No One Of The Experts noticed  !?>>

To summarize 

1- 3000 English words with correct Hebrew meaning, proving Hebrew meanings are universal.

2- "The Writing of God" the original Hebrew letters are Latin Letters.

Conclusion: No One Noticed The obvious. 

Latin letters are almost identical to ancient Hebrew

The Table (tavla) below:   Some letters are sideways or upside down,

19 are the same, 3 were changed by being split or combined. 

So...No One Noticed? what Else?

"Hamafteh" published in Israel in '97.


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    by Joe Lanyadoo יוסף בן יעקב בן יוסף לניאדו  


    This website presents a scientific linguistic prove that nothing is accidental, that matter, life, language, myths and historical events were all programmed by the same god who uses The Word, letter combinations, programs to achieve his goal. The ToRah god, an alien life form, a Real-Light-Entity who claims 'no one sees me and lives' is in effect saying he is physical, real and fatal. But...all religions decided to contradict the Torah and usurp god by first claiming has has no image or body (doesn't really exists). Then they brazenly changed all his his name! explaining that god was a poor author and he wrote this long god didn't know enough then and told selected few what he really meant...we are now all following a new improved bible with new improved man made laws and understandings. Man became god! 

    Gen 24, 17 And the appearance of the glory of the LORD was like devouring fire on the top of the mount in the eyes of the children of Israel.         We are in his image...God first created very small-lights, souls, male and female, and later god created physical entities Adam (a-dam means God-blood in heb) inside the soul.

    God emits too much light making him fatal to gaze at. He is known by hundred of different names in hundred different myhs, the main one of which is  אדני 'ADoNiA (my lord), whose name contains the letters DNA not by accident or coincidence but because about 14 billion years ago god figured out how to convert Light-energy, to matter and 4 billion years ago he designed 4 DNA letters and have been writing DNA programs ever since. Ribonucleic (the long name for DNA), Ribon-Col ריבון כל Ruler-Everything (Hebrew) is not a product of happenstance naming, free choice, but by the will of Hashem who must guarantee that the names are correct in Hebrew and written using Latin letters that are identical to ancient Hebrew…that’s why we call him The Word. Since the creation of words is an on going process, god's involvement isn't something from our past but something from our future...We were meant to use this language in the future.



    Fact: DNA letters creation (the written word) and subsequent programs predated life.  

    As it turns out 2000 years later...'In the beginning was the word'  is A scientific fact.

    Fact: DNA programs rule (are god) over us, 'and the word was god' is also a scientific fact.

    Fact: Life evolved from simple to complex organisms. Evolution isn't a theory it's a fact!

    Fact: We all evolve, change from birth to old age, but we know it isn't due to accident but to     DNA programs. 

    Theory: The theory of evolution is based on th assumption that life, the original cell was created by a series yet   inexplicable accidents and that the billions of subsequent organisms were also accidental.

    Fact: The cell was created using very very long and complex programs powered by a rechargeable power source and a smart skin, because of it we haven't been able to develop a credible theory of accidental creation! 

    Fact:The ToRah, bears the names of the  Egyptian gods of moon and sun,Tho-Ra.

    Fact: Ancient Hebrew letters, the letters the original Torah was wriiten with are identical to modern Latin. see chart.

    Fact: All DNA programs are not written randomly, not by trial and error but in 3 letter combinations, 3 letter words, just like Hebrew that is made up of 3 letter words called ShoReSh - SouRCe Words.

    The revelation: The Tho-Ra is the lost book of formulas, the book of Thoth (Thought), wasn't lost but was given to the THO, a.k.a YHWH, ELOHIM, aDoNAi, the DNA god, to mention but few names. Tho is the moon god (that's why the Jewish calendar is lunar). He is known as the scribe of the gods, who wrote all information down, he is a real Light-Entity...big soul  who runs our subconscious and earth -wirelessly...using the sun 4th band of the Gamma rays. Those would then be G- ray in the D band..the GoD rays. Those are invisible purple rays. The people of Israel are called Am-Segula translated as 'special people' but it literally means...the Purple people.  This happened only after god spoke to the people of Israel which the Torah describes as 'and they saw the voices' (telepathic communication).  God is a visible real Light Entity that's why he hid in a cloud or in light. In chap 1 he created souls, light entities in his image and later he created Adam from earth, matter inside the soul, inside the Aur-A meaning Light-God in Heb.

    Moses broke the  'lost' book of Tho made of a stone supplied by god (a computer) containing formulas and creation programs that ruled earth's evolution. God preserved the information by rewriting it using letters and words.  By breaking the tablets Moses might have freed us from slavery of the programs that ruled earth but he enslaved us to free thinking, to uncertainty and doubt.  

    God and Moses converted formulas like MC2 and H2O (Latin letters are the original Heb, see chart) to the Hebrew words sun and water...Only a god, a programmer could write such a language...That's why we call him Hashem, The Word. When a child is two he will learn CeMeCe, MaYiM. sun and water at 12 he will learn they also express formulas. To verify, the word Formula decodes as: fo-r-mula meaning Here-see-word. When he learns about Artery and vein he will know through the Heb decipher that Ar-tary (fresh-air in heb) carries oxygn and that Ve-in (in-it-non in Heb) has non, it also explains - vain person). When he learns about ossicle meaning small bones in Latin, he will know that their function is to convert vibration to sound because Ossi-cle means voice-maker in heb. And, if he feels Ashame he would know he feels guilty about something because Asheme means guilty in Heb. Once decoded, the Heb language coupled with Eng is the most scientific language ever written. The bible is the most scientific book ever written. Contrary to what creationist say, the world was not created in 7 days, when decoded it says earth was created 8.64 billion years (2 brahma days (hindu myth)-2  god days) after the big bang, which began with 'darkness upon the abyss', a black hole. And the first word in the Torah...Beroshit is a composite word created by Moses to hide the truth, it originally read as Berosh-i-t, meaning IN-Head-God-Tho (he first thought about it), That's why Beroshit is never repeated again... And then he rested on the shabat, Shab- Tho means sat-tho in hebrew. But, you gotta know the code!

    Take the words oxygen, water and sun the gods of nature: there are 10 electrons in water (10=yod, stands for god) spelled MYM in heb. There are 2 M meaning Hydrogen (mayman) in hebrew.  The O which stands for Oxygen is represented by the letter YOD which stands for YHWH ...there are 8 electrons in Oxygen in two orbits of 2-6=yhwh...and oxygen in the heb = osi-gen=garden-maker...MC2 or cmc adds up to 3+4+3+10,  m=hydrogen and c=shin, meaning Light and word(shem) has a value of = 300 numerically, which happens to be the speed of light(km). The hebrew sun is numerically correct. 300xhydrogenx300 calculates how the sun makes energy from hydrogen. The Heb letters and words are inseparable from their numerical value. This is the ultimate system of acquiring knowledge. English/Hebrew is the 'real' Esperanto.

    My hope and wish, my reason for writing this is because I believe that every one should learn this and every school should teach, the book of formulas 'The writing of god',  not as a spiritual exercise but because Our programmer hid the secrets of creation in the tool of creation, in English words with Hebrew meanings, in language.

    In other words we don't have to reinvent the wheel...the scientific information we are trying to discover, the answers to our energy, water and population explosion problems are already in that old book....Even the programs that will allow us to live to a 1000 years like our original forefathers is in the Torah!! but you gotta know the code. code=akode=knotted(heb).

    How is all this done without any of us detecting it? 86% of the brain, the subconscious controls us, it runs the body and instructs, 'suggests' ideas to 14% of the brain(we all get them all the time), the 86%, (86% is 6 parts of 7...and he rested on the 7th) this big computer, the hard drive is controlled by god, by Elohim whose name adds up numerically to 86. YHWH is 26 and there are 26000 genes and 206 bones, 26 letters in Latin. Tho the last hebrew letter is 46 and there are 46 chromosomes. (numbers converted to words). And then there is Adonia Tzevaot, The hosts of god, the word Tzav-ot means army-letters the word Tzav is 92 (numerically) and there are 92 natural elements. Oh yes aDoNiA is the name we substitute for YHWH, ADoNiA contains the letters DNA confirming he is the author of those programs. This is not some trick using numbers, this is a circumstantial proof that the author of Thorah knew those facts when the Torah was written. Numbers converted to words...

    I am not selling the belief in god, I am not selling spirituality, I know very little about redemption and salvation. I am selling here the knowledge of god, a way of understanding the living word. Like my name sake I am a code solver 'Pharaoh gave Joseph the name Zaphenath-Paneah'(41.45 gen, which happen to mean code-Solver in Heb....I believe everything is programmed, that I was programmed to discover this. I was born in Baghdad where language was confounded...which kind of closes the circle.

    The biblical Joseph didn't only solve a dream (no one gets to run a country because he can solve dreams). Joseph suggested an ingenious solution, the creation of an artificial lake to catch the overflow of the Nile and redistribute it, that is why the Pharaoh left him in charge and called him the wisest man in the land. 3600 years later it is still feeding the Egyptian people. It's still called Baher Yousouph...The ocean of Joseph. This was left out of the Torah but it is attested to in the name of the lake and is part of my personal Kabalah.  The Amou from Avaris, when read together it means the hebrew-nation in heb. The Greeks renamed them 'Hyksos', also known as the Semitic pharaohs who ruled Egypt for 200 years.  FYI the egyptian changed the name of Avaris to Ramses..which the Torah correctly reported was built by the Hebrews. Oddly there is no record of a war and no record of them concoring the Egyptians, this is because they didn't, they were tax collectors (Joseph's family) who eventually ruled.  The mythical Hebrews left Egypt at the same time as the Hyksos. They left not because they wanted to(they ruled it) but by the order of their god THO...The biblical god, who is the Jewish, the Christian and Moslem god who insisted (40 years worth) the Hebrews must reside in Israel!!...but the arguments about the Israelis right to Israel insue, the facts never confused anyone!  because in truth no one really believes in the biblical god otherwise we wouldn't dare change his laws or fight against his expressed wishes ...In his name yet. 

    The problem with my revelation is my claim that I am right and everyone else is wrong, The affliction of every prophet. We know now that life was created by programs not magic, scientists can't accept their own findings because it negates the theory of Evolution, accidental creation, the god of 'the logical ones' who strangely enough still believe creation was a MIRACLE. And religious leaders can't accept it because though they already claimed life was a miracle , it suggests the Bible and other myths were very badly misunderstood and by extension god was misunderstood. Ask a scientist, ask a rabbi ask a priest. They can not give you a logical understandable answers about creation....both evoke magic not logic, both suggest life is a miracle of nature or god...they are all wrong, there is no magic, we now know that not magic but programs created everything...this is in accord with our personal experiences, but when it comes to changing a set of beliefs the facts never confuse anyone because it's far easier to ignore them than actually change ones god, one's set of beliefs. Total programs in Human DNA is estimated to be 30 trilion...30 trillion...30,000,000,000 bytes of information! Evolutionsts are suggesting that a library that is probably 100 times bigger than the library of congress was written by accident!! Really? Really? Based on what evidence?..500 million years after earth was created someone made 4 letters and began writing programs...No evidence of any other attempts at letter creation in 4 billion years.  Where is the trail and error? 

    Is Nature a god? The Egyptian creator gods were called NTR...NaTuRe (noun, tho, ra), Natar means Guardians in Heb. Those gods came from Sumer (shomer) which also means guardians in Heb.Tho was the Summerian god ENki who created mankind is depicted holding an Ank (enki) which represents eternal life. Enki in Heb means I-Am suggesting he created mankind. The Ank became our current Cross which is how the letter THo T was written in Latin and ancient heb. The Hebrew word 'Hebrew' means Crossers in Heb. The god Tho/yhwh tells the Pharaoh Let my people go because...Israel is my son my first born. This suggests genetic engineering because Jacob wasn't even Iszac's first born... Finally, Jacobs name was changed to Israel because he fought with god and survived. The meaning of Isra-el is The-surviving-god. Sounds crazy? I think so...and that's not the worse of it yet...oye.

    Cain is the secret son of god and Eve just like Harry Krishna and Jesus to mention but 2 of many such stories. The Torah says His offspring contributed to the advancement of humanity. Later ‘the sons of god …took the daughters of Adam’…the two lines the Cain line and the Seth/Adam line intermarried, god, the programmer got upset and reduced life expectancy to 120 years….that is the reason the line of Cain isn’t mentioned again. The standard explanation that he isn’t mentioned because he sinned is ridiculous…Just about everyone mentioned in the bible sins and many are murderers. All of which suggests that the Jews are from the line of cain...god's firs born. And indeed the Jews have been 'a fugitive and a wanderer shalt thou be in the earth'...imparting knowledge and suffering in the process... 

    This is a story abut Aliens, gods, genetic engineering and mind control.  It's crazier than any science fiction! otherwise it wouldn't be the greatest story ever told, would it? What a dilemma...Du-Lama means 2 questions in Heb.

    Who are the Palestinians? Based on historical evidence and recent DNA findings it is more than likely that most Moslems and Christians who live in Israel are Jews who were likely forced to convert. It might even explain the Palestinians strong ties to the land...a brothely war.

    The Homer Iliad begins with The Achaem brothers were fighting...Achaem means brothers in hebrew. Homer illiad means Fabric-of-Birth in Heb. Yalad means birth In heb, thus Yield or lad in English. Their god Jov (yova) and the other gods went up to mountian Olympus...Olim-Po Heb. 

    If I were not compelled to write this down, I wouldn't have choice is a myth, I don't think it truly exists...everything is a program...pre-ordained, written... Maktoob (arabic). The world is a stage and we are...just doing our part.   


    A rose by any other name, or The Criminal Justice system.

    This is not theoretical but also practical.  Everyone knows something is wrong with the criminal justice system, that the system is broken, but no one can point to the main problem, everyone says 'it's too complicated'. The criminal Justice system is according to god's law an ass-backward system.  The idea of justice system dedicated handing out justice to the criminal, to the creator of the injustice seems natural and fair but in truth is ludicrous… justice ought to be to the VICTIM. The whole point of the system ought to be about indemnifying the victim at the expense of the transgressor, to balance the energies again…but we managed to get a bunch of attorneys, judges and the criminals to talk about justice to the criminals…. What about justice to the victim? we don't care about him because We actually, by law!! took the victim out of the system...not because we meant to, but because the name 'made' us do it.  And then we created an Adversarial system which everyone admires, though everyone knows it isn't  designed to seek the truth and therefore can not achieve justice. We have a system that is designed to pay out every time a crime is committed, we pay at least $50,000 for a year for jail but the victim never get's his money.  You want to change the criminals justice system? Change the Name!  yes it’s that simple!!!  The name ‘The victim justice system’ will in time change the system because it will ask the right question: what's fair to the victim? Actually this isn't so outlandish the civil courts work just this way. It's in the name, it's not the people that need change, it's the system (the name) that needs change !! A rose by other name will seize to be a rose!! it becomes the 'other name'....'As you name it so it is'. 

    The awful truth (Tru-Th=Torah-Tho) is that everyone seems to have misunderstood god. The Torah wasn’t given to an individual but to a nation. No one person can follow the Torah…it takes a village, actually it takes a nation. The biblical laws reflect our programs, God is telling  us that the way to balance the energies again…but in our infinite wisdom we judged god to be wrong and changed all his laws (interpretation-changing his laws). In truth every rabbi and priest decided god's laws are too harsh or too light, wrong, we decided not to kill a murderer or a rapist, we decided that he thief goes to jail or in case of the Moslem religion they decided to cut the thief's hand off, while god suggests a thief should pay double or work for it...So we don't believe god is wise But we continue to pretend to believe in him. Why believe in a stupid mean god?...we can't be thinking we are fooling the programmer we are fooling god, we must be thinking: there is no god so what's the difference? ...having lost our objective we redoubled our efforts! God laws are laws of love...not as our current laws are, not love to the criminal but to the victim and more important for the genrations not yet born! if we want a society without murderers and thiefs we must legislate laws that will eliminate them from the genes pool...god didn't expect us to figure it out so he gave us the laws that balance the energies, the laws of eye for eye...

    Though (tho) God wrote all languages and religions, the Hebrew language and ToRah are unique: 

    Psalm 147,19 He declareth His word unto Jacob, His statutes and His ordinances unto Israel.
    20 He hath not dealt so with any nation; and as for His ordinances, they have not known them. {N}

    The Hebrews are the only one to get his verdicts, the action required in order to balance the energies again. But its impossible to understand the Torah until one understands that earth ws created on the 3rd day meaning that the first 2 days are god day... that a god day is defined by the Hindu myth as 4.32 billion years...both myths separetly sound stupid but together they are scietifically correct!! to find the one ...we need to combine all myths to one!!! 

    the One is An (father of tho), the TWo is Tho, and the ThRe is Torah...  Its everywhere...that's what makes it nowhere.

    Blessed be the Word Blessed be Hashem Blessed be his Name.




    Accident or Design?

    Scientist recently discovered that before life began someone, God or nature created a cell that contains a power source and complex programs with so much information that our computers don't yet have sufficient capacity to record them all. What made it possible is a renewable/rechargeable power source within the cell. Once powered those 4 DNA letters somehow wrote life giving programs that replicated themselves, programs so complex that we still can't understand, programs that miraculously converted energy to matter and matter to life. ... Letters and words/formulas have always been a clear indication of Intelligent design. We know now that DNA letters and complex programs were written IN ORDER to create life, a clear indication of a very intelligent program writer, of a God.  Though scientists have no idea how the cell was created or how nature wrote the initial programs, our scientists decided to conclude that life was not created by Thought and planning. They decided that those 4 complex molecules, those 4 DNA letters that managed to write 6 billon bytes of information in each human cell which then somehow cooperate with trillions of other cells to create the most complicated chemical factory in the universe, the human body, was not  a planned creation, but due to a series of yet inexplicable accident.  

    Evolution is a creation theory that assumes nothing was planned, that letters and the cell were created by accident. That life was created when DNA letters accidentally bumped into each other, combined, wrote programs. Evolutionists basic assumption is that everything was accidentally programmed by trial and error over long period of time. They present conclusive evidence that DNA evolved and use skeletal findings to prove their point. Evolution is not a theory, it's a fact, but most evolutionists think that it somehow proves that evolution is accidental.  In truth Accidental creation and subsequent evolution isn't yet a theory. Before one can even theorize about trail and error as a creation method one needs to find evidence of trillions of errors (trial and error). And there is the balance of nature and the interconnectedness of all life. What would happen if the salmon learned not to swim upstream?(after all only 10% survive). We would then have 90% more salmon and.. an ecological disaster of major proportions! Luckily the salmon is programmed to produce more salmon than needed to survive and gives it up...swimming upstream. Each of our eyes sees in two dimensions but our brain somehow extrapolates a 3 dimension picture. Evolution did that? Or is that clear evidence of a computer? The evidence produced by our scientists todate is of a one time creation of letters and life in 4 billion years  with no evidence of other attempts at letter or life creation since. All of which point to a very prolific and extremely sophisticated programmer and away from aimless accidental mutations.

    There are two fatal flaws with the theory of evolution through accidental changes: 1-Mutation is suggested as the only method of accidental evolution meaning that mutations re-wrote programs, but in 60 years of laboratory experiments not one of the mutations produced in laboratory or in human 'experiments' - Hiroshima reproduced, or when mutant organisms including humans reproduced they all reverted back to type. This means that mutation doesn't re-write DNA programs, that mutations are just a 'glitchs' in the system. On the other hand even with our limited knowledge of how DNA works we are able to grow a human ear on a mouse. To summarize: we know mutation doesn't change DNA programs but also know they can be changed through genetic engineering -by a programmer, a god. 2-Though nature left a lot of evidence of progressively more complex genetic changes, nature didn't leave evidence of any genetic or skeletal errors, suggesting that nature or god made the changes only once and only within the cell, within DNA programs. Trial without errors and one letter creation in 4 billion years doesn't suggest aimless mutations, it indicates that a very able programmer wirelessly changed programs over time. Given all the above facts the only possible conclusion is that not a series of accidents but a programmer, a god created life. And yet...the god of accidents, the religion we call evolution rules the day...


    And then there is the strangest coincidence of all, 'The writing of god' the original letters the Torah was written with is...Latin. As the table clearly shows 19 of 22 letters are identical but no one noticed. Coincidence? or 'the hand of god'? why would god want those letters changed? All formulas have to writen in 'the writing of god'...that's why!!..God knew we would be discovering things...


    The Keys To The Library are hidden in language

    It is well accepted that one can't create language without thought and one can't think without languge. Language is evidence of intelligent design. The Hebrew alphabet (The Word-HaShem) has always been the key to the revelation that a creator god used letter combinations, words, to program everything. The 22 letters are holy letters, the raw material of the creation of the universe, they represent the will of god into reality.


    John 1/1 summarizes the creation of DNA letters and programs most eloquently “In the beginning was the word' (the thought of combining letters as a creation tool)  'and the word was with god' (planned it in his head) 'and the word was god' (left the DNA programs to rule over us).  No way that John who wrote it or the church that interpreted it could have understood they erroneously concluded Jesus must be 'the word' when in truth god couldn't have created jesus or anything else before he create the word. In their defence, it really wasn't meant to be understood until today.

    The Book of Formation (or manufacture) known as Sepher Yetzira,  written by Abraham before the Torah, describes in chapter 2/2 physical creation of 2 pairs (4) DNA chap 2/2 of course...The word Bara ברא is used in the first chapter. ייצר YEYAYatzar (re-manufacture) is the word used in chap 2 when Adam was created. This suggests that there were two creations, chapter one in god's image - light entities, souls, angels in the image of god. Jewish teachings tell us that god taught them the Torah PRIOR to creation. God taught those light entities, angels, how to program life, program writing using matter. 

    הֶעָתִיד לָצוּר׃‎ ‏שָׁקְלָן וְהֵמִירָן וְצָר בָּהֶם אֶת כָּל הַיְּצוּר וְאֶת כָּל‎ עֶשְׂרִים וּשְׁתַּוִם אוֹתִיּוֹת יְסוּד חָקְקָן חָצְבָן צָרְפָן  

    “Twenty two foundation letters, He ordained them (thought of them), He hewed them(shaped sub atomic particles), He combined them(wrote programs that created elements and then 4 complex molecules), He weighed them(made sure they are in the correct proportions), He interchanged them(wrote programs with them). 'And He created with them the whole creation and everything to be created in the future’ (same DNA letters have been used to write every single program of every living thing for 4 billion years now). The Word -DNA programs, were left to rule over us.  “And the Word was God,” (John 1:1) , Both versions have recently been proven to be scientifically correct, But...the simple truth is that there was no way to understand them until the discovery of DNA in 1953. 'And everything to be created in the future' god is referring here to what we call evolution, suggesting that there will be other creations in the future, maybe even by us humans but...they will all use DNA letters created by god. Evo-lu-tion would be pronounce in hebrew as Eva-lo-tion meaning God-desired-change, suggesting evolution is programmed...In other words, the DNA changes we call evolution aren't due to series of accidents...It is just god rewriting programs within the cell, that's why we can't find any mistakes...  

    DNA = DiN A    דינ א    means    Verdicts-God    in Hebrew.   Or...  a-DoNiA  אדני - God.          God is telling us he is the program writer.

    To verify, I looked up The long name for DNA: Ribonucleic= in Heb, Ribon col ריבון כל = Ruler-Everything (Hebrew). The word YHWH adds up to 26...Not surprisingly, there are 26,000 genes. 

    Did god plan evolution? eva-lo-shin(ou) איוה לו שינוי god-desires-change...There are No accidents!! Evolution is programmed. 

    ToRah תורה. The last Heb letter To תו means Thought while the letter Ra ריש the 20th letter means universal Matter...Torah - Thought in matter...a perfect definition for DNA programs. 

    Torah has another strange meaning in hebrew, it means HER TURN ...which describes how Programs are written.

    Program = perio garam = פריו גרם his fruits caused.   The fruits of  Programs created life.

    Formula = po re mila =  פה ראה מילה here see word    Formulas were converted to words.

    Molecule = mila hakol = מילה הכול everything is word. 

    Evidence = ovda nas =עובדה נשא Carries facts...

    LOOK AT THE Evidence: 3000 DECODED WORDS


    Who Is the Programmer? who is God?

    Our god, our programmer is a real entity who used Hebrew to create all languages. Our creator is a visible light entity who always hid in a coulomb of light or a cloud and once even behind a bush. An entity who says that he lives forever and looks like nothing we have seen on earth or in the skies.   This description is at odds with all religions who claim God has no image, body/volume or size. God himself plainly states he created us in his image. 'Moses was not able to enter the tent of meeting because the cloud had settled on it, and the glory of the LORD filled the tabernacle' (exo 40:35).  Like us God seems to have volume and size. He has legs (he walked in the garden), a face, and a hand. Moses whose face radiated from being close to the cloud was eventually allowed to see his back but only after God covered him with his hand so he wouldn't' see god's face because as god said, 'you cannot see my face, for no one may see me and live.' (exo 33:20). Moses had no doubt that god had an image but he didn't know it was one that is fatal to look at. Moreover god himself seems to state that he couldn't neutralize it...Which explains why God always hid, a god with no image would communicate out of 'thin air' not a cloud. The Creator God is described in the Bible by the people of Israel who saw him atop the mountain as looking like 'the fire of a furnace',  as a visible bright light fatal to look at from close range who lives forever.

    We know God is a program writer, the creator of four letters/language, who designed a system of creation using letter combinations, THE WORD, to program all life: DNA. The fact that letters and programs predate life is possibly the best proof that, not a series of accidents genetically programmed all life, but that God programmed life and later programmed/gifted mankind with the gods' personal creation tool: letter/picture combinations/the word/language. Combining letters to create words and words to create a sentence, or combining particles to create elements and then complex molecules, is how everything in the material world is created. Combining words is creating thought, language is a creation tool. Finally,  I couldn't find anywhere in the Torah where it says god has no body or image.

    The simple truth is that if God has no image or body he really doesn't exist which allowed the heads of all the religions to act as gods by rewriting his laws changing them to suit their needs which they named- Interpretation, the right to change his laws by claiming God has given them a new improved understanding. So...everyone claims to believe in god but non follow his laws, and that seems natural to all!!..Not much of a god...  

    Why has god allowed it? And did he know what would happen? "Then He said, 'I will hide My face from them, I will see what their end shall be; For they are a perverse generation, Sons in whom is no faithfulness'( Due 32:20) It's a temporary situation, a test, God will return... Judgement day is upon us. Actually, judgement day is within us, it has been genetically programmed and can be turned on wire-lessly. My personal experiences more than suggests that the creator has direct access to our the subconscious. 

    I will show that God programmed life by first creating Hebrew letters and words, 'the writing of god' (exo 32:16) ancient Hebrew which happened to be identical to modern Latin letters to create everything. The same God using different names composed all religions, languages and myths and of course created DNA letter combinations, programs - The Word, which he used  to write life giving programs. Though this remained hidden for thousands of years, once the decoder is applied all this and more is still clearly evident and reveals a lot of historic and scientific information including the formuas Mc2 and H2o which spell sun and water in Hebrew, facts that couln't have been known 3500 years ago or even 100 years ago. 

    This is a product of over 30 years of telepathic teaching about the word, about the Hebrew letter meaning. I was shown how to use Hebrew letters and words in order to decode/decipher English and other languages with amazing results. I speak English Hebrew and Arabic and when I was told that all languages are made up of Hebrew, it seemed preposterous to me, I never saw even a remote connection between Hebrew and english and I therefore expected some convoluted and esoteric explanation. I asked for a scientific prove one I can show others. I was told I will receive one in due time. I was then instructed not to read any interpretations of scriptures and myths and to always look for what is the same, which I thought then had nothing to do with language...Eventually when I recognised that all myths are telling the same stories and were written by the same entity, when I recognised that Brahma is Abraham and that both are married to Sara.. Sara-swati is brahma's wife, it decodes in hebrew as Sara-sao-ahoti meaning Sara-my-sister, sara was indeed Abraham's half sister. The Hindu myth named Mahabahra which not coincidentally decodes as What-god-created in Hebrew,  this fact and dozens of more such examples suggests that the Hindu myth is based on the Bible. That evening I began to receive a linguistic prove, the secret of how language was confounded. I was in time also given a much better understanding of the bible, one that explains why we are all holding on to this seemingly strange book that tells a clearly false account of creation by claiming a 7 day creation of the universe which we know isn't true followed by a talking snake which we also know is impossible. I accumulated over 3000 examples (attached as dictionary), enough words to understand 80% of the bible or Shakespeare. Amazingly I can say today with certainty that English is made up of Hebrew. Though my experiences were real, admittedly my prove is circumstantial, meaning requires conclusion, but the large amount of decoded words makes it  beyond reasonable doubt because Statistically speaking the odds this is accidental approaches 0%.

    I felt that evolution is such a powerful god that I first had to show that evolution is a false theory, that all the evidence point to the fact that the cell couldn't have been created by accident. I know that in the final analysis unless I can convince the reader that life was programmed, there will be no room for the eminent return of the programer, my god the author of Torah, the creator of the physical universe from light - energy, which he converted to matter by creating the Higs boson field prior to the big bang and it was he who then made sure the big bang had 'imperfect mirroring' meaning that not all anti-matter destroyed matter. Of course I am not a scientist, Their explantion seems to be always the same, that the god of evolution, a series of accidents, created  the higs boson field (made up of 5 different particles) and left it just 'hanging out' waiting for the right kind of big bang...

    Let's review the Science, it explains that life was created after five common everyday elements gathered either spontaneously, accidentally or maybe by a divine super engineer, to create four different complex molecules (letters) which are made up of combinations of phosphorus and hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon and oxygen, we named them G, A, T and C, the letters of DNA.  Those four letters, called phosphates, which are useless on their own, were paired for no good reason. It isn’t something nature does ‘naturally’ it happened once and never again in 4 billion year. It's such a complicated feat that as hard as we try we haven't been able to duplicate it in laboratory experiments. Those programs had to be written prior to life and inserted into the cell, they were then connected to an energy source (ATP) that acts like a rechargeable battery (ATP converts to ADP and then gets recharged to become ATP again) and finally encased with a very special semi-permeable plasma (smart) skin. The four molecules/letters now had energy to combine; to execute 'life giving' programs that were written on long molecular strands called “self-replicating molecules” which had to manufactured outside the cell and then placed there. DNA is programmed to multi task, it is programmed with the blueprint for making proteins and enzymes, it is also programmed to regulate when the proteins and enzymes are made. It also carries this information when cells divide; and transmits this information from parental organisms to their offspring. The program to create protein, the stuff of life requires some protein as a catalyst, who tested protein to make sure its the right building block for life, who supplied the original protein and wrote a program for it's manufacture by DNA? And I have yet to discuss how the RNA functions and how it got there. In order to understand the complexities of those programming accidents we need to be cognisant of the fact that an Ameba a single cell organism is programmed with 6 million bytes of information, we humans are programs with 6 billion bytes of information. If any of that seems complicated it is nothing compare to the complicated programs to 'balance nature' to balance the inter-consecutiveness of life which has to be a far more daunting a task. We use at least 1000 bacteria just for our digestion. How many trillions of attempts would nature need before it got there? Where is the evidence? On the other hand, if a god a program writer created life, he only needed one attempt, which matches our scientific findings. Has God or nature been writing DNA programs (wirelessly)? 

    Evolution or God? Accident or design?

    The dictionary defines Evolution as "The process by which different kinds of living organisms are thought to have developed and diversified from earlier forms during the history of the earth"  

    Berkeley university, evolution 101" definition of evolution "Through the process of descent with modification, the common ancestor of life on Earth gave rise to the fantastic diversity that we see documented in the fossil record and around us today.”  However they all missed an important fact... No record of any failing attempts, no record of errors disqualify the theory of trial and error. Concluding that because all DNA uses the same letter the same language proves accidentlal creation is false conclusion, It actually proves the opposit, that the same entitiy used the same language to create all life, otherwise we should be finding evidence of other attempts at creating letters and life...the cell always uses the same 4 letters just like our computers uses the same two letters but with increasingly more complex programs.

    Evolution is a creation theory because it suggests nature created (creation theory) new organisms from the DNA of others. It suggests that a series of unbelievably rare and inexplicable accidents changed DNA of one organism to another and that those rare accidents aren't really so rare because they managed to create billions of organisms for the past 4 billion years - But, we have yet to observe it or find any skeletal evidence of 'mistakes', billions of plant and animal life were created by accident without any mistakes? A  Creation sytem that uses trial and error should produce  trillions of mistakes, but yet none are found, which doesn't seem to rattle anyone's believes in the god of accidents.

    Evolution is the biggest lie ever told it will in the future be compared to assuming the earth is flat. 60 years of laboratory experiments confirm that Aimless mutation is not a possible creation method but those results didn’t shake our faith in the god named Evolution, Evolutionists claim their 'god' creates by blindly and randomly hitting a 4 letter key board which resulted in creating complex chemical reactions. The theory that given time nature can create and recreate, write and re-write programs is baseless, not backed by any evidence. How did nature randomly make so many very smart decisions?  decided to create letters? why? they are useless on their own. How did it know to skip 2 letters (like our computers) that were created first and waited for a better system - 4 letters? How did it know when an organism was 'done'- no more genetic changes…why not keep improving the organism? How did nature make all those decisions?  by accident?

    The cell was planned to survive forever, it was programmed with almost unlimited memory and anticipated mistakes, DNA programs include ‘spell check,’ cellular error-checking mechanisms that are built-in to ensure near perfect DNA replication. Who tested protein to make sure it’s the right building block for life? Who manufactured the first protein, the stuff of life and finally who wrote the programs for its manufacture? We need to keep in mind that protein is only created by programs in DNA and can't be reproduced elsewhere.  None of this can be explained using evolution because it means nature anticipated behavior and even anticipated making mistakes. We are in effect crediting nature with programming - thinking  ahead...In order for the evolutionary theory to make sense scientists had to award Nature with the powers of the biblical god, nature creates and then sees that 'it is good' and keeps it, but when nature decides 'it is bad', in order to accept evolution we need to believe that nature must have discarded the unsuccessful organisms and then destroyed the evidence of trillions of mistakes!! 

    Finally, let's keep in mind that the cell was created once 4 billion years ago, only half a billion years after earth was created and NEVER again!! No evidence that nature even tried again!! In other words since nature only tried once suggests creation couldn't have been accidental otherwise we should see more attempts at creating letters and life. The cell and the DNA letters never evolved, what evolved or more accurately what was changed for 4 billion years now are only the programs within the most advanced computer in the world - the cell. Scientists suggesting accident is responsible do not have one single bit of evidence of accidental creation or of accidental evolution, they have evidence of 'big jumps' in evolution without any evidence of failing attempts – scientists have noticed similarity between the DNA of dinosaurs and birds and tell us it is likely dinosaurs did not disappear but became birds, but still no evidence of trial and error. Without understanding how the original cell was created we can't tell if those 'jumps' in DNA were preprogrammed or accidental. Scientists developed the theory of evolution based or Darwin’s false assumption that life developed accidentally in a 'golden pond'. This happened over 100 years ago, they weren't able then to imagine that creation is the result of program writing and the concept of wireless programming was incomprehensible they decided nature's magic-accidents build organisms by organizing all of life’s programs in files called organs, Chromosome and genes. Very organized accidents...Mutation is often suggested as the method of accidental evolution meaning that mutation is able to rewrite programs, but in 60 years of laboratory experiments not one of the mutations produced in laboratory or Hiroshima…  reproduced, or when they did, they all reverted back to type. This means that mutation doesn't re-write DNA programs. Why then is the idea that a god, that a program writer created us and programmed evolution is so unacceptable?

     My evidence consist of 3000 decoded words, new theory as to how language/thought containing tremendous amount of scientific information was first granted to mankind and then confounded because of the gods feared we would abuse it...the jury is still out on that... 

    If we let the WORD speak to us (latin letters with Heb meaning), it confirms my suggests that god L (L אל el in heb means god) interjected himself (wrote programs)using the WORD and that's how the WOR(L)D was created. God cre-ated by calling out instructions (into a computer)...The hebrew words Cara et (create) קרא את means called-out letters. Regardless if one believes god or nature created the world, the facts is that someone made sure the Hebrew words that describe the bible creation story became the English word  Create...Hebrew or He-bara means She-Created in Hebrew..., or maybe one can chose to believe that it is entirely accidental...That is the power of Free Choice. 


    The Torah begins with  בראש י ת = BEROSH I T was translated as in-the-beginning (which is true but inaccurate) instead if the more literal letter meaning : In-head-god-Tho. Berosh= in-head, -Yod=god, T=Tho. Who is Tho? The Egyptian god THOTH a.k.a 'the scribe of the gods' and purveyor of all knowledge is telling us he is YHWH (shocking). The Egyptian god of all thought (thoth), knowledge and writing identifies himself as the author of Torah, a.k.a the lost book of Tho. Tho left many clues, the last Hebrew letter is the first letter in the title TOrah (I am the first and the last). God placed his name in the title but no one noticed instead preferring to debate why god began the Torah with the Letter B (beroshit).  2000 years of scholarly research and no one thought that the letter TO is really the first letter in TOrah ? Tho whose letter is spelled TO תו in Aramaic letters that is used as heb but in ancient Hebrew it was spelled as T or t.  Numerically TO is 400+6=46, he left his stamp on us - 46 chromosomes, 26000 genes (yhwh is 26) and 206(26) bones. This was done to make sure we don't think we were created by mutation from monkeys. Finally, No one noticed that Tho-Rah are the names of the Egyptian gods of moon and sun? Tho a.k.a YHWH is the moon god which explains why Judaism is based on moon cycles. The Thorah comes out of Egypt and the book of Tho disappears -no one?  Tho the Hebrew god didn't want to identify himself, but because of Moses insistence on a name god gave him the name Yhwh. The Bible mentions god used to be called by other names before then. Y HwH in Heb means The-Present-God, the god of now. why 26? Just numbers: Adam is 45 (heb letters), Hava (eve) 19, the difference, the ruling god, the soul is 26 (Yhwh). A DAM = god-blood. 

    How about the fact that no one noticed that 19 of 22 ancient heb letters, the letters the original Torah was written with are identical to modern day Latin? (chart). The sign of the cross and the letter T are identical in ancient Hebrew and modern latin, it is also the symbol/letter that represent the god YHWH/Tho-T...The word Evri literally means - the Crosser,  in Hebrew, the Hebrew language is called the-crosser (Avar means to cross or Past in Heb OVER in English). Regardless in which god we each think we believe in, we the human race all worship the same god whose symbol is the cross (ank).  Again in 2000 years of scholarly research - No one noticed?  How is that even possible? Though it seems 'natural' to everyone that Christians worship the cross, it really is an odd choice...except that it represents the Letter T...Thoth. Why the Cross? Is it because the blood of gods was crossed with the blood of earth woman...'the sons of God saw that the daughters of humans were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose' of course god, Mr 26 decided to place this sentence in Gen chapter 6 verse 2.

    By now it ought to be obvious that the truth was told in a way that couldn't be understood, we were not meant understand this!!  Why? don't exactly know...likely as a form of delaying discovery of the information, after all the idea that we were created by a computer is horrible to accept because it suggests it isn't likely 'they' don't have access to the hard-drive. This was impossible to understand until recently when we began to understand the way of the computer, we know they can talk to each other without our knowing it...we use google, we all know how information can be stored in a cloud... and we all know a computer can be controlled wirelessly - our subconscious is a computer!! The more important reason for our misinterpretations has something to do with free choice that requires a lot of choices (positive and negative experiences had to be programmed).... long, thousands of year lesson...above my pay grade.


    2600 years ago, the entire Hebrew alphabet was changed to Aramaic letters and then ancient Hebrew was reintroduced as 26 (yhwh=26) Latin letters written backwards (see chart), this clearly had to be directed by god, it was done because god was about to give us scientific information which must be written in the 'writing of god', it suggests god planned for Rome to be a great empire. It seems that once the citizens of Jerusalem were moved (exiled) to Rome, God at least temporarily had moved to Rome, it is likely that exiled jews began Christianity (as evidenced by te catholic priests garments)...the Vatican was built. The hebrew meaning of Vatican = veti can is: my-house-here - no one noticed... language was confounded. To make sure no one notices Jews were prohibited from using hebrew in everyday speech, which froze the meaning, the codes in time and space – language and thought were confounded and the codes were hidden safely!  Since then the blind lead the blind and new laws and understandings were written - Judaism was created from the ashes of the Torah, today Halacha - the rabbinic law not Torah law rules, to be clear those laws are different from bible laws (god’s laws are too old and too harsh). This lead to yet different interpretation which gave birth Christianity and the Moslem religions and scores of offshoots, all claiming to believe in the Torah god and none following his laws. What we ended up with is some sort of history and fiction with a creation story that takes 6 days and a talking snake who appears pretty smart, a story that makes no real sense because it is not what the bible truly says. If read correctly the bible is in total agreement with science, it says that earth was created 8.64 billion years (2 god days) after the big bang (explained later). Today's understanding of the Torah has almost nothing to do with the original 'And the writing was the writing of GOD'. Everyone seem to be o.k with a god who writes programs write books and creates using magic. A god that we say has no image but he says he created us in his image, a god that also explains that no one sees him and lives (has some kind of image), but nevertheless everyone is comfortable with the belief that he has no body or image…God is just a thought…God is The Word -We all know that It’s impossible to think without language… how then did man acquire the ability to imagine and think? How did man acquire language?  The only reasonable conclusion is that Language and thought like the chicken and the egg came together as one program, in one package.

     ...Scientist who claim NaTuRe created the world aren't necessarily wrong. The name the Egyptian used to describe the creator gods was NTR (the initials of their 3 main gods: Non, Tho, Ra) a.k.a NaTuRe. FYI...Natar נטר means Guardians in Heb. It is said that those gods came from Sumer which also happen to mean Guardians in Hebrew. Play on words, or a big crossword puzzle?


    This website presents a lot of scientific and linguistic evidence that god, an intelligent entity, created the universe by using a series of programs and that He left the information in all language and myths which can only be decoded using Hebrew letter meaning. It reveals the book of formulas the book of Tho that is said to have disappeared and then reappeared as ThoRah. Having said that, I know I am beginning at the end, with my conclusions. I felt I needed to provide the reader with a frame of reference, a visual picture of how God might look like, how he created the universe and programmed life, the true order of the universe and our place in it. Though this started as a spiritual quest for the god that has eluded us. The proof I eventually received is hard to follow, because it requires thinking in two languages simultaneously. It reads like a boring linguistic crossword puzzle and each example on its own might seem coincidental-by design, after all it's been hidden for 6000 years. It is based on assuming the opposite from all scientists and theologians... I was explained that evolution (accidental creation) never happened, that a scientific visible light entity created language first and then used a computer to program DNA-life. I was explained that god wouldn't allow false writing meaning that he wrote Hebrew first (the writing of god which happened to be Latin letters with Heb meaning) and then wrote all languages using them.  That ALL myths, are each pieces of a puzzle, in effect fragments of a whole,  I was therefore instructed to combine, make one of the Bible with other myths, I then try to confirm the information by decoding relevant english or scientific words. The process was called 'The shem is the same'(the name, the word is the same), I eventually accumulated over 3000 relevant English words and their Heb meaning. The crossroad where science and theology finally meet.

    The English word, spirit is from the Hebrew, Sephirot which means, Counting or recounting, telling a story. It is explained in the Kabalah as emanations (rouh-wind = vibration), the higher the vibration the higher the spirituality. We need to build up our spirituality, to achieve higher vibration, so we can see god and live...The Tho-Rah is the instruction book, the book of formulas. Tho-means Thought while Ra means Universal-Matter in heb letter meaning, together ToRah means Thought in matter. The creation formulas need to be decoded first. The task of decoding many myths and languages using Heb would require a collaborative effort of a large group of people which would include theologians, linguists and scientists, but the end result would give us access to the library the creator-gods left for us. This website is just: the keys to the library.


    I believe that if we were ever to be able to ask God about his proudest moment of creation he wouldn't point out DNA. I believe god would say that the conversion of pure energy to matter, what we call something from nothing, the creation of five boson field particles, the 'God particle’, the medium that converts energy to matter, would be cited as the real magic. The second magic that God might cite would be the creation of water, the medium for life that was made prior to the Big Bang. According to the Bible, at the time of the Big Bang, a black hole was there and water was there, the rest is just mechanics, combining protons, neutrons and electrons into elements, combining molecules, combining and recombining or, program writing. Gen1:2 Darkness was upon the face of the deep (black hole); and the spirit of God (wind, vibration in Hebrew) hovered over the face of the waters’ Of course, I am probably wrong, the scientific explanation was that the Higgs boson field was just there waiting. That's a good one - but because our new gods the scientists and teachers said it no one questions such explanation. Yet, who created it? And who created the matter that went boom in the Big Bang? And who made sure the Big Bang resulted with imperfect mirroring meaning anti-matter did not destroy all matter? A lot of preparation was needed before everything went boom.

    Like a circle in a spiral

    Like a wheel within a wheel

    Never ending or beginning

    On an ever spinning reel. (Bergmans & Legrand)


    Created In the Image of God

    My best understanding is that light entities were created first and have been around for many billions of years before the Big Bang. According to the Hindu myth (myth is from the Heb A-meth meaning Truth, thus suggesting all myths are true account told from a different angle or different time frames), the universe has been around for 310 billion years for them the big bang is a relatively recent event, they are the light entities described in heb teachings as the angels that were created before the physical universe. God taught them the Torah, program writing; Torah literally means, its-turn(tur-n = torah noun), in other words, programmed. The angels/souls helped god write DNA programs because the inter-connectives of all life required more than one programmer, in other words, the gods created the universe from their body, the Big Bang is their doing. Scientists have recently confirmed that all matter was made from energy, that matter is but energy in different forms...It also might explain why the cell and its parts are so small, to light entities it looks big. Those light entities are the souls, they aren't inside the body, they engulf us...kinda 'me and my shadow'...they are our personal gods - our Adonia (meaning My-Lord in Heb), they are connected to the big Cahoona (Hawaiian  for the big Cohen - priest in heb)...numerically: adam-45 less eve 19 = 26 yhwh,  the soul is the world of god. The Spanish word for soul confirmms it: ALMA = olam-a meaning World-of-God in Heb.


    I know it all sounds way out there; full blown crazy, but it's based on what the Bible and other myths say and I back it up with scientific and linguistic evidence. God says he created Earth after two days, the Hindu myth reports that one god day is 4.32 billion years. How and why would they come up with such big numbers? No one could even relate to them...just the same, by combining myths!!! two God-days are 8.64 billion years, our scientists have recently confirmed that Earth was created 8.64 billion years after the Big Bang or two God-days.


    Did very thing really begin in the garden?...Code: be-gin means In-Garden in heb. Gin/Gene  is from the Heb Gan meaning Garden. The  Genes are then the garden where it all began, a place where as we are beginning to learn, one can plant things.

    Everyone who reads the Bible notices the two creation stories but our religious leaders explain them as repetition of the same creation (God doesn't write very well). Actually, as you might be beginning to notice, the entire creation story has been misunderstood. First chapter: we were : created in our image; we were created as light entities, souls in the image of God that live forever. Second chapter: not in their image but from the dust'; Most of the original sons of god, the physical creation, the sons of Eve and Adam (a-dam means God-blood in Heb) knew about the impending destruction and left before the flood. Few stayed and 'took the daughters of man'; This upset God who countered by reducing life expectancy. The sons of the sons of God; who possessed all kind of scientific formulas because they knew the codes, went to the country of Shinar meaning shin-ar Word-aware in heb and tried to build a tower to the sky (spaceship?), they also tried to build themselves a name, a shem, new codes, because, as they explained, they were afraid the Gods might otherwise disperse them. They were smart, they knew it will upset god and knew what gods would do, but felt they had to take a chance and they lost. The gods who had left returned and saw what mankind has done with the information, the codes and as predicted got upset and dispersed them and confounded their language, that's why they changed the city name to ba-bel meaning in-it-confounded in heb. It might be the real explanation as to why humans seem to be everywhere. Though the bible was translated the names weren't, the secrets are in the names.


    Later God almost describe himself in the 10 commandments by saying that he looks like nothing on Earth or the sky which might imply to some that he has no image, but it would be true if he were to describe a light entity. When God communicated with Moses he always hid in a cloud, in a column of light or simply behind a bush. When God-in-a-cloud entered the tent Moses said that he couldn't enter because there was no room for him. This suggests God is not that big, maybe big enough to cocoon us but not much larger maybe 6-8 feet (2-3 meters)? By all accounts, God is a visible light entity that emits more light than we can gaze at and live, like getting close to the sun, but he let Moses see his back. Though it seems obvious, I might be wrong; all the religious leaders are united in insisting that there is only one god who made us in his image, but he has no image or body. In other words, by our new definition of God, there is no God. The facts clearly were no longer needed to, confuse anyone, the interpreters became the gods!! Isn't interpretation grand? Why is god allowing it? After god gave the nation of Israel the Torah God told Moses that he would hide and see how we end up. As soon as that happened we began interpreting...changing the laws, veering of the path...the heb word for veering of the path is Sata, it seems to me that in order to test us god turned on the Satan program. the one that gives us bad suggestions.


    In the book, Light Years; Billy Meier, a Plieadian contactee claims they told him that they engineered their planet which looks like Earth, that they live till 1000, marry at 65 and generally have two children. Their planet has similar animals and their spiritual leaders look like a light with visible shape that one can put their hand through them. Those spiritual leaders telepathically 'suggest' to each person a course of action depending or their evolutionary advancement. He said their spiritual leaders name is Horelphato or Har aleph-to meaning in heb the-light-aleph to-to or in english the light of a-z. Aleph is the first letter in the heb Alpha..and To (mispronounced by Ashkenazi jews as Tav) is the last letter in the heb alpha. ... Regardless if one chooses to believe his story, his description matches my understanding. The Plieadians, who say they are our forefathers, the ones the Bible describes as living to 1000 and marrying at around 65. They are able to gaze at God and live because they have a higher vibration, like the biblical Cain Seth and clearly of Hanoh who 'walked with god' and was taken by god somewhere to mention but few who spoke face-to-face with god and were not harmed. Finally, the Plieadians, the aliens who are our forefathers and share a god with us, say they have no need for government. Everyone is connected to God and everyone tries their best. If we survive, the future looks great. CODE:  P-lie-ade = peh-li-ede = speech-my-witness. Taur-us = Torah-created.


    You need to ask yourself: Is it more likely that zillion weird and inexplicable accidents created us, or was it by the hand of the gods?

    It’s just a theory

    This body of work is the product of 30 years of telepathic teachings, my Kabbalah, which I decided to give away. It is likely the most important and unifying message in thousands of years but it’s been ignored by most as just a theory written by a person with no credential (if I were a professor this would have been front page). Please have it looked at by people with credentials – experts in linguistics, computers, religion…ask them to poke holes in this. I promise you not one will be able to. They say Jews ignore but Christians argue while scientists debate, in my case everyone must ignore this body of work or admit all their interpretations were wrong!.... I have written dozens of university professors and not one ever!! Responded. But I encourage you not to take me at my word.


    It is said that People don't change, but luckily few learn that to Change the World all you have to do is change Your Mind.

    It is clear to everyone that complex programmed chemical reactions, not miracles, created life from everyday elements. Gen: ‘And the writing (DNA programs) was the writing of god’; Yet, both science and religious leaders insist it was a miracle. If you ask me, creating life from combining complex molecules, phosphates-letters, is a miracle! Nature thought of it? The idea of writing life-giving programs using four phosphates is beyond doubt, mind boggling science. A lot of material had to be prepared in order to create a cell. For example, the manufacture of protein, the stuff of life, is only created by programs in DNA and can't be reproduced elsewhere. The program to create protein uses some protein as a catalyst, from where? By all indications, the designers of the cell had to create a lot of different materials and write very complex programs. But then what do I know, for me a bulb is a miracle. CODE: Pho-sph-ate = po-spha-ot = here-language-letter. Is this an accident? No way god knew we would call them phosphates. Yet, here it is, as improbable as it is, THE WORD decides the name, the Shem. How? Maybe god has a big computer that is connected to our hard-drive, wirelessly, subliminally. It is even possible that I was spoon fed all this information, that the human race has been spoon fed the information that caused all the advancement of mankind. Just saying...


    Blessed Be the Word, Blessed Be Hashem Blessed Be His Name


    I set out to look for the 'God particle' in language. I therefore examine language on the molecular level, the letters within words. Since I assume an intelligent entity programmed language, I therefore assume that letters with specific picture-meanings were first created and then combined into words, into bigger pictures. This resulted in evidence in the form of 3000 decoded words, and more than suggests that we are all speaking Hebrew with funny accents and weird expressions! Since everyone falsely assumed that words, not letters are the basic building blocks of language, no one noticed because no one looked!


    All organisms and all cells respond to programmed stimuli in many different ways. Language is unique because it allows humans to be “as gods.” It allows us to create. It gives us the ability to imagine by rearranging, re-combining pictures and agreed upon letters/words/molecules.  It allows us to create a plan, which we then execute. Since it's impossible to think without language, we couldn’t have thought of one. Language must have been given to humans. Since language is a social skill, four mutations had to happen to a group of related people thus becomes incompatible with the theory of evolution. But it is compatible with the Bible story, the theory of intelligent design. According to the biblical gods ("Let us...") first gifted us, programmed us humans with language which they later confounded. Linguists indirectly confirmed this by defining language as “incompatible with the evolutionary theory.” There are only two possibilities: design or accident, and they are saying it couldn't have been accidental. The gods further explained that they delayed our discovery of the original language’s scientific knowledge fearing the information would harm or destroy us. I was therefore not surprised to find scientific information such as H2o and mc2 hidden in the Hebrew words for water and sun. This is a spiritual journey that is going to read more like a linguistic detective story.


    I test the biblical claim of divine creation by attempting to prove the Bible's story that the original proto language (I assume it's Hebrew) was confounded.  My method is assigning Hebrew letters and word meanings to other languages. It quickly becomes clear that Hebrew is not only the proto language but the ONLY language, and that it is still somehow being used by all of us to create new words. When we find letters on an ancient wall or on parchment we always assume it was done by intelligent entities. DNA is written with letters doesn't it count? But in the case of language we are talking about ongoing involvement. Creating new words that continue to be correct in Hebrew can only happen if god preprogrammed language in all of us or somehow can make 'suggestions,' proving the existence of God and of ‘his’ ongoing involvement in human life.


    This is a 5774-year old secret (the Hebrew count marks the years language was confounded, not when creation began. (I will explain this later.) So as one would expect, it's in code. But it is not a complicated one. It entails substituting consonantal letters from other languages with Hebrew consonants and entirely ignoring all vowels. This is against how we were taught to think and understand languages. This method assumes language was created by letter combinations and not as previously assumed, that language was created by accidental sounds.  It is therefore very difficult to follow. It took me years of practice, but after un-confounding 3000 old and new words (enough to understand 80% of the Bible), the inescapable conclusion is that God is able to influence our thoughts by communicating directly to our 'hard drive;' our subconscious. So, regardless of the language we use, we end up naming something/everything correctly in Hebrew. The evidence I present shows that everything was created by intelligent design; programmed, that letter combinations are the building blocks of everything; elements, molecules, DNA and language. The evidence will show that, just as in our human world; thought or intelligent design creates everything.


    Evolution is the Biggest Lie Ever Told


    Evolution is a theory based on a false premise. It assumes that a series of accidents created life which began when independent elements gathered spontaneously into complex molecules, that nature then created an energy source (ATP) and somehow connected it to DNA so it can provide the energy to write programs so complex we can barely understand, and then through a series of accidents created a special membrane. But 60 years of laboratory experiments in the best universities throughout the world failed to reproduce any semblance of DNA letters nor program writing 'self replicating' molecules. If evolutionists are right then billions of organisms were created by accident, given that nature is so prolific, managing to create in ocean, air and land, with and without oxygen, and in all kind of adverse conditions it seems life can exists everywhere except in a laboratory. If their theory was valid we should see a lot of 'floating' DNA letters everywhere, 'spontaneously' combining for no good reason, because that's what they do. The experiments should have yielded positive results. In fact, their experiments didn't create life or even complex molecules. The 60 years of failed experiments proved the opposite, that life CANNOT be created by series of accidents! Though programs changed, the cell, the letters never evolved, not in four billion years! Where is the evidence that life was due to an accident?


    Just like our computers, the two letters we use to program everything didn't/don’t/can't change. If nature just mutated aimlessly and created by accident, how did nature know when to stop making letters, when to stop mutating/creating? How did aimless accidents make so many decisions? Why 46 chromosomes? Why not 50 or 100? And if we came from monkeys why do chimpanzees have 48 chromosomes? That means that nature not only added few mutations to create us from monkeys it also means nature decided to reconfigure the programs into 46 chromosomes. "Just an accident," is a mantra, it’s a way of life, it’s a belief system that allows us to believe the impossible, it’s better than God! How did nature (accident) decide billions of times that this organism is done, no more chromosomes, no more genes, but little changes, little tweaking of the program, 'adaptation' is allowed? In other words, if nature had no grand plan, "If you don’t know where you are going, how do you know when you get there?" 


    Aimless evolution, aimless program writing is not a possible method of creation. The idea that nature is like a computer that was programmed to try every possible mutation combination is not supported by any evidence. If nature really worked this way we ought to find a lot of evidence, trillions of failed attempts, but none are in evidence. Actually, laboratory experiments and human experiments, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, show that mutations can be induced using radioactive materials. But those same experiments also showed that their offspring do not reproduce or revert to type. Though mutations occurred in Hiroshima, today’s population is totally normal and did not reproduce or revert to type! This means that science and our experiments on humans, have proven that mutation could not have been the way life evolved, and that genetic programs are not written and rewritten by accident. How then?


    When the salmon were created they were programmed to produce/ manufacture 20-times more salmon than they needed to survive. Then they were programmed to go on a suicide mission, to swim upstream so they could feed carnivorous animals that couldn't otherwise survive. If natural selection, not programs are responsible for change then you would think that a few salmon would learn to mate where they are and not swim upstream and lose 94% of the population in the process, after all, male and female are already swimming together. But because that is a program the salmon never learns, it doesn't have a choice, it will always follow its programming, otherwise the balance of nature would be irrevocably altered. We were sold the idea that DNA re-writes are natural, that it can happen over time. Programs do not evolve on their own, they make glitches and crash but they don’t write billon-byte programs! Programs must be re-written by the programmer, by gods (over their programs). Not only were organisms planned, but their place in nature was planned as well. It's all very complex chemistry. The human body, the most complex chemical factory in the world, required about 1,000 different bacterium, (the original nano technology), to aide with our digestion alone.  Was this by accident? How? Why? Balancing nature is probably a more daunting task than writing the individual programs. CODE: Pro gram = perio garam = his-fruits-caused-(life).


    The biblical God confirms that it is his method: ‘My first thought is my last act,’ (first thought, then creation, creation by objective). Thought must precede all creation, anything else is unimaginable, that's why it has been impossible for evolutionists to even develop a theory of creation. The evidence will show that life could not and did not happen by accident. That ThoughT which the Hindus call consciousness preceded all creation, that Thought created matter, thaT ThoughT is the name of our creator god. Thoth. By the Letters: Tho Ra - Thought(in) Universal Matter(Ra).


    The Tablets Were the Work of God


    Ex 32:16 The writing was the writing of God, engraved on the tablets.

    Moses broke the tablets, the stones of destiny, not a natural stone. They were referred to as, "the work of God," (a computer?) the To-Rah, not in an act of anger but in an act of sharing and love and with God's blessing (Moses already knew about the golden calf and God never complained about the 40 lost days nor about the broken "tablets" he provided. Jewish folklore says that the sparks that flew out created all languages and all religions.


    I am the designated sparks retriever and this is my quest for The One.


    Life is a miracle and so is language and evidently so is: 'The miracle of our depth perception comes from our brain's ability to put together two 2D images in such a way as to extrapolate depth'. Miracle is how science explains how our eyes work.  Does that indicate 'fancy programs' or as both evolutionists and creationists agree, life, language and sight are all due to miracles...miracles is an appropriate name for complex programs, that was before we knew what a program that we's still a miracle...but by our case it's little gods practicing to be big gods.


    First few sparks:


    The Torah was given to the Israelites by the Egyptian god Thoth/yhwh/enki and many other names. The book of Tho was not lost but broken by Moses who then re-wrote the book and named it - ThoRah - the books of Moses, which happen to bear the names of the two main egyptian gods of moon and sun. Not a far reach, but no Israelites nor Egyptians have yet to notice. the hebrews left egypt, the book of thoth disappears and thorah appears - not yet? Thoth book of formulas was re-dictated using letters and spaces thus words were created.  As additional prove is the name...Mosheh  משה    השמ   which when read backward means The Word because he brought the Word and... As is clearly visible Mosheh read backward is hashem - The Word...In order to verify if this is an accident I then decode: Mouhamad מחמד  backward which reads Dam Ham דמ חמ meaning Blood-ham(hot), thus hot-Blooded (Shem is Noah first son and father of all Hebrews while ham his second and father to all Arabs(this was written 2800 years before mouhamed)...Yafet is the third son and father of all Christians...'and Yafet will go with Shem' this turned out to be true. Stranger yet the evri- meaning the crossers in Heb are connected to the Christians(koreh shin=reader-the-word) by the cross(evri). Tho is the first letter in Thorah( Be-rosh-i-t meaning 'in-head-god-tho(god had to first think it out plan it- It was 'when the earth was without form'). Tho is last in hebrew Alpha..which explains 'I am the first and the last'. Tho used to be the sumerian Enki the creator of mankind (enki means I-am in heb), he moved to Egypt and chooses the symbol of the Ank(i)-Cross and his Letter T represents eternal life and the letter T is identical in Latin and ancient heb, as the chart shows. The hebrew letter Tho is valued at 400, the highest of any letter(shin the 21st letter represents the speed of light -300 and Tho likely represents the speed of thought-400), and is written with the letters תו To and Wow 4-6, god left more than a hint - 46 chromosomes...but he also left 26000 genes which is there to honor Yhwh, his other name whose value is 26 and strangely enough our bones our frame is made up of 206(26) bones. God also uses the word Elohim that adds up to 86 which is identical to the 86% that the subconscious occupy in the brain another way of saying 86% is saying 6 parts of seven...and he rested on the 7th. This then explains that it wasn't nature who chose the number of genes or chromosomes but that god chose them as his signature. Of course Tho is the 22nd letter (4 is the number for god-40 years, 40 days, 40 weeks of birth, 400 years in egypt). God created using 4 letters which he first combined into elements and another 4 DNA letters to create life, life was created on the 4th day, the heb spelling of Th.O.R.Ah is also writen with 4 letters.... Tho is the son of Anu...One(anu) Two(tho) three Thora(the program)...our true history is everywhere but no one noticed. Anu's secred number is 5 as is the Heb letter Noun...there are 5 bosons, the 'god particles' that converted energy to Matter, 5 elements created the 4 DNA letters. Thoth according to egyptian mythology wrote all books and all knowledge and therefore is responsible for all Thought and the writing of the thorah. There are 3 Heb letters with the value of 4: D4 M40 T400...together they read DaM Tho= Blood-Tho...but then ADaM means Blood-God. DM -blood is spelled D-knowledge, M-water(knowledge in water). Blood = bo lad = with-it-birthed. Birth =bar Tho = Created Tho. Create = Cara ot = called out letters. Letters- El thorah = The Torah god...וַיִּשְׁבֹּת בַּיּוֹם הַשְּׁבִיעִי, and on the seven day god rested-SHABAT(shab-t= sat-tho) and on and on and on. Thoth is called Elohim אלהים in the Torah which is written as אל הים el hayam meaning god-of-ocean. The moon creates and controls the movement of water...actually without the moon we would have no life on earth. The moon size and relationship to earth and sun the special spin, (the numbers 40 and 26 repeats too often to ignored-the marathon honour both...its 26 miles or 40 km) is unique in the universe, add to it the fact that we know now it is hallow leading to the inescapable conclusion that the moon is an artificial body. moon - מעון maon, means residence in heb. Is the god of the moon residing on the moon?  We all say...amen to honor Amon Ra.


    יט  עָשָׂה יָרֵחַ, לְמוֹעֲדִים;    שֶׁמֶשׁ, יָדַע מְבוֹאוֹ.            

    Psalm 104:19 Who appointedst the moon for seasons; the sun knoweth his going down. 


    This is mistranslated, the Hebrew version says: God made the moon for seasons and knew where the sun came from. (made the moon not the sun).


    It might explain why the united state and russia didn't build a station on the moon as originally planned? instead 'choosing' to build one hanging in space. How about mining the moon and how about having a stationary base to go elsewhere?


    Is everybody wrong? Is this a None linear crossword puzzle or just a series of accidents? Ac-ci-den-t = co si dan to = this-judged-by-Thoth...who clearly controls ThoghT.


    Thinking like Tho-Rah


    A rose by any other name: What’s in a name? As you name it so it is.  כשמו כן הוא


    Or can we change 'the criminal justice' system by simply changing the name?


    The idea that words are subliminal programming tools can best be illustrated with the name ‘the criminal justice system’. As its name suggests it sets out to be just to criminals… Do we need to be just to criminals? We are noble people, Absolutely!! Even if it’s at the expense of the society and the victim? Absolutely!  Even at the expense of the truth without which Justice isn’t possible? Absolutely! Even at the expense of allowing lawyers to lie (lawyer in heb means: lo yaer, will not shed light, lawyer = liars, Law means NO in Hebrew, the laws are he rules of NO). We allow both lawyer and criminal to twist the truth? Absolutely!! we agreed to allow the criminal and his mouth piece to withhold the truth. the 5th amendment allows both lawyer and criminal to lie in the name of justice!! We have changed god's laws to give criminal more rights. Criminal rights are holy!! They don't even have to testify because they might incriminate themselves...can you believe it? they aren't  even obligated to testify in their own trial, to tell the truth because the truth might send them to jail!! I repeat!! they don't have to tell the truth because it might send them to jail!! but everyone else must tell the truth or go to Jail....that makes sense, really?. The idea that a jury needs to decide a case without hearing from the accused is stupid but yet acceptable by all. Everyone talks about the criminal-the judge the lawyers the jury and public opinion all talk about the justice or lack of it to the criminal! How about the victim? does he deserve anything? Absolutely not!! You see he isn’t part of the system his name appears nowhere in the title….he isn't even the injured party the state is, we took him out!! Did we really mean to do that? Absolutely not!! We all want justice, we all 'feel' for the vicitim but feel helpless because we are busy with the criminals. Did we plan this? did we really mean to put criminal rights above that of the victim and society? or did the name mislead us, screwed with our mind?  It all suggests that the name directs our thinking which prevents us from reforming the sytem, it misdirects us to think of the criminal only and make new laws about the criminal to no avail because we forgot the victim, without righting the wrong without compensating (balancing the energies) the victim (vi ctim = vi ketem = 'I am stained' Heb)we will never get justice unless we remove the stain from society and the victim. If we but changed the name we would in time change the system because we will be asking the right questions -what's fair to the victim. How about changing the name to ‘the victim justice system’? which better defines what a justice system ought to achieve. What’s in a name? everything!! It’s a programming tool!! once we change the name we will change the system...too simple? not based on the evidence. The name of the civil courts weren't they still operate with the notion of  victim justice, compensating the victim is their primary mission.


    The biblical laws are designed to indemnify the victim at the expense of perpetrator …what a stupid archaic idea…we the noble ones will take care of the criminals, punish them and reform them - which makes matter worse, Because as the Hindus say it doesn’t ‘balance the energies’... at least not the energies of the victims and not the energies of society, not even the energies of the criminal get balanced...we are creating some serious energy storms.Those storms are in god's world, where god and our souls reside... the fourth diamention.


    The death penalty: "it's inhumane and not a deterrent, and some people are wrongly convicted, we should eliminate it even if it saves only one life'.  More humane than god's law and how about the thousands murderers we set free or leave in jail? that's the price we pay in order to save one innocent soul...When life is priceless it screws up the math...1=1000  1 priceless or 1000 priceless is just priceless. The future of society is determined by the overall sperm pool we leave to future generations.


    Other Laws


    According OUR DNA PROGRAMMER, who later authored the bible when laws are enacted they have to apply to everyone equally. This makes most US laws against god's law. Our tax collection and expenditure laws are riddled with exceptions which favor one group over another. For example: 'real estate depreciation doesn't apply to home owners. This means that rich people who own a house and rent it out can depreciate it, but if one owns and live in it it isn't deductible (doesn't depreciate?).  It's not the real estate (all private homes) but the kind of ownership (business or not) that determines depreciation....god's laws wouldn't allow any form of what we term 'affirmative action'. In other words correcting something by swinging the pendulum too far to the other side isn't the solution. Just like water (the bible is compared to water because it seeks balance) we need to seek balance, while our method of overcorrection creates bigger waves.


    God's tax law is 10% for the average citizen and 20% for the rich NO DEDUCTIONS. (I figured that 'the corners of the field' which god commands to leave to the poor is about 10%) The rich doesn't care about the tax rates, they argue about them as a misdirect, they only care about deductions...When we increase tax rates their lobbyists increase  deductions.


    'You can change the world by changing your mind'


    One god, one law, many religions, how?: interpretation...meaning changing the stories and laws to suit our beliefs...why is it universally accepted? because it was by design impossible to understand ancient writings which left them open to explanations, to we end up with the blind leading the blind. The end result is that We all claim to believe in god but not his writings or his laws and it's universally acceptable...why? Interpretation... it is how we confounded the bible. This suggests that the entire halacha, the entire Jewish, Christian and Moslem interpretations are all wrong...oye, vision of grandeur... what would we do without them?


    Can evolutionists be wrong?


    Believe it or not they aren't even in the right ball park. Evidence that life evolved once created doesn't prove anything about creation, they have NO theory of creation making their conclusions that life was created and then evolved by accident baseless(not backed by evidence), after all we now know that evolution, genetic changes could have been pre-programmed or wirelssly re-written, altered. Nature had at one point 'decide': 'and Nature saw that it was good!' Ameba a single cell organism was created with a 6 million bytes program and has NOt evolve in 3 billion years, later more complex program using the same 4 letters were written, we concluded that the ameba how come we still have amebas that are identical to the ones of 3 billion years ago? I get it...they weren't lucky, or maybe they were. No intelligent creation is possible without envisioning end result...the idea that an ameba mutated in 3 billion years to become us means that a nature wrote a program of  26000 files(app-genes) using 6 billion bytes of information by 'wigling' complex molecules is beyond ridiculous. Our best mind can't even think of a 4 letter system but nature lucked out? Silicon valley...please tell them it aint' so, not possible...that no one writes a program let alone millions of programs without an objective, without a grand plan...before writing those programs, balancing nature had to be planned and it requires the interconnectedness of so many different organisms, that very delicate programs had to be written.  Or tou silicon valley? accidental program writing...really? 2 letters changed the world, one of which is NOTHING a Zero...but nature held out for 4 real letters, accidentally of course? Wouldn't two letters  be the first accident? so nature said Not good enough need faster more efficient letters, so nature waited and waited...and kept waiting... it then created 4 letters at once and those letters were paired (why not, it felt good) and then they wrote a symphony of programs...naturally. They are not like yours no sir! those accidental letters are not a simple rudimentary on-off.. nor are they simple letters-elements, nature's letters are made up of complex molecules, of 5 different elements called phosphate(ph-spha-te=here language letter, heb). Evolutionists claim...billions of programs were and are written by accidental dancing complex molecules who as evident by their proclivity really enjoy combining, writing programs...but after 50 years of experimentation - not once in laboratories...Scientist must believe it doesn't prove they can't combine spontaneously and write programs, that it only proves they are a very sensitive and we have yet to provide the 'right conditions', why? we know the chemical composition and temperature ofd earth early history and can surely duplicate them, so again, why?...but they keep on experimenting. Byte, is strange word with stranger origins is means 8-bits(bite=bite=house in heb)...but not always, look it up. It means a house in heb and that's how we all think of it. na-tu-re=noun-tho-rah the three egyptian creator gods whose collective name in egyptian is NTR). nature read NTR the Egyptian creator gods whose name means guardians in heb. Those gods arrived from Sumar(shomer) meaning the keepers in Heb....the same god later called himself the protector of David...what's in a name?  If its decoded in heb a lot!


    This is my Kabalah, my cable to A.


    2  יִשָּׁקֵנִי מִנְּשִׁיקוֹת פִּיהוּ, כִּי-טוֹבִים דֹּדֶיךָ מִיָּיִן. 


    He kissed me with the kisses of his mouth—for thy love is better than wine.


    The Kabalah ( receivership, Hebrew)


    The core teaching of the Kabalah is only about the meaning of the Hebrew letters which existed prior to creation. The Hebrew alphabet has always been the only key to the knowledge of god's revelation. The twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet are the building blocks of creation. The 22 letters represent a combination of name and form of our physical universe.  The 22 letters are holy letters which are the first energies, the raw material to the creation of the universe.  They represent the will of God into reality. God first CREATED the letters so he can create the Universe, combined them (wrote programs) to  create all Matter and then Life....and then, just like our computers god wrote more complex programs.


    Of course the single most important letter, the 23rd letter, the god of all letters

    The letter that created every word ever written or uttered is missing from all alpha...except ancient egytian alpha no other dedicates a letter for the space between letters and words, the zero, 'the nothing' that created everything. Well over 99% of THE UNIVERSE IS SPACE, He who controls the space between everything rules everything. Uni-Ver-Se אנו בר זה  =ANU-Creates This.  The space, the nothing is the off letter in our computers. It represents 50%(5) of our computers language.


    This is a scientific proof of a creator god


    I move spaces which then changes the meaning of the evidence, by adding a space the word Evidence =ovda nas עובדה נשא = facts-carries, heb). The evidence is made up of numbers, formulas and mostly English words and their decoded heb meanings as prove that language and thought were Installed and are managed by an intelligent designer. Though the ideas and conclusions are earthshaking, 'game changing', the prove is often dry and hard to follow, most people begin rolling their eyes after only few examples. I am told that I present too much evidence which makes it all hard to follow and therefore boring. I took me years to be able to 'say it in eng but understand it in heb', it is counter intuitive which makes it very hard to follow.  But the evidence is repeatable, irrefutable and overwhelming that god used 'the word', hebrew letter combinations to create....He-brew = he bra =הי ברא = it Created. The idea the god used the WORD to create the WORLD is expressed in those two words. When the Letter EL-God is added to the word WORD the word WORLD is created.


    The Bible has Enormous Scientific Information


    Are words truly formulas? E = MC2 = MCM = שמש  = SUN (heb)..speed of light(km) and Shin (C) both have the value of 300. While H2O = hoh and spells out מימ-mym (Mayman-M=Hydrogen, Heb) is WATER. The O is represented with the letter Yod which stands for YHWH. Oxygen has 2 orbits of 2& 6=26 which is the numerical value of yhwh=….those two words appear in the first verses of genesis…how did the author of genesis guess at that? Why did Einstein insists on C not L for the speed of light?   Artery = awir tari = fresh air(carries oxygen), vein = bo ain = in it none(no oxygen). This ought to be enough to make scientists and religious scholars alike wonder and investigate...But it's all in Vain (empty) because we are all so Vain, we think we are the first geniuses of the universe, the first to figure it out. I believe the evidence proves a god, a know it all created us and is dolling us periodically information which is already encoded into the original god language, Hebrew which he confounded...since new words are constantly added to language it proves an ongoing involvement. In my defense... this can't be much simpler considering it's an almost 6000 year old secret(i believe the heb count doesn't mark the beginning of the world but marks the time when language was confounded. It started in babel (bab-el = door-god, arabic) where god ba-bel (in-it-confounded, heb) languages.  Coincidentally or maybe not, I was born in Babel (present day Baghdad).


    Show It to Experts


    I encourage everyone to show it to the experts, to your rabi, priest and teacher, ask them to to poke holes in this theory. .. theologians and scientists are both looking for magic for something that went boom and life appeared, both are ignoring what's been obvious for 50 years that complex programs-thought not magic nor voudou created life...both are religions that worship 'other gods', not the god of ThoughT nor his gift to mankind the Thorah, the book of formulas -(fo re-mila=here see word) You feel me?


    Language is what makes us human. Language is what makes us gods on Earth.


    Therefore, understanding how language began would give us better understanding of who and what we are. Language is unique not because it’s a communication tool (every cell is programmed to communicate), but because it’s a creation tool.  After four billion years of evolution a very complicated system that required a far bigger brain and at least four simultaneous mutations and coordination of many organs, appeared as if from nowhere. And...who did the first mutant speak to? Language gives us the unique ability to imagine, to re-arrange pictures, to create new worlds and communicate them, share them using agreed upon letter/symbol/picture combinations.  Language is a double-edged sword, it also gave us another unique ability; We lie - by design.


    Language, Creating by combining molecules/letters.


    Long before there were complex molecules there where 92 natural elements which themselves were created with four letters also known as 'the building blocks of life': electron, proton, neutron and photon, arranged in different combinations and, like DNA, those four ‘letters’ created the army of god; the elements that were needed in order to create complex molecules.  יְהוָה אֱלֹהִים צְבָאוֹת = Lord God of hosts.  The word host = tzav-aot means army-letters. The word Tsav = army צְבָ adds up to 90 + 2 = 92, which equals the number of natural elements that created everything.  The army of god = 92-letters = tzav-aot.


    First everything was numbers, computer programs, first the Torah was written without any spaces, it was a comlex computer program written on a very special stone, Moses broke that book and on his second trip the numbers were converted to sounds/letters.  The Heb rule that all words are made up of 3 letter words(shoresh), every child is taught that Hebrew words have a 3 letter-(shoresh-source) which is false, Hebrew and all languages have one letter source(pictures, meanings) but once one looks for a 3 letter roots - words, one is looking at a confounded language, the evidence that languages were written by a computer is totally disguised. But though language was not written in 3 letter source words, in fact all DNA is written in 3 letter sequencing- words. IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE WORD, it's a fact!!


    Big bang did not create matter.


    Someone had to first create five Higgs Boson particles (the "god" particle) that make up the higgs field otherwise the pure energy of the big bang would remain as energy- no matter could be created...Someone had to make sure that matter was not completely destroyed by anti matter...someone created a big bang that produces imperfect mirroring...a system god used when creating DNA and repeated when creating all languages and myths(otherwise change is not possible). All those events culminating in the creation of enormous diversity of life, millions of programs were created by the same 4 letters, it proves 'a divine super engineer' created life. If life is due to a series of incredible accidents that began even before the big bang...where is the evidence for accidental creation of life?  where are the trillions failed attempts?          'god doesn't play dice with the universe' Einstein. 


    The Only Time God Appeared in Front of the People of Israel...


    Ex 24:10 and they saw the God of Israel; and there was under His feet the like of a paved work of sapphire stone, and the like of the very heaven for clearness.


    Ex 24:17 And the appearance of the glory of the LORD was like devouring fire on the top of the mount in the eyes of the children of Israel.


    God seems to be a visible light entity that is too harmful to gaze at. It is likely the reason he always hid in a cloud, a coulomb of light or behind a bush that appeared to be is also implied when describing Moses face as radiating.


    I believe the evidence suggests that god, a visible light entity (Ligh t= el t = God tho) found a way to convert Energy-Light into matter. Scientists recently confirmed this by defining all matter as energy in different states. It suggests that the programs that control earth, provides us information and communicates with our sub-conscious might still be literally in light, in sun, moon, star and of course our Aur-a which means Light-god in Heb....It might help explain astrology.


    Bara ברא is the word god used to describe creation. בBait=housing, רRaish= universal energy, אaleph= god of speech/thought.  god contained energy creating physicality.


    Like a circle in a spiral

    Like a wheel within a wheel

    Never ending or beginning

    On an ever spinning reel. (Bergmans & Legrand)


    I know, super science fiction!


    Was life created by magic or programs?



    Here are few examples of the how the decoded word presents itself. 


    Create קרי א-ת אות  Called-out-everything or called-out-letters, either way there is a strong suggestion that god called out instructions into a computer


    The English word, code, originated in the Hebrew word a code =עקד , meaning knotted in Hebrew. 


    The letters for Deoxyribonucleic Acid, DNA = דין א means verdicts god in Hebrew. RNA = RN A רן א = song god (transmit info). 


    Ribonucleic (included in the long name for DNA) = ribon cl ריבון כל = ruler everything in Hebrew. 


    Com-bine = Cmo-Bina, Like understanding, wisdom Binah,  בינה, is the second intellectual sephira on the kabbalistic tree of life.


    It is all summarized in the Hebrew word for god = adonai אדני = the DNA god, our programmer. 


    I am using Latin letters, not Hebrew because, as the table on the right shows, the original Hebrew letters “the writing of god” is made up of current Latin letters.  Have none of the linguists studying ancient Hebrew noticed this?  The Latin alphabet is not in the same order nor written left to right, as is Hebrew, but it's not in code, so who is able to suggest names, words? God, or maybe just a series of natural accidents?


    Maybe the most revealing word is the word language = lngg (consonants) = lan hagig (no ge sound in Hebrew) לן הגיג = thought dormant (within).  This suggests that language and thought came together as one.  When language, words and the ability to recombine them were programmed, we were in effect gifted the ability to create. Language and thought came together in the same way the chicken and the egg came together.  It also suggests that when language was confounded, so was thought. On the other hand, when a word is decoded it reveals itself, it becomes THE WORD. HASHEM. THE NAME.


    Blessed be the Word.  Blessed be Hashem.  Blessed be his Name.


    Theories (from the Hebrew thioury תיאור meaning description.


    The Sumerian myth says the gods came here 432,000 years before the flood.  The Kali Yuga (Hindu time measurement) is said to last 432,000 years.  Approximately 300,000 years ago they redesigned human beings (adam) by mixing their 'essence'(DNA) with ours, it is the reason they called him A-DAM = GOD-BLOOD(Heb) . Since that kind of computer technology was, until recently, truly unimaginable, it was labeled a myth.  No one wants to believe that someone created us using a computer and that he/she/they can access our hard drive -  our subconscious, which would give them the ability to create thousands of languages out of one and then confound it.  It also gives the programmer the ability to know what is in our mind individually or collectively, “God knows the heart of man...”.


    This statements by the Sumerian gods who claim they altered our genetic make up by giving us some of their genes, this also suggests they were NOT the creators, that they aren't our original programmers. It explains why the bible talks about creation of male and female in chapter 1 while chapter 2 is talking about creating a male worker- Adam (a-dam =  god-blood, heb) was re-created, reprogrammed about 300,000 year ago. Elohim created the world, Yhwh created us, he only appears in chapter 2....


    Note: Until few months ago the human genome was believed to go back only 125,000 years, but recent discovery confirmed the Sumerian assertion dating our DNA to 300,000 years ago. It turns out that the myth was more accurate than the science, until the science changed its mind.


    A myth = ameth אמת = truth.  All myths are true but describe different times in our past.


    Who is God? Who is the True(Torah) god? The Sumerian Enki created mankind, moved to Egypt, changed his name to Thoth but held an Ank(enki). His name means I-Am in Hebrew. Brahma and scores of other names are all the Same God...they are all YhwH, Elohim, Adonia who used different names in different myths. Is god an alien? are there other gods?


    1-Thou shalt have none other gods before me. ..It's ok to have other gods as long as their laws aren't observed before God's...there are other gods....'For the LORD is a great God And a great King above all gods" Psalm 95-3...


    2- Thou shalt not make thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the waters beneath the earth:  God says he is an Alien entity that looks like nothing we can even imagine... like nothing on earth or the skies....but nevertheless god is still a Physicality...


    ז  כִּי מִי בַשַּׁחַק, יַעֲרֹךְ לַיהוָה;    יִדְמֶה לַיהוָה, בִּבְנֵי אֵלִים.


    Ps 89:7 For who in the skies can be compared unto the LORD, who among the sons of the gods can be likened unto the LORD,


    Why then settle on Yhwh as a name? it means Y-hwh or's a title....


    Language and the Bible


    Gen 2:20 And the man gave names to all cattle, and to the fowl of the air, and to every beast of the field.


    This suggests that the letter meanings were encoded or, in other words, programmed into Adam. He then combined those letters into words or, names - shem. This original laguage - Hebrew, was created by god and held alot of knowledge which god deemed we weren't ready for so he confounded language.


    Gen 11:7  Come, let us go down, and there confound their language.


    The Bible and scores of other “myths” repeat the claim that the single original language was confounded, and until today it has remained an inexplicable, and I might add unbelievable.  This is the first time the secret of how god confounded THE WORD is explained and revealed.


    Why is Hebrew the key? Why not Latin or another language?  “And the writing is the writing of god.”  That's what the Torah says about the Hebrew language. If language was confounded, it had to be Hebrew.  Why has no one thought of it?  Well, it seems someone did.  According to a professor of Hebrew at Bar Ilan University, it was “proven” that Hebrew is not the original language.  That's from a professor from of a religious university. 


    I use mainly Hebrew and English, two living and well known languages to prove my thesis. I am positive = positov = פה זה טיב = here this good.  I am not a linguistic expert, my knowledge and understanding of Hebrew is elementary and rudimentary.  I left Israel at 15 and that was 50 years ago, which is the reason I was only able to decode approximately 3,000 words.  This number is still statistically high enough to prove “beyond reasonable doubt” that language and life were the result of complex programs. This only becomes possible after one understands that language is code, knotted (Heb.).  The language code is the key to understanding our true history and far more importantly our potential futures left hidden in a nonlinear multi-dimensional crossword puzzle. This is the crossroads where science and theology finally meet.


    The obvious question is: if it's so obvious how is it no one noticed?  The short answer is because no one looked.  Most people, even theologians, believe in evolution, meaning that they believe that language developed one word at a time from grunts.  When, in fact it was created whole.  First, the letters were created and then combined to create words. Researching words is futile because they were confounded.  But when assigning Hebrew letter-meanings, every language can be decoded.  For example, the sound of the English letter D means knowledge and the sound B means a housing, in all languages. 


    Scientists have shown life was designed!  The more they discover, the clearer it becomes that life requires very complex programs.  Our body is by far the most sophisticated chemical factory on Earth, the number of simultaneous chemical reactions is so large it is almost immeasurable. Scientists are trying to prove an oxymoron, that all the design, forethought and complex programs they discovered were written by their “god” they named, “accident,” then renamed “evolution.”  They believe “nature” experiments with different possibilities and then decides on the best one which it programs and then destroys all failed experiments.  Nature: very smart and neat. Scientists, therefore, keep researching how accidents made basic elements that write programs. They examine and test the particles; the hardware, while the secrets lay safe yet out in the open. The answer is in the software; the programs, the letter combinations; the word.


    The word program the Perio garam = פריו גרם his fruit-cause(Heb)...the program is the cause of least that's what the Word says to me...then I wondered, it was all created with molecules not letters...Mole cules ...mila hacol מילמ הכל   = a-word everything (formulas converted to words)...and then...but those were primarily made up of Phosphates = pho sapha ot פה שפה אות ..meaning: here-language-letter. Sapha-ish שפה איש  means language-man in Heb. those two words were combined to create the eng. word Speech = language-man,  When I wondered who did it? the word Letter suggests Le tter = el torah -The Torah god...not obvious, no meant to be (hidden for 6000 years)but it's there in all languages. The evidence that proves this new/biblical theory is original,  meaning it was never available nor evaluated by anyone before.   What you are about to read is based on accumulated NEW knowledge gained after decoding 3000 eng. words using basic Heb. letter meanings.


    How can 3000 words, enough to understand 80% of the bible be accidental? how can this happen? The only reasonable answer is, intelligent design...computers, our subconscious, our hard drive is getting wireless information from bigger computers...just like our computers do with other servers/main frames. The subconscious has by design(not by accident of nature) almost unlimited memory so it can record everything and it forgets nothing, we are recording it but by design we can't access it...that makes no sense...we get un-requested good and bad ideas/advice from the subconscious (where god and the devil reside...), that makes No sense, who is doing it?...but it happens to everyone! it still makes no sense!!


    The Torah and the accumulated deciphered words suggest that there were two creations. First the soul and later a living soul - the human body.  The Soul is our aura = aur a = light god.  Our soul is a light entity that lives forever.  It resides outside the body, it surrounds it and runs it through 86% of the brain - The subconscious, the god files. The Spanish for soul is alma = olam a = the world of god, a world of light entities we are unaware of. It might also explain why king Solomon writes that one doesn't know if the day one dies is the best or worse day of ones life.


    Torus energy surrounds the body, it is a closed energy system that looks very much like a heart.  Toru s = torah this.  What's in a name?  Everything!  Its name it suggests that god energy powers everything.


    By the Numbers


    Elohim = אלהים 1+30+5+10+40 = 86.  The name of the god creator adds up to 86.  86% is 6 of 7 parts, god worked 86%, “6 days” and rested on the 7th (or 14%).  Our program files are 14% the conscious mind.


    In His Image? 


    Genesis chapter 1 describes the creation of light entities in god's image.  Gen 1:26 (numerically yhwh is 26), “And God said Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.”  God created physical light entities that live forever and are in his image. With this statement god confirmed he is physical - has an image.  Genesis chapter 2 describes a physical creation inside the light and is therefore careful not to say in the Bible, “in the image or likeness of god,” because it isn't!  Gen 2:2 “Then the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.”  The word, became suggests man was something else before, first soul; a light being, then a living soul.  וַיִּיצֶר יְהוָה-אֱלֹהִים אֶת-הָאָדָם, עָפָר מִן-הָאֲדָמָה   In the Hebrew version of the Bible it literary means, and god re-manufactured man from the earth, not manufactured but RE-manufactured יִּיצֶר, this was a second creation, a different one.  The final bit of information is the choice of the Hebrew word for create.   Genesis chapter 2 uses yatzar not bara (used in Gen chapter 1) to mean create.  Yatzar (create in a sense of manufacture) means made-narrow(inside the Aur-a).  The Bible doesn't lie but it leaves information in code, waiting for science to catch up.  Two creations are clearly described: one creation is of light, in god's image and the other of courser denser matter.  One decays, the other lives forever.  One suffers, the other feels it deeply.


    Soul/Spirit is from the Hebrew Sephiroth, the 10 attributes/emanations written about in Kabbalah through which God created the world and/or manifests Himself.  This suggests that there are higher levels of spirituality.


    The Trinity is universal and true, father-god, son, the physical body, and the holy spirit, our aura or soul (consciousness), it is how we were all created.  Tri-naty = torah nati = Torah I gave.  True = torah.


    The Hebrews and Torah

    According to historians, the Amou from Avary  = am evri = Hebrew nation, were Semitic pharaohs who ruled Egypt for a while and then left Egypt 3,500 years ago, the same time the mythical Israelites left.  The Greek renamed these rulers, the Hixos, which meant tax collectors.  According to Herodotus and Josephus, the Amou settled in Israel.  It is documented that Joseph's people began as tax collectors and ended up as rulers.  This is why there is no record of them ever invading Egypt, just a record of them ruling it.  And then there is Baher Youseph, an artificial lake built 3,600 years ago to hold and then redistribute the overflow from the Nile.  It is still used today and is still called Baher Youseph = the ocean of Joseph.  Joseph figured out how to increase wheat production, so he was left in charge.


    Science says that numbers are the universal language.  By the numbers: Adam = ADM אדם = 1+4+40 = 45.  Then Eve was created, EVH = חוה = 8+6+5 = 19.   Adam minus Eve is, 45-19 = 26 = yhwh (the soul surrounding the body), the DNA god.  According to Psalms, man was created a “little less than god.”  Tho תו is the last letter in the Hebrew alephbet and the first letter in the word, Thorah (I am the first and the last), its value is 46 (4/T+6/O (also the number of chromosomes). 46 is the value of the Hebrew letters, Th o.  This shows that god made us a little less than him, Adam = 45.


    This is not rocket science, this is more like Kabala 101.  Numbers, the universal language, converted to letters (pictures/symbols) a process that explains why god-yhwh is numerically 26 (26000 genes) and why we have 46 chromosomes. So, why hasn't anyone of the millions studying those books noticed before?  The short answer is, we can't see even the obvious if our subconscious/soul/yhwh doesn't want us to.  The most obvious example is that we all use language but still don't understand it.


    We have mis-defined language as a communication tool.

     All organisms communicate, every cell in the body communicates.  What makes human language unique is that it gives us the ability to combine pictures that then create new pictures.  It is in fact a creation tool with which we sometimes communicate.  Language is the creation tool of god and man.


    Language is a most dangerous double edged sword...the ability to create in our mind of what is not is like lying...WE ALL LIE - by design...Every memory we have is  a somewhat subjective opinion of what actually happened. God therefore doesn't order us not to lie...he orders us not to give false witness. God unlike us, doesn't judge 'intentions', words , the ten commandments are about actions not thought, about what not to do not what not to think...the word Law in heb means NO. In other words, according to god Actions speak far louder than words. In my humble opinion god's laws also suggest that god is responsible for some of our bad thoughts... after all free will requires that we think of good and bad and act correctly...god is likely supplying those ideas.


    Todah תו דה = thanks.  To Da = Tho knows.   Th ank = תו העניק = tho henik = Tho bestowed.  


    In Defence of God's Old Testament Laws.


    This website is dedicated to a scientific prove that there is a god, that all languages, every new and old word and every myth (we don't know the authors of any of them)were written/dictated by the same god and are made up of heb Letters which are picture-words, this can only happen if god is involved in our life. This proof uses semantic (sem n tic = shem tic שם תיק= name file (Heb)), 3000 words as evidence, a prove positive that god is responsible for each new word, that's why we call him Hashem-The Word. It's a linguistic prove which really has nothing to do with morality or rule of law, but it seems that unless the wisdom of god's law of 'eye for eye' can be explained nothing else seem to matter. In the next few pages I will digress from what is a scientific prove in order to compare our laws to the bible's.


    It was shocking how unfair our present laws are when compared god's law: ONE law: Eye for Eye and the requirement that all laws must be the same for everyone makes the laws fair. God's law doesn't allow any favoring of one group, not for kings, not for government officials, not for farmers, nor for industry or for financial institutions -  no exceptions are allowed. One law for everyone eliminates the need and effectiveness of lobbying of any kind. According to the bilble the way to measure a law's fairness is to ask: is it the same for everyone? If one group is excused or gets 'affirmative action' for any reason the consequence is often less fair for the rest of society... 


    The biggest misunderstanding of god's law is the assumption that the eye for eye laws were meant to punish the offender, they were meant to balance the victim's negative energies, which will re-balance earth's energies...The god who is light, balances light - energy. Eye for Eye in the physical world balances the energies' in the energy/light world, east meets west- in the mirror.


    I started out believing there is no way there is a god, it appeared to me that though god's laws are about Justice, the righteous don't win, the wicked end up rich and ruling and the meek do not seem to be inheriting anything, in short 'the rich get richer and the poor get children'.  I still find it to be true, but I now understand God's Law was 'temporarily suspended' because we asked for free choice', free will...meaning we asked to experience any of thousands different rules and rulers, law and lawlessness, until we conclude that the bible had the right answers all along. 'Be careful what you ask for' God granted us our wish by creating Satan, not an entity but interactive programs giving us good and bad suggestions, alternative ideas directly to the subconscious, those programs were designed to VEER-US-OF-THE-PATH... in Heb SATA-N שטן  means to-veer-of-the-path. I now realise that it is a temporary situation, a few thousand years lesson. When the time comes the satan programs will not be shut down completely but 'turned way down, meaning less bad ideas will come to mind.   Alternative = elter native אלתר נטיב = changed-road(Heb). Civil =shvil (heb) = Path(heb)...


    Most believe that it is practically 'self evident' that the Torah laws are too old and too harsh', 'they are not relevant to our modern life'. This is pretty much universal feeling about the Torah/Bible. But yet, everyone says they believe in god, but no one country adapted those laws. Torah laws were given to a nation, they are actually the original constitution, and like the constitution they were  meant to navigate a nation behaviour, a nation future, that is why no one person can follow the constitution or the torah. The laws seem way too harsh because they are based on-'eye for eye' meaning doing unto others as they do unto you. We in the 'civilized' world believe that beating, maiming and killing of offenders who maimed beat or killed is wrong - not humane and not a deterrent. I think Gandhi expressed the prevailing sentiment best 'eye for eye will create a country of one eyed people', great saying but false, according to god those laws will create people who would know exactly their punishment before hand, people who will not do unto others what they wouldn't want done to them, people who will respect each other.   We believe we are more loving than god...which is true, at least more loving to the criminal at the cost of being far less loving to the VICTIM and devastating for society's future survival. The strange thing about individual rights which all Americans are enamored with is that they often come at the expense of societies rights. The simple truth is that the long term survival of the human race has to come ahead of individual rights otherwise our race we will not survive....Asimov explained it better than I can, naming it the Zeroth Law.


    We have tacitly agreed that individual rights are more important than the truth!  And...we are all proud of it!! How can we have justice without truth?  What we call an adversarial system is adversary against society's laws by twisting the truth!! by claiming exceptions to the law, which is sanctioned by law, by ex lawyers.  Actually everything we do is adversarial, we think it's healthy to be adversarial...besting the other side is the objective...and if it produces the truth or not is almost incidental....the best system in the world? Only if you can hire a good lawyer is the part that is missing from that statement. I know that the argument is that with a totalitarian system one person ends up ruling and that normally doesn't work out...because once one lets another play god...But if we understand and follow god's law, one law with no exceptions, then we no longer need to protect our liberties by being adversarial...god has written laws that protect us equally! According to god's law and according to the constitution 'We the people' the poor and the rich are entitled to equal amount of truth or 'equal protection under the law' ...This doesn't mean that everyone is entitled to a lawyer it means No one is entitled to a lawyer, no lobbyist for anyone, just love for the truth. It might seem that I am saying that all lawyers are bad people, they are like the rest of us, but they are part of a bad system, one that doesn't seek the truth...only 'the truth will set you free'...Truth is the name of god!!


    The Torah laws are far more loving and caring than we can understand, they are meant to re-balance earth's energies by balancing the energies of victim and offender. That's why they are not loving to the offenders but are loving to the victim and to the long term survival of the human race. We simply don't understand them because our science is not yet developed, there was no way that we could have understood that DNA created life by letter combinations, by creating words, that some of those programs/behavior patterns, which are in effect a result of a series of very complex chemical reactions and some of them can not be simply modified/rehabilitated and therefore must be eliminated. God is telling us that some people's actions are like an infectious virus, like cancerous cells that are air born(thought), unless we eliminate them they would infect us all, resulting in more and more violent society, given the advances in technology we are sure to destroy ourselves.  We need to understand that life was programmed with a computer that some times makes mistakes, god is telling us how to correct them. This is an idea that was impossible to understand. So much was misunderstood and misinterpreted thousands of years ago that now it is almost impossible to revisit them because billions of Christians Jews and Moslems alike are vested in the misinterpreted versions.  There was no way to understand that the Hebrew word for Sun =  שמש CMC (writing of god) also doubles as might be why Einstein insisted on assigning the letter C for the speed of light....the speed of light in km and the heb letter C-shin both have the value of 300. The  idea that every word is a Formula is expressed in the eng FORMULA that decodes to heb as FO R MILA פה ראה מילה meaning HERE SEE WORD.


    Though the evidence of 3000 words is repeatable and expandable, the message remains un- sellable because it claims everyone understanding of the bible is wrong, that every religion and scientific explanations are all partially wrong, but I finally recognized that everyone is also partially right, that this is how it is meant to be, it is befitting because it was designed to unite the human race, because it seems each one is holding only part of the truth. Even the Bible, old and new testament or the Hindu or Sumerian myths are impossible to understand without combining myths and using a heb. decoder, therefore only together as one we can succeed in understanding The Word, Hashem, that the whole, is far greater than it's parts. But then each religion and evolutionists would have to relinquish their hold over their minions and I know...It ain't likely for anyone to give up their their power base,...everyone wants to be a god so they say they speak in his name....They interpret- change his laws in his name... they replaced god's law with man made laws. It's the reason it is forbidden to say Yehowa because all those 'new improved' laws aren't in his name. All religions do not accept the bible's wisdom and therefore interpret the laws which suggest that god isn't a good judge of right and wrong, that his laws do not fit our modern understanding and that he clearly isn't a good writer. God 'forgot' to mention a lot of things and that he even contradicts himself, they claim god re-thought it and then told different people what he really meant so they can make it more better...Changing his laws means changing god to be in our image!! We think we are far smarter and understand right and wrong better than god so we chose to change his laws...modernize them. Regardless of the rational we use we are saying; we do not believe in god's laws but we believe in some sort of a god who has no body but is everywhere, since is made of magic gas no one can see or sense, and he clearly must be using magic to do everything. It's more than funny it's ludicrous not to mention that it's also sacrilegious. 'no one sees me and lives' god didn't tell Moses 'I have no body', instead god's answer was that he has a body and even allowed Moses to see god's back, God's answer even suggests god is limited because he was unable to neutralize himself.


    If God is love his laws do not seem to exude love. We are so vein we think 'song' is about us today, we are so needy we think all love should be directed at us and after we die? - who cares? ...killing a murderer is an act of love, not for  the murderer but for the future of humanity. God loves everyone equally especially the pure and innocent, the yet not born! In the physical world god shows his love to the human race by ordering us to eliminate murderers and rapists in order to allow others not yet born to live. Those tough love laws were designed to insure that trilions not yet born will actually be born and prosper. God is giving us a road map of which genetic changes to make... but somehow we are all only concern with love for the criminal, god's laws are meant to save humanity not to spare the feelings of murderers and doom humanity in the process. Those laws were designed to insure the survival of the human race for the next million years!! We couldn't survive as a race if murderers and rapists persist and grow in our future genetic and memory pools. We are committing slow agonising suicide, we all know that unless we eradicate violence we will not survive as a race, but we somehow came to the conclusion that placating criminals will convert them. The bible, god is telling us which genetic traits need to be eliminated and how to in effect rehabilitate others...and if one is concern abut the murderers, when murderers and rapists souls return to god, to the light, in the spirit, god loves them again.  The author of those programs, the author of all those myths is telling us how to purify the HUMAN race/genome to 'balance the energies of the human race. Those 'hard' laws were designed to create a god like society, just, caring and loving, to be one with the soul...a society that understand that the interconnectivity of the human race was designed, where we will all answer: Yes I am my brothers keeper',when we all understand that earth is an entity and each of us are like cells in earth's body. We, little tiny gods who can't understand god's laws were asked to follow them on 'faith' but decided we believe in God but not his laws because 'let's be honest'...his laws are too harsh too old and too wrote our own 'new improved' laws. If it wasn't sad it would be funny...or....L.O.L. We think we are tricking god...We are like a baby covering his eyes and thinking no one can see him...In the book of Psalms god says that when he looked from the heaven down to earth to see if anyone is searching for, inquiring about god, god said..'ain gam ehad' 'not even one', he knows what is in the heart of man, no magic, just an interactive programs direct to the subconscious, we know it's not normal that we do not truly run the subconscious, 86% of the brain is not in our control but we still think we are 'kings of our castles'...We are lucky... thank god, god has a good sense of humor.


    The justice system: Understanding not changing (interpreting) god’s laws can give us simple answers to complicated problems such as justice and taxes and government.The criminal justice  system cannot be Just because it was not designed to seek the truth, you can't have justice without the truth… It cannot be just because it took the victim out of the system (criminal, lawyers and a judge make a deal -  only criminal approval is required. Victims are not part of the system and therefore are rarely considered or compensated. The system asks everyone to consider what's fair to the criminal, because it is sublimely suggested by the name 'criminal justice', instead we ought to ask what the biblical god asks: what is fair for the victim? The biblical system seeks to indemnify the victim which ought to be the whole point of any justice system… Changing the name to the Victim Justice System will in time change the laws…It was designed  as the Hindus say to “Balance the energies'. An "eye for eye" is the method of balancing the energies, that is why god spells it out in great specificity, balance the energies is the results of right actions....You can't have one without the others. ...


    The law of Eye for eye spells out the right action: if someone takes another's eye premeditated his eye will be taken out, if a man beats up his wife or another man and breaks her/his legs, jail is prescribed, more like hospital would then be required since his legs would be broken. It would also apply to three 15 years olds who beat one kid, all three would get beaten with similar results...mean? or maybe it is the best thing that could happen to the kids and far more important to society? What are we barbarians? yeah!!  otherwise we wouldn't allow 3 kids to beat another in full view of many on lookers with no one feeling responsible enough to do anything. This law  must apply for any violent crime . But if it was an accident and ones eye was taken out, god suggests financial compensation. ...victim justice is the system.      White collar crimes If a man steals from another not using violence, god's Torah laws decrees that the man must pay back double. What happened to eye for eye? the law requires the man to pay double because eye for eye means that the victim needs to feel/experience like the criminal, while the criminal needs to feel like the victim, that according to the Torah is how the energies of victim and criminal get balanced which will in turn balance earth's's not an option, it's the program...curiously or maybe not, eye for eye balances the energies...very eastern religion....or, what's the difference?


    God said we shouldn't be judgmental...that's true enough, but its only half the sentence the other half explains: because god already judged'. God in the book of Psalm explains that he gave the laws to everyone but the judgement only in the Torah. God explains that since he already spelled out the judgments (judged), that we should not second guess him by being judgmental of his laws, of him!.... god isn't saying don't think, all the brain can do is judge, god in an act of love is suggesting the right path to achieve harmony. God wrote it down for us because he knows that we wouldn't be able to figure it on our own, to balance the energies or to balance earth on our own, all god is asking is that we do not to try to be gods before we know how to be decent human beings.


    By decoding the Word, English words with Heb meanings, we can begin to understand god.


    Victim -= Vi  ketem בי כתם = in me a stain(heb), Lawyer = lo yaear לא יאיר= will not shed light(heb)...Liers..Law - lo = לא No(heb), the rules of what not to do...


    lawyers are officers of the court ... but are allowed to lie at least by omission. Since god seeks the truth...his court has only witnesses and lawyers...If we insist on lawyers...they ought to have the same rights as a witness, its true they should do the best they can but not at the cost of the truth. The special relationship between lawyer and accused are designed to protect the accused even at the cost of screwing the justice system. No one thinks it's a little strange that attorneys talked us into giving up the truth so lawyers can do a 'good' job?  True(eng):  Torah(heb).


    Heb to Heb decoding works as well. The heb word everyone knows but no one can exactly define: CHoutzpa חוצפה made up of 2 words hetz-Peh meaning Arrow-Mouth, I have yet to hear a better definition....The Hebrew Etza עצה means Advice, is made of of 2 Heb letter/words   Ayin meaning Eye ע and Tzadic צ meaning righteous thus it suggests at least subconsciously that advice ought to be given from the eye of the righteous, best advise anyone can give one who is contemplating giving advice.     


    The Government and the Law of Eye for Eye


    God explains what eye for eye means when it comes verdicts/punishment the laws must be the same and the punishment must be the same for everyone -  It is actually the only test in order to determine if it is a just law. One law for everyone! Government regulations and Taxes must also be the same for everyone. It means that government employees and other powerful unions will not be able to opt out of social security and create their own, much better system. Those exceptions weaken social security because it takes out tens of millions, highly paid employees out of the system...Eye for eye wouldn't allow government employees or anyone else to opt out of OBAMA CARE which weakens the system, both departments are managed by people who don't have 'skin in the game'...   Eye for eye also means that all tax rates and deductions must be the same.  Everyone should be allowed to depreciate real estate including private homes or no one should be law for everyone!! Or does anyone believe that real estate depreciates only when a rich man owns it and rents it out but it doesn't depreciates when one owns and lives in it? Depreciation is an imaginary expense because real estate goes up, but it allows the rich not pay taxes on their income... When Commercial real estate including a private home that was rented out is sold no appreciating/profit tax is paid if another property is other words the laws allow sheltering income and avoiding taxes on profits which is clearly against bible law (over 90% of millionaires are millionaires from real estate).  The current laws allow the rich to accumulate wealth much faster than the middle class.   By the way it's not 10% tax rate that god recommends...its 10% + the corners of the field for the poor (2 tax rates, one for everyone and another for the rich). It is called She-erity שארתי in Hebrew meaning left-over or...Sheerity = charity (English).


    Discrimination God is clear, Moses took a black wife, a Cooshit meaning African but translated as Ethiopian... aron his brothers complains...'from all the woman in the camp thats what you chose?....god then punishes Aron for even complaining and only relents when Moses intervenes...moses and god are law for everyone meaning no discrimination based on color race....Same law to the stranger and the citizen is advocated by god.


    Governments are run as cost centers while private companies are run as profit centers...the more profit the stronger more influential the company, but when it comes to government the bigger the loss, the bigger the budget, the stronger more influential is the department...a system that provides no incentive to save but strong incentive to spend... Capitalism in reverse...government employees from the president (democrat or republican) down act that way...more money, more power, more control...not their fault... Unless we change the system, they are doing a great job enlarging 'their company' the government!        


    God explains how he thinks:  He says that his first thought is his last act, this doesn't suggest magic just planning. we call this thinking system 'management by objective'(objective is first thought)...our system is better defined as: 'having lost our objectives we redoubled our effort'.  This is because we are still trying to figure right and wrong.  As you read you will notice that god first figured it out and only then planned, programmed everything, and that happened billions of years ago...God Wrote the original Torah as a summery while the explanations were left in other languages and myths...Moses broke the tablets as an act of love...the sparks that flew out created all languages and myths...Jewish folklore.


    We are really talking here about a 14-4 billion year program. We are judging it based on very incomplete information...for example, would we enforce god's laws if we were able to see into the future and recognise that we will vanish, become extinct unless we follow god's laws? faith in god is faith in his laws.


     No Torah,  No truth, No design...any variation will not balance the energies, will not produce justice for the zillions not yet born.


    Chomsky and Language


    Designing any Language, any symbolic representation(letters/sounds/signals/molecules) requires prior thought, it is one of the many reasons why scientists haven't been able to offer a credible theory as to how a series of accidents created 4 simultaneous mutations and a complex language gene.  Even if we were to accept that a miracle created 4 mutations we still need to answer: ‘who did the first mutant speak to? Since language is a social skill it would require 4 mutations in a related group of people which is impossible to explain if one assumes accident. This baffled Scientists and linguists enough to conclude that 'language in human is incompatible with the evolutionary theory'. Incompatible? They concluded it couldn't have happened by accident, which means it had to happen by design, Or are there any other options?


    When asked in a N.Y times interview in 1999,“Imagine,” Mr. Chomsky says, “that some divine super engineer, in a single efficient strike, endowed humans with the power of language where formerly they had none.” This simple idea is the cornerstone of Mr. Chomsky’s newest – and most unconventional – approach to the discipline he founded in 1957'. Explained Ms Margalit Fox. 


    Wow full circle... It appears that Mr. Chomsky a self proclaim atheist Now believes a divine super engineer (divine no less) inserted wholly programmed language gene. Ms Fox excitement about this new theory indicates that neither Mr. Chomsky nor Ms Fox noticed that Chomsky's new idea has been told thousands of years ago in Genesis and many other myths. This body of work intends to prove that Genesis old claim (and Chomsky's new theory) are/is correct: that a god, a DNA programmer inserted language into humans. Language acquisition device aka L.A.D is how Chomsky defined our innate(programmed) ability to learn language. He Could have used many other names but he somehow decided on this one. L.A.D לד means AT Hebrew. iNNaTe..has the NT consonantal sound which is also present in the heb. NaTa נטע meaning Planted (innate). Did chomsky mean to do it? I intend to show that there is a 'big computer' called 'The Word' that wirelessly suggests names.  I sent an abstract of this to Mr. Chomsky in 1997. Mr Chomsky who speaks Hebrew responded (on a postcard) saying his publisher doesn't allow him to comment. Well...


    Is God an Alien scientist, a programmer Or a magical creator?


    God is wrongly perceived to be 'spiritual, without body which forces us to perceive him to be a magical creator...Do you believe in magic? I don't.     Evolutionists who claim not to believe in magic keep trying to find the magic that caused chemical to combine and write programs.


    Magic or programs?   Almost 99% of the mass of the human body is made up of the six basic and well known elements: oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus. Only about 0.85% is composed of another five elements: potassium, sulfur, sodium, chlorine, and magnesium. All are necessary to life. So...evolutionists must believe a bunch of phosphorus combined with other elements creating complex molecules/letters and then wrote programs using 11 basic elements and other trace elements...The idea that those elements gathered  ON THEIR OWN to create useless complex molecules/letters and write programs..' or as science prefers ...'replicating molecules', is in my opinion, way beyond ludicrous, because we know enough about those elements to conclude that they don't know how to write programs!! Actually... we know by failed experiments that they don't even know how to gather spontaneously...


    Scientists also use large computers in order to mimic creation, they think it brings them closer to proving evolution/accidental creation and thereby disproving god...They are in fact proving our designer used computers not magic...I believe in science don't you? God used DNA letter combinations, molecules/words to create...that's why we call him 'The Word'. No magic, just a science we just began to understand.     RNA meaning RIN A ךנ א or SONG G(it transmits information)         DNA or DiN A = דין א  Verdicts-God....The meaning is Hebrew but the letters are Latin....go turns out we need to combine myths and languages in order to discover god...God left us a  multi dimensional crossword puzzle. The crossroads where science and theology finally meet.


    UFOS>>>Looking for aliens in the skies assumes very 'low tech' aliens...if they wanted to contact us why not land in Disney land. We have planes/drones that are flown remotely and we are experimenting with a robotic soldier, but we expect to meet real aliens? The governments of the world and the whole UFO community insist on thinking low tech...Embarrassingly so... High tech thinking means looking for them like the song says 'in the windmills of your mind' , in DNA programs, thinking high tech means one assumes their computers that are sophisticated enough to write DNA programs are certainly advanced enough to probe and affect our mind(add 500,000 years to our computer tech)...that's why they don't need to land...nor to kidnap, they already know what we are thinking...they(our forefathers) likely 'put it there'....since all we are discovering is information that we are spoon fed periodically....It is possible to comprehend how one programmer -  wrote all information...all knowledge comes from his also explains the expression  There is nothing new under the sun. When I asked Barbara Marciniac, a Plieadian channeler what were they doing here...she said their respond baffled her, they told her they are looking for the Keys to the library...I have to believe they want us to figure it out. Finally why does almost everyone smile at the mention UFOS? is it a normal reaction?  This ought to scary! enslavement, mind control, total destruction...but everyone knows enough to smile...why?


    The idea that life could have been created and controlled by a 'computer' has been expressed in ancient writing, which called those computers; The stones of Destiny (crystal computers). The idea that one god can communicate with billions of people or even know what we think, control our mind, sounds too outlandish to consider. But we easily accept that our computers and smart phones talk to other phones other computers all the time, they do that automatically without our knowledge. That is after only 40 years of computer imagine 1 million years...unimaginable!! but it is a certainty that a creator would not just 'walk away' without the ability to interact with our subconscious..hard drive, the god files.


    The fact we exist suggests the Big bang was a controlled explosion


    I was amazed to note that scientists say that the big bang that created the universe, shouldn't have!! Matter and anti matter should have destroyed each other but due to imperfect mirroring some matter survived.   Scientists thereby confirmed that it wasn't a regular but a special big bang. Imperfect mirroring was responsible for our creation. Was that an accident? The big bang only works if we accept imperfect mirroring...The big bang is actually the IMPERFECT MIRRORING THEORY   According to scientists Our genes were also programmed with imperfect mirroring -  evolution was programmed. Cloning supports this theory, cows created by cloning were not identical and developed different personalities.     Crossword style, or Imperfect mirroring is also how language was confounded.




    My opinion: The moslem insistence to return to scripture-sharia law seems to be very unreasonable, but using the imperfect minoring theory might explain their attitude. They are absolutely right that we all must return back to the law of god to torah law except that due to imperfect mirroring...they are mistakenly insisting on returning to the law of MAN,  NOT THE LAW OF GOD-they are insisting on sharia law not Tora



    The Torah tells the same story as the Sumerian Egyptian(present day moslems), Hindu and other myths but in code.  אלהים  Elohim,  is actually spelled as El hayam- אל הים god-of-ocean, because he created using water, which matches other myths and science, but the diacritical marks direct us to 'misread' it as elohim. The Torah God hovered over water and Brahma saw his image in water(same story told with imperfect mirroring). Both suggests water blew up to produced Matter...that it 'rained' Matter. מטר Matter(eng) means Rain(matar) in Heb. Geshem גשם  is another word for Rain, it also means Materialized in Hebrew. Universe, Genes, language and finally myths/religions were all programmed with imperfect gives us the illusion of uniqueness and randomness which allowed us to believe it's accidental - one thought is used throughout, (the same above as below) the same accident over and over has to be a clue, but it ain't!!....Evolution = Eva-lo shin= איוה לו שין =god-desires-change...we all know the only constant is 'that too shall pass' design....De zaion = דע ציון know Zaion, know the Mark , the Sign. Cre-ate Cara Et =  קרא את called-it or Called letters into a computer. 


    Higgs Boson field  a.k.a the god particle is the 'meduim' that allowed the pure energy of the big bang to turn to matter. The god particle had to exist before the big bang(now go explain that!)...Scientists say it was dormant but somehow turned on. that makes sense! it had nothing to do and felt like it! and it luckily happened just after the big bang, without it we wouldn't exist. A whole field? useless on it's own? where did that come from?    Higgs boson= haga-bo-shin = thought out with it light/the word....the program... that created everything. Oh yeh, I forgot to mention that in order to prove this scientists need to find 5 different, accidentally created Bosons..5 different bosons, 4 different dna letters...not one or two which would have created a computer like ours ...DNA programs are far more complex, far faster and much smaller with almost infinite memory...given 1000 years we will be there... accidents? tell that to Silicon valley.


    Conclusion:    Matter, planets, life and mankind are NOT due to natural events but  to anomalies of nature. It is the only way science can explain them away. We chose to ASSUME accidents positive mutations must be like an air born virus (computer or DNA) otherwise how does it 'infect'  all humans? ...not twicked programs just mutations...accidents due to imperfect mirroring. Accidents? I wonder why mutations produced in laboratory experiments and in the cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima didn't reproduce or revert back to type? I wonder why those cities are now as normal as any other? In other words..The theory of mutation doesn't really work in laboratory or real life.  Most of the world including people who say they believe in god... but are 'enlightened', accept the conclusions as fact, but the facts point in the other direction!




    The Father of All Men is 340,000 Years Old


    March 6 2013: Y chromosome so distinctive that it reveals new information about the origin of our species. It shows that the last common male ancestor down the paternal line of our species is over twice as old as we thought.

    This is big news! Why?? because scientists screwed up and thought it's half as old, and if they got that wrong, how sure are they about the rest? but the number 300,000 is not new, I and many others knew that already. The Sumerian myth (which the torah tells in code) says the gods came here 432,000 years before the flood from a planet called Nibarew - hebrew?) and because they needed workers to mine gold their god Enki changed our DNA about 300,000 years ago (that's why only male-Adam was created initially). It describes the Annanaki inserting male sperm into a Nibarew female. They are described using science not magic, they are described performing fertilization and artificial insemination... then they created Eve, but first they put Adam( the sumerian Adamo) in deep sleep and took a rib, a bone...all body cells are manufactured in the bones. The Sumerian Adamo we are told was created by killing a young unmarried god(jesus like) 'with knowledge' and using his blood to created A-Dam which means God's Blood in Heb. But that's just a myth...written by a bunch of ancients with fertile imagination that happened to be accidentally proven correct 6000 years later.. .Enki or Anoki means I-am(with ego) in Heb (Enoki yhwh elokehaha= enki(i am) your lord Yhwh), while Anu his father and the creator of life on earth means I or We in Heb..  secred number is 5 (bosons) and Enki's secred number is 4 (dna letters). Nature was created by ANOU , or NOUN..Na-Ture deciphers in consonantal Heb. as: Noun-Torah. Noun/En N(eng) letter has the value of 50 in Heb), while the letter Mem/Em M which represents Mem meaning Water Mother Mom) and FROM in Heb representing Enki the god of water has the the secred number of 40. Coincidence?  Or was this was written  for later discovery? We are getting close to understanding the science of DNA... which means we are closer to 'seeing' god through his word, 'The writing was the writing of god'...DNA's all in the language...The ability to create a Word is the special ability to create, to think...Letter combinations, program writing, Thought...the creation tool of god and man.


    Researchers Say They Created a ‘Synthetic Cell’ By NICHOLAS WADE, N.Y Times : May 20, 2010


    The genome pioneer J. Craig Venter has taken another step in his quest to create synthetic life, by synthesizing an entire bacterial genome and using it to take over a cell.


    ”Dr. Venter copied the DNA from one species of bacteria and inserted it into another. The second bacteria made all the proteins and organelles in the so-called “synthetic cell,” by following the specifications implicit in the structure of the inserted DNA.”


    “My worry is that some people are going to draw the conclusion that they have created a new life form,” said Jim Collins, a bioengineer at Boston University. “What they have created is an organism with a synthesized natural genome. But it doesn’t represent the creation of life from scratch or the creation of a new life form,” he said.


    To create true artificial life, both cell structures and DNA must be created without living components. The reason scientists couldn't do that is because our computers don't have enough memory... 'specifications implicit in the structure'  that's a fancy way of saying - programmed. The word 'program' is avoided at all cost...And it's implicit meaning suggested? but It's explicit!! it uses language any court accepts...DNA words!! It seems that in the future when we develop bigger faster computers we will be able to create Artificial life. Intelligent design may soon leave the realms of science fiction and exist in our own world.  Not a miracle but very powerful computers can create life...So if god had a DNA computer?


    Scientists proved intelligent design/God, that a programmer created life. They have shown that birds were not created with new genes but rather that old dinosaur genes were simply twicked in order to create birds, but for some reason they keep concluding over and over and over again that all the forethought and organization was due to a series of unexplained miracles -accidents created all the diversity of life. They are so intent on proving accidental creation/evolution they simply refuse to accept their own findings.


    I wrote few people about my theory that  the biological evidence suggests that the Genesis god, is not a magical god but a hi tech god. That God created by calling out instructions into a computer (It was perfected).


    Seth Shostak , an astronomer and a member of SETI  a group looking for Alien life in the universe,  responded to my email telling me that this is a nonsensical claim because evolutionists proved accidental creation by creating a synthetic cell. If they ever do... they will not prove accidental creation/evolution created life, they will prove that scientists with bigger faster than our present computers can create life, maybe organic computers... ones that use complex molecules as letters, the kind that we know can create life,...The wheel has been invented...we need to understand it not reinvent it...


    Shostak summarized his opinion of this theory; "But I will say that studying the etymology of English will give you no insights at all into the origin of life. That idea is just bonkers; not only logically silly, but also on the basis of timescales"         It seems Dr Shostak like most others thinks language is a communication skill developed from monkey cries...Monkey cries are in the limbic system in back of the brain and are not connected to human language centers suggesting that language didn't develop from monkey cries. Monkey cries like most animal communication are innate- prerecorded....who did that? I get it...the omnipotent god called Accident did it. Since we need language to think and thought to create language, who invented this thinking(creating through picture combinations) device we call language? Assuming evolution can not really answer The proverbial - which came first the chicken or the egg? Which came first language or thought?Since its impossible  to create language without thought, The only possible answer is that they had to came together as one, it had to come in one app, chicken with a program to create an egg or a language gene that allows us to create and then combine words which themselves are thoughts ...seems almost obvious except it requires a conclusion of a programmer, a god who actually wrote those programs. God said          'And the writing was the writing of god'. God used DNA letters


    Decoding English using Hebrew, 'the writing of god' confirms a very intelligent entity wrote the bible and created English using consonantal Hebrew.


    Program = perio garam = פריו גרם his fruits caused.   The fruits of  Programs created life.


    Molecule = mila hakol = מילה הכול everything is word…..Formulas were converted to words.


    Hebrew = he-bara = היא בראה it created.


    Evri meaning Hebrew means Crossers...from another world? if so...Hebrew is a very scientific language.


    Evidence = ovda nas =עובדה נשא Carries facts... LOOK AT THE Evidence: 3000 DECODED WORDS


    Intelligent design means letters not words were programmed: NYU Professor Alec Marantz has shown that the brain looks at each word as a sentence; He looked to the MEG to demonstrate this, he said, "We would see the same pattern of brain activity within a word as within a sentence, though more compressed in time.”  This then means the system developed by linguists which was designed based on the assumption that words were created accidentally...can't detect language designed based on letter combinations.


    In order to explain how nature created files and sub files and extra memory, Scientists have to assign nature forethought, planning and organization. How many accidents it took to program the human genome with 6,000,000,000 bytes organized in 26,000 genes and 46 chromosomes with enormous brain that like a hard drive records everything and forgets nothing? Who programmed us as geniuses....But I also wonder who blocked access to most of the information? And who is responsible for sending us thoughts (both brilliant and evil ones) from the subconscious, the hard drive to the conscious mind? Who is running the subconscious? Looking for Aliens in the sky is what primitive man did. Modern man ought to be aware enough to understand that we are all connected to a very big interactive computer...Our aDoNAi (DNA god).


    Accident or Design?


    Harvard, Berkeley, Stanford, Oxford and hundreds of other universities have origin of life and language departments, they all vigorously claim logic and science is their only guide. Considering there are only two options, accident or design, Where is the logic of researching a long shot, say a billion to one that life was created accidentally and ignoring the only other possibility? 60 years after the discovery of DNA, the computer that created life, they are still investigating against all odds, but with strong conviction that a series of accidents is responsible for programming life on earth. That's why they are  ONLY researching how simpler molecules gathered spontaneously to create more complex ones? They are trying to prove nature wrote programs by accident ...That's an oxymoron.


    Programs? None of the origin of life departments research the programs, the same people mis-defined language as a communication tool when in fact it's what they are all using as a thinking tool. I guess it confused everyone because we sometimes communicate our thoughts... Another example where the facts don't confuse anyone...Think...It took a lot of planning and program writing before we created and used 2 letters to ‘breath’ life into our computers. God/Alien created a far better, far more efficient and smaller computer with almost unlimited memory using 4 physical Letters(chemicals) that were specifically fashioned from 4 different complex molecules to write millions of complex programs. No one wonders maybe it could have been by design? We all know that accident couldn’t create our simple 2 letter computer with it's battery and casing and the many different parts inside, but somehow miss the obvious that DNA is far more complicated and sophisticated and uses far more parts and complex programs – How did Accident program it? None of the origin of life and language departments attempt to research intelligent design! Linguist research words, but inlellignt/god used letters not words which precludes ever proving intelligent design. Considering nature is displaying such organisation and forethought no one suspects? Evolutionists are Looking for the magic that created spontaneous life. No supporting evidence couple with strong irrational believe, sounds like accidental creation/evolution is displaying all the characteristic of a religion.


    Universities are in fact religious teaching institutions who subscribe to the no-god-god which they called evolution. I wrote many of those institutions asking for a forum that would review this body of work, a scientific prove of intelligent design. None responded… If you happen to meet those geniuses tell them Joe Lanyadoo said: You can't see the forest for the trees!!


    Einstein never measured the speed of light. But it seems everyone else did! they all came up with the same 300,000 per second number...Einstein then concluded...if everyone is measuring it at that speed then the speed of light must be constant...pretty good ah?


    After 60 years of trial and error and error and error scientists have proven by their repeated failures that The magic that created life is not Amino acids nor protein. Chemicals can’t and didn't gather to create life and trying to prove it is ludicrous. Science has proven intelligent design by showing that Very complex DNA programs created life. The programmer, not Amino acids is the only true “precursor TO life”!!! 


    Einstein: 'God doesn't play dice with the universe'....expresses the same thing ...No magic, no luck...everything is planned, programmed...nothing left to chance.


    Proving God:


    The most recent and frustrating but yet enlightening was the realization, that this maybe the end of a 33 year mind trip. I realized that in order to truly understand the entire message we would need to assemble many experts in language, science and mythology.  The same university professors I rail against would need to get together as one in order to figure this multi-dimensional crossword puzzle....(wouldn't you know).  It became clear to me that this was designed so no one person or group reading one book even if it's the Torah can ever figure it out. That this was designed so we recognize that we can only survive when we combine our knowledge, when we act as one race one family. We are being taught but we refuse to learn that by design we are our brother’s keepers,  that god sacrificed Able( his secret son who was meant to die) in order to teach us this lesson, otherwise we will perish. But if we manage to learn this lesson to unite as one we will be able to survive and florish....Free chioce...


    I gathered enough examples…3000 English words with Hebrew meaning mixed with smattering of science, mythology and linguistics, enough evidence to make this theory very credible and even 'beyond reasonable doubt' but not enough to really understand the entire  message. Though frustrating, it's strangely liberating to recognise that by design, I am never going to figure this on my own, worse yet I am not even qualified to sit on a panel that will.   My Hebrew is limited to a grade 10 Hebrew education (the Heb. section was translated), my scientific knowledge is limited to Wikipedia  (I am a salesman) and English is my third language...


    Science and the Word


    The only 2 formulas I know are H2O(old) and MC2(new). If I am right then they ought to spell relevant Hebrew words.


    Sun: MC2 describes how the sun makes energy. Replacing Hebrew letters to Einstein formulas. MC2 = MCC  =שמש=משש Sun in Heb. The numerical value of the letter C-Shin is 300 which is identical to the speed of light(metric). Einstein decoded correctly the Hebrew word for sun.... accident? magic?....or  Just a science we don't also explains why Einstein insisted on C for the speed of light, because it stands for the speed of light in Heb, otherwise the formula  wouldn’t work (I am not suggesting he knew that). The letter M in the formula cMc means hydrogen/water or Mass (all the same-1). The letter looks like a wave.


    Water H2O spelled out HOH,.... מימ = hoh = m.y.m water in Heb . The מm stands for hydrogen.  O in the formula corresponds to the Hebrew letter  י Yod  in  מימ which stands for Yhwh. Oxygen is a god over life and has 2 orbits of 2-6 electrons which not coincidentally the same as the numerical value of Yhwh-26. The Hebrew word חמצן meaning Oxygen is numerically 8+4+9+5 = 26.


    Gene-Gan גן , = Garden(Heb. has no ge sound ). We possess 26,000 genes, is that an accident or is it because YHWH planted those genes meaning gardens in Heb? Nature does that?


    501 Jeans….Levi knew! Otherwise why choose such a screwee number?  501 spells out the Hebrew word Asher  אשר the first word in the book of Pslam meaning Blessed (be the man)...


    The Hyoid Bone  היוד  is the name of the lingual Bone. It is the only bone that’s not connected to any other…The Hebrew meaning of Hayoid is The Yod, the god over speech.


    Bone means Boneh בונה  , Builder in Hebrew…pretty scientific….All body cells are manufactured in the bones. Build = בה לד ba lad = Birthed...ברא אות Bar ot = created by letter.... Create -קרא אות  cara ot = called out sign/letter(Torah god)...I can go on...


    Ossicle  עושה קול  means voice maker convert vibration to sound.  It means little bones in Greek, because those are the three smallest bones are in the body.  But in Heb it means Osi-col = Voice maker. The Greeks Ossi means maker synonym to Builder.


    DNA דין א  is our true personal  god –ADONIA refers also to our personal god.  DNA=dn-a=verdicts god, (in Heb). The Letters DNA are hidden within ADoNiA,  or ….DNA full name:  Dioxin ribonucleic acid meaning   Da-osin-ribbon-col,= know-maker-ruler-of-everything.  …when we say Adonia in prayer we are addressing our DNA…stranger than fiction.


    Artery and Vein. Which carries oxygen?   Ar tery אויר טארי  = or tary = fresh air.  Vein בו אין = bo ain = in it none.  IN VEIN then must mean IN IT NONE            


    Pineal Gland…named so because it looks like a pine. Pineal = pneh el פנה אל= face of god.  The pineal gland is also known as the third eye, the inner eye....The face of god.


    I  only just began


    If we could we would design language that way!!  Someone did! but no one notice because it was confounded.


    The difference between university professor and god is that god doesn’t walk around behaving like a university professor …Just joking.


    Religion scholars didn’t fare any better than scientists.


    I am an equal opportunity upsetter, though a lot of the scriptures’ accepted interpretation flies against known scientific facts, they still insist they possess the right understanding of the scriptures. Another oxymoron! 3 religions and zilion offshoots from one book seems to make sense to everyone.       The bottom line is that the facts don't confuse anyone.


    The first born of creation: The above couldn't have been understood by their authors nor by their readers forcing the church to suggest Jesus is the word and the first born of creation. But...god told Moses to tell the pharaoh 'let my people go' because they have to go warship god.  God refers to them as 'Israel is my son my  first born' and Jacob wasn't even Isaac first born, this then clearly refers to the seed of the first born which god can program wirelessly – The Literal first born in creation is Cain the secret son of god(sorry I know it’s likely shocking to all Christians Jews and Muslims).  Mankind was punished to die, but Cain and his offsprings never die and they are the only ones who contributed to the advancement of society’s knowledge(read it). What happened to them? …If one follow the story literally…chap 4 mentions the sons of Eve, she thanks god for her son (bought a man from god (the snake  who is really god), mistranslated as  ‘with the Help of god’ in Eng, but she doesn’t mention Adam (his first son and no mention of the father?) .  In chap  5-  3 And Adam lived a hundred and thirty years, and begot a son in his own likeness, after his image; and called his name Seth. This chapter doesn’t mention Able and Cain! Religious scholars suggest the other two sons weren’t mentioned because one sinned and the other died…Really? If we took out the sinners and the ones who die who would be left? In chap 6 ‘the sons of god saw the daughter of man… Cain’s and Seth’s lines are called the sons of god and daughters of Adam intermarried. Kain, Hareh Krishna, Osiris, David, Jesus are one and the same, the son keeping the gates of heaven.


    God doesn’t forget nor make mistakes, he didn’t forget to mention Cain and Able, god purposely omitted them because Cain and Able are not Adam’s sons but the sons of god and Eve while Seth who we are told is the only one who looks like Adam, is his only son.  ALL Scriptures are telling the same story about Gods creating us and then intermarrying with earthling. Are we hybrids? Hy-br-id = חי בר יד  lif–created-by-hand. (Hareh Krishna was also born of immaculate conception, and was put in a reed basket on the river by his mother who was impregnated by the Sun god...she called their Son Karna...meaning keren A קרנ א Sun-Ray or as in Ray in English.


    Old Testament - Torah


    The Hebrews, sons of Abraham the Hebrew meaning Abraham the Crosser in Heb. didn’t possess Torah  until given to Moses by Yhwh.  who is the Torah author? The god Tho did the bidding of the god Ra - ToRah. Those are two of the most important Egyptian deities, the gods of moon and sun AKA the Sumerian gods Enlil and Enki....The book of Tho (Tho was previously also known as the Sumerian Enki) contains all the secret formulas disappeared and Torah appears. No bells went off? They should have!


    The first letter in Torah is not the word all rabies priests and other scholars ponder about ‘why does Bereshit starts with a B) The first letter in the Torah is…Tho as in Torah…and the last letter in Hebrew alpha is Tho  תו (" i am the first and the last") Tho  תוtwo letter  numerical value is 4&6 = 10 represented by yod while yhwh adds up to 26(8)...thus 46-chromosomes-Tho,  combined with 26000(Y) genes YHWH  to create life and at the same time it created the Hebrew word for life, made up of the 8th and 10th letter spelled....חי Heb. Tho other name is DjehuTy  (DT) corresponding to the English Deity and the Hebrew Dat meaning religion or maybe just Da To… Meaning Know Tho , either way.


    The second word in the bible is Beroshit – בראש י ת Berosh Y Th,(BRSHT meaning In-Head –god- Tho. It was understood as ‘in head of things’ but instead of accepting its literal meaning it was misinterpreted. It ought to read:  god created everything in his head WHEN the earth was without form.  God rested on the Shabat meaning in Hebrew Shab-Th or Sat-Tho…whose sign/letter is the Cross …in both Ancient Hebrew and Modern English. Actually as the chart on the side demonstrates 19 of 22 original Hebrew letters are identical to Latin. No linguist or Theologists noticed!!


    Thoth is holding an Ankh (origin of the cross) suggests he used to be Enki (the Sumerian creator of mankind) , sounds like a Christian god but the sign of the cross means he is the Hebrew god as well. Evri in Hebrew means Crosser …the Torah prophesied that “Yafet will go with Shem” meaning the Christians will go with the Hebrews. This more than suggests that the present conflict was prophesied 3500 years ago.


    Scientists say that the relationship between Moon  and Sun, Tho and Ra is UNIQUE IN OUR UNIVERSE The distance to the sun is 400 the distance to the moon. The distance to the earth is 0.0026 (yhwh =26) times.The relationship between Sun and Moon are 400 to 1 in both size and distance (full eclipse). The Hebrew letter Tho has a numerical value of 400. This relationship is so unique that It suggests the moon is an artificial body.  Is god on the dark side of the moon? I would guess it is he most likely place. The god of the sun Ra Shemesh שמש whose numbers add up to 64 sees his reflection in the moon Tho 46, or is it the other way arround?


    Torus:  (Torah made) A universal energy system. The double torus dynamic appears to be quite common in the cosmos as well, appearing in the energy flows of trees, in the weather patterns of Earth and other planets, in solar dynamics, and even in galaxies. When it surrounds humans We call it אור א Aura = light-god. We also call it soul…it not in the body, it surrounds it…so let the light shine in (its not just a song).




    What you are reading is the first scientific linguistic prove that god created life. It is a road never travelled. It UNITES all myths, languages and modern scientific discoveries and reads and understands them as one, using consonantal Hebrew....It assumes a scientific God created 4 DNA computer letters and programmed everything with it. Later god programmed us with his creation tool - letter combinations-letters containing a lot of information. The Word, a scientific acronym, later confounded the word by hiding the letter meaning in our hard drive- the subconscious. Then using his 'computer' created many languages and myths while secretly maintaining the original Hebrew meaning of letters and words. Unfortunately we do not understand language defining it as a communication tool when in fact it is the only creation tool of god and men.


    If god/intelligent-designer created life and language then it stands to reason Letters not Words are the building blocks of life and language. In order to the test divine creation theory, in order to prove 'god did it' we need to reverse the process by first writing everything in CONSONANTAL Hebrew and then trying to understand names words and scientific formulas. When it was first revealed to me I thought it was going to be some esoteric mambo jambo no one including me could understand...But I quit counting when I reached 3000 examples, bits of ancients 'pottery' shards, 500% more than required by linguists, enough to understand 80% of the bible....Though the evidence is circumstantial the sheer amount is so overwhelming that statistically speaking the chances that those examples are due to accident is astronomical or BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT.


    Go figure, we are all speaking Hebrew with funny accents and strange expressions, but no one noticed?


    Intelligent design: WE ALL KNOW LETTERS MEANS INTELLIGENT DESIGN....when we see writing, even few letters on paper or stone it always indicates intelligence, no one ever suggests:' the wind did it by accident' because we know nature doesn't do that. BUT YET..... Scientists who are discovering the enormous complexity of creating life by programming a series of complicated chemical reactions are still insisting just that. They have managed to convince themselves and us that it's somehow different on the molecular level. That Nature created 4 letters that banged into each other senselessly and then were paired for no good reason, then combined resulting In Physically Writing millions of programs that predetermines FUTURE growth and behavior which we can't duplicate... All by accident?        I see, said the blind man, a few letters means intelligence but a whole library...that had to be by accident.


    A single wondrous accident is how evolutionists describe the beginning of life. 

    One cell Ameba has 5 million bytes of information, then it had billion mutations and evolved to become a human while another Ameba didn't have one single mutation in 3 billion accident? Really?  In the case of humans, a series of accidents, random movement of 4 different phosphates, themselves complex molecules programmed an almost unlimited memory, which like a hard drive records our entire life including everything we ever saw, heard or read! we all could have been geniuses....but our access to most of the information is blocked. Why would nature do that? Use it or lose? Who is using it? And that's just one app, one program out of millions of different programs (apps) for animal life! Plant life is not less complicated; an anion has 70 times more genes than humans? All By accident? Call me crazy (you wouldn't be the first...) but I think this is beyond ludicrous because its not even imaginable.  EVOLUTION IS A FACT BUT ACCIDENTAL CREATION IS NOT EVEN A THEORY.


    Accidental creation:  a theory or a religion?

    Evidence that life was created accidentally because it evolved is accepted by all as evidence that there is no need for a god in order to imagine creation. Evolution is a misdirect lawyer like argument because in no way does it suggest how life was begins with 'once life was created then it evolved', not very scientific!! . But on the other hand the 7 day creation seals the deal…everyone is convinced the Torah is wrong or at least not literal, evolutionists feel the argument has been won in a knockout. They are god days not earth days... earth was created after 2 days so how was it measured before then? Stupid Torah or  just misunderstood?  The stupid Hindu myth claims a god day is 4.32 billion years... once the two myths are combined earth was created 8.64 billion years after the big bang. This happens to be exactly what science found out 4000 years later. No doubt some might claim- Just a coincidence but I collected 3000 words.  God split the information, confounded it in order to delay our receiving it? This is the study of sameness -The Shem is the same. The supreme court prohibited the teaching of creation theories because they are religious... Evolution, Accidental creation is a religion pretending to be a science it's a belief without any supporting evidence!...THE THEORY has always been WHO DID IT?


    The Word or Hashem is a Scientific acronym for the creator who create phosphates as letters-words(complex molecules), and then combined them, wrote a DNA programs.


    Proving god:  many people try to prove god by proving the bible is historically correct. That only proves the Bible is an accurate historical book. In order to prove god wrote all myths one needs to find  scientific knowledge we didn't possess at the time that it was written.


    The Hebrew alphabet

    has always been the only key to the knowledge of the god's revelation.  Nothing is as important as the knowledge of the Hebrew number/letter/word.  The 22 letters represent a combination of number name and form of our physical universe.  The 22 letters are holy letters which are the first energies, the raw material to the creation of the universe.  They represent the will of God into reality. It has always been understood that the language secret couldn’t be discovered by genius, hard work or accidental events, but only by the will of God. The fact that we humans are receiving the information now is a good sign, it is preparing us for better fairer time, for a time when Tru-th(torah) and righteousness will rule, otherwise why bother telling me to write this? Unless I just hallucinated it...which I did. I also hallucinated that there really are 23 letters. The one letter omitted is the space the nothing between words, the zero that is solely responsible for the creation of every word ever uttered written or imagined...the nothing that made everything...


    The experiences

    Some of the earlier experiences were while awake and aware receiving teachings that had nothing to do with language, it couldn't have been I forgot Hebrew, I read everything in English. I received the language secret the first time I read the Psalm in Hebrew. I was experiencing info in still pictures but with knowledge that entered my brain through my forehead (visually), I was scared that my brain was spilling out information, I thought I could be going crazy...and then there was the lack of control, and the uncertainty, the inability to differentiate between real and imagined, to be honest I couldn't take it, thank god it stopped. For the past 4 years I been receiving it in dreams. I Never remember any dream, but I wake up KNOWING...After I write it down It's always a WOW for me, especially the Letters similarities since it's in 'black and white' but it seems I am the only one impressed, I guess it's one of those 'you had to be there' stories but I wasn't there, or was I?... Any shrink will tell you...this must be due to 'Hallucination caused by visions of grandeur' which is true, the idea that all languages and myths are Hebrew is beyond stupid, but proving it  is divine. I omitted the personal experiences because . I felt the facts ought to speak for themselves regardless if I am a nice guy, spiritual and religious or a cheating lying drug addict who has visions and is a magician with words, which is a pretty good description of me. And then I realized god is real.


    Why was I given the de-confounding secret...I believe it is likely due to genetics programming . It is even possible that all my experiences and information was pre-programmed rather than real time experiences which would then seem like just a dream because it is (god has the technology)...Of one thing I am certain, it's not a reward for good behavior or for seeking god but 'bezhoot avot'  'based on my forefather earnings', (their learning) which was then programmed in my DNA, blessed be their souls. I was born as Yoseph ben Yaakov in Babel where language was confounded.  The biblical Joseph name was change by the Egyptian priest to  Tsafnat paneh' meaning ‘The code solver” צפנת פענח  in Hebrew, not Dream solver? why?.  I had a dream, actually I had many dreams and like Joseph I 'solved' a code. But the Spaniards insisted on calling him Hoseh (jose) why? well actually the Torah describes Joseph as Hoseh Haalomot, חוזה חלומות meaning a seer of dreams. In truth it is irrelevant how I got's all about the facts, they ought to validate my claim of receivership not the other way around. But this body of work demonstrates over and over again that the facts never confused anyone. This is a prophecy about how things really happened. The Torah says...a true prophet is one whose prophecy (information received) comes to True...unless the prophet tells you to follow a different god...then it's just a test from god.


    My Kabbala: I never wondered nor looked into letter origins, I don't believe I even remembered that the original writing of god was changed. I never thought about it, never looked into it which looking back is pretty strange for one doing research about Hebrew as the language of god. Just the same I woke up one morning knowing that ancient Hebrew is Latin, a cursory 20 minute research proved it so. This is pretty much how I received most of the information. I often wonder how is it that scholars didn't notice what seems obvious. Few months later some people in Jerusalem University suggested that there is some evidence that Hebrew is connected to Latin...Really? 19 out of 22 letters are the same but they didn't notice!! Once told it took me 20 minutes to verify... I concluded that I am not dumb and neither are they, we are all victims of the 'Unseen hand of god' caused by wireless programming that can make us blind to the obvious (not hard if one actually controls the program). I am proud of this explanation because in our world blaming someone else shows strong potential for leadership (as demonstrated by our leaders... Obama and Romney). It is what one might say our KARMA. Kara M A קרה מ א which means: called out-From-God (programmed) in Heb. Cre-ate קרה אות Cara-ot means Called-out-letters (into a computer, they perfected it...) What it boils down to is that  for the past 32 years I have been trying to 'solve' a multi language multi myth crossword puzzle...Keys (to the library of god) was the title of book published in Israel in 97 which is really part one of this. Incidentally, in 'real life' I am hate crossword puzzles.


    Torah and other myths are multi-dimensional a crossword puzzle, the crossroads where science and Theology Finally meet.


    The dictionary has 3000 words with my Hebrew origins as compared with that of Webster unabridged  Accident or Design?


    The Hidden Hebrew


    'Uncle Sam' (wants you) is used as a rallying cry for the USA. .... It makes no sense! Uncle Sam, Sam Wilson sold meat to the army in 1812!! Why would the USA choose such name to rally the country?  Or maybe it was chosen for them? I suggest this and scores of other examples point to the certainty that the subconscious hears things differently than the conscious brain and controls it...evidence by the fact that each  new and old word maintains their Hebrew meaning - this can only happen if it were suggested from above. .No way I thought, this is worse than sci fi movies about mind control. The idea that someone is screwing with our mind made me ill. It might be easy to understand but almost impossible to accept.


    Uncle Sam (U.S) = ען קול שם  Un Cle Shem. means in Hebrew              Respond- to the call(cle=call)- of The-word (sam =shem).


    RushMore, Rosh-More ראש מור  means TEACHING-HEADS...the name was there just waiting for the presidents heads to be chiseled. Accident?


    Hiroshima - yerou shama ירו שמה = will-shoot-there  another name predicting an event. Accident?


    Babel - Bab El = The door of the Gods in Arabic, but Ba Bal בה בל means In-it confounded in Hebrew.


    I Ching- The book of changes. the words Ching and change sound similar and have the same meaning and consonantal sound. Ching --shin haga = שין הגה change thought-out. Of course Shin ש stand for The Word שמ and Light(shine)but it literally means Change...shina שינה. Change is then programmed in light? how? like a smart phone but more better....accident?  God whose name Tho is 6-4(To תו) managed to give us his 64 (46 Chromosomes)combinations that predict future change, which is not coincidentally is written in the book of: change-thought. 


    The seed of kings: 12-year-old girl created family tree linking 42 (including Obama) of 43 U.S. presidents to King John of England, who signed Magna Carta in 1215.  All the presidents are cousins!! Pretty good lineage that assures some very solid programming!!! Could this be an accident? Unless King John sired 90% of the population it is statistically almost impossible to explain as accident especially because it happened over 200 year period!! its like hitting the lottery over and over. For all those who think in terms of: this guy is black, catholic, southern, northern, pro or against slavery miss the point!  Not policy or likeable personality, but lineage is likely the most accurate way to predict the next president. This was on the news, t.v and print. We are all still ruled by British Monarchs and no one finds it strange!  God promised David his seed will rule...I wonder...British -Brit yesh ברית יש = Covenanted there-is!! 


    Psalm 132:11 The LORD has sworn in truth to David; he will not turn from it: "I will set upon your throne the fruit of your body.


    Jeremiah 23:5-6 "Behold, the days are coming," says the LORD, "That I will raise to David a Branch of righteousness; a King shall reign and prosper, and execute judgment and righteousness in the earth. In His days Judah will be saved, and Israel will dwell safely; now this is His name by which He will be called: THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS.


    I don't think I would be going on a limb if I were to guess that King John and his decendants are from that seed. I have to wonder if that seed rules other countries as well....


    Magna Carta was the first to limit the kings power by declaring that no ‘ freeman’;  could be punished except through the law of the land. One law for everyone is one of the 2 foundation-laws the Torah is based on, the other is eye for eye, whch the Hindus renamed as balance the energies....You can't do one without the other.


    Magna Carta = קרא תה Magna= מגן א   or   Protector-god-Called-out. ...Magen means to-shield and it refers to god(magen david-the shield of David)).. But Sumer שומר was where the gods were first. Sumer (shomer-שומר) means Guard in Hebrew. Then the Sumerian Ekini moved to Egypt called himself Thoth but held an Ank (the original cross). The Egyptian gods were called Neter נטר meaning watch-over in Hebrew.....The north and south American Indians called the gods the Watchers.  accident or Design?


    Vatican was established in 313 right after the destruction of the second temple, Jews were kicked out of Israel and just before the council of Necea (nasi a נשי א meaning presidents-of-god) that decided on the contents of the new-testament.


    Vatican =  ביתי כאן vaiti kan My-house-Here......God moved?  That's what it says...the pope still wears a scull cap and Talit (Jewish prayer vestments) and advocates for a Jewish son of god.


    Catholic = cato li  כתו לי This-sect-for-me      Or when spelled differently Katali קטל meaning The Slaughtered one.


    Christian - Kera Shin קרא שין means readers of the word (Koran = Kora-ayin=reader see).. The People of the Cross are connected to The Hebrews,  Abram ha-Evri means Abraham The Hebrew.


    Why a Cross? I believe it is mostly because The seed of god and man were crossed when the sons of god(sons of Cain) took the daughter of man(seth/adam)(sounds wierd but the bilbe says just that), that we are in effect hybrids. Hi-Bar-yad = חי בר יד life-created-by-hand-by the numbers.  The grandson of Abram Ha-evri, Jacob name was changed to Yisra-el ישרא אל meaning The-Surviving-god...a Demi god, a Crosser.


    Hebrew Evri- means crosser, in Heb, it is actually Ankh  and represents eternal life in Sumerian and Egyptian religions. The original Hebrew letter Tav/Tow תו, was originally written as a cross, as we find out later it represents the God Yhwh....Contrary to universal belief, T is the first letter in the Bible-To-rah and the last in the Hebrew Alpha תו ...Tow. “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last” rev 22-13. The Hebrew To-תו is the last Heb letter, it is the 22nd letter(4)....while 13(4) represents numerically the Hebrew word Ahava אהבה meaning Love, yes even the number of chapter and verse are part of the program. I know it is far reaching....but the god whose sign is the Cross wrote Torah....Tow   Rah, rah, rah, rah.


    ThoTh is depicted holding an Ankh...This more than suggests(hint hint) the god Thoth (thought) was the god ANK-I a.k.a Enki the sumerian god of water whose secret number is 40 which correspond to the Heb. letter Mem- M-water(enki is the god of water) .  ANOKI אנכי means I AM in Hebrew, suggesting he is the humans creator god, When Thoth left egypt he became YHWH meaning in Hebrew -Ye Howeh י הוה- The present god...but god  mentions he was known by other names before. (for more connections read 'the lost book of thoth is Torah')


    The Samoan Hawaiian Priest name is The great Kahouna.....You say Kahouna כהונה I say Cohen or Kehouna (the priesthood) say tomato, I say....But then you say Samoa I say Shemo A = his name is A.


    One sentence that summarize my findings: 'Everything comes from Greek' and 'At the end we are all fruits' My Greek wedding(the movie)...This is pretty much what I claim about Hebrew...


    The Soul is not a philosophy:  It is outside the body!! It was created first and lives forever, then god created us from earth (not light) the physical body was created inside the aura, we are inside our soul. It doesn't weight 21 grams that was one erroneous measurement the 30 prior tests came up with 0. It is the reason the soul eluded everyone. It is what the Hindu call Aura  אור א meaning in Hebrew Light god, while Christians call it the holy Ghost. The Aura is like a light computer, is connected to god and the subconscious. It is programmed to be gods over us, to do and suggest bad and good things depending on the 'lessons' being taught, it is why when we screw up the soul is hurt so it cries out.  . It is the reason people with near death experiences always describe the place of their death from above often seeing themselves on the ground and since they left the body they feel no pain.   The aura, the soul, the light of god is the life force that runs 86% of the brain which is the subconscious- the god files. 86 happens to be the numerical value of ELOHIM אלהים 1+30+5+10+40 the Torah creation god ....God runs the brains using a science we can't even imagine.        God worked for 6 days or 86% of the time while he Shab-at שב ת (sat To) 14% of the time.


    Are you going to 86 this?


    By the numbers, for those whose eyes don't glaze over


    Tho/god name adds up to תו46(chromosomes).   Adam 45אדם(xy gene) which confirms Psalm that adam was made a little less than god (psalm). 'In his image' is not our creation not in the flesh. God is Light Adam (a-dam=god blood) Adam was made in his image  light- FIRST CREATION chap 1, when god created man and woman.  Second creation is described in chapter 2 when God created eve -Hava חוה19(meaning experience) . 26(yhwh), is the difference between Adam45 and Eve19. 26 is the numerical value of YHWH, our Aura that is actually our soul and our personal god. Chapter 2 god created the the physical body in order to provide a physical experiences for the soul. aDoNAi (DNA) to watch over us was created. It explains why god sometimes refers to Israel as a female. This might better explain the symbiotic relationship we have with our soul. So like the song says: 'Let the light in'.


    Proof of heaven by Dr. Eben Alexander supports my conclusions, it describes heaven and the spiritual worlds he visited while in a coma. He wrote his entire experience examining it as  brain-surgeon and from the point of view of a person who experienced or imagined a very complicated story that others experienced, or maybe  it's just a dream a movie. Because of his position many doctors attended to him and all his bodily functions were being monitored constantly.    Eben who travelled on the boat of Ra to eternal life wondered how is it that while he was on this wondrous trip to heaven his body and brain didn't register any activity-He was brain dead so How?....since the soul is outside the body it goes up like a magnet to it's source...It continues and always will continue to Be  which Eben confirms.


    Some Doctors claim this is common hallucination, a common pre death movie masquerading as an experience…We are simply all watching a common movie that turns on automatically before death (so? who directed it? and who produced it?. That means that the brain must have prerecorded and left it on automatic pilot: to be open upon death. Even if one agrees with Doctors that certain chemicals in the brain produce those dreams, the remaining questions are: why didn't it produce brain activity? and more importantly how and who programmed it in all of us? how did we all get the same dream? Those doctors suggest Mother nature programmed it. When? I guess it experimented with many dreams and it fell upon this one, tested it with a focus group and then proceeded to write a program for all man-kind? In short scientists are endowing mother nature with real feelings and intelligence, even fixes dreams so before we turn to earth to become nothing but chemicals again (according to scientists) nature was concerned about us being traumatize before death. That conclusion was made in face of the fact that nature dishes out zillion bad- feelings that lead to bad thoughts that lead to bad deeds. Nature took pity on us and created (planned and thought out) a movie for us-You are kidding me, right?...   This somehow makes sense to our learned ones?... A position that is based entirely on the idea that there is no god so accidental creation has to be a fact, when in fact its not even a theory - there is not a single shred of evidence to support such notion...scientists now know the complexities of our chemical factory, but still insist that somehow someone made a bunch of chemicals into life programming it using 4 letters. No one suspect intelligent design? Instead everyone banded to accept such an impossible theory-why? 150 years and counting (Darwin) and we haven't developed one credible accidental creation theory!! the most obvious answer is that life was designed, but....'they have eyes but will not see'.


    The secret is that on the subconscious soul level, the god level,  we are all connected to the same computer, we all share experiences...


    Om is what Eben uttered upon waking, he calls god Om...very Hindu...Om means Em-אמ Mother, Yam ימ-water, and M מ-From it is one of the 4 letters that signify god.


    אל הים  Elohim is  actually spelled god-of-ocean-elhayam. The god of ocean- The letter MeM- מ M-40 representing water(om) and hydrogen looks like a wave and  is the13h letter which numerically spells out LOVE in Hebrew. ..the other letters are ד 4-D meaning Knowledge and  ת-22-400 meaning Thought. All together the Letters Dד.Mמ-Tת.Thט.....spelling out the sentence blood of Thoth, explained later....4 DNA letters - aאtתgגcש. read as letter words it reads. תו הגה  god Tho thought'out the-word




    Eben brain had puss and he registered no brain activity, he was dead but kept alive by machines for 7 days. His soul travelled on 'the boat of Ra' to god. How did he imagine conversations brain activity? He was resurrected, actually more like reminded that we are all Light. During that time his doctors thought that even a miracle would only allow him to live as a vegetable. They recommended pulling the plug. When he returned to his body he was resurrected THE SECOND TIME - in the flesh (that's why 'in the flesh is specified) - he sat on the bed and took out the breathing tubes...His brain functioned like nothing happened, since there was no brain activity how did the body cure itself??? Eben means SON in Hebrew. I am not suggesting Eben is the Messiah, his NDE(near death experience) happened to many others. In point of fact most NDE are actually deaths which god or magic resurrects - this proves resurrection is a real event. Both Yhwh and Thoth claimed to be able to do revive the dead. There is  no   other  scientific  explanation....Unless you believe in magic... I don't!


    Immaculate Conception:  it is impossible to understand how it could happen because we always imagine penetration as essential to impregnation, but yet it is repeated in the Torah where it was so badly translated it is impossible to understand- (explained at length later) Cain is the first of creation and son of god whose offspring contributed knowledge to society and were never reported as dying. We already kind of do Immaculate conception which we call artificial insemination, god does it by wireless programming! Or do you believe in magic?..The program is the unseen hand of god.   Program = perio garam פריו גרם  His-fruits-caused.            Immaculate =meakel ot  מעכל אות = digests letter.   Conception=con Shafat shin = כאן שפט שיו Here judged by the WORD....This incidentally makes it clear that a concept is simply a judgment.


    Satan שטן = satan = veer-of-the-path (as in: the car veered of the path) It is a prime example of the adage 'be careful what you ask for' We asked for choice-free will and we got Satan. It is not an enemy but an agent of god...without which 'free will' is not possible. The brain which is 86% subconscious keeps bombarding the conscious the 14% Spells out David) with good(god) and bad thought-ideas, the conscious then chooses to accept or reject, free choice is suggested...both 86/14 add up to 5...( I personally do not believe in free choice, not completely...otherwise how can one predict the future? Since it's a learning device, we have been receiving concentrated badness if you will. Unfortunately the only way to differentiate between 'good and bad is to experience bad, a lot of it. It clearly doesn't seem fair. It is the reason so many reasonable people don't believe in god.  I can't blame them, I even agree with them, but go explain it to god ...This too shall pass....The god of ocean seeks balance...God started us with a lot of bad experiences so we can end up with the goodness of god....(thousand good years?) I believe most badness will be programmed out of our DNA (wirelessly). Satan will lose, it’s in the program,  In other words we would get far far less bad suggestions.




    Messiah = Mashiyah =משיח =  read backward חי שמ Chai shem meaning The-living-name.     He will come riding a white donkey. In this day and age? and not even a horse? The words חמור לבנ Hamor lavan means White-donkey, read  חמ אור לבנ ham-Or-lavan, meaning WARM WHITE LIGHT which will enter through the Temples(the only soft part in the brain). It's not a myth, we are all light computers. The Spanish word for soul is ALMA נ עלמה meaning the UNseen or the disappeared one will re-appear. DAVID-DaWiD name adds up to 14 which is the percentage of the conscious brain. Its letter meaning is DaWehDa = knowledge connected to knowledge...knowledge from above connected to knowledge from below.


    Blessed be The Word, Blessed be Ha-shem, Blessed be His Name.


    Israel is Palestine


    Israel, literally means the surviving god. If you are Muslim, Christian or Jew remember your god wishes to reside in Jerusalem and wants the Israelite to serve him. God spent 40 years making sure they get there, one might say god insisted!! The Muslims are trying to kick the Jews in the name of god...but against his wishes. The results ought to be predictable.


    Who are The Hebrews? They are not mythical. As it turns out the Aamu from Avaris, or AM EVRI עם עברי The HEBREW NATION, known to us as the Hyksos, a name given to them by the Greeks. Their story matches the biblical story. About 1700 b.c., they built and resided in Avaris.  The name was changed 400 years after the Hebrews left by the Egyptians to Raamses which explains the Torah claim that the Hebrews built it.  The Hyksos left 3500 years ago the same time the Hebrews are reported to leave Egypt. There is no recorded history of any other people leaving Egypt. The two historians of that area claim the Avaris are the Hebrews. The embarrassed Egyptians tried and are still trying to destroy all evidence of their existence by destroying anything created by them. History called them the Semitic pharaohs which The bible says were workers(slaves- same word in Hebrew)) to the Pharaoh but neglects to mention it was a Hebrew one. The Hebrews with Joseph leadership and know how propelled the Egyptians technically by building Baher Youseff, Joseph's Sea: A project he no doubt suggested a solution for the seven bad years. He suggested a method of increasing Egyptian irrigable lands by digging a lake and offshoot canals. The Hebrews also developed navigable ships and the chariot. Baher Yousouf is used today and is still named Baher youseph, the ocean of Joseph.  Yoseph first identified a problem he imagined and then suggested a solution he imagined…so now his know how, his technical expertise not his dream solving talent was needed….his imagination was responsible for giving him the reins. Joseph concurred   Egypt with his mind….His family were tax collectors...they eventually ruled.  (expanded on in the ‘who are the Hebrews chapter)


    Who are the Palestinians? The ancient Palestinians have been extinct for about 2500 years. They used to occupy the area between Gaza strip and Ashkelon. The current people calling themselves Palestinians are the ones who lived in the country before 1948. Point of fact: Israel name was changed 2000 years ago by the Romans, to Palestine. Point of fact Palestine is ancient Israel. There has never been any migration of Arabs into desolate Israel. Israel was never sovereign country after the Hebrews were ‘kicked’ out by the romans, consequently it is more the likely that the current Palestinians are but converted Jews, Israelites....A real brothers war. It might explain the Palestinians insistence on the land, the converted still have genetic memory of the promised land...Actually...genetic analysis suggests that more Muslims are from the oriinal Hebrew gene pool than present day Israelis.


    Wikipedia: Genetic analysis suggests that a majority of the Muslims of Palestine, inclusive of Arab citizens of Israel, are descendants of Christians, Jews and other earlier inhabitants of the southernLevant whose core may reach back to prehistoric times. A study of high-resolution haplotypes demonstrated that a substantial portion of Y chromosomes of Israeli Jews (70%) and of Palestinian Muslim Arabs (82%) belonged to the same chromosome pool.[27]


    You can change the world by simply changing your mind


    The Origin Of Language is a T.O.O.L, it is a linguist scientific prove that a God created us and is still involved in our daily life.


    It demonstrates the building blocks of language are letters not words, that a creator programmed Hebrew letter-words his creation TOOL into us but later confounded IT.....The letter-meanings are still there... Since new words continue having Hebrew meaning it also suggests the creator is still in communication with us wirelessly by 'suggesting' each new name...through the subconscious/soul which explains how thoughts we didn't initiate come to us 'as if from no-where and for no apparent reason'.


    Language – a communication or creation tool?   After 3.5 billion years of less than hundred thousand years ago mankind was gifted with a creation system. We like all organisms have always had the ability to communicate, an ability which is programmed in most organisms and even in their individual cells. Evolution? A unique human specie specific creation system appeared wholly programmed but as if from nowhere. Human Language centers are located opposite the limbic system where monkey cries are located and the two systems are not connected, suggesting language didn't develop naturally from prerecorded communication. Language gives us the ability to create new worlds in our mind. We then communicate it to ourselves and sometimes to others:   We are able to create by framing real or imaginary pictures (elements-complex chemicals-letters-words-symbols) and then combine them to create words, sentences, stories formulas and finally letters for our high tech computers: combining and recombining letters: letters.... we managed two letter by design and nature lucked out into a 4 letter systems at least twice? ... accident or design?




    Torah Revisited


    If understood correctly The Torah explains that the God of Water first thought out the entire creation system and then used Water, vibration and a black hole to create our universe.


    Creation according to Torah


    .א בְּרֵאשִׁית, בָּרָא אֱלֹהִים, אֵת הַשָּׁמַיִם, וְאֵת הָאָרֶץ


    1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.


    ב וְהָאָרֶץ, הָיְתָה תֹהוּ וָבֹהוּ, וְחֹשֶׁךְ, עַל-פְּנֵי תְהוֹם; וְרוּחַ אֱלֹהִים, מְרַחֶפֶת עַל-פְּנֵי הַמָּיִם.


    2 Now the earth was unformed and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep; and the spirit of God hovered over the face of the water.


    This makes no sense, god created the heaven and earth...followed by 'now the earth was unformed', this is ought to read: the earth was unformed, and god created the heaven and earth....Is god a bad writer? Or was this mistranslated?




    My translated version:


    Gen 1- In his head god of ocean created the heaven and earth,


    2- That was before the earth was formed, when darkness was upon the face of a black hole and the spirit/ wind/ vibration of god hovered upon WATER.


    This makes far more sense....Elohim -El Hayam (Yhwh only apears in the second chapter), The God-of-Ocean while hovering over water, first imagined his creation, then using (very heavy) Water god created MaTTeR. The world beganwith a black hole, vibration of god and water....Scientists confirm that life couldn't begin without Water and that the big bang couldn't start without vibration-a bang.


    The language decipher (Da-sipoor = Know story) confirms this. Both Hebrew and English words for Matter mean Rain, thus affirming the Torah assertion that everything is from Water. The English Matter is from the HebrewMaTTaR meaning Rain. Matter=Mattar.


    Gashmy means both Rainy and Matter in Hebrew...Rain=Gashmy =Mattar =Matter =Water. The third Hebrew word for rain is Yoreh. RaiN = YoReh ayN = Rain See (consonantly). ToRah is likened to (Wa)TeR = ToRah. Ma-TTeR = From.Torah....Torah is then the Program that first created water and then life.


    FiRST = Po Reshit the letter P (here) was substituted with B (in) and the word was “compressed” Po Reshit = Here in the head of things. (the English P F are represented by the single Hebrew letter Peh.


    Be-gin = Ba Gan = In garden...where it all began....Gan/Gen = gene....There is no Ge sound in hebrew.


    Organise = Ergoon ish = organisation there is. Ergoon = arag = weaved = A Rag (English)... Accident?


    Hindu Creation: The primordial Nature called Prakriti gives birth to Brahma. Brahma imagined his creation in Maya of illusion. 'and the spirit of God hovered over the face of the water'. What's Maya? Maya =yam (Hebrew) = Water. What's a Prakriti? The Hebrew decoder transliterate Pra kriti = brought-forth by-calling-out (Hebrew). Kriti = Create = Cara et = (Hebrew) = Called out letters - god's creation method in the Torah. BrahmA is married to Sara sawati and ABraham is married to Sarah his half sister. ..sawati - zo ahoti means...she my sister  -  in Hebrew.


    וַיְהִי-עֶרֶב וַיְהִי-בֹקֶר, יוֹם אֶחָד Gen-1-5 And there was evening and there was morning, Day One.


    Or in Hebrew AHD means both One and he-made-one...united wave with particle to create Matter. That's why the Torah starts with a Bait-2. Wave = Ha-Av = the father...and water the Mother - Em,M became 'as one'....AM. Em. Bo-Om. We call it the big bang....and the son? its the SUN...Light = Particle and wave. Elohim-god-of-ocean made two into one-united, not only as translated 'day one' but Day-United. Two units become as one and then explode into a universe...The big bang is God Creation method described with the word = BRA. One housing containing B elements that first fused and then exploding to universal matter aR- Energy (AR means light in Hebrew). AElohim. BiRth suggests BR type creation. Our scientists label this Fusion, explaining that when 2 unite they create more energy than their sum. But quantum physics seems to has shown that on the subatomic level they might still be independent.




    It is shocking to me that The confounding was completed ONLY 2600 years ago and that like the confounding of language began in Babel when 3 events occurred almost simultaneously:


    1- Ancient Hebrew letters were changed to their present form. No one protested?


    2 - Diacritical marks were first introduced which directed us for narrower understanding of the Bible.


    3 -Ancient Hebrew letters were then re-introduced somewhere in Italy as Latin (table to the side). This last move was very important because all scientific formulas had to be written with Latin Letters, The Writing of god....someone was thinking ahead...


    The diacritical marks caused (by divine design) The first three words in the Bible to be misunderstood and therefore mistranslated...




    ToRah תורה only meaning in Hebrew is: 'its turn' suggesting in effect that the Torah is a computer program. Torah appeared as if from nowhere when the Israelites left egypt. The Egyptians tells us the god Thoth (thought) wrote all knowledge and did the bidding of Ra, his book contained all the magic formulas but it disappeared...but yet no scientists nor scholars or religious leaders see any connection between the lost book of Tho and the To-Rah that was gifted to the Israelites ... Tho is YHWH? yes, he is also the Sumerian Enki and the Hindu Brahma.




    Second word: ב ראש ית Beroshit (stars with B) meaning In-Head but we were told to read it as BERESH IT (as if there is no א = god....we are further instructed to understand 'in head' as: 'in the begining' instead of the more literal 'in his head (head = rosh ראש) the god ית (it) created the Heaven and the earth (yes, even god needs a plan).. IT ית is made up of the letter יוד meaning God and the letter TO תו meaning letter, musical note and Tho...(Tow is how the last Hebrew letter is pronounced. The second verse…and (that was ) when earth was without form ...


    ברא שית = Bara Sheet (cognate to the Eng Sheet) means Created fabric/garment or created Foundation using the Bara ברא method....using Big bang (notice that the word ברא meaning big bang starts the word ברא שית




    Third word: ברא Created = ב = Bait =one house (byte) ... (went boom) to ר raish = universal matter = Energy = Or meaning Light in Heb, by א = god ...big bang...little bang, in both cases 2 cells unite to one B(pictorially says just that) and then explodes (divide) to zillions...Bara = bir-th = bar ot = created by letters in Heb. or even in bear (a child). (cre-ate = cara et = Called out everything.




    Fourth word (the god position): God אלהים Elohim - the creator god, whose name is spelled as אל ה ים El Hayam (YHWH only appears in the second chapter) El Hayam meaning God-of-ocean which is the natural way to spell and say it if it werent for the diacritical marks, but we are told to pronounce it ELOHIM (as if it has an extra letter) אלוהים (Torah is written without the diacritical marks. (the Hebrew spell check marks אלהים as misspelled). If we used אל-הים El Hayam it would then be too obvious that it repeats all major myths...God of ocean created using water a black hole (dark deep/abyss) vibration (spirit of god, the Heb reads 'the wind of god) ..God-of-ocean like Brahma (Hindu), Nun(Egyptian) and Anu (Babylonian) ...our MODERN scientists finally concur that life was created from water.




    That the same entity wrote (dictated wireless to subconscious) all myths, religions and languages and left highly scientific and historical information, but this can only be found when combining (making one) the information from all myths...we are all holding only part of the truth, this means that's impossible to understand any single text, we need to combine the information, make it whole again.


    God of Ocean, El-h-ayam is celebrated in Brazil, every new year food and drink is left on the beach to the Godes of Ocean which they call: Yam - a-ja = Ocean god in Heb.


    God of Ocean like Brahma (whose name like Abraham means creator father) saw his reflection in water (hovered over water) and then created MATTER from water...The big bang began with WATER a black hole and vibration that went boom and then Rained MATTER...The Hebrew word מטר MATTAR cognate to MATTER means RAIN-(WATER)....The Hebrew word for MATTER is גשמי GASHMI which means RAIN and MATTER in Hebrew... 2 Hebrew words for Rain are used to express used in English the other in Hebrew.




    יהוה צבאות The Lord of hosts, literally means אות צב ordered-Letters. the word ordered צב is numerically 92 which is the exact number of natural elements on earth. The Hebrew צבא אות means The Army of letters or ...The Army of Tho...




    The two older myth than the Torah confirm the Torah


    Assyro-Babylonian mythology states that the gods, and subsequently all beings, arose from the fusion of salt water (Tiamat the Heb Tehom) and sweet water (Apsu).


    Egyptian mythology: In the beginning there was only water, a chaos of churning, bubbling water, this the Egyptians called Nu or Nun.


    Elohim, God-of-Ocean (El-HaYam) the God Nun or Nu or Brahma created life from Water and some salts but only after a complex 4 letter program was written.... Then more and more complex programs were written, like us but more better....Someone we call aDoNiA (my lord) created a DNA computer and left it's program to rule over us - and the word was god.




    There are ONLY two options: accident or design ... Follow the evidence...


    God said 'abrah cadabrah is not magic. God called instructions into a computer. This idea couldn't have been understood until as late as 20 years everything is wireless....that's only 50 years after computers were invented...think a million years... unimaginable!!


    abra cadabrah = עברה כדברה =avra kedibra meaning 'it came to pass as it was spoken' (into a computer)


    Carbon = קר בונ Car bon = called out the builder (the element all life is built from)...Bone = builder = all cells are built in the bones, the builders.


    Prophecy: Couldn't have come to pass unless life was programmed well in advance.


    Maktooba = 'It is written' in Arabic it is what my father used to say, 'its been programmed, its inevitable,' is what he meant.


    God knows the thought of man': And if my personal experiences are any indication, God has total access into our hard-drive –our subconscious - The God files, they record everything, forget nothing, but by design we have very limited control and access to those files. Accident or design?


    God (Eng) = HiGiD הגיד = to tell, to instruct(Heb meaning). It also describes the light wave those instructions are transmitted on: the invisible purple Gamma Rays in the D band, thus G_D. It is the reason after god spoke to the people of Israel he called them 'Special people' using the word Am Segula עם סגולה literally meaning : The purple people....


    Yhwh י הוה means the Present (הוה) God (י) = the ruling god in Heb....No it's not god's first name, its a name he created because Moses insisted, the text says he was called by other names before.








    'And the Writing was the writing of god'


    The theory :


    Finally, it ought to have been obvious that the original 'writing of God' is not some mysterious language that disappeared but a well known Heb. This is only possible with Hebrew letters because they are unique among all world letters. Each Letter is a word conveying: a shape, a sound, a picture and a number.


    For example: the Letter B = bet(Heb) = B sound, picture of a housing (contained), a number = 2 and the shape is B,b. I demonstrate that Be sound - has the same meaning and numerical value in all languages. Since each letter is a picture words are small sentences. The WORD/HASHEM is a scientific name because god uses Numerical-Letter-Sound, Word combinations as his and ours only creation method which was used in the programming of DNA, language and all scientific formulas which are but letter combinations.


    The new assumption/theory I am proposing is that: The building block of language are Letters not Words.




    Let's see...4 letter language, 4 writing letters, 4 Phosphates....


    Phosphates = po sapha ot = here language letter.... sapha = Speech = sapha ish = language man. spelled Shin Peh Heh = word mouth breath Spell = Sapha el = Language god


    Because the word Sapha, the Shin Peh consonants are used as part of a word no one looked, no one noticed. It's like thinking the Atom (word) is the smallest particle and then finding out it's got few pieces inside and that those pieces (letters = electron, proton, neutron, photon) are the same but in different configuration in all atoms.


    Letter combinations using Unchanging Letters suggest intelligent design




    Though there are millions of programs for life and millions of programs for our computers, the programming letters, the 2 letter computer language or 4 letter DNA language can't change. If the 22 Hebrew letters are the writing of god, then they can't evolve nor change...Constant, like the speed of Light and the writing of God.


    Bet (Heb) = a housing = Byte (computer). BET used as a word


    BoY = In-It/contains Y (chromosome) BET used as a letter-word


    Yes, it suggests that 'the gods' who wrote and confounded language knew thousands of years ago that we would call the molecule Phosphate and the male chromosome Y and that we would call a single bit ( single housing) of computer information a Byte (bet) The best way to predict the future is to create it....This apparent 'delima' (dou lama = dua(l) questions) is repeated so often with so many words and terms that I lost count....Why just confound why not erase? Proff Moranz of NYU has shown the brain breaks down each word to letters suggesting the letters are genetically encoded...we are meant to use it again.... This the scariest of my conclusions, clearly suggests some sort of mind manipulation. It was also a most encouraging of conclusions...we are meant to use it...again


    The dictionary claims Fruit is from Fructose meaning sweet or profitable...that obviously is got to be chronologically wrong, the fruit as a word has to be far older than the idea of fruitful...the Hebrew word for Fruit is identical: P/FEROT (p&f are the same letter in Heb.) one one looked.


    Though both linguists and I ignore vowels and accents, my system doesn't allow consonantal changes nor suggestion of degradation of meaning due to the passage of time...each word, the ones created 4000 years ago and the scientific terms coined yesterday have to have correct Hebrew meaning even today. ...In other words....I need to demonstrate that Both the new formula E= Mc2 and the old word Shemesh = Sun have correct Hebrew meaning.




    נ נח נחמ נחמן מאומן‎


    I saw the sentence above plastered on walls all over Israel: I understand it became Rabbi Odesser's personal meditation and song. Before he died, he taught this phrase to a group of devotees who formed the Na Nach movement. No one could tell me what it meant...not even the encyclopedia. That's what I think it means:


    I believe this sentence summarizes it all.... מאומן =Nahman is meouman = trained, in what? stuttering? more likely Nahman summarized his Kabalah in one sentence: thinking, meaning using the creative tool of letter combinations. a letter and another letter and then another... 1+2+3+4 Letters = 10....a message to god that says...I got it!




    I suggest Language was originally designed so a one year old learns the word Sun - Shemesh, Mym - water and aDoNiA - god. At 12 he/she learns it's also Mc2, H2o & DNA. Imagine.... a whole language designed this way....the way we would all design it if we could!!!


    Unlike Webster's unabridged dictionary, I wouldn't dare suggest that Cloud originated from Anglo Saxon Clud meaning big Rock...There is no way they confused the two 4000 years ago....This origin was offered by Webster because after researching dozens of languages that's the only word that sounded similar....


    In contrast, using ONLY Hebrew, a Semitic supposedly non related language: Cloud = coulo ed (Heb)= All Vapor. This is Scientifically correct but there is no way to explain it assuming evolution. There is no way to explain how the original English speakers had such knowledge and spoke Hebrew thousands of years ago. And why didn't etymologists find it? Because they didn't look!! They didn't look (linguistics is a comparative science, meaning it researches the parts never the whole) because they assumed Hebrew is not related to English or Latin. Unlike conventional linguists my system requires that Each word has a correct Hebrew meaning, 'another way' of saying the same thing, like in a crossword puzzle. These rules are far more rigid than linguist's and I still achieve far better results than suggested by Webster's. This is only possible because all Life & all Languages were created with Hebrew letter combinations - words (formulas) called-out instructions likely into a DNA computer. This was hidden-confounded so we can't understand one another. The fact that I was able to decode scores of new scientific words and ancient religious terms, 3000 Old and new words (mostly English) using Hebrew letter meaning proves Speech, the ability to imagine and create was not a product of series of accidents.


    We are not different from other organisms because we are better communicators, they all do...even cells in the body communicate. We are different because were gifted the creation tool of the gods -- language, the ability to frame pictures which enables us to move them and combine them with other pictures in order to imagine - create.


    Imagine = em genes = with/in genes


    create = cara et = called-out/ letters




    Because etymologists ASSUMED language evolved from monkey grunts, they naturally created a system that matches their theory which assumes the building blocks of language are words created by accidental sound combinations rather than designed using letter combinations. It is the reason why using Hebrew as a universal decoder has never been tested. In order to prove my theory 'beyond reasonable doubt' I accumulated 5 times more words than the 600 required. Though you soon realise I question most accepted theories, but I use a lot of recently discovered scientific facts in the process of proving my point that scientific information is hidden in the word. I do not deny any scientific facts. This body of work is the result of many years of trying to connect the dots.


    Assume, Ashame, two seemingly unrelated words find their origin in the Hebrew Ashame meaning guilty.


    one Assume (guilt)...One is ashamed because of 'felling guilty'...for me this and other simple revelations were far better than going to a shrink.


    Euphemism = yapheh mishem = prettier than it's name.


    Euphoria = yapheh or ya = pretty light of god. accident or Design is the ONLY question.




    I might sound 'too sure' 'euphoric' without enough evidence...My statements are based on a whole new picture, brand new never examined before set of evidence in the form of 3000 deciphered words, which NO one had ever had before now.....THIS IS ENTIRELY ORIGINAL. so...please reserve Judgment.




    Theory or Fact?


    100 decoded words makes it a credible theory, 3000 decoded words and irrefutable evidence that ancient Hebrew letter are practically identical to Latin letters is enough evidence to make this as close to a fact as one can get...almost 100%, beyond reasonable doubt. Unless.... my Hebrew decoding system is false or faulty, which every Hebrew speaker will tell you it ain't!


    Of course many words are not yet decipherable because our science isn't there yet. We couldn’t decode many words even 50 years ago....It is likely that even 500 years from now many words would still be a mystery to us....after all the program designer, Hashem wrote this.




    Chomsky was only partially right: Language is innate, and from a Martian or Pleiadian point of view we are all speaking the same language...But he wrongly concluded Syntax is innate (if it is, most of us are born handicap), it can't be programmed without an extensive semantics dictionary(this is a noun, this a verb)...I will demonstrate that We are all using Hebrew (he bara = It created) Shemantics, (shem = word, Tic = file ==word file). Syntax = Shin Texes ot =word set-arrangement. We are all speaking Hebrew with funny accents and weird expressions...Of course Chomsky managed to name our Innate ability L.A.D which happened to mean At-Birth - Innate (Heb) ......and Birth = Bar ot...Create by letter....are we then part gods part earthling? Hybrids =hi bar yad = this created by hand. And people say god has no sense of humor......Yup sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction...Torah = True... Man plan god laughs.

    The difference between evolutionists and creationists: After a father explained to his children how we all came from monkeys, the children went to the mother to ask if that was true. He could hear his wife's reply: 'Its true about his side of the family'. (Dick Gergory)


    Some more scientific Facts


    What Scientists know is that: The backbone of DNA is based on a repeated pattern of a sugar group and a phosphate group, which themselves are complex molecules of Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen which are somehow used like a sophisticated computer chip to record instructions for patterns of behaviour due to stimuli. Someone or something used a bunch of chemicals to create RNA, DNA, Protein, cell membrane and many more parts that are useless on their own but together somehow created movement - life.


    Protein: Proteins are biochemical compounds consisting of one or more polypeptides. The sequence of amino acids in a protein is defined by the sequence of a gene, which is encoded in the genetic code. all life structures are made up of Protein. Manufacture of Protein is only programmed in the DNA, the hard drive that contains all the instructions programs that are far more complicated than the ones silicon valley writes with great effort. But nature wrote them by accident?...How?


    The conundrum is that the creation of Protein can't begin without some protein as a catalyst. Who made that original Protein? After all it useless unless it is used as a catalyst. More perplexing, how does nature write complex programs using 4 letters made up of different phosphates. How does Nature decide to split the DNA to reproduce itself and then create a 'spell check' to insure correct replication. When it makes an error the spell check finds it reverses the process and corrects it. No wonder our scientists who marvel at the complexities of life, can't at the same time even imagine how a series of accident could have written those programs...


    DNA Deoxyribonucleic acid - DNA is a nucleic acid containing the genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of all known living organisms. The DNA segments carrying this genetic information are called genes. RNA transmit the information. DNA sequences have structural purposes, or are involved in regulating the use of this genetic information. Along with RNA and proteins, DNA is one of the three major macromolecules that are essential for all known forms of life.




    Below are 3 of 3000 words...How is it that once deciphered in Hebrew the word describes the function correctly?




    DNA Din A = verdicts god (Heb)


    RNA Rin a = song god (transmit information)


    Deoxyribonucleic Da ze ribon col co = know this ruler of everything (Hebrew) c0= 26 = Yhwh


    gene Gan = Garden


    Do the facts suggest accidental creation or do they point to a lot of forethought prior to letter creation, followed by very complex program writing - letter combinations (words) ....If on the other hand...




    Conclusion All the research indicate life requires very specialized and complex program writing. All the scientists concluded that it is inexplicable assuming accidental creation. This then means they are unable to even theories how so much forethought/pre-planning and program writing was created by a series of accidents. 200 years after Darwin false creation theory (life began in a warm pond), no one can explain programming replication, future survival, forethought as an accident. 'Given time everything can happen' is the evolutionists slogan...It is true if one assumes nature used a computer who was programmed to try all possibilities...that's when theoretically, mathematically speaking it could happen. But in fact combining Amino Acids into DNA is not a natural event anymore than finding silicon (both are used to record information) and suggesting nature can make computers and write programs on silicon chips. Otherwise, if amino acids combined spontaneously and started writing programs using previously created letters, we would be able to observe it in nature or at least to reproduce it in laboratory experiments, neither has yet to happen.




    The truth is It is only now that our science is developed enough to be able to understand any of this. We were programmed!! it is the reason we don't have control or unimpeded access to the hard-drive, the subconscious, 86% or 6 parts of 7 of the brain is not under our choice? . Who is then in charge of sending random (evil/bad - satan, good -god) thoughts into the conscious mind? Who programmed us and who is running all the back ground programs without which we can't exist? God works 86%-6 days and rests on the seventh-14% (conscious is 14%). The programs, the secrets of creation are hidden in our 'god files'. T Free choice is suggested by the fact that both 86 and 14 adds up to 5. 86=14= dwd = 4.6.4 David...the seed of god.... As we will see throughout my writing god is in the numbers which are represented by all computers...but more better...The number combinations are far more complex and involved, I left it for later in the article.


    The 'god files' were written in the Torah, on a stone supplied by god, written in the writing of god and in the hand of god, which Moses broke, the sparks exploded... The information is now hidden in All languages and myths collectively. This is only obvious when all languages are decoded in Hebrew. The word, the program has been written and confounded, we need to un-confound it - decode it.


    We need to know the rules/laws of creation so we know when we break them.






    Code = akod = Knotted, Confound =Can peh anand = here speech tied-up.


    Law = lo = No (Heb)....The laws are the rules of what NOT TO DO....Law = the NO rules.


    Rule = roeh al = Shepherd over , another word for Rule.


    In effect the laws are the gods over us. The Hebrew word No = LO (lamed Aleph) is El = god, Backward. who is El-god? El adds up to...3+1= 4 again?


    Like someone used a crossword puzzle method to create many languages from one....Everything went boom and everything goes back to ONE...


    ***In order to follow the Hebrew decoder please do not listen to the vowel, ignore the music of the word, its there to confound, to cloud the sameness. Read the consonants void of music...


    Consonant = Can shinant = Here memorize diligently.


    Vowel = bo el = in it god...the confounder...




    Quantum physics calls it The Quantum enigma, I prefer the god Enigma: When observed subatomic particles are seen as Matter. But when unobserved the evidence is that the subatomic particle acts like a wave meaning able to enter a wall at 2 separate places, to be at 2 places at the same time. When one tries to box-in the particle to measure it, it inexplicably creates enough energy to escape the box…Scientists comment is that it is as if Nature (god) doesn’t want to be measured. It suggests 'Rouah Elohim hovers over water', is still there. It suggests that information or even thought is reported to two separate places at the same time. But when we attempt to measure using light...The act seems to turn it to a design? No that's clearly an accident. Quan-Tum = Here completed.


    Light of God: Everything and every body emits light. We are all energy


    Water is life, it's abundant on earth but non of the stars or moon around us have any...Yet it is controlled by the moon without which life wouldn't be possible. All water gathered on earth and nowhere else? why? Life in ocean is possible because god or nature designed water to expand and become lighter when frozen (the only liquid with such properties), if ice became heavier than water it would sink to the bottom of the ocean, in other words rivers would freezefrom the bottom up... all animal life would die ...Luck? The Hebrew word for Luck/chance is MaZaL or Maz (mizima) El = Crafty trick of God...we say: by 'Chance' = Cha ness = This Miracle.




    Molecular Biologists discovered that DNA is not programmed randomly. Life was programmed by stringing 3 letter combinations which form the RNA and DNA Molecules...a systematic 3 letter language suggests DNA was programmed whole not piece meal - not through slow evolution...Hebrew like DNA was also written whole, Hebrew like DNA has a 3 letter Shoresh = source meaning Root in Hebrew.


    The Eyes do not see in 3 dimension. Each eye sees in two dimensions like a camera, then the brain extrapolates a 3 D dimension form from the combined information of both eyes...Just like a computer.... Accident or design?


    If by design...there bound to be an upgrade to 4D, a 4th dimension.... if by accident....forget about it....




    Balance of nature?


    Why do salmons swim together upstream to mate thousands of miles away in the place of their birth, at a cost of 94% of their species. Experience tells them most die...and they are already swimming together...survival of the fittest? Why and how did the salmon decide this is good for them? Why not evolve not to return to where most are being eaten? why do they practically sacrifice themselves? Or, as we all know they have no choice, they were programmed to have prolific ability to reproduce and return to the same place and are powerless to override it.... This was programmed so other species can survive....the delicate balance of nature - the interdependence is recognized as delicate...could not be accidental because it can only be explained in the context of the Whole. In other words the programmer has to view nature from above and consider all possibilities. But again, our scholars assure us this was done by accident...not by plan...A series of accidents made sure the salmon was programmed to return to the same place regardless how many get eaten, because reasoned the Salmon: 'we make enough babies to survive as a species'... Very Solomonic !! we too are programmed and unlike the salmon we are partially gods, we can change our programming.




    Language in Human according to the bible


    ו וַיֹּאמֶר יְהוָה, הֵן עַם אֶחָד וְשָׂפָה אַחַת לְכֻלָּם, וְזֶה, הַחִלָּם לַעֲשׂוֹת; וְעַתָּה לֹא-יִבָּצֵר מֵהֶם, כֹּל אֲשֶׁר יָזְמוּ לַעֲשׂוֹת.


    6 And the LORD said: 'Behold, they are one people, and they have all one language; and this is what they begin to do; and now nothing will be withholden from them, which they purpose to do.


    'Come, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another's speech.' Gen 11-7




    The inescapable conclusion is that god thought that the people building the city knew language contained a lot of scientific information and were about misuse it.


    NYU Professor Alec Marantz has shown that the brain looks at each word as a sentence; he said, "We would see the same pattern of brain activity within a word as within a sentence, though more compressed in time.”


    Professor Marantz findings point to a real and specific place in the brain programmed to break down words into letters. This supports the theory that letters not words are the original building blocks of language. This dovetails with the Torah story that Hebrew letter meaning were first encoded into Adam's DNA who used them to create words that described everything. This is possible because Hebrew is a unique computer/god generated Proto language made up of Letters that are actually words and words that are actually short sentences, each Letter is: 1-Word 2-sound 3-Picture 4-Number....E.G: The Letter M = MEM (Hebrew)= (EM-English) = MOTHER (EM), WATER(MYM), FROM(M) = The Hebrew meaning AND The Universal meaning of the letter that looks like a wave the letter mem...MeM with value of 40 ... Each letter is a short cut to programmed information. Those unique letters were first combined into Hebrew words, which were later used to create all languages by employing a crossword like system. The letter meaning that proves intelligent design 'disappeared' but not erased (for later use), they are still in the subconscious (done tirelessly). Letters = eL ToRah = the Torah god.


    The evolutionary option: Skeletal evidence suggest Homo-Sapien Cro-Magnon appeared about 60,000 years ago, as if from nowhere, possessing Language and other advanced social skills. Language is not a learned social skill, before we possessed it, many simultaneous mutations in a group of related people were required. Therefore Scientists and Linguists concluded language in humans is incompatible with the evolutionary theory, meaning inexplicable assuming accidental creation. Safian = Safa Ayn = able to speak (in Hebrew), Thinking man in Greek. Cro-Magnon (caroo megan on= called from the garden of god is named after Cro-Magnon the place where skeleton was found.




    “Believe me”


    Believe = ba lev = In Heart. (love,live)


    Lobby = Lev = Heart (of a building).


    Love = Le-hove = lev = to love/heart.


    Live = Heart.


    Involve =Ayne bo lev = see a heart of-it....and on and on....


    Earlobe = ear Heart?. A ten year study by a heart surgent showed that 90% of the people he operated on had creases in their earlobes. Todate no one has been able to connect the heart with earlobe....but the Word whenunderstood in Hebrew knew!!








    טז וְהַלֻּחֹת--מַעֲשֵׂה אֱלֹהִים, הֵמָּה; וְהַמִּכְתָּב, מִכְתַּב אֱלֹהִים הוּא--חָרוּת, עַל-הַלֻּחֹת.


    Exo-16 And the tables were the work of God, and the writing was the writing of God, graven upon the tables.


    And how about writing? Are we all Writing Hebrew Letters and no one noticed? No way!




    WiKiedia : Latin ( /ˈlætɪn/; Latin: lingua latīna; IPA: [laˈtiːna]) is an Italic language[3] originally spoken in Latium and Ancient Rome. Along with mostEuropean languages, it is a descendant of the ancient Proto-Indo-European language. It originated in the Italian peninsula


    This Is Gotcha Funny!!


    English/Latin letters Not current Hebrew letters are the original writing of god!!


    Create = Bara in 4000 year old Hebrew was written as bRA.. not בָּרָא


    The Latin Roman Alphabet was not invented nor based on several alphabet as suggested by all the experts. The original Hebrew Alphabet, the one used by God to write the Torah was radically changed...why?...The holy language, the writing of god!! who dared to allow such a thing?...Few hundred years later the original Hebrew alphabet was reintroduced as new Latin alphabet. No way!! So no one noticed? Not Even Hebrew religious and language scholars? They looked at those letters for hours days and years and couldn't see it?




    They ASSUMED evolution and therefore never looked....but still....this in not in code!!


    AsSuMe = HeShiM = Blame


    To my untrained eye this looks obvious! I included an explanation for the 3 letters that are the exceptions







    The Modern English a looks like the Aleph from 1000 bc, a bull in 2000 bc = Bull of Heaven?









    The Modern English b looks like an upside down Hebrew bait from 1000 bc





    Gimel (exception)




    G was made up of two Hebrew G sounds. g looks like the letter Ghah (entwined rope), the original Gimel was used as J sound.















    The Modern English K looks like upside down Caph from 1000 bc. Caph was used as a partial Shin/Sin (C), that's why it was only partially used. It looks like a Caph without the two sticks inside C .









    The Modern English L looks like the Hebrew Lamed from 2000 bc









    The Modern English M/m looks like a wave and the Hebrew Mem from 2000 bc which means water.





    Peh (exception)





    This Hebrew letter looks somewhat like an inverted  Modern English P from 2000 bc. This letter was not copied because the sound was split to two English Letters: P and F.









    Looks like a Modern English S inverted. This important sound was not given a letter in English but sounds like SH/CH/C.  The Modern English letters S and Z can all be decoded as Shin/Sin. The Samekh meaning of Sin was to Shin.


    The current Hebrew letter Samekh was called Sin and Shin was Shin. Then Shin became Sin. The new Samekh, a letter that looks like a Dalet or inverted D was created, it suggests enclosed Knowledge.









    Looks like a Modern English T/t in a circle from 2000 bc.









    Looks like a Modern English T/t from 2000 bc, and it explains the circle around the Hebrew letter Tait.




    Below is a chart with all 23 original Hebrew letters and their meanings (my undersanding).




    NOTHING IS NEW UNDER THE SUN... If our experts didn't notice the obvious...what else did they miss? ...a lot.


    No one noticed that To-Ra are the names of the Egyptian gods of Moon and sun, of conscious and subconscious? phd in comparative religions? no?


    Nature = Noun.To.Raish = ayiN ToRa = See Torah....


    Theo = God in Greek.


    Egyptian mythology tells us that Tho 'who expressed in words the wishes of Ra,” thus ThoRa' should have been an obvious conclusion? The mysterious YHWH who seemed to appear 'out of nowhere' gifting a book no one has heard of is none other than the Egyptian author of all knowledge, the god ThoTh the god of all Thought, who with his wife Maat the goddess of truth and Justice (Maat=amate = truth) quietly disappeared into mythology (MyTh=aMeT=True). Both Torah and the book of Tho claim to contain the secret of the universe...How everything WAS programmed...One book disappeared and another appeared. And what of the 4 letters used to program DNA? 4 is Thoth's Number...his 4 letters spell out his plans: ATGC = A(god) T(tho) G(haGa) C (Chin) = God Tho Thought-out the word. It is likely why 'they' say: 'Nothing is new under the sun', and 'everything is meant'.


    Thoth other names are Daijty = Daty meaning Religion. Another of his names is Tam meaning complete (Noah was TAM in his generation- the only seed saved by god). His full name reads: Tam-Dat-Torah meaning: complete-religion-Torah. The four letters of his name: D 4 (4th letter of the Hebrew alphabet) M 40 (13th letter) Tho (22nd letter) and T 400. Tait (9th) letter spells out a recoiled snake or a description of the creator of the double helix. Together it spells out DaM ThoT = theblood of Thoth. The fourth letter is D = dalet = da el tho = know. To is the last Hebrew letter with value of 400 that is bigger than the 300 for Shin and the speed of light suggesting that Thought travels faster than light….


    the oldest city in the world Jericho is about 10,000 years old and existed pre-confounding of language, is dedicated to Tho the Moon God. YeRiCHO = Yod(god) Moon….The Hebrew Yareh means god of Spirituality… ”werouah Elohim Merahefet al pnai hamayim”


    The Torah confirms in code that it is the secret book of Thoth who is the god Enki who is YhWh who said “ANoki Yehoweh Elohweka”…which might confirm the teaching that every word is the name of god.


    Thoth = Moon God = elohim = el hayam = god-ocean moon controls ocean. Elhayam is numerically 86. 6 days of creation = 86%, subconscious = 86% of brain, Human brain is 86% water….are you going to 86 this information?


    Other Torah claims


    The Torah also claims that one super-continent appeared first…we didn't know that till 20 years ago, turns out to be true…that life began in the ocean is only 70 year old knowledge...turned out to be true... that humans were first created as vegetarians…turns out to be true. Torah turns out to be true...Oh yes…the supercontinent bears the name Elbabara = God on it created in Hebrew


    The numbers: The God Tho thought Of The Word...40 years, 40 days, 40 weeks of birth, 4 seasons...1+2+3+4= 10...The Hebrew letter ת TO adds to 46 this is why he programed us with 46 Chromosomes in 26000 (yhwh = 26) genes as does sun-SheMeSh= 640... both add up to 10 ... The Sun is exactly 400 times the moon in diameter. The distance to the sun is 400 the distance to the moon. The distance to the earth is 0.0026 (yhwh =26) times the distance to the sun. 86%=14%= both representing conscious and subconscious add up to 5 suggesting that though they are different sizes both have equal powers. This bring to mind the relationship between moon and sun that are iidentical in size once the distance is factored....moon controls subconscious and sun conscious mind. This relationship i unique in the universe. 14 = DWD meaning David, numerically 4.6.4 the seed of god this three letter word spells out numerically and letter wise TO 46 forward and backward. The Hindu god times is in multiples of 4.32 spelling out Lev To = Heart Tho. God is in the numbers...And the Words.


    The English words Birth and Breath of life 'Rough Elohim' confirm it was given to us by Thoth...Brea-th = created-Thoth. Birth = created-Thoth. As a Jew who was brought up in Israel...though my conclusion that YHWA is THOTH was unavoidable it was a scary conclusion, because even though they are the same god the name change felt like a religion change. Since Thoth clearly created Thought which resides in the subconscious. it is clear that the god still has access... It took me a while to accept. It is still mind boggling to me...


    The Letter T looks like a cross which suggest the Christian worship the Cross as a symbol of The god Tho/Yhwhwho was described holding an ANK (Enki ) the symbol for eternal life that was the inspiration for the Cross. i explain at lengh in the chapter "who is god and who is his first son" that Kain is the secret son of god, the original Jesus whose offspring contributed to mankind and are never reported to die, they live forever. So what happened to them? 'And the sons of god Took the daughters of man...'the two lines intermarry. the book calls the sons of cain the sons of god and the daughter of Adam is the name given to the line of Seth. Evrit means The Crossers....both worship El-HayamGod-Ocean, the moon god Thoth. Hebrew Holidays were decreed by Yhwh the god of the moon who based them on Moon cycles. Moon = Maon = Residence. If I were to guess, God is physically on the moon...the dark side ain't so dark...


    YHWH/Enki/Tho was/is not an exclusively Jewish god, actually the Christian story of a son of God born to an earthling is the story told in the Torah in code. Did god move temporarily to the Vatican?


    The Torah tells the Sumerian and Egyptian Mythology but coded…


    The Sumerian Enki killed a young unmarried and childless son of god who had knowledge (Jesus?) to create mankind, A-DAM = God-Blood was used. Enki created mankind thus Tho/Enki =Anoki = I-am in Hebrew....His father Anu created the original humans thus Ani means I in Hebrew (Anu = One Tho = Two). Enki then ordered the creation of the holy ghost to remember the slain god. I show in another article that Cain is the original secret son of god, Killed his younger brother. Enki the god of water secret number was 40 same as the Hebrew Mem meaning Water. Enki killed a young god for the sins of his rebel brothers. Enki a.k.a the SNaKe (Se eNKi = this Enki), a symbol that conveys the fact that he created the double Helix. Enki backward is KaiN, suggesting that his mother knew who the true father is (Adam is never mentioned). The Snake/Dragon god who lives forever is the real reason Eve called him Kain to honor Enki. Enki changed his name to Thoth when he moved to Egypt. Thoth is described holding an Ankh....which eventually becomes the Cross. Cain builds a city, never die and then his offspring contribute to the advancement of mankind. It has been thought that the Torah skips them….but it doesn’t. Chap 4 tells about the sons of Eve and there Adam is never mentioned, Eve thanks god for selling her a man…what does that mean? What happened to Adam. chapter 5 talks about the son of Adam and only mentioned Seth and never mention Able or Cain….Chapter 6 tells us that the line of Seth called the daughters of Adam marries the sons of Cain called the sons of god…. Expanded in “who is god and who is his first born.


    Eastern religions are not much different...Hare Krishna was born of immaculate conception, a union between the sun God and female earthling named Kanti. Kanti named her child Karna (keren A) meaning Ray of god in Hebrew to secretly honor his father the Sun God... Kanti name in Hebrew means the purchaser, it is what Eve said Kanti: Kanti et Yhwh meaning 'I bought a man from god' which was mistranslated as 'i purchased a man with the help of god'....and that’s why she called him Kain. This liaison was a secret because Kanti (Eve meaning Desire in Hebrew)) was suppose to marry a prince. She placed the infant Karna in a basket in the river and ... It's the same gods telling the same story in all myths 'ota geveret beshinouy aderet'- same lady different costume....a male god mated with an earthling that's Why its the Y looks like it doers, to suggest that two races united as one...Y


    The Bible Code demonstrated that only a computer could have written the Torah. Additionally it found the words 'Torah, written by a computer'. God, Moses and a computer... rewrote the Torah with spaces...The Words, the letter combinations, the Programs have been written. The word Torah (ToR means In-Line) means It's her-Turn in Hebrew confirming again it is a computer program. The Truth (ToRah=TRue, consonantly) has been recorded, but alas (el as = god made) confounded...


    The one direct encounter between god and the people of Israel is described as: 'Wayerou et hakolot' 'and they saw the voices' suggests telepathy. Speech, the transmit ion of pictures through sound. Speech is a poor substitute for Telepathy.


    “Shema Ysra el” “Listen Israel”…. Shema = Shin.Mem.Ayin = SheM-Ayine = let's Word-See. Let's see the word....the living name.... Hear = Re-ay = See (ray)...


    In order to See the Truth WE need to collect those sparks that flew from 'the stone of god', to Decode all languages.




    I always thought telepathy would be like 'streaming' a movie, like thinking, but instead I received very vivid still pictures, like baseball cards void of sound but with meaning attached to them. To illustrate, when I was told “it’s a sad state of events” I experienced a long forgotten painful memory that was culled out from my subconscious …I can recall the pain but not the experience …when I wondered How was it done, I was shown an old cash register with a cartoon like finger pressing a key…Telepathy + total access to my subconscious was clear . The idea that someone knows all my thoughts Freaked me out for months…

    In my first encounter I was instructed to read only original scriptures, avoid ALL Interpretation and look for what is the same in all of them….Consequently I did not read nor quote any expert's opinion. 10 years later I finally figured out why the TRue (Torah) God allows other religions and scripture to exist and thrive. It is because all life, religious myths and languages were written by the same God, that ALL myths tell one aspect of the truth. That Abraham is BrahmA and Kar-m-a means Happened-from-god. That evening I received the language secret… a process that I named 'Hashem is the Same'.


    It is in truth irrelevant if I went up 'The stairway to heaven' or just thought I did, I didn't imagine the results, the fruits, the Evidence. Using the system I was given, I accumulated real evidence by decoding 3000 English words using Consonantal Hebrew. It proves that all linguistic grouping are flat out wrong.


    Before those experiences I didn't believe in god. I accepted evolution by default. I can't even explain why I found myself challenging god to reveal himself to me through the Torah 'as if I was on an isolated island'. And the last thing I expected is to end up with a language lesson...'like a puppet' is the song that comes to mind...Dooda,Dooda turned out to the final answer, spelled: Dalet.Waw.Dalet.Ayin... Doo Da means Duel-Knowledge (in Hebrew), the knowledge from below (scientific, historical, mythical) connected to the knowledge from above. DooDa can also be spelled D.w.D, or David...DooDa dooda....which explains why god gave him that name...DawiD...2Ds and vowels....doo-da. Or was it LaDi Dah? Dude...


    When I wondered...why does DooDa mean a Worm in Arabic...'Ani Tolaat welo Ish' 'But I am a worm and not a man' is how King David describes himself in Psalm 22-6...this kind of none linear confounding method insured it would always stay hidden. Why would King david describe himself that way? Low self esteem? When I looked at the DNA molecule I wasn't surprised to find out it actually looked like a worm witheach section a letter....Sounds like Kingdavid understood he is made up of DNA and that it looks like a worm... 3000 years ago...No way...Yes way!! Elohim = 86 = 14 = Dwd = Dawid....This more than suggests King David was explained he is from the seed of Gods....No wonder god promised him his seed would rule earth!!


    I welcome criticism, but received none to-date! not one single comment about my decoding!! This allows me to conclude that the linguistic evidence is impossible to argue against!!... Ignoring my theory will only work for so long ... Ta-yime is my saaayid'...Yes it is.


    The advice I received was: Kabdehoo wehashdehoo = Respect and suspect. Don't leave a Spec of a Doubt, Don't Speculate, Suspect & Inspect.


    Spec of a doubt?


    Spec  = saphecספק   = doubt in.


    Speculate = Saphec cal ot = doubt all signs


    Suspect = Su-saphec ot = this-doubt Sign.


    Inspect = ain saphec ot = No doubt sign.


    Doubt =- dou bite = 2 Home (2 ideas). or Doubts = De-Ot = opinions


    Respect = re sipook = see contentment


    Looks complicated? Even when it's obvious no one notices...


    Even the Israelis Don’t Notice


    How then does one explain the Scores of English words that have been Hebrewtized. It is impossible to explain how a whole nation, 8 million people are using English words with Clear and Perfect Hebrew meanings, on tv, in print and in everyday life, and no one noticed...


    To Illustrate: Though my Hebrew is 'on the face', I will show you 'from where the fish pees' 'a cow a cow'. Those are my three favorite Hebrew expressions in one sentence (translated literally). In English...Though my Hebrew ain't no good, I will show you something no one has ever seen before, one word at a time...Be Emet!


    Below are 10 such examples. The first word is English, the second is how Israelis use it as Hebrew. No one noticed the words have perfect Hebrew meaning.


    English Hebrew Decoded:


    Positive                        po-si-tivy                                    Here this good


    Artillery                        Ar-till-yeria                                 light missile shoot


    Procedure                     p-ro-cedura                                here see arrangement


    Protocol                        proto col                                     perteh call detail of everything


    Illusion                         Illusia –elou ze haya                   as if it happened


    Automatic                     auto matic                                 copies itself


    Alternative                    alter nativa                                changed path


    Automobile                    auto-mobil me (auti)                  transports movil=mobile


    Sorry                             tzary                                          sorry


    Could it be more obvious? Yet no one noticed.


    יב שיר השירים גַּן נָעוּל, אֲחֹתִי כַלָּה; גַּל נָעוּל, מַעְיָן חָתוּם


    A locked garden, my bride sister; a locked spring, a fountain sealed. The song of Solomon





    Evolution is not a Theory of Creation, it’s a theory of how life Evolved after it was created.

    In order for evolutionists to have a theory of creation they need to  theorize How a series of accidents, created amino acids which spontaneously gathered into protein which then somehow first invented a 4 letter language and then used it to write an operating and  replicating programs.

    This means that regardless if life began naturally or by intellegent design, language the creation of a 4 letter DNA was used to created life. Forethought  created language.

    The Theory of evolution has shown that once created, life evolved. The fact that life evolved from simpler to more complex organism using the same DNA language, doesn’t indicate life was created by a series of inexplicable accidents.  It only indicates that once created life evolved. The theory of Evolution begins after an Amoeba with 5,000,000 bytes of information materialised. The fact that 150 years later we still lack an alternative theory of creation, might suggest that DNA cannot be created by accident. Since we can’t find any evidence for other attempts to create life, we must conclude that creation of life if by accident or by God was successful the first time and never attempted again….

    Chomsky Concurs: God or Aliens Inserted Language in Humans


    Cambridge, Mass. – Noam Chomsky is spinning a fable“Imagine,” Mr. Chomsky says, “that some divine super engineer, in a single efficient strike, endowed humans with the power of language where formerly they had none.” This simple idea is the cornerstone of Mr. Chomsky’s newest – and most unconventional – approach to the discipline he founded in 1957.

    Though we probably all agree language is innate, Chomsky was wrong, syntax cannot be innate because it cannot exist let alone be programmed without possessing a fair size semantics dictionary and a pretty sophisticated understanding of language. Adding to it the fact that language is a human species specific  trait which means it can’t be explained using the evolutionary theory leaves us with divine creation as the only reasonable conclusion.

    Click to read more ...


    By all acounts Letters not Words are the building blocks of life and language. In order to test divine creation we need to compare Meaning of Letters in Hebrew and other languages.  

    I decided to record this because I felt that the sound similarities is far clearer to hear than to read. But it is only introduced in the second chapter.

    The first video deals with the my theory of creation of life that occured 3.5 billion years agowhen god or evolution created life using 4 letters. I also demonstrate that the evidence gathered by Evolutionists suggest it is impossible to explain life using the evolutionary theory, that the theory of evolution is not a theory of creation.

    The second video deals with language in humans demonstrating that Hebrew letters and word which have known meaning have the same meaning in English as Hebrew. I show how it works with one letter than I add a second and third to show they all have Hebrew meaning.

    The third deals with explaining how it is that each word has Hebrew meaning and no one noticed. How can someone enter our mind? Or, Why does the subconscious record everything and forgets nothing but we have no access to it?

    The forth is the conclusion and the solution for what ails us. 

    Click here to play all.

    Videos page, also linked above.


    The origin of Language is the origin of the human Race. Hebrew is the Original Proto Language.

    The Torah is the lost book of the Egyptian god Tho who expresses in words the wishes of Ra thus Tho-Ra. Once the Hebrew decoder is used the Torah/ThoRah finally yields the "secrets of the universe" including the True origin of the human Race.

    The Tho-Rah the book the Egyptian claimed was lost, is in truth hidden in plain sight, given to Moses 3500 years ago by its author Yhwh, E.l.h.i.m אֱלֹהִים who is none other than the Egyptian Moon god Thoth, the god of all Thought, knowledge and writing. This is what Lanyadoo claims in his upcoming book the Key to the Library listing over 30 points to support just such assertion.

    •           Both Torah and the book of Thoth were reported as, “written with the finger of God,” on a stone provided by God.

    •           Both Jews and Egyptians make the identical claim that the book of Thoth/Torah inscribes, “All of the secrets of the universe.”

    •           Thoth’s other name "Dawty” became the Hebrew word “Daty,” meaning Religion.  Dat ToRah, meaning the Religion of ToRah, uses both of Thoth’s names. The English word Deity is from the Hebrew Daty meaning Thoth or meaning Religion which are one and the same. The name of his consort, Maat the goddess of Truth, was used for the Hebrew Amet, meaning Truth.

    •           The Hebrew name Elohym spells the words El Hayam- אֱלֹ-הִים, meaning “god of the ocean”, which the diacritical marks hide.  Since the moon controls the oceans it is therefore a fitting acronym for the god Thoth. This name also explains the reason why all life is water-based and Earth is a mostly watery planet that possesses a very unique Moon.

    •           Yhwh/Tho/Elohim decreed the Jewish holidays basing them specifically on the less accurate moon cycles. It is important to note that Thoth is credited with inventing the 365 day sun year. Shab-aT means Sat Tho.

    •           Christian holidays are based on the sun/son god Ra which is the secret reason Christians switched. Chri-smass (callout.sun) and use a calendar based on sun cycle. Together we worship the mysterious Yhwh a.k.a Tho Ra.  Sun-Day celebrates the Sun/son god Ra/Yhwh. It also explains the meaning of the words Vatican beti.can = and Catho-lic = This-sect.for-me.


    To finish reading this article go to: the Lost book of Thoth is Torah 


    The Criminal Justice System


    VS GOD’S



    We admire lawyers who get a criminal “off” especially if  everyone knows the  accused “did it”, instead we should be jailing them for subverting truth and obstructing justice” Joe L


     “The criminal justice system” is a terrible name not because it suggests we do justice for the criminal but because it forgets to mention justice for the victim and the state. The whole point of a justice system is to make the injured party whole and to prevent future crime. But once we created a “criminal justice system” the name, the picture it creates is our mind, caused us to change the laws, which finally culminated in removing the victim out of the system.

    The judge and at least 2 lawyers, assorted policeman and others, all thinking and talking about what should we do with the accused/criminal, and is this or other action fair to the accused? Are we trampling on his rights? We are wonderfully considerate and concerned about dispensing justice to accused and criminals. My question is what happened to the injured party?  Why isn’t anyone advocating for the victim?

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