By all acounts Letters not Words are the building blocks of life and language. In order to test divine creation we need to compare Meaning of Letters in Hebrew and other languages.

I decided to record this because I felt that the sound similarities is far clearer to hear than to read. But it is only introduced in the second chapter.

The first video deals with the my theory of creation of life that occured 3.5 billion years agowhen god or evolution created life using 4 letters. I also demonstrate that the evidence gathered by Evolutionists suggest it is impossible to explain life using the evolutionary theory, that the theory of evolution is not a theory of creation.

The second video deals with language in humans demonstrating that Hebrew letters and word which have known meaning have the same meaning in English as Hebrew. I show how it works with one letter than I add a second and third to show they all have Hebrew meaning.

The third deals with explaining how it is that each word has Hebrew meaning and no one noticed. How can someone enter our mind? Or, Why does the subconscious record everything and forgets nothing but we have no access to it?

The forth is the conclusion and the solution for what ails us. 

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