The Origin Of God




It is said that there are 3 things that can’t be hidden the Sun the Moon and the Truth. Torah is true.

                       The origin of Language is the origin of God.


What you are about to read is original, never written before explanations of creation, the Bible, God and Language. In other words, if you looked it up on google, no one else says this.

Was creation accidental or planned? Was life and historical events planned or accidental?

Accident or design is examined using language, the one ability that makes us humans.


God all mighty, oh God, my God, and the famous ‘who died and made you God? We all use those words, but does god really exist? I aim to prove just that. God is alive and well and is still running earth. Actually, we are all participants in a huge video game run by god…Metrix! This isn’t a spiritual journey it’s a linguistic scientific prove that shows all languages were and are still literally created from Hebrew. That every word ever uttered or written was decided by god who kind of ‘whispers’ the new name. According to Claudia, my better half, It’s boring because it mathematical, following it requires too much active thinking. Unfortunately, that’s the nature of most scientific proves. In other words, regardless of what b.s the dictionary says about the origin of the word Artillery late Middle English: from Old French artillerie, from artiller, alteration of atillier ‘equip, arm’, probably a variant of atirier, from a- (from Latin ad ‘to, at’) + tire ‘rank, order’. It says nothing!  It is in fact from the Hebrew Ar-till Ary meaning Light-Missile-Shoot. No one noticed because we think a word is the smallest unit in language when in fact a Hebrew letter is the smallest unit in language.

But maybe this work is very spiritual since language is the only spirituality we have. I didn’t come up with it, I didn’t figure it out. I don’t think anyone could figure this out, because it’s none linear. This is my Kabbalah, a personal receivership from god or his angels. Having said that, none of my writing is based on ‘God told me’, everything I claim is based real evidence on how other languages decode in Hebrew. It defies all logic, but all languages are still Hebrew because god decides every new word ever ‘invented’. In other words, he is in charge of the word. We invent new words almost daily, This is an on-going process. About 20 years ago I decoded over 3000 words. I stopped counting then because if 3000 words wouldn’t convince you 4000 words will not change your mind.

This is so far out and original, that no one has a point of reference, no one can verify, argue against what I am writing but no one has ever questioned by decoding. My Hebrew is simple and the meaning I assign to those Hebrew words are straight out of the dictionary. I thought I would get a lot of arguments against this. No one who reads this dare to comment or asks questions. This is because everyone thinks: what is the chance that I am right and all evolutionists, many university professors, scientists and researchers are wrong? What is the chance that all rabies and priests are wrong? What is the chance that only I, who has no religious or scientific ‘credential’ is right?  I would make the same assumptions…but the facts are the facts, truth can never be hidden. One has to admit, there is poetic justice that both scientists and religious leaders are equally wrong.

I know I am considered weird for accepting the bible literally, for believing our programmer aDoNAi wrote DNA programs, the names says so! If one accept this one then must examine the possibility that : everything is programmed, planned.

The ‘smart ones’ already told you what god ‘really meant’ if he could write clearer, which is nothing short than from opposite from what he actually said. God is saying that ‘eye for eye’ will ‘balance the energies’ will achieve heaven on earth. God is saying that his laws will weed out the bad genes and achieve a harmonious society.  God also says that the laws must apply to everyone equally otherwise weeding out DNA will not work. A murderer and a rapist must be killed and a thief must pay back double. This means no affirmative action of any kind. God is also saying that we should change our laws, we should stop trying to achieve justice for the criminal but rather to achieve justice to the victim. God is suggesting we change our system, to indemnify the victim by the criminal, change it to the victim justice system. To be clear this isn’t a revolutionary idea, our civil courts work just that way. Finally, god knows we can’t figure what ‘eye for eye’ is. God in psalm 137 says that he gave his laws (the ten commandment) to everyone but his Judgements he only gave to the Hebrews in the Torah. Watching the news today is to me mind boggling, everyone bends backward to protect the criminal and their rights, no one admits that those rights are the expense of society and especially at the cost of the victim. Simply stated our current system protect criminal rights and fucks the victim and society.

According to god We see most solutions upside down. This isn’t accidental but rather planned. We are literally the only organism that sees upside down. Our mind is ‘supposed’ to turn the picture but often doesn’t.  when I was told that we see most solutions to problems upside down I didn’t get it nor believe it, but we do!...our body and that of the billions of organisms are miracle of genetic engineering, programs so complex with a cell so small its invisible but has unlimited memory all created by accident? We can’t figure any of this yet. Though we have no evidence of accidents we still believe it was accidental. 3 letters on a wall mean intelligence but billions of letters in specific order is clearly accidental? When one sees design the obvious conclusion is that there is a designer! Eyes are perfectly round but mountains aren’t. One is designed the other, the mountain was not. 100 years later what it is supposed to happen billions of times by accident has yet to be proven. We have yet to create a DNA letter or anything else by design. It is time to examine the opposite, what if everything is by design? After over 30 years That is my final conclusion. Am I crazy? Or are you all wrong? Did I really receive the information or made all this up?

As to why me? I have always been a business man and am a pretty successful commercial real estate broker (retired now), I am not religious and hate crossword puzzles but I ended up spending 35 years doing one.  I wouldn’t have chosen me. I don’t seem to have the fire in the belly to yell this from the mountain top. I am not on any social media, Nor do I have talent for writing. The only thing going for me is that I am an excessive obsessive I am like the dog that holds something and refused or unable to let go (I still don’t know if I don’t or can’t let it go). I have been doing this for the past 35 years while making a living. To be honest, 35 years later this is the one thing I still enjoy doing more than anything else.

Claudia says the only thing going for me is that I am good with numbers and funniest person she knows. My proudest accomplishment is that I still crack her up. You guessed it, She has never read this entire article. I believe it might be the secret of our great relationship. She says she believes me 100% but she still meditates by chanting some Indian chant. She is a yoga teacher who studied at the Ayanga institute in Poona. Old habits are hard to break.  Why is that ok with me? God created thought, wrote all religions, all myths, all languages and of course all chants. Ohm/Ahm means Mother (ame), From (M), Water (MyM) in Hebrew, the Hindu Chant means mother from Water. As we see later M is the letter representing god. …I do half an hour of yoga daily, I chant 30 chapters from the book of Psalm.  If one wonders, yes, Hindu is made up of Hebrew. KaR-M-A means happen-from-god.


God left us a multi-dimensional, a none linear crossword puzzle, the crossroad where science and theology finally meet.


The core teaching of the Kabbalah (meaning to receive in Hebrew) is only about the meaning of the Hebrew letters.

Kabbalists believe these letters combined into different combinations, and in turn created the world. As the letters interacted, parts of the world took shape. Each letter and word created both matter and other letters and words, giving rise to language and the universe at almost the same time. Kabbalist believe god existed before the universe. He created letters (DNA) in order to create the universe. Their meanings were taught to angles, light entities, which god created in chapter 1 of the Torah, god first created other light entities, angels ‘in our image and likeness’, meaning there were many gods. The only thing the angels could have learnt before creation is how to write code in order to help god in programming millions of organisms. God taught them the Hebrew alphabet, god’s programming tool. The Hebrew alphabet has always been the only key to the knowledge of god's revelation.

Hebrew words can be compared to chemical formulas each letter is like an element in so much as changing the arrangement of the letters like changing the arrangement of atoms, changes the cosmic energy they create.  This isn’t taught that way in Israel. There, like the rest of ‘the smart ones’ everyone believes Hebrew is a nothing special language. No one believes Hebrew is ‘the writing is the writing of god’. No one believes all languages were created from Hebrew. Well, they were! A Hebrew professor at bar Ilan, a religious university assured me that it has been PROVEN that Hebrew wasn’t the original language. In other words, he was telling me that Hebrew the language used in the Torah was created by a series of accidents of sound and picture. He is wrong! All Israelis, scientists and religious leaders are wrong about their understanding of the one and only divine language. God is called HASHEM, The Word, because he is responsible for every new word ever written or uttered.

Blessed be the Word, Blessed be Hashem, Blessed be his Name.

Admittedly it requires intelligence to understand what I am saying. The reader would need to weight the evidence and decide what is the probability that any of this can happens by accidents.   Accident or design?

S.K.L means intelligence in Hebrew. The English words that were created from it are: SCHOOL(S.K.L) where you get some SKILL, where you learn that Thinking requires SCALE to weight things and CYCLE, to look for repetition. All this belongs in the SKULL. The chances that this is accidental is well over a million to one. I have hundreds of such examples. It means that the chances I am wrong is over a million to one. So, why is no one getting excited? The facts don’t confuse anyone! Most believe the experts instead of their lying eyes.

Hebrew has about 10,000 words, English has 150,000 words. All those words were created from 22 letters. * when language was confounded it was reduced to 13 consonants letters. The Hebrew vowels were eliminated and zx, ch,sh etc became one letter.

Hebrew language, the Language of god was created whole. God created letters, he then combined them into 2 letter words and then 3 letter words. Or as the mystic says: N NA N.H.M  NHMN NeAMaN. 1letter, 2letter, 3letters, 4letters…this is written on lots on walls in Israel. He, Nahman is telling god he understood how language was created using his name. Neaman means faithful, devoted, trustworthy.

For example: the letter Tzadi means come out or righteous.  The letter R means Light (ray )or See. The Hebrew word R.TZ means RUN or expanding energy. The English Run is from Light.Moving. Reversing the letters ZT.R means NARROW which is Collapsing energy. TZ.a.RY in Hebrew means SoRRy, in English, the two are actually identical with different accents. According to God Sorrow then is collapsing energy – narrowness of the heart. By the way, the word RTZ created the English RACE, same word different accents. God used a crosswords system, to create all languages from Hebrew. Again, no one of the 8 million Israelis understands this. No one in Israel notices any of this. Most think it is an inferior language to English…go tell them Hebrew created English…

To understand the analogy of comparing Hebrew language to chemical formulas better, we add a letter or two, we add atoms to these two letters and examine the results. The way the Hebrew language is taught, each word has to have 3 letter Source (shoresh-root) so the verbs RUN, WANTS, BROKEN(pierced through), Continuous, GROOVE, are all considered to have different Shoresh, different roots, when in truth they are all from the Hebrew verb RUN. The magic of Hebrew as a computerized language that was created whole is well hidden because the rabies ‘decided’ on a 3 letter Shoresh.  Its true the teaching is about 3 letter words, but it was misunderstood, the reference was to DNA programs not the Hebrew language. All DNA programs are written with 3 letter combinations only. Because no one believes aDoNAi wrote DNA(3letters) programs none connected the obvious connection between the two words the Hebrew ADONAI and DNA.

When we add a letter and create a new word, the picture of Narrow or Running is still part of the new word. RaTz is then Light/energy. Goes out. 

Notice the word Rtz  רצ   in every Hebrew word but they are all considered by Hebrew experts, by professors of the Hebrew language  to have different roots. They are all very wrong… they know ‘gournisht min gournish’ about Hebrew letter meanings. None imagined in their wildest dreams that Hebrew letters are actually programed in our DNA. Thinking in Hebrew, in the language programed in us makes one smarter. Israelis are actually smarter because they use Hebrew! Period!

RATZ                             רץ                RUN  RACE

R.ATZ-A                          רצה             WANT run toward

RETZ-OAH                 רצועה           STRIP; BELT (see it run)

RATZ-OOF                    רצוף             CONTINOUS; SUCCESSIVE (running)

HA-RATZ                        חרץ              TO GROOVE (see it run)

HA-ROUTZ                     חרוץ              INDUSTRIOUS (runs in life)

ME-RETZ                       מרץ              INTENSIVE (running)

PA-RATZ                        פרץ              PIERCE, BROKEN THROUGH (run through)

The Hebrew word created when the two letters in the word RATZ are reversed is TZAR meaning NARROW

          TZAR                   צר                NARROW

          TZ.A.AR                צער              SORROW (Narrow heart)

          TZAR-AH              צרה              TROUBLE (Narrow heart)

          TZAR-OD              צרוד             HOARSE; HUSKY (Narrow voice)

          TZR-OR                צרור             BUNDLE (narrow)

          KE-TZER               קצר              SHORTEN (narrow)

          E-TZAR                 עצר              STOP (made narrow)

          TZAR-ACH           צרח              SCREAM (narrowness of the throat)

          TZAR-ACH           צרך              NEED (narrowness)

I hope it is clear that the 17 words (I believe the complete list is about 40 words) above are from two, two letter Shoresh (Root-picture-words) and a clear indication that language was created whole. The Hebrew Letter is a Word. The Hebrew language is made up of letter combinations. A word in Hebrew is a sentence. The smallest unit in the Hebrew language is a single letter not 3 letters words. In point of fact, many Hebrew words are a letter and VOWEL(in it god). Ta, oT eT meaning Cell, Letter, Pen and many others are only one letter words. Even if it were made up of 3 letter words only it would still suggest someone created it. Billion of DNA programs use only 3 letter combinations…clear indication it wasn’t accidental but by design and that it was written by the same Computer programer.

Bottom line, Israelis are ‘geniuses’ when it comes to writing computer programs but know nothing about the Hebrew letters and words. Know nothing about their language. Israelis don’t understand their own language because none believe its ‘the writing of god’. None believe god wrote the Hebrew language.

I want to advice all Israelis to study their own language! It was written by our DNA programmer by aDoNAi. Study diligently the Hebrew consonants. Con-sonant-Can Shinant meaning Here study diligently.  Advice (ad-v-ice=opinion in it) in Hebrew is ETZA, it’s made up of the letters Ayin-See and Tzadi Righteous. It suggests subconsciously that one ought to give advice from the point of view of the righteous… who is righteous then? According to god ETZ a Tree is a good example of righteous. TRee=ToRah.

The word (Ossima in Latin from the Hebrew etzm) means bone, or Tree.Water. The English Bone is from the Hebrew Boneh meaning Builder (all body cell are created in the Bones). Meditate on that…Put that in your pipe and smoke it sometimes. This language wasn’t created by accident!!

As the good book says: ‘They have eyes but will not see’. The To.Rah is T.Rue.

Language is a creation tool

We have always treated language as a communication tool. Language is actually a creation tool. It allows us to arrange and rearrange pictures (words) and create different world. After 4 billion years god, the creator decided to gift us with his creation tool, letter combinations. This means that each word needs to give us a clear picture. The clearer the picture the better the thought and the better is the picture we want to communicate.

Lets take a word everyone knows HOUTZPA.

התנהגות מתריסה וחסרת כבוד; עזות⁻מצח Translated as behavior that shows no respect and rudeness

Wikipedia It derives from the Hebrew word ḥutspâ (חֻצְפָּה), meaning "insolence", "cheek" or "audacity". 

With those two definitions one is getting closer to understanding the meaning of the word, we are getting closer to a clear picture. But it would seem that other words could have been used.

חֻצְפָּה Houtzpa according to god, according to Hebrew is not what either the Hebrew dictionary nor what Wikipedia says. The real Houtzpa is ignoring god’s language.

Hetz-Peh  means Arrow-Mouth.  Houtzpa means shooting arrows with one mouth. If one is honest, its far better explanation than the Hebrew dictionary or Wikipedia. It is self-explanatory but yet, no Israeli noticed. But believe it or not, the subconscious reads it as Arrow-Mouth. The reader must ask themselves: if this is so obvious how come no one noticed…’they have eyes but will not see’. When I come up with such ‘realization’, I get a small rush, I can relate to king Solomon: ‘and he kissed me from the kisses of his mouth’

Lanyadoo continues: It has been shown scientifically that the subconscious tries to understand words by reading each letter. It proves the bible claim that god first programmed letter meaning in Adam and then Adam combined those letters to give names to everything.

NYU Professor Alec Marantz has shown that the brain looks at each word as a sentence. To demonstrate this he used MEG that looked at brain waves. In his findings he reported, ‘We would see the same pattern of brain activity within a word as within a sentence, though more compressed in time.” Professor Marantz findings point to a real and specific place in the brain (an app) programmed to break down words into letters.

Hebrew is uniquely qualified because each letter is actually a word. Each word then is a sentence. 

The word speech in English demonstrates how each letter is read by the subconscious. The component sounds within the word, S, Pe, eCh are read by the subconscious – regardless of the language – as phonemes. Translated using Hebrew letter meaning, these are S(shin=word), P(peh=mouth), ech(Ish=man). Speech = word-mouth-man.


Similarlythe word Sprichst, in German means speak. The first two letters of the German word,  S and P, mean word mouth in Hebrew. The remainder of the German word disguises the Hebrew.

Phosphates – po sap hot – Here-language-letters.  DNA is made up of mostly phosphates and are sometimes called phosphates.   How does it happen???. All of these words and their shared meaning spring from the Hebrew word,  Sapha, meaning language or word-mouth. DN-A= Judgement god

Further examples of English words read through the lens of their corresponding Hebrew sounds makes it clear that those words were not created by random sounds.

The idea that the entire world languages are made up of 22 letters is literally unbelievable but true… Ety-molo-gy means letter-word-system

In later ‘experiences’, 10 years later, after I recognized that Brahma and Abraham are both father of all and both names are the same and both are married to Sarah, I was given the language secret. Is that my Karma? Kar-M-A= Happened From God.

After earth shaking experience that said: god is here, I was in front of a group of people, I was told that I am given the language secret, that all languages are Hebrew. I thanked then profusely and promised I would do a good job. ‘They’ kinda laughed. Many of the experiences were kind of scary but it always ended up with a smile. I remember thinking that it’s going to be some esoteric explanation. I remember saying: I want an explanation I can show others.

I was shown a light screen. English words were written in English and Hebrew with arrows connecting them.  Positive was spelled as Po-Ze-Tive which I ‘suddenly’ realized means Here-this-good in Hebrew. I used that word literally thousands of times and never noticed the obvious Hebrew. Alternative read as two words, Alter-native which literally means changed-Path in Hebrew which again was a word we all including Israelis who do not speak English use but none noticed. Procedure or Procidura in Hebrew was written as Po-Re-sidour. Meaning Here-See-Arrangement. Artillery became  Or-Til-Yeri means Light-Missile-Shoot. I was then shown the word Theory or Tioury meaning Description. The most obvious was Organic Or-gan means Light-garden. All Israelis use it but non noticed. This, and many other words appeared on a light screen. This was amazing to me, it’s obvious…. Why didn’t I and all Israelis ever notice? 8 million Israelis use those words daily as borrowed from English incorporating them into Hebrew, those and dozens more such words have clear unmistakable Hebrew meaning and yet No one noticed! Impossible to believe but true. No one notice what is super obvious. I believe (ba-lev=in heart) which clearly explains Love, Live. This clearly points to ‘the hand of god’.

At one point I thought it was so obvious everyone can see it. I sold my business I rushed to Israel to get it published. Looking back, it was not really ready for publication, I didn’t know about Tho, DNA etc. I knew I don’t have the whole story, but I thought it was obvious and therefore many people are about to publish the same thing. I thought that others will be impressed enough to begin researching it, I hoped someone will write computer programs to decode English and other languages. Thirty years later I am still the only one on google claiming such outlandish thing, claiming god is still in charge of every new word. I was published in Israel over 20 years ago, I was on morning talk show, discovery channel, Laisha (the biggest weekly in Israel), mentioned in Jerusalem post (2pages) and many other articles but the book died. No one seems to be impressed with the fact that I found few thousand words in English with Hebrew meanings. Many Rabies called me, but the ideas in proposed were too hard to accept. No one believed their lying eyes.

We know that by and large Israelis aren’t stupid, many hi-tech companies spring out of Israel, major and complicated programs are written by Israelis but none noticed something very obvious, the connection between Positive and Po Zeh Tive. meaning clearly here this Good. Let alone more complex programs so how? I was explained that God controls the subconscious remotely (they often communicated by giving me a picture from my past to illustrate their point, personal experiences that left me certain that they read my mind like files they can easily access). Shocking? Our computers are almost able to do that today.


I spent over 30 years decoding well over 3000 English words, other languages and scientific terms using Hebrew letter meaning, using ‘The living Word’. I can decode more than 65% of the words in this book. Statistically speaking, the chances that 3000 English words are in Hebrew is accidental is well over a million to one. In other words, the chances I am not wrong is over a million to one. I have a grade 9 Hebrew education. I left Israel in 1963 at the age of 16. I used a translator for the Hebrew article. Let me be clear my Hebrew is limited and so is my deciphering.  The total deciphering (de-cipher=know story) more than suggests that life, language and historical events were and are still PROGRAMED (prio-gram=his fruits caused) by God. God uses light computers our Aura (Aur-a=Light-God in Hebrew) to interact with our subconscious. Before one start imagining big cloud computers, remember the cell is invisible tiny but it has almost unlimited memory (it is microscopic because it was created by light entities …to them it’s large). Each of our bodies has 50 trillion cells, each contains our entire programing (6 billion bytes of information), all those cells somehow communicated with each other.…a lot of memory and…. god doesn’t need to keep much info on us he can access our hard drive. The ancients accounts of the gods refer to the computer that runs earth, god’s computer as; The stone of Destiny, A crystal computer. Given time we too will figure out how to create light computers and crystal computers. God isn’t a magician; god is a scientist.

Everyone doesn’t give much credit to god. Everyone believes if a ‘holy man’ like the pope blessed you god will listen. In other words, god is sitting up there and he says, this bad person (god knows the heart of man) was blessed by the pope so I too will bless him. I don’t think so…


God always tells the Truth BUT SOMETIMES IT’S A LITTLE TRICKY TRUTH. Though the bible says earth was created 2 days after the big bang no sane person believes it. We know now it took 8.6 billion years. As probably the only true believer, as one who is sure that God, our programmer wrote the Torah, my job is not to deny science, not to deny facts, not to say ‘they are wrong it wasn’t 14 billion years’, I accept that they are right! I try to understand the impossible, how those two facts are somehow saying the same thing. This was possible only when I ‘realized’ (told) the Torah is talking about god days not earth days.

The 6 days of creation began around 14 billion years ago at the big bang, evidenced by the fact that the bible starts the count before the sun was created. Earth was created after 2 God days not earth days. Science says that earth was created 8.6 billion years after the big bang. For the bible to be scientifically correct a god day needs to be 4.3 billion years…the Hindu myth says a Brahma day is 4.3 billion years.  Two numbers that on their own sound unbelievably stupid actually hold an important scientific fact. Whoever placed it there knew it would take thousands of years before we can figure it out. It also seems clear that god left the biggest multi-dimensional crossword puzzle in language. It therefore suggests god wrote all the myths requiring us to combine all myths and read them as one in order to find the truth about our past.

The exception makes the rule

If god programmed everything, the program is written somewhere and accessible. Genesis 38 tells us the Judah’s son Er meaning aware (same word as English, different accents), able to see the future, god found it Bad meaning Ra in Hebrew Which reverses the word Er. God killed him. His brother Onan (means masturbate in Hebrew), slept with his wife but knew he wouldn’t have a child with her (he could see the future too) and didn’t ejaculate in her. God killed him too. The Torah could have said that they died, but it says god killed them without giving a reason. (the English translations says they were wicked-translators often editorlize) God is telling us there was a DNA mistake which gave those two brothers the ability to see the future, to read the programs, which is a power they and we humans were not supposed to have yet, so god killed them! Pretty strange story. But it also says that our DNA is programmed with the ability to see those records. It explains Casey.

Er = Aware.  Awir = Air.  Same words in English and Hebrew, different accents, no Israeli, no Hebrew professor, no translator has ever noticed the obvious connections of those and hundreds of such words. words. The simple truth is no one looked, no one thought the two languages are related. Sorry, but All linguists are wrong! All without exception are wrong!


NASA scientists, Elon Musk and Einstein all agree that thought preceded creation and that light preceded matter. They also agree that life was programed.

‘God doesn’t play dice with the Universe’…Einstein is saying nothing is by chance, everything is programed.

Elon musk repeated this by saying that he is certain by one million to one that ‘everything is Matrix’. 

Nasa scientists recently declared that ‘Thought preceded life.’

Off course, Shakespeare said it best and likely closest to the truth. ‘The world is a stage’

Not to be left out, without evidence of unsuccessful mutations, or failing atempt at accidental creation, most of our scientists convinced most of us that life was created by series of trillions of inexplicable accidents, that complex DNA programs were written billions of times by accident. Without showing evidence of trillion accidents. They sold us the biggest B.S perpetrated on society. There are no accidents! All DNA programs were written by a coder! Their complexity is the evidence but we all decided not to believe our lying eyes. Evolution is a fact. The theory of accidental evolution is without merit! It’s a religion not a theory, it’s the religion of - there is no god just accidents. Since they can’t prove it was accidental, it might be time to examine something that is self-evident. Was life planned? Is everything programed? Was DNA programmed by aDoNAi? Accident A-Cci-Dn T. This-Judged-God…there are no accidents.


The book of Formation, Sepher Yetzira purported to be written by Abraham and John/1.1 describe creation of physical DNA programs/letters that rule over us. It was mis-interpreted because the concept of physical letters, computers and programming was not yet understood.

The book of formation Chap 2/2 ‘Twenty two foundation letters. He ordained them. He hewed them, he combined them. He weight them. He interchanged them 'And He created with them the whole creation and everything to be created in the future’.

Twenty two foundation letters (Hebrew has 22 letters) He ordained them (thought of them), He hewed them (shaped them). He combined them, (wrote programs for complex molecules we call DNA). He weighed them (made sure they are in the correct proportions). He interchanged them (wrote programs with them). 'And He created with them the whole creation and everything to be created in the future’ In point of fact all life uses the same DNA letters. The book suggests that we humans might be able to write DNA programs but they will always use the same DNA letters. P.s its not an accident that it is in Chap 2/2

John 1/1 ‘In the beginning was the word’ (not Jesus but Word, the idea of DNA letter combinations).  And the word was with god (he thought about it) and the word was god. (He left The Word, DNA programs, letter combinations to rule over us, to be God over us). John 1/14 and the Word became flesh or in modern English: The programs created flesh. This clearly isn’t the work of John but of god who dictated it.

This was written thousands of years ago, but only 70 years ago, with the discovery of DNA it was possible to understand the book of formation or John, by then there were so many wrong interpretations by ‘Geniuses’ who claimed they talked to god, that anything else became sacrilegious. Once the church claimed that the Word was Jesus which it isn’t supported anywhere the entire meaning was lost. God knew all this in advance, he knew it would take thousand of years before we understood those and other sentences. We are talking about a really long-term plans…3000 years or more, or maybe a 300,000 year plan which is when modern humans, Cro-Magnon (called out from the garden of god), were re-created, new us, a hybrid (hy-br-id- life created by hand). The Torah says it is a 14 billion years plan that began before the big bang. After all someone had to ‘bang’ something in order to start the process.

ז  וַיִּיצֶר יְהוָה אֱלֹהִים אֶת-הָאָדָם, עָפָר מִן-הָאֲדָמָה, וַיִּפַּח בְּאַפָּיו, נִשְׁמַת חַיִּים; וַיְהִי הָאָדָם, לְנֶפֶשׁ חַיָּה.

7 Then the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

The Sumerian myth which the Torah repeats in code claims (correctly) that Adam is a combination of physical ‘Alien’, who are the sons of god and early man. The Sumerians explain that God mixed the blood of a god and earthling blood in order to create a worker. This finally explains why A-DAM means GOD-BLOOD in Hebrew.  In other words, the ‘missing link’ is a higher-beings who left.

The Hebrew word is Ye-Yatzer. Same word used for Sepher Yetzera It literally means Manufacture.  But since it’s written with 2 Yods it means RE-MANUFACURE. This suggests that god first created souls (chap 1) and then ONLY around 300,000 years ago RE-CREATED ADAM. Since Rabies didn’t understand the idea of recreation therefore, they explained it by saying it just repeats the first chapter. In Israel they do not read Ye-Yatzer, we are instructed to read it Yatzar. We were created from the dust, we aren’t in his image, but our souls are in his image.

And the man became a living soul? What was he before?       In chapter one god creates man in his image a Nefesh, a Soul. God is a light entity who creates light entities souls in his image. In chapter 2 god created Adam from dirt, and the souls became LIVING SOULS. The word Ya-Tzar also mean ‘Made-Narrow’, suggesting that the body was created inside the soul.  Seems simple but yet, no one understood it.


1-God is not a Spirit without body or image, he walked in the garden and showed Moses his back. God is a specific visible Light Entity not that much bigger than us (he hid behind a bush) who emits too much light, we don’t see him for our protection, ‘no one sees him and lives’. But we will be able to see him sometimes in the future. This sentence says something else as well. It says god isn’t a magician but a scientist. He couldn’t neutralize his light for Moses and the human race.

2- DNA Language was written by the God aDoNAi who is the creator god, he is the god aNu (who?) who created the Hig’s boson field and caused for a very rare and unique big bang, the’ imperfect mirroring big bang’ that left some matter. He then programed life, creating life to evolve, Onen means masturbate referring to his creation method. N is his letter. Since he is the creator god his letter doesn’t appear in the Torah until he created a soul in his image. It is said he got bored and left the rest of the work to his sons Tho and Rah who wrote ThoRah. AiNo means Not Here in Hebrew. The gods seem to have egos, they stamp their names and numbers on everything they do. aNu is represented by the Hebrew letter 14th letter N because it adds up to 5 which based on the Sumerian myth is his sacred number. The value of N is 50. He used 5 elements to create 4 letters because his son Tho whose sacred number is 4 helped in the creation.

He was also given the most important letter in the Alphabet, the 23rd letter (5), as per his request it is the ‘hidden’ letter, it only appears as a letter in the Egyptian writing. It is the one letter that created every word ever uttered or written, the, zero, space between words, the No-Thing that created everything. He Created Gene (thought by aNu) the Uni-Br-Se = Anu created This. No comes from the Hebrew AiNo meaning Not-Here. This is because he left. No Now, Know use his name. It says that somehow, using thought god created the Higs Boson field, ‘the god particle, in order to convert light to matter. Like the Sumerian myth says, Anu sacred number is 5, though science found one, science claims the Hig’s Boson field has 5 parts.  

3- Tho is the scribe and the programing God. He received the last letter, the 22nd letter whose sacred number is 4 he also received the 4th letter D-4 meaning knowledge, idea and M(ahm)-40 meaning Water, Mother, From, and the Letter Tho 400 meaning Thought.  He is also Elohim Tzevaot meaning Host of god. It literally means Army-Letters. The word Army-Tzav is numerically 92. Earth began with 92 elements. He is Elohim meaning God-Ocean.

To know what ThoTh, the god of thought did all we have to do add a vowel to his name: Cell (Ta), Letter (oTe), assigned time (eT), Pen (aTe), the scribe god Tho, the son of ANu is the author of ToRah. He is the Hebrew scribe angel, the second in command to god called Me-TaT-Ron meaning From Thoth sings. Matatron/Tho had changed our Thumb and Toe so he gave them his name.   Shabat Shab-Tho  = Sat Tho… 

The English words: The. To. Though. That. Thought.   We say his name more often than any other name…by far! But no one connected letters to god. Why should we?

4-The To-Rah is The lost book of Tho who did the bidding of Rah. ThoTh (thought) and Ra the 20th  letter (Light -Ray) are the sons of Anu who directed the creation of Matter and DNA. D.N.A= Know-Anu-God. There are many light entities but only 3 creator gods called by their letters NTR which is the name of the Egyptian creator gods. NTR ANu Tho and Rah means Guardians in Hebrew but NaTuRe in English aNu, Tho, ThoRah are represented by the numbers 1, 2, 3 …oNe Two ThRee. They are everywhere only if you know about them, otherwise…they are pretty well hidden. The Hebrew word DaT means Religion in Hebrew or D-Know T-Tho. Religion then is Know-Tho…if one puts one Eye (eye-Ayin) in religion one gets the word Da-at meaning knowledge. 

Tho the moon god set Jewish holidays based on moon cycles

Ra is the Sun god, the son of Anu which explains why the words Son and Sun sound the same. Rah set Christian holidays based on Sun cycles.

Anu created the original man therefore the word Ani means I in Hebrew. Tho/Enki inserted language, ego into the ‘new improved’ us therefor Enoki means I am in Hebrew. Those words Confirm that ANu created us and Enki redesigned us.

A man explained to his children that we came from monkeys. The kids went to their mother to ask if its true that we came from monkeys. Yes, answered the mother; ‘It’s true about your father side of the family’.

I think by this point Scientists, Jews, Christian and Muslims are somewhat ‘pissed off’ at me. There is more.

5-The Hebrews, the Israelites are the descendants of Cain, the son of the god. God/Tho/Enki appears in the Torah as the wise Talking snake, his acronym is snake because he created DNA. His symbol was two interwind snakes, he was the medical officer. Barbers, the original doctors still use this symbol.

The snake tells Eve the truth (she didn’t die after eating from the tree). The Sumerian myth tells the story of Enki/Tho sleeping with a virgin which wasn’t allowed and was punished by his brother the ruling god at the time. The discussion between the snake and the ruling god (y-hwh meaning present ruling god) repeats the Sumerian myth. We were meant to be confused…otherwise the book wouldn’t call the God Tho/Enki a Snake. No one noticed because all religions forbade their followers from reading other religions.

Cain is ‘the first born in creation’. Product of Eve and God, a hybrid. Isra-El= surviving-God. There are many gods but The Hebrews have only one god, the moon and Water God Thoth. And… half the world followed. Everyone talks about one god, the bible mentions twice many gods (let us) the Hebrew say they have one god not that there is one god. The book of Psalm repeats this but no one believes that… Hybrid = Hy-BarYad means created by hand.

Crea-Ate means Called (cry) Tho, likely instructions into a computer.                                                                                                                                  Call = Voice.

Those conclusions were shocking to me. I often walked around shaking my head in disbelieve. But I follow the facts, what the bible says LITERALLY and decoded English words using Hebrew letter meanings.

The Hebrews were not slaves in Egypt, they ruled Egypt for 200 years, they are known in History as the Hyksos, the Semitic Pharaoh who left Egypt or were kicked out. They didn’t call themselves Hyksos, they Called themselves Amou from their capital which they built called Avaris or Am Avri = Hebrew nation. They helped Egypt by inventing better sails and invented the chariot.

As the Torah claims they built Ramses. The Egyptian changed the name of Avaris to Ramses.

The Egyptian confirm they were the family of Joseph by saying they have no record of losing any wars to them. Of course Baher Youseph the ocean of Joseph is still in use by the Egyptians. An artificial lake that hold the Nile’s overflow and redistributes it.

There is no way to understand the Hebrew language, the real meaning of the words in the Torah. No way to understand other myths without knowing about the Hebrew alphabet or the creator gods NTR, the 3 NaTuRe gods.

This means that no one truly understands the Torah or understand why the book is called Torah (3000 years later no one figured it out something so obvious) nor what it truly says.

It means all interpretations are wrong.

Again. Tho Ra are the Egyptian gods of Moon/Thought and Rah/sun, the Hebrew left Egypt and the book appeared as if from nowhere? Anyone?

Evolutionist’s are kinda of right, NaTuRe created everything.

Thorah, the first word in the Torah is the name of the author Tho. Thorah also means Thought(Tho) in Light(Rah). It explains how life was created.

B.R.A.Shi.T the second word in the Torah (starts with B rabies wondered for 2000 years why the first word in the Torah starts with B. It actually starts with Tho. This word was translated as ‘in the beginning’ which is true enough but it literally reads In-HeaD-God-Tho. Meaning that in the beginning the god of Thought, thought out creation first. This word is never repeated in the Torah meaning we can’t know for sure what it means. The Hebrew word Hat-hala  means in the beginning. It was so translated because the word Head -rosh was assumed to meaning beginning.  The next word BaRa translated as created actually means House-B Light-R it describes the conversion of light to matter, of creating a house for light. The word Rosh – Head. R.A.Sh transliterate as RA-see Sh(Shin)-Word. Sees Word. The English Head means The Knowledge…crossword puzzle to confound language.

As you keep reading it will become clear that No one, but no one understands the Torah.

The other misunderstanding is that ‘the earth was without form’. The Hebrew is Tohoo weBo ho’ it literally means Tho he is (thought knowledge), webo- hoo - and he is in it.  It is saying that information was programmed in light before creation. Science now agrees that all matter holds information that can be expressed in letters and numbers. As we see later the words Shemesh-Sun CMC and MyM-water are the formulas MC2 and H2O.


I wondered: what am I selling here? What do I want this information to cause? The fact is there is a god creator who uses light computers, who is involved in our everyday life. That’s a pretty strong and mind jarring conclusion. Does that mean that we should accept and adopt bible law? everyone thinks it is way too harsh! No one thinks it’s an option. Eye for eye is considered barbaric.   I am certain it is the law that will bring peace on earth. It is the laws NaTuRe gods programmed.  Those laws were written by the DNA programmer. they are designed to protect the individual and society. Without over simplifying god, the author of DNA is saying: if you don’t want a society with murderers and rapists you must eliminate them from the gene pool. It might be considered as an act of hate to the criminal who is disrupting society, who is making it bad for the rest of us, but its an act of love to the survival of the human race, an act of love to the trillions not yet born. The entire future of society is in our genetic make-up, by being lenient with criminal we are creating more not less future criminals. Eye for Eye will Balance the energies, that’s how earth was programed. Actually, that’s how the universe was created.

Many Jews ‘return with an answer’ meaning became religious again, the equivalent to the Christian ‘born again’. This is a major B.S sold to us by Rabies and Priests. God’s biblical laws are criminal and civil laws, they were given to a nation not an individual. All an individual can do is keep Kosher and Sabath laws that were made up by Rabbis.

The country of Israel, not an individual, needs to ‘return with an answer’. The Jewish nation were asked to accept Torah! Since the country didn’t adopt Torah law, the country responded; God we don’t accept your laws! This is because no one believes god is smarter than us. No one believes he truly exists. We even say so in our prayers. We say: god has no image or body, the way our mind works if we don’t see it in our mind it doesn’t exist. meaning God doesn’t exist…well he does, and he has a body. If god didn’t have a sense of humor and patience, if it was up to his brother Enlil, we would all be dead. It seems we are working to accomplish what Enlil did not. Tho our god has been trying to teach us that ‘we are our brother’s keeper’, so far to no avail. It seems the original aliens who landed here, the sons of god learnt that lesson and managed to climb to the next stage of evolution. 

Think about the amount of wealth that can be released if we had no need for armies or cumbersome government. This option is prophecies it says we will turn swords into plowshares. This is the alternative to eventual self-destruction…The fork in the road asks the question: more plowshares or more swords? Or am I my brother Keeper?


In the Beginning

It didn’t start as a religious quest; I didn’t believe in god. It all started out because I tried to understand what is really inexplicable, why did Jews hold on to a book and a religion that made them suffer? How is it that Jews are in almost every country in the world?

 More perplexing, why Arabs and Europeans, south American and Africans, Indians and Chines and other groups accepted the Jewish god and the Jewish history as theirs. Why People with no connection to Israel who do not know where Israel is and many times likely can’t relate to the Hebrews accepted the god and the religion and the history of the sons of god, of the Hebrews but yet all hated the Jews.

Over billion people accept a Jew as son of god but hate the Jews. God called the Hebrews and Jesus the Jew ‘my son my first born’, almost all people who met them benefited from those encounters but eventually hated them. A dichotomy that stymied me for a long time. Thirty years later, my conclusions were shocking to me, it was all programed by god, all that meaness and suffering was programed!

The reader needs to accept that anyone who can write DNA programs in 3 letter combinations only.  Anyone who created the cell, the most powerful computer ever created and programed life 4 billion years ago can do many things we can’t detect. Evolution relies on the sentence ‘over time’ but the cell couldn’t have been created over time but in one fell swoop when earth was molten and noxious and void of oxygen which is one of the elements used in the cell. If it truly happened over time, it means that many mutations happened over a long period of times? Where is the evidence? Where are the many mistakes and ‘missing links’ between birds and dinosaurs?

God is highly scientific. Think about it: God was far smarter than we are today 4 billion years ago. Long term planning that seems to have started 14 billion years ago. God plans life based on oxygen and water and plans DNA using oxygen. He then creates water and then plants that produced oxygen and then he created life using a completely different system. A system where plants depend on life and life depends on plants for food and oxygen. Everything god does is balanced or seeks balance. Torah is compared to waTeR. Gods laws in the Torah are laws that seek to balance.  The fact that the world rejects its wisdom means that the whole world is wrong. Its because the creator wrote this. He made the rules and we can’t change them. Like the song says: our arms are too short to fight god.

The problem is ‘free choice’ we have to try laws that were far harsher than Torah law, like killing a thief to laws much more lenient than Torah like the ones we have today. Free choice means We have the right to be wrong. We seem to be abusing that right.

Perhaps the more important question is Why would god program the world to hate the Jews? We the Jews are the Sons of god through Cain. Cain was god’s only begotten son (Eve thanks god saying she purchased a man from god, she never mentions Adam or money…maybe bitcoin?) Cain was punished to be roaming earth and impart information. It sounds kinda cruel but yet true. The Torah confirms this by saying that the sons of Cain helped humanity but they too were hated by all of us including Jews. We all including Jews ‘hate’ Cain.

Cain built a city for the other ‘aliens’ on earth. The sons of Cain had knowledge because of their Father, they helped humanity, they are mentioned as ‘the father of tents’ etc etc, it also doesn’t mention their ages or when they died (because they didn’t) the sons of Seth were reported as born, had children and died. The two lines Cain and Seth merged (the sons of god from the line of Cain took the daughter of man), but…no one figured it out. The entire Torah is about the sons of Cain, the line of god not as rabbis explain the line of Seth. This is because they didn’t understand that ‘the sons of god’ are the sons of Cain. God tells the truth in the torah, but it is clearly muddled in places insuring we wouldn’t understand this for thousands of years.

When strange and illogical thing happened but somehow the whole world accepts it, it’s a sign of ‘the hand of god’. He mis-programed us with the hope we will correct it.

One prime example is the idea that life was created by series of accidents without showing any evidence of the trillions of mistakes, bad mutations, accidents that such creation method would produce. Based our personal experiences we ought to have understood that everything begins with a Thought. That creating letters from complex molecules to program very complex life-giving programs that we have yet to figure out indicates very smart thinker NOT ACCIDENT. Its even stranger considering that when we see few letters on a wall, we all know it was made by an intelligent being, no one ever suggests that nature wrote those letters by accident. But when we see 6 billion letters (our programming) written in specific order we were convinced by the usurpers, scientists, that pretend to be our new gods that it was all due to accident. It’s inexplicable that smart people come up with such bullshit and it’s a lot more inexplicable that the whole world bought this! This can only be the hand of god!!

All cells are the same! The difference between them is the programs within DNA. In other word god has this computer-the cell, god then installs different programs in the same computers. Those programs then create different organism. The idea that nature wrote programs inside DNA of millions of organisms using trillions of very complex programs written by accidental mutations is impossible to imagine, to theorize! The idea that the cell with its 13 parts, with a self-charging battery, and an outer skin with 100,000 antennas, not to mention DNA with unlimited memory  and a spell check to correct any duplication mistakes. All this was created before creation of the cell by accident? It’s impossible to imagine, impossible to theories. In other words, it’s big time B.S. It is the reason we don’t have a theory of creation only a theory of evolution, a theory of what happened after creation, which is not relevant because it could have been programed. But yet…though we have no evidence of accidents, no evidence of how the cell could have been created by accidents Everyone believes it. This is evolutionist’s Gospel taught as a fact in our schools. And like any religion if you don’t believe their crap you are shunned in all universities.

They have something they call theory of evolution. Evolution is a fact why call it a theory? They don’t have a theory of accidental creation because it wasn’t accidental. They don’t have a theory of accidental evolution, no evidence of accidents, because it wasn’t accidental!

The lack of evidence of any mistakes actually point to the great likelihood that evolutionists proved the opposite, that the creators had a computer simulator that told them how to program new organisms. Once they figured this out, they inserted the new programs into DNA thus creating new organism. A system that doesn’t have any mistake.

The criminal justice system is another example. It is accepted almost Universally, everyone tries to be Just to the criminals at the expense of society and specially at the expense of the victim who actually has very little say because he was taken out of the system. Every time there is a crime regardless of whose fault, the government pays, the lawyers make money, and the victim is rarely indemnified. The only way to achieve justice is by indemnifying the victim at the expense of the ought to be named ‘The Victim justice system’ which is the biblical system but again we see it all upside down (we actually see upside down), we took the criminal side instead of the victim side. It’s the victim’s blood that cries for Justice not the criminals. God ‘helped’ us turn his system upside down hoping we would figure it out…It’s the victim Justice system!  Vi-ctim means I am-Stained.

Another good example of something that simply makes no sense is that Muslims decided to decree Jerusalem as their ‘holy city’. The word Jerusalem doesn’t appear in the Koran. It says Mouhamad flew to heaven from the furthest mosque. The mosque in Jerusalem was built 50 years after the death of Mouhamad, and the furthest mosque was Tunisia. So why would a bunch of Muslim decree it was Jerusalem? Makes no sense, but yet, somehow the religious leaders decided based on no facts that it was Jerusalem…the hand of god is clear here.

The Muslim Ala, the Christian God and the Hebrew Adonai is one and the same, he says he gave Israel and Jerusalem to the Jews for eternity. Nabi Mousa lead them to the ‘promised land’ promised by Ala to the Hebrews! God in the bible was definitely against the Philistines occupying Jerusalem! The roman knew that and changed the countries name to Palestine. The Jews who lived there then became Palestinians, but they were Jews! Who eventually were forced to become Muslims.  

Mouhamed concurred the country and most were forced to convert to Islam, those are by and large the present-day Palestinians (DNA testing affirms this). Its kinda funny name because weirdly Palestinians can’t pronounce P, they would read it as Balastine, therefor they call themselves Falastine…god or just accident of nature? It might sound simple but whoever set it up had to ‘convince the Romans’ to change the name and then program some people not to be able to pronounce the letter P.

Jews today do not use the original Hebrew letters. Jews use Aramaic letters. The original Hebrew letters are almost identical to Latin written from left to right, that why Latin has 26 letters (Yhwh is numerically 26). The writing was the writing of god’ is actually Latin letters. But no one noticed, 20 out of 22 letters are identical. The letter P and F are the same letter Peh in Hebrew but 2 different letters, P and F were created from it. So later…some people were programed not to be able to pronounce the letter P. Please note those plans were made to happen over what we consider very long time, thousands of years…but for god it’s only a very short time. At any event, it seems we are participants in a huge video game.

Nabi Mouhamad said in the Koran; God gave Israel to the Jews and they should all go back there or be losers. Moses, Mouhamad and God! Said Israel belongs to the Jews! I want to ask all Muslims: who died and made you God? Yet, Every Muslim yells Ala wakbar, god is great. Which god? This is the lesson the Muslims need to learn. Muslims need to Accept that Jerusalem and Israel belong to the Jews by decree of their god and their prophet…Ala wakbar, so listen to him!

Was Mouhamed and Moses appearances programed or where they there by some accident?

If we were to read both names backwards. M.Sh.H (Moses) read backward is H.Sh.M Hashem, meaning the Word, He brought the word of god. Shem was Noah son, father of all Jews.

M.H.M.A.D (Hebrew consonantal) read backward is D.A.M..H.M meaning blood of Ham. Ham is known as the father of all Muslim he was Noah second son.

They were both programed to achieve what they did from birth! The enmity between Jews and Arabs might go back to Noah who punished Ham after Shem told his father that Ham saw his nakedness. Sound strange,  A new Israeli study made a discovery claiming that memories might actually be stored in genes.

 Jeru-Salem means Will see complete. Zion means The Mark. Finally, Psalm says Jerusalem will be a city that was connected, half from above and half from below. We have yet to understand the location importance, the reason its called ‘the mark’. It suggests god will land in Jerusalem and we will see the world as whole, we will have some sort of change in our sight.  We currently see everything upside down and in two dimensions which the internal computer first turns the picture. Each eye sees in 2 dimensions then the internal computer converts them somehow to 3 dimensions. Evolutionists claim those internal computers were created by accident which is clearly impossible to imagine. No other animal sees upside down…It looks like nature that created many better eyes made a booboo and turned the picture…or maybe god reprogramed us in order to teach us how to think. This is meant to elevate us in the evolutionary scale. We are currently pretty low on that ladder. Meantime we all see upside down.

It’s illogical that god ‘convinced’ Muslims that Jerusalem is where Mouhamed flew to heaven. Or maybe all souls go to heaven from Zion=The Mark? Or maybe God set it up because eventually all nations will come to Jerusalem to pay homage to God who selected the Israelites to be his ‘priest’ nation. And… the Jews needed to fight the Palestinian and other Muslims, as foretold. Actually, without Jerusalem the Palestinian problem could have been settled. ‘I will hide my face and see how they end up’ is what god tells Moses in the Torah. But he, or more likely his interactive light computers we call ‘aura’ meaning Light God are constantly interacting with the subconscious. That’s how we get thoughts as if from nowhere. All of which is done at speeds we can’t detect but strangely enough the subconscious can.

In other words, as Seinfeld would say: we aren’t the kings of our castles. Someone is ‘screwing with us’, constantly.


My evidence that god is alive and well and still managing us was left in the Living Word which god programed with a lot of information. I am not talking about an event in our past, I am suggesting that the process is ongoing. We create new words daily. God is called The Word because he is still today responsible to ‘suggest’ every word and scientific term we ever ‘invented’ so it would be correct in Hebrew.

New word: The super continent bears the name El-ba-bara = God on-it-created in Hebrew…weird name, but they still decided on it. This can happen, someone can suggest any name because we have no system of naming.

Old word: Atom is over 2500 years old Greek word meaning the smallest particle in life. We know now it’s not true, the Atom is large compare to other parts. The Word/ god knew that. The Hebrew word Atom means hermetically closed which is true about the atom. This word is used in the bible in conjunction with the prophecy that Jews will die in Hermetically (Atoom) closed rooms…

I decode other languages using the original Hebrew words and letter meanings, the language that was spoken before god confounded language. The language god wrote the Torah with. I assume god wrote all myths (Mahabharata, the Hindu myth means What Created Tho), I accept what the Torah and other myths say literally. Finally, I use many scientific facts to back up my claims.

God is represented by the letter L. El meaning god in Hebrew. God used the WORD, letter combinations, DNA and other programs to create the WOR(L)D. it’s all in the Word read in Hebrew. Wor-d – See Knowledge    Wor-ld – Light Birthed. It was after all created from light. It ought to be clear that someone is ‘whispering’ what to name something.


Information was programmed in other languages as decoded in Hebrew. After over 30 years of studying the subject my conclusions are that all myths were written by the same entity, and all were written (attested) after the torah was written. The Torah tells the truth and is repeating the Sumerian and Egyptian myths in code.

God is a singular light entity who created matter, the universe, the higs boson field followed by an imperfect mirroring big bang. He programmed everything on earth. He then programmed all life to evolve (Evolution - eva lo Shinue = Desired God Change). He and not a series of impossible to explain phantom non-existent accidents that left no skeletal evidence of any mistakes is the one who directed his angels which were taught Torah before creation, taught to write code before creation, to rewrite DNA programs converting dinosaurs to birds, that’s why we find no mistakes, that’s why there are no ‘missing links’ when logic says that if this truly what happened we ought to see dozens of missing links between dinosaurs and birds.

The Sumerian myth is true and correct. This body of work will prove that what Zacharia Zitchin wrote is by and large correct. Actually, I am kind of using his system of reading words, but I use Hebrew not Sumerian. I couldn’t figure any of this without his writing. (Zacharia means Remember).

The Sumerian myths says that 432,000 years before the flood, about 440,000 years ago, the Ananke, which are advanced humans landed on earth. They strangely enough carry the name of the Sumerian creator gods Anu and Enki(Tho). The Aliens (the Ananke) are of higher vibration and live to a1000 years, they are able to look upon god and live. They landed here from Pleiades or maybe from another planet but regardless of where they came from, they currently live on the Pleiades. They are advanced enough to engineer planets and reprogram DNA, consequently they have no need for government, nor need to kidnap people for their DNA. They haven’t left earth since. They are watching us and are helping us.

They were led to earth by their god and our god the Moon and Water god Enki/Tho who likely resides on the dark side of the moon, after all Tho is the moon god. Both the words Moon (maon) and Luna (lina) mean Hotel or residence in Hebrew. It explains what couldn’t be explained before, it explains why Jewish holidays are set by god based on Moon cycles. It clearly explains something no scholar ever figured out. The Torah is named after its author the Gods Tho and Rah.

The Ananke looked for gold for the survival of their planet, which the bible mentions in chapter 1 as ‘the gold that is good’ we still revere gold, an element that is used mostly as vanity item. This is a throw back to the time the Ananke were here. Those gods became kings and rulers. The Sumerian myth claims each ruled for thousands of years. They built cities which the Torah confirms by saying Cain built a city. It wasn’t for Adam and Eve, it was for the Aliens that were here. The mining required heavy work. They rebelled and the head God, our god who We share with them, killed the head rebel, a god/advanced alien, Enki used his blood to create a worker-us, he called the new creation Adam meaning A-dam=God blood. The word DAM meaning Blood is made up of the letter D=knowledge and M = water. Blood then is Knowledge-Water. We are all hybrids; we were all created by hand. Hy-Br-id means Was-Created-By Hand. Blood or Bo Lad means with it birthed, confirming that the blood of a god was used to create Adam.

The names in the Torah tell everything, it says Adam was created from a blood of a god, of an Alien/God and yet it says nothing to everyone who reads it unless one knows the Sumerian story and believes they were written by the same entity (En-tity = see Thoth). This new creation, a worker, Adam, a male worker, possessed language so the Ananke can communicate with him. God inserted the Hebrew letters and their meaning, NOT words, which the bible says Adam combined to create words. The new creation, Adam was implanted into female Ananke, pretty much like we do today (artificial insemination) and they birthed the new Adams, creating Homo-Sapiens (speaking man-sapian), Cro-Magnon. (called from the garden of An, the creator god who created the Uni-Ver-Se = An Created this, he wrote the original programs. It is clear then that those Aliens are like us because we were created from their DNA, they can carry us to birth…we are compatible and interchangeable…that’s why they could marry the daughters of man. As the demand for workers increased, the female Ananke rebelled as well… God then created Eve-hava meaning desire(by god) in English and farm in Hebrew, to birth the Adams. The aliens our helpers liked the female creation and took them as wives. Eventually the sons of the sons of god, the, sons of Cain, who is the true first born in creation intermarried with the Earthling females ‘and the sons of god(sons of Cain) took the daughter of man’. The rest of the Pleiadeans, the ones that didn’t intermarry went to the Pleiades. Pleiades meaning P-Lei-Ade=Speech my Witness, left to the world of Taurus (Torah Made). Later, much later around 4500 years ago after Jacob saw them going up to the space ship, God’s angels looked for the surviving Aliens earth. After god’s angel fought with Jacob all night, his name was changed to Isra-El meaning Surviving God. Not because he survived the fight with a god, but because it was recognized that his DNA, his blood line is from the gods. Please note Jacob was created by some sort of ‘immaculate conception’, god calls him my first born, he wasn’t even Isaac’s first born…? It suggests he carries the DNA of Cain which Jesus also had. P.S the Torah never says that Cain or his off-springs ever died. It specifies everyone else birth and death.

The Sumerian gods Enki and Enlil are our guardians that’s why they called the city Sumer which like the Egyptian NTR means guardian in Hebrew. Later the god of Sun Enlil thought the experiment was a failure and decided to destroy the new improved humans-us. Tho the one who created us refused (Noah story)….that’s why it first says god wanted to destroy humanity. The God Tho then instructs Noah secretly. Thank god…

They then changed their names to Tho and Rah (Tov Rah means Good Bad), but continue to be the gods of Sun and Moon/Water, Tho the scribe god wrote Thorah.

It seems the Hebrews are the remnants of the original Cain line, the first born of creation, the sons of god. Tho then changed his name to Yhwh (Y-Hwha =ruling God) and Elohim (el hayam=God=Ocean) and Adonia (DNA author) led the Hebrews out of Egypt to Israel. Tho the Egyptian god, was upset with the Egyptian and punished them on the way out. He also took the book with all the creation formulas, the lost book of Tho with him and gave it to the Hebrews. He knew they wouldn’t understand, but he needed a people that would keep it unchanged ‘stiff necked people’. The word Evri means Crossers because they crossed here from a different world, not as explained that they crossed ‘over the river’. Everyone crosses a river, it’s not a reason to name a whole group of people. Of course, it is a little strange that the Christians are the people of the Cross while the word Hebrew means crossers.       

Aliens in our past. Aliens in our future, aliens in the present…they are not really aliens since we were designed by them and after them. They never left they are our guardians; they are still flying around in BIMANA which are the name of the spaceship the Hindu gods flew on. BIM-ANA means Moving Stage in Hebrew. They re-created us and are obligated to watch over us. They were the ones who actually helped god lead the people of Israel. Their space ship was hidden in the artificial cloud that led the people of Israel and provided them with many things, including engineered food called Mana meaning A Portion in Hebrew.

It seems our history as humans is 300,000 years old but we know next to nothing as to what happened prior to 5000 years ago, what happened in the prior 295,000 years. if we were to combine all myths and read them as one we would get the entire story of the human race.

It more than suggests creation began elsewhere much earlier that 4.6 billion years ago. I have to assume that god didn’t wait for 8.6 years before he created life. The word Elohim is numerically 86 while the letter Tho is numerically 46 and earth was created 4.6 billion years ago. This is no accident.


          Alien encounter

Numbers13:33 And there we saw the Nephilim, the sons of Anak (annanki), who come of the Nephilim (the ones who fell from the sky); and they were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight.'  Moses is retelling the exciting parts of the trip to the Promised Land.

The description by Moses actually suggests that the ‘aliens’ Ananki were pretty high up in a spaceship. When the people of Israel looked up at them, at our forefathers, who we actually look like but appeared to look like grasshoppers because of the distance. Moses confirms it by saying that the people of Israel looked like grasshopper to the aliens as well, confirming that both the people in the space ship and the people of Israel look the same.

The basic interpretation of this sentence missed the whole point.

And so we were in their sight — is explained as ‘An hyperbole, signifying that the Anakims looked down upon them with the utmost contempt’.  (they got the ‘looking down’ correctly….)

Moses wasn’t referring to the incident as shameful one but rather as momentous and fun. The Anakim were God’s helpers flying in a space ship hidden in an artificial cloud. They are the protectors of Israel who were waving hello. The Ananki moved from Sumer meaning Guardian to Egypt the land of the creator gods NTR which means a Guardian. And then to Israel and became Magen David, the protector of David.

5-4 The Nephilim were in the earth in those days, and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bore children to them; the same were the mighty men that were of old, the men of renown. 

The sons of Cain are called here the sons of God. That sentence tells the truth but only if one accepts Cain is the son of god. The Union between the sons of god and earthling created demi-gods, the mighty men of old. Actually, demi-gods have higher vibrations and were able to see god. Abraham, Sarah and few others talked to god directly. Who are the demi-gods in the bible? It seems anyone living over 120 years (got allotted age for mankind) is a dem-god.


The Torah is the lost book of Tho

It contains all the creation formulas which Tho hid by converting numbers to words which explains why each Hebrew letter and word has a numerical value. The idea that world events were programmed is ridiculous but it seems to be true. Or as my father used to say ‘Koolou Maktoob’. ‘Everything is written’. In today’s language: everything is programmed.

The evidence of everything I am saying is in language, in words.

Program = perio garam Its fruit caused

Evidence – evda-nce  Carries facts.

Thoth = Thought

Rah= Light/Ray

Cro-Magon = Called from the garden of god

Homo-Sapiens = Speaking man

Evolution= eva lo shin Desired God change

Adam= God Blood  (the slain god’s blood used to create us)

Blood = bo=lad With it birthed

Eve = Desire

Hava = Farm  Eve’s Hebrew name, referring to her original purpose.

Pleiades = pe li ed speech my witness (inserted speech)

Taurus = Torah made

Water and Sun

Sun Mc2 = cmc = CMC reads as Sun Shemesh in Hebrew. The letter C Shin, has a value of 300 same as the speed of light in km, represented by the letter C. Why c? because it would otherwise not read CMC. It needed to read CMC/SUN because C needed to represent the speed of light because C represents speed of light in in Hebrew. The M stands for Mass but in the case of the sun it stands for Hydrogen (value 1). Hydrogen is represented by the letter M (myman) in Hebrew. Thus, the word Sun cmc expresses how the sun makes energy. It seems ‘someone’ suggested to Einstein to call the Speed of Light C instead of L.

The letter Shin meaning Speed of light, Word. C SI means Record high in Hebrew. It is referring to the speed of light which is the highest speed we know. There is evidence that the speed of thought is faster and therefore un-detected by us.

Water H2O If 2 MM(Hydrogen) were read together it would read Hydrogen-hydrogen. Or HH in English, if one adds the letter Yod (YHWH)or Oxygen it would read MYM or H2O. the letter O (oxygen) is the eighth element with 2 orbits of 2-6. Yhwh numerical value is 26. That’s the only formulas I know and those two words appear in the first page of the bible.  Formulas were changed to words. This is possible because letters not words were inserted into Adam.


ADONAI, which means God or my lord in Hebrew, contains the letters DNA because he embedded it into his creation. Using the technique described above, DN-A means judgement-God. D N A means Know-aNu-God. Because he created DNA. When we say DNA, we are also saying Adonai because both are read by the subconscious as one and the same. Adonai is 3600 years old word DNA is 70 years old word…how?

Deoxy-ribonucleic, is the long name for DNA. Deoxy, like Deus means know-your-Maker. Ribon-Cl means ruler-everything.    

The following are but few examples of the 3000 words accumulated through the author’s work. Only a god with the ability to access our minds remotely (our hard drive) can achieve this.

• Evidence: evide-nce means facts-carries

• Say: sah means Converse 

• Was: az means  in-past/then

• Date: da et means Know-assigned-time

 Euphemism yafeh mishem prettier than its name

Euphoria yafeh or Ya pretty light god.

• Hebrew: he-bara means It-Created, the word Evri means crosserbut Hebrew morphed to It Created

• Ossicles are the smallest three bones in the body, which convert vibration to sound.  Ossi-cle means Voice-maker in Hebrew.

  • Artery: awir tery means fresh Air

  • Air: Awir in Hebrew

• Ve-in: bo ain means in-it none (oxygen). (Also the origin of the word vain person.) 
The best way to predict the future is to create it.


Believe ba lev means In-heart. Lobby (lev) means also Heart (of the building).  Live love also uses the LV letters.

I Love you is read by the subconscious as ‘I heart you’. 

Accident or design?  

God is good, most if not all people think its accidental that the words god and good are so close. Really?  Does the subconscious know the difference or does it understand both as God? God is good. The Hebrew word Tov(tho) means good. Both words say God is Good

Blessed be the Word blessed be Hashem blessed be His Name.




I am not a religious person, nor a linguist nor a scientist. I have been in one business or another my entire life

I was born in Baghdad moved to Israel at the age of 3. At 16 we went to visit the U.S and ended up staying against my advice. I lived in Canada and then the US since 1963. I moved back to Israel in 1994 to re-learn Hebrew and had my book published to dismal results. I returned to San Francisco in 2001. At the age of 55 and almost penniless I became a commercial real estate broker (couldn’t get a job) which in few years only allowed me to retire comfortably. I had a lot of Mazal, a lot of Luck. I didn’t look for deals, Big sales fell in my lap. Maz-El means Trick-God.  Thank God.

The word Th-Ank = Tho bestowed. The Hebrew word Thank is To-Da =Know Tho…so we can’t say his name? the biggest B.s ever told.

To date I have not read the entire bible, New Testament, Mahabharata or any major epic. I didn’t wonder about it, I didn’t think about it, I was certain there is no god. My evidence was the fact that the world is screwed up. How can a loving god run such world? Inequality, injustice, suffering, waste of zillion dollars on wars etc made me certain there is no god. As it turns out god actually directs all this bad behavior, as it turns out god is teaching us right from wrong Am I my brother’s keeper? God wants us to understand that the ultimate answer is experiencing wrong. ‘This is clearly a very long term plan. Though I understand it, in truth I don’t feel good about it, But I am smart enough to ‘accept what I cannot change’. This is the program.

Every big event is programmed to happen. Hiroshima’s destruction was foretold in its name. it means Yero shama or Will shoot there.

At one point god kind admits he does bad things to us in order to help us. He says: that he sees different from us, that what we see as bad he sees as good…

Everything is programmed by our creators and the names prove it, except that they were never translated. Abraham and Brahma literally mean Father-Created-Them in Hebrew but names were never translated. Our aDoNAi is our Lord, our DNA programmer. In actual fact we are all souls, light entities, energy waves with the physical body INSIDE the soul.

The Hindu myth tells the story that after terrible wars, everyone pretty much dies horrible deaths. When in heaven they complained to god. Why all the death and suffering? What are you talking about, replied god, you are all here and healthy…Down there was just a play you all participated in. The whole world is a stage…as it turns out Shakespeare was right while Darwin was wrong. Unless one accepts this it’s hard to understand and justify what is happening on earth.

As the song goes: Is that all there is my friend? Absolutely not is the answer. There is another world, a light world where we all go to. This was kind of proven, people who experience near death experience always describe the place from above because the soul goes back to the light.

Though I claim to receive the information, I don’t rely on it for my proof that there is a real god who created everything. Everything I write is based on how English decodes in Hebrew, in the language god confounded. After all god didn’t create other languages, he confounded Hebrew. I rely on rather than deny acceptable main-street scientific facts to prove the bible was written by a very advanced scientists by our creators.

I assume that god tells the Literal truth in the bible. I assume god literally created the universe, created the big bang, that he created life and we were manufactured by god using the most advance computer ever made – the Cell. That god can read our mind, that he controls our internal computers, our DNA programming and our subconscious and we are therefore his slaves. I accept that ‘God knows the heart (thought) of man’ is literally true….its all just computers talking to other computers. I accept it as a scientific feat not magic. I believe god is the original gick.

Our scientists look for water planets as a sign life could exist on those planets. This assumes life was created by a series of trillions of inexplicable accidents. Science has accepted as fact that life was created by accident and it therefore could have happened elsewhere. So water would then somehow create letters from complex molecules using 5 elements that banged against each other to write complex programs PRIOR to creation. That kind of creation would create trillions of accidents before anything meaningful would be created. Except that they don’t have any evidence of accidents. They think life was created by water or amino acids or other chemicals. Life uses water and many chemicals, but life was created by complex programs, everything ever created began with a thought. Science, NASA scientists seems acknowledge that by claiming that thought preceded creation. The creation of the universe, the conversion of light to matter began with a thought. There ought to be no doubt that 4 DNA letters, 4 programing letters were created by thought. But it somehow isn’t even considered.

The idea that one can create a humanoid by writing down letter combinations, programs have been an old Jewish believe. In the middle ages they kept writing different letter combinations on parchments in order to create a Golem. They got it almost with understanding about DNA and computers it would have been easy to understand.  It turns out our programs are written ONLY in 3 letter combinations. Hebrew words all have SHoreSH (source) which are 3 letters only. It is clear today that god was talking about DNA programs. But everyone was convinced those ideas were without merit hundreds of years ago and no one visited those conclusions again. I talked to a Hebrew professor at Bar Ilan university in Israel, he claimed with conviction that it was proven Hebrew is not the original language spoken, he was wearing a Kipa, a skull cap but he clearly didn’t believe the bible or god. God was replaced by few scientists and a bunch of Rabies.

Evolutionists don’t have a theory of accidental creation, nor a theory of accidental evolution only a proven fact that life evolved. Actually, the opposite is true, DNA programs are written in 3 letter combination only…universally – by accident? With no evidence that life was created by accident, They somehow convinced themselves and us that it was due to trillions of ‘phantom’    accidents. That trillions of accidents over time created everything. It seems they think nature has a computer that tries every possible computation until nature eventually comes up with the right answer. First of all, nature doesn’t have such computer, second how does nature know when to stop evolving? When it is the right mutation?  And finally, where are the trillions of the skeletal mistakes that it had to produce? But yet everyone believes this major b.s. of accidental evolution as a fact. I did too.

Point of fact, all those assumptions about how life was created began with Darwin who suggested life was created in a warm pond…which we know now is false. The assumptions about creation and life could not be understood until we discovered DNA and computers. Until we could understand that God manufactured us by programing the cell to create us. By then most of the world made up their mind about creation and none attributed scientific abilities to god. Science has successfully replaced god…except they aren’t god, their knowledge of creation and programing is miniscule compared to the programs that created us.


One day ‘out of the blue’ I was contacted telepathically and told that there is a god, that the Torah is literally true. Because I didn’t believe in god at the time, the experience was overwhelming and scary, I didn’t think it was god, I thought I was losing my mind. I didn’t tell anyone about my experiences thinking everyone will think I am a little crazy, I know I would have thought it had someone like me told me God talked to him.

In my first experience I was told to look at what’s the same between all religions, to read original writing but not to read any interpretation, because they are all by and large wrong.

I was also instructed to look for answers ‘in the opposite’. It took me a long time to understand that most of what we think is right, our justice system our tax system our various ‘affirmative actions’ deigned to level the playing field are all actually wrong, they separate not unite us.

‘Having lost our objective, we redoubled our efforts’ is the best way to define the human race.

Before the first ‘experience’ ended, Pictures of various biblical personalities appeared from across the room and seem to get smaller as they came toward me, entering my forehead as a singular spot. I was told telepathically that they have inserted information. I think this is done all the time to all of us but it’s done in speeds our conscious brain can’t detect. The process was slowed down for my benefit. At the time I knew nothing of language nor did I care.

God created the cell the most advanced computer in the world 4 billion years ago…is he smarter than us? Based on our behavior we all feel: No way! Everyone thinks of the Torah as a book from our past, none, almost none believe it’s a book from the future written by our DNA programmer The cell is tiny, invisible but yet more powerful than anything we have. Its small because light entities created it. To them its large.

I must admit that when I realized god is able to read everyone’s of my thoughts, I was bewildered, I felt violated. I walked around upset, I was pissed at god. I had to get over it. Though the bible says god can read our mind, that he created/manufactured the universe and us, that we are his slaves, let’s be honest no one believes it. The realization that nothing is a secret, that I am recording my life on files that can be easily read in the future made me feel vulnerable, but it eventually made me more honest. It is admittedly freaky that god has access to our entire life and can judge us based on facts, but we don’t have the benefit of the lessons learned from those experiences.


By the year 2000 I collected over 3000 such words, enough words to understand 80% of the bible or Shakespeare. I stopped counting 20 years ago because I figured if 3000 words aren’t convincing 4000 would not change any-one’s mind …all that was done before I understood anything about DNA and about the author of Thorah, the God Tho. I can probably add thousands of words now. Actually, many words in this article aren’t in the dictionary.

De-cipher Da siphor Know Story. De-code – know code. Code – Acode means Knotted.

What was even more obvious and yet no one noticed is the fact that Torah is the name of the Egyptian gods of Moon and Sun Tho and Rah, the authors of ToRah meaning Thought-Light, in Hebrew. It actually describes creation, the conversion of Light to Matter using thought. Again, we couldn’t guess at the name until recently when our scientists discovered that the universe was energy, light and that it was somehow converted to matter. So, no one noticed that the Torah came out of Egypt whose two most important gods are the gods of Sun and Moon, Tho Rah? The oldest city in Israel by far is Jericho meaning Moon and dedicated to the god of the moon. Jewish holidays are based on moon cycles which are actually specified by the author in The Torah. 3000 years of studying the Torah and no one noticed? Seems too obvious? Is it possible? No one noticed? Tho Rah, Thorah came out of Egypt and the book of Tho the moon god was lost. All Hebrew holidays are based on MOON cycles. No one?

Who are the Hebrews?

We have a record of the Hyksos, the Semitic Pharaohs being kicked out of Egypt around the same time that the Hebrews left and no one connects them to the Hebrews? Josephus in his book ‘the history of the Jews’, said that The Hyksos the Semitic Pharaohs are the Hebrews. They didn’t call themselves Hyksos, this was a name given to them by the Greeks. Actually, the name Hyksos was meant to denote government offices they found in Avari the capital of Egypt under the Hyksos.

They called themselves Amou and they resided in a city they built and named Avari. In other words Am-Everi, Nation-Hebrew, Joseph’s family, tax collectors who became rulers. Avaris is the city they built as their capital. This is confirmed indirectly by the Egyptians who claim they have no record of losing a war to those people (they didn’t). Joseph was left in charge and became a tax collector not because he solved a dream but because he suggested a solution. He came up with a system of irrigation that created a man-made lake that collected the Niles overflow and redistributed the water to create more food for the seven bad years. This isn’t actually a secret ask Egyptians they will tell you just that. The man-made lake is still used by Egyptians and it’s still called Baher Youseph - The Ocean of Joseph.

The bible says that the Jews built Ramesses not Avaris. The pharaoh Pi Ramesses changed the name of Avaris which the Hebrews built to Ramesses. The bible is then correct, the Jews built Ramesses. But…the name was change after the Hebrews left. How did god know they will        call it Ramesses?  The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Let’s be clear I am not using some secret of fringe information, everything I write can be found in standard history books.


Do you believe in evolution?

When people ask that, they don’t mean do you believe life evolved. It is a proven fact supported by thousands and thousands skeletal evidence that life evolved. People really mean: do you believe life was created and then evolved due to series of accident/mutations or that it was planned and executed by god? In fact, evolutionists are suggesting that very complex program rewrites were accidental. It has come to a point where people who believe god created the universe are shunned in universities. I have only one question to those scientists; where is the beef? Where are the trillions of e skeletal evidence, where are the bad accidents? the 3-legged human, or the 2 headed horse? Where are the trillions of bad mutations? The highest stupidity is to accept a theory of accidents without evidence of a lot of accidents but yet almost the entire world believes our scientists. Evolutionists are brazen enough to suggests that dinosaurs became birds…by accident! I was told by the birds it clearly was a group decision. They then hired the best code writer to make those changes…luckily it happened just moments before they all died.

According to scientists, Language, 4 DNA letters were created from 5 elements, followed by letter combinations with meaning. It was the beginning of the creation of the Hebrew language. The creation of DNA letters followed by letter combinations; programs that somehow converted basic elements to combine in a way as to produce life, to produce first the cell, a computer where all life is created. All cells are identical except that the DNA programs in each cell are different. Each cell has different library. Same hardware for 4 billion years with different programs. The cell has 13 different parts that had to be created prior to creation of life. Duplication programs had to be written. The cell has self- charging battery that produces 1.4 volts. The cell has a spell check that is programmed to correct any duplication mistakes. The cell has 150,000 different programs to create Proteins that make up our bodies. The cell has almost unlimited memory. The cell has a smart skin with 100,000 antennae to sense the and respond to the outside world. Those facts make it impossible to even develop an accidental creation theory. But scientists developed a ‘theory’ of Evolution that somehow became a theory of accidental evolution and in turn accidental creation. Evolution is a fact accidental creation isn’t even a theory. The only important fact is how was the cell created, without understanding this all theories are just wild unsubstantiated guesses. A theory of accidents without any evidence of accidents is ludicrous, it requires believing that nature succeeded each time first time.!  But yet, everyone seems to accept it because our new gods, scientists said so.  

The lack of evidence of any mistakes actually point to the great likelihood that the creators had a computer simulator that told them how to program new organisms. Once they figured this out, they inserted the new programs into DNA thus creating new organism.


Obviously, based on those facts those professors had no choice but to conclude it was accidental. Wow what logic! To be fair those conclusions by our scientists were made way before we knew about DNA, or about Programs and computers. But those new facts didn’t cause them to change their mind. They are certain there is no god. This seems weird but in actual fact most people ignore facts rather than change their set of beliefs. They lack the intelligence to investigate intelligent design… It seems they see nothing intelligent about the greatest miracle ever, the creation of life from chemicals using complex programs. They see nothing intelligent about creating the most advanced computer, the cell, 4 billion years ago. I often wonder: What are they smoking? It’s for sure not the good staff.  It clearly makes them short sighted, unable to see the forest for the trees. They actually research the body as if it were computer generated but somehow hang on the Darwinian ideas that have been proven to be totally wrong

It is said that the difference between god and university professors is that god doesn’t walk around pretending to be a university professor. I asked a professor how should a professor dress and think. His response: Dress British, think Yiddish. (he was a little drank at the time)


To understand what I am claiming the reader needs to accept the premise that god isn’t a magician who has no body nor image, he is a Singular head light entity among other light entities with a body and image who emits too much light and would kill us if we saw him. The bible actually says god is A light entity we don’t see for our own protection. He hid in a cloud or a coulomb of light and once behind a bush. God is a scientist, a gick, he invented DNA language, coding, the idea of combining anything to create a different thing. God engineered everything on earth including how much water and oxygen will be on earth. If earth had a little more water we wouldn’t have land. If our oxygen would be much higher we would live a lot longer. It could very well be that when god limited mankind to 120 years reducing it from 1000 years it was done by reducing the amount of oxygen on earth. How? No idea. But I know that everything we can do in a laboratory the gods can do in their laboratory - Earth.

The new testament was clearly written (dictated) by god because there is no way to explain why John wrote ’In the beginning was the Word’ DNA letters not Jesus! (Jesus is never called the Word in the bible), ‘and the word was god’ DNA programs were written that rule over us, to be gods over us. And the word (DNA programs) became flesh’. This sentence refers to DNA not Jesus and there is no way to explain how would John knew to write this.

The bible is scientifically correct, the smartest way to read it is literally. It means that all interpretations by all the religions are wrong, not sanctioned by god. It also suggests that the study of the origin and history of linguistics and how language developed and evolved is very wrong. It also means that evolutionists, people who believe accidental mutation created everything are very wrong. But of course first and foremost it proves there is a real god creator.

So, is everybody wrong and I am the only right person? The short answer is: yes. The normal conclusion most people come up with is telling me I have: vision of grandeur. I always respond: Someone has to have them…but it’s not me, I don’t believe fame is such a good thing. That’s why I am not on social media, nor have I tried to publish this, I am simply a messenger, not part of the message. I did what I was told, I wrote it, I leave the marketing to god. The one thing that never figured out is: Why me? It’s one of the answers I never got. I gave up figuring it long ago.

I am suggesting that god, a light entity that based on the Hindu myth existed for 310 billion years likely planned everything around 14 billion years ago. Those number ‘freaks’ everyone, it freaked me out too…after all we think of 3000 years old languages as ancient. In point of fact they are modern We humans have been speaking for couple of hundred thousand years but we call languages that are 3000 years old ancient. We call languages that somehow appeared with full dictionary and syntactic rules as ancient…so billion years is then unimaginable.  But yet, science tells us that that the big bang occurred 14 billion years ago which makes the Hindu myth more believable.

There was this guy talking to God: he asked god: what is a million years to you? God responded: like a second. “what is a million dollars to you’ continued the man: like a penny, responded god. ‘God could you please give me a penny?’, asked the man. Sure, responded god, ‘please wait a second’… Time is relative, as we see later it is also the name of god.


God says he wrote the Torah to ‘a wilting, not smart nation’ I assume very not smart, simplistic facts. The Torah tells the literal Truth, god wrote all myths and all languages in order to confound Hebrew and hide a lot of scientific facts. I assume the obvious, that god is at least as smart as us, that god created language by first creating letters with meanings which he combined into words. I use Hebrew letter meaning to understand all languages. I use Hebrew consonants only to understand all languages. ADoNAi then is DN -A meaning Judgement-God in Hebrew. Our programing is the judgement of god. I love you uses the Letters LV meaning Heart in Hebrew. I Love you is understood by the subconscious as I Heart You….I  use Consonants only and assume crossword type confounding is how all world languages were created from Hebrew, by saying the same thing differently. No one, ever tried this.

Again, it’s not a guess, that’s what the evidence, ‘the living word’ says.

Consonants or Can shinant means Here study diligently,

Vowel means in it god. It suggests the vowel were used to confound language while consonants need to be studied.

We were trained not to think this way. None of the 1 billion English speakers noticed the  obvious. Won is One…spelled differentlythat’s why the past tense of Win isn’t Wined but ONE/WON. As we see later ONe is the name of the Creator of the Universe, the God Anu(one). Two and three are his sons names which we have been calling Tho(two) and Ra or ToRah (three) for thousands of years. The 3 are real Light Entities. ANu 1 is the father of Tho 2, the moon god and Ra the sun god. It is the reason the words Sun and Son are the same.


20 And the man gave names to all cattle, and to the fowl of the air, and to every beast of the field; but for Adam there was not found a help meet for him.

 Now this sentence makes sense. God installed letter meanings and Adam combined them to create words.

 For example, Adam named Cat Hatool meaning ‘Hidden one’ while a dog was named Kelev meaning like the heart (dogs wear their heart on their sleeves and Cats hide) at least that’s what it seemed to Adam.


LANGAUGE is not a communication TOOL

Language is a creation tool.

We mis-defined language as a communication tool and therefore have been unable to understand it. All organisms communicate, almost all communication is prerecorded not learnt. That alone suggests intelligent design. We too have communication center in the limbic system in the back of the head. But they are not connected to language centers in the front of the brain. It means language didn’t develop from communication sounds. Language, the ability to create in our mind by imagining picture/words/meaning and combining them in order to create different worlds in our mind, was installed in us about 300,000 years ago. As Chomsky has already shown Language isn’t a learnt skill but innate. Someone had to change 4 different organs simultaneously in order to accommodate language. Except that Chomsky theorized wrongly that syntax which is impossible to program without a fair word dictionary is programmed. This is because Chomsky followed 4 years old who already had a large vocabulary. I show that Semantic, Hebrew letter meaning is prerecorded.

Language is not a good communication tool What we re-tell is never the truth but our subjective opinion. We are programmed to be as god, to imagine, to think by combining and recombining pictures. We describe what we imagine we saw. The danger in language give us the ability to lie!.  Actually, everything we say is subjective opinion of reality.

God knows that, The commandment everyone quotes as ‘don’t lie’ doesn’t say do not lie, it says ‘do not give false witness’. 

We all lie! All day long. We all make up worlds in our mind and tell them to others. We are the only vertebrate that can hug, kiss you and stab at the same time.

The only way to combat this universal disease is to ignore most of what people say and to judge their actions only. That’s what separating fact from fiction ultimately means. Politicians know that, what they say is just wishful thinking or out and out lie. They should be judged by what they do not what they say.

I always wondered: if the Bible is the word of god, why is god allowing false writing? As it turns out its because he wrote them all.


The torah according to Yoseph Ben Yakov Lanyadoo

The Egyptian claim, the Scribe God Thoth (thought). The Hebrew God Matatron-From Tho it sings, the Hebrew scribe god, the second in charge as is the god Tho who wrote all the myths.

Why according to me? The explanations you are about to read are not to be found anywhere on google.

Google means goog-el ‘the roof of god’.  But when we use it in Heb, it means top, highest. I am certain the ones who came up with the name never thought or planned this connection to Hebrew. But, all names, every new word ever ‘invented’ was sanctioned by god. I am equally certain that whoever came up with the word Viagra never ever thought it was Hebrew, Via-Gra means with me excite. Nor do I believe that the person who came up with the word Condom knew it means Here-at-Attention (god has a sense of humor…). The word Cop is Constable Of Police, cop is just an acronym. Cop means enforce in Hebrew. Acronym (acru-nym means Called by name, different than name) Na-me means ani-me I Who in Hebrew.

When I was writing this in Israel a store owner, I knew asked me what I am writing about. I asked him if he knew English, he said: not a word. I then explained that the word condom or con-dom means Here At Attention. He couldn’t stop laughing. From that day on every time he saw me walking he would come out of the store yell Condom and laugh.

And how about Uncle Sam, a stupid saying which no one knows where it came from, but it became a battle cry. Un-Cl-Sam means Respond-Voice-The Word. Those are messages to the subconscious.

But I am suggesting Levi Straus knew about the value of names or numbers. He called his one and only jeans style 501. It happens that the word Asher meaning Blessed, the first word in Psalm adds up to 501. That’s not a secret many donate $501 in synagogue. It is fair to say that the 501 have been by far the most blessed pair of pants ever made. But the two numbers, the Jeans and the word Asher/blessed were never connected. I wonder if the Haas family; the owners of Levy know that. The Torah says god inserted the Knowledge in the Levites. Knowledge of the Torah true law was programmed in them. It was demonstrated scientifically that all Cohen (Levite tribe) have a special gene in the Y chromosomes no one else has.

We see later that it is the reason Moses a Levite, killed a murderer because he knew instinctively that the law of Eye for eye requires the killing the murderer in order to balance the energies on earth. We would put him in jail, but it is the reason god selected him. We think of killing a murderer is barbaric…god feels it a loving law, not to the murderer which cost a million dollars to hold in Jail but to society and the billions not yet born. Simply stated, if we want a world without murderers and rapists, we should eliminate their DNA from society.

The Torah contains the history of the Hebrews, the sons of Cain aka ‘the sons of god’ which half the world for some divine reason adopted as theirs. But it also is A set of laws and the proper punishment for them, the right action that will balance the energies, written by god. All the religions changed all those laws drastically because they say they know for sure what god really meant to say if he were a better writer and a little smarter and a lot kinder. God basically needs courses in remedial Hebrew because he doesn’t write clearly and needs better kinder more ‘enlightened’ laws. but we all believe in him…this is literally the biggest lie ever told, one can’t believe in god but not his laws. Why is god doing this? ‘I will hide my face and see how the end up’ is what god told Moses.

One book, many off shoots is always explained by ‘interpretation’, which is in effect the right to change god’s words and laws. All 3 religions and dozens of offshoots changed all the bible laws.

My question to each reader is: if you claim to believe in god but not his laws, do you really think you believe in god or in man-made laws, written by false gods which everyone pretends was sanctioned by god.  That’s what f...ed up the world. A bunch of ‘smart ones’ who think they are smarter than god changed his laws in order to control us. Catholics decided that thinking of a sin is a sin. Our mind is programmed to think of good and bad…its like making a rule that exhaling is a sin…you are sure to sin which fills the churches coffers. This might be an extreme but it is what all religions claim…somehow everyone believes that one can buy god’s favors by donating money to the church. Most believe that a ‘righteous’ man will curry favor with god. It’s a joke that assumes god is very gullible. ‘God knows the heart of man’, he doesn’t need the help of the ‘righteous’.

Two partners were fighting and decided to go to their Rabbi to judge between them.

When they entered the Rabbi looked at them and told them he would meet them separately. The first complained about his dishonest and incompetent partner, the Rabbi listen and told him: you are absolutely right. The second partner entered and told a very similar story, the rabbi’s shook his hand and told him: you are absolutely right. His wife yelled from the kitchen: but Rabbi one of them must be wrong. ’You are absolutely right’ responded the Rabbi.   



The core teaching of the Kabbalah is only about the meaning of the Hebrew letters

Their meanings were taught to the angles (souls, light entities) prior to creation. The angels learnt how to write code in order to help god in programming millions of organisms. The Hebrew alphabet, god’s programming tool has always been the only key to the knowledge of god's revelation. The twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet are the building blocks of creation. The 22 letters represent a combination of name and form of our physical universe.  The 22 letters are holy letters which are the first energies, the raw material to the creation of the universe.  They represent the will of God into reality. God first CREATED matter so he can create the Universe, then he created letters, elements and combined them (wrote programs) to create all Life....and then, just like our computers, god wrote more and more complex programs.

Kabbalists believe God existed before the creation of the universe. For that to happen God would have had to be a light entity. God created the universe in the form of the Sefirot (counting-emanations-spirits-spheres. I believe the reference here is for different vibrations) the ten sacred numbers-emanations. Following the second set of Sefirot appeared—the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Kabbalists believe these letters combined into different combinations, and in turn created the world. As the letters interacted, parts of the world took shape. Each letter and word created both matter and other letters and words, giving rise to language and the universe at almost the same time.

The Hebrew words can be compared to chemical formulas each letter is like an element in so much as each letter has a picture-word meaning, changing the arrangement of the letters like changing the arrangement of atoms, changes the cosmic energy they create.  This is described in the SEPHER YETIRA (the book of formation-creation-manufacture), said to have been Abraham’s Kabbalah.

I wasn’t allowed to read Kabbalah or Halacha books, because I was told they are mostly wrong, but I am a Kabbalist. Kabballah means to receive. I received this information. It’s a cable to A to god. Cable is kevel in Hebrew. V and B are the same letters in Hebrew.

The Torah is the lost book of Tho

The name ‘Book of Thoth’ has been applied to numerous texts. But in actual fact no one saw or read the book. It is said to have been lost. Actually, as it turns it’s the most read book in the world, it’s the Torah. Thoth is the God of wisdom, reading and writing and god of the Moon. He is said to do the bidding of the Sun God, Ra. According to ancient legends, Thoth invented writing and always recorded every gathering of the Gods, in short, he was the scribe of the gods. Manetho—an ancient Egyptian priest—claimed that Thot had written 36.525 books, although some investigators like Seleukos affirm that they were around 20,000. So now we are missing 20,000 books! Where are they? How does one hide 20,000 books? In the open is the answer.  Thot wrote all the myths and all languages and left the information in them –this can be clear only when decoded in Hebrew. This is confirmed by the Hebrew teaching that claims that Ma-tat-ron meaning From thot sings is the scribe of god, he is none other than the son of the creator the God But did anyone notice?

Thoth is the Hebrew god Yhwh. when we say : shema ysrael Adonai elohenoo adonia ehad.. that’s the god we are all referring to.

I am suggesting that Everyone is wrong.

How can we all be wrong?

It seems our ability to lie and convince others it’s the truth is the main reason we can be wrong ‘en mass’. This is possible because We were physically designed to be wrong, the bible hints that before we were ‘kicked out of the garden’ our eyes were redesigned, all this designing etc is done remotely like updating programs in our computers. Each eye has millions of cones and rods (how does that happen by accident? Did nature experiment with 500,000 and felt it wasn’t enough?. We actually see an object as light reflected from the object. We see an object as a Ray (ray means see in Hebrew). Because the front part of the eye is curved it bends the light, creating an upside down image on the retina (like a Camera), the brain is PROGRAMMED (by whom? Nature?) to eventually turns the image the right way up… camera, (ke-Mara means Like Mirror in Heb.) Everyone knows that from school. But almost no one knows that this ‘in the mirror’ seeing, the curving of the eye is unique to humans and likely reprogrammed by god. One would think animals also see upside down, but it seems No single animal sees upside down and most see far better than us. So, nature designed a terrible way for humans to see when it already designed far better eyes for all other animals? Far better eyes for monkeys! Even the subconscious sees far better than the conscious brain, why didn’t we get those better eyes? Survival of the fittest? Seeing upside down is definitely not superior to seeing straight. That makes no sense! It only makes sense if god designed our eyes differently so we are forced to judge logically, to be as god (like Spock). Chap 3/24 of Genesis confirms it, when god kicked Adam from the garden god said he installed ‘inverted sword’ to keep man from the tree of life, from the truth, that we all live forever as souls. It gets worse, we see in 2 dimensions and our brain extrapolate a 3-dimensional figure Nature created a pretty fancy computers wouldn’t you say? by accident? How did nature create it by accident? A lot of things can go wrong with our perception and a lot does go wrong by design! We are actually programmed to do wrong! The eight Heb. letter Hait it means Life and Sin, to live is to sin by design. Otherwise according to god; we would never know to do right. We are in the school for becoming better gods (thinkers-learners) we get miss-programmed and are expected to correct those programs. I believe a change will happen in the Chiasm where optic nerve cross… I don’t pretend to be a scientist; I have no interest in how things work…I think electricity is ‘magic’. But I do believe in ‘the living word’ the Hebrew meaning of Chia-Sm is The living word  

Most of the big Truths we all believe in are false, the answers are in the opposite of what we all believe. One glaring example is that we in fact were created by a DNA computer but our teachers decided that our programming, 6 billion letters written in specific order, including 150,000 programs for manufacturing different Protein was written accidentally before creation. What is missing is evidence of trillions of accidents…the evidence points to the fact that nature succeeded first time every-time…by accident? It takes thousands of scientists to study the secrets of our body and they still know very little, but they still claim its accidental. It’s a clear example of ‘the facts don’t confuse anyone’

A second example is ‘The criminal justice system’, it can NEVER achieve Justice because it aims to do justice to the criminal instead of the victim. The Torah god advocates ‘the victim Justice system’ today we took the victim out of the system. Today everyone, the judges, the lawyers, the jury all are concern: what is fair for the criminal, what rights does he have, what rights of his were trampled upon. And the strangest thing of all is that the victims seem to go along with such monumental unfairness. NO JUSTICE CAN EVER BE ACHIEVED THAT WAY. The right question is what’s fair to the victim. Unless the victim is made whole, indemnified, justice is not achieved. Gods laws suggests that a thief pays double or work for it, this way the energies are balanced, the criminal feels like the victim and vice versa. god says a murderer must be killed in order to balance the energies. It also cleans the genetic pool. God is suggesting that murderers record their experiences which passes it forward. If we want a world without murderers and rapists, we need to eliminate them from the genetic pool.  We have looked in the upside-down mirror and identified with the criminal, the murderer and the rapist instead of with the victim. This also means that if there is no victim there is no crime. It really is amazing that the whole world including Israel adopted criminal justice system. It’s more amazing that no one thought of changing the system. The pope, the representative of god wishes to eliminate the death penalty. The pope is probably a nice and loving man, but he knows nothing about our DNA programmer, about the laws and verdicts of god. Eye for eye! That means if a man beats his wife he doesn’t go to jail, he gets bitten in the same way, if he broke her arm his will be broken. Is that a good law?

One law for everyone is Torah law. All our laws favor one group or another and in turn screws another group. Our tax code favors the rich who are supposed to pay higher rates but have so much affirmative action in deductions that they end up paying less. One law for everyone means NO DEDUCTIONS or DEPRECIATION or deductions and depreciation for all, meaning the homeowner owns real estate and can therefore depreciate. It’s known that Harvard accepts more blacks which is taken out of the Chinese ‘quota’. This isn’t acceptable to god. ONE LAW FOR EVERYONE…it seems fair to right a wrong by tilting the laws the other way. Not according to god. This attitude will eventually allow only 1 black on the court in basketball and football games. But does affirmative action for black say? It says blacks are inferior and need a leg up. It is the reason whites aren’t asking for affirmative action in sports…though white really need it.

Illegal aliens. It seems the arguments is between people who took the point of view of the illegal aliens, identified with their pain, identified with the criminals, while others take the place of the U.S. citizens and the law. Most don’t realize that being nice and human to illegal aliens is at the cost of all of us. 4.6 billion Additional money. Where is that money coming from?  It might be cheaper to give that money to those countries to help them keep their citizens. The problem is that there are already 11 million illegal aliens who all by and large work while our unemployment rates are very low suggesting we need even more workers. We need few millions more workers and our immigration system can’t handle it.

Torah – what’s in a name?

A strange name, many say it’s not a Hebrew name. What does it mean? The Hebrew word Tor means que, line, or “its’ turn’ suggesting it’s a computer program. But in truth because no one understood it, the word Torah was ignored. Actually, our scholars always wondered why god started the Torah with the letter B (….2000 thousand years later none figured the Torah starts with To(tav) the last Hebrew letter. Each Hebrew letter is a word with numerical value.. Tho-thought, Ra-Light. It suggests life was created with thought in light…as strange as it sounds it was confirmed by science. The universe was first light and the then the higs boson field was created by thought(first there was only light), it converted Light to Matter…strange as it sounds NASA and other scientists recently agreed that thought must have preceded matter. Torah means thought in Light. The letter word Thoth appears in the English as Thought and the letter word Ra appears in the English as Ray.

I expect that both Jews and Egyptians are going to be shocked and unaccepting that the mysterious, comes from nowhere, the revered YHWH is the Egyptian Tho who went by the Name Enki in the Sumerian myth. He changed his name to ThoTh but held an ANK (anki) the symbol for eternal life, it eventually became the cross. He then changed his name to YHWH, a title meaning; the present Ruling God  and ‘shelped’ a whole nation to the ‘promised land’, promised by Him. It wasn’t the Israelites who chose Israel, it’s your god, the Christian and Moslem God, the God Yhwh/Tho who insisted on Israel…I think there is a reason why this land in the middle of nowhere was chosen but none (including me) know why…yet. The scriptures describe it as a ‘City that is connected, part from above and part from below’. It suggests a major landing…but that is just a guess on my part. Zion the other name for Jerusalem literally means The Mark. And, with god sense of time who knows when he will come back to the Mark.

Egyptian gods of Moon and Sun Tho and Rah meaning Thought-Light, in Hebrew. The name actually describes creation, the conversion of Light to Matter using thought. Again, we couldn’t guess at the name until recently when our scientists discovered that the universe was energy-light and that it was somehow converted to matter.

According to Sumerian mythology, Tho/anki and Rah/enlil with the guide of their father Anu created the universe, after a while Anu was bored with his creation and left. Thoth and Rah were left in charge.

N(aNu) T(Tho) R(Rah) are light entities, the creator gods. The Egyptians called them NTR we English speakers call them NaTuRe.  Natar means guardians in Hebrew and so does Sumer (where the gods came from)…they are our creators and therefore our  guardians. Do you think for a moment our programmers just left? Remember; they have access to our subconscious but we don’t.

Without recognizing the three nature gods as our creators there is no way to understand Hebrew or any other language or the bible and other Myths. Rah/Enlil is the Son of god thus Sun and Son are the same. Without knowing the Sumerian story no way to understand those two words, making us think all those words were created by dumb luck.

Another reason no one noticed any of what you are reading is because all religions prohibited the reading of other religions. Also, and likely more important, no one believed that god really confounded language. Everyone is still assuming that word is the smallest component in language, none believed it was really letters.

I bet that most if not all of the Hebrew/Torah scholars never knew about the Egyptians aNu Tho and Rah.  I bet none knew the Hindu scriptures are called Mahabharata which LITERALLY means What Created Tho.

The creator gods were given Hebrew letters: Tho the 22(4) letter and last Hebrew letter because his sacred number is 4.. T.o.r.a is written with 4 letters. what I am saying is that it isn’t accidental, the number of letters were designed by him and meant to signify his sacred number – 4 . (I didn’t make up those numbers, they are taken from the Sumerian myth)

aNu was given the 14th letter because his sacred number is 5. You would think his number would be 1…actually the word oNe is his name, while Two is Tho. Too obvious? Only if you know them to be the creator gods.

Anu who left and wanted to stay hidden wasn’t being slighted. AiNo means Not here in Hebrew. He was also given the most important letter in all Alphabets, he was given the one letter that created every word ever uttered or written. He was given the 23(5) letter, It is the space between words, it might be the best example of the Nothing that created everything. But the real creation from nothing was creating Matter from Light, the creation of the Higs  boson field also named ‘the god Particle’ was created by thought. There was only light and thought and then the higs boson field appears…evolutionists need to explain how the higs boson was created and they need to explain how the cell was created otherwise everything they theorize is just wild unsubstantiated guesses. Their current explanation is that the higs boson field was ‘just there’…in other words the universe was all light…almost….the higs boson was just there hanging out.

Everything they did had their sacred numbers or letters to designate the responsible party. Tho the scribe god who invented language, writing, programming and more was given full credit in the Hebrew language.

 The Hebrew letter Tho has a value of 400 so life was created 4 billion years ago, his two letters are Tho and Wow with the value of 46 so earth was created 4.6 billion years ago, also he changed our chromosomes to 46 (monkeys have 48). He is by the way YHWH (meaning present ruling god) whose number add up to 26 and therefore the body has 206 bones. The relationship between moon and sun is replete with the number 40 and 26. The moon with its special wobble allowed the Aliens and god to hide on the dark side of the moon for all those years. Again, this isn’t a wild guess. The word Moon is from the Hebrew Maon meaning Residence. The word Loona is from the Hebrew Lan hotel or dormitory in Heb.

The, To, Though, it, etc, the most used letter words in English. We are saying his name all day long! The scribe god gave himself 4 letters in Hebrew. D (Knowledge) has also a value of 4. and M means Water and Balance has the value of 40 and Tait the 9th letter? When read together DMTT reads as Blood-Thoth.

The question is then if god sacred number is 4 how did the God Tho come up with 10? 1+2+3+4=10….HE ADDED 4 NUMBERS.

Water is often compered to Torah because they both seek balance.  Wa-TeR says ToRah

 It finally explained why God/Tho/Anki/Yhwh, the Moon god specifies Hebrew holidays to be celebrated based on moon cycles. No one noticed. Taro-t means Torah-Tho. After 6 God days or 8.6 billion human years God got tired and sat down or ShabaT…meaning Sat Tho…

Adding a vowel to the letter Tho tells us what the god Tho designed

TA: means Cell suggesting he created it

OT: means Letter suggesting he created letters-DNA

AT: means Total (those are the last and first letters in the Hebrew Alpha)

ATA: means YOU meaning he created YOU

ET: means Assigned Time suggesting a computer programs. Actually the word Tor means Que.

The word Tora means ‘it’s turn’ also suggesting everything was programmed.

TA(ayin): means PLANTED  (the English Gene means Garden in Hebrew and likely refers to planting programs in the genes.)

TaT: means, SUB (underneath) subconscious

ET: means: PEN

To is El in Hebrew. The word el also means god. Thus the Hebrew word for god, El was substitute by the name of god: To

NTR is the collective name of the Egyptian creator gods it is the Initials of Noun, Tho, Ra. Natar means Guardian in Hebrew. The Egyptian gods came from Sumer which also means guardians in Hebrew.  It turns out NaTuRe created everything

40 days on the mountain, 40 years in the desert 400 hundred years in Egyptthere are more 4s that you can count…13 tribes, 13 months, 4 fathers and 4 mothers of the Hebrews etc etc….(when we pray we often say 3  father and 12 tribes which isn’t true, joseph received double blessing his sons created 2 tribes, thus 13 tribes and 4 fathers…Bar mitzva at 13

The relationship between Moon and Sun is 400-1 and 26-1 and is unique in the universe.

The moon and sun are identical in size once distance is factored.

He altered our Thumbs  and our Toes and he therefore gave them his name.

IT, The , To, Though, this, that etc, are by far the most used words in English, they all carry his name. But again….no one noticed…religious Hebrew scholars and Kabbalists didn’t see the obvious, that the letter Tow is the name of god. Is it obvious? Only if one believe god created Hebrew.

Noon the 14 letter so the universe was created 14 billion years ago DNA was his idea D-N-A means Know-Noon God but executed by Tho they therefore used 5 elements to create 4 letters

The word UNI-VER-SE confirms it. It means aNu-Created This. It is said that N was bored and left. AiNo means Not here. It created NO and KNOW and Now. Without knowing about NOON no way to understand why Know, Now, and No have same origins…no way to understand the word ANI meaning I in Hebrew because N created mankind. Without knowing the Sumerian myth claim that Enki (Tho) changed our genes giving us an ego we can’t understand why Enki means I am in Hebrew.

Since Egyptian or bible scholars don’t seem to know the place of  NTR in the Torah none can figure out how Hebrew or any other language was constructed. None can possibly understand the Torah. It all seems accidental…when in fact it’s all computer generated…


Torus energy field seems to run the universe

The creator Gods name is everywhere. NatuRe appears to rely on one core recurring pattern to evolve life at every scale – the Torus. (who decides on those names?) It is a donut shaped energy vortex that you can see everywhere from atoms to galaxies and beyond. It ought to be clear that the name was ‘inspired’ by god.  Regardless how ‘they’ came up with the name Torus, it ought to be clear it wasn’t ‘accidental’ but directed by god.

The torus is god’s way of creating and sustaining life and it can serve as a template for sustainability. Knowledge of the pattern is already helping us better understand the nature of the “unified field.” (I looked it up, don’t know what it really means)

 **God is from the Hebrew higid meaning to tell or the one who tells you what to do or good, Guide.. (the words God and Good aren’t similar by accident) The two letters, G-D mean Thought knowledge.  it is also the way god transmits information. It’s carried on the invisible purple ray that is on the Gamma rays (G) at the 4th D band. Those are invisible purple Gama rays. It is the reason god called the Israelite Am-segula mistranslated as Special people, it literally means Purple people. This name was given to the Israelites the first- and only-time god communicated telepathically with people of Israel which the bible describes as ‘and they saw the voices’. It scared them so much (like me) that they asked Moses[JL1]  to ask god to not to talk to them to talk only to Moses who will then pass the information. It is the reason why the bible is full of ‘and god told Moses’. The Hebrew letter G stands for thought or touched, while the letter D stands for knowledge. The word GeNe is then Thought-Noon, meaning Anu/Noon gets the credit for its creation. The Hebrew word Gan means garden. The word Gan means Thought by Anu. He created earth.

I am the Alpha and the Omega. God is saying he wrote the Hebrew alpha (al pha means god speech). The omega is how he transmits information. God transmit information using The Gama rays(they are the strongest rays and can go through anything, the God rays, thus the word GoD. G (gamma) D (4) band. Psalm chap. 19 tells us that god put ‘a tent of light’ over us. (there is no way I could come up with this on my own). The Hebrews then were the only one able to receive information which is transmitted on the purple ray.

King David was promised that the messiah would be from his seed. the Messiah then must be of Jewish DNA. The word David would be written as 464. Its Tho’s numbers backward a forward. The letters D means Knowledge (Da) and V (wow) means Thought. Wow is a connecting hook, the ability to connect two things. DaViD means Knowledge from above and knowledge from below. Shlomo his son name means peace and complete. It suggests one needs to pay to achieve peace, to balance the energies as it were. P-salm or Peh Shalem means completer mouth.

My favorite Hindu decoding is the name Hindu name of King Nechikata the son of the king who wanted knowledge over riches. Sounded like King Solomon. Nechikata means Kissed by Tho. The Song of Songs written by King Solomon begins with ‘and he kissed me from the kisses of his mouth’…I for one have no doubt that the same god wrote all mythsIt also expresses what I believe happened to me, ‘he kissed me from thee kisses of  his mouth’. When I told about those connections to prof. Gandhi (the grand-son of Gandhi who came to give a course in S.F), he told me it’s only in my mind (I guess everyone thought I was a little crazy, I don’t really blame them)… Nevertheless, this convinced me God wrote the Hindu scriptures. Later I realized why all those Hindu gods have long names, they are short Hebrew sentences. ‘Everyone’ knows the Hindu scriptures are older than the torah, maybe, but Hindu writing appeared only 2600-2800 years ago…the Hindu myths are around 2 million verses, the idea that it was memorized for thousands of years is…not realistic.

·       Yami, the sacred river Yam-na and goddess of life. Hindu goddess of life is named Yam una meaning Ocean of aNu in Heb. Eloh-im, the Hebrew god of life and ocean’s name means God-Ocean.

·       After spending a new year in Rio, I was surprised to find out that people left food and drinks for Yam-ja , the Goddess of Ocean..


How does god look like?

‘No one sees me and lives’ so how can we figure out how he looks like?

I think its really hard to think of god without adding some sort of image. That’s the image I created. Its based on the Torah and The Pleiadean contactee Billy Meir who says he was told the Pleiadeans, our forefathers  have ‘religious leaders that are light entities with a body one can see but one can also put one’s hand through the body, kinda of vibrational body, similar in shape to ours and not too big (Casper the ghost). After all he hid behind a bush and entered the tent. He explained that those Horelpath meaning the light of the god Ptah advices everyone based on their evolutionary development Telepathically. Which in my mind something we humans experience daily…those are the thoughts that come from nowhere for no reasons.


God sacrificed his only son (Cain, Israelites, Jacob, Isaac, David, Jesus) in order to educate the world.

Cain was to be a wonderer going around the world educating people but suffering in the process…. The Jews have been doing it for 3000 years

Cain was born when Eve slept with god! …’I acquired a man from god’ .

Now an explanation no one heard before.

The Jewish contribution to society

God instigate between Cain and Hevel/Able creating a situation that Cain killed Able. God then tells Cain ‘why did you kill him? You are supposed to rule over him? God then punishes Cain to be a wonderer, to travel THE WORLD AND TEACH EARTHLING AND CONTINUE SUFFERING FOR HIS SIN. The Torah says the sons Cain are the only one to help the human race advance (father of tent builders etc). Cain is the Son of eNki/Tho, mated secretly with Eve (meaning Desire in Hebrew), she called him Cain, using his father’s(eNKi) name in reverse. His name also means NaKi meaning clean. Suggesting he was set up. Finally, Able isn’t so able. His Hebrew name is Hevel meaning Exhaled breath, a nothing. God used this name to tell us he was supposed to die. Otherwise with all the names available why call your son ‘exhaled breath’?  the information is in names, But…names were never translated. Later god confirm that Hevel didn’t count. He says he sacrificed his only son (Cain), Hevel isn’t mentioned. This is confirmed later when counting the generation of Adam. It starts with Seth because Cain and Hevel weren’t Adams sons. 

Joseph was sent to Egypt as a spearhead. He was then chosen to rule Egypt. Eventually his family ruled Egypt as the Hyksos/Semitic Pharaohs, tax collectors who became Pharaohs. They helped Egypt’s advancement (explained later). The destruction of the first Temple was directed by god so the Jews would be taken, exiled to Baghdad. The Arab world benefited from it immeasurably. The second destruction of the temple was so the Jews would be sent to Rome to start new religion and to mingle with Europeans blood. Vatican or Beti Can means My house here, god moved temporarily. The definition of Who is a Jew was changed. The Torah says it’s the father, the seed decides who is a Jew which the Moslems follow. P.s it makes Obama a Moslem by Moslem law, he had 2 Moslem fathers, a Moslem mother and grew up in a Moslem country. He has never talked about those years. it might explain his behavior as a president.

Our ‘smart’ Rabbis decided we can’t know for sure who is the father, meaning that every woman is a lying whore that can’t be trusted and we therefore go by the mother. We know that based on actual facts woman had very small chance to cheat. We no longer know who is a true Jew. Many with Jewish mothers and Christian fathers are considered Jewish though they lack Jewish DNA. 

God later says he Blessed Judah with knowledge or Y,h.w.D,h. it’s the word Yhwh with D inserted. D means Knowledge.

Woman are born with specific number of eggs that don’t change their entire life. Man are born with NO Seed and only at 13 begin producing sperm, starting to record his deeds, thus the bar-mitzva meaning responsible to follow god’s orders.  Men on the other hand record their experiences in their ever changing sperm. It has been shown that the Y chromosomes of Cohens have a unique gene that doesn’t exists in others. Mitzva means Order of god, not good deed, which is how most people understand it. It seems that 13(4) is a celebration of the Sperm. It begins recording the story of our life. Sperm = sipooring meaning Stories. The Hebrew word for male is Zacar meaning remembers. (scare, scar, secretary, secret) Female in Hebrew is nekeva meaning ‘the one with the drilled hole. Strange name but it confirms that male was reprogrammed to create female.

Later, God instructed Moses to intermarry, to spread the seed of the sons of god. Moses understood as proven by his action. He took a Kooshit, a black woman (koosh means African in Hebrew) as wife. A black man A Kooshi was David’s right hand man.  Off course Moses brother and his wife complained about his choice. God punished them for questioning Moses…God with this act is showing true love for Moses. God eventually buried Moses himself. Mosheh  משה  as is clear, read backward is The Word   השמם .  ‘Memosheh ad mosheh ain kemosheh’. From Moses to Moses no one is like Moses. Of course, the ultimate spreader of the seed was King Solomon understood god and took 1000 almost all non-Jewish wives.

Tho the Egyptian god didn’t only take the Jews out of Egypt, he punished the Egyptian in the process. He told Moses ‘I will harden their heart’. They will say ‘no’ because god will make sure of it…clearly, Tho is talking about mind control not magic.

The death of Jews by the Germans was the signal, as prophesied, God collected the Jews from the 4 corners of the world, Jews who continue to believe in him though they have suffered, to make them advisers of nations. To return them to the ‘promised land’.  Promised by god himself! to Israel, so they can rebuild the temple and become a priest nation. Not my words, it’s what the Torah says.

This might explain why millions of Jews walked almost willingly into ovens while the survivors fought like lions and defeated much greater armies. ‘One will chase thousands’ is how god explains it. I was 9 years old during the 56 war. I still remember my cousin talking about it. He said ‘we felt like lions, that no one could defeat us’. On the other hand, god likely made the Egyptians feel the opposite, very scared, scared enough to take their shoes off and ran. There were at least 40,000 pairs of shoes found in the desert.  P.S the bible predicted Israel will make peace with Egypt first, which it has.

Jerusalem is holy to all three religions

Its clear that Jerusalem is holy to the Jews. Its also clear Jerusalem is holy to Christians. But why is it holy for Moslems? Jerusalem is never mentioned in the Koran. The Koran says that Mouhamad flew to heaven from the furthest mosque. The ‘smart’ interpreters decided that Jerusalem is the furthest Mosque. Two little problems with this ‘wise’ decision. The Mosque in Jerusalem was built 50 years after the death of Mouhamad and the furthest Mosque was Tunisia not Jerusalem. There is no logical or factual reason why the Moslems decided to go with Jerusalem, just the same they did…accident or the hand of god?

God is setting us up. In ‘the final days’ all nations will come to Jerusalem to give homage to god.


The first word in the book of Genesis, second word in Thorah confirms life was planned.

It begins with Beroshit which was translated as ‘in the beginning’. The first word in genesis is never repeated.  ‘In the beginning is “bahathalah ‘ in Hebrew, meaning we can’t know for sure what Beroshit means. It was translated as ‘in the beginning’ because the word Be Rosh means in Head…thus it was assumed to mean Beginning. It is clearly a strange way of saying ‘in the beginning’. Why would god start with such a strange expression? It is known that the original Torah was written without spaces between the letters, like a computer program, therefore to understand the bible correctly, to try and understand its secrets we need to understand the bible uses letters as words: if we were to read more literally we would get Be-rosh-y-t means ‘in-head. God/Thought (Thoth)’.. The first sentence then literally says ‘in-head-god-of letters or Thought (dna) created the heaven and earth’. It says that the God who created letters first thought it, planned everything before he began creating it. Only then god goes to explains that he wrote those programs. This must have happened more than 4.6 billion years ago: ‘when the earth was without form’.  The second word in genesis that was translated as ‘created’ BaRa. B means House (byte in Hebrew) and Rah (ray) means Light. It says that god created a House for light, it says god created matter. by the way BaRa is the first three letters in

Creation according to Torah

.א בְּרֵאשִׁית, בָּרָא אֱלֹהִים, אֵת הַשָּׁמַיִם, וְאֵת הָאָרֶץ

ב וְהָאָרֶץ, הָיְתָה תֹהוּ וָבֹהוּ, וְחֹשֶׁךְ, עַל-פְּנֵי תְהוֹם; וְרוּחַ אֱלֹהִים, מְרַחֶפֶת עַל-פְּנֵי הַמָּיִם

1 In Tho’s head God created the heaven and the earth..

2 Now the earth was unformed and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep; and the spirit of God hovered over the face of the water.

My understanding:­­­­

Gen 2- That was before the earth was unformed, when darkness was upon the face of a black hole(abyss) and the spirit/ wind/ vibration of god hovered upon WATER.

Please note god was hovering over water before creation. So was Brahma who saw his image in the Maya (yam) of Illusion. The words Tohoo webo ho was translated as unformed. We use it in Hebrew as unformed. The book of Psalm uses it as unformed. But it is literally saying To-Hoo meaning he is Tho-Thought and Bo-Hoo means and he is in it.  What it is saying that thought, information, was programmed in everything. Science confirms this, saying that all matter holds information that can be expressed with letters and words.

Of course, the argument could be made that beroshit can be read as bara shit meaning Created fabric (sheet in English, sheet in Hebrew). No shit?...Shit means fabric in Hebrew which is what god created in the beginning.

First = adding vowels we get: f- ReShiT means hear-beginning or here-head-tho (same thing).

John 1/1 ‘In the beginning was the word’ (not Jesus but the idea of DNA letter combinations).  And the word was with god (he thought about it) and the word was god. (He left The Word, DNA programs, letter combinations to rule over us). John 1/14 and the Word became flesh or in modern English: The programs created flesh

How do we know he is talking about physical DNA letters?

The book of Formation/manufacture, Sepher Yitzira 2/2 (The Hebrew word yetzira means Manufacture. The Torah says god YeYatzar Adam. It was mistranslated to created but it means re-Manufacture. This means there was man and he was remanufactured-Reprogrammed.

 ‘Twenty two foundation letters He ordained them (thought of them), He hewed them (shaped them). He combined them, wrote programs for complex molecules we call DNA. He weighed them (made sure they are in the correct proportions). He interchanged them (wrote programs with them). 'And He created with them the whole creation and everything to be created in the future’ It is actually saying that those letters (DNA) will create everything in the future. It even suggests that we might be able to create life but we too will use those letters!! …this was written thousands of years ago….what a lucky guess. Does god really mean to name a complex molecule a word? Mole-cule means Word-everything… formula means here see word. program read as prio garam means its fruit caused.

Why do we need to read all myths, religious writing as one?

Hebrew folklore says that when Moses broke the original tablets ‘written by the hand of god’ on a stone supplied by god, the sparks that flew out created all religions and all languages. In other words, the Torah Moses brought down the second time, after he broke the first, isn’t the same as the one God gave him…in order to understand the Torah we need to bring back the sparks that flew and created other religions. I am the designated spark collector.

God and Moses, must have planned it. Moses wasn’t surprised by the golden calf, he already knew about it, so why pretend to be angry and break the tablets?  And the bigger question why didn’t god get upset? Moses broke HIS tablets! Wasted 40 days. The second tablets were written by Moses on a stone provided by Moses.

The Torah, the New Testament, the book of formation and the Mahabharata all confirm that before god created, he planned/programmed everything in his head.

Finally, before the big bang, before DNA letters, Tho’s father, Anu the creator of the universe had to design a 5 part higs-Boson field that would somehow convert Light to Matter, only then the light entity who planned this, the god Noon caused for a special big bang. Generally, a big bang wouldn’t produce matter because it would be destroyed by anti-matter. The Programmer had to produce a special big bang one where anti matter wouldn’t destroy all matter, science calls it ‘an imperfect mirroring big bang’. The universe is made up of the little matter that wasn’t destroyed by antimatter. Actually, everything was created using ‘imperfect mirroring, better known as Evolution. Point of fact, the atom, cell and all matter is mostly empty space which has been discovered to be not so empty.  ‘He who controls the empty space controls the universe’ (J.L). Un-iver-se transliterate as Uni(noon)created-this.

p.s the Letter Noon doesn’t appear in the Torah until god created Souls Nefesh.

Going back to imperfect mirroring, god saw himself in water…water is probably the single best explanation of imperfect mirroring, everything was created using this method…god kinda of says it by saying that the creation above and below, are all the same. Evolution is imperfect mirroring. Eva-lu-tion means Desired god Change

The word Elohim is pronounced Elohim but spelled El Hayam meaning God-of-Ocean. God first imagined his creation while hovering over water. Then using (very heavy) Water god created MaTTeR. The world began with a black hole, vibration of god and water. This then could have only been created by a god who designed water first....Scientists confirm that life couldn't begin without Water and that the big bang couldn't start without vibration-a bang. Ba-ng means touched-it…someone had to touch it. The idea that it all started by itself is in itself unimaginable…the universe started when someone banged it!

God first hovered over water…he saw his creation in water. So did Brahma. He too saw his creation in the Maya of illusion.

The language decipher (Da-sipoor = Know story) confirms this. Both Hebrew and English words for Matter mean Rain in Hebrew, thus affirming the Torah assertion that everything is from Water. The English[JL2]  word Matter is from the Hebrew MaTTaR meaning Rain.

Gashmy means both Rainy and Matter in Hebrew...Rain=Gashmy meaning Mattar

The third Hebrew word for rain is Yo-reh which is the origin of the word RAIN = YoReh ayN meaning Rain See (consonantly). ToRah is likened to (Wa)TeR = ToRah. Ma-TTeR = From.Torah....Torah is then the Program that first created water and then life.

Elohim-God of Ocean letters add up to 86. Earth was created 8.6 billion years after the big bang, 86% of the brain is subconscious, 6 out of 7 days is 86%. God worked 6 days (subconscious,) rests on the 7th (conscious)

Yhwh Tzevaot translated as the Host of god but the word Tzav-oat literally means Army letter. Tzav numerical value is 92. There were 92 elements when earth was created.

The 6 days of creation began around 14 billion years ago at the big bang, evidenced by the fact that the bible starts the count before the sun was created. Earth was created after 2 god days. Science says that earth was created 8.6 billion years after the big bang. For the bible to be scientifically correct a god day needs to be 4.3 billion years…the Hindu myth says a Brahma day is 4.3 billion years.  Two numbers that on their own sound unbelievably stupid actually hold an important scientific fact. Whoever placed it there knew it would take thousands of years before we can figure it out. Or, if you choose: Wow what a coincidence. Brahma AND Abraham-a were married to Sarah, Mahabharata means ‘What-Created-Tho .  Other facts the bible got rights are: one super continent, life began in the ocean, humans were programmed to be vegetarians. We only figured it out 100 years ago or less, the authors knew that thousands of years ago. Or, wow what a lucky guess.

Other Torah claims

The Torah also claims that one super-continent appeared first…we didn't know that until 20 years ago, turns out to be true…that life began in the ocean and then on land is only 70 year old knowledge...turned out to be true... the torah claims we were created vegetarians turned out to be true Oh yes…the bible claims there was the supercontinent first, turned to be true. The super continent  bears the name Elbabara = God on it created in Hebrew. I wonder how scientists manage to come up with such names…but they do and…they think its all their idea.

Hindu Creation:

The primordial Nature called Prakriti gives birth to Brahma. Brahma imagined his creation in Maya of illusion. The torah   describes creation 'and the spirit of God hovered over the face of the water'-genesis 1: What's Maya? Maya =yam (Hebrew) = ocean. What's Prakriti? The Hebrew decoder transliterate Pra kriti = create by calling (Hebrew). Kriti = Create = Cara et = (Hebrew) means = Called out everything/Tho– The Hindu myth and the torah describes the same creation method, both imagined their creation looking into water.

There are only two major religions the Hindu and the Hebrew, the Hindu contains the foot notes for the torah without which it is impossible to understand the torah

The Hindu bible is called Mah-abhara-ta meaning What Created Tho in heb. , Kar-Ma means Happened from God.

I want to emphasize that though I make a lot of strange connections and quote a lot of names and numbers I didn't research the information, I didn’t read the entire bible or any other work, I received where to look otherwise there is no way I could have come up with such understanding. I know that because I am always at owe with each discovery. And often think…obvious, I should have figured it out. Other times I would think that no there is no way to figure that out.  This a nonlinear, multy dimension cross word puzzle that no one person can solve.


Adam is actually Cro-Ma-Gn-oN which means Called-From-Garden-of-God (one/An). The first Speaking man who seem to come from nowhere, who possessed language, buries his dead and who is exactly like us…actually he is us.  We are homo-Sepian  meaning Speaking man.


1-26 And God said: 'Let us make Adam in our image, after our likeness; it says there are many gods who created light entities, souls, in their image. Only chap. 2 it mentions creating the physical Adam. When god confounded language he repeated the word ‘Let us’.

For the lord is a great god, the great king above all GODS. Psalm 95-3 many gods is re-confirmed

2-7 Then the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

This happened around 300,000 years ago

 Thoth created the first Adam, a soul, in their image and likeness (lives forever and unseen). Male and female souls were created in chap 1. The physical Adam was created in chap 2…not in their image but from the dust to work the garden, literally. Adam name adds up to 45 while Tho’s name adds up to 46. God says he made Adam a little less than god.

A-DaM means God Blood in Hebrew 

The Sumerian myth tells the story of gods/aliens who came here to extract gold for their planet survival. The Torah mentions ‘the gold that is good’, they got fed up and rebelled. Enki/Tho suggested Killing the chief rebel, ‘a god with knowledge’ and using his Essenes/DNA to create a worker using that dead god blood/DNA, Adam=god blood. It is also the reason that they created a male worker only. It seems female Annanki first carried those ‘new improved’ earthlings, but as the demand for workers increased they too rebelled and Enki needed to create a female.


Thought and language, letter combinations, words, god’s creation tool was installed in Adam. The Hebrew word DaM meaning blood decodes as D-knowledge M-water. Blood was named by Adam knowledge in water.  God installed Hebrew letters in Adam who combined them to create Hebrew. The word He-Brew means It Created.

20 And the man gave names to all cattle, and to the fowl of the air, and to every beast of the field; but for Adam there was not found a help meet for him.

 Now this sentence makes sense. God installed letter meanings and Adam combined them to create words for all the animals.

 For example, he named Cat Hatool meaning ‘Hidden one’ while a dog was named Kelev meaning like the heart (dogs wear their heart on their sleeves and Cats hide) at least that’s what it seemed to Adam.

Yeyatzar-re-manufactured (formed) is the word used to describe Adam’s formation. Eve was then from a bone that was taken from Adam to create eve. It also suggests there were early humans which they used to create Adam.  Ya-Tzar also means Narrow, suggesting that the physical Adam was created inside the soul. Accident or design? That’s the question one needs to ask.

The creation of Hava (Eve)

2-21 And the LORD God (yhwh Elohim, the ruling god) caused a deep sleep to fall upon the man, and he slept; and He took one of his ribs, and closed up the place with flesh instead thereof.

The creation of Eve like the creation of Adam didn’t involve magic, it is described as a standard operation. God puts Adam under ‘deep sleep’ and then takes a rib out and ‘closed up the place’. Why a rib? Adam has a lot of them… why a bone? All cells are created in the bone, the bones are the builders of the body. The word Bone (boneh) means Builder in Hebrew. The word Etzem means Bone in Hebrew, it created the Latin ossima meaning bone. It is clear that they were able to manipulate DNA inside the cell to create a Female. Its clear the creators knew about the bone being the builder and therefore extracted a bone. Or is that just a lucky coincidence? Evolutionists claim all life is due to a series of coincidences. I claim there are no coincidences that everything was and is planned.

Hava and the Snake

That’s when everything becomes really complicated.

First of all, it’s talking snake who seems very smart and…told the truth. The snake then Pitah (fooled in Hebrew) Eve/Hava, it is where the word Puta came from. Pitah is the creator god in the Egyptian myth. He told Eve she would be smarter if she ate from the tree…she ate, she didn’t die, she became smarter. God told her she will die the day she ate from the tree.

The word Egypt was created by the Greeks. Maser is what THE Egyptians call themselves. When the Greeks came, they noticed that the Egyptians worship the God PiTAh, therefore the Greek called it the Land of Ptah Eg-Pt.

The Torah has no talking animals, the one time a donkey talked it said god talked through him.

So who is the Snake, this snake is mentioned in many myths. Actually, the Kabballah says the Good snake will save us. The Snake NaHaSh is the God Tho. The word Nahash and Mashiah is numerically identical. He was clled a snake because he created the double helix. Enki was ‘the medical officer’. The sign f the 2 snakes is still a symbol we use to indicate medicine.

Desire in Hebrew. Hava, her true name means Farm. It was her job the create male workers.

We have 22 autosomes and one pair of sex chromosome that is different between male and female. Hebrew has 22 letters and Tho number is the 22nd letter


Her first 2 sons -Cain and Able

א  וְהָאָדָם, יָדַע אֶת-חַוָּה אִשְׁתּוֹ; וַתַּהַר, וַתֵּלֶד אֶת-קַיִן, וַתֹּאמֶר, קָנִיתִי אִישׁ אֶת-יְהוָה.

1 And the man knew Eve his wife; and she conceived and bore Cain, and said: 'I have gotten a man with the help of the LORD.'

As one can see the translation is a little off. The Hebrew says : I bought/acquired a man FROM god.  She is actually saying the Snake/Enki (so called because he created the double Helix)

She is saying Cain’s father is the Snake god. And she therefore named him Kayine. She used the two consonants of his father eNKi backward KaiN. She doesn’t mention Adam nor thank him.

And as to Able…he too was a secret son of god. But his name is confusing…he wasn’t that able. His Hebrew name is Hevel it means Nothing, exhaled breath. So god chose to call his son: a nothing? From all the names available he decided to go with such a name? he is effect telling us he was meant to die, that Cain was set up. Cain backward is Naki meaning Clean in Hebrew.

Thrown from the garden

24 So He drove out the man; and He placed at the east of the garden of Eden the cherubim, and the flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way to the tree of life. {S}

I believe is an unmistakable indication that the Turning sword was reprogramming our eye site to see everything upside down. In fact, No other animal including monkeys sees upside down!

This was done to confuse us and to teach us to think.

How can we all be wrong?

I will hide my face and see how they end up’ says god to Moses.

It seems our ability to be wrong ‘en mass’ was designed, the bible hints that before we were ‘kicked out of the garden’ our eyes were redesigned, all this designing etc is done remotely like updating programs in our computers. Each eye has millions of cones and rods (how does that happen by accident?). We actually see an object as light reflected from the object. We see an object as a Ray (ray means see in Hebrew). Because the front part of the eye is curved it bends the light, creating an upside down image on the retina, the brain is PROGRAMMED to eventually turns the image the right way up…WE SEE IN A MIRROR, everyone knows that from school. But almost no one knows that this upside down seeing is unique to humans. One would think animals also see upside down, but it seems No single animal sees upside down and most see far better than us. Actually, our subconscious sees much better than us! So nature designed a terrible way for humans to see when it already designed far better eyes for all other animals? Far better eyes for monkeys! Why didn’t we get those? That makes no sense! It only makes sense if god designed our eyes differently so we are forced to judge logically not to feel for answers, to be as god (like Spock). Chap 3/24 of Genesis confirms it, when god kicked Adam from the garden god said he installed ‘inverted sword’ to keep man from the tree of life. It gets worse, we see in 2 dimension and our brain extrapolate a 3 dimensional figure (pretty fancy computer wouldn’t you say?), a lot of things can go wrong with our perception and a lot does go wrong by design! We are actually programmed to do wrong! The eight Heb. letter Hait means Life and Sin, to live is to sin by design. Otherwise according to god, we would never know to do right. We are In the school for becoming better gods (thinkers) we get miss-programmed and are expected to correct those programs.

I believe a change will happen in the Chiasm where optic nerve cross… I don’t pretend to be a scientist, I have no interest in how things work…I think electricity is ‘magic’. But I do believe in ‘the living word’ the Hebrew meaning of Chia-Sm is The living word. As to the ‘tree of life’ I haven’t figured this out yet.    It seems this reprograming caused us to come up with wrong concepts. Most of the big Truths we all believe in are false, the answers are in the opposite of what we all believe.  This radical idea is explained better later..

Cain- the first born in creation

Adam was manufactured, progrmmed, Cain was the secret son of god/snake with Eve, says she acquired a man from god.  ‘the first born in creation; everyone else that god calls my son, my first born is from the seed of Cain.

Here it gets stranger yet!

God clearly instigate one brother against another. One brother kills another for the love of their father/god. Untold millions died for that cause.

4-14 Behold, Thou hast driven me out this day from the face of the land; and from Thy face shall I be hid; and I shall be a fugitive and a wanderer in the earth; and it will come to pass, that whosoever findeth me will slay me.'

15 And the LORD said unto him: 'Therefore whosoever slayeth Cain, vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold.' And the LORD set a sign for Cain, lest any finding him should smite him.

What are they talking about? Why is god marking Cain? Who is going to slay him? And how did they all know of the murder? There were other gods on earth, gods who communicated telepathically and knew almost immediately of the murder.

17 And Cain knew his wife; and she conceived, and bore Enoch; and he builded a city, and called the name of the city after the name of his son Enoch.

What now? He built a city? Not a town but a city. For whom? By whom? This definitely suggests that there were other people Aliens/Ananki who lived on earth. They are the ones who knew telepathically that he killed his brother, they were the ones who helped his son, still a royalty to built a city.

5-3 And Adam lived a hundred and thirty years, and begot a son in his own likeness, after his image; and called his name Seth.

Seth then is clearly the son of Adam. It says for the first time that Seth was in the image of Adam. God in retelling creation didn’t forget Hevel and Cain, because of the murder, as many ‘experts claim’ they weren’t Adams sons.

6-2 that the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they 3 And the LORD said: 'My spirit shall not abide in man for ever, for that he also is flesh; therefore shall his days be a hundred and twenty years. 'took them wives, whomsoever they chose.

The trick here is referring to the sons of Cain as ‘the sons of god’ they married the daughters of Seth…both lines intermarried which upset god who curtailed life to 120 years. Before that the sons of Seth lived to almost a 1000 and the sons of god never died. The book of Psalm says: ‘you think you are the sons of god but you will die like everyone else’. God is talking to the sons of god who were reprogrammed to die.

5-4 The Nephilim were in the earth in those days, and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bore children to them; the same were the mighty men that were of old, the men of renown. {P}

The sons of the sons of god and earthling created demi-gods, the mighty men of old. Actually, demi-gods had higher vibrations and were able to see god. Abraham, Sarah and few others talked to god directly. Who are the demi-gods? It seems anyone living over 120 years (got allotted age for mankind) is a dem-god.

4-20 And Adah bore Jabal; he was the father of such as dwell in tents and have cattle.

21 And his brother's name was Jubal; he was the father of all such as handle the harp and pipe.

5-22 And Zillah, she also bore Tubal-cain, the forger of every cutting instrument of brass and iron; and the sister of Tubal-cain was Naamah. 3 And Adam lived a hundred and thirty years, and begot a son in his own likeness, after his image; and called his name Seth.

6 And Seth lived a hundred and five years, and begot Enosh.

5-4 And the days of Adam after he begot Seth were eight hundred years; and he begot sons and daughters.

First of all, it seems only the offspring of Caine contributed to society’s advancement. But far more glaring difference that we get the years each person from the line of Seth lived while those are missing from Cain’s line? Its not an oversight, the sons of Cain/the sons of god didn’t die.

Hebrew scholars missed this completely. They say god didn’t continue with the line of Cain that god ignored Cain and Hevel and therefore began with Seth as Adam first son. Well, Seth was Adam’s first son, Hevel and Cain were the sons of god. Actually, the bible always tells the truth and god doesn’t make mistakes, starting with Seth as the first son of Adam confirms Cain as the son of god.  The scholars explained that Cain was not mentioned because he sinned…everyone sins in the bible, including King David. Actually, all the Torah reports is on the line of Cain that intermarried with the line of Seth. The entire bible is about the history of the line of the sons of god, the line of Israel. ‘Israel is my son my first born’ says god to the Pharaohs. No one wonder why a Christian story with most followers of European blood happens in Israel?

Jacob fought with god all night.. at the end of the night god called Jacob Isa-el meaning Surviving god. He confirmed that Jacob is of the seed of Cain-the surviving god.

How can the sons of Israel be gods first born? Jacob wasn’t even Isaac first born. The short answer is wireless genetic manipulation to approximate the DNA of Cain. The same thing happened to Sarah who was 90 years old and stop menstruating experienced and the same thing Jesus mother experienced. Once one accepts that DNA is a program one can understand how genes could be manipulated wirelessly.


1 And the LORD said unto Noah: 'Come thou and all thy house into the ark; for thee have I seen righteous before Me in this generation.

The Hebrew word Noah means comfort. It is spelled with Noon – Het while NaHaSh is spelled Noon Hait and Shin. In other words, Noah used 2 out of 3 letters in NahaSh suggesting that his programming is 2/3 god. The Letter Shin meaning word and light is missing in Noah but his son Shem gets it.

The word Tam ‘whole heartedly righteous’ TaM is actually the 2 letter that god uses. It too suggests Noah is from the seed of the god Tho.

7 And the LORD said: 'I will blot out man whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man, and beast, and creeping thing, and fowl of the air; for it repenteth Me that I have made them.'

8 But Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD

God NEVER changes his mind

Those are two gods Enlil who feels the experiment failed and Enki our creator still wants it to continue. Enki secretly helps Noah. This is confirmed in the Sumerian myth.

The other thing this sentence confirmed is that earth was an experiment, that gods created everything on earth including us and therefore felt they had the right to destroy us…

We all need to thank Tho for our existence. Thank or Tha-henk meaning Tho-Bestowed

The Hebrew word Thank is Toda meaning Tho-Know.  We say his name more often than any other name but don’t know it.

The sons of Noah

21 And he drank of the wine, and was drunken; and he was uncovered within his tent.

Noah was making wine 8000 years ago.

9-22 And Ham, the father of Canaan, saw the nakedness of his father, and told his two brethren without.

23 And Shem and Japheth took a garment, and laid it upon both their shoulders, and went backward, and covered the nakedness of their father; and their faces were backward, and they saw not their father's nakedness.

 24 And Noah awoke from his wine, and knew what his youngest son had done unto him.

25 And he said: Cursed be Canaan; a servant of servants shall he be unto his brethren.

Strange story, what’s the big deal so he saw his nakedness. Most of us have seen our father’s nakedness. Both Yafet and Shem knew not to look and covered him up. Noah thought it’s a big deal and cursed his son. The only possible answer I can think about is that Noah was circumcised.

Circumcision is a strange act, an act that starts life with pain! It is clearly an improvement on an uncircumcised Pinus. The chances of catching aids and other deceases is smaller, but if god is a programmer why not program such improvement? It is somehow an experience that god deemed will improve the human condition…there is something here that none of us understand why yet.

Today Moslem man and woman cover themselves. I believe that the hate Moslems have for Jews is due to that incident long ago that was somehow recorded in our genes. Scientists in Israel have recently shown that DNA sends messages to future generations.

Is Shem the father of all Jews? Is Ham father of all Moslems?

The word hashem H.she.m backward is M.S.H Mosheh- Moses

The word Mohamad. M.H.M.D backward is DMHM meaning Blood-Ham



11-1 And the whole earth was of one language and of one speech

Everyone spoke Hebrew

4 And they said: 'Come, let us build us a city, and a tower, with its top in heaven, and let us make us a name; lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.'

They decided to build a tower and a name…so far so good. But…they seem to worry that god would scatter them. How did they know or guess at such a thing?...pretty smart people.

6 And the LORD said: 'Behold, they are one people, and they have all one language; and this is what they begin to do; and now nothing will be withholden

from them, which they purpose to do.

God wants to confound language because it has a lot of scientific information that could be very harmful

7 Come, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another's speech.'

Again, god is talking to other gods. But god is suggesting a method where they may not understand each other. God is suggesting that they reprogram everyone’s language. They are clearly talking about wireless reprogramming.

8 So the LORD scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth; and they left off to build the city.

How did god do that? Spaceships? Yup! The Hindu called them Bimana meaning Moving-Stage. That’s why we find people all over the world.

God wasn’t alone on earth, many sons of god flying in space ships were here as well, they were god’s helpers. They were actually flying in a spaceship directing the people of Israel. The Israelis never saw them because they were hiding in the cloud that lead the people of Israel. Or does one believe that the cloud leading the people of Israel was ‘just a cloud’?

9 Therefore was the name of it called Babel; because the LORD did there confound the language of all the earth; and from thence did the LORD scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth. {P}

Its important to note that god didn’t create new languages.

We, humans were programmed with the letter meanings; god made us forget this fact and then rearranged the letters in a crossword puzzle fashion.

Since all the vegetation was destroyed by the deluge god instructed that humans can eat meat. Meat=met=dead in Hebrew. The word Basar means meat in Hebrew. It created the word Butcher.

Babel – ba bal = in it confounded

Confound can peh and = here language tied-up.

End = anad = all tied up

And = anad = tied together.


The Egyptian connection

12-10 And there was a famine in the land; and Abram went down into Egypt to sojourn there; for the famine was sore in the land.

12 And it will come to pass, when the Egyptians shall see thee, that they will say: This is his wife; and they will kill me, but thee they will keep alive.

17 And the LORD plagued Pharaoh and his house with great plagues because of Sarai Abram's wife.

The Pharaoh who took Sarai as wife understood from god that she was his wife and hasten to return her to Abram. Sarai was Abram sister from the same father but different mother. The custom those days was to marry a sister in order to insure inheritance.

The father of all name was changed from Abram to Abraham. His name means Father created them. He gained a H or 5. Sari’s name was changed to Sarah, she lost 5…its some sort of genetic change but I am not clear of its significance. The single biggest ‘trick’ of confounding language is the fact that names were not translated. Otherwise it would be clear that each person name tells us what he would do in the future. It would then make it clear that everything was programmed in advance.

The Hindu father of all, Brahma is also married to Sarah but her full name is Sarah Sawati or Se-ahoti meaning She my sister.

This clearly suggests the same author wrote both myths and that the Hindu myth was written after the Torah.

Most attested (written) myths including the Torah were written 26-2800 years ago.

The covenant between God and Abraham

God instructed Abraham to circumcise every male at 7 days. That’s what makes one Hebrew, Jewish, Israelite. Scientifically speaking it is when the child immune system has developed.

At the time Ismael was 13 years old. Though god instructed everyone to circumcise at 7 days Moslem still insist on circumcision at 13. What started as a relatively painless operation became very painful one for 13 years old Moslem kids.

A friend of mine, A Moslem Iraqi doctor told me that his sons were circumcised by a Jewish Mohel at 7 days. His wife told me that she heard they do a lot of circumcisions and are better that doctors. That was in Baghdad and her husband was a doctor. It made me wonder if they have Jewish DNA.

I moved from Israel to the U.S in 1963. Everyone in Israel ‘knew’ that Jews only are circumcised. The second day of school we had a gym class. I was shocked! I ran home and told my family that everyone in my class is Jewish! My uncle laughed and explained that American are all by and large circumcised. Regardless of what you Christians think, You are all Israelites in the eyes of god.

17-10 This is My covenant, which ye shall keep, between Me and you and thy every male among you shall be circumcised.

17 Then Abraham fell upon his face, and laughed, and said in his heart: 'Shall a child be born unto him that is a hundred years old? and shall Sarah, that is ninety years old, bear?' seed after thee

Immaculate conception is clearly indicated here.



18-2 and he lifted up his eyes and looked, and, lo, three men stood over against him; and when he saw them, he ran to meet them from the tent door, and bowed down to the earth,

8 And he took curd, and milk, and the calf which he had dressed, and set it before them; and he stood by them under the tree, and they did eat.

What happened here? Abraham gives the 3 angels meat and milk! I asked a Rabbi,  he explained that it was before god gave Torah to the Hebrews which is true enough…but god gave Torah to the angles before creation so why did they eat?

Most of the Kashroot laws are based on the stupid and insulting idea that god said ‘do not seeth a lamb in its mother milk’ but actually meant ‘don’t eat meat and milk’. They are in effect claiming that god aint too bright and clearly needs remedial Hebrew, that god couldn’t say: don’t eat meat and milk which by the way would include not seething a lamb in its mother’s milk. 2500 years later no one figured out how wrong this law is…the point wasn’t about eating meat and milk it was about mixing blood of mother and offspring. Another law states: if one catches a bird and its offspring one is allowed to eat one or the other but not both…same idea. The hand of god or stupidity?

18-16 And the men rose up from thence, and looked out toward Sodom; and 20 And the LORD said: 'Verily, the cry of Sodom and Gomorrah is great, and, verily, their sin is exceeding grievous. Abraham went with them to bring them on the way.

32 And he said: 'Oh, let not the LORD be angry, and I will speak yet but this once. Peradventure ten shall be found there.' And He said: 'I will not destroy it for the ten's sake.'

-         This is the reason the Israelites require a minion of 10 people for prayer. It’s the belief that if 10 men pray together they will save the city.

19-1 And the two angels came to Sodom at even; and Lot sat in the gate of Sodom; and Lot saw them, and rose up to meet them; and he fell down on his face to the earth;

Wait a minute! Three angels visit Abraham but only 2 go to Sodom. The third stayed and talked to Abraham, the third was god.

20-12 And moreover she is indeed my sister, the daughter of my father, but not the daughter of my mother; and so she became my wife.

Sarah was Abraham’s wife and sister. The custom of the demi-gods was to marry their sister. It means that in-breeding was not a cause for ailments and everything else associated with it. Abraham sends an emissary to find a wife for Isaac from his family, blood line. Later Moses was instructed not to intermarry, to spread the seed/DNA of the sons of god.

Sodom and Gomorrah

19-11 And they smote the men that were at the door of the house with blindness, both small and great; so that they wearied themselves to find the door.

Its clear Lot knew those emissaries were angels/aliens. He offers the crowd his daughters in place of the stranger…strange.. but then the angels used some sort of a tool that blinded everyone…not magic just hi tech.

19-30 And Lot went up out of Zoar, and dwelt in the mountain, and his two daughters with him; for he feared to dwell in Zoar; and he dwelt in a cave, he and his two daughters.

If one follows the conversation its clear the angels had a specific time when the city was scheduled to be destroyed. If one visits the area even now, 4000 years later it looks like it was bombed.

This is a little strange, lot left the city because he was scared to stay there. This is clearly because he was afraid the people there might harm him.

31 And the first-born said unto the younger: 'Our father is old, and there is not a man in the earth to come in unto us after the manner of all the earth.

But they left a city with many people? I don’t get it? Were there two different kinds of humans?


The most underrated father of Israel. He let his father tie him at the age of 33. He truly believed in god. Yezhak we are told is so called because his mother laughed when god said she would be pregnant at 90. But his name also means ‘a law was created’   

He Blessed Jacob with the elder blessing though Esau was the older. Actually, Jacob name means The one to follow because he was Esau’s twin but born second, followed. Jacob cheated his brother and bought the rights of being the oldest.

His mother told him to deceive Isaac by asking for the blessing of the oldest. She told him to put a skin of a lamb on his arm. Isaac whose eyes were weak would think he was Esau. The trick seemingly worked.

But the truth is that Isaac knew he was being deceived but accepted it as the will of god. Isaac a life long herder, knew the difference between lamb and hairy arms and he says so: he says that: the arms are those of Esau but the voice belong to Jacob…what would you believe? The voice or an arm covered with animal skins? he is saying just that: God I know this is Jacob by the voice but I will bless him because it is your wish. Of course, Isaac wasn’t almost dying, he died many many years later.



Trial and tribulation of Jacob are many.

He cheated his brother and was cheated twice by his father in-law….the law of god is that a thief pays double. He then offers his brother a payment an apology.

His son was sold to the Egyptians. God planned all this so the Hebrews would move to Egypt and rule as the Semitic pharaohs, the Hyksos who contributed a lot to advancement of Egypt including the Chariot and new kind of sails.


We all know the story how Joseph was sold as slave by his brother and eventually solved a dream the Pharaoh had about the seven thin cows and the seven fat cows signifying seven good harvest year and seven bad year. When Joseph solved his dream he was left in charge of the whole country. Why would a pharaoh give the rule of the land to a dream solver? Makes no sense!

It wasn’t the dream explanation but Joseph’s solution, Joseph made a smart suggestion, he suggested creating a large artificial lake that would hold the Nile overflow and then it was redistributed to a lot more land thus enabling the Egyptians to combat the 7 bad years, to grow more food. The Pharaoh then declares that Joseph is the smartest man and he left him in charge of this enormous project.

Baher Youseph means Ocean of Joseph, it is an artificial lake that is filled by the overflow of the Nile and is redistributed to irrigate a lot more land. It is still in use today! It is the reason Joseph was called the smartest man in the land and was left in charge, it was his idea and only he knew how to implement it. This isn’t a secret, a lot of Egyptians will tell you just that. 4000 years later the lake still exists and in use and it’s called “The ocean of Joseph’. Is it possible none of our experts noticed? P.s the biblical Joseph name was changed to Tzafnat paneh meaning The code solver’. Yoseph means Will Add. The names spells out the duty of each but names were never translated…my name Yoseph means will add.

Joseph was double blessed. That’s why there isn’t a tribe named joseph but two tribes named Menashe and Efraim. That meant that there are 13 (4) tribes. And it makes 4  fathers of the Hebrew  nation. And 4 mothers. Tho put his stamp everywhere.

As to experts…

This guy was hit by a car and was lying on the street. A doctor ran over to him and asked: are you ok? How do I know responded the man, I am not a lawyer. Its not the word of god that matters but rather it is what our experts say god meant to say if he was smarter and could write clearer…not much of a god…

The Word Rav meaning Rabbi means To-Fight. They are the ones fighting and changing god’s laws.

Priest – po-perasht means Here interpret… of course none of them told you the truth, to interpret is sacrilegious. It means god who created language is not clear and didn’t anticipate our advancements…we are at a point where 3 religions were created from the same book and no sees how stupid it is. One book , 3 religions and hundred of offshoots and no one complains…its all about control, not about god. Interpretation F…ed us up.

The Israelites aren’t a mythical tribe who possibly left Egypt,

They are what is known in history as ‘the Semitic Pharaohs who ruled Egypt for 200 years. They are the group that the Egyptian said they kicked out of Egypt.  Mind boggling that no one connected the 2 events.

History tells us, They were called Hyksos but they called themselves Amou who lived in a city they built called Avaris which was the capital of Egypt during their rule…Amou Avarise is am evri happens to mean Nation Hebrew. They were, Joseph’s family, tax collectors who eventually ruled…. They contributed to the advancement of Egypt by inventing new sail and Chariot to mention but few of their inventions. The Egyptian confirm this indirectly, they always claimed they have no record of even been concurred by anyone (because they weren’t). The Hebrews/Amou Avaris were either kicked out as the Egyptian claim or left on the order of their god as the Torah claims. RECENT DIGS THER FOUND Hebrew writing with the name Jacob.  Also recently they found evidence of an entire army under the sea.

p.s, The first Chinese dynasty began when Yu found a way of controlling the river that overflowed and was a danger to the people. He like Joseph created many channels to redirect the water.

I was born as yoseph ben Yaacov Lanyadoo, in Baghdad where language was confounded (closing a circle). Joseph’s name was changed to Tzafnat paneh by the Egyptian head priest. Tzfnet Paneh doesn’t means Dream solver, it means Code Solver. I feel connected because I am the code solver. The number 11 follows me. Born on 5/6=11, 47=11, Yoseph adds up to 146 =11 Lanyadoo adds up to 101. The biblical Joseph was touted as the smartest man in the land. Joseph idea double and tripled the wheat fields. The artificial lake is still being used… And Hoseh?

 Joseh is Yoseph in Heb. Why? The Torah says Yoseph was Hoseh-Halomot meaning Seer-Dreams, thus another name or acronym for joseph is Hoseh- see-iar.



The idea that a series of accidents opened the heart of a princess who saw Moses and decided to adopt him is far reached, a fable. But if one accepts that god can change our feelings then the story makes sense.

 His name is Mosheh read backward (in consonantal Hebrew) it read HaSheM….,The word’, it is an appropriate name since he brought the word of god. Moses was talking to God, to Yhwh, to Tho.

Moses lived for 120 years which is the maximum years allotted to mankind. It says that god took him to the mountain to die. It suggests god personally buried him. It also says that his legs were strong and his eyes didn’t weaken. He lived a perfect life.

I tell this to all my Italian friends: The Italian salute when drinking with Chin Chin, meaning To a Hundred. We salute ‘Until hundred and twenty’…Even here we do 20% better than the Italians…

Moses first encounter with God was after he killed an Egyptian that killed an Israelite. Based on todays laws Moses should be in Jail. But god didn’t think so! God understood that Moses was programmed with the Word, instinctive understand the law of NaTuRe , the law of eye for eye.

The second encounter shows Moses intelligence. He sees a burning bush, but the wood wasn’t being destroyed, he saw something ‘magical’, but Moses didn’t believe in magic and decided to go from behind and see what makes this trick work. The problem was that the tree was hiding god, a light entity that would kill Moses just by looking at it. God hurried to talk to Moses for Moses own protection. What is really strange is that we have a god we can’t see! I have to believe that this is temporary, that our vibration will rise enough to see god.

Moses meets god who tell him to go to the people of Israel and tell them god sent him. Moses says that no one will believe him and asks for god’s name, god first refuses saying ‘I will be what I will be’ (none of your business), but Moses insisted and god relents and gives him the name YHWH. Nice story except it is a little strange that Moses didn’t know who god is. As history documents the Hebrews, the Amou Avarise assimilated somewhat and worshipped few other gods.

Moses complains once that god entered the tent and there was no room for him…The bible describes a time when 74 elders sat at the bottom of the mountain and saw god. God as looking like 'the fire of a furnace', he always hid in a cloud or a coulomb of light and once behind a bush. God is then a fatal to look body and image.  Everything must be first and foremost literally true! Why 74 elders? If we replace the numbers with the equivalent numerical value it would read ED meaning Witness in Hebrew. None of it is coincidental everything was programmed.  

The artificial cloud that led the people of Israel by day as we see later was clearly hiding a space ship, that’s how and who helped with all the ‘miracles’ that were performed.

The Egyptian god Tho was angry with the Egyptians he wanted to punish them before he leaves. He therefore ‘hardened thier heart’(mind control) so would say No.

Based on the bible’s description of God’s body, it is shaped somewhat like ours and not much bigger than ours, his body is made up of visible light one can put his hand through. God always hid in a coulomb of light or a cloud and once behind a bush (god is not too large). After Moses spent time with god his face radiated not because god has no body and image but because he is fatal to look at face, likely radioactive which ‘seeped’ through the cloud god hid in. Moses became almost a god and had to cover his face before the Israelites. At one point, Moses complains that god entered the tent (in a cloud) and there was no room for him. Later Moses asks to see god and god tells him ’no one sees me and lives’, he then told Moses he would cover him with his hand and when he passes he will remove his hand which will let Moses see his back.  Moses clearly saw his back! Which is confirmed by god no less Or, are god and Moses lying? Again, Why didn’t he tell Moses ‘I have no body’? According to all the interpreters, god said he was physical but he didn’t mean it. Or, if god and Moses told the truth…God then has a hand a back and a face. To my feeble mind it seems hard to believe but, no one of the billions, Christian Jews and Muslims who read the bible noticed! Again, to my feeble mind it is a sign of total stupidity or ‘the hand of god’. Before I received this information, I too didn’t see it which drove me crazy since once revealed it seems so obvious…but I could not see it…to me it indicates the hand of god who can affect our thought process. Regardless of all the unmistakable evidence everyone accepted that god has no body, and it is questioned by none.  Our new improved description of god actually eliminated god (no body no image-nothing). If O’reilly was writing this no doubt he would have called it ‘The killing of god’. This physical light entity, and not a nonexistent god all religious leaders have sold us, programmed life and evolution. This god we haven’t seen for our own protection is still[JL3]  creating ‘mutations’ (complex program changes), those changes require writing new blue prints. God is doing that using light computers the ancient text called ‘the stones of destiny’. Though the world is screwed up, it seems we are in school and there is a ‘grand plan’ but it is apparently above my pay grade…if the bible is read literally it describes the highest tech sci-fi story we have ever heard- the greatest story ever told. Way higher tech than any of our movies… it is by design literally beyond our imagination.

 Moses broke the original tablets written by god on a stone supplied by god, Hebrew folklore say that the sparks that flew out created all languages and all myths. In other words, the second Torah written by Moses on a regular stone is missing the sparks that are actually the footnotes the explanation of the Torah.

Moses didn’t break the tablets from anger, he already knew about the golden calf, he broke them with a prior agreement with god. Otherwise there is no explaining why God never admonishes Moses about breaking a stone supplied by god written in the hand of god. Only when we understand that the same god wrote all myths and languages using Hebrew letters and words meanings we can understand the true meaning of the Torah, the lost book of Thoth (thought) containing all the creation formulas that Moses and god/Tho the original author of the ThoRa converted to words and stories. Only when we bring the sparks back we will be able to see 'the one''. I am a spark collector and this is a summary of the sparks I found.


The Ten Commandments

The first commandment

 1-Thou shalt have none other gods before me. ..It's ok to have other gods as long as their laws aren't observed before God's...there are other gods....'For the LORD is a great God And a great King above all god; Psalm more than suggests that there are then other gods.

2- pretty much those 10 laws are universal. Psalm 147 explains


  מַגִּיד דְּבָרָו לְיַעֲקֹב;    חֻקָּיו וּמִשְׁפָּטָיו, לְיִשְׂרָאֵל.

19 He declareth His word unto Jacob, His statutes and His ordinances unto Israel.

כ  לֹא עָשָׂה כֵן, לְכָל-גּוֹי--    וּמִשְׁפָּטִים בַּל-יְדָעוּם:

20 He hath not dealt so with any nation; and as for His ordinances, they have not known them. {N}

What this is saying that the everyone has the laws but none have the Judgements of God for what ‘balances the energies’. The Torah was written by our DNA programmer, it is the only book where god gave us ‘the right laws and right judgments.

Everyone is ready to quote ‘don’t be judgmental. Well god does say that, but the other part of the sentence is ignored.  It says: don’t be judgmental because I already judged.

The entire western world has ignored those laws judging them as bad or unenlightened laws.

Everyone claims they believe in the torah God No one follows his laws.

By the way, Jews are the least religious group in the U.S. I was one of them. It is because most are educated enough to WRONGLY assume those laws are just ‘tradition’, otherwise they don’t make sense.

God has been eliminated! The law of man is now called the law of god…. Is it possible that eye for eye would produce world peace? ‘In god we trust’ is on the dollar, but no one really trusts god.



Ok, God hides in a column of light makes sense, but what’s with the cloud leading them daily?  The Torah repeats the Sumerians claims that there were Aliens flying around in space ships. In all likelihood they were the ones hiding in the cloud while helping god. The word Al-ien means, God-See. The Torah says that the Nefilim (meaning ‘those who fell from the sky’ in Hebrew from the Hebrew and English word na-Fall), the Aliens, were hovering in a space-ship looking down at the Israelites, they revealed themselves once. Those Neffilim are more than likely secretly supplying mana and other food. They were traveling with the people of Israel hidden ‘in a cloud’ that accompanied the people of Israel…it explains the Mana dropping from the sky etc God’s magic is just high tech. We know today that those spaceships can be enormous. they didn’t have to create food on the spaceship they could have gone somewhere to get it and returned by day. 

Numbers13:33 And there we saw the Nephilim, the sons of Anak (annanki), who come of the Nephilim; and they were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight.'

The description actually suggests that the ‘aliens’ Ananki were pretty high up in a spaceship. When the people of Israel looked up at the aliens, our forefathers, who actually look like us but appeared to look like grasshoppers because of the distance. Moses confirms it by saying that the people of Israel looked like grasshopper to the aliens as well, suggesting that both the aliens and the people of Israel look the same.

This understanding, the idea of flying and space ships is fairly new, without it there is no way to understand what it says: The basic interpretation of this sentence missed the whole point.

And so we were in their sight — is explained as ‘An hyperbole, signifying that the Anakims looked down upon them with the utmost contempt’.  (they got the ‘looking down’ correctly….

Actually, when read in context, Moses wasn’t referring to the incident as a scary one but rather as momentous and fun. The Anakim were God’s helpers, the protectors of Israel who were waving hello. The Ananki moved from Sumer meaning Guardian to Egypt the land of NTR. And then to Israel and became Magen David, the protector of David. Ananki was translated to Gainta-Anak.

Did god want us to interpret his laws? To be wrong?

It seems he did, after the land was divided among male family heads, man with 3 daughters dies. The daughters felt that they are intitled to the land that their father was allotted. By strict bible law the family headed by a male is considered a unit. Moses left it to the elders to decide and they decided to let them inherit. It’s the butterfly effect. Today woman own and hold more wealth than man because they live longer and inherit. On the other hand, I heard man die earlier because they want to.



The biggest lie ever told

Evo-lu-tion  means desired god change

Precursor to life

Scientists and dreamers alike are constantly looking for ‘precursor to life’ a confirmation that life started by accident. So they told us that water amino acids and other raw materials for life are precursors to life, a proof of accidental creation. They look for water in other planets as proof of potential life. This is total nonsense, Not water and even not DNA letters are precursor to life, they couldn’t produce life!! Programs not chemicals produced life.

In actual fact the only thing scientists created in a laboratory is some amino acids, not a letter was ever created by spontaneous union of chemicals not even none spontaneous (in laboratory) they failed to create a single letter. Proteins which the body is made of has the instructions to create protein programmed only in DNA programs, the cell needs some protein to begin the process where did that come from? In point of fact DNA contains 150,000 programs for creating different protein. I am willing to bet that if phosphates would be left in water they would still be phosphates floating in water a million years later. Without sophisticated programs they are just chemicals floating in water. But evolutionists claim that it was by accident, that those chemicals united spontaneously over and over again, billions of times to write programs. Without one letter in evidence the ‘smart ones’ decreed it to be accidental. Why? It is likely hard for them to accept that a god created such screwed up and unjust world…I am told that it is hard to judge a movie by watching one minute of it. We are watching only seconds of god’s plan.


Evolution is a Fact, it is clear based on many thousands of skeletal evidence that life began as a single cell and advanced to bigger and bigger colonies of cells. We human have 50 billion cells each having our entire programing, each cooperate with the other cells and each is willing to sacrifice itself for the good of the colony, the survival of the colony is much more important than the survival of the cell and each cell knows it.

So, the big question is, why call a fact a theory? The implied theory is that the changes that occurred in the last 4 billion years are due to a series, trillions and trillions of accidental mutations, and eventually by trial and error we were created. On its face it Sounds reasonable, Except, it has few problems. Where are the mistakes? A theory that life was created by series of mistakes without evidence of mistakes!

In truth all this Evolution and how it happened is a misdirect, a lawyer like trick not to look at the right question. The question is who created the cell that has among other programs replication programs that had to be written prior to the cell. Who wrote 150000 different programs for Protein manufacturing among other programs?. The cell has 13 parts that needed to be manufactured PRIOR TO THE CELL CREATION.

That’s why we don’t we have a theory of accidental creation because its unimaginable.  It is unimaginable because it didn’t happen by accident.

1-where are the trillion mistakes? Where are the trillions of bad creations, where is the 3 legged man, where is the two headed horse? Where are the 3 eyed monkeys? We have no skeletonal  evidence where we should have billions. We have a theory of accidental creations with no accidents to prove its plausibility.

2- In laboratory experiments mutation doesn’t hold. Mutants revert back to type or don’t reproduce. It is the same in mutations in humans.  Today, Hiroshima’s populations is perfectly normal. There too mutants didn’t reproduce and when they did they reverted to type. Hiro-Shima means Will Shoot there.

THE CELL structure, the fact that blue prints had to be written before creating the cell, the fact that once created it had to be programmed as how to survive, all this is a proof that it was designed! It is a Nano computer that contains creation programs. Programs that took 5 basic elements and created language letters from them. Those letters were used to create movement-life. The cell was also programmed to cooperate with other cells. Each cell contains the organism’s entire DNA which allows it to be used anywhere in the body. We were told by our scientists that DNA is the brain that controls the cell. As it turns this assumption like many others are as often as not wrong. The reason scientists are often wrong, often create bad theories is because they assume evolution was accidental. Each cell responds to stimuli, to changes which it detects with antennas on the outer membrane (brain?). There are about 100,000 antennas on the outer membrane of every cell. By accident? Please tell us how? Not even a theory?


DNA is a case in point, when the DNA is taken out the cell it continues to live. This proves that DNA is not the ‘brain’. The cell eventually dies without DNA because when proteins needs replacement RNA is unable to do so without the blue prints. Mutations are simply accidental change of the blue prints and therefore not permanent unless programmed. New research suggests that the outer membrane, the largest organ in the cell is running the cell. Or …is the light surrounding us, our aura...aur-a (light-god) running the body? Science call this energy Torus. Made-By-Tho-Rah

It seems everything is controlled from the outside in. it seems that the empty space controls the universe.  Science recently discovered that most of the universe is dark matter, this yet unmeasurable dark energy keeps planets together. Without the dark matter the stars should be floating apart. And God divided the light from the darkness. Is mentioned in the bible as god first act which only now we can understand as a correct scientific fact.

 It seems that the outer space, the darkness, is the dark matter controls the light, matter. Our aura or soul that wraps the body controls us. The skin control the body, and the outer membrane controls the cell. The same is true about language, it is controlled by nothing, by the space between words. It is the 23rd letter the space between words created every word ever spoken or written. The space is the 23 letters = 5. It is implying by its number than Noun the creator of matter still control the space, the dark matter.

The Y chromosome was installed late in the evolutionary cycle evidenced by the fact that Australopithecus had 2X chromosomes. The shape of the Y chromosome was designed to look that way in order to suggest pictorially that two races were combined to one, that’s Y.  Boy Bo-Y means IN-It-Y in Heb. Whoever created language knew thousands of years ago that we will discover the Y chromosome and call it Y.

Obviously, based on those facts those professors had no choice but to conclude it was accidental. They are so certain there is no god, that they lack the intelligence to investigate intelligent design… It seems they see nothing intelligent about creating life from chemicals, nothing intelligent about creating the most advanced computer, the cell, 4 billion years ago. I often wonder: What they are smoking? It’s for sure not the good staff.  It clearly makes them short sighted, unable to see the forest for the trees. They actually research the body as if it were computer generated but somehow hang on the Darwinian ideas that have been proven to be totally wrong.



The Definition of Evolution by the University of Berkeley

Berkeley’s definition of Evolution

 ‘Biological evolution, simply put, is descent with modification. This definition encompasses small-scale evolution (changes in gene frequency in a population from one generation to the next) and large-scale evolution (the descent of different species from a common ancestor over many generations).    Evolution helps us to understand the history of life. Evolution means that we're all distant cousins: humans and oak trees, hummingbirds and whales.’


What happened to cell creation? What happened to DNA programs?  They are starting in the middle! There is no creation nor creator. Accidental evolution is implied which then forces us to assume accidental creation. They aren’t claiming the cell was created by accident but there isn’t any other conclusion anyone can make.  They are in effect saying that the cell was created by accident and every subsequent change was just accidental modification…but the fact that they don’t yet have a theory as to how it happened by accident only one that it happened doesn’t seem to bother them. They replaced facts with feelings and are trying to sale it as fact…

They looked In The Mirror saw themselves and decided there is no creator.

They are implying it all evolved accidentally, that an ameba became a human due to a series of accidents. One ameba has 6 million byte of information, a human 6 billion bytes of information. One ameba had billions genetic changes while the other ameba had none. One ameba won billions of lotteries while the other none, they are saying that we came from monkeys and began speaking due to series of accidents. God gave us the ability to create in our mind, to freeze a picture in time and space and name it and then combine it with other pictures to create new worlds in our mind. Monkeys can’t do that because it’s not a learnt skill, it’s a programmed skill. As Chomsky has already shown it’s an innate skill. Innate is from the Hebrew Nata (consonants only) meaning Planted, suggesting it was planted in the Genes. Genes means Garden suggesting that our genes are like a garden where one plants and weeds. Chomsky named this trait L.A.D (language acquisition device) He could have used many different names but chose this one. Lad means At birth in Hebrew. Chomsky is a well-known atheist and therefore not likely that he meant this (though he speaks Hebrew). It more than suggests someone ‘whispered’ the name to him.


It sounds to me like the authors of Berkeley’s definition SIMPLY PUT wrote a major b.s. Without knowing how the cell was created they decided it was a simple process of descent and modification (meaning what exactly?) That rewriting complex programs are simple and happen all the time?, no intelligence is required to create life from innate chemicals. No intelligence needed to create the cell, the most advanced computer in the world 4 billion years ago. all changes were Simply Put accidental… but we have 0 evidence it was accidental…we have no skeletal evidence of mistakes, no evidence of nature trying to make more or different letters. One time in 4 billion years no other tries doesn’t prove an accident. Accidental evolutionists theorists answer as to how the cell was created they do not hazard a wild guess, a theory. Their assumptions are bull shit served with tomato juice for flavor (an Israeli saying).

Ok so I am not a college professor…but I wonder why monkeys have 48 chromosomes and we have 46.  Nature rewrote all the programs?  Monkeys have 5-8 times the strength we do in our arms and legs! It’s not because we stopped using our arms, arm strength was crucial until very recently, even now one would make millions with such arms... They are stronger because their muscles are constructed differently than ours. Evolutionists suggest that Humans changed their muscles and programmed themselves to become weaker because they wanted to. So nature decided to rewrite a program so our new muscles will be weaker?  That the ones with stronger muscles shouldn’t survive? That the strong didn’t survive because he was dumb and couldn’t hit straight… I for one would have voted to keep the stronger muscles…Or maybe…It is all due to programming not chance. Whoever programmed thought decided that we needed to be weaker so we can think before we act. Too simple? We are after all a video game to god.

A man was explaining to his kids about evolution and how we came from monkeys. The children went to their mother and asked; is it true That We came from monkeys? Yes, it’s true, answered the mother, about your father’s side of the family.

The difference between University professors and God is that god doesn’t walk around pretending to be a university professor


Our university professors see upside down!

When we see few letters on a wall we all know intelligent being did it. When we see billions of letters written in specific order in billions of organisms in order to program life we conclude it was accidental….I think one needs to be pretty high (or maybe not high enough) to come up with such conclusions! But yet, all universities teach just that. The obvious answer ought to be that it was by design. It seems to me the facts don’t confuse our educators, actually when I watch the news it’s clear the facts don’t confuse anyone.

Yes, I am right and everyone else is wrong! Not because I am smarter, I am not, I am the guy who when my son comes to visit, I give him the computer and telephone and asks him to fix it. Though lately he has been able to fix my computer from his house…(god can do that too with our subconscious) I am right NOT because I received the information from god or his angels. I am right because I have evidence,  or evidi-nce Facts-Carries. I have well over 3000 decoded words, there is no way to theorize it was accidental especially since words like sun and water are actually formulas, MC2 and H2O. I am right because I can show the Torah is a highly advanced scientific book. It’s one thing to repeat the Torah and claim that all languages are Hebrew, its far different when one can actually prove it.



The results of transliterating well over 3000 words explain how speech and thought, language, Hebrew letter meaning, was first gifted to mankind by programming letters with meaning (B-house etc) into our subconscious  and was later confounded. More important, far more important is that The Word contains a lot of scientific information.

Our scientists need to understand that chemicals don’t have will power, they could not and did not combine ‘spontaneously’ to create life. That is why they can’t replicate it in laboratory experiments. Cells didn’t just hang out together(where? Programs that we have yet to understand written before creation by a computer that uses 4 letters (ours is 2 letters). I guess ‘accidental mutation decided to skip 2 letters… ‘in the beginning was the word’ literally means ‘in the beginning was the thought of DNA letter combinations. ‘and the word was god’ god wrote DNA programs to rule over us…

The subconscious records everything we do and think! It is info which we can’t retrieve! But god has full access! God affirms it in the Torah, he says he created us and we are his slaves. It also says ‘God knows the heart of man’. The bible tells the truth, god has access to our hard drive because he created it. Elohim is numerically 86, the subconscious is 86% of the brain, god worked 6 days (86%) and rested on the  7th.   Finally, Elohim is really spelled as Elhayam meaning God-Ocean, life was created with Water. The god Tho is the god of the moon that controls water.

NaTuRe created earth and the universe


Lanyadoo explains: life, The programmer simply inserts different organisms with different libraries, all stored in the same cell. DNA doesn’t not manage the body evidenced by the fact that The cell can exist without DNA for few days until replacement parts are needed. When a replacement part is needed the RNA selects the right programs from the DNA then delivers the part to the right place.

The cell, the building block of life has not evolved in 4 billion years. The ‘hardware’ didn’t change in 4 billion years. The only thing that changed, evolved, is the programming stored within the DNA, the software was changed, evolved. And…it’s all done wirelessly!!

Our body is made up of 50 trillion cells, Nano computers, each cell is programed with our entire programming ready to do any required job. 50 trillion Cells somehow communicate with each other. What evolves is the libraries stored within DNA. An ameba has 6 million bytes of information while humans has 6 billion bytes of information both are stored in the same cell. Cell means Sal or Basket. Our bodies programs are so complex that doctors specialize in one part of the body and they still know very little. Accident or design?

Finally, before the big bang, before DNA letters, Tho’s father had to design a 5 part higs-Boson field that would somehow convert Light to Matter, only then the light entity who planned this, the god Noon caused for a special big bang. Generally, a big bang wouldn’t produce matter because it would be destroyed by anti-matter. The Programmer had to produce a special big bang one where anti matter wouldn’t destroy all matter, science calls it ‘an imperfect mirroring big bang’. The universe is made up of the little matter that wasn’t destroyed by antimatter. Actually, everything was created using ‘imperfect mirroring, better known as Evolution. Point of fact, the atom, cell and all matter is mostly empty space which has been discovered to be not so empty.  ‘He who controls the empty space controls the universe’ (J.L). Un-iver-se transliterate as Uni(noon)created-this.

Key to understanding creation and evolution is understanding the cell.

The simple truth is that the theory of ‘no god’ is due to disappointment in the ‘goodness’ of god and the wisdom of the bible,  it’s an attempt to create a religion that replaces god, they called their god Accidental Mutation. They are suggesting that letters were written randomly (like a blind man hitting key boards) wrote complex programs with millions of letters in specific sequence to create new organs new species by Mutation. They are kinda of suggesting that there is a mysterious computer out there who tries every combination possible until it gets the ‘right’ answers. In point of fact such computer doesn’t exists, And all this is done over and over again for billions of times. Where are the skeletal evidence?  They are claiming that new species with new chromosome structure with different number of genes was ‘just created through mutation’. But in actual fact in laboratory experiments mutants didn’t reproduce or reverted back to type. In real life, in Hiroshima where many mutations occurred, they too all reverted back to type or didn’t reproduce, today Hiroshima’s population[JL4]  is perfectly normal…the god of mutations doesn’t really exist’


A simple and based on our experiences self-evident truth; everything begins with a thought, with imagination, with words.

That nothing, not a building, not a watch, not computers, nor a bridge and certainly not letters and language were created by accident. Everything ever created was created by thought. Every time we think, we are acting as gods, creating in our mind.

The backbone of DNA is based on a repeated pattern of a sugar group and a phosphate group, which themselves are complex molecules of Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen which are somehow used like a sophisticated computer chip to record instructions for patterns of behavior due to stimuli. Someone or something used a bunch of chemicals to create RNA, DNA and left instruction how to react to different stimuli. Someone had to program a specific behavior as response to stimuli, like a video game (I have never played one) …sounds like an accident?

Protein: Proteins are biochemical compounds consisting of one or more polypeptides. The sequence of amino acids in a protein is defined by the sequence of a gene, which is encoded in the genetic code. All life structures are made up of Protein. Manufacture of Protein is only programmed in the DNA, the hard drive that contains all the instructions programs that are far more complicated than the ones Silicon Valley writes with great effort. But nature without making mistakes wrote them?

The conundrum is that the creation of Protein can't begin without some protein as a catalyst. Who made that original Protein? After all it useless unless it is used as a catalyst.

DNA Deoxyribonucleic acid - DNA is a nucleic acid containing the genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of all known living organisms. The DNA segments carrying this genetic information are called genes. RNA transmits the information. DNA sequences have structural purposes, or are involved in regulating the use of this genetic information. Along with RNA and proteins, DNA is one of the three major macromolecules that are essential for all known forms of life. The long name for DNA Ribonucleic that means ribbon-col in Hebrew, ruler-everything. RNA transmits information its Hebrew meaning is RN A or song-God

Quantum physics calls it The Quantum enigma, I prefer the god Enigma: When observed subatomic particles are seen as Matter. But when unobserved the evidence is that the subatomic particle acts like a wave meaning able to enter a wall at 2 separate places, to be at 2 places at the same time. When one tries to box-in the particle to measure it, it inexplicably creates enough energy to escape the box…Scientists comment is that it is as if Nature (god) doesn’t want to be measured. It suggests that information or even thought is reported to two separate places at the same time. But when we attempt to measure using light...The act seems to turn it to a design? No? An accident. Quan-Tum = Here completed. Tam is also one of Tho’s names. Finally, it could be that thought travels as a wave at faster tan light speeds. The letter Shin meaning Light has a value of 300 same as the speed of light. Tho has the value of 400 which is faster than light and cant be detected by us..

Light of God: Everything and everybody emits light. We are all energy

Water is a unique creation. The bible suggests water was created before creation. Life in ocean is possible because god or nature designed water to be a medium for life very much as the Higs boson was created. Water was designed to expand and become lighter when frozen (the only liquid with such properties), if ice became heavier than water it would sink to the bottom of the ocean, in other words rivers and oceans would be Havier when frozen then it would sink and kill all life... all animal life would die. Life would not have developed!! ...Luck? What else could it be?

Molecular Biologists discovered that DNA is not programmed randomly. Life was programmed by stringing 3 letter combinations which form the RNA and DNA Molecules...a systematic 3 letter language suggests DNA was programmed whole not piece meal - not through slow evolution...Hebrew like DNA was also written whole, Hebrew like DNA has a 3 letter Shoresh = source meaning Root in Hebrew.

The Eyes do not see in 3 dimensions. Each eye sees in two dimensions like a camera, then the brain extrapolates a 3 D dimension form from the combined information of both eyes...Just like a c To my surprised the best minds our NASA scientists are finally coming to the same conclusion.


NASA scientist says we may be living in a Matrix-like digital imprisonment designed by Aliens 


WELCOME to The Matrix. You’ve lived here all your life.

(Express UK) Everything you have ever done or will do could simply be the product of a highly-advanced computer code.

Every relationship, every sentiment, every memory could have been generated by banks of supercomputers. This was the terrifying theory first proposed by British philosopher Nick Bostrom. The shocking hypothesis was penned four years after Andrew and Lana Wachowski wrote and directed The Matrix, a film set in a dystopian future in which humans are subdued by a simulated reality.

Every relationship, every sentiment, every memory could have been generated by banks of supercomputers

GETTY • WARNER BROS – Every relationship, every sentiment, every memory could have been generated by banks of computer

In his paper, Dr Bostrom suggested a race of far-evolved descendants could be behind our digital imprisonment.

The futuristic beings – human or otherwise – could be using virtual reality to simulate a time in the past or recreate how their remote ancestors lived.

Sound crazy? Well, it turns out NASA thinks Dr Bostrom might be right.

The Standard Model of Physics does not yet hold an explanation for the force of gravity

GETTY- The Standard Model of Physics does not yet hold an explanation for the force of gravity Source: Express UK

“Many theorists have spent a lot of time trying to figure out how you explain this” — Rich Terrile, director at NASA



God and Moses negotiate who will be written in the book of life… This conversation is curious, it indicates a book where names of the people on this trip to the ‘promised land’ was recorded. The

God wirelessly reprogrammed us so we no longer able to use the original Hebrew programmed in us because it contained scientific information that can ham us. We had to ‘learn’ a new language which is but Hebrew with strange accents and cumbersome expressions. This had to be done in order not to confuse the subconscious that understands only Hebrew. That is the reason god is still controlling language, every new word has to be correct in Hebrew.  The idea that we are all speaking one language was floated by Chomsky who said that from aliens the point of view we are all speaking one language. He cites the fact that the sounds for language goes through a very narrow bottleneck and that all languages have the same structure (noun, pronoun, verb etc) but…everyone assumes life and language were created by accident and therefore no one is able to answer a simple question about a chicken and an egg. There is no way to explain a chicken that created a program for an egg by accident. There is also no way to explain what came first language or thought. The only answer is that they came together as one!! Thought had to create a chicken with a program of an egg in it. Finally Chomsky conclusion that syntax is innate is very wrong! One can’t program syntax without command of a fairly large vocabulary, no way to define noun or pronoun without understanding many words. Chomsky came to the wrong conclusion because it was evident by sound and meaning that all languages are different. Also he observed 3-4 years old who already possessed a large vocabulary and were learning Syntax. I believe Chomsky realized this and changed his theory, In truth semantic are prerecorded and syntax is learnt. Sem-an Tic…meaning Name File in Hebrew. syn-tex means Word arrangement.

Why call the language and the people Hebrew? Meaning Crossers. They are god’s first born, the first cross between god and early man. God sign/letter is T the cross which is but a simplified Ankh, a sign for eternal life he therefore called the language and the people the crossers. He later changed Jacob’s name to Israel and referred to the sons of Jacob as ‘Israel is my son my first born’…Jacob wasn’t even Isaac first born, god is talking about the programming, the seed programmed within Jacob. Why change Jacob’s name to Israel? Jacobs name was changed as a hint, Isra-el means the ‘Surviving God’. The bible is a history of gods first born…which includes Jesus the Israelite…it’s all about the light. Later god refers to Jesus as ‘first born in creation’. Not Jacob nor Jesus were first born in creation. Cain the son of god and Eve was first born (which no one noticed though it is clear). Eve confirms it by thanking god because she bought a man from god (did she use cash or credit? Probably Bitcoin). She never mentions Adam…it is literally saying the Hebrews including Jesus are from the seed of Cain, the first born in creation. Caine is the first and only son of God which he sacrificed to educate the world, as penance for killing his brother. He had to be a vagabond upon the land, so he can travel and impart knowledge to the world and be hated at the same time… (Sounds like what the Jews have gone through for the past 2500 years). The bible further confirms this by counting the generations of Adam. We are told Seth is Adam first son ‘in the likeness of Adam’ which it didn’t say with Cain and Able…of course the ‘experts’ say it was a mistake and excused it by saying that Cain wasn’t mentioned because he killed his brother.  For ‘some reason’ none of the ‘experts’ noticed what I just recounted. This sounds strange, why didn’t anyone notice what is obvious? And how about the fact that Cain built a city…for whom? And there is ‘the mark of Cain’, the mark left by god so no one will kill Cain. Who was it for? His parents? Clearly there were other gods around who somehow knew about his misdeed.  And how come no one wonders about a very smart talking snake who told Eve she would be smarter if she ate from the fruit which was the truth, god told her she would die the day she ate from the fruit…who told the Truth? The bible doesn’t have talking animals but no one questions it. By then the God Tho wasn’t in charge, his brother was in charge, his brother was Y-hwh,(meaning ruling god) Tho is the smart talking snake which was one of his many acronyms. Even later the brothers argue again, Yhwh wants to destroy mankind in the flood and Tho/elohim wants to save Noah.


טז וְהַלֻּחֹת--מַעֲשֵׂה אֱלֹהִים, הֵמָּה; וְהַמִּכְתָּב, מִכְתַּב אֱלֹהִים הוּא--חָרוּת, עַל-הַלֻּחֹת.

 Exo-16 And the tables were the work of God, and the writing was the writing of God, graven upon the tables.

And how about writing? Are we all Writing Hebrew Letters and no one noticed? No way!

...Yup! look at the chart.

WiKiedia : Latin ( /ˈlætɪn/; Latin: lingua latīna; IPA: [laˈtiːna]) is an Italic language[3] originally spoken in Latium and Ancient Rome. Along with most European languages, it is a descendant of the ancient Proto-Indo-European language. It originated in the Italian peninsula.     Not true…


טז  וְהַלֻּחֹת--מַעֲשֵׂה אֱלֹהִים, הֵמָּה; וְהַמִּכְתָּב, מִכְתַּב אֱלֹהִים הוּא--חָרוּת, עַל-הַלֻּחֹת.

Exo-16 And the tables were the work of God, and the writing was the writing of God, graven upon the tables.

The writing of god? Are we all Writing Hebrew Letters and no one noticed? No way!