No One Of The Experts noticed  !?>>

To summarize 

1- 3000 English words with correct Hebrew meaning, proving Hebrew meanings are universal.

2- "The Writing of God" the original Hebrew letters are Latin Letters.

Conclusion: No One Noticed The obvious. 

Latin letters are almost identical to ancient Hebrew

The Table (tavla) below:   Some letters are sideways or upside down,

19 are the same, 3 were changed by being split or combined. 

So...No One Noticed? what Else?

"Hamafteh" published in Israel in '97.


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    IN THE BEGINNING THERE WAS THOUGHT- WORDS....and it created everything.


    In the beginning there was thought ... and it created everything.

    The Origin of Language' might be a misleading title because most people expect a discussion about ancient languages, which group of languages came first, how are different languages related. All those linguistic studies about that researchers term as 'the origin of language' are about the written word which is only 5000 years old. That means that linguists cannot possibly discover the origin of language. Those 'ancient' languages, like all ancient myths, appeared as if from nowhere with a very rich vocabulary and complex grammar. In fact, all those languages are modern not ancient. It appears as if they were all written whole, as a result of God confounding language 5767 years ago;the hebrew count suppose to refer to creation but it actually counts the time language was confounded).  Skeletal evidence points to the fact that language in humans existed for over 200,000 years -we are missing about 98% or 195,000 years. Linguists and scientists alike claim that language is incomparable with the evolutionary theory (many simultaneous complex genetic program changes  that scientists deemed impossible to have happened accidentally) so. if not accidentally then how? When asked in a N.Y times interview in 1999,“Imagine,” Mr. Chomsky says, “that some divine super engineer, in a single efficient strike, endowed humans with the power of language where formerly they had none.” He also observed that all languages go through a very narrow bottle neck of sounds and grammatical structure, concluding that from aliens point of view we are all speaking the same language...Though Mr Chomsky speaks Hebrew, he is a proclaimed atheist and speaks against the legitimate (god given) rights of the Israelis to the state of Israel and therefore he is likely the last person to have guessed its - Hebrew. I believe he was on the right path to discovering the truth, but his lack of believe in God prevented him from the final truth about the origin of language.

     The title on the other hand is fitting because we know now that letters…DNA letters were created before life could be programmed - those letters, useless on their own had to be created in order to program life. Because we know for a fact that language (dna programs) was created before life it explains the previously impossible to understand story that god had to teach the angels the torah before creation, God had to teach them the programs and programming language - to help in creation, in program writing. (in the beginning was the word is scientifically correct). our DNA is programmed with 6 million bytes of information. Our digestion system alone requires as many as 70,000 different bacterium...our eyes see in 2 dimension but our brain converts the image  to 3 dimensions, does any intelligent person think that those programs were written by DNA letters randomly wiggling around? 

    What you are about to read is not easy to accept. I show that both scientists and religious leaders are equally wrong. Though scientists have discovered a lot about how complex events created the universe, earth and life, discovering that it took billions and billions of programs that are so complex they cant figure them out yet, but they somehow concluded that all those programs were written by a mysterious hand of nature which they named accident. Religious leaders were forced to interpret the various religious writing before there was enough knowledge about DNA and the big bang. for example: We know now that: In the beginning was the word has been proven to be scientifically correct, DNA letters and programs were created before life. But there was no way for anyone to know that 2000 years ago...So, in order to try and make sense of it the church was forced to suggest that Jesus is The Word. The Jews and Moslems have done the same with their attempt to explain the Torah, a scientific document, without  having enough knowledge to understand what it really says.

    I am of course aware most schools throughout the world erroneously teach that the impossible happened, that the billions and billions of complex programs were written (using 4 letters, while ours is only a 2 letter computer), all by accident and that organisms-complex programs, changed by accident and that the interconnection of all organisms which is even more complex, the balance of nature was due to series of accidents...they believe all life was created by the 'god' of trial and error... Evolutionists are confused and confusing, they think proving evolution which by the way is a fact not a theory somehow proves accidental creation. The evidence suggests that god of trial and error is writing more and more complex programs over the past 4 billion years using the same 4 letters without making any errors... When we find few letters on a wall or paper or a whole story we always assume that some intelligent entity wrote it, no one suggests that the wind 'wrote' those letters by accident! but when we find 4 DNA letter made up of complex molecules and billions of programs were written using those 4 letters we somehow concluded it was not due to a very intelligent program writer but due to trillions of inexplicable accidents? which no yet has managed to even theorize -how? We have managed to call complicated program rewrites - accidents -mutations...laboratory experiments created many mutations but have failed to date  produce any permanent changes, all mutatant do not reproduce and when they do they return back to type....we even believe that we somehow invented our programming tool - language, by willing our body to create 4 separate mutations, that created 4 major organs not the least of which is a larger brain to accommodate language, to accommodate our invention. By the way human language is in the front of the brain and as Aphasics proved is not connected to where monkey cries reside, suggesting language didnt begin as cries that graduated to language but was inserted whole in the front part of the brain. We must also believe nature is neat, it erases all evidence of the billions of bad unsuccessful tell that to silicon valley...

    A friend who studied the Kabalah told me that god made the world with letters, he suggested that if I squint I would be able to see letters floating...I squinted but failed to see letters...But he turned out to be correct that's exactly how science looks at the world. Scientists tell us that earth was created with 92 natural elements-letters, which combined into more words (complex molecules) and then into life-DNA programs (long stories). Did god do this or did a series of accidents? 'The Word suggests it was god!! Yhwh Tzeva-ot or 'The host of god', the word Tzeva-ot literally means 'army-letters, the word  Tzeva means army and is spelled Tzadi-90 and Bet-2 or 92, thus the Word is saying that god's army is made up of 92 letters. No, I didn't figure this or anything else you are about to read on my own, I don't think it's figurable, I received it in a series of teachings telepathically, pictorially from 'The light'.

    God created the world by first creating The Word and with it god created the world. The Lettet L lamed means El-God so...god inserted himself into the word and used it to create the world. WOR(L)'s in the Word.....

    What you are about to read is probably not the ultimate truth, I probably wouldn't know the ultimate truth if I saw it. My understanding is limited and the information in the Bible is far beyond our current scientific knowledge. But I believe I offer a tool; the keys to a library that will reveal the ultimate truth about our past and more importantly, about our future. The following summarizes my best understanding of the teachings.

    In my first experience I insisted on proof I could show to others. This is it!! I had no idea I was going to get a language lesson, nor did/do I know where it all is leading to. I am not really a very curious person, I don't read the Bible and ponder about its hidden meanings, actually I never read the entire Bible or even the entire Torah or the entire scripture of any religion or myth. The only book I read daily and religiously is the book of Psalms which I read/chant while holding different yoga positions. I simply receive the information pictorially in what we all call 'genius' moments, or a light bulb 'turning on,' and other times for effect, the experience is very dramatic and real. As often as not, I received it while sleeping and awakened between 12-3 am to write it down. When I received the language secret, the experience was overwhelming by design, it felt like a real ceremony where I was given the secret of language.  And though it was all happening in my mind, I was no longer able to differentiate between imagination and reality. I lost it for few hours, but 30 years later the experience remains clear in my mind. 

    I was instructed not to read ANY interpretation of the Torah or other ancient myths and writings because they are all wrong. That the entire Jewish, Christian and Moslem interpertaion is way off the target.  I was then instructed to always look for what is the same in all myths; names and words. It took about 10 years before I recognized that Brahm(a) is (A)braham (both are known as 'father of all) and both are married to women called Sarah. This is in the Hindu Mahabahrata which is from the Hebrew,what-god-created. Karma then became Kar-m-a meaning happened-from-god. I eventually collected 3000 such examples, I called the language decoding process: the Shem (meaning the name) is theSame. I was taught the secret of how to unconfound language and thought, of how god created all languages from Hebrew letter-meanings. The teachings were presented on something like a TV screen in my mind (before computers). And English words like positive appeared on the screen: po-si-tive = here-this-good פה זה טוב (Hebrew), with arrows connecting the words.I hope the fact that English is made up of Hebrew and the fact that Latin letters are identical to ancient Hebrew coupled with the fact that no one noticed proves that a god is responsible. Telepathy happens all the time to all of us, the information is transmitted directly into our subconscious, but it happens too fast for us to be aware of it as it happens (drive to hard drive), the process was slowed down for my benefit so I could 'see' how it works. I could actually see the information which was always attached to a still picture entering my mind.


    East meet west

    Eye fo Eye is the same as Balance the energies

    Eastern and western religions are tools to seek balance, they actually say the same thing but on different realms, in the physical world it's eye for eye and in the spirit world its balance the energies. The Hindu teaching is about how to control ones emotion while the Torah suggests the right action will produce the right emotion. For example: a thief pays double or work for it. The thief ends up feeling like the one he stole from (looser) and the victim makes money on this deal...his victim energies get balanced. The only balancing action to murder is killing the perpetrator, this is not an act of hate or even punishment its an act of love...No, Not to the criminal but for earth, and the survival of the human race, love for generation not yet born, for the souls that might have no chance. Those 'harsh laws' are equally fair for everyone and according to the programmer it is essential for the future survival of society, not for the next 100 years but for the next 10,000 years!!. The torah law is 'the victim justice system' while our laws are 'the criminal justice system', we have forgotten that the whole point of a justice system is to inindemnify the victim!!

    In the book of Psalm god says that all nations, all myths have the truth but only the Torah has his judgements...Unless the reader can understands and accept the wisdom of Torah as the book of balance, a book written for our future survival, unless we accept the wisdom of the so called harsh laws of the Torah as laws of love...everything else can not convince you the reader that a wise god, a programmer wrote the laws...that the rules of the game we all play by were programmed!!.  the word Law means No in Hebrew, indeed the laws are the rules of what NOT to do, and the judgements are designed to correct the imbalance...anything else will not work! Why? because it's not the program


    The Proof

    I believe this body of work presents circumstantial proof beyond reasonable doubt in the form of scientific linguistic evidence that there is a god!! and that he wrote all myths and languages. The magic of converting English words and formulas to Hebrew reveals scientific information that was previously hidden within the Word, it more than suggests that nothing is accidental, that the big bang, matter, life (DNA programs), language, myths, historical events and scientific discoveries including the invention of our two-letter computers (one of which is 0), the precursors to organic four-letter DNA computers, were all programmed by the same god who granted us his creation tool: The Word/letter combinations, programs that created life from matter and matter from energy. The ToRah god says he is an alien life form (looks like nothing on earth or the sky), a Real-Light-Entity who existed before matter, before the big bang, who claims 'no one sees me and lives,' is in effect, saying he is physical, real and fatal.

    But...because no one can see god, all religions decided to contradict the Torah and ALL other myths and usurp god by first claiming he has no image or body (doesn't really exists). Then they brazenly changed all his his name! Explaining that god wrote this long ago...god didn't know enough but later told selected few what he really meant, in effect all claim that the laws are a suggestion, that god allowed man to change his laws. We are now all following new improved religions and new improved man made laws and understandings. God disappeared and man became god! And that too was planned. God told Moses 'I will hide my face and see how they end up'. God then programmed 'free choice', Satan (means veer-of-path in Hebrew)...In effect god is saying ' You need to try the rest before you try the best. That suggests the unthinkable, that bad events were actually programmed, it also suggests god will return...Soon!!! Judgment day was programmed within us...The Torah laws/god were offered to a nation which clearly rejected it, no one wants to face the truth that one can not accept god and reject his laws...could eye for eye be a loving law which we misundersood?

    I will try to convince the reader that laws and everything else were written, literally speaking, by our programmer; inserted into our genes and will be turned on again soon. Free choice is our right to accept or reject good and bad ideas from the subconscious which god controls. The subconscious is 86% or 6 parts of 7 of the brain (and 'he rested on the 7th'), while 14%(the 7th) is the conscious part of the brain, both add up to five suggesting free choice....86 (6 parts of 7) spells ELOHIM (god) while 14 spells DAVID, the two Dsin DWD means  connection of the two YEDA/knowledge, the one from above and the one from below. And yes David representing the 7th part, the conscious, was the 7th son.


    Torah is the truth but in code.

    Gen 24, 17 And the appearance of the glory of the LORD was like devouring fire on the top of the mount in the eyes of the children of Israel.         We are in his image...God first created very small-lights, souls, male and female, and later god created physical entities Adam (a-dam means God-blood in heb) inside the soul. Our Aura (or-a =light god heb)

    God is a light entity who emits too strong a light (likely Gamma rays, explained later) making him fatal to gaze at, he clearly has a body and an image, that's the reason he always hid in a cloud or behind a bush, that's the reason no one sees him. He is known by hundred of different names in hundred different myths, the main one of which is  אדני 'ADoNiA (my lord), whose name contains the letters DNA not by accident or coincidence but because about 14 billion years ago god figured out how to convert Light-energy, to matter and 4 billion years ago he designed 4 DNA letters and have been writing DNA programs ever since. Ribonucleic (the long name for DNA), Ribon-Col ריבון כל Ruler-Everything (Hebrew) is not a product of happenstance naming, free choice, but by the will of Hashem who must make sure that the names are correct in Hebrew and written using Latin letters that are identical to ancient Hebrew- The Writing of god.…that’s why we call him The Word. If my experience is any indication we do not 'discover' scientific information, god doles it out to individuals in prescribed times (pre-programmed). Since the creation of words, such as in scientific discoveries is an on going process, god's involvement isn't something from our past but something from our future...Unless We were meant to use this language in the future there would be no reason to make sure each word is written in Latin letter with Hebrew meaning.




    Fact: DNA letters creation and subsequent programs predated life.  

    Fact: All DNA programs are not written randomly, but in 3 letter combinations, 3 letter words, just like Hebrew that is made up of 3 letter words called Shoresh (root) - Source Words.

    As it turns out 2000 years later...'In the beginning was the word'  is A scientific fact.

    Fact: DNA programs rule over us, 'and the word was god' 

    Fact: Life evolved from simple to complex organisms. Evolution isn't a theory it's a fact!

    Theory of evolution assumes that Creation, the original cell was created by a series yet inexplicable accidents and that the bilions of subsequent organisms were also accidental.

    Fact: The cell was created using very very long and complex programs, because of it we haven't been able to develop a credible theory of accidental creation! 

    Fact:The ToRah, bears the names of the  Egyptian gods of moon and sun,Tho-Ra.

    The revelation: The Tho-Ra is the lost book of formulas, the book of Thoth (Thought) that was given to the THO, a.k.a YHWH, ELOHIM, ADONAI to mention but few names, the moon god (that's why the jewish calander is lunar) and the scribe of the gods.    

    Moses broke the  'lost' book of Tho made of a stone supplied by god (a computer) containing formulas and creation programs that ruled earth's evolution. God preserved the information by rewriting it using letters and words.  Moses might have freed us from slavery of the programs that ruled earth but he enslaved us to free thinking, to uncertainty and doubt.  

    God and Moses converted formulas like MC2 and H2O (Latin letters are the original Heb, see chart) to the Hebrew words sun and water...Only a god, a programmer could write such a language...when a child is two he will learn CeMeCe, MaYiM. sun and water at 12 he will learn they also express formulas. To verify, the word Formula decodes are fo-r-mula meaning Here-see-word. When he learns about Artery and vein he will know through the Heb decipher that Ar-tary (fresh-air in heb) carries oxygn and that Ve-in (in-it-non in Heb) has non, it also explains - vain person). When he learns about ossicle meaning small bones in latin, he will know that their function is to convert vibration to sound because Ossi-cle means voice-maker in heb. And, if he feels Ashame he would know he feels guilty about something because Asheme means guilty in Heb. Once decoded, the Heb language coupled with Eng is the most scientific language ever written. The bible is the most scientific book ever written, it even says earth was created 8.64 billion years (2 god days) after the big bang. But, you gotta know the code! For example there are 10 electrons in water (10=yod-god)...there are 8 in Oxygen in two orbits of 2-6=yhwh...and oxygen in the heb = osi-te=garden-maker...the Heb word, is inseparable from it's numerical value. This is a altimate system of aqcuiring knowledge.

    My hope and wish, my reason for writing this is because I believe that every school should teach the book of formulas 'The writing of god',  not as a spiritual exercise but because Our programmer hid the secrets of creation in the tool of creation, in English words with Hebrew meanings, in language. In other words we don't have to reinvent the wheel...the scientific information we are trying to discover the answeres to our energy, water and population explosion problems are already in that old book....but you gotta know the code. code=akode=knotted(heb).

    How is all this done without any of us detecting it? 86% of the brain, the subconscious controls us, it runs the body and instructs, 'suggests' ideas to 14% of the brain(we all get them all the time), the 86%, this big computer,the hard drive is controlled by god, by Elohim whose name adds up numerically to 86. YHWH is 26 and there are 26000 genes and 206 bones, 26 letters in Latin. Tho the last hebrew letter is 46 and there are 46 chromosomes.(numbers converted to words). 

    I am not selling the belief in god, I am not selling spirituality, I know very little about redemption and salvation. I am selling here the knowledge of god, a way of understanding the living word. Like my name sake I am a code solver (tsafnat paneh)...I believe everything is programmed, that I was programmed to discover this, that's why I was born in Baghdad where langage was confounded. 

    The major flaw in my revelation is my claim that I am right and everyone else is wrong, that a god created life by programs not magic. That our religious and scientific leaders are wrong, that the Bible and other myths were very badly misunderstood because they are too scientific and in code. Ask a scientist, ask a rabbi ask a priest. They can not give you a logical understandable answers about creation....both evoke magic not logic, both suggest life is a miracle of nature or god...they are all wrong, there is no magic, we now know that not magic but programs created everything...this is in accord with our personal experiences, but when it comes to changing a set of beliefs the facts never confuse anyone because it's far easier to ignore them than actually change ones god, one's set of beliefs. Human DNA is programmed with 30 trilion...30 trillion...30,000,000,000 bytes of information! Evolutionsts are suggesting that a library that is probably 100 times bigger than the library of congress was written by accident!! Really? Really? Is Nature a god? The Egyptian creator gods were called NTR...NaTuRe (noun, tho, ra), Natar means Gaurdiens in Heb. 

    As is clearly evidenced my writing isn't my strong suit, if I were not compelled to write this down, I wouldn't have choice is a myth, I don't think it truly exists...everything is a program...pre-ordained, written... Maktoob (arabic). The world is a stage and we are...just doing our part.   


    In the beginning was the word' (John 1:1) is scientifically correct!!, letters were created before life. 'and the word was god', is also scientifically correct, because it suggests DNA programs (words-letter combinations) were left, 'as god', to rule over us, that's why one of god's name is The Word. 

    DNA = DiN A    דינ א    means    Verdicts-God    in Hebrew.   Or...  a-DoNiA  אדני - God.          God is telling us he is the program writer.

    To verify, I looked up The long name for DNA: Ribonucleic= in Heb, Ribon col ריבון כל = Ruler-Everything (Hebrew). The word YHWH adds up to 26...Not surprisingly, there are 26,000 genes. 

    Did god plan evolution? eva-lo-shin(ou) איוה לו שינוי god-desires-change...There are No accidents!! Evolution is programmed. 

    ToRah תורה. The last Heb letter To תו means Thought while the letter Ra ריש the 20th letter means universal Matter...Torah - Thought in matter...a perfect definition for DNA programsץ

    הֶעָתִיד לָצוּר׃‎ ‏שָׁקְלָן וְהֵמִירָן וְצָר בָּהֶם אֶת כָּל הַיְּצוּר וְאֶת כָּל‎ עֶשְׂרִים וּשְׁתַּוִם אוֹתִיּוֹת יְסוּד חָקְקָן חָצְבָן צָרְפָן  

    “Twenty two foundation letters, He ordained them (thought of them), He hewed them(shaped sub atomic particles), He combined them(wrote programs that created elements and then 4 complex molecules), He weighed them(made sure they are in the correct proportions), He interchanged them(wrote programs with them). 'And He created with them the whole creation and everything to be created in the future’ (same DNA letters have been used to write every single program of every living thing for 4 billion years now). The Word -DNA programs, were left to rule over us.  “And the Word was God,” (John 1:1) , Both versions have recently been proven to be scientifically correct, But...the simple truth is that there was no way to understand them until the discovery of DNA in 1953. 'And everything to be created in the future' god is referring here to what we call evolution, suggesting that there will be other creations in the future, maybe even by us humans but...they will all use DNA letters created by god.

    This summarizes my Kabbalah, a scientific/linguistic prove that the original proto language is Hebrew. Indisputable evidence proving that a god, a real entity used Hebrew to create all languges. Our creator is a visible light entity who always hid in a coulomb of light or a cloud and once even behind a bush. An entity who says that he lives forever and looks like nothing we have seen on earth or in the skies.   This description is at odds with all religions who claim God has no image, body/volume or size. God himself plainly states he created us in his image. 'Moses was not able to enter the tent of meeting because the cloud had settled on it, and the glory of the LORD filled the tabernacle' (exo 40:35).  Like us God seems to have volume and size. He has legs (he walked in the garden), a face, and a hand. Moses whose face radiated from being close to the cloud was eventually allowed to see his back but only after God covered him with his hand so he wouldn't' see god's face because as god said, 'you cannot see my face, for no one may see me and live.' (exo 33:20). Moses had no doubt that god had an image but he didn't know it was one that is fatal to look at. Moreover god himself seems to state that he couldn't neutralize it...Which explains why God always hid, a god with no image would communicate out of 'thin air' not a cloud. Finally,  I couldn't find anywhere in the Torah where it says god has no body or image.

    The simple truth is that if God has no image or body he really doesn't exist which allowed the heads of all the religions to act as gods by rewriting his laws changing them to suit their needs which they named- Interpretation, the right to change his laws by claiming God has given them a new improved understanding. So...everyone claims to believe in god but non follow his laws, and that seems natural to all!!..Not much of a god...  Why has god allowed it? And did he know what would happen?

    "Then He said, 'I will hide My face from them, I will see what their end shall be; For they are a perverse generation, Sons in whom is no faithfulness'( Due 32:20) It's a temporary situation, a test, God will return... Judgement day is upon us. Actually, judgement day is within us, it has been genetically programmed and can be turned on wire-lessly. My personal experiences more than suggests that the creator has direct access to our the subconscious. 

    I will show that God programmed life by first creating Hebrew letters and words, 'the writing of god' (exo 32:16) ancient Hebrew which happened to be identical to modern Latin letters to create everything. The same God using different names composed all religions, languages and myths and of course created DNA letter combinations, programs - The Word, which he used  to write life giving programs. Though this remained hidden for thousands of years, once the decoder is applied all this and more is still clearly evident and reveals a lot of historic and scientific information including the formuas Mc2 and H2o which spell sun and water in Hebrew, facts that couln't have been known 3500 years ago or even 100 years ago. The Hebrew alphabet has always been the only key to the knowledge of the Hebrew revelation. The 22 letters are holy letters, the raw material of the creation of the universe, they represent the will of god into reality.

    This is a product of over 30 years of telepathic teaching about the word, about the Hebrew letter meaning. I was shown how to use Hebrew letters and words in order to decode/decipher English and other languages with amazing results. I speak English Hebrew and Arabic and when I was told that all languages are made up of Hebrew, it seemed preposterous to me, I never saw even a remote connection between hebrew and english and I therefore expected some convoluted and esoteric explanation. I asked for a scientific prove one I can show others. I was told I will recieve one in due time. I was then instructed not to read any interpretations of scriptures and myths and to always look for what is the same, which had nothing to do with language... I eventually received a linguistic prove, the secret of how language was confounded. I was also given a much better understanding of the bible, one that makes sense. I accumulated over 3000 examples (attached as dictionary), enough words to understand 80% of the bible or Shakespeare. Amazingly I can say today with certainty that English is made up of Hebrew. Admittedly though my experiences were real, my prove is circumstantial, meaning requires conclusion, but the large amount of decoded words makes it  beyond reasonable doubt because Statistically speaking the odds this is accidental approaches 0%.

    But it seems that most people even those who profess to believe in god already have a different creator god, the one called evolution, a god who according to his followers did not plan life but somehow created billions of organisms and plants using trial and error, a god who is continuously creating by accidental changes of DNA programs. I felt that evolution is such a powerful god that I first had to show that evolution is a false theory, that all the evidence point to the fact that the cell couldn't have been created by accident. It is true that there is a lot of evidence that life became progressively more complex,  but there is no evidence of accidental creation, no evidence of trial and error, no evidence of failing attempts. There isn't even a possible scenario, a theory that would explain how the cell was created by accident. I know that unless I can convince the reader of that, there will be no room for my god the author of Torah and all myths and languages, the creator of the physical universe and the programmer of all DNA. 

    'The miracle of life' is what both scientists and creationists are looking for, they are both looking for the 'boom' that magically created life. Though we know now it wasn't a miracle just a lot of program writing followed by manufacturing of different parts that were needed to create a cell... but both creationists and evolutionists are still looking for the 'boom' for the miracle that created life. Our scientists are even looking for similar planets to earth with the hope of finding another planet where the miracle of life happened, they seem to be convinced that earth's weather and chemical composition spontaneously writes programs. I aim to prove that there is nothing spontaneous about DNA programs.

     Science explains that life was created after five common everyday elements gathered either spontaneously, accidentally or maybe by a divine super engineer, to create four different complex molecules (letters) which are made up of combinations of phosphorus and hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon and oxygen, we named them G, A, T and C, the letters of DNA.  Those four letters, called phosphates, which are useless on their own, were paired for no good reason. It isn’t something nature does ‘naturally’ it happened once and never again in 4 billion year. It's such a complicated feat that as hard as we try we haven't been able to duplicate it in laboratory experiments. Those programs had to be written prior to life and inserted into the cell, they were then connected to an energy source (ATP) that acts like a rechargeable battery (ATP converts to ADP and then gets recharged to become ATP again) and finally encased with a very special semi-permeable plasma (smart) skin. The four molecules/letters now had energy to combine; to execute 'life giving' programs that were written on long molecular strands called “self-replicating molecules” which had to manufactured outside the cell and then placed there. DNA is programmed to multi task, it is programmed with the blueprint for making proteins and enzymes, it is also programmed to regulate when the proteins and enzymes are made. It also carries this information when cells divide; and transmits this information from parental organisms to their offspring. The program to create protein, the stuff of life requires some protein as a catalyst, who tested protein to make sure its the right building block for life, who supplied the original protein and wrote a program for it's manufacture by DNA? And I have yet to discuss how the RNA functions and how it got there. In order to understand the complexities of those programming accidents we need to be cognisant of the fact that an Ameba a single cell organism is programmed with 6 million bytes of information, we humans are programs with 6 billion bytes of information. If any of that seems complicated it is nothing compare to the complicated programs to 'balance nature' to balance the inter-consecutiveness of life which has to be a far more daunting a task. We use at least 1000 bacteria just for our digestion. How many attempts would nature need before it got there? while a god a program writer would only need one attempt. Has God or nature been writing DNA programs (wirelessly) ever since? 

    Evolution is the biggest lie ever told it will in the future be compared to assuming the earth is flat. 60 years of laboratory experiments confirm that Aimless mutation is not a possible creation method but those results didn’t shake our faith in the god named Evolution, Evolutionists claim their 'god' creates by blindly and randomly hitting a 4 letter key board which resulted in creating complex chemical reactions. The theory that given time nature can create and recreate, write and re-write programs is baseless, not backed by any evidence. How did nature randomly make so many very smart decisions?  decided to create letters? why? they are useless on their own. How did it know to skip 2 letters (like our computers) that were created first and waited for a better system - 4 letters? How did it know when an organism was 'done'- no more genetic changes…why not keep improving the organism? How did nature make all those decisions?  by accident?

    Because we can’t find any errors we must conclude that not nature but a know it all, a programmer, a god planned everything and only then created the cell on his first try and never again, which indecently matches perfectly our scientists findings... The cell was planned to survive forever, it was programmed with almost unlimited memory and anticipated mistakes, DNA programs include ‘spell check,’ cellular error-checking mechanisms that are built-in to ensure near perfect DNA replication. Who tested protein to make sure it’s the right building block for life? Who manufactured the first protein, the stuff of life and finally who wrote the programs for its manufacture? We need to keep in mind that protein is only created by programs in DNA and can't be reproduced elsewhere.  None of this can be explained using evolution because it means nature anticipated behavior and even anticipated making mistakes. We are in effect crediting nature with programming - thinking  ahead...In order for the evolutionary theory to make sense scientists had to award Nature with the powers of the biblical god, nature creates and then sees that 'it is good' and keeps it, but when nature decides 'it is bad', the evidence suggests that nature must be discarding the unsuccessful organism and destroying the evidence of trillions of mistakes!! 

    Finally, we need to keep in mind that the cell was created once 4 billion years ago, only half a billion years after earth was created and NEVER again!! No evidence that nature even tried again!! In other words since nature only tried once suggests creation couldn't have been accidental otherwise we should see more attempts at creating letters and life. The cell and the DNA letters never evolved, what evolved or more accurately what was changed for 4 billion years now are only the programs within the most advanced computer in the world - the cell. Scientists suggesting accident is responsible do not have one single bit of evidence of accidental creation or of accidental evolution, they have evidence of 'big jumps' in evolution without any evidence of failing attempts – scientists have noticed similarity between the DNA of dinosaurs and birds and tell us it is likely dinosaurs did not disappear but became birds, but still no evidence of trial and error. Without understanding how the original cell was created we can't tell if those 'jumps' in DNA were preprogrammed or accidental. Scientists developed the theory of evolution based or Darwin’s false assumption that life developed accidentally in a 'golden pond'. This happened over 100 years ago, they weren't able then to imagine that creation is the result of program writing and the concept of wireless programming was incomprehensible they decided nature's magic-accidents build organisms by organizing all of life’s programs in files called organs, Chromosome and genes. Very organized accidents...Mutation is often suggested as the method of accidental evolution meaning that mutation is able to rewrite programs, but in 60 years of laboratory experiments not one of the mutations produced in laboratory or Hiroshima…  reproduced, or when they did, they all reverted back to type. This means that mutation doesn't re-write DNA programs. Why then is the idea that a god, that a program writer created us and programmed evolution is so unacceptable?


    Nature or god? Evolution or God? Accident or design?

    John 1/1 summarizes it most eloquently “In the beginning was the word' (the thought of combining letters as a creation tool)  'and the word was with god' (planned it in his head) 'and the word was god' (left the DNA programs to rule over us).  No way that John who wrote it or the church that interperted it could have understood they erroneously concluded Jesus must be 'the word' when in truth god couldn't have created jesus or anything else before he create the word. In their defence, it really wasn't meant to be understood until today

    The Book of Formation (or manufacture) known as Sepher Yetzira,  written by Abraham before the Torah, describes in chapter 2/2 physical creation of 2 pairs (4) DNA chap 2/2 of the way the word Bara ברא is used when god created the world and man in the first chapter, ייצר YEYAYatzar (re-manufacture) is the word used in chap 2 when Adam was created, thus Sepher Yetzira is the book that explains how Adam was created. This suggests that there were two creations, chapter one in god's image - light entities, angels in the image of god and the second a physical manufacturing of Adam-program writing using matter. 

    הֶעָתִיד לָצוּר׃‎ ‏שָׁקְלָן וְהֵמִירָן וְצָר בָּהֶם אֶת כָּל הַיְּצוּר וְאֶת כָּל‎ עֶשְׂרִים וּשְׁתַּוִם אוֹתִיּוֹת יְסוּד חָקְקָן חָצְבָן צָרְפָן  

    “Twenty two foundation letters, He ordained them (thought of them), He hewed them(shaped sub atomic particles), He combined them(wrote programs that created elements and then 4 complex molecules), He weighed them(made sure they are in the correct proportions), He interchanged them(wrote programs with them). 'And He created with them the whole creation and everything to be created in the future’ (same DNA letters have been used to write every single program of every living thing for 4 billion years now). The Word -DNA programs, were left to rule over us.  Both versions have recently been proven to be scientifically correct, But...the simple truth is that there was no way to understand them until the discovery of DNA in 1953. 'And everything to be created in the future' god is referring here to what we call evolution, suggesting that there will be other creations in the future, maybe even by us humans but...they will all use DNA letters created by god.

    The idea that the universe was created by a program writing entity sounds impossible, a paradox, this is because we bestowed the honor of writing billions of interconnected life giving programs using 4 letters on the god of accidents which we named Evolution and because we think we are the smartest and most advanced life-form in the universe. Finally it's because we think everything began with matter, with the Big Bang. But the universe actually began far earlier as energy, it began with light, followed by light entities, the angels god taught Torah before the creation of the physical world. About 14 billion years ago ONE(won, onu, noun) the head light entity figured how to convert energy to matter. In other words, we are at the bottom of the evolutionary spiritual ladder.

    The English word, spirit is from the Hebrew, Sephirot which means, Counting or recounting, telling a story. It is explained in the Kabalah as emanations (rouh-wind = vibration), the higher the vibration the higher the spirituality. We need to build up our spirituality, to achieve higher vibration, so we can see god and live...The Tho-Rah is the instruction book, the book of formulas. Tho-means Thought while Ra means Universal-Matter in heb letter meaning, together ToRah means Thought in matter. The creation formulas need to be decoded first. The task of decoding many myths and languages using Heb would require a collaborative effort of a large group of people which would include theologians, linguists and scientists, but the end result would give us access to the library the creator-gods left for us. This website is just: the keys to the library.


    Writing: making letters and writing programs had to happen befor life could be programmed.



    טז  וְהַלֻּחֹת--מַעֲשֵׂה אֱלֹהִים, הֵמָּה; וְהַמִּכְתָּב, מִכְתַּב אֱלֹהִים הוּא--חָרוּת, עַל-הַלֻּחֹת. Exo-16 And the tables were the work of God, and the writing was the writing of God, graven upon the tables.

    The writing of god? Are we all Writing Hebrew Letters and no one noticed? No way!


                                                            This Is Gotcha Funny!!

                  English/Latin letters  Not current Hebrew letters are the original writing of god!!

    Create = Bara in 4000 year old Hebrew was written as                                                        bRA..  not   בָּרָא

    The Latin Roman Alphabet was not invented nor based on several alphabet as suggested by all the experts. The original Hebrew Alphabet, the one used by God to write the Torah was radically changed...why?...The holy language, the writing of god!! who dared to allow such a thing?...Few hundred years later the original Hebrew alphabet was reintroduced as new Latin alphabet.  No way!!  So no one noticed?   Not Even Hebrew religious and language scholars? They looked at those letters for hours days and years and couldn't see it?                                               


       They ASSUMED evolution and therefore never looked....but still....this in not in code!!   

    AsSuMe = hAShiM = blame           

    Three things happened almost simulteniously. 1-The letters were changed because all scientific formulas had to be written in the writing of god.  mc2 = mcc = cmc = שמש Shin Mem Shin = shemesh meaning SUN the letter Shin has a value of 300 same as the speed of light The letter Shin means Light, Word  ( explained at legnth in the main article).

    2-At the same time Ezrah(in Baghdad) added the diacritical marks, this was done to limit our understanding of the Torah (explained in main article)

    3-Hebrew letters were change and then reintroduced as Latin

    To my untrained eye this looks obvious! I included an explanation for the 3 letters that are the exceptions




     English A    looks like Aleph on it's side from 1000 b.c    Bull for 2000 b.c  Bull of Heaven?

     sorry A can be seen in the bottom


     The English     b    looks like upside down  b  Bait from 1000 b.c


    Gimel (exception)







      G  was made up of 2 Hebrew G sound.   g looks like  the letter Ghah (entwined rope), the original Gimel was used as J sound. 



     The English   K   looks like  upside down Caph from 1000 b.c. Caph was used as Partial Shin/Sin (Ce), that's why it was only partially used. It looks like a Caph without the two sticks inside   C .



     the English        L    looks like the Hebrew Lamed from 2000 b.c



    the English M m      looks like a wave, Mem from 2000 b.c and it means water. 


    Peh (exception)

    This letter looks somewhat like an inverted  P from 2000 b.c. This letter was not copied because the sound was split to two English Letters:  P F



    Looks like an S inverted. This important sound was not given a letter in English but ...SH. CH. C. S Z can all be decoded as Shin/Sin .The Samekh meaning of Sin was to Shin

    Current Samekh was called Sin and Shin was Shin. but then Shin became Sin. The new Samekh a letter that looks like a Dalet or inverted D was suggests enclosed Knowledge.



     Looks like             T t       in a circle from 2000 b.c



     Looks like            T t          from 2000 b.c and it explains the circle around the letter Tait. 

    Below is a chart with all 23 original hebrew letters and their meanings (my undersanding) 

    NOTHING IS NEW UNDER THE SUN... If our experts didn't notice the obvious...what else did they miss? ...a lot.




    טז  וְהַלֻּחֹת--מַעֲשֵׂה אֱלֹהִים, הֵמָּה; וְהַמִּכְתָּב, מִכְתַּב אֱלֹהִים הוּא--חָרוּת, עַל-הַלֻּחֹת. 

    EXOD-16 And the tablets were the work of God, and the writing was the writing of God, graven upon the tables.

      Hebrew is the  language of God.This statement like the speed of light has turned an unknown, the original language spoken prior to God confounding it to a known, namely that Hebrew the language the Torah is written in is that language.

    The Hebrew alphabet has always been the only key to the knowledge of the Hebrew revelation.  Nothing is as important as the knowledge that which is to be found in the letter/word.  The 22 letters represent a combination of name and form of our physical universe.  The 22 letters are holy letters which are the first energies, the raw material to the creation of the universe.  They represent the will of God into reality. God CREATED the Universe by first creating the letters that he then combined to created all Matter.

    We know that all atoms were created using 4 letters Proton, Neutron, Electron and Phonton.

    We know DNA are made up of 4 phosphates : A, T, G, C

    The Hebrew words can be compared to chemical formulas each letter is like an element in so much as each letter has a picture-word meaning, changing the arrangement of the letters like changing the arrangement of atoms, changes the cosmic energy they create.  This is described in the SEPHER YETIRA (the book of formation-creation-manufacture), said to have been Abraham’s Kabala. It is suggested there that the 22 original letter meaning are the only one programmed in our brain and our mind then creates pictures by combining them, but due to the Gods confounding language we no longer are able to use them correctly. … But strangely enough the latest scientific discoveries support the notion that each letter is a picture-word. It seems the brain works exactly that way.  The brain processes a word, as if it were a sentence.  NYU Professor Alec Marantz looked to the MEG to demonstrate this in brain waves, he said, "We would see the same pattern of brain activity within a word as within a sentence, though more compressed in time." Of course according to Abraham book of  Manufacture God created the world with ONE letter, one picture, I felt that the One letter root was too esoteric for me and I therefore opted to start with 2 letter words that have known meaning.


    It is not true that the Hebrew language is made up with 3 letter shoresh (root) the language is made up of letter words with one letter roots, so were did the scholars come up with it? As it turns out DNA is made up of 3 letters combinations...this is not the only Time early biblical scholars made a mistake taking DNA letters to mean regular letters. In the middle ages they tried to make a Golem (robotic human) by SAWING LETTERS TOGETHER.. ...they were right....they just sawed the wrong letters. In fact it was impossible to understand this till the discovery of DNA in1953.



     DALET means KNOWLEDGE in all languages.

             Let’s take the letter Dalet meaning door to knowledge, or just knowledge -  I am suggesting only consonants are building blocks which means we should ignore vowels, they are there to produce different music thus hide the sameness in consonants.  Let’s then explore the possibility that the meaning of the sound D is the same in Hebrew and other languages. 

             De-a means an opinion or Idea. Yeda means knowledge which reside in the Head, I know that yeda and head don’t sound alike, but Head and Yeda are made up of the same building block, the consonant D meaning knowledge. Ed means Witness, Ed is used as a suffix in English “happened” witnessed.

              Od means to Ad. Dyo a Die or ink and to Die means Enough, stop. The English to Do means to know.  The English word Aid meaning, giving a hand, is from the Hebrew Yad- meaning hand. Da means Yes in Russian but know in Hebrew.

             Of course there is the hyoid bone also known as the lingual bone. A unique bone that is held by muscles but not attached to any bone. Its name is the letter Yod that stand for god. Could the language secrets be hidden there?

             Moving up to two letters the word Idiot, or yad ot meaning hand signals, in other words unable to speak. The word to Bid would then decipher as Bayad in hand.

             Dame would then be Da-em meaning know A Mother. It follows that a Date then would mean Da et, Know assigned-Time. The Spanish Nada which means nothing, means no- Da or no-knowledge in Hebrew…and Buddha would mean bo-da in him the Knowledge, so on and on and on. B pronounced Byte means a house or a housing as in the computereese word - Byte.

             The word Semantics is made of 2 Hebrew words shem tic meaning Name File while Syntax is made up of Syn Tekes meaning word arrangement. Shin and Shem mean the same thing, one spells out the word Shem the other Shin spells out, the first letter for Shem Shin which is accepted to mean Shem-the word. Tax is from the Hebrew Tekes meaning to set in order, in short a Text. Syntax then is word arrangement and semantics means name file. I have 2600 words like these.

             Chomsky named the innate ability to speak, Language Acquisition Device, very sophisticated and scholarly sounding, he then abbreviated it as LAD. Lad means boy and At-Birthed-Innate, in Hebrew, in English it appears as Yield which really means birthed. 

             Though Chomsky is Jewish and speaks Hebrew, I am not suggesting Chomsky meant to name it in Hebrew, I am suggesting that some other unseen power is at work. Simply stated…someone has access to our mind and is likely whispering each new name otherwise they couldn’t all be correct in Hebrew. 

             Innate, without the vowel it reads as  NT or Nata meaning planted, sounds different but have the same consonants, while Shatal is another Hebrew word meaning planted, in shatal would then be Instil or  install meaning in planted. DNA means din a Verdicts god. RNA transmit information and its meaning is ran a, song god.

             The recently discovered super continent was named ELBABARA a name they created by taking the last part of the previously discovered 2 super continents. They could have used many names but somehow decided on a name that means in Hebrew EL-God Ba-In It Bara – Created



    To test this I took 2 letter words which have clear and pictorial Hebrew meaning and add a 3rd letter to test if the words created still incorporate the 2 letter picture word, it would indicate that the language was created whole, in a systematic fashion, rather than by connecting accidental sound to accidental pictures.

     The Hebrew word RATS רצ meaning to Run is a practically a cognate to the English word RACE. This is one word always stuck out in my mind because the Hebrew linguists actually added the letter Waw which  would then would be read as ROOTZ,  so it would have a 3 letter root.

    The Hebrew word TSAR  צר  meaning NARROW, is created if we reverse the order of those same 2 letters. Actually the Hebrew word TZARY means SORRY and is a perfect cognate to the English word SORRY.  Pictorially speaking RUNNING conveys a picture of expanding energy while NARROW, the reverse word give us a picture of collapsing energies. It also aptly describe SORRY as “NARROWESS” of the heart.

    Below are few examples with the word RATZ meaning RUN. To understand the analogy of comparing Hebrew language to a chemical formula better, we add a letter or two (atoms) to these two letters and examine the results. I am not familiar with how Hebrew is taught today but I am sure they still insist on a 3 letter Shoresh  (ROOT-source) for each word.   The way the Hebrew language is taught, the verbs RUN, WANTS BROKEN OPEN, GROOVE,  are all considered to have different Shoresh when in truth they are all from the Hebrew verb RUN. The magic of Hebrew as a computerized language is well hidden once the powers to be decided on a 3 letter Shoresh.  



    RATZ                             רץ                RUN  RACE

    RATZA                          רצה             WANT run toward

    RETZO-OAH                 רצועה           STRIP; BELT (see it run)

    RATZ-OOF                    רצוף             CONTINOUS; SUCCESSIVE (running)

    HARATZ                        חרץ              TO GROOVE (see it run)

    ENERGENTIC               מרץ              INTENSIVE (running)

    PARATZ                        פרץ              BROKEN THROUGH (run through)

    The Hebrew word created when the two letters in the word RATZ are reversed is TZAR meaning NARROW.  If running describes energy that expands then the reverse must describe the reverse or energy narrowness.


              TZAR                   צר                NARROW

              TZAAR                צער              SORROW

              TZARAH              צרה              TROUBLE

              TZAROD              צרוד             HOARSE; HUSKY

              TZROR                צרור             BUNDLE

              KETZER               קצר              SHORT; MOW

              ETZAR                 עצר              STOP

              TZARACH           צרח              SCREAM (narrowness of the throat)

              TZARACH           צרך              NEED (narrowness)

    I hope it is clear that the 16 words ( I believe the complete list is about 40 words)  above are from two,  two letter shoresh (picture-words) and a clear indication that language was created whole.

    In thirty-two (1) mysterious Paths of Wisdom did Jah, (2) the Jehovah of hosts, (3) the God of Israel, (4) the Living Elohim, (5) the King of ages, the merciful and gracious God, (6) the Exalted One, the Dweller in eternity, most high and holy--engrave his name by the three Sepharim (7) --Numbers, Letters, and Sounds.(8) "Twenty-two foundation letters: He ordained them, He hewed them, He combined them, He weighed them, He interchanged them. And He created with them the whole creation and everything to be created in the future.(first in his mind) Sefer Yetsirah ("Book of Formation")

    Kabalists believe God existed before the creation of the universe, and that God then created the universe in the form of the sefirot (counting-enemetions-spirits-spheres) the ten sacred numbers-emanations. Following the second set of sefirot appeared—the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Kabalists believe these letters combined into different combinations, and in turn created the world. As the letters interacted, parts of the world took shape. Each letter and word created both matter and other letters and words, giving rise to language and the universe at almost the same time.

    Aboulafia, a famous Kabalist 1240-1291, must have gotten very similar information to mine but in much earlier time. His predictions are amazingly parallel to mine. I understand he was the first to suggest that wisdom and knowledge can actually be acquired through understanding language in the very same way as through understanding nature (e=mc2=shemesh).  “From the mouth of God, which revealed its secret to Moses his servant, that the world was created with language” He believed that the 22 letters are the only natural letters.  Other languages were, according to Aboulafia, made up of the Hebrew letters with different accents (this is exactly what I have shown 720 years later) there is no way he simply guessed at it.  “And the lord was rolling letters in order to create other languages,” I will show in this book that Aboulafia who predicted that all languages are Hebrew is proven to be right.

    He predicted that we will know the days of the messiah are close when the Hebrew language will spread.  He expanded saying that the day will come when all languages will shrink into one.  

    In his book, SHOMER MITZVA Aboulafia says, “That when the messiah comes language will return to be ONE clear language, like the one spoken in earlier times.  That all the people will clearly understand one language, and they (the nations of the world) will all worship God with the same words and language.”

    This same sentiment is echoed in Zephaniah, his name means THE CODE OF GOD. I looked there because of the name and becauase the biblical Joseph name was changed by the priest Poti Perah to Tzaphnat Paneh meaning THE CODE SOLVER. 

    ט  כִּי-אָז אֶהְפֹּךְ אֶל-עַמִּים, שָׂפָה בְרוּרָה, לִקְרֹא כֻלָּם בְּשֵׁם יְהוָה, לְעָבְדוֹ שְׁכֶם אֶחָד.

    3-9 For then will I turn to the peoples a pure language, that they may all call upon the name of the LORD, to serve Him with one consent.



    Letters Created the World

    It is clearly true that letter combinations using proton electron and nuetron in different arrangement to created every element and it is equally true that Physical DNA letters were created in order to program life.  But before i understood this I had a problem in trying to understand such esoteric (satoor –hidden in Hebrew) concept as “the Letters in different combination created the world”.  I could not for the life of me imagine how letters created a world. My mind conjures all kind of dancing letters to no avail.  But I eventually realized that a Hebrew letter does not represent sound or form only, each letter represents a picture, a shape, a weight and a sound. For example the letter BAIT –B represents a HOUSE, a SINGLE CONTAINER (equivalent to the English computerize –Byte-a single housing), the number 2 and B and V sounds. The letters then are but symbolic representation of agreed upon pictures-symbols. I was then able to imagine how using those picture-words God imagined, God first created in his mind and then manifested by calling it into being (no idea how, but then I have no idea how electricity works). God created the numbers followed by 22 pictures which God labeled as letters assigning pictures shapes number and sound to each one. God used the combination of 22 letters - Pictures  ( God created by moving semantics around shem -name) and 10 numbers to CREATE THE UNIVERSE-in his mind-BEROSHIT (was mistranslated because of the diacritical marks) the god Elohim spelled in Hebrew as El Hayam meaning GOD OF OCEAN (MISREAD DUE TO DIACRITICAL MARKS) CREATED LIFE FROM WATER VIBRATION AND A BLACK HOLE (in main article). After his mental creation God pronounced the WORDs to bring them into reality. This is expressed eloquently in words WORD and WORLD God put L- EL(means God in Hebrew) into the WORD to create WORLD. God used the Hebrew Letters and numbers and then calling into a computer to bring them into reality, therefore they must have existed prior to creation.  Imagining, a creation tool that works by moving around semantics – naming picture (letters) is what made creation possible....justlike our computer...but more better.... 

    Manifesting the spoken word is a common creation tool of God and men. Except that we are new at it…it takes us longer to manifest the word into the world (even though the process seems to have been getting shorter by the day) and often we misuse this knowledge. Here it is…we get knowledge and get the choice of how to use it, we keep the scorecard for God in our subconscious that records everything and forgets nothing. Hard to believe! ! it was for me…



    How then does one explain the Scores of English words that have been Hebrewtized. It is impossible to explain how a whole nation, 8 million people are using English words with Clear and Perfect Hebrew meanings, on tv, in print and in everyday life, and no one noticed...


    To Illustrate:

    Below are 10 such examples. The first word is English, the second is how Israelis use it as Hebrew. No one noticed the words have perfect Hebrew meaning.


    English Hebrew Decoded:


    Positive                        po-si-tivy                                    Here this good


    Artillery                        Ar-till-yeria                                 light missile shoot


    Procedure                     p-ro-cedura                                here see arrangement


    Protocol                        proto col                                     perteh call detail of everything


    Illusion                         Illusia –elou ze haya                   as if it happened


    Automatic                     auto matic                                 copies itself


    Alternative                    alter nativa                                changed path


    Automobile                    auto-mobil me (auti)                  transports movil=mobile


    Sorry                             tzary                                          sorry


    Could it be more obvious? Yet no one noticed.

    essed be The Word, blessed be Hashem, Blessed be his Name

    The home page explains  a very different take on what the Torah  really says.