it-see-Tho  Rah….God says in the Torah Enoki adonia elohekah meaning I am god your lord. It also says Enki is your god. The names of Anu and Enki do not sound the same which explains why I and I am don’t sound alikeJust a play on words? Absolutely! A universal play on word, a multi-language, multi myth crossword puzzle left here to be discovered by us. Without knowing the NaTuRe gods (N.T.R) there is no way to decode half of any language.

    I believe I am the code solver…the biblical Joseph’s name was changed by the head priest to Tzafnet Paneh which means Code-Solver….joseph means Will-Add andI am joseph son of Jacob, I was born in Baghdad where language was confounded. But to be honest I don’t ‘feel’ any connection to those ancient Heroes.

    The one strange thing about Hebrew is that it was written for left handed people. Why would mostly right handed people develop a left handed system? As it turns out God developed a left handed system because he knew that those letters will be written backward and called Latin (la.ti.n meaning god Tho and Noun). As the chart shows 20 out of 22 letters are almost identical. Anything permanent like formulas had to be written ‘in the writing of god’ and it had to stay hidden…Latin letters are the writing of god and NO ONE NOTICED…20 out of 22 letters are just about identical. Latin has 26 letters which is not coincidently the numerical value of YHWH. Tho’s number is 22 or 4…the value of the letter Tho is 400 and the 2 letters that spell his name have the value of 406 or 46…there are 46 chromosomes. Numbers don’t lie…

    God didn’t create humans! In the first chap. of genesis.  The Torah says god created Nephesh meaning Souls. Actually the bible says god asks other light entities to created souls, in our image and likeness’ (many light gods, plural, who created in their image), God created light entities who live forever like god. Another time God talks to the same light entities is when he asks them to help him confound language and disperse the people all over the world.

    Some might say that understanding the Torah literally is too simplistic, too childlike, that’s true enough after all god says he wrote it to “am naval lo haham’ meaning ‘to a wilting and not smart people’. You gotta read it as a not so smart a person…my specialty… we were all brought up to ask ‘what does that mean? it’s actually hard to understand  things literally. How can one understand gods claim that we are his slaves and that he created us, our eyes our ears literally? Impossible to understand until we accept he wrote and altered our DNA wirelessly …it’s scary to think we are semi robots or learning robots. I was very upset to discover this. It took me years to accept it.

    The name ‘Book of Thoth’ has been applied to numerous texts. But in actual fact no one saw or read the book. It is said to have been lost. Actually as it turns it’s the most read book in the world it’s the Torah. Thoth is the God of wisdom, reading and writing and god of the Moon. He is said to do the bidding of the Sun God, Ra. According to ancient legends, Thoth invented writing and always recorded every gathering of the Gods, in short he was the scribe of the gods. He is also said to have created the holy “Book of Breath”, which, along with the “Book of the Dead” was placed in the tombs, since it possessed magical powers. Manetho—an ancient Egyptian priest—claimed that Thot had written 36.525 books, although some investigators like Seleukos affirm that they were around 20,000. So now we are missing 20-36000 books! Where are they? How does one hide 20,000 books? In the open is the answer.  Thot wrote all the myths and all languages and left the information in them –when decoded in Hebrew. This is confirms by the at Hebrew teaching that claims that Ma-tat-ron meaning From thot sings is the scribe of godBut did anyone notice?


    We already know the universe was energy prior to the creation of the 5 parts Higs boson field that converted light to matter followed by a very special imperfect mirroring big bang where all matter wasn’t destroyed by antimatter. Actually imperfect mirroring (evolution) is how everything was programmed. The bible and the Mahabharata describe it somewhat cryptically but never the less very accurately. The bible describes god hovering over water while the Hindu myth claims god saw his face in the Maya of elusion, the word Maya means water in Hebrew and Arabic. In both stories god seeing his image in water and therefore imperfectly is a description that we humans can relate to explain evolution and creation of the universe and us the same way. The biblical god created by calling instructions into a computer. The English word Cre-ate means Called out everything in Hebrew. The English Call is from the Hebrew Call meaning Voice. The closest way to explain what happened in today’s terms is that we have a part in a video game programmed by god.  If you the reader can suspend your set of beliefs, your god, and accept such notion as a real possibility, the universe, life and the Bible can finally begin to make sense. Decoding evolution reveals the truth about evo-lu-tion decodes as desired god change

    I was instructed to separate what is and what is imagine, to understand the difference between fact and conclusion, I was promised it would make me smarter.

    The bible says earth was created after 2 days – Fact

    The Hindu scripture says 2 god days is 8.6 billion years – Fact

    Science says earth was created 8.6 billion after the big bang – Fact

    All those 3 facts are connected – conclusion…

    My point is that none of what I show is direct proof, god isn’t coming down to tell you that those facts are related, we need to make those conclusions…this means that all the evidence I present here is circumstantial, but I believe the hundreds of such examples can convince the reader ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ that god planned all this.  To be honest it doesn’t seem I convinced too many people. I am perplexed about it because I thought that few thousand examples would be strong ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ proof...but then it means that I am right and everyone else is wrong…clearly that can’t be right!

    My evidence is known scientific facts and decoding English and other languages using HEBREW a language millions speak…which the Torah calls ‘the Writing of God’. The enormous amount of linguist evidence point to the unmistakable conclusion that the same God created all religions, all languages and has been dispensing knowledge for the advancement of mankind.

    I acknowledge I am the only one who believes in the light gods named One, Two and Three who created the universe and are running it using light computers. It might explain why god says over and over again that he created us and that we are his slaves, god controls us using light computers. The trick to understanding the bible is to accept it literally. Uni(one)-ver-se, One/An created this.  I know this is so far out and revolutionary and against everything we believe. The smart ones convinced us that nature created DNA letters and wrote programs INSIDE THE CELL that are far more complex than anything we can do…by accident. Nature can’t build a table and 6 chairs by accident, not even one perfectly round mountain by accident but nature is able to create perfectly round eyes and wrote complex programs that created billions of life forms by accident. I believe you need to be pretty gall able to believe such unsubstantiated theory …I encourage the reader to show it to the ‘smart ones’, linguists, rabbis priests and scientists, ask them to poke holes in my claims, let them show the impossible, that all the evidence I present are due to a series of accidents. 

    Kabballah means to receive in Hebrew, a personal receivership. It’s a Cable to A, to god.

    The evidence I received in those telepathic experiences is my Kabballah it is in my opinion indisputable Scientific and Linguist prove that there is an actual physical Light entity we call god who is deeply involved in our lives. A light so bright we don’t see him for our own protection. Language is like an organism in a sense that we add subtract and change words, every living language adds new words all the time, since all new and old words continue to have Hebrew meaning the process must be ongoing. I present overwhelming circumstantial evidence, well over 3000 words that god confounded language.

    The word Confound transliterate as Can-Feh-Anad, meaning Here-language-tied up (knotted). (The letters P and F are the same in Hebrew). God didn’t create many languages he Knotted Hebrew. Acode, means  Knotted in Hebrew - A Code. To decode then means D code, know code. The origin of the English word Cable is the Hebrew Cavel (identical) (B and V are the same letter in Hebrew) and not as the dictionary suggests from the Latin Capulu. (The linguists assumed that the P became somehow B). The decoding system I use is far stricter than linguist use because I must use all consonants and aren’t allowed to add or change consonants. This is because those words were not created by some accident but by god’s design.

    Cabelo means Hair (cables) in Spanish and Portuguese (crossword puzzle). Guide reads as Gu-ide meaning Touch-Hand in Hebrew. Believe read as Be-lieve means In-heart in Hebrew. If you delve into this writing you will know your heart. D-Leve means Know-Heart. If one is involve one is In heart of the matter. And then there is the heart of the building we call Lobby, not to mention the words; Love, Live. All those words have the Hebrew consonants of L and B meaning heart. Yes I am positive God exists and is Good (it isn’t an accidents that the two words sound the same). Po si tive means Here-this-good.

    Peace, piece, pass, pace…why do they sound the same? My point being that PS sound can be decoded many different ways. When language was confounded the 22 letters were distilled to 13 letters. C, S, Z Ch, Sh became one letter. While the Hebrew consonants Hait and Ayin became vowels

    Peace is from the Hebrew Peyes meaning to appease

    Piece is from the Hebrew Pisa meaning Piece

    Pace is from the Hebrew Pasa meaning Step

    Pass is from the Hebrew Pass meaning Pass

    None of our experts noticed any of this. They created the ‘science’ of linguistics and the ‘science’ of evolution by assuming accidents created everything. They simply discounted anything that proves the contrary. They all know that language didn’t developed from animal signs, they all know that language in humans required 4 different simultaneous mutations in 4 different organs which scientists agree isn’t compatible with the evolutionary theory, so they ignored it!  They didn’t notice because they didn’t look. As to Hebrew, there is no way to explain how a dormant Hebrew language, a language was not used for 2000 years affected other languages. So if not by accident then how?

    Kangaroo – the dictionary attributes it to some old Australian language, which I don’t doubt. Ken Goor means nest for the young in HebrewMy point being that those languages are also based on Hebrew.


    Karma means Kar M A =Happened from GodHomer Iliad means Fabric Birth. The book starts with ‘The acaem brothers were fighting’ the word Acaem means Brothers in Hebrew’. Mahabharata the Indian scripture means what god Created… Abraham the father of all is married to Sarah while brahama the father of all is married to Sarah sawati. Or read in Hebrew sa-ahoti means this-my-sister. The biblical Sarah was Abraham half-sister. This more than suggests that the hindu myth was written after the Torah by the same author. Zen means balance (ezen). The word for balance means also Ear (ozen). The creator of language knew he installed balance in the Ear. My favorite Hindu decoding is the name Nechikata the son of the king who wanted knowledge over riches. Sounded like King Solomon. Nechikata means The Kiss of god, or Kissed by god. The Song of Songs written by King Solomon begins with ‘and he kissed me from the kisses of his mouth’…I for one have no doubt that the same god wrote all mythsIt also expresses what I believe happened to me, ‘he kissed me from thee kisses of  his mouth’. PS the oldest attested myths are around 2800 years old. Though all religions claim older beginning and all do have older beginnings but written attested myths are around 2600-2800 years old. That include the Torah, the oldest of which is in Greek and like the Hindu myth are around 2800 years old. What I think is shocking is how recent the confounding events are taking place.

    Are then all words in all languages Hebrew? Yes! Are there no exceptions? None! Can’t be any! The programs that control thought and language can’t be screwed with, can’t be wrong. Bottom line, we are all speaking Hebrew with funny expression and strange accents. This is hidden in plain sight. Israelis use words such as Sorry or Alternativa as borrowed from English. Alternative is made up of 2 Hebrew words alter native meaning Changed Path. In fact sorry in Hebrew is Tzari, just about identical, but yet no one noticed. Fairly new words such as Artilleria which is but Ar-Til-Yeri meaning light-missile shoot….and how about Therapi which is but Troufa in Hebrew (cure). Procedure is Procidura in Hebrew reads as po-re-sidura means Here-see-arrangement. My favorite is the English Euphemism read as yafey mishem it means Prettier than its name I dare anyone to come up with better definition.  Of course it’s my Theory, from the Hebrew Tioor meaning Description. Or S-tory meaning This Description. There are literally scores if not hundreds of English words that Israelis use as borrowed from English but no one seems to notice they are in actual fact Hebrew.

    The strangest word I ever decoded is Cantor/cantareh meaning singer. But the word Ca-natar means Like watcher/guard. I always thought it can’t be the right decoding, there was no way to connect singer with watcher. I was wrong. I eventually heard on Israeli tv that the meaning of The Hebrew word Hazan which means cantor in Hebrew is from Hozeh meaning seer (joseph was Hozeh Halomot ‘seer of dreams’). Hazan literally means watcher, Hazan originally described the watchers who walked around making sure everyone in the congregation behaved correctly. They eventually usurped the Job of singers. It was therefore transliterated as Cantor meaning Like Watcher. Since joseph was a seer of dreams the name joseph morphed to Hoseh (jose) in Spanish. Even when god doesn’t move in mysterious way a whole nation of Hebrew speakers didn’t notice, a nation with many high tech geniuses didn’t notice….stupidity or the hand of god? ps Hamas means cruel in Hebrew, no Israeli or Muslim noticed. And Zion means The Mark and it created the word Sign.

    **God is from the Hebrew higid meaning to tell or the one who tells you what to do or Guide it is also the way god transmits information. It’s carried on the invisible purple ray that is on the Gamma rays (G) at the 4th D band. It is the reason god called the Israelite Am-segula mistranslated as Special people, it literally means Purple people. This name was given to the Israelites the first and only time god communicated telepathically with people of Israel (and they saw the voices). The Hebrew G stands for thought or touched, while the letter D stands for knowledge. And the aDoNAi suggests Noon/one wrote DNA programs. D.N.A means Know-Noon-God. the word GeNe is then Thought-Noon.

    What makes Hebrew unique is because god created it, god clearly created letters first not words which he then combined into words and sentences. Each Hebrew letter is actually a picture, a word. It might explain why god called all languages Sapha meaning Lips and language while he called Hebrew Lashon Kodesh meaning Holy tongue. It suggests different programing, it suggests Hebrew was programmed in us. I believe Hebrew is the ‘living word’.  Part of the confounding is that we were made to ‘forget’ that each letter is actually a picture. The letter El means god in Hebrew and the Letter Em means Mother in Hebrew. Today all languages INCLUDING HEBREW use letters to represent is sound not word, though words in all languages are made up of letters we treat words as the smallest unit in language.

    Using Hebrew letter meanings to decode English words should not work it is against all we know, it assume language was planned and that someone is able to enter our mind and ‘suggests’ a name otherwise how is it possible that they can be understood through a Hebrew decoder? Take the word Speech  S-Shin-word. P-Peh-mouth, ech means Man…Speech is then word-mouth-man. I would like to reiterate that I just used Hebrew letter meanings to decode English! Obvious? No one of our Linguist scientific or religious experts noticed! How is that possible? I am decoding English using Hebrew letter meaning! How could I think of it? I must be a super genius! Smarter from all those religious and linguistic experts…Or maybe I received the information. After 30 years of dealing with this, I believe it’s not discoverable by accident, intelligence or luck because the decoding system is none linear. This also means that the entire linguistic theories about language origins and evolution are Totally Wrong! The word Word decodes as R D (vowel don’t count because they were used as a confounding tool. R =See D =knowledge. Word is to see Knowledge? Yes a word is actually sounds that represents a picture in our mind, it the miracle of god.

    How then do I know to ignore vowels and concentrate on consonants?

    Vo El means In It god. 

    Con Sonant means Here study diligently…It is about the miracle of programming sound to create a pictures.

    This is clearly all Palabra meaning word in Spanish. In Hebrew it means Pala-bra, miracle created.  After 4 billion years of planned evolution god gifted mankind the ability to be like gods, to create in our mind by combining and recombining pictures. This isn’t present in any other organism and both linguists and evolutionists agree that series of accidents couldn’t have created it. It couldn’t have happened through any evolutionary explanation. Someone changed 4 different organs in order to accomplish such a miraculous feat. The reason we couldn’t figure any of this because we miss-defined language calling it a communication tool. Language ladies and gentleman isn’t a communication tool, language is a creation tool! That we sometimes communicate.

    The miracle this book presents is the use Hebrew letter meaning to decode English. I repeat, I use Hebrew words and letter meaning to understand English…to my mind that ought to be a proof that god cofounded language.

    30 years ago I think I challenged god (or maybe he challenged me? there is no clear way to tell) to prove to me personally as if I were on an island all alone, a proof I can show others that he exists and that’s what I got, a Prove positive that god exists and is still running everything. Of course it would be better if god came down and told everyone that I am right, that he gave me the information, but then… ‘No one sees me and lives’ says our god. It seems we all feel: better the devil we know than the god we don’t.  

    Two guys meet and one asked the other: do you john he died yesterday. ‘I don’t know him and I don’t want to know him’ replied the other…though we ‘know’ heaven is wonderful no one is in a rush to go there. 

    The first set of instructions I received was not to read any interpretation because they are all wrong. It seems God actually ‘encouraged’ those bad interpretations. Yes, god’s computers is in charge of both good and bad ideas that are sent to our subconscious which are then sent to the conscious brain, our job is to judge which is good and which bad…free choice. We are in the school of being gods learning to decide between good (god) and bad.

    Blessed be the word, Blessed be Hashem Blessed be his Name

    Amen: a word used around the world but few know it means Trust, believe. That’s what I am asking the reader to do…Amen.

    Zu kabalati, Zu Kabalati, Zu Kabalati, Zu Kaparati, Zu Kaparati, Zu kaparati. This is my Kabballah which I received from the To-Rah God, Kapara means attornment forgiveness in Hebrew


    Though the creator gods use many names none are really secret names that are so holly one isn’t allowed to say them. The reverse is true the more important the god the more often we say their names.  The head god name is One (won) and his sons Two and Three are the creator gods the ones who wrote the initial programs. They are represented by numbers 1,2,3, and by the Hebrew letters. Noon –N Tow –T and Raish –R when read together as NaTaR it means Guardians in Hebrew. It gets even stranger, NTR is the names of the Egyptian creator gods. And… the two sons of One Tho, Two and Ra wrote ToRah, A.K.A the lost book of Tho. Tho is said to do the bidding of Ra, Tho is the scribe God who wrote Thorah, he appears in Hebrew folklore as Matatron the scribe angel, his name means from Thoth sings. Those gods came from Sumer which happen to mean Guardian in Hebrew, they are none other than The Egyptian gods of moon and sun (son). Their many other names will be revealed throughout this article. If one doesn’t know the role of the creator Gods one cannot understand Hebrew or ToRah. For example the Hebrew word Ta meaning Cell and oT means letter both carry the name of Two (tho) and were therefore created by him. He altered our Toes and Thumbs and foot as their name indicate. His name also appear in the word Tie because he Knotted, tied up language…confounded. Finally, since the creator gods, NTR are light entities that look like nothing on earth or in the skies they are depicted as giants, larger than life.

    Egypt is a very strange name for a country that calls itself Maser…the Torah calls Egypt Mezraim. So how did we get from Maser to Egypt?  When the Greeks entered Egypt they found out that the main Egyptian god is Petah and thought the whole county worshiped him and therefore called it the land of Ptah E-Gy-Pt.

    Petah is none other than Tho, his name means P-Tah or here-Tah. The Hebrew Pitah means tricked, enticed, …it is the origin of the Spanish Pootah…Later Eve thanks god for her child (no mention of Adam) is this the firs immaculate conception?  Cain was after all literally ‘the first born in creation’ is Cain the one god refers to as ‘Israel is my first born’?  The one son god sacrificed for the advancement of mankind? Jesus was a Jew…also, Cain the secret son of god or his offspring are not reported to have died…But are reported to help mankind with new inventions. When the Torah recounts the generation of Adam it starts with Seth…not a mistake as expert suggests Cain and Able were not Adam’s sons.


    So evolutionists are right after all…NaTuRe created everything. Evolutionists claim that mutation is responsible for evolution. They are obviously correct. The word Mu-tate means From-Thoth it is saying all mutations that caused change were programmed by Thoth. ‘I am the first and the last’? The first letter in Torah is Tow (Israelis pronounce the letter as Tav because European Jews couldn’t say Wow) and the last letter in the Hebrew alpha is Tow…of course there are the words to, the that though Thought, think all suggesting thought was created by the god Thoth or thought. The idea that our thoughts were programmed by god sounds ludicrous but its true. God’s light computers (our aura meaning Light-God in Hebrew) and messages to the subconscious which then is relayed to the conscious brain…our job is to accept or reject the idea…free choice is limited…

     Going back to Be-ROSh-i-t. can be read as ‘In-His-Head the god Tow created the heaven and earth when the earth was without form’. His symbol began as the Ank that stands for eternal life and ended up as a cross …the word Hebrew in Hebrew means…The Crossers.  The Ank also represents the Sumerian Tho, the god of water Enki who is said to have altered our genes. The Hebrew word Ani says that An is the original programmer who created us, his son Enki changed our DNA giving us choice, ego…the work Anki means I Am. The Torah names are titles not names. Adonai is the DNA god, a personal god, Adonia means my lord , Elohim is pronounced Elohim but spelled as El hayam meaning god ocean, Yahweh whose name we are told we aren’t supposed to say is a title too it means Y haweh meaning The present ruling god!  , the Hebrew word howeh means Now, present. By the way Elohim is the creator god Yhwh appears only in chapter 2. Who honors anyone let alone god by not saying his name? That works for you? It doesn’t work for me. It’s even worse they change letters and call Elohim elokim…that honors god? In actual fact the name Yehoweh is mentioned hundreds of times and it doesn’t say anywhere that one cannot say his name. It says one can’t say his name in vain and an example is given that if a person swears an oath to do something and uses god’s name he must keep that promise…not in vain.  But I believe the Rabbis who likely knew they were changing god’s laws said not to mention his name because it’s all in vain… if one thinks about it…they defined their own work as In Vain…

    Think as Thi-nk means Tho bestowedThank also mean Tho-bestowed.

    The Hebrew thank is Todah meaning Know Tho    


    It is said that True Kabballah is only about the meaning of the Hebrew letters that were combined into words, into programs. Unless one understands the meaning of the Hebrew letters they become meaningless sounds combined to create words without any ‘grand plan’. As it turns out nothing is random, DNA programs aren’t random. All DNA programs use only 3 letter combinations just like Hebrew language. Neither can be accidental. Hebrew words are made up of 3 letter SOURCE words called SHORESH  (root in Hebrew), note both words have the same consonants meaning that the word Source and Search finds its origin in the Hebrew word Shoresh. This is about the writing of god used to author the aDoNAi creation programs we eventually named DNA meaning God (aDoNiA).  Dn-A means Sentenced-God in Hebrew and Arabic.  The word Gene in Hebrew is Gan meaning garden that like gardens one plants and changes, the word Organ means Light-Garden. The word Gan meaning Garden decodes as Hag Noon meaning Thought Noon. Our   Pro-gram means His fruits caused. Formula means Po r mila, Here-see a Word. Is a Molecule a word? According to god it is, Mole-cule means Word-everything.  God considers every formula, every combination of letters and words a word! Letter combinations are but programs. Everything carries information and Everything can be expressed in letters and numbers.  Accident or design?

    Those formulas needed to be in ‘the writing of god’ in the original Hebrew letters, which happened to be ancient Hebrew which is but modern Latin letters.

    Mc2 is CMC (10) which spells out sun, SheMeSh in consonantal Hebrew. The letter Shin C stand for the speed of light. The Hebrew letter Shin has the numerical value of 300, the same as the speed of light in km. accident? The letter M stands for hydrogen (mayman in Heb) (‘lucky’ Einstein went with C not L for light).  Hebrew word sun actually describes how the sun makes energy. This word is at least 3600 years old.

    H2O, HOH (10 electrons) spells out Water, MYM (2 hydrogens M (mayman) in Hebrew.  The Yod (Y) god) in Mym is oxygen. It is made up of 8 electrons in 2 orbits of 2-6. The numerical value of yhwh is 26.  The Hebrew word for water is but the formula for water. This word is at least 3600 years old.

    Ossicles are the smallest three bones in the body, they convert vibration to sound. They were called Small bones, ossicles, but Ossi-cle means Voice-makers in Hebrew.

    Artery and Vein, do you know which one carries oxygen?  Artery or awir tery meaning fresh air. Ve-in (bo ain) means in-it none. That’s the origin of the word vain person.

    When a child is 2 years old he learns the words Sun, Water. When he is 10 he will learn those words are also formulas…all body parts were named based on how they look but somehow end up describing their function correctly in Hebrew. This simply can’t happen unless someone has the ability to ‘suggest’ a name. It’s clearly a key to a vast library of knowledge which exist within The Word which god confounded over 6000 years ago because he was concern that we will misuse the knowledge… Once understood and adopted it can clearly be short cut to enormous amount of knowledge and incredible peace of mind because we will all know we are doing the right thing.

    Intelligence in Hebrew is SeKeL : school, skill skull, scale and cycle. Actually those words explain what intelligence is. We go to School to obtain Skill which is but weighing things (scale) and looking for cycles. All of which is in the skull…clearly a series of accidents. Each time an Israeli says Shekel (the Hebrew currency) he is saying “weigh it’, ‘think’ albeit subconsciously.

    The only question each reader needs to answer is: accident or design?


    ‘We are almost definitely, living in a Matrix style situation’                                 Elon Musk

    Finally an artificial intelligence genius has stated the obvious. Nature could not and did not create life by accident, everything was and is computer generated. This isn’t a wild guess by Mr. Musk it is based on what mathematicians concluded.

     ‘God doesn’t play dice with the universe’                                                            Albert Einstein.

    The twentieth century biggest genius figured out long ago, before the discovery of DNA that nothing is by accident that creation was planned.


    Einstein, Musk and Tesla among many others believe life was created and then evolved by design.

    They came to that conclusion not because the universe is complex creation, which it is, but because like me they too received information telepathically, pictorially.


    ‘All the world is a stage and all the man and woman are merely players’             Shakespeare

    Pretty good guess…please note the word Speare in his name or Sipoor means Story in Hebrew


    In the begining was the word and the word was with god and the word was god.     John 1-1

    Whoever wrote John knew that god first created DNA letters which he calls the word, god then thought about it meaning the word was with god and then god wrote DNA programs and left them to rule over us and the word was god

    This is by far the most eloquent and poetic way to explain God’s creation. It is my single favorite sentence in either new or Old Testament.  Of course the church has a very different explanation because this sentence couldn’t have been understood until the discovery of DNA. It literally waited for 2000 before it could be understood.


    Once I understood that all languages are Hebrew, the decoding system was sparked by the system Zecharia Sitchin used in his books.  Mr Sitchin decoded Sumerian an ancient language few if any know, you had to trust his decoding.  I use Modern Hebrew, a language that millions know, to decode English a language billions know. No one of the tens of thousands who have read this has suggested my deciphering is inaccurate. Actually I never receive any positive or negative comments. I have no idea if any of this resonate with the reader or not. Man plans, god laughs. 

    The connection between Sitchin and my book is that as it turns out the Torah tells the same story the Sumerians and Egyptian ‘myths’ but in code, the only way I was able to understand that is after reading Mr Sitchin’s books. P.S Zecharia name means ‘remembers God’. Probably the most was shocking discovery is to find out that the same god wrote all the myths and all the languages.

    Before the communications I was sure that life was created by series of accidents because there is no way there is a god given how screwed up and unjust the world is…I was wrong, everything including the scientific progress of the human race has been programmed well in advance. We are given information from time to time. I know that Einstein figured it out and so did Musk and so did everyone else who knows they saw the answers to complex programs and ideas telepathically/pictorially.

    If I am right…if our spiritual and scientific advances will merge we will convert our swords, our arms industry to plows… the results would create such economic boom the world has never seen…if I am right… and if I am wrong we are doomed, we are all living on borrowed time…free choice.


    What we know:

    Science says light existed before matter, that everything was created when someone created the 5 particle Hig’s boson field followed it by an imperfect big bang that allowed the conversion of light to matter.

    Science also tells us that the big bang occurred about 14 billion years ago, earth was created 4.6 billion years ago and life was created 4 billion years ago when read correctly, as I show later that’s exactly what the  bible says. Then, someone created DNA letters out of complex molecules for no apparent reason (a natural occurrence we haven’t been able to duplicate), those letters somehow banged against each other and combined in only 3 letter combinations resulting in writing very complex programs including duplication programs and a ‘spell check’ that automatically corrects any duplication mistakes (anticipatory program that couldn’t have been accidental). We are still unable to duplicate any of it. The cell is then equipped with almost unlimited memory (in anticipation for more complex programs) and of course a rechargeable battery to run those programs. Every one of the 100 trillion cells in our body contains our entire programming, every cell is a Nano computer that is able to communicate with the other Nano computers, other cells. Each cell contains 17 different parts that were encased with ‘smart skin’ with hair on top to sense the outside. This didn’t happen over time, this happened in one fell swoop 4 billion years ago. Though the programs clearly evolved from one cell organism, the changes were within the cell programming, the cell itself hasn’t changed in 4 billion years. It’s clear We actually know now how matter and life were created but most of the world insist based on faith not evidence that life sprang out of trillions of inexplicable accidents.

    Somehow ‘the smart ones’ still claim; The question that remains unanswered is: Accident or Design? Everything is by design and the complexity of writing all those chemical reactions that created the universe as well as every living thing is still beyond our imagination.


    The God within

    The incredible designs of life and the complexity of the programs is clearly revealing the designer… A creator who wrote and therefore able to read AND CHANGE our DNA programs remotely. This conclusion is based on the linguistic and the scientific evidence coupled with my experiences. The answers to my questions were often involved culling out some lost memory as the answer, in this way I ‘experienced’ the answer. It was clear to me God (or more likely his interactive light computer) has total access to our subconscious, able to cull out any lost memories at will (it’s just a computer). Actually the subconscious is god’s computer, it runs pretty much our entire body (heart, lungs, kidney etc) with very limited involvement on our part.  It records everything and forgets nothing like a camera but far more sensitive, it records everything in detail which includes the temperature and the wind, and cloud formation but… we have very limited and selective access to it! In other words what happened on the first Tuesday in May 5 years ago is recorded meticulously which god can accesses readily but we who record it have no access to it. Use it or lose it? It ought to be clear that someone else is using the information, God’s computer is collecting and using the information, god is able to read our mind and ‘suggest’ ideas, (like face book, google etc but far more detailed) ‘god knows the heart of man’. Like the song says: god controls ‘the windmill of your mind’. Again, we aren’t talking about miracles, it’s just a computer. And yes…god has access to the CLOUD.  Actually, the Biblical god is a light entity who emits dangerous light (no one sees me and lives) that’s why he always appeared within a CLOUD and once behind a bush. P.s the dictionary attributes the word CLOUD to the Anglo Saxon word Clud meaning Big-Rock. The Hebrew meaning of Clo-ud is All-Vapor.

    What is unique about the Torah is that it was dictated to Moses who wrote it ‘in the writing of god’, ancient Hebrew letters and meaning, which happened to be modern current Latin letters. Unlike other myths all three western religions claim to believe in the Torah god who they all agree gave the laws to Moses. What is unique about the Torah is that it doesn’t have only laws but also the ‘judgements of god’, criminal and civil judgements which god says in Psalm 147 that he only gave his judgments to the Israelites. It is the reason god says ‘don’t be judgmental because I have already judged’, he is simply saying don’t change my laws and Judgement. God justice system is ‘the victim justice system’. A thief pays double so the criminal feels like the victim and vice versa.  A murderer must be killed because his DNA is contaminated. According to god’s law that’s what balances the energies.

    Finally what is unique about the Torah is that it wasn’t given to a person but to a nation. No one can follow the bible unless his country adopt those laws. 3 religions claim the HEBREW god as theirs. Christians even accept a Jew as the son of god but still manage to villainies’ the Jews, Muslim accept the Torah god and adopt the Torah names. Joseph Jacob and Abraham are common Muslim names. The Muslim halal laws are straight from the Torah Kosher laws. All three religions accept Jerusalem the capital built by King David 3000 years ago, they called the Holy city built by King David as their holy city which Mouhamad says god promised to the Hebrews for eternity.  The Muslims call Jerusalem KuDS which is from the Hebrew KaDoSh meaning Holy.  Accident? Or a plan?

    What those three religions have in common is that none follows god’s laws, all three made up new religions. The Muslims decided that a thief loses his hand but not pay double, that God and Muhamad changed their mind about Israel and Jerusalem. God declares he wants to reside in Jerusalem and Muhamad encouraged Jews to go back to Israel because that’s what god wanted.  They are actively defying the wish of god and Muhamad trying to destroy the chosen city of god in his name no doubt. The results are predictable, we see it in front of our eyes, Arabs are mostly killing each other.  ‘Israel is my son, my first born’ says the Muslim, Christian and Jewish god… god doesn’t lie!!

    Did god know that no one is really trying to understand god?

     Psalm 52/2

    God looked forth from heaven upon the children of men, {N}
    to see if there were any man of understanding, that did seek after God.
    4 Every one of them is unclean, they are together become impure; there is none that doeth good, no, not one. 
    5 'Shall not the workers of iniquity know it, who eat up My people as they eat bread, and call not upon God?'

    Eat my people? The sons of Israel are his people, the ones he calls ‘my first born’ which he predicted will be hated and killed by the rest of the world but like the sons of Caine (first born in creation) will contribute to the advancement of the world. This too was part of a grand plan. It seems the Israelites gods first born are the son of Cain who were punished to be vagabonds and hated.

    According to god No one believes in the Torah god…and…weirder yet that’s what god planned. It’s kinda: try the rest before you try the best. God even hints about it. God says he thinks different from us, that what he sees as good we see as bad. It seems god thinks (planned, programmed) that the only way to learn is by experience. God is giving us bad experiences so we can learn what good is. In other words the world had to adopt more ‘forgiving’ laws as well as harsher than Torah laws in order eventually conclude that Torah eye for eye, a very tough set of laws but equal to all will balance the energies.  We must kill a murderer because the future of society the total sum of our genetic pool, the total sum of the future of humanity is stores in our DNA.  According to god’s judgements it seems that the murderers and rapists genes are contaminated beyond repair…this is a loving law but not to criminal but to humanity. It’s a loving law because it will create a more responsible less violent society, and it’s loving to trillions yet unborn who might never be born because some nut will blow us up. It is loving to the future of earth because GOD, the programmer said so! We all want a society without murders and rapists. We made our ‘loving’ laws before we understood about how DNA works, that those experiences are recoded and alter our DNA…the Torah laws and judgements were written by the programmer…but we think we are smarter….was that planned? When god gave the laws to the people of Israel they responded …’we will do and then listen’, we are still doing it, we are doing before we listen…We can define the world actions as: ‘having lost our objective we redoubled our efforts’.

    Gandhi who opposed the law of eye for eye was famously quoted as saying that eye for eye will create a world with one eyed people. I happen to believe it would create few people with one eye and many who are careful not to take anyone’s eye.  Because the Torah justice system is ‘the victim justice system, the injured party can accept cash settlement instead.

    Final thought: if we changed the name to the victim justice system we will achieve justice (in time) : justice can only be achieved by making the victim whole again, justice to criminals can never achieve that: victim justice system… will in time cause to changing the laws to achieve justice by making the victim whole again, by indemnifying the victim.

    The law of god is one…its eye for eye or as the Hindu claim ‘balance the energies’ same law.  Moses whose Hebrew name is Mosheh, when Read backward it reads Hashem, the Word was chosen after he Murdered a man! God chose him then…he chose a murderer? No he chose a man who had the Torah ‘programmed in him. Moses saw a murder and acted almost instinctively by killing the murderer, by practicing an eye for eye.   What we think is right and wrong is way against god’s law and programs. The point of eye for eye is Never about punishing the criminal its only about indemnifying the victim, about making the victim whole again, which then balance the energies.

    Vi-ctim means In-me-stain…the stain needs to be removed by punishing the criminal by making him experience what the victim experienced.


    What I am trying to ‘sell’ here is clearly impossible, I am trying to convince the reader that we must adopt Torah law because that’s good for us, because that’s what god PROGRAMMED…eye for eye is the law that will bring world peace. I acknowledge that just about no one agrees with it, but it is what all bible law is based on. It is known that most of us (statistically) would ignore the facts rather than change our set of belief, our god. We first get ‘a feeling’ and then we try to rationalize our feelings. We have somehow decided to be more caring than the bible law. I contend it’s not our ‘decision’ but god’s. He controls feelings he then ‘nudged’ us toward thinking that way. The death penalty and other biblical laws are something that most if not the entire world including the pope disagree with. God is telling us that the Hindu concept of balancing the energies can be achieved only by the universal law of cause and effect, by the law of eye for eye. Unfortunately for leaders of all three religions is that the entire bible law is based on eye for eye. This means that even ‘believers’ don’t really believe in god but in what their religious leaders say god ‘really meant to say’ if he were a better writer and knew how to be more forgiving.

    The Israelites aren’t a mythical tribe who possibly left Egypt, they are what is known in history as ‘the Semitic Pharaohs who ruled Egypt for 200 years. History tells us, They called themselves Amou who lived in a city they built called Avaris…am evri happens to mean Nation Hebrew. They were tax collectors who eventually ruled…the Egyptian confirm this indirectly, they always claimed they have no record of even been concurred by anyone (because they weren’t). The Hebrews were either kicked out as the Egyptian claim or left on the order of their god as the Torah claims. Torah created the English word True. Torah wasn’t just inspired by god it was dictated by god. Baher Youseph means Ocean of Joseph, it is an artificial lake that is filled by the overflow of the Nile and is redistributed to irrigate a lot more land. It is the reason Joseph was called the smartest man in the land and was left in charge, it was his idea and only he knew how to do it. This isn’t a secret, a lot of Egyptians will tell you just that. P.s the biblical Joseph name was changed to Tzafnat paneh meaning The code solver’. What’s in a name? Abraham means Father who created them. Ytzack means Law created, Yakob means the one to follow and Yoseph means Will Add. The names spell out the duty of each but names were never translated…Sp-ell means Language-God. Re-ad means see information/idea


    The first Chinese dynasty began when Yu found a way of controlling the river that overflowed and was a danger to the people. He like Joseph created many channels to redirect the water.


    In The Begining

    In the Beginning, 14 billion years ago, a head light entity among many light entities who are made up of dense light that has a shape, body and image, but one can put his hands through it, as the bible says they look like nothing we see on earth or in the skies. Those light entities have been around for 310 billion years (unbelievable numbers) decided to create matter from light. Three light entities, were involved in creating the universe and life. The head god UN, or One created the Higs boson field (science correctly named it the 5 part god particle) that would convert light to matter. Then they devised a creation and evolution methods, they called ‘imperfect mirroring’, which the Torah and the Hindu myth describe as ‘looking into water’ it caused for a special big bang where anti matter didn’t destroy all matter, the leftover created the universe. The head god named Noon, Anu, On, or One whose secret number is 5 which is represented by The 14 (5) Hebrew letter Noon with the numerical value of 50, 500.  One asked his son Tho, or Two, whose secret number is 4 represented by the last Hebrew letter Taw, the 22 (4) letter with value of 400(speed of thought), Tho is also represented by 40 Mem (water-balance), 4 Da (idea-information) and Tait with value of 9 (creation by Tho and Noon combined), read together D.M.T or DamTawT meaning Blood-Tho. Tho the scribe god was asked to create proto language, a programming language. He created a language consisting 22(4) physical complex molecules/letters and 10 numbers. The creation of 22 physical letters is explained in the book of formation, Chapter 2/2 (4).  After god created those letters and the cell, it is said God then ‘taught the angles Torah’. In truth it was impossible to understand this until the discovery of DNA. Now we can understand that, Tho first created letters OwT(T) in Hebrew, then he created the cell, Ta (T) in Hebrew. He programmed everything as the word ET suggests, it means Assigned-time. Those Hebrew words confirm that Tho created them. Unless one knows about the role of Noon, Tho and Ra in creation it is impossible to understand Hebrew or Torah.  To, the, that, thought, though, ought, that.

    Then Tho taught other light entities code (he taught them Torah) so they can help in designing life by writing programs, creation formulas, chemical reactions which were expressed in letters and numbers, he named those programs The Word (Letter combinations), or HaShem meaning The Name. What you name it so it is…

    God created the elements. The Host of god is Yhwh Tzevaot . Tzav-ot means Army/Ordered-Letters. The numerical value of Tzav, Tzadi-90, Bait-2 is 92. Earth was created with 92 elements…there are many more now but they are all man made.

    It’s easy to understand why Tho created 22 letter (4) but why does number 4 come up with 10 numbers?

    1+2+3+4= 10… he added 4 numbers…that’s how Tho came up with 10. The number 46 Tow ads up to 10.

    All of which suggests everything including Evolution was programmed.  Eva lo shin means Desired god change. Change, imperfect mirroring was programmed from the onset.

    By the Numbers: Noon The creator of matter, the ruler of the universe is undetected by choice. He controls the universe by controlling the empty space around matter, galaxies and atoms are all controlled by the vast empty space. The 5th Hebrew letter is heh meaning breathe. The breath, the space between words created every word ever written or spoken. He and not a series of accident used his secret number 5 to create 5 boson field particles. He created the universe 14 billion years ago (5). The word Uni-ver-se means Un-created-This.

    ON, Noon, Anu, the One god who was in charge of programming the initial creation was bored with this creation and left or maybe just pretended to leave. It explains the word Noon, the sun directly above us. The Hebrew word aiNo confirms it, it means Not-Here. The Hebrew word Ani means I. indicating that An created early man. Anoki means I-Am meaning a man with Ego, thought (tho) which Enki (anoki) (tho by another earlier name) created, Thinking man, us.  It seems Noon wanted to stay Anon-ymous  and Unan-imous. But at the same time the evidence suggests Noon programmed the original evolution.

    The 23rd (5) letter, the Noon letter is hidden. I found it a bit curious that NOON didn’t receive the most important letter rather than just one letter Noon, in the middle of the Alphabet. As it turned out he chose the most important letter in all alphabets, the 23(5) letter, the Zero letter, the first letter to be created. This letter is used to create every word ever written or spoken it is the space between words. It’s the NOthing that created everything. The Egyptian alphabet is the only one that counts it as a letter. It seems Noon took the 23(5) letter but insisted we didn’t count ithe stayed Unanimous and Anonymous. He is responsible for the words No and Know, He is there but just barely there, he was given the name Nano. Then there is Noon, the sun above us. The torah has 5 books. His name is an example how we don’t notice the obvious…One-won

    Why then add the zero letter to the Egyptian writing? It’s a crossword puzzle… the answers have to be provided. There are 23(5) pairs of Chromosomes which is the same number as the real number of letters used to program everything. There are 46 chromosomes which represents Tho. Suggesting that both were involved in the programing.

    The idea that Noon, the highest position of the sun was the Top god is alluded to by Tho.  Tho/Enki powers were not unlimited, he was found wondering what programs Noon allowed changes and which ones cannot be changed. Suggesting that the original programmer didn’t confide in him about some of the programs. We are told in the bible and the Egyptian myth that god/Tho could bring the dead back to life, but one time Tho failed saying it was too late, he couldn’t do it. Both those incidents suggest that Tho/enki who was the science officer has scientific powers not magical powers.  

    Noon is not discussed much in this article because NOON is beyond our comprehension, the nothing, the space that occupies most of the universe…the one who rules this biggest body rules the universe, rules the cell and even the space within the Atom…Noon it seems Rules from nothing…true to his word he is there as nothing, he is the god who is beyond our comprehension. He is who the Kabballah calls Ain Sof, meaning Infiniti or No end.


    Then Tho whose number is 4 and One (noon) whose number is 5 collaborated in creating 4 DNA letters using 5 elements…much after Tho changed our chromosomes to 46 (monkeys have 48 chromosomes) because the letter Tho is spelled out with two Hebrew letters, Taw and Wow with the values of 400.6. Earth was created 4.6 billion years ago (Tho spelled as Taw and Wow adds up to 46) life was created 4 billion years ago because the value of the letter Tho is 400. (Please note that though Tho is the last Hebrew letter its value is lower than Noon the 14(5) Hebrew letter. Eve which means Desire or Hava her biblical name which means Farm. Tho said he made Adam A(1)d(4)am(40) a little less than him…the numerical value of the word Adam is 45…then he created Eve from Adam using a bone which is not coincidentally where all body cells are manufactured. Hava’s numbers add up to 19.  45 adam-19 eve=26yhwh. The numerical value of Y(1)H(5)W(6)H (5)is 26. There are 26 (Yhwh) letters in Latin which is but ancient original Hebrew letters written from left to right (see chart). … There are 206 bones in the human body, one of which isn’t attached to any other bone. It called Hyoid-bone. Yod is the letter for Yhwh. All body parts have scientifically accurate definitions.

    How does Tho hints he is the Hebrew god? Though Tho isn’t mentioned in the Torah, Jewish teaching mention the arch angel Mettatron who is the recording God. The Egyptian say that Thoth is the recording God. The word MeTATron means From-TAT (thoth)-SING. The Hebrew word TAT means Subconscious or Underneath. Again this is hinted to in the Torah. God and Moses negotiate who will be written in the book of life…After 6 days of work god Sat or Shab-aT meaning Sat-T in Hebrew…creation must be tiring especially since it took few billion years.

      The Egyptian claim the book of Tho with all the formulas was lost, the Hebrews leave Egypt and receive the Torah…The word Thorah, Tho and Rah’s names in the title is one proof that he wrote Torah, but the numbers further suggests just that. 40 days on the mountain, 40 years in the desert 400 hundred years in Egypt …there are more 40s that you can count…13 tribes, 4 fathers of the Jews etc etc….the relationship between Moon and Sun is 400-1 and and 26-1 and is unique in the universe. Jewish holidays are based on moon cycle.  Of course there are the 22 letters of Tarot (torah-Tho). Is the ToRah our True history? The word True (torah) confirms it. Are the myths then True? Myth is from The Hebrew Emet meaning True. The letters Em-Et mean From-Tho. The word MeT means dead in Hebrew, curiously it too means From-Tho. This is saying that the truth is from Tho and so is Death (dea-Th = know-tho).

    To is El in Hebrew. The word el also means god. Thus the Hebrew word for god was substitute by the name of god taw - To

    It ought to be clear that if one doesn’t know Noon, Tho, Ra is The biblical gods one cannot possibly understand the Torah or the Hebrew language.  Many more facts about Tho are presented later in this articles.

    After 7 days we begin anew. All body cells renew every 7 years

     Unless one knows the role of Noon,Tho,Ra, also known as NaTuRe role in creation one can never understand any of the myths or Torah.

    If you think this is just mambo jumbo, play with numbers and words, gibberish, Abra-cadabra…you must believe I am a genius and magician with words and numbers…as you read this it will be clear that when it comes to writing I am no kind of genius. By the way Abra Cadabra means happened-as spoken and not gibberish which is how the dictionary defines it. Gi-ber-yesh meaning Thought of creation.  The word He-br-ew and Bar meaning create have the same consonants, Same meaning. The letters B and R (bait, raish) mean House (b)-Energy (r), a very good description of the what science confirmed recently, the conversion of energy to Matter.

    Using the word decoding system the word Pyramid peh-ram-yad means Here-High-Hand, suggesting the gods/aliens(high) created them. It might explain why not a single human bone was found in them and why none were signed by their creators. Finally it explains why they are all over the world.

    The big trick here is to think the opposite from all the experts. To believe all myths are Literally True meaning that among other things god literally confounded Hebrew and dispersed the people all over the world using space ships which the Hindus call Bimana or bima naa which means moving-platform in Hebrew

    I could have never thought of any of this. It started with few very intense encounters so as to make sure I know how ‘real’ it was but those encounters happened in my head.  I didn’t get the information in a story, it was all very disjointed, like pieces of a puzzle, often on silver screens or ‘baseball’ type cards with ‘meaning’ attached to it absent of sound. It happens to all of us all the time but at speeds faster than light directly to the subconscious, which explains how it is that we get ‘random’ complete thought from the subconscious, as if from nowhere for no reason. It is so common no one questions it. This very unnatural event of receiving complete thought from our mind though we didn’t think of them is accept by all as normal. The reason I can explain it is because the process was slowed down for me. This isn’t unique, most people who discover something say they ‘saw’ it… The communication is one way, my questions were often as not ignored.

    20 years ago after my book was published in Israel by Gal publishing I was signed by Renaissance publishing NY. I even received a $10,000 advance. For that occasion I collected well over 3000 examples of English with Hebrew meanings. The editor assigned to me worked for the NY Times, she was ‘born again’, a religious Jew. I had to stand on one side of the car and she on the other side when I handed her the manuscript. She wanted to change some of my writing … I eventually got upset and flew of the handle and was fired.  I stopped adding words or counting since. I could add another 1000 words or more but If 3000 words wouldn’t convince you 4000 words wouldn’t change your mind. 3000 words is the vocabulary of people with English as second language possess, enough words to understand 80% of Shakespeare or the bible. I accept that my proof is circumstantial, my evidence is like skeletal evidence in the form of thousands of words, enough words to conclude…beyond reasonable doubt that this was all planned. What’s the probability that this is due to accident? According to Mr. Musk, the odds are a million to one. I personally believe he understated the odds.

    At 54 almost penniless and without a job I moved back to the U.S got very immersed in making a living as a commercial r.e broker. As unbelievable as it might sound I forgot about the book, never talked about it for few years, actually none of my work mates knew I wrote a book etc. When I tried to think about it my mind literally went blank. I had truly unbelievable luck as a broker, deals and clients were thrown in my lap. About 5 years later at the age of 60 though I didn’t know it then I had enough r.e for eventual retirement, then it began again…

    DNA was the first topic. I finally understood the point of the first 20 years. I was finally moved from the belief that god is a magician to understand that magic is just a science we don’t understand. I eventually pieced together what you are reading.



    The god ray: The Egyptians claim that Rah (ray) imparts information using sun light rays. The word God suggests how Rah transmits information on the G (gamma rays) on the D(4th band)…the God rays. The word God says so. The 4th band in the Gamma ray is invisible Purple ray…so what? When god contacted the people of Israel telepathically (‘and they saw the voices’ is how the Torah describes it) god called them Am Segula which was mistranslated as ‘special people’ but…it literally means Purple-people. Psalm 19 confirms this by saying that god put a tent of light of information in the sun.

    Our ‘Experts’ claims nature just created the Higs boson field for no reason and then luckily it was followed by a special big bang and then elements that combined to create letters who then banged against each other and wrote billion of programs through  Accidental mutation, by luck . Maybe…Mazal means Luck in Hebrew…broken down to its letter meaning, it would read Maz-al meaning Trick-God…and what of Lu-Ck? It means God-did.


    If it all sounds to you like I took the Sumerian, Egyptian, Mahabharata and Torah and combined them as one story you would be absolutely correct. My basic understanding is that Tho the scribe god wrote them all. If we go by attested (written) evidence it seems that all those major myths were written around 3000 years ago. We know the Greek myth was written 2800 years ago and so was the Hindu myth. The oldest Torah is 2800 years old. I know the Hindus claim their story is ancient, which it is, but the idea that they passed the information orally over thousands of years is not likely because those myths are 2 Million verses!! Hindu writing is only 2800 years. All this suggests that Aliens or and god have been involved in the affairs of man for 445,000 years, from the time they reprogrammed us, the time they created the human race.  Hu-m-an would decode as they-were-from An or…they-were-from-where?.  An means Where? In Hebrew.

    According to the Sumerian myth which the bible repeats, they, the sons of god came here 432,000 years before the flood. It is curious way of dating because the same measurement of time (432 appears in the Hindu myths. A Brahma day is said to be 432 billion years). The bible says the Hebrews were slaves for 430(432) years. They, the gods came here mining for gold and eventually needed workers to do the mining. The Torah confirms this indirectly. It says that river Pishon is where the gold is and then says that the gold in that country is good. Otherwise why single out gold? The Sumerian myth says that they needed the gold for the survival of their planet. They eventually created a male worker from early humans. Enki (Tho) changed our genes to accommodate language, he changed our brain size, our tongues, added Hyoid bone and changed our ears so we can understand language. Those changes had to be done simultaneously which the evolutionary theory can’t possibly explain. He created a new Adam, new DNA new programming so we can understand instructions, to work the garden. The Sumerian writing says that he then implanted those embryos in female ‘alien’ Ananke…he clearly created more than one Adam. Eventually as they needed more and more workers the female Ananke complained and Enki created a female, whose name Hava means Farm…to farm workers… The word Pregnant confirms this. Pre-gn-ate means Fruit-Garden-Tho.  You might have noticed that I read F and P as one letter and interchangeable and V and B as one letter. This is because they are one letter in Hebrew.

    By then…Enki’s younger brother Enlil was sent by Noon his father to be Yhwh, the god in charge. This is indirectly confirmed in the Torah. Elohim means god-ocean referring to /Tho/Enki who created the universe in chapter 1. Yhwh only appears in chapter 2. Enki (Tho) slept with an earthling (Eve) and was punished by his brother. Enki/tho acronym was Snake because he created the double helix, he is the very smart snake talking to eve and Yhwh in the Torah. The Sumerian myth tell the story of Enki who slept with an earthling and was punished by his brother who was in charge. The snake god slept with Eve who said (in Hebrew) ‘I purchase a son from god’, she sold her self…she became a Mujer meaning woman in Spanish (moher)…it means Sale in Hebrew. She was Puta…meaning fooled in Hebrew…

    When Enki moved to Egypt he called himself Thoth but he held and Ankh (Enki) which represents eternal life, T the cross, became Tho symbol. It became the Christian symbol. The Hebrew word Evri means Crossers. 


    The Torah even repeats the Sumerians claims that there were Aliens. The word Al-ien means, God-See. The Torah says that the Nefilim (meaning ‘those who fell from the sky’ in Hebrew), the Aliens were hovering in a space-ship looking down at the Israelites.  Below is a quote from Moses retelling some history.

    Numbers13:33 And there we saw the Nephilim, the sons of Anak (annanki), who come of the Nephilim; and they were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight.'

    The description actually suggests that the ‘aliens’ Ananki were pretty high up in a spaceship. When the people of Israel looked up at the aliens, or forefathers who actually look like us but appeared to look like grasshoppers because of the distance. Moses confirms it by saying that the people of Israel looked like grasshopper to aliens as well suggesting that both the aliens and the people of Israel look the same.


    Billy Meir (means will-light, in heb) the most famous Plieadian contactee claims the alien he met told him that they engineered their planet which looks like Earth which they engineered as well. They live I round house and generally live till 1000, marry at 65 and generally have two children. Their spiritual leaders look like a light with visible shape that one can put their hand through them. Those spiritual leaders telepathically 'suggest' to each person a course of action depending or their evolutionary advancement. He said their spiritual leaders (more than 1) name is Horelphato or Har ale-ph-to meaning in heb parent-god-speech Tho. It could very well refer to Ptah the Egyptian creator god which is but the god Tho with another name. Aleph is the first letter in the heb Alpha..and Taw is the last letter in the heb alpha. ... It seems they are our forefathers, the ones the Bible describes as living to 1000. They are able to gaze at God and live because they have a higher vibration, like the biblical Cain Seth Noah, Abraham and clearly Hanoh who 'walked with god' who spoke face-to-face with god and were not harmed. Finally, the Plieadians, the aliens who are our forefathers and share a god with us, say they have no need for government. Everyone is connected to God and everyone tries their best. It all makes sense because it is the only way we can survive as a race. They likely know how to reprogram their genes.  It seems that unless we all know that there is a god who is still running the show we will not survive. It is more than likely that some nut will cause ww3, the final war.

     Decoding suggests that the sons of god are the  P-lie-ade = peh-li-ede who chose the name speech-my-witness. Suggesting that they gifted us speech. They are in Taurus, Taur-us = Torah-create.  Torus is the name of the energy that surrounds, the planets and the Milky Way. There is also the story of the7 sisters, the Pleiades, it is said the light of one of them is weak because she is ashamed because she slept with an earthling…’and the sons of god took the daughter of earth’. What is the chance that a group that communicates telepathically isn’t able to read our mind?  

    When pressed for differences between us and Pleiadians he said their skin was much clearer than ours and their hair is very healthy looking. He said that the female he was talking to was a ‘young’ 300 years old. I read that 30 years ago but I always remembered it because I thought was a dumb difference. He also said that their planet has much higher oxygen content. As it turns out the skin is the biggest organ in the body and information in light enters the body and hair is but antennas (similar to the antennas on each cell)  it is where the god light enters the body…actually it seems everything is controlled from the outside.  (Souls that surrounds us). The Hindu word Aura means Aur-A -= Light-God. It is what science calls Torus energy which surrounds earth and the galaxies Toru-s means created by Torah, more accurately created by the formulas in torah.



    Why call the language and the people Hebrew? Meaning Crossers. They are god’s first born, the first cross between god and early man. God sign/letter is T the cross which is but a simplified Ankh, a sign for eternal life he therefore called the language and the people the crossers. He later changed Jacob’s name to Israel and referred to the sons of Jacob as ‘Israel is my son my first born’…Jacob wasn’t even Isaac first born, god is talking about the programming, the seed programmed within Jacob. Why change Jacob’s name to Israel? Jacobs name was changed as a hint, Isra-el means the ‘Surviving God’. The bible is a history of gods first born…which includes Jesus the Israelite…it’s all about the light. Later god refers to Jesus as ‘first born in creation’. Not Jacob nor Jesus were first born in creation. Cain the son of god and Eve was first born (which no one noticed though it is clear). Eve confirms it by thanking god because she bought a man from god (did she use cash or credit? Probably Bitcoin). She never mentions Adam…it is literally saying the Hebrews including Jesus are from the seed of Cain, the first born in creation. Caine is the first and only son of God which he sacrificed to educate the world, as penance for killing his brother. He had to be a vagabond upon the land, so he can travel and impart knowledge to the world and be hated at the same time… (Sounds like what the Jews have gone through for the past 2500 years). The bible further confirms this by counting the generations of Adam. We are told Seth is Adam first son ‘in the likeness of Adam’ which it didn’t say with Cain and Able…of course the ‘experts’ say it was a mistake and excused it by saying that Cain wasn’t mentioned because he killed his brother.  For ‘some reason’ none of the ‘experts’ noticed what I just recounted. This sounds strange, why didn’t anyone notice what is obvious? And how about the fact that Cain built a city…for whom? And there is ‘the mark of Cain’, the mark left by god so no one will kill Cain. Who was it for? His parents? Clearly there were other gods around who somehow knew about his misdeed.  And how come no one wonders about a very smart talking snake who told Eve she would be smarter if she ate from the fruit which was the truth, god told her she would die the day she ate from the fruit…who told the Truth? The bible doesn’t have talking animals but no one questions it. By then the God Tho wasn’t in charge, his brother was in charge, his brother was Y-hwh,(meaning ruling god) Tho is the smart talking snake which was one of his many acronyms. Even later the brothers argue again, Yhwh wants to destroy mankind in the flood and Tho/elohim wants to save Noah.

    The bible tells us that the sons of Caine are the only ones who contributed to the advancement of mankind, ‘the father of all metal workers’ etc, etc. All the bible says about the sons of Seth is when they had children and when they died. The bible says a lot about the sons of Cain but neglects to mention their ages, when they had children and when they died…because they didn’t… Later the sons of god, the line of Cain …it’s all about who has the ability to reprogram genes…this isn’t a myth it’s our true history…they took the daughter of man, the sons of Seth, which angered god who limited their lives to 120 years. Snake is an acronym the for god Tho/Enki who designed the double helix that looks like 2 snakes.  It explains why many myths mentions the Snake god…the Kabbalah says the good snake will save us…the numerical value of Snake and messiah are both 358. Our science and god’s science can all be expressed in the same letters and numbers. 

    The destruction of the temples was also a plan. God needed to spread the Hebrews throughout the world to impart knowledge. First he inserted them into Egypt. History tells us Semitic pharaohs contributed a lot to the advancement of Egypt. That’s why the first temple was destroyed. The Babylonians, Iraq of today exiled the Hebrews to Babylon…to the Middle East. The second destruction of the Temple moved many Jews (by then the Romans called them Jews because it’s the name of the Judah tribe that ruled Israel, thus moving them to Europe. They are likely the ones who started the Christian religion…the Vatican was created 300 years after the death of Christ. Essentially god moved to the Vatican. The Christian priests still wear Vestments of the Hebrew high priest and worship the son of god – a Jew…Before the Romans left they tried to erase the Jews of the map by changing the name Israel to Palestine which the Roman knew them as Israel enemy. The name Vati Can means My-House-here in Hebrew. of course of only Jews discovered information it would have been too obvious. God managed the change the mind of the Hebrews so they can change the Torah law that says whoever father is Jewish is Jewish to mother. This way man Jews became non-Jews and vice versa. The result is that today we don’t know for sure who is an IsraelLITE and who isn’t….Israel is my first born, the god who is light called his sons Isra el meaning Surviving god and made sure the word Light was added.

    Tho  dic(nd who isnt)ed (telepathically-telephone of Tho ) the Tho-Rah, New Testament and all other religions and myths. He is known as the Egyptian scribe God Thoth, the god of Thought and knowledge who wrote 350 books (all myths), he was also known as Enki the Sumerian god of water who reprogrammed human DNA (Enki means I Am in Hebrew). He is also Brahma the Hindu creator god. He is even the snake god mentioned in other myths. As we see later the linguistic and scientific evidence suggests that in all likeliness God, a fatal to look at light entity resides on the ‘dark’ side of the moon. The word Moon (maon) means RESIDENCE. The word Loona (lina-malon) means hotel. That is the real reason we abandoned the reasonable and good idea of building a station on the moon. Is Elohim the god of water? It is pronounced Elohim but is spelled el hayam meaning God Ocean …the moon controls internal and external oceans.

    Tho is the author of To-rah which also means (T)Thought-(R)Light. He wrote the Mahabhara-ta meaning What created Tho. He also wrote the homer Iliad which happens to mean Fabric birth. The Egyptians claimed that the Book of Thoth with all the creation formulas was lost, just after the Israelites left Egypt…not really…it was simply reintroduced as Torah.

    None of the expert noticed that Torah is the name of Egyptian gods of sun and moon? Not obvious enough?  Are they really experts?

    As it turns out most if not all interpretations of all myths and scriptures are wrong. I was instructed not to read any interpretation.


    The reason all scientific formulas are written with Latin letters is because all formulas must be written in the writing of god. We are all using ancient Hebrew letters but don’t know it…As the chart shows 20 out of 22 original Hebrew letters written from left to right, are the current Latin letters. All formulas are permanent and therefore had to be written in the original letters god used but for no one to notice… ‘And the writing was the writing of God’

    This becomes clear only if one decode other languages and formulas using the writing of god- consonantal Hebrew.

    God con-fo-und ed meaning here speech knotted. Hebrew was confounded using a crossword puzzle system, another way of saying the same thing.

    Vowel – Bo el in it god…language was confounded by god by changing vowels, vowels need to be ignored

    Consonant can shinant   here memorize, study diligently the meaning of consonants were not changed and need to be studied.


    This book suggests all religions are worshipping the same god, that all religions are one. It offers The Keys to a vast library of knowledge. More important this book is a scientific prove positive that the Torah god who wrote all religions and languages is real and is still involved in the affairs of man.

    Why me? No idea! It is one of the many questions I didn’t get an answer to. I was simply told to write it down…which I did. The only quality I have is that I am able to ‘suspend my feelings’ long enough as to judge a situation based on the evidence…Evide-Nce means Fact-Carries.  I am then able to say ‘I am right and everyone else is wrong’. Actually I have been saying it for years…I think the odds that I am wrong is at the very least a million to one…who wouldn’t take those odds? Most if not all readers do not accept those odds.  Most people feel not think. God controls our feelings not our thinking. In other words god can’t possibly convince you logically that 2+2 is 5 but god can make you feel real bad about the answer.

    By the numbers and name: my name is Joseph son of Jacob. I was born in Baghdad where language was confounded (closing a circle). Joseph’s name was changed to Tzafnat paneh by the Egyptian head priest. Tzfnet Paneh doesn’t means Dream solver, it means Code Solver. I am the code solver. The number 11 follows me. Born on 5/6=11, 47=11, Yoseph adds up to 146 =11 lanyadoo adds up to 101. The biblical Joseph was touted as the smartest man in the land. It wasn’t because he solved dreams but because he suggested building a big empty ‘lake’ that the overflowing Niles can fill and then tributaries would water many fields. Joseph idea double and tripled the wheat fields. The artificial lake is still being used…it is known by the name ‘Baher Yooseph’ ‘the ocean of joseph’. The word Yoseph means Will add


    To be clear, the science is accurate, they are rapidly discovering the intricacies of all those complicated programs.  We still don’t have a computer that has enough memory to hold our creation programs. They know everything holds information and everything can be expressed in letters and numbers but somehow still believe it was due to many yet inexplicable random accidents. Only a god would think to connect ‘feelings’ to muscles and health, a check and balance system that nature could not possibly program. I believe in science’s accuracy, I relay on known and accepted scientific facts throughout this website but their conclusions as to how it happened flies against their own evidence and are therefore clearly wrong.

    It seems the scientific evidence suggest that like god nature succeeded on its first attempt in creating letters and programming life. One successful try in 4.6 billion years in creating a cell followed by billions of programs, billions of changes that had to have occurred within the cell creating billions of organisms without evidence of mistakes indicates design rather than ‘trial and error,’ rather than a series of accidents.

     Finally if as evolutionists claim nature created 4 letters from complex molecules. Pretty sophisticated… It would stand to reason that nature would have created a 2 letter programming tool way before it created 4 physical molecules, letters. On and off are the 2 letters we managed to come up with by design. The entire miracle we see on our computers, the entire artificial intelligence we see developed uses only 2 letters. If evolutionists’ are right then nature apparently rejected a 2 letter programming system as too slow and waited for a 4 letter computer that uses complex molecules (we can’t begin to imagine how to do that)…and that was 4 billion years ago when the earth was noxious molten and void of oxygen. There is no way to conclude this was due to an accident or more correctly billion accidents… 


    The evidence presented here in the form of well over 3000 English words with their Hebrew meanings, since it includes new and old words, this can only happen if god is able to suggests what to call everything, god has to have access to our subconscious which Thoth controls. The Hebrew word for subconscious is TaT. It might explain who is sending complete thought from our subconscious. The only possible conclusion is that 4 billion years ago a very scientific God created the cell, which is to date by far the most powerful computer ever made which was programed to communicate and cooperate with other computers, cells. God is still controlling everything wirelessly. Hard to believe? Really? Is accidental creation easier to believe?

    All religions are just as confused and confusing. They all claim their religion is based on god’s word-law.  All religions have nothing to do with god. All religious leader brazenly wrote laws that directly contradict the law of god in his name. They are all based on manmade laws they call ‘interpretation’ masquerading as the word of god. Three religions sprang out of one set of laws and no one even questions that…interpretation is accepted by all. They all ‘believe’ in god but not his laws nor his judgements but no one finds this dichotomy strange. It seems everyone agrees that god meant to change the laws and that they were the only ones god told ‘what he really meant’, none think that interpretation, guessing what god was thinking and what he truly meant if he were a better writer is sacrilegious. It suggests god isn’t that smart, writes poorly and that he didn’t think far enough ahead…it suggests he isn’t much of a god.

    Who is then right? Which religion follows the word of god?  None!

    **Two partners were fighting and decided to go to see the Rabbi to judge between them.  The rabbi insisted to see them individually. The first one complained a river…the Rabbi listened and at the end declared “you are absolutely right’. Then the second partner complained equally. The Rabbi listened and at the end declared ‘you are absolutely right’. His wife listening from the Kitchen couldn’t help but exclaim ‘Rabbi one of them has to be wrong’ ‘You are absolutely right’ answered the Rabbi.

    GOD who in actual fact created all religions was then recreated by all religions in the image of man. And then…god was effectively killed. God was redefined as a non-entity, without a body or image (though he created us in his image…), a nothing that is everywhere and therefore nowhere. The religious establishment triumphed over god…or so they think. About 3600 years ago god told Moses ‘I will hide my face and see how they end up’ God moved to the moon. It also means he will be coming back to sit in judgement.


    The question then is:  god or accident, design or dumb luck?  Did god create us or did we create him? Are we a product of billions of accidents? This website presents a proof positive there is a god creator, not a very big singular light Entity (he hid behind a bush to protect Moses from his intense light (no one sees me and lives)) God is clearly a light entity who hid in a cloud and in a coulomb of light, we can’t see him but other light entities can see him. He is a dense light that has a shape but one can put his hand through. Otherwise why hide in a cloud or behind a bush? It explains why Moses radiated energy after spending time on the mountain.  God first converted light to matter, god created the world ‘from his body’.

    The origin of language, the origin of the Word is the origin of god…in the beginning was the…

    Word wor-d means See knowledge…a word is a sound that conveys a picture. The word Read – see-knowledge…the word Write is See-Letter.

    This website presents thousands of linguistic ‘skeletal’ evidence, English words with their Hebrew meaning that reveal that god confounded Hebrew, created all languages from Hebrew because it contains enormous scientific knowledge which he sought to hide from us.

    Those letters are useless on their own why and how did nature create them using 5 different elements and 4 different phosphates? Secondly they were created 4 billion years ago when earth was void of Oxygen. How could that be accidental? Where did the oxygen come from? For evolutionists to be correct Oxygen had to be borrowed from the future! Using a time travel machine of course.  But if god created the cell he would have access to all the elements that were created billions of years before the creation of earth, not only to the ones on earth. He would also know based on his design that earth will produce oxygen in the future. He programmed the cell not based on how earth was 4 billion years ago but based on earth’s future.

    Oxy-Gen means maker-garden. Car-bon. Bon means Builder as in Bone, all body cells are made in the Bone-the Builder. The Latin Ossima (ossification) is from the Hebrew Etzem meaning…bone. Hydrogen – hy-dro-gan means was generation garden. Phosphates –pho-spha-te Means here language-letter. 

    The best way to predict the future is to create it.

    He is also known as Elohim who we know created water based life. His name is pronounce Elo-Him but is spelled as El-Hayam, meaning God-Ocean.

    What is the probability that this is all by chance?

    What you have read so far is ‘on the tip of the fork’ (sounds better in Hebrew)

    When it comes to language it’s impossible to explain its presence in humans using accidental mutation theory. Language is agreed upon sounds transmitting agreed upon pictures. Pretty poor replacement to telepathy. To create Language one requires thought and to think one requires language. Thinking involves the ability to create world in one’s mind. It’s the god given ability to combine pictures, to create new worlds in one’s mind. Language is a great Creation Tool but a second rate communication tool. A description is just a series of opinions as often as not, not close to sending a picture. Language and thought came together as one, in the same way as did the chicken came with a program of an egg. ….mutation? mu tate means ‘From God’

     Even linguists claim that language in humans isn’t compatible with the evolutionary theory.  Assuming an impossible miracle happened and 4 simultaneous mutations, 4 major rewrites in 4 different organs occurred that allowed one person to speak by enlarging the brain and installing a new space for language, a hyoid ha-Yod- the letter representing Yhwh, the only bone that doesn’t touch other bones (how was it Fattached and by whom). Ossicles voice maker in Heb (small bones in Latin) that convert vibration to sound resulting in a baby distinguishing between sound and language almost at birth and a new tongue. Who did he speak to? Language is a group skill... It then follows that for accident to develop language in humans, 4 simultaneous mutations in 4 different organs had to occur in a group of related people ...accident? Really? Please remember that what evolutionists call ‘mutation’ involves very serious program rewrites, the kind our computer experts today aren’t able to write. What ‘they’ call ‘mutation’ is simply an act of god reprograming, evolving. Evolutionist’s assumptions about accidental mutation is best defined by a Hebrew saying: nonsense with tomato sauce for flavor. But... Still everyone seems to believe that accidental mutations rewrites programs and reassemble genes into different chromosomes…monkeys have 48 chromosomes while we have 46…why did nature do that? And far more important how? Fyi : we used to have 2 x chromosomes, about 350,000 years ago around the time language appeared in human we developed the present xy pair for male. The question is Y? It looks like an X with one corner cut.

    Both religious leaders and scientists are in effect telling us: who do you believe me or your f… lying eyes…and we all like robots answer: we believe you! It drives me nuts that a whole lot of people refuse to think, most have decided to leave it to the experts. As it turns out…they aint.

    As to expertsthis guy was hit by a car and was stretched on the road. A passerby went over to ask him if he was ok. ‘How do I know’? Answered the guy, ‘I am not a lawyer’.


    The book of John begins with ‘in the beginning was the word’, the church mistakenly interpreted it as the creation of Jesus. If god created Jesus first why not say ‘in the beginning was Jesus? Is god a poor writer or is god tricky? The truth is that there was no way to understand the idea that words created anything, forcing the church, the representative of god to come up with some explanation. One of the first things I was told was that to understand the bible’s secrets we must do the opposite from all the ‘smart’ and ‘holy’ people, we need to accept that god tells us exactly and literally what he means! We need to believe god’s word without ‘reading’ into it, without guessing what god was thinking, what he ‘really’ meant if he were a better writer. The simple explanation is that he is not referring to the creation of Jesus but the beginning of life on earth, to the creation of words, DNA letters. God then wrote programs and manufactured many parts for the cell, all of which was done prior to life. Only today we can understand it’s talking about the origin of life and language, the beginning of the written word. It’s talking about something that happened more than 4.6 billion years ago, way before humans and Jesus were created, the time when matter followed by DNA letters were created, they were then combined into words which are letter combinations, programs, stories were composed, and then inserted into

    The book of John describes the beginning of life as beginning with letter creation, though poetic, it’s telling the scientific truth but knowing full well we wouldn’t be able to understand it (confounded but literally true). It took 2000 years for us to understand that it literally describes what happened first… It is a scientifically correct description that letters were ‘in the beginning’. Then john is telling us that god thought about it ‘and the word was with god’. Finally, God through John explains that he left those DNA programs to rule, to be god over us – ‘’and the word was god’. There is no way that john knew what he was writing, nor there any way for the church to explain this sentence correctly. This suggests that god wrote it through john. It also suggests that someone went to great length to tell the truth but also to hide it for 2000 years…this clearly indicates long time planning.

    Shit means Fabric, sheet.

    While we are on the subject, the word Fuck is an agricultural term. ‘To fuck a seed’ in the ground from the Hebrew Fucka meaning to break through the ground. It could also be understood as Hefik meaning produce which created the English Fake (produce –fake news). The same word Fik, produce appears in Factory produces. This demonstrates how impossible it is for anyone to simply stumble over this. It is totally none linear. Language was confounded using a crossword puzzle, dazzle system.

    The words Pouta and Cunt both refer to Eve. She said: ‘Cunt-y et Adonai’ I bought god. She was conned (bought).

    The snake fooled Eve…the biblical word used is Pouta. She was fooled.

    When I moved to the U.S I lived in queens, but the first alphabet I learned was the Bronx alphabet. Fucken A, fucken B, fucken C…. it is a fucked up world, it is almost impossible to understand and believe god created this by design.

    God first planned/programmed everything including the swear words!  Like a programmer of video game and only then proceeded to create. God confirms this by explaining how he thinks. God says that ‘my first thought is my last act’ meaning that first he has a thought, an objective, he then proceeds to do all that was planned (action steps) until he achieves his objective (his last act). Today we call god’s system: ‘management by objective’. We humans are unique because we are able to think, to be god like, to create in our heads and then manage by objective. God is said to have called everything into existence, god was calling commands into a computer. Create cre-ate means Called-out letters. Or Created Everything in Heb. He wasn’t alone…at the end he addresses other present and suggests ‘let us make a man in our image’ it is the same thing when god confounded language. It seems big decisions need help or and approval from others.

    God is a light entity who created first other light entities, souls. But…because no one sees him everyone concluded god has no image and that there is only one god. God says ‘no one sees me and live’. It means he has a fatal image (too much light).  We don’t see god for our own protection. Both assumptions that there is only one god and that he has no image or body are false! But the facts never confused anyone. One god? The Hebrews say ‘listen oh Israel our god is one’. It isn’t saying there is one god it’s saying the Hebrews follow only one god. The first commandment says: ‘you shall have no other gods before me’. God confirms there are other gods which might be ok to follow but not before him.

    Sepher Yetzira, the book of formation should be called the book of manufacture given to Abraham 4000 years ago describes how god created earth and life using physical letters. It couldn’t be understood until 60 years ago, when DNA was discovered. It describes physical letter creation and explains that everything was created through letter combinations – programs created everything. Everything was created with a prior plan with letter combinations. Letter combinations are words which are but thoughts. God calls every formula every molecule a word. This was written 4000 years before it could be understood, someone was thinking ahead.

     ‘Twenty two foundation letters (20 amino acids used to program 150,000 different protein) & 2 pairs of DNA letters). He ordained them (thought of them), He hewed them (shaped them). He combined them, wrote programs for complex molecules we call DNA. He weighed them (made sure they are in the correct proportions). He interchanged them (wrote programs with them). 'And He created with them the whole creation and everything to be created in the future’ (Sefer Yetzira 2:2). The book of manufacture is saying that those same DNA letters will be used to write every single program of every living thing which is again scientifically correct. This is clearly not a wild guess but a scientific description of how god created DNA.  DiN-A means JUDGEMENTS GOD in Hebrew and Arabic. Though this has been taught for thousands years, it was always misunderstood and misinterpreted because none of this could be understood until the discovery of DNA.

    Sefer yetzira, and the New Testament, the Torah and all other myths were waiting for the discovery of DNA and the proliferation of computers before it could be understood. The word Yetzira, manufacture, is the word used to describe creation of Adam. The word Bara was used to describe the creation of the universe, earth and life.

    The word Ba-ra using the letter meaning ba-ra meaning Housing-energy, the conversion of energy to matter. The Hebrew Yatzar means physically created, manufacture is how it’s used in Hebrew, God manufactured us. It also literally means ‘made narrow’.  What does that means? If read correctly the bible tells us in the first chapter that god made us in his image, light entities, souls in the image of god. In the second chapter he manufactured Adam from dust. The torah says that First god created (nefesh) souls, then in the second chapter god created ‘Nefesh Haya’ living souls. The fact that the word for manufacture is ‘made narrow’ suggests that he Created Adam inside the soul. A-Dam means God-Blood. Adama means Earth which would make Adam An-Earthling.

    Phosphates is another name for DNA because DNA uses 4 different phosphates. Why were phosphates used? Why did god/nature decide on those molecules I really don’t know but I know that Pho-spha-te reads in Hebrew Po-sapha-ot meaning Here-language-letter. This and thousands of such examples suggests that the creator of DNA and language knew well in advance that the element used to create letters would be called phosphates. The Heb word Sapha means Language, The English word speech or sapha-ish means Language-Man in Heb. Accident? No other explanation?  Sapha is made up of the letters Shin meaning Word and Peh meaning Mouth, is then Word-Mouth-man


    To summarized: Evo-lu-tion means desire-god-change in Hebrew. God is clearly saying he planned all changes.

    As you might notice I use very little ‘Hebrew’ letters. As the chart shows the Hebrew writing is actually Aramaic letters adopted by the Hebrews.  The original Hebrew letters are Latin letters written from right to left. But…no one, no linguist, biblical or Egyptian scholar noticed. I find it pretty strange that such obvious fact has gone unnoticed for thousands of years

    Thoth is the god of oceans, water. The word Elohim means god-ocean in Hebrew.  The numerical value of Elohim is 86 which happens to be 6 parts of 7th. God worked 6 days and rested on the 7th. The conscious mind is 14% and the subconscious 86% (the realm of god is 86%). But because 86 and 14 both add up to 5 it suggests free choice.

    The letter Shin means light and its value is 300. The letter Tho has the numerical value of 400. This suggests that Tho communicate directly to the subconscious at a speed of 400 33% faster than light. The idea that thought travel faster than light has been proven in laboratory experiments.

    Tho wrote 350 books of knowledge (all myths). That’s why all religions are based on very old writing that no one knows who wrote them.

    Tho is the last letter in Hebrew and the first in Torah (i am the first and the last).

    The book of Tho was lost and thorah appeared …(around the same time)

    Hebrew holidays are based on moon cycles.

    Yhwh is 26 and there are 206 bones. The ’big year’ is 26000 years. The holy Mayan year is 260 days

    Going back to Berosh-y-t…In-head-god-Tho created the heaven and the earth..  This conclusion that Yhwh is Tho scared the heck out of me.  It took many years before I could accept it.


     Adding a vowel to the letter Tho tells us what the creator god designed

    TA: means Cell suggesting he created it

    OT: means Letter suggesting he created letters,  DNA

    AT: means Total (those are the last and first letters in the Hebrew Alpha)

    ATA: means YOU meaning he created YOU

    ET: means Assigned Time suggesting a computer programs. Actually the word Tor means Que.

    The word Tora means ‘it’s turn’ also suggesting everything was programmed.

    TA(ayin): means PLANTED  (the English Gene means Garden in Hebrew and likely refers to planting programs in the genes.)

    TaT: means, SUB (underneath) subconscious

    ET: means: PEN

    To is El in Hebrew. The word el also means god. Thus the Hebrew word for god was substitute by the name of god To

    NTR is the collective name of the Egyptian creator gods it is the Initials of Noun, Tho, Ra. Natar means Guardian in Hebrew. The Egyptian gods came from Sumer which also means guardians in Hebrew.  More important maybe is the fact that NTR created the English word NATURE, the creator god who is worshiped by all believer in accidental evolution. It turns out nature created everything


    Our experts claim accidental mutation caused everything. As it turns out they are right again Mu-Tate means from Thoth.

    Finally, the word Total sums it all. Thot-al meaning Tho god.


    This clearly can’t be accidental. But this isn’t understood nor taught anywhere. If you google Tho most of what’s written is about the 22 Tarot cards and astrology. My daughter Jessica Lanyadoo has become a pretty famous astrologer (she was recently mentioned in the ny times)

    Without understanding Tho is the creator god there is no way to understand the Torah, the lost book of Tho with all the formulas of creation that NTR used. 

    **since this meaning is clearly not part of Judaism, actually the idea that the Egyptian Tho is YHWH is likely repugnant to Jews. Therefore there is no way to understand the bible. A big part of how language was confounded was to first make us ‘forget’ the true meaning of each Hebrew letter.  Actually as the chart shows Hebrew letters were replaced by Aramaic letters and then reintroduced as Latin letter written from right to left…and no one noticed. 


    The Hebrew word Maon (moon) means residence, suggesting god resides on the dark side which might explain why the moon manages to hide half from us. Sound strange? The Spanish Luna means reside in

    The relationship between moon and sun and earth are unique in the universe suggesting the moon is an artificial body. Is god on the moon? Why didn’t we place a station on the moon instead of floating one almost useless station in midair?

    The last Hebrew letter-Tho means thought (thoth) and Ra means Energy…thus To-Ra means thought-energy or programing energy, which describes how energy was converted to matter. Rah is god of the sun and light rae means to see in Hebrew. It created the word ray.

    h2o+hmh MyM spells out water in Hebrew. (M stands for hydrogen (mayman) in Hebrew. Both word formulas appear in the first chapter.


    How did nothing turn to something? Where do we come from? This is likely the most complex of scientific achievement by god. The ‘god particle’ the five-part Higgs boson field was created before the big bang to enable the big bang to convert energy to matter. Scientists say ‘it was just there waiting for the big bang.


    Jewish scholars wonder for thousands of years why god started the Torah with the letter B. I find it very strange that No one thought that genesis starts with B while Torah starts with Tho (the last hebrew letter) (I am the first and the last. The Letter word Aleph means Al-ph God-speech. Seems obvious, especially if it’s been debated for thousand years!


    The English letter T, the cross represents Tho, the word Hebrew-evrim means The Crossers …eventually Christianity was born, likely by Jews who were exiled to Rome from Jerusalem.

    God moved to the Vatican…literally, the name vati-can means My-house-here. The pope and his entourage still wear the garments of Jewish priests and worship a Jewish son of god whose symbol is the Cross (meaning Hebrews in Hebrew), but again, no one noticed. Frankly I am far more surprised that no Israeli noticed. The hand of god? Or just stupid accidents?


    Tho is the moon god is the Sumerian Enki the god of water. Many other religions claim the god of ocean is our creator. The god who created mankind and renamed himself Tho but holds an ANK-Enki, the symbol of eternal life and eventually the bases for the cross…T the sign of god.


    There are 4 Hebrew letters with value of 4 that represent god D(4)-M(40)-(400)-THO and To (9? Combination of Noun 5 and Tho 4, it means created)which means BLOOD-THO-T. Torah is made up of 4 letters, 40 years in the desert, 40 days on the mountain, 40 weeks of pregnancy, 400 years in slavery, 4 billion years ago life was created.  4 DNA letter.  Hidden 4…22 letters, 13 tribes (yes Jacob had 12 sons but joseph sons created 13), 13 months in the Hebrew calendar, 13 bar mitzvah, 4 fathers of Israel. Yhwh is written with 4 letters. Earth was created 4.6 billion years ago (tho) life was created 4 billion years ago. Matter was created 13(4) billion years ago. Tho stamped his name on everything!

    The ratios between moon and sun is 400 and 26. The ratio between sun and moon (400-1) are unique in the universe …nothing is by accident. The Marathon is 40km or 26 Miles…it didn’t start out this way, the original marathon was 42 km but the British changed it because they wanted it to end where the queen was sitting. The book of psalm suggests that there will be peace without the moon…it is likely that the moon is an artificial body.


     In order to confound language, the system of consonants had to be reduced to 13 letters (4)

    ALEPH  - V             

    BAIT        1               

    GIMEL     2    

    DALET     3             

    HEH         V

    WOW      V

    ZAINE, SAMEH, TZADI SHIN   4 (those were considered 1 consonants due to different accents)

    HAIT       V

    TAIT         5

    YOD       V

    CPH        6

    LAMED  7

    MEM      8

    NOUN    9

    AYIN       V

    PEH        10

    KOPH     11

    RAISH    12


    THO       13…..Not by accident


    Good is bad and bad is good. God also says he thinks the opposite from us. That sentence took a lot of thinking, the idea that god finds good in bad seems contrary to bible teachings and it is. It seems god programmed bad events because we needed to learn and the only way to learn is from bad experiences. In that way every time we experience bad god looks at it as good, as another bad experience we can learn from.



    The son of God

    In chapter 3 of Genesis we are told god fooled or tricked Eve, the hebrew word used is Poutah which might explain the origin of the word. Eve thanks god because she says she bought a son from god, she forgot Adam? Or does she not mentions him because he isn’t the father? it’s not in code that god’s secret son, the first “first born in creation” is Cain who by the way very talented, he builds a city… but for whom? Were there other gods or did he build his city for his parents? A whole city for who and by whom? Who helped him? To be clear the Torah differentiates between a town and a city. Cain built a city. Then he kills his brother because he thinks god loves him more…pretty strange story.

    The mark of Cain was given to Cain so no one will kill him. Who? His parents? Or there were other gods who somehow are connected to each other telepathically because according to Cain they already knew of his misdeed and will kill him. The mark of Cain says there were other gods on earth.

    In chapter 4 the sons of Cain are listed as contributing all knowledge to mankind, described as the ”father of metal workers,” “father of tent builders,” etc. The sons of Seth were simply reported as lived their ages when they had children and at what age they died. Conspicuously missing from the Cain story is his offspring lifespan, suggesting by their absence that they are gods who live forever.  The explanation that the Torah doesn’t talk about the sons of Cain because he sinned is funny since everyone in the Torah sins. The name Caine happens to spell also Naki meaning clean suggesting that it wasn’t his fault that he killed his brother, that it was programmed to happen.

    The name Able sounds like a good solid name but it was mistranslated and misleading, the Torah calls him Hevel meaning exhaled breath, nothing. Strange name for a son…the second in creation was called nothing, exhaled breath. Unless…its trying to say it was planned.

    Humans were created by the Sumerian god Enki who became Tho in Egypt. Enki read backward is Cain. Enki means I am in Hebrew…everyone wants credit…the Sumerian story tells us that Enki slept with a young virgin and his brother Enlil who was the reining god, the Yhwh punished him. This is repeated when Yhwh punishes the snake…who is his brother Enki (tho).

    Many if not most credit Yhwh with the creation story. Actually Yhwh appears only in Chapter 2. Elohim, god of ocean is credited with creation. Yhwh , who was Tho’s brother appears in chap 2. The Sumerian story confirms this. Enki was here first and created the world, his brother Enlil was sent later by their father Anu.

    Genesis, Chapter 5 lists the bloodlines of Adam, listing Seth as Adam’s first born, it is not a mistake, it confirms Cain’s true origins because it intentionally omitted Cain the first born of Eve as a son of Adam because Cain is the secret son of God and Not the son of Adam. Only when Seth is born does the Torah declares he was created in the image and likeness of Adam.

    Chapter 6 confirms Cain’s very talented offspring who are called now “the sons of god who took the daughters of man”. That was when the line of Cain married the line of Seth and not when Aliens came to earth, they were already here... The intermarrying upset god who curtailed human life expectancy from 1000 to 120.

     God is the biblical snake, actually, the Sumerian god Enki, who is the Egyptian Tho, Enki’s symbol was double snakes denoting our double helix DNA, Enki was the medical officer and to date doctors still use the symbol of the intertwined snakes.  The word Nahash meaning Snake and Mashiyah meaning Messiah are both cosmically the same, both words add up numerically to 358. The Kabbalah says the good snake will save us. The Torah refers to god as the snake, in code. No one remembers that the snake was very smart and actually told eve the truth. She didn’t die when she ate from the tree. Did eve know it was Enki? She called him Cain, which is Enki backwards.(consonants). Eve eats the apple? Not what it says…but Apple also spells Aleph and it means A-P-L means Speech-God. finally no one noticed that we have a very smart talking snake? Animals can’t speak! And don’t in the bible. How is it that scholars never eve questioned the introduction to a talking snake? Many religions worship the snake-god

    We are told in code Noah (noun.Hait), the surviving earthling is two third god seed, his name uses the first two letters in Snake, Nahash (Noun.Hait.Shin). Noah son Sh.e.M came back as MoSheH, M.Sh.H which reads backward as HaSheM while Ham Noah youngest son came back as Muhammad Mem.Hait.Maim.dalet  read backward it read Dam.Ham meaning Blood.Ham. And Yafet the father of Christians will go with Shem is what the Torah predicted…we call it today Judeo-Christian believes.

    Er (son of Judah) saw the future. It said Er (meaning aware) was Ra (er backward) meaning bad in the eyes of god. This shows that god hides thing by simply writing them backward. More important it shows that life is programmed and that Er somehow received the ability to see the program, the future by accident and god KILLED him because of that ability…our potential is incredible…if we survive.


    CAIN’S Punishment?

    Cain had to repent by traveling through the world in order to impart information that helps mankind. According the bible the sons of Cain are the Hebrews who have been wonderers. God told the pharaoh ‘Israel is my son, my first born’. Like Cain the Israelites have been traveling throughout the world imparting information and being hated for succeeding…I believe that even the world response to the Jews is programmed. We the Israelites have been paying with our blood for Cain’s sin.

    Christianity insists the messiah must be from the seed of David, a Jew. Jesus claimed he was the son of god which is true…according to god the Israelites are the sons of god which makes Jesus the son of god. But I believe the suffering had to go on. I believe it is the reason the Israelites decided that Jesus isn’t the son of god meaning we Jews aren’t the sons of god…it hid an obvious fact so the Hebrews continue to suffer. The Arabs and most of the world have tried everything to destroy Israel…but the Arab world is being destroyed…god said he will punish the sons of Ham (noah’s third son) who are the Muslims

    Moses meets god who is hiding behind a bush (because he is fatal otherwise) and asks for his name, god first refuses saying ‘I will be what I will be’ (none of your business), but Moses insisted and god relents and gives him the name YHWH. Nice story except it is a little strange that Moses didn’t know who god is. As history documents the Hebrew assimilated somewhat and worshipped few other gods.


    On Jerusalem and Israel:  (it’s in the news)         Israel with Jerusalem as its capital is the Promised Land. God did not promise it to Muslims nor to Christians, God, who is also the Christian and Muslim god promised it to the sons of Israel forever…just saying.

    But 128 countries who claim they believe in the god that spoke to Jesus, Muhamad, Moses and David voted against god’s wishes…no one noticed because all religions give lip service to god but follow only the edicts of their leaders who falsely claim to speak for god.  Actually no one knows what the Torah says because the idea of ’eye for eye’ has been deemed too harsh.

    I think all the Muslim world needs a reality check. Based on all accounts Israel has atomic bombs and is able to direct them all on one or more countries. Many of them are on submarines. The hi-tach industry in Israel is second only to the U.S. the barks of the Palestinians, Iranians and all those other ‘Muslim’ people is empty and they know it. But it is used as a rallying cry for the mases, diverting their mind from their miserable lives. Why would the Muslim world regardless of their stated intentions end up killing each other? Iran wants a base of influence so they ‘kinda’ byte Israel her and there, to what end? And are they achieving their goals? Guys, only Muslims of different sects are dying? Is that how Alla wAkbar shows his love? God is clearly saying that he wants to reside in Israel and the Jews are to be his priests.

    One of the lessons I learned is: when something doesn’t work, do the opposite. Gandhi and Mandala succeeded because they used the high moral ground. But, the violence negate those rights.


    My personal opinion

    The Solution to the Israeli Arab problem. Let’s face it, the Palestinians have about 0 chance to destroy Israel or get their lands back. Beating that dead horse will never achieve results. 

    Everyone feels sorry for the Palestinians because they don’t have a country. That’s not true. The country of Jordan is 80% Palestinians but is ruled by a Saudi sheik who became king, brought his tribe to Jordan and has been ruling for 70 years or so. He has far far less rights to that country than do Jews or Palestinians. If Jordan is declared a democracy the Palestinians will surly rule and then they will combine with the west bank to create a large and viable country. The foreign Saudi king has 0 rights to the land! He is the big elephant in the room, the Saudis are only 20% of the population and they have managed to rule millions. The Jordanian king is the big elephant who managed to be invisible…so far.  


    Torah Law:

    Criminal justice: a thief pays double. This balances the energies because the thief gets to feel like the victim and vice versa. Our system of criminal justice, is based on punishing the criminal without making the victim whole. This kind of system cannot achieve justice. We need to change the name to ‘the victim justice system’

    Rape and murder: death is prescribed. God is saying: if you want a future without rapist and murderers you need to eliminate them. It is a loving law for the future survival of the human race.

    Taxation: the torah suggests 2 tier system. 10% for workers and 20% for the rich. The rich are required to leave the corners of the field for the poor (10%?).

    Sex: the Torah has many ‘don’t’ but has only one ’do’. God say ‘if you want a male son you need to wait for your wife to orgasm first’. God is actually saying that enjoying the act is recommended! ( no need to explain how different it is from what all religions say)

    Prostitution is legal in the Bible

    Whore is from the Hebrew horah meaning a parent. The Hebrew word for prostitute is zona from the Hebrew word for food. 

    It's clear god unlike our politicians knows one can't stop a 'need' be it for sex or getting high, one can only regulate it. 

    Drugs: no prohibitions. But a person is held responsible for his actions no matter how high he was at the time. Insanity isn’t a plea.

    A good law: according to god a law must be the same for the king and a pauper for the citizen and the stranger. No affirmative action allowed. It is what ails society, affirmative action when it comes to color is racist! Affirmative action for business man and corporation, allowing them to deduct all kind of expenses and depreciate appreciating assets such as real estate. Actually every law seem to have exceptions. Allowing blacks to enter universities for ‘racial diversity’ is affirmative action that states blacks are inferior and need help. It is racist because it doesn’t allow qualified people from other races entry. In short making a law of reverse discrimination to right a wrong with another law that discriminate is wrong…one law for everyone makes sure that the ruling class doesn’t make laws that discriminate, laws that favor them.

    Racial equality Moses married a black woman, when his brother complained about his choice god punished Aaron which forced Moses to intervene. It is clear where god stands on race.

    The problem is that people confuse equal rights with equal abilities. The questions asked today are: are there enough blacks? Enough Hispanics? We are looking for racial equality, a system that doesn’t promote the best but…to help black or Hispanic or short people to catch up. In fact one race could be better than another so we might get less black doctors which everyone rushes to explain ‘because of slavery’.  Affirmative action just compound the problem…if it’s such a good idea I want to ask only one question. Why don’t we institute it in sports…13% of the American population occupy about 70% of positions in professional basketball, football, baseball … why not limit their numbers and institute an affirmative action in sport? Because it doesn’t promote based on talent but based on race? Affirmative action affirms the group in question is inferior. Affirmative action affirms that black are inferior and need help…because they were slaves? The ‘because’ is really irrelevant. 

    A glaring example of unfair laws: if you own real estate and live in it you aren’t allowed to depreciate it or even expense all your taxes. But if you own and rent out the same real estate you are allowed to take many deduction including depreciation…not same law for everyone! Property owners are allowed to depreciate an appreciating asset! But we are so used to getting screwed by the rich no one noticed.

    We give preferential treatment to corporation and the rich and everyone says its ok. We allow depreciation of an appreciating asset. We lower taxes so corporations that already control the world would be ‘able to compete’, they are already number one…Europeans have a v.a.t (value added ) tax that approaches 20% we don’t…but no one mentions it. I remember in the eighties Ford raised their prices, when asked why they said ‘to meet completion’.

    Judges: ought not to have any latitude, they aren’t god, they can’t just ‘interpret’ the laws to suit their whims they are simply there to uphold the law. God says in the Torah ‘don’t be judgmental’ which everyone quotes but the full sentence is “don’t be judgmental because I already judged’ 

    Lawyers: the word lawyer decodes as Lo Yaer. ‘will not shed light’ torah does not advocate for lawyers only witnesses. Lawyers were given the stupid right to lie or at least withhold the truth because they claim criminals will not tell them the truth. (so it’s a good reason for them to defend their client and trick the system?  At whose expense? At the expense of justice! So now they are officers of the court that can withhold info and interpret the law-not shed light. They have destroyed the justice system. Lawyers ought to be treated as witnesses. They should be punished if they withhold info…screw the rights of the criminal if it’s at the cost of the victim! And society!


    One law for everyone is a must. A corporation is an entity like an individual, same law for every one!

    No doubt in my mind that god’s laws are far superior to human laws…but I bet this is the first time you heard about actual Torah laws.



    I was taught that only the Torah was the true word of god that the New Testament and all other myths/writings were false. I wondered why god allows false writing. Why allow lies about him? I was totally shocked to be told God wrote all the Myths! But contrary to most claims god is not responsible for any of the interpretations. It might explain why we don’t know who the author of those myths is. I was told to avoid reading any interpretation (the Talmood) because by and large they are all wrong. A lot of the information was easy to understand but very hard to accept emotionally. This isn’t that ‘weird’, it is well known that most if not all decisions are made emotionally. It took me years to say Yhwh which is a name repeated in the bible hundreds of times, the Torah tells us that we are not allowed to say god’s name in vein, that if we make a vow in his name we must keep it. But the ‘smart’ ones told us it means that god really meant that we are NeVer allowed to use his name. Not even in prayer? I knew logically that it was b.s, that the bible never told us not to say god’s name but I still ‘felt’ guilty. I always wondered why not saying his name and substituting another name is a sign of respect. Why is saying Elokim instead of Elohim is respectful? But because of my upbringing it took times, years, before I could say Yhwh without feeling guilty and scared. I say it daily in prayer and in conversation which makes a lot of religious and even none religious Jews very nervous. It took me even longer too substitute Thoth for Yhwh as a sign I truly believe. Be-lieve means In-Heart. Live then is from the Hebrew Heart-Lev.  Ear-Lobe why is then the word heart Lobe, earlobe? Based on a 20 year study by a heart surgeon people with creases in their ear have 90% chance for a heart attack…

    It sometimes took me years to stop believing some simple stupid false and meaningless rules. It’s the reason it took me many years to receive what I could have in few months.

    If I were to hazard a guess, when rabbi’s began interpreting, changing god’s laws. Something I believe was encouraged by god. In effect they changed the religion called Hebrew or Israel or ‘Torat Mosheh’ to a new religion called Judaism, they were no longer following the Hebrew religion (the word Jew is never used in the torah) a new religion was created called Judaism (Judah, king David’s tribe is only one tribe). Also since we changed the laws it was no longer in his name, therefore we were forbidden from using his name. The word used today is aDoNiA meaning my lord a personal god, it is the reason it contains the letters DNA. Did the ‘wise’ man making those rules know any of this? I doubt it. We are wrongly believe that any thought that comes to mind was somehow originated by us. In actual fact it’s all originated by the god of THoughT.  We get free choice we can accept or reject those ideas.


    If you study the differences between religions you will surely find them. But if you look for what is the same in all religions you find the one, you find god. All the myths tell the same story from different points of view and about a different times in history, all talk about the same god with a different names who created humans and then populated earth! The Hebrew saying is: ‘same lady with a different costume’.



    What all creationists and Evolutionists ought to agree on today are the facts. We know, that life was created by someone who wrote DNA programs and then created the cell and life. Evolutionists claim that the billions of different programs for plants and living organisms were not by anyone but were due to random mutations while creationists believe in the magic of god. Neither seem to remember that someone created the cell by inserting 17 different parts that were created beforehand and managed by complex programs. It was no accident nor miracle but science we have yet to understand.

    My system is far stricter than present day linguists. I must use every consonant and the meaning needs to be related (crossword puzzle system). Linguist assume language evolved accidentally, they therefore use ‘sound like’ system. Thus linguists claim that the word cloud if from the Anglo Saxon word Clud that means Big-Rock…sound similar, but the meaning isn’t related, unless one believes they confused the two few thousand years ago. The Hebrew Cul-ed means all vapor.

    I am Po-si-tive means Here-this-Good…in heb. English words are often as not short Hebrew sentences. 

    The miracle of god: Our body has 100 trillion cells each of which contains our entire programming and can be anywhere the body needs it. 100 trillion cells (Nano computers) that somehow communicate and cooperate. P.S the god Noun ( Tho’s father) created this NaNo computer. The word No is from the Hebrew aino meaning –not here). Noun and Tho were the creator of the cell named in honor of Anu who then lost interest and left (not here). There are few billion people on earth and by all accounts we are unable to get along. When we understand how the cell was created, when we finally understand how it was programmed we would then understand the 4 billion years old Nano computer, more important, we will truly know god. When we understand we are all part of the entity called earth, when we understand that we should act in the same way toward earth as each cell is acting within the body, we will truly understand god. In the final analysis it’s not what someone says that reveals who is, but it’s what someone does that defines him. 


    When I try to explain new understanding most people have strong defined ‘feelings’ and almost all want to share their ‘feelings’ about god evolution, accidental creation and language. It is maddening for me. I want to say ‘your feelings, are irrelevant’ since you haven’t heard the evidence. It’s your intelligence, your ability to understand and then judge this set of facts, not your feelings that is important but that of course would stop all conversations, everyone seem to be very insulted that I don’t care about their feelings but only about their mind. I am actually asking the reader to be ‘Spock’ like. Most of us think our feelings define us that they are correct but as often as not they aren’t. I am asking the reader not to react with their feelings, to suspend their feelings but use the thinking brain, the one god gave us 300-400,000 years ago so we can judge between good and bad, right or wrong. We have the ability not to simply react but to weigh the facts first and then choose a course of action.  I ask, no beg the reader to suspend your feelings until you read the NEW evidence presented here.

    What you are reading here is unique. It is likely really outside of anything you have heard. No experts to consult and nothing on the internet that support what is written here. It is up to each reader to decide…consequently I have yet to receive a single email agreeing or taking exception to this website. This website is unique because it asks each reader to decide based on their own judgment absent of experts…few people have the confidence to say ‘the king is naked’. Only few people believe their own eyes, the rest rather believe the ‘experts’ and not ‘their lying eyes’. As to experts, when it comes to this topic I am the only expert…I am the only one saying ‘the king is naked’ and that took many ‘experiences’ and 10 years so I guess I can’t expect most to change their entire believe system based on my word. I suggest ignoring me, not trying to evaluate me but to concentrate on evaluating the facts, just the facts.

    I am always asked if I think I am right and everyone else is wrong. Are all the religious and scientific leaders wrong and have been so for thousands of years? The short answer is YES! … Most people end up concluding that I have ‘vision of grandeur’… maybe. I happen to believe that notoriety or fame are not such a good thing that’s the reason I haven’t tried to publish this or be active in social media. I always felt that god is my marketing director, that he and not I will decide who reads this and when.


    It is said that god taught the angels the torah Before Creation. It took years before I could accept such statement literally, I needed to first accept that god and angels existed before matter and life on earth. I needed to accept that all religions are wrong when they claim god has no image or body. I first had to accept that light entities with body and image existed before the physical world. God tells us that the gods created an entity in their image, they therefore created light entities –souls were created in chapter 1. Physical humans were created in chap. 2 not in his image but from dust. How did the experts miss that? What did god teach the angles, the other light entities?  He showed them his plans to create the physical world and life. The Hindu myth confirms this by claiming that light entities existed for 310 billion years, making the big bang a recent event.

    Since life was created by someone writing programs god taught the angels how to write code, how to use the Hebrew letters to program life, it seems they helped him in writing all those Billions of programs. (let us). The Hebrew teachings suggest that one can create a human by combining letters which we know now is correct about DNA letters. But in the Middle Ages they tried sawing letters together…interpretation. 

    When I ask religious Jews why Jewish laws do not follow Torah law. I am told it is because god gave Moses the written Torah and the oral torah, the explanations are in the oral laws that few lucky Jews received. They suggest that god made mistakes and sought to change them and told few worthy ones. It suggests god isn’t that smart and a bad writer. The minor problem with this explanation is that it’s not true, the torah never says that. In other words the argument of oral laws is false! Actually in the early days they wouldn’t write the oral laws so as not to give them the importance of the Torah, the written laws. Once they wrote the ‘oral laws’ they became defacto god’s word. Actually the Yeshivas teach only Talmud not Torah! It is clear that we Jews like all other religions prefer the laws of man to the unenlightened laws of god. Today false interpretations are so universally accepted that selling the idea of returning to Torah law to a religious Jew Christian or Muslim is harder than finding a needle in a haystack.

    Interpretation is sacrilegious All religions were created based on interpretation. None follow the biblical laws literally. The biblical god said he is against all interpretations. God insisted ‘don’t add or subtract a word’’ ‘don’t go to the left or right of the law’. Finally god tells us he doesn’t change his mind, god is clearly telling us not to screw with his laws.

    Jerusalem is on my mind. (I digress)

    Jerusalem was gifted to the people of Israel for eternity by the Jewish Muslim and Christian god.  The god who never changes his mind. Everyone knows Israel is the Promised Land! But everyone seem to forget it was Not promised to Muslims or Christians but promise to the sons of Israel.

    The protests all over the world are a clear sign that the entire Muslim world and part of the Christian world do not believe in god but in the b.s their leaders spew. They are protesting against the will of god. This can only be done by Non-believers. I want to assure all these nations, there is a god who is truly running the show and will not forget nor forgive. 

    If god approved of the violence by Muslims they would be far more successful! When god supported them they captured half the world. Today it’s mostly Muslim killing Muslim. Iran, Iraq, Syria Lebanon and Jordan, Egypt, Israel old enemies lost millions of people by killing each other, their countries either destroyed or soon to be destroyed. Is that god’s hand?  A Fatwa allowing committing suicide (against torah and Muslim law) designed to kill Jews in busses created a situation where not Jews but tens of thousands of Muslims are murdered by other Muslims. On the face of it, it’s so illogical that it ought to be unbelievable but it keeps on happening. The fatwa was to allow killing Jews it never allowed the killing of Muslims…that’s the magic of god. God moves in mysterious ways. The Muslim world is committing suicide but they don’t seem to have noticed. As they go to their death which can’t possibly earn them Heaven since they broke many of god’s laws they keep yelling ‘god is great’. As to the 12 virgins…I am far more worried about their parents and how they must feel about their daughter’s predicament.

    God punished Ham the father of all Muslims for seeing his nakedness today as a reaction, the Arab world covers up too much. This isn’t some theory it’s a fact. It seems this is their continued punishment meted to them by their own hands…(god moves in mysterious ways), god is great but not to Muslims who hate Israel. The biblical God that Christian and Muslims profess to worship declares that he wants to reside in Jerusalem and that the Israel will be his priests forever! We need to build the temple to welcome god! But Muslim world is stopping it.  Because no one believes in The Word!

    The claim that Muhamad flew to heaven from Jerusalem is nowhere to be found in the Koran! It says he flew to heaven from “the furthest Mosque’. I am sure Jerusalem was not the furthest mosque. Also the mosque in Jerusalem was built years AFTER Muhamad died….but for some reason the early Muslim scholars decided it was Jerusalem. I believe ‘the hand of god’ created a situation where Jerusalem is holy to all religions precisely because god intends to reside there.  It seems almost the entire world is trying to stop him. God said that’s when he will fight on the side of Israel. I believe the time is soon. My money is on God…

    Is god then approving of the Israeli nation and people? The answer there is just as obvious. The miracle that created Israel against all odds was predicted by god 3000 years ago that God will collect us from the 4 corners of the world and make us a great nation that ‘one will chase 1000’ which happened in reality more than once.  The success of Israel and Jews in in face of the hate hundreds of nation in the united nations is clear evidence that god is on the side of Israel and helped and will continue helping the state of Israel with yet untold miracles.

    The Muslim world will have no peace nor success until they respect the word of god and stop believing their leaders. Jerusalem belongs to Israel! By decree of god who ‘shelped’ us for 40 years sometimes against our will to the Promised Land!!  (40 is the number for god)


    I believe that god blesses the United State for standing on the side of Israel. Uncle Sam wants you…pretty stupid…but UN-Cle Shem means Respond-voice-God in Hebrew.

    Rushmore or Rosh Moreh means Head-Teaches/leaders in Hebrew

    Is this all planned? The word Mouhamad spelled backward is Dam Ham meaning Blood-Ham (father of Muslims).  Mosheh backward is Hashem.  Shem is the father of all Jews. Noah third son Yafet, father of all Christian is said ‘will go with Shem’. (Judeo Christian values)




     The fact that letters were created and programs were written including 150,000, blue prints for different proteins, and the fact that response to stimuli and reproduction needed to be pre-programmed, all of which had to done prior to life, in order to create life is the best prove there is a programmer. But I believe the clincher that the cell was designed is the FACT that the cell is equipped with spell check, it is there in order to avoid miss-programming the cell, it corrects any and all mistakes. This means that whoever created the cell anticipated mistakes and programmed for it. This program existed in the first cell meaning that it wasn’t developed due to mistakes but placed there because the programmer anticipated   there would be mistakes. Nature can’t possibly be credited with anticipatory behavior, for solving a problems before they actually occurred.  But…somehow no one wants to notice!

    We all notice 4 letters on a wall and declare –humans were here….but when we see 4 letters writing billions of bytes of information recorded as different management systems called chromosomes, genes, organs etc. that themselves are programmed to run complex programs the sum of which sometimes result in millions of simultaneous chemical reactions excreting minute chemicals that determine our survival…our body is the most complex chemical factory on earth created by accident?... Our geniuses, our university professors who in this case are more like sheep that follow without thinking declare it is an accident of nature, that over time random mutations happen to rewrite those billions of programs. Those conclusion fly against what most mathematicians have concluded that the chances are one million to one that we were NOT designed. An ameba has 5 million bytes of information while a human has 6 billion bytes of information…we are talking about some major rewrites likely requiring million sequential mutations.  This conclusion that it was all accidental flies in the face of the evidence. As of today all laboratory experiments show that mutations aren’t permanent, that they are but computer glitches, that the organism returns back to type. On the other hand we can Re-program changes, we can even grow a human ear on a mouse. In other words we know we can program changes, we also know accidents don’t write programs. The conclusion ought to be that mutation didn’t happen but re-programming did. Human ‘experiments show the same thing! Today the citizens of Nagasaki and Hiroshima are perfectly normal…mutants didn’t reproduce or reverted to type!   So…if not mutation then How?

    Even evolutionists argument that claims the fact that the same DNA language programmed everything suggests accidental creation is false conclusion. The fact that letters were created only once 4 billion years ago only 600 million after earth was created when earth was noxious and void of oxygen and never again and the fact that they have been used exclusively since to write all life’s programs and the fact that nature didn’t try again in 4 billion years to create more, different letters points to very very intelligent designer….even smarter than us.

    Evolutionists answer is: it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen by accident it’s that we can’t prove it yet…yes but you proved by your failed attempts that accidents don’t rewrite programs permanently. I am shocked that no scholar can see that complex creations need a designer?  It’s hard to believe that scholars don’t have the balls to declare: the king is naked.  Even creating a chair needs a designer and a plan! In 4 billion years nature didn’t manage to create one proper chair by accident but managed to create billions of organisms by mistake? So the final conclusion must be that everything needs to be designed except complex DNA programs. Those professors must be smoking the really good stuff. I guess when you get high enough the facts don’t confuse you!

    The missing link  - there are no missing links, we can’t find skeletal evidence of a monkey becoming humans. We can’t find evidence of dinosaurs becoming birds because it is not due to accidental mutations but due to newly engineered birds and humans. Somebody made wholesale changes about 60 million years ago and 300,000 years ago and in between. Evolutionists became brazen enough to declare that mutations converted dinosaurs into birds…without any evidence of missing links, it would take some serious changes and a miniaturizing app that had to be used millions of times. By accident? Not even imaginable. Or maybe god simply asked his angels who knew to write code to write programs that converted dinosaurs to birds….to my simple mind this explanation is far more reasonable than the one claiming nature had a miniaturizing app which it used and then destroyed.

    ‘You don’t believe in evolution?’ is always said with a smirk that suggests you are an idiot if you don’t believe. They are right, there is nothing to believe, evolution is a fact which we still call a theory not because we don’t know if life evolved but because we don’t know if it was accidental. Evolution is a fact because we have a lot of skeletal evidence that life became more complex. If one can’t see and admit life evolved over 4 billion years you are an idiot. But…most if not all really mean ‘don’t you believe in accidental creation?’ The answer there is a resounding No! The fact that life evolve doesn’t in any way prove it evolve by accident, it only proves it evolved….nature tried once and succeeded and never tried again in 4 billion years. Nature wrote complex programs but left no skeletal evidence of the trillion of mistakes it should have made…because nature didn’t make mistakes…nature like the biblical god succeeded at first attempt, and later succeeded over and over again in creating billion of different organisms and plants…nature was even smart enough to create plants first so they would create oxygen. Only then god created life that depends on water and oxygen.  I know, the smirk is probably still there…this is because evolutionist say they believe in accidental evolution but in truth they mean they believe in accidental creation…regardless of the facts…it’s their religion, accidental creation is a yet to be presented as a  theory but most of us has been duped to accept it as a fact.

    Evolutionists other argument is that we don’t know how life began, an argument that is false though it is still used. Today we know it began with someone creating letters and writing programs and creating a very fancy but very small computer called the cell, the only thing we don’t know is was it by accident or design. Evolutionists are stuck like creationists with old outdated arguments.  As we see later evolutionists are right nature is literally the name of god.  Acci-dent decodes in Hebrew as judged - god…it’s true, there are no accidents everything is meant. DN-A then is judgements god…did aDoNiA plan this or is it an accident that Adonia contains the letters DNA? It seems he left his name as a signature. Is god then the god who used water to first create life? His other name is pronounced as Elohim but spelled out as Elhayam meaning God-Ocean.  My proof is in language.

    Of course creationists have their own problems, they need to accept the facts about evolution and how long it took and conclude that god’s 7 days of creation isn’t about earth days. That the count is different, especially since earth was created on the third day making the 2 first days god’s days. If you truly believe the bible is god’s word you need to accept the count isn’t earth days. The rest is then simple, since god wrote all the myths I looked in other myths for a definition of what is a god day. The Hindu myth says a god day is 4.32 billion years…how did they come with such number? Just guessed or did god insert this? When applied to the torah claim of 2 days before earth was created, or…8.6 billion years after the big bang. This then is the same number scientists recently discovered. It’s been in the bible in code for 4000 years. It is then clear the other days aren’t really earth days but god days. The god days all are of different counts and all are measured in combinations of 432.

    Evolutionists claim requires that we believe that a series of accidents first created DNA letters from 4 different phosphates each combining with sugar molecule to create a letter, why and how? Just a dumb accident? 4 different complex molecules were created for no reason and were hanging out together? Those complex molecules had nothing else that day and began combining naturally for no reason (why can’t we reproduce it in laboratory experiments?)… Those letters banged against each other endlessly as if programmed to combine forever and eventually resulting in writing complex creation programs we have yet to understand. How did nature decide if the mutation is good? By using it? This is past ludicrous. Where are the skeletal evidence of the billions of mistakes? …if the glove don’t fit… means no accident!

    In order to operate those programs nature needed a power source…nature had to create a rechargeable battery that produces 1.4 volt prior to creating the cell, this alone is light years more advanced than anything we can do. Then someone created RNA, a very sophisticated tool with the ability to get information from the organism and then it is able to cull out the correct program duplicate different proteins using programs already stored in DNA. It then delivers them where needed. Finally, nature incased it all with a smart skin semipermeable skin that has antennas that sense the outside and respond based on program that was inserted in the DNA… by accident claim evolutionists! They are claiming given time nature accidentally writes billion of programs!* the argument that it occurred over a millions of years or even hundreds of years is false. It didn’t happen over tens or 5 years and not even in a month!  But in one fell swoop…17 parts were pre-manufactured and then inserted into the cell. Or maybe 17 parts were accidentally manufactured and then happen to meet and encase themselves with a smart skin? Is that possible? Ask Silicon Valley[JL2] ! No! Ask yourself!! But yet…everyone believes it happened by accident and no one believes the facts…man plans god laughs…but I sometimes think god is laughing at my failed feeble attempt to convince the readers. All I can say to god is : ad matay?

    This definitely sounds like science -fiction and therefore is impossible to accept.  That fact is that we are able to hear different languages be we cannot hear the Hebrew in any language, but it’s True! We are all speaking Hebrew with funny accents and strange expressions. I was given a way to un-confound it as a scientific proof that there is a god. But… because we were all are sold that language like life evolved accidentally, we are trained to listen to music not the consonants and told that even if it sounds the same the words aren’t necessarily related we were blind to it. But mostly because the confounding involved imperfect mirroring, another way of saying the same thing, a crossword puzzle system. For example guide in Hebrew is Madrih…so it’s clear they are unrelated. But Gu-ide means touch hand…another way of describing guide…or, Artillery is Totah in Hebrew, obviously those words aren’t related. But Ar-till-ery means light-Missile-Shoot not exactly the same? You are absolutely right! God confounded language. Our linguists are looking for words that sound alike, a system that assume language evolved accidentally. My system assumes god created language and is responsible for each new word. I am here to tell you that every new word was sanctioned by god, otherwise new words would not continue to decode in Hebrew. Why would god bother? It has to be because language is already prerecorded in us.

    In actual fact we are all speaking Hebrew with funny accents and strange expressions. Language was confounded in a way that we no longer know what each other are saying. To believe this is to accept that god can access our subconscious and suggest what to name so it is accurate in Hebrew.

    God – the English word god is actually not an entity but to a system (he is everywhere and nowhere) that communicates with our subconscious. Let me say that I think this explanation is impossible to discover without being explained it. It is a ray from the sun that carries info or instructions. It is in the G (gamma rays) in the D (4th) band. The 4th band happened to be an invisible purple ray.  The Gamma rays are very powerful rays that go through almost everything. After god communicated telepathically with the people of Israel (‘and they saw the voices’ is how the bible describes it) god called them Am segula translated as ‘special people’ but the word segula literally means purple-people. Able to receive the info. The Hebrew letter G means thought (haga) or touched(ga) and the letter D means Knowledge (da) (idea)..or Knowledge-Thought. The god rays…god is a light entity who transmits information through light, actually our scientists are now attempting the same thing, because light can carry far more info, they report some success…but it’s hard to believe, no, it’s probably almost impossible to believe that god has been doing it for billions of years. The book of Psalm 19 says god put a tent of knowledge over us.

    If one insert the Letter D knowledge into the word Yhwh one would get Yhwdh, or Yehouda, Judah. It seem that’s what meant when he said he chose Yehouda . He chose him to transmit the knowledge.

    Compounding the problem of understanding my message is that I am told I am a terrible and boring writer so it is not fun-reading. The writing isn’t organized and I tend to repeat myself. This might be the 10t time I am rewriting in the hope that my last explanation is better…but the results always seem to be the same.

    Actually I am not suggesting anything new, linguists in the 19th century knew god inserted language in humans. They refuse to entertain any theories about the origin of language. They correctly stated that one needs language to think and one can’t create language without thought, concluding that god must have inserted language in man…it is something science ignores because it doesn’t suit their theories that language like life evolved accidentally…. But it is absolutely inarguable!!  

    I was never religious and seriously doubted there is a god. I could have never thought of any of this, nor did I want to. The last thing I expected from the continued contacts is a language lesson. I am certain what I am writing here is right exactly because I didn’t seek it but received it. In my first communication, I complained to god that he is an elitist who tells few people what he really meant (don’t know where this came from) I was told none are god’s explanations, they are by and large wrong and I therefore should avoided, reading any interpretations because they are wrong. The big book of wisdom the Talmood is all wrong! That took some time to accept. It’s actually sacrilegious to interpret god since it suggests he is unable to write clearly. In other words when a bunch of rabies say that though it say ‘do not  seeth a lamb in its mother’s milk’ god really meant do not eat meat and milk. The interpreters are suggesting that god is an idiot or tricky. They are suggesting that god couldn’t just say ‘do not eat meat and milk’ which by the way includes not seething a lamb in its mother’s milk. This applies to most interpretations by all religions. In general when one hears ‘what did god mean by this?’ expect a lie, a wrong explanation. It is sacrilegious to ask in effect what god was thinking. Which is in effect what all interpretations answer. The biblical god says tht he doesn’t change his mind. But what does he really mean? He didn’t really mean it...all the time?

    In defense of all scientists and theologists there was no way to understand the concept of letter combination, words creating everything, there was no way to understand the idea of physical letters combining into complex programs until the discovery of DNA, by then a lot of preconceived notions, wrong explanations, were sold to us as facts. Without understanding computers there was no way to even imagine how god can be everywhere and listen to all of us. Today the government, Verizon at&t and many other companies can contact us and hear and see everything we are sending others. God created the cell and us all, it ought to be obvious he would leave a communication device…

    They have sold us the idea that god has no body or image. It is therefore even harder to understand and accept that god is a real single entity among other light entities, a light entity (not without image but with an image that is out of this world according to the Ten Commandments) who creates using light. It by the way explains why the cell is so small. This is impossible to accept because most religions insist god has no image. This contradict the bible! We were created in his image but he has no image? If you look at him you die, but he has no image? He hid in a cloud or coulomb of light but he has no image? The second misunderstanding is that there is only one god. The bible tells that god asked others to make a man in ‘our image’. Later god asked other to help him confound language and disperse the people so that they wouldn’t know what they are saying. Which was clearly achieved. The book of Psalm (in Hebrew) says that god is stronger than the other gods. It also says that there is a place where the gods meet. Listen oh Israel Yhwh is our one god’. it a]suggests there are other gods but that our god is one. 

    To understand the torah/god one need to read it LITTERALLY, to understand the bible one needs to do the opposite from all our bible ‘experts’, to avoid ‘reading into it. God specifically instructs us ‘not to add or subtract a word’. It says god created the physical world, manufactured us, that he knows the heart of man and that we are his slaves…believe it literally! It’s absolutely true!

    The big bang couldn’t create anything. God first created the higs boson field in order to be able to convert energy to matter. Only then came the big bang. In a normal big bang matter will destroy anti matter and all is well again. God had to create a special big bang, a big bang with imperfect mirroring, where anti matter didn’t destroy all matter, it left some matter. That left over matter is the physical universe.

    After 35 years of receiving, today sitting around a pool in Brazil, looking into the water I saw my face. It was kind of moving and not always clear. I remembered that both the Torah god and brahma in the Mahabharata describe creating the universe after looking into water. I always thought it was strange. I suddenly remembered that I was told that in order to understand the Torah and the Mahabharata, I am to read them as literally as possible. The point of all the myths and religious writing was to tell the truth but keep it hidden until our spirituality would catch up with our knowledge to destroy...gods can do that. 

    'And the spirit of God hovered over water' is how the Torah explains it. What did god see? Same thing I saw...He saw himself but... A little distorted since water always seeks balance it always moves. God saw a way to create constant change. God programed everything to evolve! Using imperfect mirroring as a system. Ps the Torah is sometimes compared to water because it seeks balance. The word waTer has the word tora in it. H20 adds up to 10 electrons-god. Oxygen is also a god. It is made up of 8 electron in 2 orbits of 2-6 which matches the numerical value of Yehova, when the numbers of his name is added (every Hebrew letters has a number). Oh yes clearly just happenstance. It’s all in the numbers.

    This moment of 'genius' when a lot of information suddenly gets connected in Nano seconds is a 'give me', it always felt that it is because it was determined that I wouldn’t be able to figure it out on my own.

    Both the Mahabharata and the Torah say god saw his entire creation. God decided to create everything Using a system of imperfect mirroring. He first created matter from an imperfect mirroring big bang, then electrons that combined to become different elements and then elements that combine to become molecules, then he created earth and life using imperfect mirroring, evolution. It was all programmed 13 billion years ago...It seem most people object to the idea that God existed and programed everything way back then, actually we know very little about  what happened 6000 ago and earlier.  It is because of the idea that we are the most advanced race in the universe ... Even the people who believe that there were ‘aliens’ in our past credit them with intelligence and abilities that are just a  little higher than ours. No one suggests that they might have a DNA computer and that they are able to read our mind. Therefore when the bible claims people lived to 1000 and then god was upset that the sons of god took the daughter of man and changed it to 120 years (wireless programming is more than implied). The idea that people lived to a 1000 way back ... Seems false... More advanced than us? No way! Entities with DNA computers who can change our dna remotely - no way they existed! Light entities? Not possible! A physical god no one sees? Moses complains once that god entered the tent and there was no room for him…The bible describes a time when 74 elders sat at the bottom of the mountain and saw god. God as looking like 'the fire of a furnace', he always hid in a cloud or a coulomb of light and once behind a bush. God is then a fatal to look body and image.  Everything must be first and foremost literally true! Why 74 elders? If we replace the numbers with the equivalent numerical value it would read ED meaning Witness in Hebrew. None of it is coincidental everything was programmed.  

    The Hebrew letter Shin confirms god’s intentions, it has a value of 300 same as the speed of light. It stands for Shem- The word(god), it also stand for light and spirituality. But…no one seem to point to the obvious, Shin literally means change in Hebrew! Evo-lu-tion would then transliterate as: god-desired change. God programmed it from the onset…Sun-CeMeCe= Mc2. I know this beats any science fiction you ever saw…god wrote sun which later turns out to be mc2, god wrote water and it turns out to be H2o. In this case: The truth is far stranger than fiction.

    The best way to predict the future is to create it.

    The bible god curses Ham Noah’s second son for looking at his father’s nakedness and calling his bothers to look. Why? Likely Noah was circumcised… the bible says that Yafet will go with Shem. The Jews are represented by Shem, Christian by Yafet and Ham by Moslem. Was that prophesy true?

    Mosheh spelled backward spells out Hashem…the word. Mouhamad spelled backward is Dam-ham –blood of Ham. This suggests everything has been programmed and that this has been hidden by design until now, until computers can figure it all out. I am old enough to remember the time when it was correct to say….far out.

    Some people suggested I write this as science fiction. I don’t think anyone would buy it even as a science fiction…It is therefore almost impossible to accept the god I am ‘selling’.  My job is to pass on this knowledge…a prove of god and access to vast library of knowledge that will change the world, the crossroad where science and theology meet…I admit to batting 0, even members of my family don’t get too impressed…my army wants the world to understand there is a god and return to Torah law, so far I am leading an army of 1.

    God creation tool is ‘imperfect mirroring’ what can imperfect mirroring do…Think about it! Moses received one set of laws which somehow managed to create 3 religions who claim to believe that Moses received the laws from god, but its ok with all 3 religions that none follow any of gods judgments of those laws…god is good…so he made few mistakes because he wrote this few thousand years ago and didn’t know how advanced and good hearted we would be…not much of a god… and we are lucky to have our scientists and religious leaders set us straight…love god but follow man made laws is acceptable to all. Finally came the genius who told us there is no creator, everything just happened in a warm pond!! Just a false wild guess that changed how people think forever. Though we all know it is wrong we all still believe it…it’s the no god theory, it explains evil…the new god is called accident and his priests are called scientists and we all seem to warship their word not god’s…because we all know there is no real god!! ‘He is everywhere and has no body or image’ is what we all believe. The human mind needs to imagine and here the picture is of Nothing…no god. no-thing is the name of god (yes, he has many names)

    God gave Israel to the Jews and Mouhamad said that the Jews should return to Israel because god wanted them to, otherwise they would be losers. Instead of both Moslems and Christians honoring god’s wishes and encourage the state of Israel to build god’s desired resting place, they all act like there is no god and therefore the Jews right to Israel doesn’t really exist. That’s what imperfect mirroring does! When he comes and he will come (otherwise why tell me?) you can tell it to him directly why you didn’t honor his wishes.

    Is life magic or science? Actually everything hold information, everything can be expressed as letter and number combinations, suggesting that everything could have been created by computer programs.  But the idea (not even a theory) of accidental evolution inferring accidental creation is accepted by most people. This is because the theory of accidental mutation isn’t a theory, it’s a religion, an unproven assumption that the scientific evidence more than suggests it to be false but its advocates keep believing. Believe is in the heart not the mind. Be-lieve happened to mean In-Heart in Heb.

    Why call it the theory of evolution? Why not call it the theory of creation?  It’s because we have no theory as to how the cell was created. We haven’t been able to even imagine, theorizes as to how it happened. Actually it isn’t true. We know how it happened, someone wrote creation and reaction to stimuli programs, we just don’t know if the programs were written by accident or design! Though we see very complex almost impossible to understand designs we still aren’t sure it was by design…But we have lots of evidence that once created life evolved. If it was created by design it must have evolved by design! How can one make a judgement without knowing how the cell was created?  The question is then: could have the cell been created by accident? The answer science gives is a resounding no! I know no scientists says so…but their inability to even theorize as to how it happens is in actual fact a resounding no! So…now they are telling us that evolution proves accidental creation! Really how?  Computers evolve, cars evolved, god knows telephones evolved! But conclusion of accidental creation is totally baseless in the case of any of those devices! In other words if one found a telephone hidden in a cave no one will say…accidental mutation is responsible. And it’s doubly true about creation of billions of organisms and making sure that nature is balanced.  That kind of planning is light years more complex than any of our computers ability. And the cell, the only thing that didn’t evolve in 4 billion years, god’s Nano computer! Perfection doesn’t evolve…

    Our kids are taught a stupidity which is in a sense the root of all evil!! The idea that there is no god is one that allows evil to exist, the idea that there are no rules we all need to follow, that right and wrong are a matter of interpretation, that there is no accountability to a higher power, this is responsible for most evil in the world!!

     Was that the plan? The torah god tells Moses: I will hide and see how they end up. Unfortunately not much will change until Berkeley Harvard and other major universities stop teaching a falsehood, something they know to be wrong, that evolution proves accidental creation, that life was created by accidental mutation. The dichotomy is that they also teach how complex our DNA programs are. But they don’t seem to see the forest for the trees. But then…the difference between god and college professors …

    We all know how complex is the balance of nature. They are telling us that the salmon swam upstream, losses 90% of its population in the process but decided it is a good survival mechanism and wrote a programs for it in the genes-how the salmon did it no one needs to explain….accidental mutation…?. Or is it more likely that god programmed the salmon to multiply and create 90% more salmon that is necessary for the survival of its species and programmed it to swim upstream so it can feed many others…the balance of nature is probably more complex to program than an organism! They are in effect telling us that all those programs just happen by accident. What would happen if the salmon suddenly decide that since male and female are already swimming along each other and they don’t need to reproduce up-steam? An ecological[JL3]  disaster is what will happen! Assuming that mutation forced salmon to swim upstream, how did the salmon in North America developed the same programing about swimming upstream as the one in Africa (or do all salmon meet once a year in a convention and exchange generic tips?

    The cell was created when earth was still molten and noxious how? Where? Why? We know the process is ongoing and it supposed to be natural so why can’t we observe it or recreate it?  But the scientific community is so vested by accidental creation *the no god theory, that they refuse to see the obvious. If I were a shrink I would say that this is a coping mechanism by scientists who can’t really explain a god who is responsible for all the suffering and injustice. Nor can I, except it seems that we are all participate in a very large video game, or as the man said: the whole world is a stage… The idea of justice has been corrupted…it is because we are confused.  God in the torah tells us not to be judgmental …everyone can quote that, but the second part of the sentence is ‘because I have judged’…god programmed right and wrong in our genes! God gave us a set of judgements which require killing a murderer and a rapists. Action required by us that can balance the energies because he didn’t expect us to figure it out. Not following god’s law resulted in creating a violent society that will not survive.

    The criminal justice system is case in point. We created system with the sole purpose of being just to the criminal…nice, except that it will never ever achieve justice. Justice needs to be given to the victim! We have taken the victim out of the system! Everyone in court is busy meting justice to the criminal. The Torah laws advocate justice to the victim…it advocates the criminal pays the victim, make him whole again, an act that will balance earths energies. The biblical system is therefore called: the victim justice system. It is what our system should be called. Once renamed the laws will change.  It is a glaring example of our ass backward understanding of how to achieve justice.

    I want to tell the pope that I think he is a very nice man but he isn’t close to understanding justice based on god’s law…read the bible please god says you must kill a murderer the pope is against it. But he is a man of god…god law is a loving law! It is designed to take out society cancerous cells, murderer and rapist are eliminated from the gene pool for the love of the billions not yet born, for the billions of souls not yet born….but to accept that one needs to accept that god programmed us.

    I know that life is but a video game for god…the evidence is in language, we name it wrong and then we do wrong. It is god’s creation tool which he gifted mankind, which we have yet to understand (we miss-defined language as a communication tool) it is the ‘the writing of god’ it is thought, it’s the ability to create in one’s mind, the ability to combine and recombine pictures to create other worlds. It is a program given to man only. The gift of god to mankind revealed only when the Hebrew language is used to decode other languages. Language was confounded because mankind misused the information within language, this is my feeble to bring back the knowledge while at the same time to prove the existence of god using the Word…. The writing of god, the letters god used to write the Torah are Latin letters, look at the table.

    Language is a weird communication tool. It is the transmission of agreed upon pictures using sound. It is as if someone created a broken telephone system to replace telepathy. It is a communication system but a creation system which we sometimes communicate.  All communication between organisms is prerecorded, those organisms never existed without communication system! The organism’s response to stimuli is prerecorded like in a video game or any other app…and like an app you can’t ask it to do what it isn’t designed to do. The original language is still in our subconscious. Language was according to scientists added about 300,000 years ago. Around the time the X and Y chromosomes appeared. Based on the torah language was confounded fairly recently, after the flood …We communicated before language was detected in humans what happened to it?  Apparently it’s still there as proven by aphasics who revert to communicating from it.  Someone inserted language in a new place in the front of the brain. It is not even connected to the limbic system where our original communication resides. In other words language didn’t develop from communication. We don’t know how and who created language but we know that it is what makes us humans.  Our educators are certain it was by accident. Evolutionists even claim that the presence of language isn’t compatible with the evolutionary theory because it would require 4 simultaneous mutations in 4 different organs in a group of related people…they in effect are admitting to evolution by design! But it’s still by accident declare our scientists…everything in our body runs by prerecorded programs-heart, lungs etc, they aren’t in our control! Who did that? Who wrote those programs? Who controls the thoughts that just appear in our mind?     Who is god?



    The writing was the writing of God the original letters the Torah was written with, ancient Heb. Which is modern Latin (see chart). There are 26 (yhwh) letters in Latin and 22(4-Tho) in Hebrew which actually uses today Aramaic letters. All the study of the holy letters shapes etc is wrong since they aren’t Hebrew but Aramaic. This complex set of event began by First replacing ancient Hebrew with the current Aramaic letters (it is more than strange that no one complained about changing the ‘writing of god’?) and then someone would have had to introduce it as Latin.  The evidence suggests it was planned all along…it explains why a bunch of right handed Hebrews invented writing for left handed people, there was always the plan to convert it to Latin, the writing of god that was written for most of the population, for right handed people. Those changes were orchestrated because all formulas had to be written in the Writing of God but kept hidden…the magic of god.

    First = adding vowels we get: f- reshit means hear-beginning or here-head-tho (same thing). The second word in the Torah is Bereshit tmis-ranslated as ‘in the beginning.

    Faster than light

    The subconscious runs our body and send occasional messages to the conscious brain. Who is doing it? Is the subconscious doing it randomly? ‘farting’ random thoughts? Who is running our body? Not Us.  Who then? Our subconscious[JL4]  records everything and forgets nothing, very efficient…but we have no access to the information…who then does?

    The Egyptians claim supports this as well, they say no one could get rid of Ra as a ruler of the gods because the secrets that rule earth were hidden in his body, in light that he doles out to humans periodically. Ra asked Tho to create the light being to judge in his stead, to be his representatives judging the unjust and reporting back to Ra. Ra to Aura, Aura to subconscious.

    We still celebrate those two gods, the gods THO RA the gods of moon and sun.  Most celebrate two days Saturday to celebrate the moon god -Tho (satur-day meaning secret-meaning day or S-Tur (this Thorah) and Sunday to celebrate the sun god Ra…sun-day.  The letter Tho in ancient Hebrew and Latin is a cross. Millions who wear The Cross are honoring Jesus but they are unaware they are honoring the creator God Tho –T…(the word Evri (Hebrew) means Literally Crossers…which too honor the god Tho

    The God Ra is the second son (sun) of the original creator god Noun. Thus: one (noun), Two, (tho) and Three, Tho and Ra. 1,2, 3…its everywhere but no one noticed.

    Zion is where god chose to domicile. Is this random? Zion means The Mark, it created the English Sign-mark. Did something very important occur, otherwise why choose such place? Why would god shlep a whole nation to such land? And why chose the Israelites? God says because ‘Israel is my son, my first born. God also says Jesus is his first born, Jesus was Jewish…All indications are that the Israelites were chosen as a nation of priests in a location that has some important meanings or energies that we have yet to understand.

    If one reads the Torah literally, There are a whole group of light entities, gods throughout the universe (let us make a man in our image). They literally design planets and seed worlds with life. They dole information at various times that we call discoveries. This book is one of those ‘discoveries’.

    In order to understand the torah one needs to be aware that it repeats the Sumerian story but in code. It’s a story about gods who came here to mine gold, they eventually needed to make workers to mine the gold (and the gold that is good is mentioned). Their chief medical officer and ruling god, Enki the god of water created us to work the garden-workers. His Hebrew name Elo-him-God-Ocean confirms it. Eventually he created woman as well. His brother Enlil was then sent to rule earth (he was a younger brother but from first wife). He became a Yahweh (y-hwh present-ruling god) over earth. Enki the one who created the double helix DNA is sometimes called Snake because they look like intertwine snakes, he is the snake creator god who appears in many myths and in the torah. He is the one who tells eve she would be smarter while Yhwh tells her she will die the day she eats from the fruit…she died many years later. Hundreds of Thousands of years later the medical profession still uses the entwined snakes as their symbol (Enki was medical officer). No one questions the appearance of a very smart talking snake? Animals don’t talk in the bible except one time. But it then says god spoke through the mule. The torah tells us that this god, the snake had a secret son with eve (Enki like the biblical snake was punished for this). Eve volunteers: ‘I bought a man from god’…how did she pay? She sold what? Moheres means woman in Spanish and To sell in Hebrew. Eve was fooled by the snake god. The Hebrew says the snake  Pouta (fooled)…eve. It is also telling us in code that Tho did it… pouta means Here-Tho in Hebrew.

    The Hindu and other myths repeat this story of Kanti, a woman who secretly had a son with the god of the sun. They named their son Karna. Kanti is the biblical Eve, eve said Kanti et adonia. Karna means a Ray-God (the name of the son of the god of the son)…a god mated with an earthling…it makes Cain ‘first born in creation’…it explains why god didn’t kill Caine. But he marked him so others (gods and demi gods) wouldn’t kill him. They were then others on earth…the Sumerian myth tells the story of Enki being punished for it by his brother Enlil (just like god punishes the snake). Since god called the Hebrews and Jesus who by the way was a Hebrew ‘my first born’ he must be suggesting that they are from the blood of Caine Enki is then our creator. Enki means I am in Hebrew. Ani mean I in Hebrew suggesting Ani was the original creator of life/

    Enki is the god of water, the creator god, Elhayam meaning GOD_OEAN. He is the creator who told eve the truth, he is the one that wants to save at least Noah and his sons. He says (in Hebrew) that Noah was TAM (righteous) in his generations. Tam is one of Tho’s names. But Yhwh, his brother deems the experiment a failure and is against it. We are taught incorrectly that one god was conflicted.

    We are all very advanced learning computers made up of trillions of nano computers that somehow cooperate. The cell the nano computers was the idea of the god noun, tho’s father We were all created by letter combinations, programs and controlled by unseen but yet always present light entities, souls that communicate with our subconscious. They are able to ‘suggests’ both good and bad advice but we have to act (free choice). Sounds outrages? Please remember that the most complex computer ever made was made 4 billion years ago! Not over a long period of time but in one fell swoop and that computer is in every cell of our body.

    Pretty much all the myths including the Torah claim some sort of gods came down from the skies created us and are teaching us…(the sons of god married the daughter of man) Einstein never measured the speed of light, he relied on others who all measured light at 300,000 k per second, he simply concluded what should have been obvious is that since everyone measures it at 300 it must be constant. I would like to take Einstein’s conclusion that if every myth suggests we were created by gods who came from the heaven that we as a humanity need to be as smart as Einstein and conclude we were designed not by a series of billions of impossible accidents but by DNA program writers, starting 4 billion years ago. What’s the difference? We will understand god. Myth my-th means From Tho in Hebrew.

    Until we understand that There is another existence, we all are light beings, souls that after Dea-th (know Tho) return to exist in a light world, a world that was created way before the physical world we wouldn’t be able to understand life on earth. Understanding this and accepting it might change one’s life.

    Language is what separate us from all other organism, language, the ability to imagine, to create new worlds was god’s gift to us. We became ’as gods, knowing good (god) or bad’. Once we are able to decode all languages using Hebrew the secrets of our true history and the secrets of creation would be revealed.

    Eating from the fruit of the garden gifted us language, the ability to create worlds in one’s mind the ability to be gods.  We are finally able to understand physical letter programming to understand god through his creation. We ate from the apple, it doesn’t say so in the torah…why APPLE? It mean APP-LE Speech-God in Hebrew.

    Can god control perception? The original Hebrew writing, the letters the torah was written with the writing of god are Latin letters. The Hebrew letters used today are actually Aramaic. When one looks at those two sets off letters it ought to be obvious…but no one noticed. Hebrew was written for left handed people. It makes no sense…unless one understand it was meant to be converted to Latin, a language written for right handed people.

    But…no one noticed.

    It is The greatest story ever told’ but none of us understand it…by design. Bible de codes as Bi-Ble meaning In-me-Confounded. Why would god allow false interpretations? Why would god even encourage false interpretation? It has to do with free choice, it is god saying: try the rest before you try the best.  

    We are looking for god in all the wrong places…he is in language in our programming, in our genes. In what the torah calls: the writing is the writing of god’ When we understand our programming we will understand god. 

    It’s not the law of: don’t kill or don’t steal that makes the bible unique it’s god’s judgments that would balance the energies, the punishment for each transgression that makes it unique, the book of Psalm tells us that those judgments are only in the Torah. That god gave the laws, the 10 commandments to all nations but the judgments only to the Israelites.  God decreed that the thief needs to pay double or work for it. This way the thief feels ‘ripped off’ and the victim feels like a got something for nothing…their energies are balanced and all is well again… any deviation requires a reaction of balance from YHWH. This unfortunately means that you might think you are doing the right and loving thing by not killing a murderer, but according to god you are doing wrong! An action that requires god’s intervention…


     I was first contacted telepathically in 1980 by an entity I didn’t see.  I call it an ‘experience’ is because the communication involve experiencing the answer.  When the answer was ‘it’s a sad state of affairs’ I experienced a specific painful experience that was culled out from my memory. I felt the answer.  When I asked how? The answer was a cartoon like picture of an old register and a fat finger pressing on one of the keys. I got it, He had total access to our subconscious, to our memory banks. There was never any sound. When the experience was coming to an end the communicator identified himself as ‘The Light’. At the time I didn’t even believe in the plausibility that there is an actual god. I always thought that the world is screwed up, unfair and uncaring which to my mind was evidence that there is no god, not a sane one anyway. Since I knew there is no god it was easy to accept that life is due to billions of accidents. I knew science has proven evolution, I expected that they will prove accidental creation. Now I know it’s impossible to prove because that’s not how the universe was created. I always thought that people who claim god spoke to them were either lyres or mentally ill… To say that I was shaken up is an understatement. I knew it was all happening in my head, but I literally thought my brain is spilling out, I was very scared, thought I was going crazy. My world has changed in that moment. The contacts happened over many years, sometimes not receiving anything for years.

    I am not a ‘spiritual’ person, I can’t relate to some esoteric explanation. I kept repeating the many words I accumulated to prove and reprove to myself that I am not crazy.  Today after thousands of English words with Hebrew meaning I think anyone not convinced by the evidence is not rational.

    I insisted on a rational repeatable proof, a proof that can predict that other words can be decoded in Hebrew. A proof I can show others. I am convinced that the evidence I received proves there is a god creator who is still programming life and historical events. I will show the reader, using over 3000 examples of how god confounded language, how god created all languages from Hebrew. To my mind it is a proof that there is a god. Why is the proof in language? It is after all what define us as humans. It is what allows us to think. Thought is what god controls though language.

    The question I have yet to answer is why tell me? Why not just announce it to the world? Why not tell it to someone with credentials? I still can’t understand why tell me? The only answer I came up with is that not everyone needs to know, that a big change is coming, that god is coming and my task is to inform those who need to know. It is also possible that I am some evil nut who is making all of this up so I can rule the world. Everything is possible, even if the odds are trillion to one the argument would be that it’s still possible. Because the evidence is circumstantial it’s possible the numerical connections and scientific information hidden within the word and the more than 3000 English words with Hebrew meaning which I accumulated is accidental, but the odds would probably approach 0 more than trillion to one. I think if one looks at the evidence, at how complex is the cell, the most sophisticated computer ever created was created 4 billion yers ago, and how it didn’t evolve in 4 billion years, it requires programs, blue prints of among other things for 150,000 different proteins that had to be programmed prior to creation, its unimaginable as a series of accident. The evidence suggests the overwhelming probability, over 99% that life and history were designed. That our main frame is connected to god’s interactive computers.

    Hebrew is the writing of god: The word Hebrew, in Hebrew is Evri meaning The crossers, the English word Hebrew or He-Brew means It-Created meaning God used Hebrew letters to program life, to program DNA. Until recently this was impossible to understand that god created language before life because we didn’t understand that letters can be physical, now we know that god created physical letters in order to write DNA programs. Jews and Christians believe that the word was create first and only then Life. It turns out to be scientifically correct, but because of previous misinterpretation- no one noticed!!

    God uses many names, a.k.a The Word so called because he and not a series of impossible accidents first created far more complex language than human language, DNA letter combinations-words, and then authored all DNA programs, all languages, and all other myths. If you like I always wondered why it is that god allows false writings, the answer is because he wrote them all. He is the god of the Aliens who have been on earth for the past 440,000 years, or as the Sumerian myth claims, they came here 432,000 before the flood (one tenth of a god day). The Hindu myth talks about Aliens who lived here and travelled in city like space ships who they called Bimana which happens to mean Bima-Na Moving-Stage. According to the Hindu myth light entities have been around for 310 billion years (how did they guess and how did they come up with such astronomical numbers no one knows…) making the big bang the conversion of light to matter a relatively recent event. I believe the enormous numbers the Hindu myth suggests are real and true. Sounds screwi?  The universe was created 13 billion years ago, earth was created 4.6 years ago…life was created 4 billion years ago, a lot could have happened in the first 8.6 billion years. P.s those numbers aren’t accidental they all represent Tho. The letter Tho is numerically is written with Tow and wow 4.6 , the number of our chromosomes. The numerical value of this letter Tho is 400-4, life was created 4 billion years ago. Matter was created 13 billion years ago(4) earth was created 8.6 billion years after the big bang . The numerical value of elohim is 86. This suggests a 13 billion years plan.

    What you are reading ought to be earthshaking, really different from everything you have read. It identifies god as a physical entity and explains myths and scripters, science and spirituality very differently. I expected a lot of comments, criticism, anger that I dare explain scriptures or science differently, I expected that linguists would take issue with my linguistic claims or even some complements for the work. It is amazing that tens of thousands read it and many suggest it to others (referral traffic) but I haven’t gotten any comments. I rewrote this several times thinking that maybe if I explain it differently, but the results are always pretty much the same.

    A believe is a choice, anyone can choose to believe or not to believe. That choice was taken from me. I experienced the presence of god and therefore unlike most readers I cannot deny god without denying my reality…in other words, though I refuse to accept it, it is possible that what I am describing is so far out that no one dares believe it, it might be one of those situation when you end up saying: you had to be there.

    This is in effect is the first Unified theory of one creator god, I suggest that whatever god you are Worshipping, he is the same god. All the magic the various myths describe, when decoded in Hebrew ls LITERALLY true. Everything we are reading is but high tech creations by god and his earlier creations we call aliens. We have yet to understand they are responsible for language in humans which was introduced around the same time as the Y chromosomes appeared in humans. God uses telepathy to the subconscious to insure that every new word we create is still correct in Hebrew. He also uses telepathy to advice aliens and us. The problem is that god advices good and bad solutions…we then must exercise free choice and decide the proper course of action. The difference is that the aliens know it because they are of higher vibration and able to see god and live. But we have yet to recognize that we don’t manage our body, the subconscious does, it records everything and forgets nothing, it has all the facts about our past, if we could refer to it we might not repeat our mistakes, but we have no access to the information. Use it or lose it? Who is using it? It transmits ideas to the conscious…who is composing those thoughts? Who is managing 86% of the brain?

    I believe the evidence proves we aren’t ‘kings of our domain’ of our thoughts. For example Chomsky decided to call his discovery about the innateness of language L.A.D meaning Language Acquisition Device, he clearly could have used many other names. I contend that god must have helped him come up with such name because LAD means AT BIRTH in Hebrew…more than that, Chomsky speaks Hebrew…no, he  surely didn’t notice…god moves in mysterious ways. Just an accident? Or the hand of god? How many of such examples are enough to decide that god is responsible for naming things. That god’s interactive computers are able to interact with our subconscious. That God knows the heart of man individually or as a group is not magic, just wireless connections which we are probably no more than 50 years away from achieving…

    • ·        Homer Iliad


    If we were to take the word Yalad meaning a boy or LAD or at birth as in L.A.D

     This is an example of how language was confounded:


    Einstein and god

    We all know that the speed of light is the fastest speed we can measure, we also know that the speed of light is constant. Actually that’s why Einstein ‘decided’ to assign the letter C instead of L for the speed of light. He was then able to solve e=MC2= MMC, or  משש in Hebrew. If he didn’t use the letter C but the more obvious L for Light the explanation below wouldn’t have worked…that’s the hand of god.

    I looked at Einstein's picture and that’s what I received...almost all at once: Converting MC2 to Hebrew letters MCC mem.shin.shin …or…CMC shin.mem.shin it reads CeMeCe in consonantal Hebrew meaning SUN. God combined formula and word, this way a 2 years old would learn the word sun and at 12 he will learn it’s a formula. Only a god can write such a language. The value of the Hebrew letter Shin-C is 300 which is identical to the speed of light in km. Shin is the 21(3) letter in the Hebrew alpha and represents light, spiritually and the WORD(thus- Sun(shin) and SHINE(shin) in English. Shin also means Change (shina) in Hebrew. Therefore Evo-lu-tion means Desire-God-change. The letter Tho is the 22(4) and last letter in the heb alpha and it has a value of 400. Thoth/god communicates with us telepathically or through Thought =Thoth (same word) transmit thought faster than light at 400. (Telepathy experiments confirm thought is faster than light). That might explain why we cannot detect or measure it. Finally, isn’t it lucky that Einstein decided on C instead of the more natural L…otherwise this explanation wouldn’t have worked out.

    Did Einstein know god planned everything? He clearly figured it out. ‘God doesn’t play dice with the universe’ means nothing is by chance, everything is planned.

    The best way to predict the future is to create it.


    The idea that all languages are made up of Hebrew sounds preposterous because we can clearly hear they are not the same. That’s the true magic of god. Strangely enough Chomsky kind of knew all languages are the same, he declared that because all languages are structured the same (noun pronoun verb etc) an use relatively narrow variety of sounds, ­­that from an alien point of view we are all speaking the same language…pretty good guess, though he clearly believes in accidental creation he then explained it by suggesting that syntax is programmed, innate, but that we learn words. Who programmed syntax? And how is it even possible to explain and program syntax without the presence of words? More importantly who caused 4 simultaneous mutations in order to allow us to speak? Who changed the brain, the ear, the throat and tongue all at the same time so we can speak has yet to be answered.  But evolutionists can’t be bothered to understand that a theory of trial and error without any errors clearly suggests intelligent design. Innate = nata = Planted    another word for at birth.

    Chomsky received the Noble price in linguistics for his research. But in truth his conclusions were false, syntax can’t be programmed until a person possess a fairly large dictionary, and syntax is different in all languages. In other words it’s impossible to understand nor program syntax, no way of understanding: this in a verb, a noun, or a pronoun etc. Since he has concluded we have an innate ability to learn language, he couldn’t suggest that semantics are somehow pre-recorded because it would clearly seem false so he had to conclude that syntax was prerecorded. Chomsky made those conclusions based on observing 3 and 4 years old who already possessed large dictionary and were learning syntax. This by the way is true about all life forms…all organisms communication is prerecorded to respond to stimuli, monkey language/communication is prerecorded, the small exception are birds whose language is prerecorded but each group learns specific accents like us...  The fact that communication is pre-recorded might be as good of prove that life was programed as any.  Otherwise it is impossible to explain how nature manage to create a language and then record it in everyone’s genes. We simply don’t understand that human Language isn’t a communication device, human language is a creation device because it gives us the ability to create a picture in time and space, freeze it, and then combine it with other pictures…it’s a system that allows us to create in our mind…the Hindus call this system SEMSKARA - Shem Shkara meaning NAME THAT HAPPENED

    Sem-an-tic  , shem-an-tic means Name-file

    Syntax-shin-tekes means word-arrangement



    Most arguments against the validity of the torah begin with: we know earth and life were created in far more than 7 days. The bible actually says in code that earth was created after 2 god days. The Hindu myth says a god day is 4.32 billion years meaning earth was created 8.6 billion years after explosion of a special black hole (darkness upon the abyss-black hole) - the big bang.

    The Hebrew word for Black is ShaHor. The word Hor meaning Hole is within that word. Sha, the letter Shin means both Word and Light, its value is 300 the same as the speed of light(each Hebrew word has a numerical value). The Hebrew word for black means Light-Hole…black hole. The English word Hole is from the Hebrew Halal meaning Space.

    I am not asking the reader to believe me because I claim to have been contacted, anyone can claim that and many do, I am asking the readers not to make a judgement based on their ‘feelings’ which most are quick to express, I am asking the reader to first review the new facts I present. I am asking the reader to be ZEN from the Hebrew E-Zen meaning balanced. None of it is accidental. The Hebrew word O-Zen means Ear where our balance resides. Someone knew that at least 4000 years ago. I am asking the reader to make a judgment based on the Evide-nce which transliterate in Hebrew as facts-carry. Is everyone wrong and only I am right? This is a question I am often asked. The short answer is yes, but you need to decide for yourself.

    Decide – da side = know side   the Hebrew word tzad means side

    I always wondered why the words word and world are similar. I finally understood that it summarizes what I am trying to say: God created the WORD first and then inserted himself (wrote programs) into the word to create the WOR(L)D. The Hebrew word L (el) means God in Hebrew. WORD+L = WORLD. I am going to present enough evidence, linguistic and scientific facts that will prove that life was and is being programmed by our creator.

    Word – or da meaning see knowledge/information (da=idea)

    World -  wor-ld  meaning light-birthed…all matter was created from energy/light

    Yes one can decode English using Hebrew letter meanings

    Does the evidence suggest life was created by Accident or design is the question each reader needs to answer.


    I forgot Hebrew and was reading everything in English, it took 10 years before I understood that it is all about the Hebrew language. I thought I was going to get an esoteric explanation, but after many example I understood that every language is made up of Hebrew letter meaning. I began reading Torah in Hebrew. It took returning to Israel to relearn Hebrew.  What began as lessons in bible and logic ended up being a 20 years language lessons, most of it appeared on tv screens with arrows connecting words, or on something like still baseball cards pictures absent of sound but with meanings attached to them. When I needed scientific information I was lead to it. I was given a new understanding of the Torah and Language, a linguist prove that god and not a bunch of old man wrote the torah and all other myths. It might explain why is it that no one knows the authors of all those venerated writings.

    God first created the Hebrew language in order to program DNA and then used it to create human language that originally contained all knowledge. God then complains that humans were misusing the knowledge and god and his minions (let us) confounded HEBREW and disperse the people all over the world. God didn’t create many languages, but confounded the original language that is programmed in us. Language was just ‘knotted’ confounded meaning con fo und or Here Speech Tied up. I was given the way to un-Knot it and reveal the knowledge originally programmed in language. The confounding system uses a non-linear crossword puzzle method to create all languages from it. (Knot is Acode in Hebrew (Abraham acode Isaac) or…A code in English. A code is knotted info. (guide – gu-ide, meaning Touch-hand) I know it sounds ridiculous. The information isn’t only scientific. The word Ashamed means Guilty in Hebrew, this suggests correctly that feeling ashamed is due to feeling guilty. Though I know for a fact English is Hebrew (I can decipher most of this writing) I still can’t hear it. But once written in consonantal Hebrew and like solving a crossword puzzle: looking for another way of saying the same thing, the connection becomes a little easier to see. Decipher – da sipoor – know story

    The biblical story of the confounding of language claims that the people wanted to create a name for themselves lest god disperses them. They knew what they were doing was very wrong, punishable by dispersement.  …pretty smart people. If we accept god is a high tech the god we can understand that he could get into our head and ‘confound’ language. It can also explain how god dispersed the people…space ships just carried them to different location. 

    Finally, what came first language or thought? One needs thought to create language (and 4 mutations) and one needs language to think. Like the chicken and the egg, thought and language came together. In other words when god gifted us language he also gifted us thought, a system that allows us to create in our mind. Language is not a communication tool but a creation tool. Language gave us the ability to imagine and to lie.

    In my opinion this is undiscoverable by accident or by intelligence because the connections are none linear, there are no discernable rules one can follow. It’s not going to be very obvious, after all it had to be hidden for thousands of years. I think what you are about to read is mind blowing, it blew my mind and change my life. The idea that not only life but historical events were programmed, that all knowledge was given rather than accidently found is almost impossible to accept. I had to discard almost everything I believed, everything I was taught.  Though I think it is the most important linguistic scientific prove of the existence of god. Though I have evidence of 3000 English words with Hebrew meaning and many of those words contain scientific information we only recently discovered but has been programed in language thousands of years ago, no one reading this seems to accept this as a prove. I think it is an absolute circumstantial prove! (Beyond reasonable doubt) but to accept it would require that readers change their belief system. I understand now that the reason it took 30 years is because I needed to change my belief system before moving to the next step. Most behavioral scientists say that most of us make decisions emotionally and will ignore the facts rather than change our god, our belief system.  Perhaps more important than proving there is a god is the fact that once understood it will be clear this is a key to a vast library of historical and scientific knowledge

    This is the crossroad where science and theology finally meet.

    All three religions believe that god gave the laws to Moses, all three have different interpretation of what god said, all three changed god’s law. Who is then right?

    Three partners were fighting, they decided to go to the rabbi for advice. When the rabbi saw them he asked them to meet them separately. The first man walked it and complained about his partners who are doing everything wrong while only he has the rights answers. The rabbi listen intently and told the man ‘you are absolutely right’ the second man complained about his partners, again the rabbi listen and said ‘you are absolutely right’, the same happened with the third partner. When they left the rabbis wife said ‘rabbi one of them must be wrong’ ‘you are absolutely right’ responded the rabbi.

    The question you need to answer is: was life created by accident or intelligent design?


    The Body of God

    The light of god. The biblical god is described as a light entity, he is described by the people of Israel who saw him from a distance as looking like a bright flame which is the Hebrew LAHAT obviously created the English LIGHT. God always hid in order not to harm humans. It follows that he is the one who created matter from light. As importantly it explains why creation was done on the very small particle and molecular scale, the original life forms appear to be very small to us…for god, for a light entity it appears as very large…everything is relative.


    One of the most erroneous almost universal FALSE judgment is the beyond belief claim that God is without body or image, no doubt because after all no one has seen him. God confirms he has body in the Ten Commandments when he says he looks like nothing on earth and the skies (he isn’t saying he has no body!). Since god is a light entity there is nothing on earth that looks like him. He also says not to worship other gods before him… he isn’t saying there are no other gods, he is saying its ok to worship other gods but not before him. What other gods? God asked their advice and help at least twice, let’s make a man on our image and the second time when he said; let’s go down and confound their language. It might explain how and Cain, literally the first born in creation, the secret son of god built a city, there were other gods who could help him build it. 

    Based on the bible’s description of God’s body, it is shaped somewhat like ours and not much bigger than ours, his body is made up of visible light one can put his hand through. God always hid in a coulomb of light or a cloud and once behind a bush (god is not too large). After Moses spent time with god his face radiated not because god has no body and image but because he is fatal to look at face, likely radioactive which ‘seeped’ through the cloud god hid in. Moses became almost a god and had to cover his face before the Israelites. At one point Moses complains that god entered the tent (in a cloud) and there was no room for him. Later Moses asks to see god and god tells him ’no one sees me and lives’, he then told Moses he would cover him with his hand and when he passes he will remove his hand which will let Moses see his back.  Moses clearly saw his back! Which is confirmed by god no less Or are god and Moses lying? Again, Why didn’t he tell Moses ‘I have no body’? According to all the interpreters god said he was physical but he didn’t mean it. Or, if god and Moses told the truth…God then has a hand a back and a face. To my feeble mind it seems hard to believe but, no one of the billions, Christian Jews and Muslims who read the bible noticed! Again to my feeble mind it is a sign of total stupidity or ‘the hand of god’. Before I received this information I too didn’t see it which drove me crazy since once revealed it seems so obvious…but I could not see it…to me it indicates the hand of god who can affect our thought process. Regardless of all the unmistakable evidence everyone accepted that god has no body, and it is questioned by none.  Our new improved description of god actually eliminated god (no body no image-nothing). If foxes, O’reilly was writing this no doubt he would have called it ‘The killing of god’. This physical light entity, and not a nonexistent god all religious leaders have sold us, programmed life and evolution. This god we haven’t seen for our own protection is still[JL5]  creating ‘mutations’ (complex program changes), those changes require writing new blue prints. God is doing that using light computers the ancient text called ‘the stones of destiny’. Though the world is screwed up, it seems we are in school and there is a ‘grand plan’ but it is apparently above my pay grade…if the bible is read literally it describes the highest tech sci-fi story we have ever heard- the greatest story ever told. Way higher tech than any of our movies… it is by design literally beyond our imagination.



    DNA LANGUAGE is far more complex than human language

    If we find 3 or 4 letters on a wall, one written word, no one ever suggests ‘nature did it’. We all accept it as evidence of intelligence…but when we find billions of written words, complex DNA programs we concluded that nature could have done it by accident. One dna language, one creation of the cell and literally billion of programs with no discernable mistakes and with no skeletal evidence of mistakes doesn’t prove an accident but rather more than suggests intelligent design. Actually it is simply a way to replace god. I think many like me couldn’t explain the suffering in the context of god, evolution is a way of not needing a creator god to explain the bad things that keep happening in the world.

    Stamford, Berkeley and all major universities with no evidence insist it was accidental. It simply supports the conclusions of psychologists that no one, not even scientists accepts facts that are contrary to their set of beliefs.

    The Hebrew bible uses only about 10,000 words that were later combined into short sentences that became words in other languages (Positive – Po-Si-TIVE = here this good). As strange an unbelievable as it might be, all world languages are made up of 10,000 words.

    To summarize: Hebrew is made up of 22 letters, DNA has 20 letters, DNA has blue prints library of 150,000 different proteins and the Hebrew Torah is made up of 160,000 words. In both cases its not only 150,000 random words, they need to be in specific sequence. Finally Hebrew is made up of 3 letter words called Shoresh meaning Root. Or (shoresh- created the word source). All DNA programs are written in 3 letter combinations that can be described as source words. If you believe it is even possible that nature created those programs you believe that nature could have written the Torah. Neither is possible.

    THE CELL structure, the fact that blue prints had to be written before creating the cell, the fact that once created it had to be program how to survive, all this is a proof that it was designed! It is a Nano computer that contains creation programs. Programs that took 5 basic elements and created language letters from them. Those letters were used to create movement-life. The cell was also programmed to cooperate with other cells. Each cell contains the organism’s entire DNA which allows it to be used anywhere in the body. We were told by our scientists that DNA is the brain that controls the cell. As it turns this assumption like many others are as often as not wrong. The reason scientists are often wrong, often create bad theories is because they assume evolution was accidental. Each cell responds to stimuli, to changes which it detects with antennas on the outer membrane (brain?). There are about 100,000 antennas on the outer membrane of every cell. By accident? Please tell us how? Not even a theory?


    DNA is a case in point, when the DNA is taken out the cell it continues to live. This proves that DNA is not the ‘brain’. The cell eventually dies without DNA because when proteins needs replacement RNA is unable to do so without the blue prints. Mutations are simply accidental change of the blue prints and therefore not permanent unless programmed. New research suggests that the outer membrane, the largest organ in the cell is running the cell. Or …is the light surrounding us, our aura...aur-a (light-god). Science call this energy Torus. Made-By-Tho-Rah

    Torus energy field seems to run the universe

    Nature appears to rely on one core recurring pattern to evolve life at every scale – the torus. It is a donut shaped energy vortex that you can see everywhere from atoms to galaxies and beyond.

    The torus is god’s way of creating and sustaining life and it can serve as a template for sustainability. Knowledge of the pattern is already helping us better understand the nature of the “unified field.”

    Torah is the program, Torus is the life sustaining energy…both are the names of god.

    Who comes up with those names? God or man?

    God first made man and woman in his image, light entities, souls, male and female. He then created Adam from the dust not in his image, and placed him inside the soul (it’s not in code, it says so literally, but only in the Hebrew version). Consequently: god talks to our soul and the soul, the light surrounding us communicates directly with our subconscious, through the biggest organ in the body, the skin. In a real sense we are all souls, walking energy fields the Hindus call Aura aur-a Light-god in Hebrew, this aura is wrapped around a body. And what we call a singular body is seems is more like a colony of 50 trillion cells that cooperate.

    It seems everything is controlled from the outside in. it seems that the empty space controls the universe.  Science recently discovered that most of the universe is dark matter, this yet unmeasurable dark energy keeps planets together. Without the dark matter the stars should be floating apart. And God divided the light from the darkness. Is mentioned in the bible as god first act which only now we can understand as a correct scientific fact.

     It seems that the outer space, the darkness, is the dark matter controls the light, matter. Our aura or soul that wraps the body controls us. The skin control the body, and the outer membrane controls the cell. The same is true about language, it is controlled by nothing, by the space between words. It is the 23rd letter the space between words created every word ever spoken or written. The space is the 23 letters = 5. It is implying by its number than Noun the creator of matter still control the space, the dark matter.


    The Hebrew and Arabic meaning of DN-A or Din-a is Judgment-God. I believe god’s name confirms he wrote all those programs. But what do I know? It also more than suggests that god knew 4 billion years ago that we would call it DNA. …Long term planning…life has been programmed. My father used to say ‘koolou maktoub’ meaning in Arabic ‘everything is written’. In today’s language it would be ‘everything is programmed

    I am not religious, I don’t keep the Sabbath, nor kasher, I don’t study the bible, I read only the Torah, nor have I read any Halacha (rabbinical interpretation of the bible).  I read the book of Psalm daily while holding different yoga poses. I don’t claim to be a linguistic or a biblical expert, I am a messenger not the message.  Though the bible is holy not the Paper nor the ink needs to be holy. I believe my job is to write this down as best as I can. I don’t really know where it’s going nor how it ends…this is because it is above my pay grade…thank god. But I have to believe it’s the harbinger of changes on earth.


    If you are wondering why me? So am I. If the choice was made based on character or intelligence I wouldn’t have chosen me.  I would have chosen a person who can write far better than me or with credentials like a rabbi, Einstein or Chomsky, or at least a person with the energy and willingness to go on different Medias and yell it from the hill tops so the findings, the truth about creation would be broadcast throughout the world. Since I am none of the above, I am a fairly successful business man (thank god…) and most of the people I work with don’t know about my writing, I am sure they would be shocked to find out I claim to have contacted and that I write about god. I have asked for 30 years now, why me? But have yet to receive an answer.

    I left Israel in 1963 (54 years ago), so as you can imagine my Hebrew is limited. The Hebrew article in this website was translated into Hebrew.  But my name kind of suggests why me. My family were rabies and study Kabbala it might be ’bizchoot avot’, because of the work my forefathers did.  I am joseph son of Jacob, I was born in Baghdad where language was confounded. The biblical Joseph’s name was changed by the Egyptian head priest who gave joseph his daughter in marriage to Tzaphanat Pahneh meaning ‘the code solver’. Why not ‘the dream solver?  I am certainly bringing a way to decode language, real linguistic evidence that can’t be refuted. I am presenting evidence that language, all language was designed, I show design where none existed before.  But to be honest those are simply my assumptions, I was not told why and I don’t feel a connection to my assumed past. Finally my name , Yoseph means ‘Will-Add’. I don’t feel god is counting on my abilities, I feel more like a tool, I believe that the fact that life was designed by god will be accepted based on some predetermined time.  I hope I will be around to see it.

    It might be more interesting to ask why god revealed this, and why now? Is god just telling me this for my personal information? So I would know? I never asked nor had any interest in religion, so it’s fair to conclude it wasn’t done as a response to a query to some burning question. Or was I told to write it to inform those who needed this information for the future for the time when god arrives and many of us will achieve higher vibration, for the time when the subconscious will no longer be blocked by the conscious brain.

    To decipher = dah sipoor = know story.

    De-code=da akode= know knotted.

    This is my Kabbalah, Kabbalah means to receive, a personal receivership from god. I tried to read the Zohar the most famous Kabbalah book, I understood very little, agreed with less and gave up. It is said that true kabbalah can only be about the Hebrew letters. The letters God used to create the universe and life, ‘the writing of god’. This is because God’s creation tool is written language, letter combinations (DNA programs) which he had to invent before creation, in order to create us. About 300,000 years ago God gifted it to mankind. Newton, and most if not all major discoverers including the man or woman who ‘invented’ farming were Kabbalists, nothing is ever ‘Discovered’ without god giving hints…Most discoverers claim to imagine it, to ‘see it’. Seeing a whole ‘movie’ that allows the discovery of something is not Normal way we think. It is a clear sign of telepathic reception. When God contacted the people of Israel, it was telepathic, the torah describes it as ’and they saw the voices’.

    Einstein was for sure Kabbalist, he saw, imagined himself riding a ray of light. Einstein never measured the speed of light, but many others did with pretty much the same number. Einstein changed the world by assuming it must be constant.  Einstein did not just by accident decide to go with the letter C (constant) rather than L for the speed of light? If he went with L the formula wouldn’t spell the Hebrew word for SUN CeMeCE CMC Mc2. The speed of light in km and the letter Shin C both have a value of 300. The letter M means water or Hydrogen in Hebrew. The Hebrew word is also correct numerically. Einstein’s kabbalah, like mine is all about the letters of god…a language written by a god who called the Sun CEMECE…this way a 3 years old learns cemece and a 13 years old is told it is the formula for how the sun makes energy...all knowledge is already in THE WORD…when other languages (mostly English) as decoded in Hebrew. Keeping everything Hebrew suggests it is either programmed in us or that we will use it again in the future, or both.

    And where then did the word Sun come from? – The letter Shin in mc2 means Light. The word Shine originated from the word letter Shin as was the word Sun.


    H2O - Mym means water in Hebrew, or H2O as I mentioned the Hebrew M means hydrogen (hydrate) two of them would then be MM (HH)+ Oxygen, (oxy-gen means Maker-Garden).  The Hebrew word MyM - Water. O in the formula is represented by the Hebrew letter Yod (y) which represents Yhwh whose numerical value of 26. What’s the connection? Oxygen is a god over us and is made up of 8 electrons in two orbits of 2-6…I promise you none of it is coincidental nor accidental, god stamped his name in everything.

    It seems Jews have a special program to receive information. It is circumcision, the act of cutting is the Covenant of the word’ or it is said in Hebrew Brit-Mila meaning Covenant word. 


    The origin of the English Light is from the Hebrew word that was used to describe god by the people of Israel who saw him from afar…Lahat meaning ‘bright-Flame’. The biblical god is described as a singular light entity, he is described as a bright flame - LAHAT which obviously created the English LIGHT. God is then a visible light entity which the Torah confirms several times. Because God has an image that emits dangerous rays he always hid in cloud or in a coulomb of light and once behind a bush in order not to harm humans and not as all religious leaders contradict the bible by claiming because god has no image. It is reasonable to assume he is the one who created matter from light. It explains why creation was done on the very small particle and molecular scale, the original life forms appear to be very small to us…for god, for a light entity, for one who can see light rays it appears as very large…everything is relative.

    It seems contradictory that eve and even Abraham spoke to god face to face. Sarah we are told went to consult with YHWH, aren’t we created in his image?  God tells Moses no one sees me and lives. God then covers Moses with his hand which he removed when he passed and let Moses see his back… but people who live to over 120 years are demi gods, they are able to see god and live, they have higher vibrations. I believe it’s the future of mankind. We too will be of higher vibrations, the question is will all of us survive the transition.



    GOD CREATED EVERYTHING USING LANGUAGE was unimaginable. But then we discovered DNA and the unimaginable became a scientific fact.

    All Human Language was created by the one letter, but no one notices. The nothing, the empty space between words is the 23 letter that created every word we utter. It is probably the best example of the nothing that created everything.


    In truth all religions give lip service to how much they love or fear god but in fact they all really suggest that god is old and irrelevant and needs ‘a new improved’ understanding which they luckily for all of us received from god... god said he doesn’t change his mind. The idea that the programmer needs updating by the ‘programmed’ is ludicrous…but yet it is believed by all religions…I guess Jesus was right: god forgive them for they know not what they are doing’… God also says in Psalm that every word was purified 7 times. But then, what does god know? He is old and likely didn’t know how advanced we would be…god also says in Psalm more than once that when god looked to see if there anyone searching for him he concluded: Not even one.

    How is that possible? No one thinks anything through. Today everyone relies on experts. Everyone I discuss this with ends up telling me ‘I don’t know enough to judge this’. Most of us have been told not to believe what we see but rather to believe what our leaders tell us we are meant to see if we were smarter, as the joke goes: who do you believe me or your lying eyes? We all defer to our experts.

    An old man was hit by a car, ‘are you ok?’ asked the man who rushed to help him, ‘How do I know’? Replied the old man, ‘I am not a lawyer’.

    I am not suggesting no one believes in god, billions truly believe in god but unfortunately they all believe in manmade god…they believe in laws created by people who wanted to control not enlighten. They are the ones responsible for all the mayhem in the world…

    In the final analysis it matters little who is the king it only matters which judgments which punishment of the laws the king uses to rule. A good law is a law that applies equally to all.

    The idea that god doesn’t mean what he says ought to be repugnant but it is accepted by all.  The Jews claim that ‘do not seethe a lamb in its mother milk’ really means ‘don’t eat meat and milk’, this suggests god is stupid, god couldn’t just say ‘don’t eat meat and milk…which includes don’t seethe a lamb in its mother milk. It also suggests the interpreter knew what god was thinking. No need to interpret the obvious. Eventually Judaism became a series of dietary laws. The Hebrew word for religion is Dat and it turned to Diet.  

    Simply stated one can’t really claim to believe in the biblical god but not his laws! Once we changed his laws we stop believing in god and start believing we are smarter than god…so we band together to allow each group to change god’s laws. One book, many religions…Then we made a very enlightened law we allowed each group to follow their own set of beliefs which they call god. We eliminated the Torah judgements of the laws meaning we eliminated god. God does say in the torah that we should not be judgmental but explains that it is because he already judged…everyone seems to forget the last part the sentence.

    The Muslims are right to claim that god’s law should be the country’s laws, but they follow their leader’s laws, shariah laws which are clearly aren’t gods laws!. They say they believe that god gave the laws to Moses but they follow their priests ‘new improved’ laws, not gods. Today every religion elevated their leaders to gods and give lip service to the true god. It seems clear to all that god is not around. I promise, god is coming back! He gave us a chance to see how we would do. .. The Torah says he will hide and see how we end up…

    *I was told to look for what is the same in all religious writing. I remember thinking that was very clever and unique. ‘To see the one, one needs to see everything as one’. Or as I ended calling it, “the Shem (the word) is the Same. It’s interesting that when one looks for differences one finds them. Its far more interesting, almost shocking that when one looks for the SAME, Shem ‘the Word’ one finds god. The Living Word.

    I happened to be taking a class from the grandson of Gandhi and when he wrote Brahma I recognized that Abraham is consonantly the same word…when I asked the professor he answered too quickly that there is no connection…I remember responding…a belief is a choice and I choose to believe. I was very impressed by my answer, it was so unlike me… that evening I received the language secret in a traumatic and totally unhinging ‘ceremony’ that left me crying for hours. Actually I cried a lot during and after contacts, it was very ‘purging’. The law of balance says that if you laugh you need to cry. But…you can choose to cry in a movie or about your miserable life.

    * Finally, I was instructed to always separate facts from imagination, fact from judgement. Most people accept judgments as fact…I think this little exercise made me much smarter.  It meant, I needed to accept facts but question judgments, question conclusions. I still remember the one example I received. “The ocean is beautiful’. The ocean is a fact, beautiful is an imagined opinion. Today as one watches news more than 90% is opinion and maybe 10% is factual. 

    Now that we know how to program a 2 letter computer and have achieved complex programs like programing a paralyzed man to walk which to us seems revolutionary. We ought to be able to appreciate the complexity of creating 4 computers letters using complex molecules that manages millions of simultaneous programs. The cell is a computer which is light years more complex than ours with at least 17 parts that were produced and then inserted into the cell with almost unlimited memory was created 4 billion years ago…and talking about miniaturization…it is so small you can’t see it.  And how about NaTuRe skipping a 2 letter computer? Likely too slow…In my personal opinion, one has to be a border line idiot to assume life was created by accident considering the facts suggests otherwise.

    One successful try at creation in four billions years, without subsequent tries, doesn’t an accident prove.  The Hebrew meaning of the word, “Evolution” might solve the mystery.  It means EVO LO SHINA = Desire–God–Change. This gradual change was programed before creation. But it isn’t clear that the plan was always to give us speech, the tool god used for creation…which we decided to miss-define as a communication tool.


    The criminal justice system can’t ever be just

    It’s impossible to achieve justice by punishing the criminal. The court, judges, lawyers and witness only talk about the criminal, we have taken the victim out of the system. Justice can only be achieved by indemnifying the victim! The system is ass backward because the name is wrong. If we would change the name to ‘The victim justice system’ in time the system will change,   as you name it so it is. P.s the bible laws are based on ‘victim justice’.


    Atom was so named because it was believed to be the smallest part. It turned not to be true. But Atom means ‘hermetically closed’ in Hebrew and that is still true about the Atom.

     This and the hundreds of other such examples proves a god wrote all languages.  It proves that someone is able to whisper in our ear what to name something. It proves that the Word, Hashem is so called because he is responsible for the Names. Since we continue to invent new words and they continue to be correct in Hebrew, it proves the process is ongoing. It also proves that the god of accidents science clings to didn’t do any of this.

    Not all words are obvious. Take the English Sky its origin is the Heb. Word Shahak….meaning Sky. It doesn’t sound remotely the same. When reduced to Heb. consonants it produces the letters SK and thus Sky.  As often as not all it takes is adding a letter.  Snore- s noher = this snores.



    Who are The Hebrews? Who are the ones god called: my son, my first born.

    The Hebrews aren’t a mythical tribe history neglected to mention. The Israelites were renamed by the Greeks and history as Hyksos also known as the Semitic pharaohs. The Hyksos never used that name, they called themselves Amu from Avari meaning in Hebrew Nation-Hebrew. Avari was Egypt’s capital during their rule. They left Egypt by command of their god. The Torah says that the Hebrews built Pitom or Pt-om meaning nation-ptah (tho is pta), the hebrews. Actually the Greeks called Maser (that’s what the Egyptian call their country) to Egy-pt meaning pta-land. The Hebrew built Ramses…this is also true because the Egyptian who were embarrassed that they were ruled by the Hyksos erased, destroyed almost anything to do with the Hyxos decided to change the name of Avari which the Hebrews built to Ramses. The Egyptians claim that they have no record of being conquered, It is true, this is a case of tax collectors, josephs family who became pharaohs. It appears that Joseph was given the rein over the country not because he solved dreams but because he suggested the solution to the impending drought, he suggested creating an artificial lake to absorb the Nile overflow and then redistribute the water thus creating bigger fields. This is why the pharaoh called him a smartest man in the land. He left him in charge because he was the only one who knew how to build it. The Egyptians are still using this artificial lake. Its name to date is ‘Baher Yousef‘the ocean of Joseph’.  Joseph then first suggested an impending disaster and then suggested a solution.

    Who are the Palestinians?

    The biblical Palestinians lived around the Gaza strip. By the time the Romans conquered Israel the biblical Philistines didn't exist. The Romans sacked Jerusalem exiled it citizens to Rome and in attempt to erase Israel of the map...they Change the name of the country to Palestine! Based on historical evidence and recent DNA findings it is more than likely that most Moslems and Christians who live in Israel/Palestine are Jews who were likely forced to convert. It might even explain the Palestinians strong ties to the land...a brotherly war between Palestinians and Israelis, between India and Pakistan, between Sunnis and Shiites...history repeats itself, almost at nosuim.

    My better half is Brazilian and catholic, but the last name of both her parents recently appeared on a list of Jews forced to convert to the catholic religion in 1492. I believe that similar thing happened to the present day Palestinians…they were Jews forced by the ruthless Moslems who didn’t give them the option to leave, they were forced to convert or die. I believe the Israeli Palestinians conflict is the same war between brothers. 

    A Palestinian country?

    There is one already, it’s called Jordan. If the Palestinian will get a country there will be 2 Palestinian countries.  Jordan was created by the British who gave a Saudi sheik named Abdallah because he helped them in w.w.2. Sheik Abdulla moved his tribe from Saudi Arabia and subjugated the Palestinians who lived there. Today Jordan is 75% Palestinians but is ruled by minority Saudis. As usual no one noticed no one complains…but the world pretends the Hebrews who were promised by god this land to the Hebrew forever. Most somehow think The Saudi sheik is ruling over a Palestinian majority is normal and natural. Of course there was a time the Jordanian Palestinians revolted…the wonderful king killed 20,000 of them in one week. More people than died in all the Palestinian wars… but the truth never confused anyone. I am willing to bet that most people who are reading this aren’t aware of the simple facts but all have an opinion…a feeling about justice.  

    When Israel made peace with Jordan it offered Jordan to take the west bank which was Jordanian but they refused because it would have made Jordan 85% Palestinian. And the current ruler is pretending to support the Palestinian aspiration. When Israel made peace with Egypt Israel offered the Egyptian to take back the Gaza strip which was Egyptian, but they refused to take back their own land because they didn’t want to deal with 2 million Palestinians. Had they accepted they could have granted the Palestinians a country but it was not in their best interests. One final fact, all Palestinian refugee camps are in Moslem countries, none are in Israel. The Arabs have held back the Palestinians from becoming citizens, after all there were only 250,000 Palestinians who left Israel. The Palestinians who reside in Israel have full citizenship and are represented in the parliament. They are the most educated Muslims in the Middle East.

    The big elephant in the room are the Saudis who took over part of Israel and Palestinian. If there were free election in Jordan it would turn Palestinian, it would then unite with the west bank and have large Palestinian country. Their king is polite and nice because he knows he is the real problem, he is ruling Palestinian by force, by his army, but as usual no one noticed because the fact never confused anyone! Instead of blaming the king for ruling them the Palestinians and the world continue to blame Israel. The solution resides in Jordan not Israel. 


    My Opinion – The hand of God

    400 years later GOD ‘shlept’, dragged the Israelis into a 40 year trip, often against their will to the Promised Land, to Israel and Jerusalem. God (the Jewish, Christian and Muslim god) then promises that the land of Israel and Jerusalem will be in the hand of Israel for eternity…because that’s where he chose to domicile.

    Mouhamad even says Koran:  [5.20] And when Musa said to his people: O my people! remember the favor of Allah upon you when He raised prophets among you and made you kings and gave you what He had not given to any other among the nations. [5.21] O my people! enter the holy land which Allah has prescribed for you and turn not on your backs for then you will turn back losers.

    Mouhamad is encouraging Jews to return to the land god chose for them

    This clearly hasn’t stopped the Muslims and the rest of the world from fighting against god’s expressed wish. The word Palestinian is from the Hebrew word Palash which happened to mean “the invaders’ in Hebrew. The world has been trying to delegitimize the people the Muslim god called ‘my first born’. The ones Mouhamad encouraged to return to Israel because god chose them to live there.  Is the Arab world winning? Is as they claim god is on their side? The evidence show that Israel is getting stronger and wealthier, leaders in computer technology while the Arab world is committing suicide using a tool devised to kill Jews. The Arab world created a law allowing Muslims to commit suicide if they kill none Muslims in the process. This law was designed to allow Palestinian to blow themselves in Israeli busses.

    Today this one fatwah is responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands Muslims…if I were a thinking Muslim I would venture to examine if the evidence support the idea that they are doing god’s will. It would seem to me god is punishing the Muslim world with a tool devised to destroy Israel…the facts never confused anyone. The Arab world thinks they are winning by suicide. When something illogical like Muslim killing Muslim is occurring and other Muslims are cheering on rather than pointing its stupidity it must be god’s hand. When something that makes no sense happens, when mind ‘twisting’ happens on mass – you can take it to the bank – It’s the Hand of god!! God is able to read our mind and to make ‘suggestions’. ‘God knows the heart of man’. God told Moses that he will hardened the pharaoh’s heart. God is telling Moses he can control the pharaoh’s feelings.

    The media fell in love with president Obama and never really examined the results of his actions. He not surprisingly clearly sympathizes with Muslims, after all he had two Muslim fathers which makes him a Muslim based on Muslim law. The fact that his mother managed to marry 2 Muslims in Hawaii more than suggests she favored Muslims, he grew up in a Muslim country with Muslim friends. He heard ‘allah wakbar’ 5 times a day for many years and no doubt have heard their doctrine. But he never talks about it. He moved back to the states and lived with Christian grandparents. As an adult he attended a church where it’s reverent said “not god bless America but god damn America’. His refusal to say ‘Muslim terrorists’ and his claim that the Muslim is a peaceful religion. Mouhamad claim was “din Ala Besaif’ meaning ‘the rule of god is by the sword’ which doesn’t sound very peaceful. Hours before he left office he released $200,000,000 that congress held back to the Palestinians (Trump stopped it). Those are not my opinions, those are the facts! His oratory ability is the best I have heard and he used it to mesmerize the world. Regardless of his sentiments and his intentions he managed by his inaction to further fuel the number of Muslim getting killed. His actions of not enforcing the ‘red line’ and not enforcing the ‘no fly zone’ allowed aerial bombardments which forced 4 million Syrians to flee. His inaction created the Syrian disaster that Europe will pay for. His actions in Iraq and Libya and his desire to ‘make nice’ in the Arab world by visiting Egypt first and apologizing in our name and finally giving Iran a ‘sweet deal’ and voting against Israel. The simple truth is that the Muslim world has created every single security problem in the world which has cost us trillion of dollars and untold lives, it has destabilized many countries and destroyed many others, but united nation decided that Israel has no connection to the temple and Jerusalem and that the settlements are the impediment to peace. I guess Hamas’s refusal to recognize Israel and their desire to destroy it rather than live peacefully next to it isn’t a deterrent to peace. 

    Because Obama’s actions are against god’s wishes the results are very far from his intendent results. This is a clear sign of the hand of god. You might ask how?  Interactive computers- Telepathy to the subconscious that’s how.  God is as the song says is ‘in the windmills of your mind’.

    The Christian world believes in a Jewish son of god and in the Jewish god of Old Testament and even sing about the ‘promised land’ that promises Israel to the Israelites but constantly votes against Israel right to Jerusalem and Israel, the world used magic or maybe witchcraft and managed to separate Jews from Israel and Jesus. Jesus lived among thousands of Jews who were crucified with him by the Romans. Jesus experienced that day what thousands of Jews experienced that day.  The romans rulers somehow blamed the Jews…magic converted the aggressed to the aggressors. But the facts never confused anyone. We the Hebrews are but a very small % of the entire world population well below 1/2%, but has managed to contribute scientifically and spiritually more than any single people…just the same we have been prosecuted by all. We are the ones god promised to collect from 4 corners of the world and return us to Israel, he kept his promise and made us a strong nation, but the world refuses to see the facts because most of the world are lying when they say they believe in the Biblical GOD. They believe in a manmade god, in a god their priests created. The biblical god predicted the entire world will be against Israel, that’s when he will come and help his first born!  The sons of Cain, ‘the first born in creation’ who was punished to be a wonderer and a vagabond, to travel earth and impart knowledge but still to be hated by the rest of the world. The one thing I can promise the reader, god is a real entity and god is coming back to judge the world.  

    We are all sheep in a world run by wolfs not shepherds.

    Jerusalem belong to Israel, it is where god wants the temple rebuilt. El Aksa is not where Mouhamed flew to heaven! Mouhamed died in 632 and the Mosque was built in 711. The Koran doesn’t name Jerusalem, it says Mouhamad flew from the furthest mosque, with Mouhamad vast holdings I would venture to say that masques in India and Africa were much further. Why did then the Muslims decide on Jerusalem? It really makes no sense! This is clearly the hand of god, for some reason the god THO decided that all 3 religions will claim ties to Jerusalem his chosen Home! Because…he is coming back! God says that then the Israelites would be a nation of priests. I believe that 2 state solution which sounds reasonable to most is not happening is because it is not what god wants

    The modern day Palestine is actually the biblical Israel. The biblical Philistines disappeared long before the Romans conquered Israel. The present day Palestinians are not related to the biblical philistine. The Romans exiled all of Jerusalem’s population to Rome and changed the name to the one the Hebrews hated the most. This was done in order to ‘erase Israel of the map’. It is more than likely that the present day Palestinians were Israelis who were forced to convert…din allah besaif…the rule of god by the sword is a policy the Muslims are still using…but as usual no one noticed. 

    Why Jerusalem? With the entire earth available to god why choose Jerusalem? There are far nicer and prettier places. I believe it has to do with some sort of energies that enter earth through Jerusalem. The Hebrew word Zion means the Mark, the Sign. It appears in the English Sign.


    The writing was the Writing of god’

    What else haven’t our religious ‘experts’ notice? How about that the ancient writing of god is Latin letters that as it turns out are almost identical to ancient Hebrew but written from left to right? Look at the table. Hebrew is made up of 22 letters with is 4 which is Tho’s number. But Latin, ‘writing of god’ are the 26 (yehowa=26) letters…this is because all formulas must be written in the ‘writing of god’ rather that in Aramaic letters with which the present day torah uses and it had to stay a secret. This means that all the linguistic theories are WRONG and all origin of words is dead wrong. I have well over 3000 English words with Hebrew meaning as evidence. Evide-nce means fact-carries.   Accident or design?

    Once one sees design where one saw accidents one then must accept there is a real designer.

    Intelligence is Sekel in Hebrew, the two words do not sound anything alike but…Skull, School, skill (skl) are from the Hebrew word Sekel. Scale and cycle are from the Hebrew Shakal meaning to weight/Scale. Those words explain that intelligence is going to schools and obtaining a skill in one’s skull. The process is reduced to two words…weight it and look for like cycles. Intelligence was programmed within The living Word. This alone ought to be enough to prove a god confounded language. But I have another 3000 examples. P.s the Hebrew money is called Shekel. It literally means ‘weigh it’ or ‘think’…it might be subconscious but it’s there. When SKL is decoded-read in Hebrew it reads as S-shin-word, K-Caph - palm, L lamed -learn or god...intelligence is then To learn The word in the palm of God.

    Once we accept that god programmed DNA we will begin to really understand how and why we are programmed the way we are. We would be able to eventually live to about a 1000 years, the age the original sons of Adam lived to. This would require true understanding of the Torah. In other words we would need to evolve spiritually…it really means that we would need to first accept for a fact (not just believe) that there is a god creator, that there is a DNA programmer who is still (if you like it or not) running earth using sophisticated programs that can interact with our subconscious. The time is now! Only now we have enough scientific knowledge to begin and understand that we are nothing but light computers-souls, attached to a human body.

    Hebrew teaching says that the Messiah will come riding a white donkey (not even a horse?), it’s just a play on words. In Hebrew for white donkey is: Hamor lavan if read a little differently as Ham or lavan happens to mean Warm white light. According to the Egyptian the soul returns on the boat of Ra (ray) meaning light in Hebrew and Eng. But apparently mistakes happen maybe even programed to happen …the souls are then told to return to the body and the person health improves…miraculously…miracle is just a science we don’t yet understand.

    The word Mashiah messiah spelled backward (many other examples that god writes something backward when it’s a secret) is hi shem meaning living-name. Based on the Word it is likely connected to the  Optic Chiasem…I don’t know enough to know why but the word Chi-sm also means Living-Name…a new way to research science…the science of the Word.

     All of which suggests that the next messiah will actually involve a physical change in our mind[JL6] . Impossible? Wireless reprograming is impossible? Let’s remember that the cell was created 4 billion years ago!! We are talking about using a technology that is way beyond our imagination that was created 4 billion years ago. Reading our mind? No doubt!...writing wireless programs is impossible?

    More than one alien contuctee confirm aliens were able to read their mind. As to the grays, and the reptilic, the small ones and the tall ones etc are more than likely but robots. Who ta heck would want to deal with illogical violent humans? Whenever we talk about aliens many smile suggesting an improbability. The ones who believe in aliens aren’t much better, they always assume very low technology…just a little more than ours…they don’t need our sperms or our blood, they were able to program DNA and blood (Adam or A-Dam meaning god-blood) at least 300,000 years ago, when they programmed humans with language. The decoding suggests those aliens are from the Pleiades from Torus.   Torus means torah made, P-le—iades mean Speech is my witness. Finally, there is the story of the 7 sisters who are the Pleiades, one of which light is dim because she is embarrassed because she mated with an earthling (us). They are our Natar, our guardians our Shumer. Both words means guard in Hebrew. Natar created the word Nature which is the name of the Egyptian creator gods. Noon, Tho, Ra. Billy Meir a contactee claims he met them and they look like us but with far clearer skins. They describe their religious leaders as light entities one can see and can put his hand through. They said those light entities instruct each one telepathically based on their needs. They also said they are able to program nature. They claim they designed their planet and ours, they have similar animals on their planet. Finally they claim they have no government. It suggests that what god calls the ‘badness’ of our youth was genetically eliminated. Barbara Marciniac a Pleiadian channeler claims they told her they are here looking to the keys to the library. She said she could never understand what they meant and they refused to elaborate. I believe I was given the keys,  this is it.

    p.s. The Hindu myth talks about aliens or gods flying on large vehicles which they call BIMANA…its Hebrew decipher is Bima-Na meaning Moving-Stage. The Israeli theater is called Ha-bima – the stage.

    Create is from the Hebrew Cara et meaning called- tho (into a computer). It is translated to describe 2 different Hebrew words. The torah uses the word bara in the first chapter when the soul was created from light. The letter is made up of B meaning Housing, while R means light/Energy. God created housing for his energy. I guess the torah is confirming what we recently learned…everything is made up of energy that was converted into a physical body. We know now that the Higs Boson field was created before the big bang in order to convert energy to matter. The word yeyatzer not Bara is used when Adam was created, its meaning is to re-manufacture and made-narrow it suggests we were made narrow inside the soul. Science ‘decided’ to call the light surrounding us and earth torus energy (thor us=torah made). The Hindu’s call it AURA – or AUR-A meaning LIGHT-GOD in Hebrew.


    Why All the suffering?

    I realize that all the pain and suffering is likely planned, I am not privy to enough information to defend it, I have had great difficulty accepting it. Actually the bible and many myths tell the story of the fighting brothers. The Hindu myth Bagvadagita tells the story of the brotherly war, all end up dying horrible deaths...when in heaven they complained to god about all the death and pain...god replies: what're you complaining about? You are all here and well, down there was just a play you were in…. the master story teller Shakespeare said: all the world is a stage and we are all just actors. Shake Siper means Kissed-Story in Heb.

    • ·        Siddhārtha Gautama, Shakyamuni
    • ·       
    • ·        The Hindu myth is called Mahabharata which reads in Hebrew: mah bharata or What god Tho Created
    • ·       

    It is true that my ‘search’ is fueled by my experiences. As you can imagine I sounded crazy to friends and family. The most common comment was ‘are you saying everyone, the whole worlds is wrong and you are right?’. When I confirmed it also confirmed me as nuts with ‘vision of grandeur’. This experience taught me a weird lesson, one my logical mind could not accept but has proven right over and over again: the facts never confuse anyone. It seems that it is far easier to ignore facts than changing ones god, ones set of beliefs.

    I lost friends and a business following the information, but from the onset I insisted on a proof that isn’t based on my experiences but on facts. In my first encounter I was very concerned that I am going crazy, I didn’t believe in god….so what’s going on? I had the presence of mind to ask for a proof I can show others. This was to guard against going crazy, I was worried this was some sort of hallucination… I always thought that people who claims god spoke to them were either charlatans or mentally ill.  So what does that make me? I was literally scared my mind was spilling out…I guess in retrospect it was god hitting me with a 2x4 upside the head saying: pay attention!  To be honest I still expected some razzle dazzle the last thing I expected was a complicated language lesson. I am offering prove everyone can evaluate, because both Hebrew and English are well known languages. But is often too mathematical and hard to follow.

    Claudia my better half and my soul mate says it’s boring, she has yet to read this in the 10 years we have been together… I never insisted because her eyes turned demonstrably glossy whenever she tried to read more than few pages. So I guess this is going to be boring or mind blowing. Claudia says I shouldn’t try so hard because ‘it’s not a happy message’. I guess telling scientists that there is an actual creator wrote all those programs they claim were accidental and who left evidence of his existence in all languages is going to be a little embarrassing. It seems scientists claim all those programs they can barely understand were written by accident. They suggest that DNA letters banged against each other inside the cell resulting in very complex programs. This is beyond stupid!!  When we find 4 letters on a wall we know it’s done by an intelligent entity, but we concluded that billions of letter combinations (programs) were written by accident. Nothing but Nothing is created without thought. It is impossible to create anything without a plan without an end result!! Otherwise how would one know that it was done? In other words why didn’t nature experiment with 3 legs and 3 hands? But somehow all the smart ones sold this concept to themselves and us.

    Why is god letting us screw up?

    ‘I will hide my face and see how they end up’ said the lord. In a sense god was saying, try everything else first until you realize that the torah laws are designed to balance earth’s energies because that is how I programmed it. Or, Try the rest before you try the best.

    Receiving info was exciting but scary, I knew it was happening in my mind except that the pictures (often on a white screen with arrows) were far more vivid than thought and I seem to remember them as vividly 20 years later. The surprising part of the communication was that it was done without any sound and often with just still pictures like baseball card with meaning. There is a feeling of being very smart even genius, but the loss of control is something I couldn’t get used to. It felt super natural, it scared me, it left me shaking for at least a day. (I know…what happened to the blissful experience others describe?). I guess I am not good with supernatural… I asked that it should be a little ‘lighter’, for the last 15 years I have been receiving while sleeping.  I don’t remember the dreams. But I wake up knowing. I am then led to the evidence. It was strange to know something I didn’t even think about, but it was far easier to deal with. For example I woke up knowing ancient Heb is modern Latin, I never thought about it nor gave it any importance, I even forgot that ancient Hebrew letters were changed to Aramaic but I woke up knowing it for a fact even before I looked it up.

    Telepathy: At one point the answer to my question was ‘it’s a sad state of affair’, I experienced the answer, I relived a sad time in my life, it is an event I didn’t remember but I re-experienced –sad. When I asked how it was done, I was shown a cartoon like finger pressing on a key of a register, I then understood that the communicator has total access to my subconscious. I immediately understood why the subconscious records everything but yet we don’t have access to the information…the soul/god is using it. Thirty years later I still remember it vividly.

    After 10 years of looking for Sameness I finally recognized they all tell the same story, that Brahma is Abraham, both are married to Sara but the Hindu Sara is called Sara Sawati or sa ahoti –meaning she-my-sister.   The biblical Sarah was Abraham half-sister. It is telling us that all myths were written by the author of the Torah. Netchikita was the king who wanted knowledge over money…god gave him both. Nitchicata means the kiss of god. King Solomon the song of songs with ‘And he kissed me with the kisses of his mouth’. Same lady with a different outfit’. But isn’t the Hindu religion older than Judaism? The Torah is at least 3600 years old. Hindu writing was invented 2800 years ago (fact), everything else is just imagined. Only then I was given the Key to the truth, I was shown how to use Hebrew to un-confound language.

    How many words is enough?

    I stopped counting or adding new words to my dictionary when I got to 3000, which incidentally happened about 15 years ago. Many words in this text do not appear in my dictionary. I believe the linguistic evidence is undeniable that all religious myths and all languages (a unified theory of god) were written by the same god who is said to have written 350 books. Why 3000 English words? Some will tell you that are couple of hundred thousand words in the dictionary? In truth most of them are names and other never used words. 3000 words is what an average English speaker who speaks English as a second language knows. 3000 is enough to understand 80% of Shakespeare or 80% of the bible. A college graduate is expected to know about 12000 words (I doubt it). Torah, the Hebrew language is made up of about 10,000 words. All language are then actually made up of 10,000 words that were recombined to create many more words that are in effect but short Hebrew sentences. Artillery would then be AR-TILL-ERY a short Hebrew sentence that says LIGHT-MISILE-SHOOT or PO-SI-TIVE meaning HER-THIS-GOOD. I can probably decode 70-80% of this text.

    In 1992 after 30 years I returned to Israel to relearn Hebrew so I can write this book, it was published within few months but after 15 days of fame it died. I was on tv, Jerusalem post, discovery channel, many radio shows and tv morning talk shows because, everyone was impressed how I showed how to de-confound language, but it failed miserably after the first printing. Telling rabbis and scientists they are wrong doesn’t work. Christians argue, Jews ignore… guess since I don’t have a degree in linguistics no one wanted to take 3000 words as enough evidence, to at least consider the possibilities. No one wanted to change the god they know to one they don’t. I never thought Israelis will ignore it or will not get it, I never had a backup plan.  As it turns out new studies show that most people will ignore facts rather than change their set of beliefs.

    After the book’s failure, I opened a business in Israel which failed as well. I ran out of money, in 2001 at the age of 54 I returned to San Francisco to try and make a living again. I owned a retail business and was a vp of a chain of 500 stores before that. Because of my age no one would hire me, at 54 I became a commercial r.e broker.  By the age of 60 (2007) I have done well enough to allow me to eventually retire from r.e income. I told Claudia it was a ‘blessing in disguise’ that no one hired me, no she corrected me ‘it’s blessing in the skies’. In the past 5 years we have been traveling to Israel, Brazil (where Claudia and I are from) and other countries for about 4 months a year.

    Everyone knows Hebrew wasn’t the first language, citing some linguistic tree. This was confirmed to me by a professor st bar Ilan a religious university in Israel who told me that its already been proven that Hebrew wasn’t the first language…Proven! Really? All conclusions about ancient languages are false, the entire linguistic tree is wrong.  Language research is wrong because its based on the false assumption that we created language by somehow willing many genetic changes. First of all, all those ancient languages are actually modern languages created recently with their own grammar.  Secondly In order to accommodate language someone had to program 4 mutations and it had to have happened simultaneously, even linguists say it is not consistent with the evolutionary theory. Those same evolutionists are in effect claiming that We didn’t create language on our own. Then they suggest we created another set of random letters/sounds that eventually created language, the sounds then evolved for no good reason.  But our research is limited to writing which is 6000 years old (after language was confounded). Actually the Hebrew count is from when writing began which is about 6000 years ago.  Based on skeletal evidence speech has been around for at least 300,000 years, we are missing about 294,000 years (Most people confuse written language and spoken language).

    Clearly part of confounding language had to be hiding Hebrew as the original language. Either magic or accident kept Hebrew alive but dormant for over 2000 years. Scholars studies it, knew the meaning of every word but until 100 years ago were prohibited from speaking it. This had to be done so no new words would be added nor their meanings changed, it’s the decoder and it had to remain unchanged…In short I demonstrate that all of today’s languages were created from Hebrew, every new word created today is still made up of Hebrew meanings, indicating that this is an ongoing process. All of today’s languages are all modern, created very recently with its own grammar. I demonstrate how all languages can be decoded using Hebrew consonants. I am not using magic or new meanings. I am not using some ancient unknown Hebrew, I am using very well-known and very simple everyday Hebrew. Like most scientific proofs the evidence is going to be somewhat boring. But not always…

    When I was writing the book I used to walk past a shoe store, I befriended the owner who asked me what I was writing about, I explained that I was writing about how language was confounded, he asked for example…it turned out he didn’t speak any English whatsoever. I then explained…Condom…means in Hebrew CON-DOM meaning HERE –(stand at) ATTENTION, Dom is the Israeli army command for Attention. The man couldn’t stop laughing. For the next year every time I would pass his shop he would come out stand at attention and yell Condom and then laugh. VIAGRA means BI GIRA transliterate as WITH ME EXCITED.

    The reason I haven’t tried to get it published a second time is because I hated the process, I found it hard to work with an editor, I felt they insisted on changing my meanings. After my book was published in Israel I was actually signed and given an advance by Renaissance publishing out of new York, they provided me with an editor (while I was in Israel), she was a very religious Jew, which I can best describe as born again Jew, whenever we met I had to stand on one side of the car so I can hand her the manuscript over the hood without touching (she insisted on hard copy). She attempted to change many things based on her set of beliefs. I knew she worked for the N.Y times but I found out too late that she found religion and moved to Jerusalem…she complained about my temper and lack of cooperation, I was fired. I didn’t return the advnce, it was the only money I was left with. I came back to s.f and immerse myself in selling r.e. I didn’t think about the book for about 6 years…sounds unbelievable but I simply didn’t receive any new info. Whenever I tried to think about it I drew a blank, I was actually blocked from thinking about it. It gave me enough time to develop a good financial base…I admit it wasn’t my skills only, I had ‘unbelievable luck’. One day during our daily walk Claudia suggested I go back to writing, I remember telling her ‘I have nothing’ and then it started again…

    I want to reiterate that I didn’t discover anything, I received it, I think I was told to write it, I am passing it on.

    Unfortunately my writing is terrible, it is pretty dry and likely sometimes unclear. English is my third language. As you read you might notice that syntax has remained confounded in my mind.  I was born in Baghdad where language was confounded. I was brought up in Israel, but at the age of 16 moved to the United States and then Canada and back to the U.S for the past 53 years.

    I sometimes wonder if I am the guy on the roof. There was this big flood and the whole town was covered with water. A very righteous believer climbed on the roof. A row boat came by and told him to jump in, the man thanked him and said he will wait for god to save him.  A motor boat came by and implored him to jump in.  No thanks, replied the man, I am waiting for god to save me. A helicopter flew by…you guessed it, the man dies and goes to heaven. God, ‘I waited for you to save me, what happened’? I tried, I send you 3 people, replied god. I am still waiting on that roof for god to help me with this writing…


    The bible is a scientific book written in Hebrew but in code, for example:

    Think about it, someone wrote language that already contains scientific information, that means that when one is 3 years old one learns the word CMC means Sun and when one is 13 one learns it is also the formula of how the sun makes energy.  

    I have been calling molecules words, it’s because according to the Word (English with Heb. Meaning) they are words. Mole-cule  or Mila-Cole meaning Word-Everything.

    This website presents for the first a Unified Theory of god: There are more than one god but only one god created the universe, earth and  then life, he wrote all the various DNA programs, he also created and wrote all myths and religious writing were (dictated) by the same god. Whatever religion you belong to, whatever god you think you are worshiping, the same god wrote it. ‘Ota geveret beshnoui aderet’  is a Hebrew saying that explains it best ‘same lady with different outfit’. This answered a questioned that always perplexed me: why is god allowing false writing? He doesn’t! He wrote them all!

    For the love of god

    The Jews Christians and Muslims have one thing in common they all claim to believe god gave the laws to Moses. Wow, we know it’s the same god…we are then killing each other for the love of god…

    Cain killed his brother because he believed god loved his brother more. His response to god’s question might explain in a nutshell the human condition. ‘Am I my brother’s keeper’? We have yet to come to terms with the obvious answer, Yes I AM MY BROTHER’S KEEPER.



    Was life, the cell created by Accident or design? Is the real question

                                                                     Accident or design?

    The Hebrew language is made up of 3 letter words called Shoresh, meaning root-words in Heb, Source-words in Eng. (shoresh- created the Eng. words source, search and church-srs). The whole decoding system I was given is based on writing consonants and ignoring vowels because they were used to confound the sameness in language.  (vowel – bo el –in it god) on the other hand Consonants breaks down to Can shinant means Here study diligently

    Hebrew letters are symbolic representation of agreed upon pictures; the basic building blocks of imagination had to be imagined and then created before the universe was created.  Those letters are programed in us. It seems all organisms are born with innate/programed ability to communicate. Monkeys and human communication centers are programed in the back of the brain while speech was added much later and was inserted in the front of the brain. The two centers are not connected which more than suggests that language was not developed as a better communication tool.

    Language is not a communication tool but a creation tool which we mis-defined. Language is a creation tool that we sometimes communicate to others, it is a relatively new a system, no more than 360,000 years old and it required many genetic changes that allowed humans to create.  It gives us the opportunity to imagine, think and unfortunately to lie. Someone or series of impossible accidents programed us with 4 mutations that granted us the ability to “freeze a picture in time and space” which the Hindus call Semsekara or shem-shekara meaning Name Happened’ in Heb., by framing it and naming it, we are then able to move and reassemble it into a new picture, new creation. We are able to create new words and new worlds. After 4 billion year of evolution a new creation system which required 4 different simultaneous mutations that seem to come as if from nowhere gifted us with fully developed ability to think and speak.

                                       Accident or Design Is the only question not yet answered.

    If we but for a moment assume that an intelligent entity gifted us with his creation tool, language and thought, then it stands to reason that God first created letters (pictures/symbols with meanings, for example the letter B (bait) means house or In in all languages) and combined them into words. Byte-Bait- a single housing. Every plan and every thought and mostly every creation begin as a play of words, a divine play on words. It seems that everything is hidden in plain sight, if you know where to look.

    Levy 501 jeans   why did Mr. Levy decide to go with 501? Did he study the Kabalah? The first word in the book of Psalm is Blessed or Asher in Hebrew…A-1, Shin-300, Raish 200…it adds up to 501…The torah says God encoded the information in the Levite tribe.

    It might explain why Rabies not levy or Cohen (priests) were chosen to change the god’s laws, to create a new religion called Judaism. The word Rabi is from the word Rav meaning Fight… they didn’t fight Torah law they didn’t change the laws not to steal or kill but fought god’s judgments of those laws and managed to change most of them using ‘interpretation’ as their sword. Consequently thief doesn’t  pay double and a murder isn’t killed.


    • Moses broke the original tablets written by god on a stone supplied by god, Hebrew folklore say that the sparks that flew out created all languages and all myths. In other words the second Torah written by Moses on a regular stone is missing the sparks that are actually the footnotes the explanation of the Torah. Moses didn’t break the tablets from anger, he already knew about the golden calf, he broke them with a prior agreement with god. Otherwise there is no explaining why God never admonishes Moses about breaking a stone supplied by god written in the hand of god. Only when we understand that the same god wrote all myths and languages using Hebrew letters and words meanings we can understand the true meaning of the Torah, the lost book of Thoth (thought) containing all the creation formulas that Moses and god/Tho the original author of the ThoRa converted to words and stories. Only when we bring the sparks back we will be able to see 'the one''. I am a spark collector and this is a summary of the sparks I found.



    I suggest a new science, the science of THE WORD, the crossroads where science and theology finally meet. I believe that in order to see the ONE we need to decipher all myths and languages and read them as ONE.


    Who is a Jew?

    Claudia found out that her grand grand parents were Jews who were forced to convert. Is then Claudia Jewish because her grand, grad fathers were Jews? No she isn’t. Based on Jewish law she would need to go through complicated conversion process. But Claudia is Jewish based on Torah Law. The Bible says that if a man takes a foreign wife and she spends the Jewish holidays with him she is then Jewish, actually she is then part of Israel. The word Jewish never appears in the bible.

    Is Jewish a race or a religion? Actually it’s a single family. In the book of Psalm god is telling us that he chose the tribe of Judah…he is telling us he chose them to pass on the knowledge. When the letter D meaning Knowledge is inserted into the Hebrew YHWH

    YHWDH is spells the word YEHOUDA.

    The word Jew refers to the tribe of Judah it is actually a new religion created by a bunch of Rabies who knew they were changing gods law but thought we were of ‘holy seed’ and didn’t want it diluted by intermarrying.

    Their first step was to make a new ruling that only a Jewish mother determined who is Jewish. This is against torah law that says the father, the seed determines who is Jewish.  They therefore tried to control who the male Maries but telling him falsely that he must take a Jewish woman. There was no need to make laws for the females since they were controlled by their fathers and brothers. They tried to control any socializing by creating very complex eating laws none of them in the bible. The rabies knew it was against god’s law and in order not to be blasphemous they made another false law stating that you can’t say YHWH in vein and since everything is in vein…you cant say his name at all. What did they mean when they said everything is in-vein? The bible explains that in-vein means that if one promises something using the name of god they must keep their promise. It never says not to use the name of god.

    In vein…vein ?  the words ve-in means in-it-none

    The Jewish ruling that decided contrary to bible law that the women not the man determines the offspring’s religion hides the true sperm resulting in a situation that many who were born to Jewish fathers were considered not Jewish while others born to Jewish mother and no Jewish father were considered Jewish, today we have no way of knowing for sure…What began as an effort to preserve the pure race…ended up doing the opposite. Is that what god wanted? I think so, he told Moses[JL7]  to intermarry, Moses then married a black woman (translated as Ethiopian but the original text says Kooshit meaning African) …of course his brother objected and was punished by god for questioning Moses. That’s another story…but it is clear god is color blind.


    Practical uses of Torah judgment

    The basic rule to judge what is a good law based on bible law is to ask, Does is that the law apply equally to king or pauper. This makes any affirmative action laws wrong. Actually it makes most civil and criminal laws ‘not good laws’.


    How to change the criminal justice system

    As you name it so it

    A Word is a picture that more than anything else affect and direct our thinking. We are influenced by how we name something, for example: the criminal justice system suggests justice to the criminal. The justice system isn’t designed to search for the truth, the justice system was not designed hand out justice, in truth the better lawyer, the better liar wins (law-yer means not-shed-light. Law means No-it refers to the rules of what Not to do).  The courts lawyers and juries are busy dispensing judgement to criminals trying to achieve the impossible, justice can never be achieved without the truth. Again it’s the language. It’s an ass backward system because the whole point of a justice system is to right the wrong, to indemnify the victim but because of the name The criminal justice system’, we even took the victim out of the system! Criminal rights are as often as not at the expense of the victim. Now it’s the government not the victim who is seeking justice. The correct name ought to be: the victim justice system. I suggest changing the name will change the system.  Yes it’s that simple, the same people who are concern about the rights of the criminal and don’t often ask about the rights of the victim will be asking: what is fair to the victim…now a days if a man steals $5000 and spends it on cocaine he will get a government lawyer and then if he goes to jail he will cost the government $50,000 and the victim never gets his $5000 back. I am certain that if we just changed the name to victim justice system, in time the laws would change to match bible laws.

    Justice can never be achieved without the truth we have a system that allow officers of the court lie by omission and a system that believes the attorney should defend the guilty with every tool possible…those rights are taking away from justice to the victim. No one not the lawyers nor the accused should be allowed to lie, Its stupid that the criminal and their lawyers are allowed to lie by omission and the rest of us aren’t. God insists that laws would be the same to all, he in effect insists that criminals ought not to have more rights than the rest of us.  Justice means truth, justice doesn’t mean…get a good lawyer. The bible suggests that justice requires a judge and witnesses…no lawyer! The jury system should be abolished. It pits very professional b.s artists against innocent citizen that can be fooled by any good lawyer.

    Theft etc

    The bible law is designed to balance the energies, eye for eye…in order to achieve this the torah or god’s solution is that a thief needs to pay double or work for it. Why double? The thief needs to feel like the victim and vice versa…. As it turns out the Hindu rule of balancing the energies is being achieved with the eye for eye law.


    According to the torah there is a two tier system to taxes. Everyone is required to pay 10% and the wealthier land owner were also required not to cut the corner of the fields and leave it to the poor. 

    So say 10% for everyone and 20% to the rich. No deductions of any kind!!!

    p.s the entire Torah law is based on the victim justice system, a system that forces the criminal to indemnify the victim[JL8] .


    What I am trying to say has been said by the single brightest scientific mind of the 20th century, and said far more elegantly...Einstein concluded long ago that everything was programmed. Stating:

    God doesn't play dice with the universe.

    Almost 100 years later another genius, Elon Musk said the same thing

    They understood all this wonder we call life was meticulously planned. They understood that The best way to predict the future is to create it.

    So why am I the only one to see it? Am I right and everyone else who interpreted scripture is wrong?

     ‘And he kissed from the kisses of his mouth’ is how the song of song, the book of Solomon begins. This is probably the simplest but most accurate explanation, I received it. Nichicata means Kiss-God it is also the name of the son of the king in the Hindu myth who wanted knowledge over money. It clearly describes King Solomon in code, Nichicata, kissed by god is one of his many possible acronyms. Since king Solomon lived 3000 years ago this means it was written no less than 3000 years ago. How could it be? The Hindus claim their history and myths are much older. Maybe…but the Hindu writing was invented only 2800 years ago. Some say that those stories were passed word of mouth for ten thousand years…Maybe…there are a total of 2 million verses in both myths, the  idea that  it  was passed on for  thousands of years is ridiculous…we know how a broken telephone works…now imagine 2 million verses over thousands of years…no  way.

    Cantor is an overseer

     Cantor is Hazan in Heb. (sounds nothing alike) When I tried to understand the word Cantor in Hebrew all I got is Ca-Ntr meaning Like-Guard…pretty strange…then I looked at the Hebrew origin of the word Hazan from the Heb. Hozeh means OVERSEER in Hebrew. It seems that the synagogues used to have overseer to make sure everyone behaves during prayers…I guess those guys, in time, ‘muscled’ the right to read.

    Cantor correct decoding is like-guard…

    And Hoseh?

     Joseh is Yoseph in Heb. Why? The Torah says Yoseph was Hoseh-Halomot meaning Seer-Dreams, thus another name or acronym for joseph is Hoseh.

    The spells of the book of Thoth that many talk about are literally spells: mc2 spells out cmc meaning SUN and H2O spells out water mym  in Heb.

    •           The magic of combining a formula (fo-re-mila = here.see.word) with an attribute was created by gods who according to the Sumerian Atra (Tha-Ra) Hassis myth landed here from the planet Ni-Baru, meaning the crossers in Sumerian(Hebrew–Evri means crosser) in a space ship 432,000 before the flood when Australopithecus roamed the land. They came in search for gold with which to save their planet (the gold that is good) is how the Torah describes it and left us the Torah with which to save ours. Molecules were used as DNA letters, ‘words’ Mole-Cules’ means in Heb. Mila-cole meaning everything-word. 

    • ADAM In order to understand The Torah we need to be combined it with other myths and read them as one: that we Cro-Ma-Gn-on ( we were genetically redesigned, created as helpers, slaves, “to tend the garden”, that’s why only males were created first. This event occurred only recently, a blink of an evolutionary eye ago, about 350,000 years ago but enough time for us to turn from barely surviving primates to gods on Earth advanced enough to understand the To-Rah true message, what truly happened in our past.  Combining DNA ( Din A meaning Verdicts-God) of aliens and earthlings was the method used to create Adam. A-dam = god.blood,   Adama = Earth, Adam=Earthling with god-Blood,

     The Y chromosome was installed late in the evolutionary cycle evidenced by the fact that Australopithecus had 2X chromosomes. The shape of the Y chromosome was designed to look that way in order to suggest pictorially that two races were combined to one, that’s Y.  Boy Bo-Y means IN-It-Y in Heb. Whoever created language knew thousands of years ago that we will discover the Y chromosome and call it Y.

    The word Torah is from the Hebrew word Tor meaning Queue, thus Torah literally means its turn, suggesting what other myths, the Kabbalah, the Sumerian and Egyptian myth claim: that the Torah is a ‘stone of destiny,’ a computer program that pre-determines our future. Moses broke it to release us from the programs that ruled us but plunged us into a world of uncertainty and despair.

    Enki whose symbol is the entwined snake (the biblical snake) secretly impregnated Eve who claimed to have purchased a man from god. She never mentions Adam but thanks god...she reversed ENKI name and called her Son Cain (vowels don’t count). Eve was secretly impregnated by the very smart ‘snake god who told her the truth, who is in effect S-Nake means This-Enki. 

    Enki or Anoki means I-Am in Hebrew suggesting he recreated the new thinking I, ego, the new us. Tho reprogrammed us, his father Anu was the creator god, he created the original us therefore Ani means I in Heb. The word Cain spelled out Clean (naki) in Hebrew suggesting that his behavior was programed.

    In the Hindu myth the god of the sun produces a child with an earthling named Kanti and she calls him Karna meaning Ray-light in Heb…the son of the god of the sun is called Ray…’Kanti et YHWH’ is what eve said I purchased (kanti means purchase in Heb.) a man from god.

    Thoth, carried the Ankh, identifying him as the Sumerian god Enki/Tho/Yhwh, the head of the Anaki Gods (Enki) who came from heaven and live forever.  The ankh, symbol of eternal life was eventually used as the cross which Jesus, was nailed to.  The Egyptian and Sumerian myths credit Tho/Yhwh /Enki with resurrective powers. 

    The New Testament, the Atra-Hassis and the Egyptian myth all tell of the creation of a secret son of god. The Old Testament tells the same story in code claiming Cain is the secret son of god and Eve, the true “first born of creation” all other ‘messiahs’, ‘first born of creation’ are from the seed of Cain . Hare Krishna was also born of a virgin birth to earthling woman and the sun god, his mother placed him in a reed basket and placed it in the river.  He grew up as a cow herder (David was a sheep herders).  All the myths tell the same story… “The same woman with different clothing” is the Hebrew saying.

    •     The moon is an artificial body.  The relationship between moon and sun is unique in the universe, Psalm suggests a time without a moon…the word Moon is from the Hebrew Maon meaning Residence. The word Loona means to Sleep/reside-in, it makes up the word Hotel in Hebrew. Is god residing on the dark side of the moon? Who created a very strange moon spin that doesn’t allow us to see the other half of the moon? Why didn’t we build a station on the moon as planned? Were our astronaut warned to get of the moon? Is that why we changed our plans to build a station on the moon and chose instead to float in the middle of nothingness in a space station? One final fact…recent events have shown the moon is hallow the inside is empty.

    Since my evidence is in the form of thousands of English words that have Hebrew meanings more than suggests the entire science of linguistics is wrong…

    Since every new word we name is still Hebrew it suggests the process is ongoing. That the creator is able to ‘suggest’ what to name every new word. The obvious conclusion is that the programmer has access to our subconscious.

    Language was confounded using a crossword system with big vowel changes. 

    Or FiRST…when vowels are added it reads Fo-ReShiT meaning here-in-beginning (the Heb P and F are the same letter), the Torah starts as be-Reshit. The B meaning In was altered to P meaning here and the vowels contracted in order to hide the relationship between those words.

    Consonant or Can Shinant means here memorize diligently…

    Vowel – or bo el meaning IN-It-God  (the tool for confounding)

    Or take the English Source which is from the heb Shoresh meaning Root. A multy dimensional none linear crossword puzzle. I don’t believe anyone can just stumble on such discovery. Those and many other connections would appear on a tv screen in my mind with arrows connection those word.

    Creation according to Torah

    .א בְּרֵאשִׁית, בָּרָא אֱלֹהִים, אֵת הַשָּׁמַיִם, וְאֵת הָאָרֶץ

    ב וְהָאָרֶץ, הָיְתָה תֹהוּ וָבֹהוּ, וְחֹשֶׁךְ, עַל-פְּנֵי תְהוֹם; וְרוּחַ אֱלֹהִים, מְרַחֶפֶת עַל-פְּנֵי הַמָּיִם

    1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth..

    2 Now the earth was unformed and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep; and the spirit of God hovered over the face of the water.

    This makes no sense, god created the heaven and earth...followed by 'now the earth was unformed', this is ought to read: the earth was unformed, and god created the heaven and earth....Is god a bad writer? Or was this mistranslated?

    We need to remember that the Torah was originally written without any spaces like a computer. God and Moses created the spaces between letters thus creating words.

    My understanding:­­­­

    Gen 1- Beroshit was translated as in the beginning because the word Rosh means head. It should be read as : brosh-y-t = In-head(brosh)-god(y=yhwh)-Tho’(t) created the heaven and earth.

    Gen 1 In his head god created the heaven and earth

    God first thought it out. God first planned everything…in other words like in  video game, god first wrote the programs spelling out what each ‘player’ can do.

    Gen 2- That was before the earth was unformed, when darkness was upon the face of a black hole(abyss) and the spirit/ wind/ vibration of god hovered upon WATER.

    This makes far more sense....god first planned creation and that was when earth was without form.

    The word Elohim is pronounced Elohim but spelled El Hayam meaning God-of-Ocean while hovering over water, god first imagined his creation while hovering over water. Then using (very heavy) Water god created MaTTeR. The world began with a black hole, vibration of god and water. This then could have only be created by a god who designed water first....Scientists confirm that life couldn't begin without Water and that the big bang couldn't start without vibration-a bang. Ba-ng means touched-it…someone had to touch it. The idea that it all started by itself is in itself unimaginable…the universe started when someone banged it!

    The language decipher (Da-sipoor = Know story) confirms this. Both Hebrew and English words for Matter mean Rain in Hebrew, thus affirming the Torah assertion that everything is from Water. The English[JL9]  word Matter is from the Hebrew MaTTaR meaning Rain.

    Gashmy means both Rainy and Matter in Hebrew...Rain=Gashmy meaning Mattar

    Ma tter meaning from Water, or from Torah…Torah is the program

    The third Hebrew word for rain is Yo-reh which is the origin of the word RAIN = YoReh ayN meaning Rain See (consonantly). ToRah is likened to (Wa)TeR = ToRah. Ma-TTeR = From.Torah....Torah is then the Program that first created water and then life.


    Hindu Creation:

    The primordial Nature called Prakriti gives birth to Brahma. Brahma imagined his creation in Maya of illusion. The torah   describes creation 'and the spirit of God hovered over the face of the water'-genesis 1: What's Maya? Maya =yam (Hebrew) = ocean. What's Prakriti? The Hebrew decoder transliterate Pra kriti = create by calling (Hebrew). Kriti = Create = Cara et = (Hebrew) means = Called out everything – The Hindu myth and the torah describes the same creation method, both imagined their creation looking into water.

    There are only two major religions the Hindu and the Hebrew, the Hindu contains the foot notes for the torah without which it is impossible to understand the torah

    The Hindu bible is called Mah-abhara-ta meaning What Created Tho in heb

    I want to emphasize that though I make a lot of strange connections and quote a lot of names and numbers I didn't research the information, I didn’t read the entire bible or any other work, I received where to look otherwise there is no way I could have come up with such understanding. I know that because I am always at owe with each discovery. And often think…obvious, I should have figured it out. Other times I would think that no there is no way to figure that out.  This a nonlinear, multy dimension cross word puzzle that no one person can solve.

    Precursor to life

    Scientists and dreamers alike are constantly looking for ‘precursor to life’ a confirmation that life started by accident. So they told us that water amino acids and other raw materials for life and are precursors to life, a proof of accidental creation. This is total nonsense, Not water and even not DNA letters are precursor to life, they couldn’t produce life!! Even if you took water which is the medium to life and somehow managed to place DNA letters in the water I bet you that billon years from now we will come back to find water with DNA letters!! 

    We don’t know how the pyramids and other mega structures were built but no one is suggesting nature created them by accident…too complex for nature? DNA programs are infinitely more complex but evolutionists suggest nature wrote billions of them by accident…I don’t get it, do you?

    Other gods?

    The first commandment

     1-Thou shalt have none other gods before me. ..It's ok to have other gods as long as their laws aren't observed before God's...there are other gods....'For the LORD is a great God And a great King above all god; Psalm more than suggests that there are then other gods.

    Accident or design?

    This is what the scientific community discovered in the past 50 years.


    - Though it seems normal to us the question is How did that someone decide on complex molecule as letters? It is clearly light years more complex than ours.

    * New organisms are being created...but we can't see the author... So it must be an accidental event? We can program wirelessly but God who clearly uses a far more sophisticated computer can't? 

    * Accidental creation is a False premise followed by false conclusions.



    The evidence

    The word evidence decodes in Hebrew as evide-nce or facts-carries.

    Some more scientific Facts

     What Scientists know is that:

    The backbone of DNA is based on a repeated pattern of a sugar group and a phosphate group, which themselves are complex molecules of Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen which are somehow used like a sophisticated computer chip to record instructions for patterns of behavior due to stimuli. Someone or something used a bunch of chemicals to create RNA, DNA and left instruction how to react to different stimuli. Someone had to program a specific behavior as response to stimuli, like a video game (I have never played one) …sounds like an accident?

    Protein: Proteins are biochemical compounds consisting of one or more polypeptides. The sequence of amino acids in a protein is defined by the sequence of a gene, which is encoded in the genetic code. All life structures are made up of Protein. Manufacture of Protein is only programmed in the DNA, the hard drive that contains all the instructions programs that are far more complicated than the ones Silicon Valley writes with great effort. But nature without making mistakes wrote them?

    The conundrum is that the creation of Protein can't begin without some protein as a catalyst. Who made that original Protein? After all it useless unless it is used as a catalyst.

    DNA Deoxyribonucleic acid - DNA is a nucleic acid containing the genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of all known living organisms. The DNA segments carrying this genetic information are called genes. RNA transmit the information. DNA sequences have structural purposes, or are involved in regulating the use of this genetic information. Along with RNA and proteins, DNA is one of the three major macromolecules that are essential for all known forms of life. The long name for DNA Ribonucleic that means ribbon-col in Hebrew, ruler-everything. RNA transmits information its Hebrew meaning is RN A or song-God

    Quantum physics calls it The Quantum enigma, I prefer the god Enigma: When observed subatomic particles are seen as Matter. But when unobserved the evidence is that the subatomic particle acts like a wave meaning able to enter a wall at 2 separate places, to be at 2 places at the same time. When one tries to box-in the particle to measure it, it inexplicably creates enough energy to escape the box…Scientists comment is that it is as if Nature (god) doesn’t want to be measured. It suggests that information or even thought is reported to two separate places at the same time. But when we attempt to measure using light...The act seems to turn it to a design? No? An accident. Quan-Tum = Here completed. Tam is also one of Tho’s names

    Light of God: Everything and everybody emits light. We are all energy

    Water is a unique creation. The bible suggests water was created before creation. Life in ocean is possible because god or nature designed water to be a medium for life very much as the Higs boson was created. Water was designed to expand and become lighter when frozen (the only liquid with such properties), if ice became heavier than water it would sink to the bottom of the ocean, in other words rivers and oceans would be Havier when frozen then it would sink and kill all life... all animal life would die. Life would not have developed!! ...Luck? What else could it be?

    Molecular Biologists discovered that DNA is not programmed randomly. Life was programmed by stringing 3 letter combinations which form the RNA and DNA Molecules...a systematic 3 letter language suggests DNA was programmed whole not piece meal - not through slow evolution...Hebrew like DNA was also written whole, Hebrew like DNA has a 3 letter Shoresh = source meaning Root in Hebrew.

    The Eyes do not see in 3 dimension. Each eye sees in two dimensions like a camera, then the brain extrapolates a 3 D dimension form from the combined information of both eyes...Just like a computer.... Accident or design?

    Adam is Approximately 350,000 years old we were redesigned (adam) by mixing their 'essence'(DNA) with ours, it is the reason they called him A-DAM = GOD-BLOOD(Heb) . Since that kind of computer technology was, until recently, truly unimaginable, it was labeled a myth.  No one wants to believe that someone created us using a computer and that he/she/they can access our hard drive -  our subconscious, which would give them the ability to create thousands of languages out of one.  It also gives the programmer the ability to know what is in our mind individually or collectively, “God knows the heart of man...”.

    The Sumerian gods claim they altered our genetic makeup by giving us some of their genes, this also suggests they were NOT the creators, that they aren't our original programmers. It seems the original creator was Anu , father of Tho (Egyptian) who is also Enki (Sumerian) the sun of An.

    The Hebrew language supports this. The Hebrew Ani (anu, noun) means I, it is in honor of our creator Anu.  While the Hebrew word Anoki (enki) means I-am in Hebrew to honor Enki (thoth) who gifted us with thought (Thoth), ego.

    We are then hybrids

    The Sumerian and Egyptian myth tells us that Unu (noun, which is the 14 letter with a value of 50) was the creator god and that Tho or enki his son created mankind and wrote Thorah .

    The numbers we used daily confirm this claim. 

    The numbers with gods’ names

    One is AnTWo is Tho, and  ThRee is Torah...  Its everywhere...that's what makes it nowhere.


    Able isn’t really able

    God called cane’s brother Hevel (able) meaning ‘exhaled air’ in Heb. When it’s used in heb it usually = nothing. Such a name suggests that he was meant to die otherwise he was given a very strange name which when translated to English would mean ‘worthless’…no one wonders about such a name? Of course when translated to Able the meaning got confounded. 



    A friend who studied the Kabalah, it literally means Receivership from god. It ought to be the study of the meaning of the letters but like everything else expanded to mean a lot more.  Though I never read the Kabalah I think of myself as a kabbslist.  My friend explained to me that god made the world with letters, he suggested that if I squint I would be able to see letters floating...I squinted but failed to see letters...He turned out to be correct that's exactly how science looks at the world. Scientists tell us that earth was created with 92 natural elements-letters, which combined into more words (complex molecules) and then into life-DNA programs (long stories). Everything is made up of letters. Scientists explain it by saying everything has information in it.

    The Kabalah and Letters

    The core teaching of the Kabalah is only about the meaning of the Hebrew letters which existed prior to creation. The Hebrew alphabet has always been the only key to the knowledge of god's revelation. The twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet are the building blocks of creation. The 22 letters represent a combination of name and form of our physical universe.  The 22 letters are holy letters which are the first energies, the raw material to the creation of the universe.  They represent the will of God into reality. God first CREATED the letters so he can create the Universe, combined them (wrote programs) to create all Matter and then Life....and then, just like our computers god wrote more complex programs.


    The 23rd letter, the god of all letters

    The space between letters is the 23rd letter, it is the letter that created matter and every word ever written or uttered, but its missing from all alpha. Except for ancient Egyptian alpha no other dedicates a letter for the space between letters and words, the zero, 'the nothing' that created everything. Well over 99% of THE UNIVERSE IS SPACE, He who controls the space between everything rules everything. Uni-Ver-Se אנו בר זה  =ANU-Creates This.  The space, the nothing is the off letter in our computers. It represents 50%(5) of our computers language. God created other languages by moving the space. Po-Si-Tive is made up of 3 Hebrew words and means Here-This-Good. By removing the spaces an English word was created Positive. You would think that this is obvious that it is easy to see, but today if you walked in Israel you would hear the word Positivy a lot. It is used as a borrowed Hebrew word, no one there noticed its made up from Hebrew. We were brainwashed to believe that language was created one word at a time therefore no one looks for letter meaning. Today it ought to be clear that the book of manufacture known as Sefer Yetzira described DNA letter creation. This was written thousands of years ago and waited for us to discover its true meaning.




     My understanding is pretty much the same. Life was created once and then evolved, new programs were written and rewritten, dinosaurs were converted to birds not by impossible to understand mutation that based on our present evidence couldn’t have happens. There is no way a series of accidents rewrote dinosaur’s DNA converting them to birds, it couldn't have happened accidentally but it can easily happen by prior design. There was only one creation using the same 4 letters. those genes meaning garden-Gan in Hebrew were later modified by higher race who are our 'the guardians' responsible to direct us toward higher’s likely far more complicated, but unfortunately it seems higher than my pay grade.


    Here are 5 more examples:  peace, piece, pace, pass, appease. Those words more than suggest that sound and meanings aren’t related. That all those words were created by random naming, by accident. Actually:

    Peace is from the Hebrew PIYES meaning to appease

    which also explains Appease.

    Pass is from the Hebrew PASSOU meaning Pass.

    Piece is from the Hebrew PISA meaning piece.

    Pace is from the Hebrew PASSA meaning Step.

    The amazing part of the 10 examples above (out of 3000 examples) is that NO one noticed, no one of the millions of Israelis who speak both languages noticed what seems obvious…

    Not one of the millions of Israelis who use the word Po-Si-Tivy in Hebrew noticed they are saying three Hebrew words that together mean Here-This-Good or the hebrewtised word Artileria which is made up of 3 heb. Words: Or-till-Yeri   meaning Light-Missile-Shoot… stranger than fiction? The reason no one noticed is because we were sold on the idea that we created sounds that became words that eventually became language, we were told that a word is the smallest unit in language, meaning that no one looked at the possibility that language was created by an intelligent god who as he declared first created letters-pictures which he then combined. No one really believes in god and therefore no one checked the possibility that god told us exactly what he did.

    The words mentioned above have purported Latin origins. It is important to note that those are guesses. For example the word CLOUD is said to be from CLUD an Anglo-Saxon origins which means BIG ROCK. Really? That origin was selected because the two words have similar sounds. The Hebrew would be COUL ED כולו אד  ALL VAPOR. You choose.



    ב  הַשָּׁמַיִם, מְסַפְּרִים כְּבוֹד-אֵל;    וּמַעֲשֵׂה יָדָיו, מַגִּיד הָרָקִיעַ. 2 The heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament showeth His handiwork;

    ג  יוֹם לְיוֹם, יַבִּיעַ אֹמֶר;    וְלַיְלָה לְּלַיְלָה, יְחַוֶּה-דָּעַת.               3 Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night revealeth knowledge;

    ד  אֵין-אֹמֶר, וְאֵין דְּבָרִים:    בְּלִי, נִשְׁמָע קוֹלָם.        4 There is no speech, there are no words, neither is their voice heard.

    ה  בְּכָל-הָאָרֶץ, יָצָא קַוָּם,    וּבִקְצֵה תֵבֵל, מִלֵּיהֶם;

    לַשֶּׁמֶשׁ,    שָׂם-אֹהֶל בָּהֶם.      5 Their line is gone out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world. {N}

    In them hath He set a tent for the sun,

    If one reads this literally it summarizes my claim. God speaks to us during the day through information from the sun and imparts knowledge during our sleep. It also says god communicates with us telepathically (not with word… and nothing heard).

    To my surprised the best minds our NASA scientists are finally coming to the same conclusion.


    NASA scientist says we may be living in a Matrix-like digital imprisonment designed by Aliens 


    WELCOME to The Matrix. You’ve lived here all your life.

    (Express UK) Everything you have ever done or will do could simply be the product of a highly-advanced computer code.

    Every relationship, every sentiment, every memory could have been generated by banks of supercomputers. This was the terrifying theory first proposed by British philosopher Nick Bostrom. The shocking hypothesis was penned four years after Andrew and Lana Wachowski wrote and directed The Matrix, a film set in a dystopian future in which humans are subdued by a simulated reality.

    Every relationship, every sentiment, every memory could have been generated by banks of supercomputers

    GETTY • WARNER BROS – Every relationship, every sentiment, every memory could have been generated by banks of computer

    In his paper, Dr Bostrom suggested a race of far-evolved descendants could be behind our digital imprisonment.

    The futuristic beings – human or otherwise – could be using virtual reality to simulate a time in the past or recreate how their remote ancestors lived.

    Sound crazy? Well, it turns out NASA thinks Dr Bostrom might be right.

    The Standard Model of Physics does not yet hold an explanation for the force of gravity

    GETTY- The Standard Model of Physics does not yet hold an explanation for the force of gravity Source: Express UK

    “Many theorists have spent a lot of time trying to figure out how you explain this” — Rich Terrile, director at NASA

    Rich Terrile, director of the Centre for Evolutionary Computation and Automated Design at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, has spoken out about the digital simulation.

    “Right now the fastest NASA supercomputers are cranking away at about double the speed of the human brain,” the NASA scientist told Vice.

    “If you make a simple calculation using Moore’s Law [which roughly claims computers double in power every two years], you’ll find that these supercomputers, inside of a decade, will have the ability to compute an entire human lifetime of 80 years – including every thought ever conceived during that lifetime – in the span of a month.

    “In quantum mechanics, particles do not have a definite state unless they’re being observed.

    “Many theorists have spent a lot of time trying to figure out how you explain this.

    “One explanation is that we’re living within a simulation, seeing what we need to see when we need to see it.

    “What I find inspiring is that, even if we are in a simulation or many orders of magnitude down in levels of simulation, somewhere along the line something escaped the primordial ooze to become us and to result in simulations that made us – and that’s cool.”

    The idea that our Universe is a fiction generated by computer code solves a number of inconsistencies and mysteries about the cosmos.

    Professor Fermi known for achieving the first controlled nuclear reaction, leads a lecture

    GETTY – Professor Fermi known for achieving the first controlled nuclear reaction, leads a lecture

    Enrico Fermi outside an atomic energy plant in Newport in October 1957

    AP – Enrico Fermi outside an atomic energy plant in Newport in October 1957

    The first is the Fermi Paradox – proposed by physicist Enrico Fermi during the 1960s – which highlights the contradiction between the apparent high probability of extraterrestrial civilizations within our ever-expanding universe and humanity’s lack of contact with, or lack of evidence for, these alien colonies.

    “Where is everybody?” Mr Fermi asked.

    It could simply be that Earth and mankind truly is the centre of the universe.

    Another mystery explained by Dr Bostrom’s Matrix-like theory is the role of Dark Matter.

    US theoretical cosmologist Michael Turner has called the hypothetical material “the most profound mystery in all of science”.

    Dark Matter is one of many hypothetical materials used to explain a number of anomalies in the Standard Model – the all-encompassing theory science has used to explain the particles and forces of nature for the last 50 years.

    The Standard Model of particle physics tells us that there are 17 fundamental particles which make up atomic matter.

    The number 17 spells out the word Tov meaning good (god, good). 17 is 8 is yhwh (26) nothing! nothing, but nothing is accidental




    East meet west

    Eye for Eye is the way to Balance the energies

    Eastern and western religions are tools to seek balance, they actually say the same thing but on different realms, in the physical world it's eye for eye and in the spirit world its balance the energies. The Hindu teaching is about how to control ones emotion while the Torah suggests the right action will produce the right emotion. For example: a thief pays double or works for it. This kind of judgment balances the energies (hindu)The thief ends up feeling like the one he stole from (looser) and the victim makes money on this deal...his victim energies get balanced. The only balancing action to murder is killing the perpetrator, this is not an act of hate or even punishment its an act of love...No, Not to the criminal but for earth, and the survival of the human race, love for generation not yet born, for the souls that might have no chance. Unlike our modern laws, Those 'harsh laws' are equally fair for everyone and according to the programmer it is essential for the future survival of society, not for the next 100 years but for the next 10,000 years!!.

    In the book of Psalm god says that all nations, all myths have the truth but only the Torah has his judgements...Unless the reader can understands and accept the wisdom of Torah as the book of balance, a book written for our future survival, unless we accept the wisdom of the so called harsh laws of the Torah as laws of love...everything else can not convince you the reader that a wise god, a programmer wrote the laws...that the rules of the game we all play by were programmed!!.  The word Law means No in Hebrew, indeed the laws are the rules of what NOT to do, and the judgements are designed to correct the imbalance...anything else will not work! Why? Because it's not the program. So if law means no...Lawyer means lo yaer meaning will-not-shed-light.

    The Torah doesn’t have lawyers’ only judges because in order to achieve justice everyone should work to find the truth. In order to make a just judgment we need to first find the truth, our adversarial system is not designed to find the truth and therefore cannot achieve justice.


    The English word, spirit is from the Hebrew, Sephirot which means, Counting or recounting, telling a story. It is explained in the Kabbalah as emanations (rouh-wind = vibration), the higher the vibration the higher the spirituality. We need to build up our spirituality, to achieve higher vibration, so we can see god and live...The Tho-Rah is the instruction book, the book of formulas. The creation formulas need to decode first. The task of decoding many myths and languages using Heb would require a collaborative effort of a large group of people which would include theologians, linguists and scientists, but the end result would give us access to the library the creator-gods left for us.;

    Does god love everyone?

    With all those punitive laws the question is what happened to the idea that god loves us unconditionally? Well he truly does... not in the current body which is a learning experience for the soul that lives forever. God made us in his image (chap 1), god who is light made light entities, when we die and return to the light, to god he loves us then all equally and unconditionally. Without understanding and accepting that we are all souls and that the body was created inside the soul(aura meaning Light_god in heb) that use the earthly experience to learn, everything seems wrong, unfair and useless (what's it all about?). Just before birth god touches our mouth and says: SHESH and we forget...temporarily. That's how the cleft, the philtrum below the nose was created...At least that's what I was told...


    All organisms communicate, and all communication is pre-programmed, not learned.  All cells must communicate with each other constantly. We are actually made up of Nano computers. Each cell or Nano computer contains complete programs of the organism, all written with the same 4 letters in 3-letter combinations. Each cell is programmed to cooperate by specializing, it is also programmed to communicate with other cells in order to create a complex organisms. All this communication is programmed and happens in response to stimuli…so nature, a series of accident could do that? How for god’s sake, how? It’s even impossible to imagine.

    Linguists mis-defined language as a 'communication tool.' They assumed that language began as sounds that eventually became words, as if language is a learnt trait, when in fact it required 4 different, but simultaneous mutations, program-re-writes if you will, coupled with installing a brand new program that allows us to think, to combine and recombine imaginary pictures and then to judge the creation as good or bad. After 4 billion years of evolution a unique, new 350,000-year old system was programmed not as a communication tool, early humans like other organisms already communicated, language, the ability to think was installed as a creation tool, evidenced by the fact that the limbic system in humans, where monkeys communication centers reside are not connected to the frontal language centers. In other words language was installed whole. Install in-shatal means in-planted. The word still is also from Shatal Plant…pretty quiet

    Language is an imagination tool which we use only sometimes to communicate.  We can't figure how language was created by humans because we couldn't have invented language without thought, and thinking isn't possible without language. The obvious conclusion ought to have been that language was gifted to us by the gods. Because god created language he didn't begin with sounds/words but with a very organized system of letters. Every letter is a picture/symbol which not incidentally, has the same meaning in all languages. But when combined with other letters and pronounced with different accents and vowels, this becomes well hidden. In order to understand language we need to understand that language began with letters that combined into words and into bigger pictures. An obvious example is speech = שפיש s.p.eech three Hebrew letters that mean word(shin)-mouth(peh)-man(eech) (Hebrew). The Hebrew word for language is Sapha שפה (s.p shin peh) which is made up of the letters meaning word-mouth. Therefore, Speech would decode to Sapha Eech = language(word-mouth-man). Eech means man which was the basis of the English each. Even the obvious has never been noticed, this is because scientists analyze words because they wrongly assume words, not letters, are the building blocks of language.

    Language is a terrible communication tool. When an animal sees danger it reports it, when a human sees danger he can elect not to report it or even lie about it. We do not communicate our reality, we only report our subjective impression of it; a very incomplete and often misleading report of what really happened that we transmit to others as pictures/symbols using sounds. This is a classic broken telephone, inexact picture transmission device, left to interpretation, communication system that was designed to be a very poor substitute for telepathy. Language is unique because it allows us to imagine something by combining and recombining real or made up pictures, creating new worlds, new realities, it allows us to be 'as gods,' create and then judge it as ‘good or bad.’  Unfortunately, imagination is actually the process of creating a lie. We were also programmed to lie, but the subconscious records everything and forgets nothing, it records the facts, the actual pictures of what happened. Theoretically, we ought to be able to recall those pictures. Unfortunately, those are the 'god files.'  We possess the truth but we are allowed very limited and incomplete access to those files. Actually, we didn't get the option of stopping the recordings. And worse yet, we are also unable to stop thoughts that come to us from the subconscious, we clearly aren't running our hard drive, who is running it?





    The Father of All Men is 340,000 Years Old

    March 6 2013: Y chromosome so distinctive that it reveals new information about the origin of our species. It shows that the last common male ancestor down the paternal line of our species is over twice as old as we thought.

    This is big news! Why? Because scientists screwed up and thought it's half as old, and if they got that wrong, how sure are they about the rest? but the number 300,000 is not new, I and many others knew that already. The Sumerian myth (which the torah tells in code) says the gods came here 432,000 years before the flood from a planet called Nibarew - hebrew?) and because they needed workers to mine gold their god Enki changed our DNA about 300,000 years ago (that's why only male-Adam a worker was created initially). It describes the Annanaki inserting male sperm into a Nibarew female. They are described using science not magic, they are described performing fertilization and artificial insemination... then they created Eve, but first they put Adam( the sumerian Adamo) in deep sleep and took a rib, a bone...all body cells are manufactured in the bones. The Sumerian Adamo we are told was created by killing a young unmarried god(jesus like) 'with knowledge' and using his blood to create A-Dam which means God's Blood in Heb. But that's just a myth...written by a bunch of ancients with fertile imagination that happened to be accidentally proven correct 6000 years later.. .Enki or Anoki means I-am(with ego) in Heb (Enoki yhwh elokehaha= enki(i am) your lord Yhwh), while Anu his father and the creator of life on earth his name means I or We in Heb..  sacred number is 5 (bosons) and Enki's sacred number is 4 (dna letters). Nature was created by ANOU , or NOUN..Na-Ture deciphers in consonantal Heb. as: Noun-Torah. Noun/En N(eng) letter has the value of 50 in Heb), while the letter Mem/Em M which represents Mem meaning Water Mother Mom) and FROM in Heb representing Enki the god of water has the sacred number of 40. Coincidence?  Or was this was written for later discovery? We are getting close to understanding the science of DNA... which means we are closer to 'seeing' god through his word, 'The writing was the writing of god'...DNA's all in the language...The ability to create a Word is the special ability to create, to think...Letter combinations, program writing, Thought...the creation tool of god and man.


    Names we know

    'Uncle Sam' (wants you) is used as a rallying cry for the USA. .... It makes no sense! Uncle Sam, Sam Wilson sold meat to the army in 1812!! Why would the USA choose such name to rally the country?  Or maybe it was chosen for them? I suggest this and scores of other examples point to the certainty that the subconscious hears things differently than the conscious brain and controls it...evidence by the fact that each  new and old word maintains their Hebrew meaning - this can only happen if it were suggested from above. .No way I thought, this is worse than sci fi movies about mind control. The idea that someone is screwing with our mind made me ill. It might be easy to understand but almost impossible to accept.

    Uncle Sam (U.S) = ען קול שם  Un Cle Shem. means in Hebrew              Respond- to the call(cle=call)- of The-word (sam =shem).

     RushMore, Rosh-More ראש מור  means TEACHING-HEADS...the name was there just waiting for the presidents heads to be chiseled. Accident?

    Hiroshima - yerou shama ירו שמה = will-shoot-there  another name predicting an event. Accident?

    Babel - Bab El = The door of the Gods in Arabic, but Ba Bal בה בל means In-it confounded in Hebrew.

    I Ching- The book of changes. the words Ching and change sound similar and have the same meaning and consonantal sound. Ching --shin haga = שין הגה change thought-out. Of course Shin ש stand for The Word שמ and Light(shine)but it literally means Change...shina שינה. Change is then programmed in light? how? like a smart phone but more better....accident?  God whose name Tho is 6-4(To תו) managed to give us his 64 (46 Chromosomes)combinations that predict future change, which is not coincidentally is written in the book of: change-thought.


    The seed of kings: 12-year-old girl created family tree linking 42 (including Obama) of 43 U.S. presidents to King John of England, who signed Magna Carta in 1215.  All the presidents are cousins!! Pretty good lineage that assures some very solid programming!!! Could this be an accident? Unless King John sired 90% of the population it is statistically almost impossible to explain as accident especially because it happened over 200 year period!! it’s like hitting the lottery over and over. For all those who think in terms of: this guy is black, catholic, southern, northern, pro or against slavery miss the point!  Not policy or likeable personality, but lineage is likely the most accurate way to predict the next president. This was on the news, t.v and print. We are all still ruled by British Monarchs and no one finds it strange!  God promised David his seed will rule...I wonder...British -Brit yesh ברית יש = Covenanted there-is!!

    Psalm 132:11 The LORD has sworn in truth to David; he will not turn from it: "I will set upon your throne the fruit of your body.

    Jeremiah 23:5-6 ;Behold, the days are coming, says the LORD; That I will raise to David a Branch of righteousness; a King shall reign and prosper, and execute judgment and righteousness in the earth. In His days Judah will be saved, and Israel will dwell safely; now this is His name by which He will be called: THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS.

    I don't think I would be going on a limb if I were to guess that King John and his descendants are from that seed. I have to wonder if that seed rules other countries as well....

    Magna Carta was the first to limit the kings power by declaring that no ‘ freeman’;  could be punished except through the law of the land. One law for everyone is one of the 2 foundation-laws the Torah is based on, the other is eye for eye, whch the Hindus renamed as balance the energies....You can't do one without the other.

    Magna Carta = קרא תה Magna= מגן א   or   Protector-god-Called-out. ...Magen means to-shield and it refers to god(magen david-the shield of David)).. But Sumer שומר was where the gods were first. Sumer (shomer-שומר) means Guard in Hebrew. Then the Sumerian Ekini moved to Egypt called himself Thoth but held an Ank (the original cross). The Egyptian gods were called Neter נטר meaning watch-over in Hebrew.....The north and south American Indians called the gods the Watchers.  accident or Design?

    Vatican was established in 313 right after the destruction of the second temple, Jews were kicked out of Israel and just before the council of Necea (nasi a נשי א meaning presidents-of-god) that decided on the contents of the new-testament.

    Vatican =  ביתי כאן vaiti kan My-house-Here......God moved?  That's what it says...the pope still wears a scull cap and Talit (Jewish prayer vestments) and advocates for a Jewish son of god.

    Catholic = cato li  כתו לי This-sect-for-me      Or when spelled differently Katali קטל meaning The Slaughtered one.

    Christian - Kera Shin קרא שין means readers of the word (Koran = Kora-ayin=reader see).. The People of the Cross are connected to The Hebrews,  Abram ha-Evri means Abraham The Hebrew.

    The Samoan Hawaiian Priest name is The great Kahouna.....You say Kahouna כהונה I say Cohen or Kehouna (the priesthood) say tomato, I say...But then you say Samoa I say Shemo A = his name is A. And how about the Malakai island? Malakai means Kings in Heb.


    Proof of heaven by Dr. Eben Alexander

    His book supports my conclusions, it describes heaven and the spiritual worlds he visited while in a coma. He wrote his entire experience examining it as brain-surgeon and from the point of view of a person who experienced or imagined a very complicated story that others experienced, or maybe  it's just a dream a movie. Because of his position many doctors attended to him and all his bodily functions were being monitored constantly.    Eben who travelled on the boat of Ra to eternal life wondered how is it that while he was on this wondrous trip to heaven his body and brain didn't register any activity-He was brain dead so How?....since the soul is outside the body it goes up like a magnet to it's source...It continues and always will continue to Be  which Eben confirms.

    Some Doctors claim this is common hallucination, a common pre death movie masquerading as an experience…We are simply all watching a common movie that turns on automatically before death (so? who directed it? and who produced it?. That means that the brain must have prerecorded and left it on automatic pilot: to be open upon death. Even if one agrees with Doctors that certain chemicals in the brain produce those dreams, the remaining questions are: why didn't it produce brain activity? and more importantly how and who programmed it in all of us? ­­­How did we all get the same dream? Those doctors suggest Mother Nature programmed it. When? I guess it experimented with many dreams and it fell upon this one, tested it with a focus group and then proceeded to write a program for all man-kind? In short scientists are endowing mother nature with real feelings and intelligence, even fixes dreams so before we turn to earth to become nothing but chemicals again (according to scientists) nature was concerned about us being traumatize before death. That conclusion was made in face of the fact that nature dishes out zillion bad- feelings that lead to bad thoughts that lead to bad deeds. Nature took pity on us and created (planned and thought out) a movie for us-You are kidding me, right?...   This somehow makes sense to our learned ones?... A position that is based entirely on the idea that there is no god so accidental creation has to be a fact, when in fact its not even a theory - there is not a single shred of evidence to support such notion...scientists now know the complexities of our chemical factory, but still insist that somehow someone made a bunch of chemicals into life programming it using 4 letters. No one suspect intelligent design? Instead everyone banded to accept such an impossible theory-why? 150 years and counting (Darwin) and we haven't developed one credible accidental creation theory!! The most obvious answer is that life was designed, but....'they have eyes but will not see'.


     The secret is that on the subconscious soul level, the god level,  we are all connected to the same computer, we all share experiences...

    Om is what Eben uttered upon waking, he calls god Om...very Hindu...Om means Em-אמ Mother, Yam ימ-water, and M מ-From it is one of the 4 letters that signify god.


    Confounding language

    It is shocking to me that The confounding was completed ONLY 2600 years ago and that like the confounding of language began in Babel when 3 events occurred almost simultaneously:

    1- Ancient Hebrew letters were changed to their present form. No one protested?

     2 - Diacritical marks were first introduced which directed us for narrower understanding of the Bible.

    3 -Ancient Hebrew letters were then re-introduced somewhere in Italy as Latin (table to the side). This last move was very important because all scientific formulas had to be written with Latin Letters, The Writing of god....someone was thinking ahead...

    The diacritical marks caused (by divine design) The first three words in the Bible to be misunderstood and therefore mistranslated...


    The two older myth than the Torah confirm the Torah

    Assyro-Babylonian mythology states that the gods, and subsequently all beings, arose from the fusion of salt water (Tiamat the Heb Tehom) and sweet water (Apsu).

    Egyptian mythology: In the beginning there was only water, a chaos of churning, bubbling water, this the Egyptians called Nu or Nun.

    Hindu tell us that Brahma created the world after looking into water

    Elohim, God-of-Ocean (El-HaYam) the God Nun or Nu or Brahma created life from Water and some salts but only after a complex 4 letter program was written.... Then more and more complex programs were written, like us but more better....Someone we call aDoNiA (my lord) created a DNA computer and left it's program to rule over us - and the word was god



    God said 'abrah cadabrah is not magic. God called instructions into a computer. This idea couldn't have been understood until as late as 20 years everything is wireless....that's only 50 years after computers were invented...think a million years... unimaginable!!

    abra cadabrah = עברה כדברה =avra kedibra meaning 'it came to pass as it was spoken' (into a computer)

    Carbon = קר בונ Car bon = called out the builder (the element all life is built from)...Bone = builder = all cells are built in the bones, the builders.


    נ נח נחמ נחמן מאומן

    I saw the sentence above plastered on walls all over Israel: I understand it became Rabbi Odesser's personal meditation and song. Before he died, he taught this phrase to a group of devotees who formed the Na Nach movement. No one could tell me what it meant...not even the encyclopedia. That's what I think it means:

     This sentence summarizes it all.... מאומן =Nahman is meouman = trained, in what? Stuttering? More likely Nahman summarized his Kabbalah in one sentence: thinking, meaning using the creative tool of letter combinations. Nahman is using his name to show his training in adding letters to create his name by adding a letter and another letter and then another... 1+2+3+4 Letters = 10....a message to god that says...I got it!

    One Assume (means guilt in Heb.)...One is ashamed because of 'felling guilty'...for me this and other simple revelations were far better than going to a shrink.

    Euphemism = yapheh mishem = prettier than it's name.

    Euphoria = yapheh or ya = pretty light of god. accident or Design is the ONLY question.


    Confounding Language according to the bible

    ו וַיֹּאמֶר יְהוָה, הֵן עַם אֶחָד וְשָׂפָה אַחַת לְכֻלָּם, וְזֶה, הַחִלָּם לַעֲשׂוֹת; וְעַתָּה לֹא-יִבָּצֵר מֵהֶם, כֹּל אֲשֶׁר יָזְמוּ לַעֲשׂוֹת.

    6 And the LORD said: 'Behold, they are one people, and they have all one language; and this is what they begin to do; and now nothing will be withholden from them, which they purpose to do.­­­­­

    'Come, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another's speech.' Gen 11-7

     NYU Professor Alec Marantz has shown that the brain looks at each word as a sentence; he said, ‘We would see the same pattern of brain activity within a word as within a sentence, though more compressed in time.”

    Professor Marantz findings point to a real and specific place in the brain programmed to break down words into letters. This supports the theory that letters not words are the original building blocks of language. This dovetails with the Torah story that Hebrew letter meaning were first encoded into Adam's DNA who used them to create words that described everything. This is possible because Hebrew is a unique computer/god generated Proto language made up of Letters that are actually words and words that are actually short sentences, each Letter is: 1-Word 2-sound 3-Picture 4-Number....E.G: The Letter M = MEM (Hebrew)= (EM-English) = MOTHER (EM), WATER(MYM), FROM(M) = The Hebrew meaning AND The Universal meaning of the letter that looks like a wave the letter mem...MeM with value of 40 ... Each letter is a short cut to programmed information. Those unique letters were first combined into Hebrew words, which were later used to create all languages by employing a crossword like system. The letter meaning that proves intelligent design 'disappeared' but not erased (for later use), they are still in the subconscious (done tirelessly). Letters = eL ToRah = the Torah god.

    .“Believe me”

    Believe = ba lev = In Heart. (love,live)

    Lobby = Lev = Heart (of a building).

    Love = Le-hove = lev = to love/heart.

    Live = Heart.

    Involve =Ayne bo lev = see a heart of-it....and on and on....


    Earlobe = ear Heart?. A ten year study by a heart surgeon showed that 90% of the people he operated on had creases in their earlobes. To date no one has been able to connect the heart with earlobe....but the Word when understood in Hebrew knew!!



    טז וְהַלֻּחֹת--מַעֲשֵׂה אֱלֹהִים, הֵמָּה; וְהַמִּכְתָּב, מִכְתַּב אֱלֹהִים הוּא--חָרוּת, עַל-הַלֻּחֹת.

     Exo-16 And the tables were the work of God, and the writing was the writing of God, graven upon the tables.

    And how about writing? Are we all Writing Hebrew Letters and no one noticed? No way!

    ...Yup! look at the chart.

    WiKiedia : Latin ( /ˈlætɪn/; Latin: lingua latīna; IPA: [laˈtiːna]) is an Italic language[3] originally spoken in Latium and Ancient Rome. Along with most European languages, it is a descendant of the ancient Proto-Indo-European language. It originated in the Italian peninsula.     Not true…


    Other Torah claims

    The Torah also claims that one super-continent appeared first…we didn't know that till 20 years ago, turns out to be true…that life began in the ocean is only 70 year old knowledge...turned out to be true... that humans were first created as vegetarians…turns out to be true. Torah turns out to be true...Oh yes…the supercontinent bears the name Elbabara = God on it created in Hebrew

    The English words Birth and Breath of life 'Rough Elohim' confirm it was given to us by Thoth...Brea-th = created-Thoth. Birth = created-Thoth. As a Jew who was brought up in was very hard to accept.

    The Bible Code

    It demonstrated that only a computer could have written the Torah. Additionally it found the words 'Torah, written by a computer'. God, Moses and a computer... rewrote the Torah with spaces...The Words, the letter combinations, the Programs have been written. The word Torah (ToR means In-Line) means It's her-Turn in Hebrew confirming again it is a computer program. The Truth (ToRah=TRue, consonantly) has been recorded, but alas (el as = god made) confounded...


    The advice I received was: Kabdehoo wehashdehoo = Respect and suspect. Don't leave a Spec of a Doubt, Don't Speculate, Suspect & Inspect.


    Spec of a doubt?

    Spec  = saphec ספק   = doubt in.

     Speculate = Saphec cal ot = doubt all signs

    Suspect = Su-saphec ot = this-doubt Sign.

    Inspect = ain saphec ot = No doubt sign.

    Doubt =- dou bite = 2 Home (2 ideas). or Doubts = De-Ot = opinions

    Respect = re sipook = see contentment

     Looks complicated?


     Even the Israelis Don’t Notice

    How then does one explain the Scores of English words that have been Hebrewtized. It is impossible to explain how a whole nation, 8 million people are using English words with Clear and Perfect Hebrew meanings, on tv, in print and in everyday life, and no one noticed...


    Below are 10 such examples. The first word is English, the second is how Israelis use it as Hebrew. No one noticed the words have perfect Hebrew meaning.


    English Hebrew Decoded:


    Positive                        po-si-tivy                                    Here this good

    Artillery                        Ar-till-yeria                                 light missile shoot

    Procedure                     p-ro-cedura                                here see arrangement

    Protocol                        proto col                                     perteh call detail of everything

    Illusion                         Illusia –elou ze haya                   as if it happened

    Automatic                     auto matic                                 copies itself

    Alternative                    alter nativa                                changed path

    Automobile                    auto-mobil me (auti)                  transports movil=mobile

    Sorry                             tzary                                          sorry


    Could it be more obvious? Yet no one noticed.

    יב שיר השירים גַּן נָעוּל, אֲחֹתִי כַלָּה; גַּל נָעוּל, מַעְיָן חָתוּם

    A locked garden, my bride sister; a locked spring, a fountain sealed. The song of Solomon



    טז  וְהַלֻּחֹת--מַעֲשֵׂה אֱלֹהִים, הֵמָּה; וְהַמִּכְתָּב, מִכְתַּב אֱלֹהִים הוּא--חָרוּת, עַל-הַלֻּחֹת.

    Exo-16 And the tables were the work of God, and the writing was the writing of God, graven upon the tables.

    The writing of god? Are we all Writing Hebrew Letters and no one noticed? No way!


                                                            This Is Gotcha Funny!!

                  English/Latin letters  Not current Hebrew letters are the original writing of god!!

    Create = Bara in 4000 year old Hebrew was written as                                                        bRA..  not   בָּרָא

    The Latin Roman Alphabet was not invented nor based on several alphabet as suggested by all the experts. The original Hebrew Alphabet, the one used by God to write the Torah was radically changed...why?...The holy language, the writing of god!! who dared to allow such a thing?...Few hundred years later the original Hebrew alphabet was reintroduced as new Latin alphabet.  No way!!  So no one noticed?   Not Even Hebrew religious and language scholars? They looked at those letters for hours days and years and couldn't see it?                                               


       They ASSUMED evolution and therefore never looked....but still....this in not in code!!   

    AsSuMe = hAShiM = blame           

    Three things happened almost simultaneously. 1-The letters were changed because all scientific formulas had to be written in the writing of god.  mc2 = mcc = cmc = שמש Shin Mem Shin = shemesh meaning SUN the letter Shin has a value of 300 same as the speed of light The letter Shin means Light, Word  ( explained at legnth in the main article).

    2-At the same time Ezrah(in Baghdad) added the diacritical marks, this was done to limit our understanding of the Torah (explained in main article)

    3-Hebrew letters were change and then reintroduced as Latin

    To my untrained eye this looks obvious!


    טז  וְהַלֻּחֹת--מַעֲשֵׂה אֱלֹהִים, הֵמָּה; וְהַמִּכְתָּב, מִכְתַּב אֱלֹהִים הוּא--חָרוּת, עַל-הַלֻּחֹת. 

    EXOD-16 And the tablets were the work of God, and the writing was the writing of God, graven upon the tables.

      Hebrew is the  language of God. This statement like the speed of light has turned an unknown, the original language spoken prior to God confounding it to a known, namely that Hebrew the language the Torah is written in is that language.

    The Hebrew alphabet has always been the only key to the knowledge of the Hebrew revelation.  Nothing is as important as the knowledge that which is to be found in the letter/word.  The 22 letters represent a combination of name and form of our physical universe.  The 22 letters are holy letters which are the first energies, the raw material to the creation of the universe.  They represent the will of God into reality. God CREATED the Universe by first creating the letters that he then combined to create all Matter.

    The Hebrew words can be compared to chemical formulas each letter is like an element in so much as each letter has a picture-word meaning, changing the arrangement of the letters like changing the arrangement of atoms, changes the cosmic energy they create.  This is described in the SEPHER YETIRA (the book of formation-creation-manufacture), said to have been Abraham’s Kabala. It is suggested there that the 22 original letter meaning are the only one programmed in our brain and our mind then creates pictures by combining them, but due to the Gods confounding language we no longer are able to use them correctly. … But strangely enough the latest scientific discoveries support the notion that each letter is a picture-word. It seems the brain works exactly that way.  The brain processes a word, as if it were a sentence.  NYU Professor Alec Marantz looked to the MEG to demonstrate this in brain waves, he said; We would see the same pattern of brain activity within a word as within a sentence, though more compressed in time; Of course according to Abraham book of  Manufacture God created the world with each letter providing one picture, I felt that the One letter root was too esoteric for me and I therefore opted to start with 2 letter words that have known meaning.


    It is not true that the Hebrew language is made up with 3 letter shoresh (root) the language is made up of letter words with one letter roots, so where did the scholars come up with it? As it turns out DNA is made up of 3 letters combinations...this is not the only Time early biblical scholars made a mistake taking DNA letters to mean regular letters. In the middle ages they tried to make a Golem (robotic human) by SAWING LETTERS TOGETHER.. ...they were right....they just sawed the wrong letters. In fact it was impossible to understand this till the discovery of DNA in1953.



     DALET means KNOWLEDGE in all languages.

             Let’s take the letter Dalet meaning door to knowledge, or just knowledge -  I am suggesting only consonants are building blocks which means we should ignore vowels, they are there to produce different music thus hide the sameness in consonants.  Let’s then explore the possibility that the meaning of the sound D is the same in Hebrew and other languages. 

             De-a means an opinion or IDea. Yeda means knowledge which reside in the HeaD, I know that yeda and head don’t sound alike, but Head and Yeda are made up of the same building block, the consonant D meaning knowledge. Ed means Witness, ED is used as a suffix in English “happened” witnessed.

              Od means to AD. Dyo means a Die or ink and to Die means Enough, stop. The English to Do means to know.  The English word AiD means, giving a hand, is from the Hebrew Yad- meaning hand. Da means Yes in Russian but know in Hebrew.

             Of course there is the hyoid bone also known as the lingual bone. A unique bone that is held by muscles but not attached to any bone. Its name is the letter Yod that stand for god. Could the language secrets be hidden there?

             Moving up to two letters the word Idiot, or yad ot meaning hand-signals, in other words unable to speak. The word to Bid would then decipher as Bayad in hand.

             A Dame would then be Da-em meaning know-Mother. It follows that a Date then would mean Da et, Know assigned-Time. The Spanish Nada which means nothing, means no- Da or no-knowledge in Hebrew…and Buddha would mean bo-da in him the Knowledge, so on and on and on. B pronounced Byte means a house or a housing as in the computereese word - Byte.

             The word Semantics is made of 2 Hebrew words shem tic meaning Name File while Syntax is made up of Syn Tekes meaning word arrangement. Shin and Shem mean the same thing, one spells out the word Shem the other Shin spells out, the first letter for Shem Shin which is accepted to mean Shem-the word. Tax is from the Hebrew Tekes meaning to set in order, in short a Text. Syntax then is word arrangement and semantics means name file. I have 2600 words like these.




    To test this I took 2 letter words which have clear and pictorial Hebrew meaning and add a 3rdletter to test if the words created still incorporate the 2 letter picture word, it would indicate that the language was created whole, in a systematic fashion, rather than by connecting accidental sound to accidental pictures.

     The Hebrew word RATS רצ meaning to Run is a practically a cognate to the English word RACE. This is one word always stuck out in my mind because the Hebrew linguists actually added the letter Waw which  would then would be read as ROOTZ,  so it would have a 3 letter root.

    The Hebrew word TSAR  צר  meaning NARROW, is created if we reverse the order of those same 2 letters. Actually the Hebrew word TZARY means SORRY and is a perfect cognate to the English word SORRY.  Pictorially speaking RUNNING conveys a picture of expanding energy while NARROW, the reverse word give us a picture of collapsing energies. It also aptly describe SORRY as “NARROWESS” of the heart.

    Below are few examples with the word RATZ meaning RUN. To understand the analogy of comparing Hebrew language to a chemical formula better, we add a letter or two (atoms) to these two letters and examine the results. I am not familiar with how Hebrew is taught today but I am sure they still insist on a 3 letter Shoresh  (ROOT-source) for each word.   The way the Hebrew language is taught, the verbs RUN, WANTS BROKEN OPEN, GROOVE,  are all considered to have different Shoresh when in truth they are all from the Hebrew verb RUN. The magic of Hebrew as a computerized language is well hidden once the powers to be decided on a 3 letter Shoresh.  



    RATZ                             רץ                RUN  RACE

    RATZA                          רצה             WANT run toward

    RETZO-OAH                 רצועה           STRIP; BELT (see it run)

    RATZ-OOF                    רצוף             CONTINOUS; SUCCESSIVE (running)

    HARATZ                        חרץ              TO GROOVE (see it run)

    MERETZ                       מרץ              INTENSIVE (running)

    PARATZ                        פרץ              BROKEN THROUGH (run through)

    The Hebrew word created when the two letters in the word RATZ are reversed is TZAR meaning NARROW.  If running describes energy that expands then the reverse must describe the reverse or energy narrowness.


              TZAR                   צר                NARROW

              TZAAR                צער              SORROW

              TZARAH              צרה              TROUBLE

              TZAROD              צרוד             HOARSE; HUSKY

              TZROR                צרור             BUNDLE

              KETZER               קצר              SHORT; MOW

              ETZAR                 עצר              STOP

              TZARACH           צרח              SCREAM (narrowness of the throat)

              TZARACH           צרך              NEED (narrowness)

    I hope it is clear that the 16 words ( I believe the complete list is about 40 words)  above are from two,  two letter shoresh (picture-words) and a clear indication that language was created whole.

    In thirty-two (1) mysterious Paths of Wisdom did Jah, (2) the Jehovah of hosts, (3) the God of Israel, (4) the Living Elohim, (5) the King of ages, the merciful and gracious God, (6) the Exalted One, the Dweller in eternity, most high and holy--engrave his name by the three Sepharim (7) --Numbers, Letters, and Sounds.(8) "Twenty-two foundation letters: He ordained them, He hewed them, He combined them, He weighed them, He interchanged them. And He created with them the whole creation and everything to be created in the future.(first in his mind) Sefer Yetsirah ("Book of Formation")

    Kabalists believe God existed before the creation of the universe, and that God then created the universe in the form of the sefirot (counting-enemetions-spirits-spheres) the ten sacred numbers-emanations. Following the second set of sefirot appeared—the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Kabalists believe these letters combined into different combinations, and in turn created the world. As the letters interacted, parts of the world took shape. Each letter and word created both matter and other letters and words, giving rise to language and the universe at almost the same time.

    Aboulafia, a famous Kabalist 1240-1291, must have gotten very similar information to mine but in much earlier time. His predictions are amazingly parallel to mine. I understand he was the first to suggest that wisdom and knowledge can actually be acquired through understanding language in the very same way as through understanding nature (e=mc2=shemesh).  “From the mouth of God, which revealed its secret to Moses his servant, that the world was created with language” He believed that the 22 letters are the only natural letters.  Other languages were, according to Aboulafia, made up of the Hebrew letters with different accents (this is exactly what I have shown 720 years later) there is no way he simply guessed at it.  “And the lord was rolling letters in order to create other languages,” I show in this book that Aboulafia who predicted that all languages are Hebrew is proven to be right.

    He predicted that we will know the days of the messiah are close when the Hebrew language will spread.  He expanded saying that the day will come when all languages will shrink into one.  

    In his book, SHOMER MITZVA Aboulafia says, “That when the messiah comes language will return to be ONE clear language, like the one spoken in earlier times.  That all the people will clearly understand one language, and they (the nations of the world) will all worship God with the same words and language.”

    This same sentiment is echoed in Zephaniah, his name means THE CODE OF GOD. I looked there because of the name and because the biblical Joseph name was changed by the priest Poti Perah to Tzaphnat Paneh meaning THE CODE SOLVER. 

    ט  כִּי-אָז אֶהְפֹּךְ אֶל-עַמִּים, שָׂפָה בְרוּרָה, לִקְרֹא כֻלָּם בְּשֵׁם יְהוָה, לְעָבְדוֹ שְׁכֶם אֶחָד.

    3-9 For then will I turn to the peoples a pure language, that they may all call upon the name of the LORD, to serve Him with one consent.



    Blessed be the WORD, Blessed be HASHEM blessed be his NAME