This article was written 15 years ago, I have added scores of terms since then, many of which are in the  main article



At the age of 15, Albert Einstein, a self-proclaimed visual thinker, imagined riding a ray of light.  According to his memoirs this virtual reality experience helped him decide that light cannot travel faster or slower because, he reasoned, if it did he would be able to see himself arriving.

Einstein was then able to write the most important formula E = MC2.  This famous formula measures the amount of energy in matter.  That is, if matter (atoms) explodes it will release energy equal to its atomic number (weight) times the speed of light squared (times itself).  E = energy, C = speed of light, and M = mass.  MC2 could also be written as CMC = Shemsh = Sun

I came across Einstein’s famous formula purely by accident.

I had a poster of Albert Einstein hanging in my study, with his famous formula written at the bottom.  One day I decided to substitute Hebrew letters for the ones Einstein had selected “at random.” It first spelled out MEM-SHIN-SHIN, and then SH-M-SH-. I immediately recognized the word SHEMESH  שמש meaning SUN. I quickly saw the connection between the formula and the sun. The sun’s method for creating Energy is by exploding the Hydrogen atom.

In a flash I recognized the fact that the speed of light in Kilometers (300,000) = C, and the Hebrew letter SHINש  both have the same numerical value of 300, while the letter M corresponds to the first letter of the Hebrew word for hydrogen, MAYMAN(derivative of the word MAYM), which is the same element the sun splits to create its light energy.  Einstein’s formula spelled out the word SUN- SHEMESH-, in Letters Meaning and Numbers - this famous formula has been there within the WORD for at least 3600 years.

Lucky Einstein chose C or Shin the Hebrew letter that means Light, for the speed of light instead of L the English letter for Light. Or was that luck?

SUN SHIN             Anglo Saxon SUNNE - akin to ice.

LIGHT LAHAT     Anglo-Saxon LEHITAN – shine.

I personally find the implication by Webster that the words SUN and ICE were confused as a bit naive if not ludicrous.

The word LIGHT was derived from the Hebrew word LAHAT meaning FLAME.  The dictionary accredits the word to the Anglo-Saxon word LEHITAN meaning to undoubtedly derived from the Hebrew LAHAT. 


HY-DRO-GEN means WAS THE GENERATION OF THE GARDEN in Hebrew.  Indeed the Hydrogen atom was the first one to fill the universe.  The dictionary tells us it was created from the word HYDROR meaning water and GEN for generation. 

H2O -Water

H2O is the only other scientific formula I know that of water H20(Meaning 2 atoms of hydrogen attached to one atom of Oxygen), which I read as HOH.  I replaced the H for hydrogen for the Hebrew letter M מ which stands for MAYMAN (meaning Hydrogen in Hebrew).  It spelled out the Hebrew word WATER מים, M-Y-M.  Numerically water is 10 electrons which is the value of the letter Yod which stand for Yhwh.

This strange element that all life is made up from was according to the Torah present before creation: werouh elohim emrahphet all penai hamaym. “and the spirit/wind (viabration energy) of god was hovering upon the water. While “wehosheh all preh Tehom “darkness over a dark Tehom” “darkness over a black hole”. 


There are 4 Hebrew words for Rain: Yoreh, Malkosh (first and last rains), Geshem and Mattar.

The Hebrew word GESHMI-גשמי  has two separate and seemingly unconnected meanings, GESHMI גשמי means RAIN and MATTER, depending on how it is used in a sentence. This implies that the writers of the language believed everything was created from water.  A linguist investigating language using a standard “broken telephone” method would conclude that the Hebrew word GESHMI, defined in the Hebrew dictionary as MATERIALIZE sound so different from the English word MATTER. This then means that in both Hebrew and English suggest Rain, MATTAR created the world…as strange as it sounds…Water was there from the beginning when in chapter 1 verse 2 it says and the darkness was over the abyss (black hole) and the spirit (rouh-wind-vibration) of ELOHIM or ELHAYAM, God of Ocean was hovering over the water…

To understand the connection between these two words we need to first know that the Hebrew word GESHMI is from the word GESHEM, meaning RAIN, and MATTAR  מטר. Is from the Hebrew word Mattar meaning Rain. Once the connection between these two words is made, it easy to conclude that one word for RAIN, GASHMI, was used to express MATTER in the Hebrew language while the other word for RAIN, MATTAR was used to express the same thing in the English language.  This was done by design in order to express the same thing in both languages and at the same time to hide that fact.  Additionally, and not less importantly, the understanding that both the Hebrew and English words for MATTER originate from the Hebrew RAIN/WATER supports the meaning of the word for God, ELOHIM-אל ה ים as being GOD OF OCEAN, SEA.

The English word RAIN is from a third word meaning RA-IN in Hebrew, YORAY-יורה. YOREY-AIN = RAIN SEE (EYE).  The rule that vowels don’t count is at work here.  The YO (a vowel) was dropped and the AIN meaning SEE was added.  RAIN is listed as having Middle English and Anglo-Saxon origins.

The word for RAIN and MATTER and the understanding of the word EL HYAM אל הים- E.L.H.M as GOD of SEA, implies that God made everything MATERIALISED (rain) from water.  This corresponds to the various mythologies that claim that we were created from water. 

The Torah also claims that god created the world from water. Torah is likened to water…if one takes out the Wa a vowel, in Water one gets…Torah…the gods To and Ra. The word Ear-Th is made up of To and Ra.


O - Oxygen From Greek OXYS meaning acid, GENNAN meaning Generate corresponds to the Hebrew letter Y = YOD = י (Yhwh) in H2O MYM.  OXYGEN עושה גן means MAKER GARDEN in Hebrew.  Indeed oxygen is the “maker” of the garden we call Earth.  The oxygen atom is made up of 8 electrons, in two orbits, the first orbit is made up of 2 electrons and the second has 6 which can be expressed as 26.  This corresponds to the numerical value of the word Y.H.W.H = 26.

A language constructed in a way that combines a formula within a word, is a major short-cut in learning. It had to have been by a superior intelligence rather than a series of accidents. I contend that there is even more sophisticated information entwined within these words, information we will be able to retrieve later on in our future once we begin to understand the value of THE WORD.

I found some parallels between Einstein’s discovery and mine.  Semantics and the speed of light were once thought to be variable.  Hebrew Picture/Letters/words like the speed of light are constant!  Both defy the laws of nature. No unspoken language has ever survived to be revived 2000 years later.  Consequently Hebrew meaning remained unchanged. Even ancient words such as SUN and WATER, words that must have existed from the earliest time, were already programmed with information that will be discovered at the right time in our spiritual evolution.

I often remember something that was "whispered" in my ear; “Study the sameness.”  It does not matter what the subject is, just to identify the same in every structure, every story, and every analogy.  I am amazed at how relevant this is to the understanding of the universal language theory.  It can also be used as a method to see the oneness in life.  I shortened this rule to a slogan, the HASHEM (THE WORD) is the SAME. The Hebrew decipher of SAME זהה עם= ZEH EM = IDENTICAL WITH.

        Oxygen is the single most important chemical in the creation of the garden we call Earth.



ATOM OR Attom means HERMETICALLY CLOSED.  From the Greek word ATOMUS meaning indivisible.  This 2,600 year old word was the name given to what later we called Atom, because we, in modern time thought that we found that illusive particle, so named but never seen by the Greeks of old. Today it is a known fact that an atom has many small parts in it, which is what I am suggesting about a word…it has letters making the original intended Greek word wrong.  It also makes the way we look at language wrong. The building blocks of language, the atoms of language if you will are Letters not words.

The Hebrew meaning of HERMETICALLY CLOSED, is still accurate and will always be true about the properties of the ATOM as it true about the properties of the Hebrew letters. One final point to be made here is that the discovery of the ATOM and the fact that it is hermetically closed is a modern discovery, while the Hebrew word ATOOM appears in the Bible. Which then means that the Greek word with the correct Hebrew meaning lay hidden for 2,600 years waiting for us to discover the hermetically closed ATOM.

MASS, AMASS עמס מאס means A LOAD, or MELTED DOWN. From the Greek word MAZA meaning a barley cake.

ENERGY deciphers to  אין רגיעהNO REST (CONSTANT ACTION).  The dictionary cites a Greek word ENERGES meaning active. And since everything VIBRATE it transliterate as BARA ET meaning CREATED EVERYTHING. The  Big Bang started with a vibration of that very dense and very small matter.

MOTION means MI SHIN meaning FROM THE WORD, shin means change in Hebrew. 


The big bang theory claims that the universe was created when one infinitely small and infinitely heavy body exploded to create all MATTER.  This theory is embodied in the Hebrew word for creation BERESHITברא שית  .

The name of the first word in the Hebrew Torah, like the name of that book is BERESHIT.  This word more than any other is unique, it appears as the first word in the book of Bereshit/Genesis. The book of Bereshit was translated to Genesis in the title and IN THE BEGINNING in the text.  The word GAN = GARDEN, and the word GENE are one and the same.  BE-GIN as I wrote earlier, means IN GARDEN.  Both meanings describe Earth as a Garden.  The word GENESIS is from the Greek word GIGNESTHAI meaning to be born which interestingly translates as HAGIG NESTHA  הגיג  נעשתה meaning in Hebrew BY THOUGHT YOU WERE MADE.

The word BERE-SHIT ברא שית is made up of BERA  ברא meaning TO CREATE as in the English word BEAR a child.  The word SHIT שית meaning SHEET, thus Bible’s big bang, BERESHIT means CREATED FABRIC. 

The word BARA ברא has a special meaning in Hebrew.  It in effect describes creation that generally starts through the union of two cells becoming one and its eventual division into billions of different cells that together make up a whole creation.  It is the way each of us is BOR-N (CREATED in Hebrew).  This Hebrew word is made up of two consonants.  The first being B -ב  pronounced as BETH meaning HOUSE or UNIT (booth).  The second letter is R - ר pronounced as RESH which means ALL UNIVERSAL MATTER (all the B in the universe).  Its meaning is easier to comprehend from the meaning of the English letter AR that we have demonstrated earlier as meaning LIGHT, ENERGY in Hebrew, the true makeup of universal matter.

The third letter in the word BARA is ALEPH which means GOD.  The words BE-RE-SHIT ב-ר-א when taken together mean ONE UNIT (B =ב ) exploded and created UNIVERSAL MATTER (R = ר) by GOD (A = א) which created THE FABRIC OF THE UNIVERSE (SHEET).  The word SHEET שית confirm this since it is made up of the consonant SHIN meaning Light energy and TAV meaning thought or SIGN or LETTER. In other words the fabric of the universe is made up of the combination of ENERGY and VIBRATION.

The word BERESHIT is the shortest, most eloquent manner of expressing the big bang theory.  The fabric of the universe SHEET, was created by the explosion of the one body (B) creating in the process the entire universal matter (R).  It appears appropriately as the first word in the Torah, and it is never used again.  This is a good example to show how information is stored within the word.  Until recently we could not have understood the theory of creation, nor the true meaning of the word BERESHIT.


We now know that the ‘inner eye’  is the PINEAL gland.  This is a fairly recent discovery.  Did the designator of the name of the gland know exactly what it was when it was named?  No.  Why was it named PINEAL?  I found out that PINEAL is from the Latin word for PINE, and was so named because it looks like a pine-cone.  So, you might ask what does this have to do with the third eye?  The answer is that the names given in Latin have nothing to do with the function of the gland.  This gland, like many other parts of the body, was named based on its appearance and not its function. 

The Hebrew decipher is applied though, it reveals that these parts are then defined based on function.  In Hebrew, the word PINE-AL פני אל means FACE OF GOD.  Which fits correctly to today’s understanding of this important gland, but could not have been known when originally named.   This process of naming must have involved telepathy, otherwise this and other names could not accidentally have Hebrew meanings that precisely describe their function.  How many more words hold secrets that we will discover in the future?  Can we use this system to reduce the discovery period of new information?

The language centers in the brain are in the COR-TEX קורא טקס = TEXT READER but it was named based on the way it looks not its function.  The word CORTEX is named from the Latin word CORTECIS meaning tree bark.  The Hebrew word KORA means A THICK LOG, generally a tree trunk, is no doubt the basis for the Latin word. 


The GANGLIA are nerve centers within the cortex.  People with more ganglia seem to be more intelligent.  The size of Einstein’s cortex was double that of an average human’s.  The Hebrew word GAN-GLIA גן גליה= GARDEN OF DISCOVERY.  My dictionary indicates that the origin of the word is Greek GANGLION meaning tumor, again describing how it looks rather than its function.  Is this magic Or telepathy? 


The scientific terms DNA and RNA are confusing for most people.  One is the genetic information and the other is the messenger of the information.  Which one does what?  DNA דין א = JUDGEMENT GOD’S.  This says to me that they are the building blocks of creation, programmed from above.

RNA רן א = THE SONG.  RNA transmits information to and from the DNA.   Of course, these words are just abbreviations of much longer words. DNA is made up of DEOXY-RIBONU-CLEIC PROTEIN while the RNA is made up of just RIBONU-CLEIC PROTEIN.  To my surprise the word RIBON-UCL-EIC ריבון כל means in Hebrew MASTER OF EVERYTHING.  I think this deserves a big scientific WOW! The word PROTEIN is from the Greek PROTOS meaning first, while the Hebrew meaning of PRO-TEIN is HIS FRUIT GIVES. AC-ID would then mean Esh-Da =Fire-know, or Us Da meaning Maker-Know.  


 Arteries carry oxygenated blood away from the heart.  Veins return the de-oxygenated blood back to the heart.  ARTERY  אויר טרי means in Hebrew FRESH AIR.  VEIN בו אין  means IN IT NONE or EMPTY in Hebrew.  The name ARTERY was given to it because it means WIND PIPE in Latin, but can easily be traced to the Hebrew AIR-ATER meaning AIR PLACE. 

The word VEIN was given to it from the Latin VENA meaning CURRY the Hebrew equivalent would be VO-NAבו נע   meaning IN IT MOVES. Finally the word VAIN sound like VEIN for a Good reason... they both means the same thing in Hebrew -EMPTY, IN IT NONE. 

The word VEIN according to Webster is from the Latin word VENA meaning to curry.  The word VO-NA   בו נע means WITH IT MOVES in Hebrew and is no doubt the origin of the Latin VENA.

Finally, the word VAIN is listed as coming from the Latin VENUS meaning empty obviously from the Hebrew words VO AIN  בו אין meaning IN IT NONE, the same meaning as for the word VEIN. Is this a play on words.

These explanations demonstrate how language was charged with huge amounts of information that has become mixed up.  It also suggests that once we teach the true origin of the words in school, then students will be able to understand the function of the various body parts by their Hebrew meaning. 

Because of the way AIR and OR light are written(both with one consonant only) the English sound R can be deciphered as AWIR meaning AIR  or OR meaning LIGHT. The English OR, this OR that, suggests it means Light in Hebrew. When one gives another option as might be indicated with the use of OR, one is actually shedding light on the subject.

As we have seen earlier the word AURA can be correctly translated as being AIR or LIGHT, neither translation would be wrong.

Of Course Awir is the origin of the English Air, while the Hebrew eR meaning awaRe.

I think the beauty of this confounding system is that each word on its own seem as almost accidental, but once we begin “to see the forest for the trees” it becomes crystal clear that this confounding method was done by an intelligence infinitely smarter than us. 


The word for BONE in Latin is OSSIMA (ossification).  The word for bone in Hebrew is ETZEM,(the stuff God made Eve from).  The consonantal proximity of sound between the Latin and Hebrew is clear enough so as to declare the Latin word as one borrowed from Hebrew.

But the connection to the English word BONE with its Hebrew meaning of BUILDER requires a little more complicated explanation.  Conventional linguists would judge these two words, BONE and ETZEM, or even BONE and OSSIMA as unrelated.  After a little reading I found out that here again there is a function relationship. All the body cells are manufactured in the bones.  Making the word BONE בונה = BUILDER an appropriate name.  This and many such examples demonstrate the thought behind the English word BONE, the kind of thought that could not be a mere product of accident, coincidence, or a mistake of nature.

The dictionary credits the Anglo Saxon language for the word BONE meaning bone. The dictionary points out that it is also used to mean to study.  Here we can readily see that the meaning of BUILDER (of the mind) is pictorially very suitable.


OSSICLES are three bones in the ear that convert vibration to voice.  The Hebrew word OSSI עושה = MAKER, while the word CLE קול = CALL or VOICE.  The name is then deciphered as OSSI-CLE עושה קול = VOICE MAKER.  The Hebrew decipher of the word OSSICLE is the exact function of the three bones that convert vibration to sound.  The word OSSICLE was given to those three bones based on their looks rather than function. The Latin meaning of those words are small bones. The Hebrew word KAL קל means light and in all likelihood is the source for the Latin word SMALL.

Finally, when we examine the Latin OSSI meaning MAKER in Hebrew. We can see that though MAKER and BUILDER are two words they have basically the same meaning, it demonstrates the divine power of the word.   


Scientists have not yet been able to explain how the COCHLEA, spiral-shaped part of the inner ear, converts sound into electrical impulses.  The cochlea contains the auditory nerve endings, and was named for its similarity in shape to a snail from the Latin word COCLEA. The only reasonable conclusion I can draw as to the function of this part of the ear is, that it must have a decoder in it, one that can work like Morse code, one that converts a sound into the appropriate electrical impulse that is then understood by the brain.  If so, then is it possible that the genetic manipulation occurred in our past required installing a decoder in the inner ear?  Amazingly, that is exactly what the word CO-CHLE-A means.  It is made up of three Hebrew words כה כלי א  which mean THIS TOOL GOD.  The cochlea is there as the TOOL OF GOD.  The Hebrew word CLI = TOOL sheds additional light on the word itself.  It is made up of similar consonants as the Hebrew word CALL קול = VOICE, thus implying that VOICE is a tool for transmitting language.  A decoder was installed in the ear so the brain can understand this new form of communication.  This, of course, is a supposition on my part but it is one that ought to be looked into. 


What do earlobes have to do with Heart?  During the course of my investigation it occurred to me that one way of showing that important information was left within the language was to decipher a word then conduct research based on its Hebrew meaning to see if it can be confirmed.  It sort of did happen this way.

As one can easily see the words below all contain the consonants LV meaning heart LEV לב = HEART.  It is also clear that the main picture conveyed by these words has to do with the heart, either in its meaning as heart or in its accepted meaning as the important or center of things. 


LOVE לב HEART   Anglo Saxon LUFE meaning LOVE.

BE-LIEVE בלב IN HEART                          Anglo Saxon GELAFAN meaning to believe.

LOBBY לובי  HEART                            Latin LOBIA meaning gallery.

INVOLVE עיין בלב IN HEART       Latin INVOLVERE meaning to wrap up.

DE-LVE דע לב KNOW HEART                 Anglo Saxon DELFAN meaning to dig.

RE-LEV ANT  ראה לב SEE HEART                French   RELEVERE meaning to lift.

EAR-LOBE                   HEART                       Latin LOBOS meaning Lower

Because linguists assume a word is the building block of language, they therefore didn’t bother looking within the word. No one noticed the commonality of the syllable LEV in each of these words.  The point I am trying to make here is not about the difference in the origins of those words even though such point is worth noting. I gave the above example to show something far more important about the word LOBE as in EARLOBE.  It too obviously has the sound LV and therefore the word or meaning of HEART.  When I looked in the dictionary here too the origin of this word had nothing to do with the Hebrew or Latin word HEART.  This was though consistent with the general method of naming a thing based on the way it looks.  The science books give no better clues than the dictionary, I simply could not connect the earlobe to the heart.  I was baffled that neither the dictionary nor other books could connect this word with its Hebrew meaning.  I then put aside the term as one I was unable to decipher.

In August 1991, I happened across an article in Time Magazine about a ten-year long study conducted by a heart surgeon.  It reported that he noticed while operating on his heart patients that many had creases in their EARLOBES.  He then conducted a 10-year study trying to ascertain if there is a connection between the presence of earlobe creases and the likelihood of future heart problems.  He concluded that people with creases in their earlobes are more prone to have a heart attack.  He claimed that the correlation between heart attacks and creases in the earlobe has a 90% accuracy rate.  The study did not draw any other conclusions.

By the way the meaning of the word CREASE is appropriate since it transliterate as CARAS קרס meaning COLLAPSE.(The same origins as cited by Webster for the word LAPSE which sound awfully close to the Hebrew LE-EFES  לאפסmeaning TO ZERO).

This was very significant information for me.  I felt the research results were consistent with my own private criteria of the kind of proof I needed.  Here was a word that I deciphered as HEART and the appropriate expert had conducted research confirming the connection between my deciphered meaning and the function of the earlobe.  Earlobes are somehow connected to COLLAPSING heart activity.  Even today no one can explain it, we have managed merely to observe it.  Still, the creators of language included this information within language from the outset.  How many more such secrets are hidden within the word? 


When deciphering I came across the word SPERM (from the Greek word SPERMA meaning seed) which just happens to sound very much like the Hebrew word SIPURIM which means STORIES or BOOKS.  The word SCRO-TUM זכרו תם means MEMORY COMPLETE in Hebrew.  What does all this mean?

Women are born with 400,000 eggs that are identical and do not change throughout the life of the female.  To the contrary, males are not born with sperm.  Only at approximately the age of 13 does the male begin producing sperm.  The male sperm is perpetually changing, acting like a computer chip which constantly records new information.  Scientists tell us that the sperm is recording our experiences as they occur, like a MEMORY bank.  So, it makes sense to call THE SPERM by a name that means STORIES.  For additional confirmation I turned to the Hebrew language and to two words I always thought to be a strange.  The word for FEMALE is NEKAVA meaning the one with the HOLE or ORIFICE.  The Hebrew word for MALE is ZACHAR has a second and apparently unrelated meaning MEMORY(many examples were given of this word in chap. 3). Even as a child I used to wonder, if humans really invented language why would a male dominated-society choose the word ZACHAR-MEMORY for the male of the species. It made no sense for males to decide to call themselves, MEMORY.  Only a creator of language who knew the biological facts and wanted them coded within language would name males with the word ZACHAR.  This validates the ability of the male to encode changes in the genetic makeup, to change and affect the future of the yet unborn humanity.  He does so by encoding the memory of his own STORIES that he carries in his SPERM סיפורים.


Hebrew – YESOD = FOUNDATION, BASE OF  י ס וד

Anglo Saxon = SAED = SEED.

The Hebrew Ye-Sod means God-Secret. The Hebrew S.D means ס Saemh=enclosed secret,  Dalet = knowledge.

The fact that only male genetic memory is impacted with life experiences explains why the Torah concentrates on the education of the male.  The fact that it happens at about the age of 13 might help to explain the tradition of the Bar-Mitzva, it is the celebration of the SPERM; the Jewish celebration of a boy becoming a man.  The age of 13 is not when boys magically turn into men.  It is the approximate time when a young man begins manufacturing SPERM.  The word BAR-MITZVA means literally RESPONSIBLE TO FOLLOW THE COMMANDMENTS.  The sperm is now recording the good and the bad experiences, therefore, from this point on each male person’s sins are recorded on his balance sheet; his sperm.  From this age on the BAR-MITZVAed boy is recording and therefore is responsible for his own actions. 

Again, this points to a very scientific understanding on part of the authors of the Bible.  It also explains why only the seed is cursed or blessed in the Bible.  It has sexist overtones yet, at the same time it can highlight the differences between men and women.  Women are born perfect while men strive to achieve perfection through the correct imprinting in the sperm.  In a real way one might even venture to define the collective physical legacy of all humans to future generations as this collective memory in the sperm.  “...visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation...”  Exodus 20:5.  As a kind of additional circumstantial evidence to the function of the sperm I would like to point out the well-known statistic that incredibly high percentage of violent crimes are by males, indicating that it is a genetic rather than an environmental phenomenon.

Finally, understanding the SPERM as a computer chip containing the program of the future of humanity helped me better understand God’s seemingly harsh laws especially where the proscribed punishment is death. I no longer look at these laws as laws of revenge rather, they are laws of love.  Yes, these laws were not designed to seek revenge on the particular individual rather to eliminate the bad seed, so to speak, from among us.  If we, as a society, raise our heads a little and look forward into our future 1,000 or even 5,000 years from now we would hope to see a society void of murder and rape.  We ought to eliminate those traits from humanity’s future.  I believe that we will eventually be surprised to realize that the Torah contains instructions as to which genetic changes are recommended for a healthy society.


The sacrum is a large, triangular bone at the base of the spine and at the upper and back part of the pelvic cavity. In children, it consists of usually five vertebrae which begin to fuse between ages 16-18 and are usually completely fused into a single bone by age 26. The word SEKER RAM means HIGH MEMORY. Is the information hidden there?  The Hindu named the process of revealing the truth by releasing the information in Sacrum:  Can-dou-lini = Here.Know.My-residence. …Oops wrong end.  


According to Webster the word CHROMOSOME finds its origin in the word CHROMO meaning CHROME meaning COLOR and SOME meaning BODY. It is clear the name has nothing to do with the function of CHROMOSOME, it was selected because they were discovered by coloring them. I chose here a different decipher one that appropriately explains their function. The Hebrew decipher is  CHRO-MO-SOME = CALLED FROM THE WORD.

The word CHROM has clear Hebrew origins, it is a cognate to the Hebrew word CROOM which means a layered covering (like cream on top of milk) which also explains the origin of the English word CREAM.  Of course, linguists would disagree with me vehemently pointing to the dictionary and the Latin word CHRISMA meaning to anoint as the source word for CREAM. CH-RISMA which deciphers as כ רושם KE-ROSHEM meaning LIKE IMPRESSION, or Like.Written.

Some might feel that this ability to pick and choose between “proper” words for deciphering is somewhat suspect. Reasoning that this then is inexact science, and I am just making thing up to suit my theory. This is only true due to the special way the Hebrew language is designed. The word ROSHEM meaning IMPRESSION, is derived from the word RASHAM (resume) רשם meaning WROTE DOWN. It is made up of the letter R, we already have shown to mean SEE and the word SHEM meaning NAME, WORD. Therefore the word RASHAM is made up of the word SEE-WORD, thus my ability to choose two seemingly different words in order to decipher the same word. 


The Torah specifically tells us that God planted the laws within the priestly upper class named Cohen, the direct descendants of Moses brother Aaron.  This statement would have sounded ludicrous and interpreted as merely symbolic only a few years ago.  In January 1997, I came upon an article in the Jerusalem Post newspaper, written by Judy Sigal, about research conducted by Professor Skorky from Rambam Hospital, as well as the head of molecular medicine in the Israeli Technion.  His colleagues in London and Arizona participated in his research.  They collectively checked out 188 male Cohens and found that they all have one unique gene in common.  Gene DYS 199 B was not found in anyone in the general population but was found to exist in the Y chromosome of all 188 Cohens. Both Sepharadim and Ashkenazi Jews were tested.

The questions which need to be asked now are: Why did the male Y chromosome persist and pass on this gene for at least the past 3,500 years?  Why didn’t this ‘useless’  gene disappear?  Is it possible that this gene contains special programming that exists only in Cohens?  If so, how did it get there?

I have a feeling that the esteemed professor forgot to check the Hawaiian priests known to us as the Big Cahoona or Cohen…Of course the Name Hawaii sounds like Yhwh and is it appropriately still making land from volcanic ocean…The Samoa tribe’s name sound awfully like Shemo-A his name is A, while the other tribe, the Moriah  tribe’s name sounds like Mount Moriah. 


A friend of mine once commented that he never felt guilty about anything.  He went on to clarify that he felt ashamed about some things but he never felt guilty.  It sounded wrong to me and I wondered what the decipher reveals about these two words.  The word ASHAMED is from the Hebrew word ASHEM אשם  meaning GUILTY.  The decipher reveals that one feels ashamed as a result of feeling guilty.  I was very happy with this explanation.  In truth, it was the first time I clearly understood where SHAME comes from.  In other words, my friend was wrong, without the sense of guilt, shame is not possible. 

In keeping with my habit of verifying words, I found the word ASSUME which has the same consonantal sound as ASHAMED and then assigned the meaning ASHAMED - GUILTY to this word.  I immediately recognized that to ASSUME is to assign guilt or responsibility.  The dictionary traces the word to the Icelandic word SKAM, which happens to mean blackened by coal.  SKAM, the Hebrew   שחמה  SHIKMA has the same meaning, explaining the origin of the Anglo-Saxon word.  But why would the word ASSUME spring from SCAM? Are all assumption scum?

Here is an example of a word I could only clearly understand after the Hebrew decipher was applied, EGO גאה =  PRIDE, from the Latin word EGO meaning I. The English word GAY meaning HAPPY; PROUD, is also from the Hebrew GEA having the same meaning.  The dictionary traces the word to German GAHI meaning lively, The Hebrew decipher then reveals that German words also find their origins in biblical Hebrew. The collective lesson those words impart is that the I, the self, is but our vanity or pride.

Gays are called Aliz in Israel, which is another name for gay. It appears in the Spanish Felise…meaning Po Aliz meaning hear Happy. It even appears in Please meaning Po Alize life Feliz and it then means With pleasure. 

LIBIDO is a term used by both Freud and Jung in order to describe the activity that powers psychic energy (the more Libido energy the more the act is desired). 

Freud insisted this is primarily sexual energy while Jung named it creative energy and rejected Freud’s heavy emphasis on sex.  I am not a psychiatrist but if I were to use the WORD as a tool of judgement.  The meaning of the word LIBIDO sides with JUNG, LIBI-DO Lev Da  meaning KNOW THE HEART leans toward Jung’s explanation of LIBIDO.  Scientifically speaking the explanation of the word LIBIDO as KNOWING ONE’S HEART is a good one, regardless of who is right.  The amount of excitement one shows over something translates to physical changes in the rate of heartbeat, therefore knowing how the heart operates is knowing the LIBIDO.  According to the dictionary the origin of the word LIBIDO is the Latin word LIBIDO meaning pleasure which is undoubtedly from the Hebrew KNOW HEART. It hints to the obvious, that happiness is a function of pleasing one’s heart not mind. Those two parts of the "I" are sometimes contradictory.

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