No One Of The Experts noticed  !?>>

To summarize 

1- 3000 English words with correct Hebrew meaning, proving Hebrew meanings are universal.

2- "The Writing of God" the original Hebrew letters are Latin Letters.

Conclusion: No One Noticed The obvious. 

Latin letters are almost identical to ancient Hebrew

The Table (tavla) below:   Some letters are sideways or upside down,

19 are the same, 3 were changed by being split or combined. 

So...No One Noticed? what Else?

"Hamafteh" published in Israel in '97.


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    2000 years of scholarly study of the bible and other scriptures and....No one noticed that To-Ra are the names of the Egyptian gods of Moon and sun? what else have 'they' missed?

    This entire website is dedicated to the author of the Torah a.k.a the lost book of Thoth 

    This website is about how The god Thoth used the Word, letter combinations, programs, to create life. This is my Kabbalah, a linguistic prove that a creator god wrote all languages using hebrew letter and word meaning. This is a product of over 30 years of telepathic teaching about the word, about the Hebrew letter meaning. I was shown how to use Hebrew letters and words in order to decode/decipher English and other languages with amazing results. I speak English Hebrew and Arabic and when I was told that all languages are made up of Hebrew, it seemed preposterous to me, I never saw even a remote connection to english and I therefore expected some convoluted and esoteric explanation. I asked for a scientific prove one I can show others. I received a linguistic prove, the secret of how language was confounded. I was also given a much better understanding of the bible, one that makes sense. I accumulated over 3000 examples, enough words to understand 80% of the bible or Shakespeare. Admittedly though my experiences were real, my prove is circumstantial but it is beyond reasonable doubt because Statistically speaking the odds this is accidental approaches 0%

    But it seems that most people even those who profess to believe in god already have a different creator god, the one called evolution, a god who according to his followers did not plan life but somehow created billions of organisms and plants using trial and error, a god who is continuously creating by accidental changes of DNA programs. I felt that evolution is such a powerful god that I first had to show that evolution is a false theory, that all the evidence point to the fact that the cell couldn't have been created by accident. It is true that there is a lot of evidence that life became progressively more complex,  but there is no evidence of accidental creation, no evidence of trial and error, no evidence of failing attempts. There isn't even a possible scenario, a theory that would explain how the cell was created by accident. I know that unless I can convince the reader of that, there will be no room for my god the author of Torah and all myths and languages, the creator of the physical universe and the programmer of all DNA. 

    Scientists recently discovered that life began 4 billon years ago only after someone first manufactured 4 DNA letters (Word-language), 4 complex molecules and used them as a creation tool - to write 'life giving' programs.  The fact that Letter creation followed by life producing programs had to occur prior to the Origin of Life is inexplicable using the evolutionary theory and at the same time it is the best indication that a god, a program writer created life. 

    Science explains that life was created after five common everyday elements gathered either spontaneously, accidentally or maybe by a divine super engineer, to create four different complex molecules (letters) which are made up of combinations of phosphorus and hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon and oxygen, we named them G, A, T and C, the letters of DNA.  Those four letters, called phosphates, which are useless on their own, were paired for no good reason. It isn’t something nature does ‘naturally’ it happened once and never again in 4 billion year. It's such a complicated feat that as hard as we try we haven't been able to duplicate it in laboratory experiments. Those programs had to be written prior to life and inserted into the cell, they were then connected to an energy source (ATP) that acts like a rechargeable battery (ATP converts to ADP and then gets recharged to become ATP again) and finally encased with a very special semi-permeable plasma (smart) skin. The four molecules/letters now had energy to combine; to execute 'life giving' programs that were written on long molecular strands called “self-replicating molecules” which had to manufactured outside the cell and then placed there. DNA is programmed to multi task, it is programmed with the blueprint for making proteins and enzymes, it is also programmed to regulate when the proteins and enzymes are made. It also carries this information when cells divide; and transmits this information from parental organisms to their offspring. The program to create protein, the stuff of life requires some protein as a catalyst, who tested protein to make sure its the right building block for life, who supplied the original protein and wrote a program for it's manufacture by DNA? And I have yet to discuss how the RNA functions and how it got there. In order to understand the complexities of those programming accidents we need to be cognisant of the fact that an Ameba a single cell organism is programmed with 6 million bytes of information, we humans are programs with 6 billion bytes of information. If any of that seems complicated it is nothing compare to the complicated programs to 'balance nature' to balance the inter-consecutiveness of life which has to be a far more daunting a task. We use at least 1000 bacteria just for our digestion. How many attempts would nature need before it got there? while a god a program writer would only need one attempt. Has God or nature been writing DNA programs (wirelessly) ever since? 

    Evolution is the biggest lie ever told it will in the future be compared to assuming the earth is flat. 60 years of laboratory experiments confirm that Aimless mutation is not a possible creation method but those results didn’t shake our faith in the god named Evolution, Evolutionists claim their 'god' creates by blindly and randomly hitting a 4 letter key board which resulted in creating complex chemical reactions. The theory that given time nature can create and recreate, write and re-write programs is baseless, not backed by any evidence. How did nature randomly make so many very smart decisions?  decided to create letters? why? they are useless on their own. How did it know to skip 2 letters (like our computers) that were created first and waited for a better system - 4 letters? How did it know when an organism was 'done'- no more genetic changes…why not keep improving the organism? How did nature make all those decisions?  by accident?

    Because we can’t find any errors we must conclude that not nature but a know it all, a programmer, a god planned everything and only then created the cell on his first try and never again, which indecently matches perfectly our scientists findings... The cell was planned to survive forever, it was programmed with almost unlimited memory and anticipated mistakes, DNA programs include ‘spell check,’ cellular error-checking mechanisms that are built-in to ensure near perfect DNA replication. Who tested protein to make sure it’s the right building block for life? Who manufactured the first protein, the stuff of life and finally who wrote the programs for its manufacture? We need to keep in mind that protein is only created by programs in DNA and can't be reproduced elsewhere.  None of this can be explained using evolution because it means nature anticipated behavior and even anticipated making mistakes. We are in effect crediting nature with programming - thinking  ahead...In order for the evolutionary theory to make sense scientists had to award Nature with the powers of the biblical god, nature creates and then sees that 'it is good' and keeps it, but when nature decides 'it is bad', the evidence suggests that nature must be discarding the unsuccessful organism and destroying the evidence of trillions of mistakes!! 

    Finally, we need to keep in mind that the cell was created once 4 billion years ago, only half a billion years after earth was created and NEVER again!! No evidence that nature even tried again!! In other words since nature only tried once suggests creation couldn't have been accidental otherwise we should see more attempts at creating letters and life. The cell and the DNA letters never evolved, what evolved or more accurately what was changed for 4 billion years now are only the programs within the most advanced computer in the world - the cell. Scientists suggesting accident is responsible do not have one single bit of evidence of accidental creation or of accidental evolution, they have evidence of 'big jumps' in evolution without any evidence of failing attempts – scientists have noticed similarity between the DNA of dinosaurs and birds and tell us it is likely dinosaurs did not disappear but became birds, but still no evidence of trial and error. Without understanding how the original cell was created we can't tell if those 'jumps' in DNA were preprogrammed or accidental. Scientists developed the theory of evolution based or Darwin’s false assumption that life developed accidentally in a 'golden pond'. This happened over 100 years ago, they weren't able then to imagine that creation is the result of program writing and the concept of wireless programming was incomprehensible they decided nature's magic-accidents build organisms by organizing all of life’s programs in files called organs, Chromosome and genes. Very organized accidents...Mutation is often suggested as the method of accidental evolution meaning that mutation is able to rewrite programs, but in 60 years of laboratory experiments not one of the mutations produced in laboratory or Hiroshima…  reproduced, or when they did, they all reverted back to type. This means that mutation doesn't re-write DNA programs. Why then is theidea that a god, that a program writer created us and programmed evolution is so unacceptable?


    Nature or god? Evolution or God? Accident or design?


    The Torah begins with  בראש י ת = BEROSH I T was translated as in-the-beginning (which is true but inaccurate) instead if the more literal letter meaning : In-head-god-Tho. Berosh= in-head, -Yod=god, T=Tho. Who is Tho? The Egyptian god THOTH is telling us he is YHWH (shocking). The Egyptian god of all thought (thoth), knowledge and writing identifies himself as the author of Torah, a.k.a the lost book of Tho. Tho left many clues, the last hebrew letter is the first letter in the title TOrah (I am the first and the last). God placed his name in the title but no one noticed instead preferring to debate why god began the Torah with the Letter B (beroshit).  2000 years of scholarly research and no one thought that the letter TO is really the first letter in TOrah ? Tho whose letter is spelled TO תו in Aramiac letters that is used as heb but in ancient Hebrew it was spelled as T or t.  Numerically TO is 400+6=46, he left his stamp on us - 46 chromosomes, 26000 genes (yhwh is 26) and 206(26) bones. This was done to make sure we don't think we were created by mutation from monkeys. Finally, No one noticed that Tho-Rah are the names of the Egyptian gods of moon and sun? Tho a.k.a YHWH is the moon god which explains why Judaism is based on moon cycles. The Thorah comes out of Egypt and the book of Tho disappears -no one?  Tho the Hebrew god didn't want to identify himself, but because of Moses insistance on a name god created the name Yhwh (this means that contrary to present believe YHWH wasn't the first name created). The Bible mentions god used to be called by other names before then. Y HwH in Heb means The-Present-God, the god of now. why 26? Just numbers: Adam is 45 (heb letters), Hava (eve) 19, the difference, the ruling god, the soul is 26 (Yhwh). A DAM = god-blood.

    How about the fact that no one noticed that 19 of 22 ancient heb letters, the letters the original Torah was written with are identical to modern day Latin? (chart). The sign of the cross and the letter T are identical in ancient Hebrew and modern latin, it is also the symbol/letter that represent the god YHWH/Tho-T...The word Evri literally means - the Crosser,  in Hebrew, the Hebrew language is called the-crosser (Avar means to cross or Past in Heb OVER in English). Regardless in which god we each think we believe in, we the human race all worship the same god whose symbol is the cross (ank).  Again in 2000 years of scholarly research - No one noticed?  How is that even possible?

    ...his 4 letters spell out his plans: ATGC =  A(god) T(tho) G(haGa) C (Chin) = God Tho Thought-out the word.  It is likely why 'they' say: 'Nothing is new under the sun', and 'everything is meant'. 

    Thoth other names are Dahijty = Daty meaning Religion. Another of his names is Tam meaning complete (Noah was TAM in his generation- the only seed saved by god).  His full name reads: Tam-Dat-Torah meaning:  complete-religion-Torah.  The four letters of his name: D (4th letter of the Hebrew alphabet) M (13th letter) Th (22nd letter) and T (9th), spells out a recoiled snake or a description of the creator of the double helix.  Together it spells out DaM ThoT = the blood of Thoth.  The fourth letter is D = dalet = da el tho = know. There are four creation letters. A=God T=Tho G=Haga C=Shin....

    The numbers:The God Tho thought Of The Word the letter To in hebrew has the value of 400 (4,40,400)...40 years, 40 days, 40 weeks of birth, 4 seasons...1+2+3+4= 10...The letter TO adds to 46 this is why he programed us with 46 Chromosomes in 26000 (yhwh = 26) genes as does sun-SheMeSh= 640... both add up to 10 ... The Sun is exactly 400 times the moon in diameter. The distance to the sun is 400 the distance to the moon. The distance to the earth is 0.0026 (yhwh =26) times the distance to the sun.     86%=14%= 5 the conscious and subconscious both add up to 5 meaning though they different sizes both have equal powers. This bring to mind the relationship between moon and sun that are identical in size once the distance is factored....moon controls subconscious and sun conscious mind. This relationship i unique in the universe. 14 = DWD meaning David, numerically 4.6.4 the seed of god this three letter word spells out numerically and letter wise TO 46 forward and backword. The Hindu god times is in multiples of 4.32 spelling out Lev To = Heart Tho. God is in the numbers...And the Words.

    YHWH/Enki/Tho was/is not an exclusively Jewish god, actually the Christian story of a son of God born to an earthling is the story told in the Torah in code.  Did god move temporarily to the Vatican?  

    English                                    Hebrew                                            decipher

    Vatican                            baity can                                              my house here (byte/house)

    Chri –tian = Reader of The word/Spirituality (tian-shin –the word)

    And Yafet, (the Christian world) will go with Shem.

    The Sumerian Enki killed a young unmarried and childless son of god who had knowledge (Jesus?) to create mankind, A-DAM = God-Blood was used. Enki created mankind thus Enki =Anoki = I-am in Hebrew....His father Anu created the original humans thus Ani means I in Hebrew. God then ordered the creation of the holy ghost to remember the slain god. Cain the secret son of god Killed his brother. Enkisecret number was 40 same as the Hebrew Mem meaning Water. Enki a.k.a the SNaKe (Se eNKi = thisEnki), Enki backward is KaiN, the Snake/Dragon god who lives forever. That is the real reason Eve called him Kain to honor Enki. Enki changed his name to Thoth when he moved to Egypt. Thoth is described holding an Ankh.

    Eastern religions are not much different...Hare Krishna was born of immaculate conception, a union between the sun God and female earthling  named Kanti. Kanti named her child Karna meaning Ray in Hebrew to secretly honor his father the Sun God... Kanti means the purchaser, it is what  Eve said Kanti:Kanti et Yhwh meaning 'I bought a man from god' which was mistranslated as 'i purchased a man withthe help of god'....and thats why she called him Kain. This liaison was a secret because Kanti (Eve meaning Desire in Hebrew)) was suppose to marry a prince.  She placed the infant Karna in a basket in the river and ... It's the same gods telling the same story in all myths 'ota geveret beshinouy aderet'- same lady different costume....a male god mated with an earthling that's Why its the Y looks like it doers, to suggest that two races united as one...Y 

    Moses broke the book of Tho, The writing of God' written by the hand of god with a stone supplied by a generally grouchy god who never complained about the broken stone or the 40 wasted days... implied here is pre-arrangement with god, otherwise...40 days and boom-gone??? and not a word? MoSheH already knew about the golden he suddenly gets uncontrollably upset? MoSheH?? The one god buried personally? I don't think soooo... Mosheh was God's main Dog, dog is god backward, the Torah always spells something backward when it's a secret.

    This act of breaking the compuer and the program delivered us from slavery to freedom....

    The Bible Code demonstrated that only a computer could have written the Torah. Additionally it found the words 'Torah, written by a computer'. God, Moses and a computer... rewrote the Torah with spaces...The Words, the letter combinations, the Programs have been written. The word Torah (ToR means In-Line) means It's-Turn in Hebrew confirming again it is a computer program. The Truth (ToRah=TRue, consonantly) has been recorded, but alas (el as = god made) confounded...

    The original book of Tho was a computer program...the one written on a crystal without spaces between letters...The original book, a computer program was broken not lost. He the rearranger of words was bestowed with the = M.Sh.H.... it reads H.Sh.M (Hashem -read backwards) .... No its not an accident. Moohamabackward is Dam Ham meaning the blood of Ham Noah 3rd son, the father of all Moslems. This is not just 'cute', the Torah was written at least 2000 years before Moohamad was born....  If one remembers Ham's sin of looking at his father's nakedness one can understand the Moslem prohibition of ANY nakedness. It might even explain the hate the sons of Ham have towards the sons of Shem who reported Ham's misdeed. Ham means Hot (headed) in Hebrew...but no one noticed. How is it that the sons of Shem, the people of the Word -Shem contribute more to universal scieintificknowledge than any other group ??? How does a book predict behavior pattern or what will happen 2000 years later!! We have an account of rivary  between Palestenians and Israelies 3000 years ago and today. The Palestinian are not the same people just the same name...This suggests the possibility that a computer is programming behaviour which seem to repeat itelf. How?? The Best way to predict the future is to create it.

    Mashiah (mem.shin.Yod.het) backward...Hi shem (Het.yod.shin.mem) = Living Name...Seeing the Living name is a Miracle = mareh Kol = sight Voice.

    The one direct encounter between god and the people of Israel is described as: 'Wayerou et hakolot' 'and they saw the voices' suggests telepathy. Speech, the transmition of pictures through sound. Speech is a poor substitute for Telepathy.

    “Shema Ysra el” “Listen Israel”…. Shema = Shin.Mem.Ayin = SheM-Ayine = let's Word-See. Let's see the word....the living name.... Hear = Re-ay = See (ray)...

    In order to See the Truth WE need to collect those sparks that flew from 'the stone of god', to Decode all languages. 

                                         Unconfounded English

    English                                      Hebrew                              Decoded

    Code                                         akode                                Knotted

    Confound                                kan peh anad                   here speech tied up.

    Program                                  perio garam                      his-fruits caused

    Phosphate                               po sapha ot                       here language Letter

    Formula                                   po re mila                           here see word

    Molecule                                  mila col                               word everything

    DNA                                          din a                                     verdicts-God.. 

    Deoxyribonucleic                   Da osi ribon col co            know maker ruler everything co

    Consonant...                           Can-Shinant...                    here memorize diligently.

    Vowel                                       Bo El                                     god in-it     (confounding tool)

    The only question left is: was it God or Nature?  Accident or Design?


    the article:



    The Torah is the lost book of the Egyptian god Thoth who “expressed in words the  wishes of Ra,” thus ThoRa.

    The Tho-Rah the book the Egyptian claimed was lost, is in truth hidden in plain sight, given to Moses 3500 years ago by its author Yhwh, E.l.h.i.m אֱלֹהִים who is none other than the Egyptian Moon god Thoth, the god of all knowledge and all writing. This is what Lanyadoo claims in his upcoming book the Key to the Library listing over 30 points to support just such assertion.

    •           Both Torah and the book of Thoth were reported as, “written with the finger of God,” on a stone provided by God.

    •           Both Jews and Egyptians make the identical claim that the book of Thoth/Torah inscribes, “All of the secrets of the universe.”

    •           Thoth’s other name "Dawty” became the Hebrew word “Daty,” meaning Religion.  Dat ToRah, meaning the Religion of ToRah, uses both of Thoth’s names. The English word Deity is from the Hebrew Daty meaning Thoth or meaning Religion which are one and the same. The name of his consort, Maat the goddess of Truth, was used for the Hebrew Amet, meaning Truth.

    •           The Hebrew name Elohym spells the words El Hayam- אֱלֹ-הִים, meaning “god of the ocean”, which the diacritical marks hide.  Since the moon controls the oceans it is therefore a fitting acronym for the god Thoth. This name also explains the reason why all life is water-based and Earth is a mostly watery planet that possesses a very unique Moon.

    •           Elhym, elohim the god of ocean is numerically 86. Elohim worked 6 days or 86% of the time. The moon is said to control the subconscious which is 86% of the brain. It might explain the expression 86 it.

    •           Yhwh/Tho/Elohim decreed the Jewish holidays basing them specifically on the less accurate moon cycles. It is important to note that Thoth is credited with inventing the 365 day sun year. Shab-aT means Sat Tho.

    •           Christian holidays are based on the sun/son god Ra which is the secret reason Christians switched. Chri-smass (callout.sun) and use a calendar based on sun cycle. Together we worship the mysterious Yhwh a.k.a Tho Ra.  Sun-Day celebrates the Sun/son god Ra/Yhwh. It also explains the meaning of the words Vatican beti.can = and Catho-lic = This-sect.for-me. 

    Once the Hebrew language codes are used, it becomes clear that the Torah is retelling the Sumerian-Egyptian myth almost verbatim, using very sophisticated computer generated codes.  It somehow manages to combine names with attributes, while formulas become words. 

    •           Mc2 becomes C.M.C which spells out shin.mem.shin –Shemesh-Sun.  The formula-word C.M.C expresses how the sun makes energy.  Finally, the speed of light is 300 km/m/s and the letter C-Shin has a value of 300, this makes the Hebrew word, shemesh/sun, CMC identical to Einstein’s famous formula. It wasn’t a coincidence or lucky that Einstein “decided” to go with C (constant) for the speed of light instead of the more natural L.

    •           The Sun god Ra appears in Hebrew as the word Or, meaning Light, and Re-a, meaning, See and Mirror. It appears as Ray and Re (re-do, in English. It also appears in IsRaEl=”There is the god Ra” which is the name given Jacob when he asked the name of the god he was fighting.

    •           The magic of combining a formula (fo-re-mila = here.see.word) with an attribute was created by gods who according to the Sumerian Atra (Tha-Ra) Hassis myth landed here from the planet Ni-Baru, meaning the crossers in Sumerian(Hebrew–Evri means crosser) in a space ship 432,000 before the flood when Australopithecus roamed the land. They came in search for gold with which to save their planet and left Torah with which to save ours.

    The Torah needs to be combined with other myths before we can understand the message these books are carrying: that we Cro-Ma-Gn-on ( were genetically redesigned, created as helpers, salves, “to tend the garden”, this event occurred only recently, a blink of an evolutionary eye ago, but enough time for us to turn from barely surviving primates to gods on Earth advanced enough to understand the To-Rah true message, what truly happened in our past.  Combining DNA (verdicts.god) of aliens and earthlings was the method used to create Adam. A-dam = god.blood,  Adama = Earth, Adam=Earthling with god-Blood, which explains the shape of the Y chromosome which they installed evidenced by the fact that we as Australopithecus had 2X chromosomes. The shape of the Y chromosome was designed to look that way in order to suggest pictorially that two races were combined to one, that’s Y.

    This has never been about the past; it’s always been about the fu-Tu-Re(here.Tho.Ra), preparing us for the time the alien ( = god.I) gods return to reside in Ye-Ru-Shalem. Ye-Ru = See/god.Ra    Shalem = complete, paid-up, in-peace. 

    • The word Torah is from the Hebrew word Tor meaning Queue, thus Torah literally means its turn, suggesting what other myths, the Kabbalah, the Sumerian and Egyptian myth claim: that the Torah is a ‘stone of destiny,’ a computer program that pre-determines our future.
    • The Sumerian half-brother gods Enki (Tho) and Enlil (Ra), who rule earth (ear = Ra, th = Tho), moved from Sumer, meaning guardian in Hebrew, to Neter (Egypt) also meaning guardian in Hebrew and changed their names to Thoth and Ra or if you will, Tov & Ra meaning Good & Bad.  The God Yhwh was good-Thov while the bad-Ra in Hebrew, was Ra who secretly impregnated Eve and was therefore depicted with a snake mask or snake headwear. Yhwh meaning Y-howeh =, is a title, not a name and therefore both gods and their father Anu were called Yhwh.
    • Thoth, carried the Ankh, identifying him as the Sumerian god Enki/Tho/Yhwh, the head of the Anaki Gods (Enki) who came from heaven and live forever.  The symbol of eternal life was eventually used as the basis for the cross which Jesus, the son of god, the Israelite, the Crosser who claimed, “I am not of this world,” was nailed to and later resurrected.  The Egyptian and Sumerian myths credit Tho/Yhwh /Enki with resurrective powers. 
    • The New Testament, the Atra-Hassis and the Egyptian myth all tell of the creation of a secret son of god. The Old Testament tells the same story in code claiming Cain is the secret son of god and Eve, the true “first born of creation”. Hare Krishna was also born of a virgin birth to earthling woman and the sun god, his mother placed him in a reed basket and placed it in the river.  He grew up as a cow herder (Moses and David were a sheep herders).  All the myths tell the same story… “The same woman with different clothing” is the Hebrew saying.

    •           Is the moon an artificial body? Psalm suggests a time without a moon…the word Moon is from the Hebrew Maon meaning Residence. The word Loona means to Sleep/reside-in, it makes up the word Hotel. Is god residing on the dark side of the moon? Why didn’t we build a station on the moon? Why did we choose to float in the middle of nothingness in a space station?

    •           The Hebrew Nation who went out of Egypt were not some elusive and almost mythical group of people but the Aamu from the city of Avaris, is what they called themselves “Am Evri,” “nation Hebrew”, otherwise known as the Hyksos, a name given to them by the Greeks. They lived next to and then ruled over Egypt and were known as the “Semitic Pharaohs.” Who contributed a lot to the advancement of the Egyptian people.   They left or were kicked out about 3500 years ago during the reign of the Pharaoh Akmoses whose name means Brother.Moses (Moses was a prince).  All ancient historians equated the Hebrews with the Amu tribe from the city of Avaris but the Egyptians erased any recorded history with this name.  In an effort to erase the Avaris the city of Avaris’s name was changed to Ramses which the Torah claims the Hebrews built. But there is no Erasing of Bahar Yoseph.

    •           Bahar Yousef “the ocean of Joseph,” the single most important Egyptian irrigation project in 4000 years was designed Yoseph and built by the Evris from Avaris, dramatically increasing the irrigable land and is still used in feeding millions.  Joseph, who suggested it, was the only one who knew how to build it. That and not his ability to read dreams is the real reason Joseph was put in charge of Egypt.  Eventually, his brothers the tax collectors became rulers over Egypt which explains why there are no records that the Aamu invaded Egypt.  

    •           Ra with the help of Tho also created Rouh elohim = the holy ghost, “To remember the slain god” whose blood was used to make A-Dam = god.blood.  The Egyptian myth makes a similar claim that a second secret creation of light entities designed to judge mankind in his stead was ordered by Ra, which not coincidently, is described in the word Aur-a meaning in Hebrew light.god, Light(from Hebrew word Lahat meaning burning.flame) is AuRa is Ra.

    •           The light of Ra is the Holy Ghost, the Soul, the Aura (aur –a =light.god), a light that surrounds the body, our personal Ava-tar=father Th.Re. The part of us that that lives forever letting the body go when we die, rising to become the light of Ra. The Aura, the soul then returns to earth to surround another body…

    •           The first word in the Torah is Beroshit usually translated as, in the beginning, but Be-Rosh-Y-T literally means in.head.god.Thoth, which is the way both Sumerian and Egyptian myths described how god first created the world.  God’s creation tool is imagination which was then gifted to Adam. It is the reason the Kabbalah claims god created the letters before the universe was created - he had to, even god needs to imagine before He can create.  Hebrew letters are symbolic representation of agreed upon pictures; the basic building blocks of imagination had to be imagined (created) before the universe was created.  Language is a system that allows Gods and humans to create by programing us with the ability to “freeze a picture in time and space”, by framing it and naming it, we are then able to move and reassemble it into a new picture. Letters created words and words became sentences. In other words Tho had to imagined the Letters, picture-words first because they are the building blocks of creation.

    •         The evidence that Hebrew was the language spoken when “all languages were one” is encoded in the name Jeriko = Ye-rikho meaning God.Moon in Hebrew.  Yerikho is the oldest city in the world and has been continuously inhabited for the past 11,000 years, since the Stone Age, when it was first built as a walled city with a tower and an internal staircase.  This predates the invention of agriculture by at least 1,000 years.  More importantly, it predates Babel and therefore predates the confounding of language by at least 4,000 years.  It means that thousands of years before the Sumerian and the Egyptian dynasties there were a people and a culture that spoke Hebrew, built cities and worshiped the moon god who controls the oceans.  The word Yareah-moon is related to the Hebrew words Roah meaning Wind and Spirituality (sephirots-emanations-counting).     

    •       In chapter 3 of Genesis we are told in code that god’s secret son, the first “first born of creation” is Cain.  In chapter 4 the sons of Cain are listed as contributing all knowledge to mankind, described as the ”father of metal workers,” “father of tent builders,” etc. Though we are given a lot more information about them than the sons of Seth that were simply reported as lived had children and died, left conspicuously missing is their lifespan, suggesting by their absence that they are gods who live forever.  Genesis, Chapter 5 lists the bloodlines of Adam, listing Seth as Adam’s first born which indirectly confirms Cain’s true origins because it intentionally omitted Cain the first born of Eve as a son of Adam. Chapter 6 confirms Cain’s very talented offspring are called after their grandfather  making them “the sons of god” “who took the daughters of man”. That was when the line of Cain married the line of Seth, which upset god who curtailed human life expectancy from 1000 to 120.

               All our forefathers from Noah (950 years) to Jacob (147 years) were demi gods which is denoted clearly but in code. Our forefathers are reported to live to well over 120 years which god decreed as the limit for humans therefore anyone living over 120 years is a demi-God. Moses is reported as an earthling living to 120 years but his Alien ancestry is clearly noted. His father is reported to live to 137 and his brother Aaron to 121. That’s why the Torah is such a stickler to mention everyone’s ages (except Cain’s line…).

    •           God is not the name of an entity but rather the name of a communication tool used by the god Ra to impart ideas to human: The word GoD denotes the location of the god Rays (Ra). It points to the Purple Gamma rays in the D (4) band which is then called G-D. It is the reason why after god contacts the Israelis telepathically at Mount Sinai, which the text describes as “weyerou et hakolot” “and they saw the voices”, he calls the people of Israel Am Segula translated as special people but literally means “purple people” suggesting a unique ability to receive information from the purple-g-d rays. Or if you will a Thought-Ray. 

    •           The Egyptians claim no one could get rid of Ra as a ruler of the gods because the secrets that rule earth were hidden in his body, in light that he doles out to humans periodically. Ra asked Tho to create the light being to judge in his stead, to be his representatives judging the unjust and reporting back to Ra. Ra to Aura, Aura to subconscious.

    •           The Hebrew word Nahash meaning Snake and Mashiyah meaning Messiah are both cosmically the same, both words add up numerically to 358.

    •           We are told in code Noah (noun.Hait), the surviving earthling is two third god seed, his name uses the first two letters in Nahash (Noun.Hait.Shin). His son Sh.M came back as MoSheH, M.Sh.H which reads backward as HaSheM while Ham his youngest son came back as Muhammad Mem.Hait.Maim.dalet  red backward it read Dam.Ham meaning Blood.Ham.

    The Torah is the story of the secret seed of god.