No One Of The Experts noticed  !?>>

To summarize 

1- 3000 English words with correct Hebrew meaning, proving Hebrew meanings are universal.

2- "The Writing of God" the original Hebrew letters are Latin Letters.

Conclusion: No One Noticed The obvious. 

Latin letters are almost identical to ancient Hebrew

The Table (tavla) below:   Some letters are sideways or upside down,

19 are the same, 3 were changed by being split or combined. 

So...No One Noticed? what Else?

"Hamafteh" published in Israel in '97.


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    This website is dedicated to proving scientifically/linguistically that Language is a unique creation tool gifted to us by God, by aDoNiA the DNA programmer. 

    The ability to imagine and then create using letter/symbol/picture combinations began about 4 billion years ago when five common everyday elements gathered, either spontaneously or accidentally or, maybe by a divine super engineer, to create four different complex molecules(words) which are made up of combinations of phosphorus and hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon and oxygen, we named them G, A, T and C, the letters of DNA.  Those four letters, called phosphates, which are useless on their own, were first paired then connected to an energy source (ATP) and finally encased.  The four molecules/letters then combined and wrote 'life giving' programs on long molecular strands called “self replicating molecules,” which were able to record and then duplicate those very complex programs. The DNA programs include ‘spell check,’ cellular error-checking mechanisms that are built-in to ensure near perfect DNA replication. 

    According to scientists this “magical” series of coordinated actions followed by complex multi-billion byte programs that “breathed life” into matter were purely due to accidental movements of 4 complex molecules.Though letters were the first thing created there had to be enormous planning and thought, program writing, before DNA letters and subsequent programs were written. Letter creation and Program writings had to predate life! Before we were able to use letters we all had to agree that the letter A is 0101 or something like it.  Letters, power source and programs--sound like an organic computer to me..

    Was life created by magic or programs? Accident or design?  The answers will, in all probability, assault whatever beliefs you hold about language, religion, scientific knowledge and even free choice.  The evidence presented here is based on well-accepted mainstream scientific and linguistic facts. If my experience is any indication, it's going to be easy enough for readers to understand but it's going to be nearly impossible to accept because it suggests we have been wrong about the past.  Worse yet, it suggests that our moral compass is wrong and finally, that as many religions/myths have already suggested, we were created by a high tech god; a geek; a program writer. We semi-genius humans are on the low rungs of the intelligence/spirituality ladder.  In the world of god, the world of light where our souls and god reside, we humans are still in the dark. The next few pages will attempt to demonstrate that Life is stranger than fiction.  

    Both theologians and scientists agree that letters/complex molecules were created and then paired (unexplainably) before life could be programmed!  This affirms many ancient scriptures that claim language was created before life. 


    טז  וְהַלֻּחֹת--מַעֲשֵׂה אֱלֹהִים, הֵמָּה; וְהַמִּכְתָּב, מִכְתַּב אֱלֹהִים הוּא--חָרוּת, עַל-הַלֻּחֹת. Exo-16 And the tables were the work of God, and the writing was the writing of God, graven upon the tables.

    The writing of god? Are we all Writing Hebrew Letters and no one noticed? No way!


                                                            This Is Gotcha Funny!!

                  English/Latin letters  Not current Hebrew letters are the original writing of god!!

    ONE    = AHD = Aleph.Hait. Dalet in ancient Hebrew letters reads Ehad and is written as        AHD   not  אֶחָד       

    Create = Bara in 4000 year old Hebrew was written as                                                        bRA..  not   בָּרָא

    The Latin Roman Alphabet was not invented nor based on several alphabet as suggested by all the experts. The original Hebrew Alphabet, the one used by God to write the Torah was radically changed...why?...The holy language, the writing of god!! who dared to allow such a thing?...Few hundred years later the original Hebrew alphabet was reintroduced as new Latin alphabet.  No way!!  So no one noticed?   Not Even Hebrew religious and language scholars? They looked at those letters for hours days and years and couldn't see it?                                               


       They ASSUMED evolution and therefore never looked....but still....this in not in code!!   

    AsSuMe = HeShiM = Blame            

    Three things happened almost simulteniously. 1-The letters were changed because all scientific formulas had to be written in the writing of god.  mc2 = mcc = cmc = שמש Shin Mem Shin = shemesh meaning SUN the letter Shin has a value of 300 same as the speed of light The letter Shin means Light, Word  ( explained at legnth in the main article).

    2-At the same time Ezrah(in Baghdad) added the diacritical marks, this was done to limit our understanding of the Torah (explained in main article)

    3-Hebrew letters were change and then reintroduced as Latin


    To my untrained eye this looks obvious! I included an explanation for the 3 letters that are the exceptions




     English A    looks like Aleph on it's side from 1000 b.c    Bull for 2000 b.c  Bull of Heaven?

     sorry A can be seen in the bottom


     The English     b    looks like upside down  b  Bait from 1000 b.c


    Gimel (exception)







      G  was made up of 2 Hebrew G sound.   g looks like  the letter Ghah (entwined rope), the original Gimel was used as J sound. 



     The English   K   looks like  upside down Caph from 1000 b.c. Caph was used as Partial Shin/Sin (Ce), that's why it was only partially used. It looks like a Caph without the two sticks inside   C .



     the English        L    looks like the Hebrew Lamed from 2000 b.c



    the English M m      looks like a wave, Mem from 2000 b.c and it means water. 


    Peh (exception)

    This letter looks somewhat like an inverted  P from 2000 b.c. This letter was not copied because the sound was split to two English Letters:  P F



    Looks like an S inverted. This important sound was not given a letter in English but ...SH. CH. C. S Z can all be decoded as Shin/Sin .The Samekh meaning of Sin was to Shin

    Current Samekh was called Sin and Shin was Shin. but then Shin became Sin. The new Samekh a letter that looks like a Dalet or inverted D was suggests enclosed Knowledge.



     Looks like             T t       in a circle from 2000 b.c



     Looks like            T t          from 2000 b.c and it explains the circle around the letter Tait. 

    Below is a chart with all 23 original hebrew letters and their meanings (my undersanding) 

    NOTHING IS NEW UNDER THE SUN... If our experts didn't notice the obvious...what else did they miss? ...a lot.




    טז  וְהַלֻּחֹת--מַעֲשֵׂה אֱלֹהִים, הֵמָּה; וְהַמִּכְתָּב, מִכְתַּב אֱלֹהִים הוּא--חָרוּת, עַל-הַלֻּחֹת. 

    EXOD-16 And the tablets were the work of God, and the writing was the writing of God, graven upon the tables.

      Hebrew is the  language of God.This statement like the speed of light has turned an unknown, the original language spoken prior to God confounding it to a known, namely that Hebrew the language the Torah is written in is that language.

    The Hebrew alphabet has always been the only key to the knowledge of the Hebrew revelation.  Nothing is as important as the knowledge that which is to be found in the letter/word.  The 22 letters represent a combination of name and form of our physical universe.  The 22 letters are holy letters which are the first energies, the raw material to the creation of the universe.  They represent the will of God into reality. God CREATED the Universe by first creating the letters that he then combined to created all Matter.

    We know theat all atoms were created using 4 letters Proton, Neutron, Electron and Phonton.

    We know DNA are made up of 4 phosphates : A, T, G, C

    The Hebrew words can be compared to chemical formulas each letter is like an element in so much as each letter has a picture-word meaning, changing the arrangement of the letters like changing the arrangement of atoms, changes the cosmic energy they create.  This is described in the SEPHER YETIRA (the book of formation-creation-manufacture), said to have been Abraham’s Kabala. It is suggested there that the 22 original letter meaning are the only one programmed in our brain and our mind then creates pictures by combining them, but due to the Gods confounding language we no longer are able to use them correctly. … But strangely enough the latest scientific discoveries support the notion that each letter is a picture-word. It seems the brain works exactly that way.  The brain processes a word, as if it were a sentence.  NYU Professor Alec Marantz looked to the MEG to demonstrate this in brain waves, he said, "We would see the same pattern of brain activity within a word as within a sentence, though more compressed in time." Of course according to Abraham book of  Manufacture God created the world with ONE letter, one picture, I felt that the One letter root was too esoteric for me and I therefore opted to start with 2 letter words that have known meaning.


    It is not true that the Hebrew language is made up with 3 letter shoresh (root) the language is made up of letter words with one letter roots, so were did the scholars come up with it? As it turns out DNA is made up of 3 letters combinations...this is not the only Time early biblical scholars made a mistake taking DNA letters to mean regular letters. In the middle ages they tried to make a Golem (robotic human) by SAWING LETTERS TOGETHER.. ...they were right....they just sawed the wrong letters. In fact it was impossible to understand this till the discovery of DNA in1953.



     DALET means KNOWLEDGE in all languages.

             Let’s take the letter Dalet meaning door to knowledge, or just knowledge -  I am suggesting only consonants are building blocks which means we should ignore vowels, they are there to produce different music thus hide the sameness in consonants.  Let’s then explore the possibility that the meaning of the sound D is the same in Hebrew and other languages. 

             De-a means an opinion or Idea. Yeda means knowledge which reside in the Head, I know that yeda and head don’t sound alike, but Head and Yeda are made up of the same building block, the consonant D meaning knowledge. Ed means Witness, Ed is used as a suffix in English “happened” witnessed.

              Od means to Ad. Dyo a Die or ink and to Die means Enough, stop. The English to Do means to know.  The English word Aid meaning, giving a hand, is from the Hebrew Yad- meaning hand. Da means Yes in Russian but know in Hebrew.

             Of course there is the hyoid bone also known as the lingual bone. A unique bone that is held by muscles but not attached to any bone. Its name is the letter Yod that stand for god. Could the language secrets be hidden there?

             Moving up to two letters the word Idiot, or yad ot meaning hand signals, in other words unable to speak. The word to Bid would then decipher as Bayad in hand.

             Dame would then be Da-em meaning know A Mother. It follows that a Date then would mean Da et, Know assigned-Time. The Spanish Nada which means nothing, means no- Da or no-knowledge in Hebrew…and Buddha would mean bo-da in him the Knowledge, so on and on and on. B pronounced Byte means a house or a housing as in the computereese word - Byte.

             The word Semantics is made of 2 Hebrew words shem tic meaning Name File while Syntax is made up of Syn Tekes meaning word arrangement. Shin and Shem mean the same thing, one spells out the word Shem the other Shin spells out, the first letter for Shem Shin which is accepted to mean Shem-the word. Tax is from the Hebrew Tekes meaning to set in order, in short a Text. Syntax then is word arrangement and semantics means name file. I have 2600 words like these.

             Chomsky named the innate ability to speak, Language Acquisition Device, very sophisticated and scholarly sounding, he then abbreviated it as LAD. Lad means boy and At-Birthed-Innate, in Hebrew, in English it appears as Yield which really means birthed. 

             Though Chomsky is Jewish and speaks Hebrew, I am not suggesting Chomsky meant to name it in Hebrew, I am suggesting that some other unseen power is at work. Simply stated…someone has access to our mind and is likely whispering each new name otherwise they couldn’t all be correct in Hebrew. 

             Innate, without the vowel it reads as  NT or Nata meaning planted, sounds different but have the same consonants, while Shatal is another Hebrew word meaning planted, in shatal would then be Instil or  install meaning in planted. DNA means din a Verdicts god. RNA transmit information and its meaning is ran a, song god.

             The recently discovered super continent was named ELBABARA a name they created by taking the last part of the previously discovered 2 super continents. They could have used many names but somehow decided on a name that means in Hebrew EL-God Ba-In It Bara – Created



    To test this I took 2 letter words which have clear and pictorial Hebrew meaning and add a 3rd letter to test if the words created still incorporate the 2 letter picture word, it would indicate that the language was created whole, in a systematic fashion, rather than by connecting accidental sound to accidental pictures.

     The Hebrew word RATS רצ meaning to Run is a practically a cognate to the English word RACE. This is one word always stuck out in my mind because the Hebrew linguists actually added the letter Waw which  would then would be read as ROOTZ,  so it would have a 3 letter root.

    The Hebrew word TSAR  צר  meaning NARROW, is created if we reverse the order of those same 2 letters. Actually the Hebrew word TZARY means SORRY and is a perfect cognate to the English word SORRY.  Pictorially speaking RUNNING conveys a picture of expanding energy while NARROW, the reverse word give us a picture of collapsing energies. It also aptly describe SORRY as “NARROWESS” of the heart.

    Below are few examples with the word RATZ meaning RUN. To understand the analogy of comparing Hebrew language to a chemical formula better, we add a letter or two (atoms) to these two letters and examine the results. I am not familiar with how Hebrew is taught today but I am sure they still insist on a 3 letter Shoresh  (ROOT-source) for each word.   The way the Hebrew language is taught, the verbs RUN, WANTS BROKEN OPEN, GROOVE,  are all considered to have different Shoresh when in truth they are all from the Hebrew verb RUN. The magic of Hebrew as a computerized language is well hidden once the powers to be decided on a 3 letter Shoresh.  



    RATZ                             רץ                RUN  RACE

    RATZA                          רצה             WANT run toward

    RETZO-OAH                 רצועה           STRIP; BELT (see it run)

    RATZ-OOF                    רצוף             CONTINOUS; SUCCESSIVE (running)

    HARATZ                        חרץ              TO GROOVE (see it run)

    ENERGENTIC               מרץ              INTENSIVE (running)

    PARATZ                        פרץ              BROKEN THROUGH (run through)

    The Hebrew word created when the two letters in the word RATZ are reversed is TZAR meaning NARROW.  If running describes energy that expands then the reverse must describe the reverse or energy narrowness.


              TZAR                   צר                NARROW

              TZAAR                צער              SORROW

              TZARAH              צרה              TROUBLE

              TZAROD              צרוד             HOARSE; HUSKY

              TZROR                צרור             BUNDLE

              KETZER               קצר              SHORT; MOW

              ETZAR                 עצר              STOP

              TZARACH           צרח              SCREAM (narrowness of the throat)

              TZARACH           צרך              NEED (narrowness)

    I hope it is clear that the 16 words ( I believe the complete list is about 40 words)  above are from two,  two letter shoresh (picture-words) and a clear indication that language was created whole.

    In thirty-two (1) mysterious Paths of Wisdom did Jah, (2) the Jehovah of hosts, (3) the God of Israel, (4) the Living Elohim, (5) the King of ages, the merciful and gracious God, (6) the Exalted One, the Dweller in eternity, most high and holy--engrave his name by the three Sepharim (7) --Numbers, Letters, and Sounds.(8) "Twenty-two foundation letters: He ordained them, He hewed them, He combined them, He weighed them, He interchanged them. And He created with them the whole creation and everything to be created in the future.(first in his mind) Sefer Yetsirah ("Book of Formation")

    Kabalists believe God existed before the creation of the universe, and that God then created the universe in the form of the sefirot (counting-enemetions-spirits-spheres) the ten sacred numbers-emanations. Following the second set of sefirot appeared—the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Kabalists believe these letters combined into different combinations, and in turn created the world. As the letters interacted, parts of the world took shape. Each letter and word created both matter and other letters and words, giving rise to language and the universe at almost the same time.

    Aboulafia, a famous Kabalist 1240-1291, must have gotten very similar information to mine but in much earlier time. His predictions are amazingly parallel to mine. I understand he was the first to suggest that wisdom and knowledge can actually be acquired through understanding language in the very same way as through understanding nature (e=mc2=shemesh).  “From the mouth of God, which revealed its secret to Moses his servant, that the world was created with language” He believed that the 22 letters are the only natural letters.  Other languages were, according to Aboulafia, made up of the Hebrew letters with different accents (this is exactly what I have shown 720 years later) there is no way he simply guessed at it.  “And the lord was rolling letters in order to create other languages,” I will show in this book that Aboulafia who predicted that all languages are Hebrew is proven to be right.

    He predicted that we will know the days of the messiah are close when the Hebrew language will spread.  He expanded saying that the day will come when all languages will shrink into one.  

    In his book, SHOMER MITZVA Aboulafia says, “That when the messiah comes language will return to be ONE clear language, like the one spoken in earlier times.  That all the people will clearly understand one language, and they (the nations of the world) will all worship God with the same words and language.”

    This same sentiment is echoed in Zephaniah, his name means THE CODE OF GOD. I looked there because of the name and becauase the biblical Joseph name was changed by the priest Poti Perah to Tzaphnat Paneh meaning THE CODE SOLVER. 

    ט  כִּי-אָז אֶהְפֹּךְ אֶל-עַמִּים, שָׂפָה בְרוּרָה, לִקְרֹא כֻלָּם בְּשֵׁם יְהוָה, לְעָבְדוֹ שְׁכֶם אֶחָד.

    3-9 For then will I turn to the peoples a pure language, that they may all call upon the name of the LORD, to serve Him with one consent.



    Letters Created the World

    It is clearly true that letter combinations using proton electron and nuetron in different arrangement to created every element and it is equally true that Physical DNA letters were created in order to program life.  But before i understood this I had a problem in trying to understand such esoteric (satoor –hidden in Hebrew) concept as “the Letters in different combination created the world”.  I could not for the life of me imagine how letters created a world. My mind conjures all kind of dancing letters to no avail.  But I eventually realized that a Hebrew letter does not represent sound or form only, each letter represents a picture, a shape, a weight and a sound. For example the letter BAIT –B represents a HOUSE, a SINGLE CONTAINER (equivalent to the English computerize –Byte-a single housing), the number 2 and B and V sounds. The letters then are but symbolic representation of agreed upon pictures-symbols. I was then able to imagine how using those picture-words God imagined, God first created in his mind and then manifested by calling it into being (no idea how, but then I have no idea how electricity works). God created the numbers followed by 22 pictures which God labeled as letters assigning pictures shapes number and sound to each one. God used the combination of 22 letters - Pictures  ( God created by moving semantics around shem -name) and 10 numbers to CREATE THE UNIVERSE-in his mind-BEROSHIT (was mistranslated because of the diacritical marks) the god Elohim spelled in Hebrew as El Hayam meaning GOD OF OCEAN (MISREAD DUE TO DAICRITICAL MARKS) CREATED LIFE FROM WATER VIABRATION AND A BLACK HOLE (in main article). After his mental creation God pronounced the WORDs to bring them into reality. This is expressed eloquently in words WORD and WORLD God put L- EL(means God in Hebrew) into the WORD to create WORLD. God used the Hebrew Letters and numbers and then calling into a computer to bring them into reality, therefore they must have existed prior to creation.  Imagining, a creation tool that works by moving around semantics – naming picture (letters) is what made creation possible....justlike our computer...but more better.... 

    Manifesting the spoken word is a common creation tool of God and men. Except that we are new at it…it takes us longer to manifest the word into the world (even though the process seems to have been getting shorter by the day) and often we misuse this knowledge. Here it is…we get knowledge and get the choice of how to use it, we keep the scorecard for God in our subconscious that records everything and forgets nothing. Hard to believe! ! it was for me…

    Blessed be The Word, blessed be Hashem, Blessed be his Name

    The home page is a lot longer ad explains who god is where the soul is and what the Torah  really says